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    Vol. 55, No. 95
Thursday, July 28, 1955
fJB Posfor's
Dr. Rex Knowles, Presbyterian
Congregational student pastor, said
in a Summer Nebraskan "Person
ality" interview Tuesday that "I
see my function as three-sided.
Knowles was
r e centiy
awarded a a
honorary Doc
tor of Divinity
degree from
lP & stings
College at the
1855 Com
mencement ex-
i r
The first
Side, he Said, Cowxsw LincoJ Star
jj-liie "provid- Knowles
ing of a religious program for
church kids from curch families
who come to the University.
The pastoral side. Knowles said,
concerns "counseling and care of
all the students and organizations
or. campus.' This involves '"visi
tations to fraternities and sorori
ties," he added.
The third side is interpretative,
Knowles said. His function in this
way, lie explained, is to make
r a
t :
For the information of the reader,
the knees appearing on the left of
the picture are those of the male
animal and the more graceful ap
pearing knees on the right belong
to m young coed. The dress Is -quite
.: 1
"the whole University faculty, ad
ministration and students face up
to its true purpose for being." In
this role, Knowles said that he
tries to explain to them "the place
of a university k God's world and
the place of a student in this Uni
versity." He illustrated what he meant
by citing a mural by Orozco in the
library at Dartmouth College. It
portrays, he said, an "obstetrical
table on which a skeleton mother
is being delivered of a skeleton
baby wearing an academic mortar
board. Assisting are doctors ir.
academic garb. Arrayed on shelves
in the background are other skele
ton babies.
This mural, he continued, illus
trates a '"university's proficiency
in the production of sterile ideas
unrelated to life."
Knowles said, "I don't believe
our University is this way, but it
can be this way unless the Uni
versity recognises its particular
calling under God."
He said that within a year a
chapel win be built which will
complement Che three functions of
a university pastor. "
i i
similar for both men and women
and the best was to discover the
six of m Bermuda short wearer
from the rear is to check the shoe
size. The men, inevitably, wear
larger shoes. iSee Picture on
Page S).
fJH '
zii d Jj Cj '
The University summer com
mencement exercises will take
place at 7 p.m. Aug. 5 in front
of the East Stadium. Approximate
ly 320 students will be granted
The commencement speaker will
be Chancellor Leland Forrest of
Nebraska Wesleyan University. He
will speak on "If Tomorrow
Comes . . ." Chancellor Clifford
Hardin will preside.
Union Schedules Two
Film Presentations
Two foreign films are on the
Union agenda this week, one to
night and one Sunday evening in
the Union Ballroom.
"Earrings of Madame De, which
was scheduled two weeks ago,
but failed to arrive in time for
its scheduled Sunday showing,
w2l be shown Thursday at 7:30
The regularly scheduled movie for
this week is "Pit of Loneliness."
Both films will be shown with
After two seasons on the scene
there still doesn't seem to be any
decision as to the acceptability and
propiety of Fennuda shorts. Seg
ments of the college community
would like to take shorts from the
realm of the bact yard the garden
and -the lawn mower and place
them in a respected position on the
campus and the streets of the city.
Last "Father's Day,': many male
were presented with this particular
type of shorter pants. The only
problem" is where should they be
worn, or should they be worn?
An editorial in the Colorado
Daily has started a rather signifi
cent If Bermuda short? are signi
ficent) influx of mail to the editor's
desk. The Summer Nebraskan de
cided to see what the few summer
students bad to say on knee ex
posure. "Norm Strand, graduate student
in accounting, srid, 1 don't see
any particular objection to them
except in church and air-conditioned
Asked if he owned a pair or bad
ever worn Bermuda shorts, Strand
admitted that be had worn shorts
in Hong Kong. But he hastened
to add that he doesn't wear them
on campus because the only build
ings be frequents are air condi
tionedSocial Sciences Hall, Love
Library and the . Union.
A male University faculty mem
ber who. declined to give his name
commented, "They look ridicul
ous." With that, he walked on.
A sophomore in journalism, Bev
erly Buck, answered, "Oh! I think
they're lovely. They're very com
fortable, cool and attractive, for
both men and women. Miss Buck,
however, bad .one reservation. She
said, "Men shouldn't -wear them
without knee socks. Otherwise,
she observed, "They look icky.
The former English department
secretary, Mrs. Ann Gustafson,
said, "I think they're great. I
like them for both men and women.
I wish -we could wear Bermuda
shorts to work.
The new secretary .of the English
department, "Mrs. Dorothy Fatrks,
E 5 d Lf3
Students receiving degrees will
assemble at 6:30 p.m. in the Coli
seum. They will obtain diplomas
in the Coliseum after commence
ment ceremonies.
Dr. Forrest was appointed Wes
leyan chancellor June 1, 1954. Pre
viously be served three years as
Dean of the College at Wesleyan.
Forrest also was director of stu
dent . personnel services and dean
out charge for admission. All per
sons participating in the Summer
Sessions program are invited to
attend, according to Judy Kaplan,
Union activities director.
Starring Charles Boyer, Danielle
Darrieux and Vittorio De Sica, the
first film's story revolves around
a pair of diamond earrings which
complicates Madame De's unruf
fled wedded life. She pawns them
and her husband repurchases them
for bis mistress.
i IS ,Si 1L. 31
m what she said was an Alabama
accent, drawled, "Oh, definitely I
think Bermuda shorts are the
thing, the coming thing, that is.
She added, My husband wears
them all the time."
Following is the editorial which
aroused indignation and comment
a the University of Colorado:
There'i certainly nothing worse
looking thaa a pair of men's knees,
especially when toey're sticking out
of a pair of pants," Arthur Godfrey
said recently in reference to Ber
muda shorts. We agree.
And we found it difficult to be
come accustomed to evea the most
curvaceous female legs protruding
from Bermudas. Since their intro
duction Into the feminin wardrobe
more thaa a year ago, Bermudas
have spread in popularity faster
than Davy Crockett reached the
top of the hit parade. They've ev-a
gone as far as to make Bermuda
tuxedos and pajamas. Whatll be
We're certainly i against peopl
wearing comfortable clothes, but
it seems that all sense of beauty
was thrown out the window when
Bermudas became fashionable. The
bonier a girl's knees, the more
often she wears Bermudas, or so
it seems. And even those females
with attractive knees and shapely
legs don't look any too terrific in
the new fashion.
During the past year we have
siowlv become accustomed to girls
wearing Bermudas. It's one of
those things that's "bigger than you,
so why fight it.
But let's stop this foolishness be
fore it spreads too far. Well have
to put up with women and their
Bermudas until the fad dies down,
but something should be done to
limit their introduction into the
male wardrobe. Is it necessary for
men to look like grade school Mds ;
just to be fashionable? Do our
clothes designers exert that much
power ver us Chat they can dress
the population in clothes that look
completely ridiculous? We say an
emphatic "No!
So let's keep those boney knees
of the college at Taylor University,
Upland, Ind. He was an instructor
in English and Bible at Anderson
College, Anderson, Ind.
NU Enrollment
Rise Expected
Between 7800 and 8000 students
are expected to register for the
fall semester at the University, Dr.
Floyd Foover, director of registra
tion and records said Tuesday
Hoover attributed this increase
of 1900 over last year's second se
mester figure of 7000 students to
a "growing interest in higher edu
cation, not only the increase in
the birth rate."
Final total registration for
Summer Sessions was 2,852. The
breakdown by college follows:
Law, 2; Dentistry, 65; Parmacy,
20; Arts and Sciences, 278; Teach
ers, 740; Teachers Advanced Pro
fessional, 525; Graduate, 618; Engi
neering, 177; Business Administra
tion, 219; Agriculture, 121; Junior
Division, 19, and Students-at -Large.
9 9 9
and hairy legs under a pah- of
falMeBfth trousers. Let's keep our
sense of respectability.
1 am glad to find someone who
is brave enough to face the criti
cism that be is bound to encounter
as result of objecting to this grow
ing fashion of bermuda shorts. To
me, however, they are equally nr
more attractive than short shorts
on most women. Those who
should Dot wear bermuda shorts
definitely should not wear them
shorter, although they do.
As for the men: I think th?re
are few things less attractive than
bermuda shorts that display, not
only bony knees, but hairy legs as
well If .they don't care what roost
women think of their latest fad be
ing usurped by the opposite sex,
wont they even listen to a dis
gruntled member of their own
and other's aot so laudatory:
"1. Bermuda shorts are unat
tractiveeven on girls with attrac
tive knees. This is a flagrant
abuse of editorial right of opin
ionan attempt to foist upon the
reading public a bigoted and an
te inded notion. I don't know the
sex or inclinations thereto of the
writer, but as fojme, I like girls,
knees, and if they choose to dis
play them I am the gainer.
2. The sense of respectability is
lost when men don Bermuda
shorts. If so, then the most re
spectable people in England, on
the Continent, and on the East
Coast have been deluded for years.
They are sensible, intelligent peo
ple, and the leaders of their coun
tries. We should do well to lose a
similar degree of respectability.
3. To wear shorts is to follow
blindly the dictates cf the fashion
designers. How perverted can rea
soning be? Trousers are obviously
the most popular garments for
men, Who, then, is being slavish
those who wear trousers, or
those who wear shorts? Who is
following blindly the dictates of
the mass?
S DuT I : 1. .MM. I IB