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Umiiioni IHlBTirs
Tp Workers
Committee Heads Named
Diane Knotek, sophomore In the
College of Arts and Sciences, re
ceived the Student Union Distin
guished Service Award "for out
standing service to the Union"
at the Union Awards Dessert Wed
nesday evening.
Yvonne Fowley, junior in the
College of Agriculture, was named
Outstanding Ag Worker and Karen
Dryden, freshman in Teachers
College, received the Outstanding
Service Award and was cited for
having done outstanding work on
Union committees. v '
Junior Knobel, Agriculture sen
ior, presided as master of cere'
monies. He is vice president of
the Union Board of Managers.
Named as new secretary of the
Union Board was Marilyn Staska
sophomore in the College of Pharm
acy. New chairmen of committees
were announced. They are dance
committee, Roy Boyd, freshman
in the College of Engineering and
Architecture; general entertain
our uore
Made Public
The number of University stu
dents suspended since Tuesday
noon as a result of last week's
riot increased to 19 with the ad
ditions of four more names to the
list by University officials.
Suspended recently are William
Doleman, graduate student; Joel
Samuelson, freshman in Ag Col
lege; Monty Thompson, sophomore
in Teachers, and Carl Krumel,
freshman in Engineering.
Doleman, Samuelson, Thompson
and Don Fntson were arraigned
Tuesday in County Court for dis
turbing the peace and were fined.
Pound Lecture
Curtis Boic
To Speak '
, Curtis Bok, author of a legal
opinion on censorship of books,
will deliver the fourth annual Roa
coe Pound Lecture at 8 p.m. Moo
day, Tuesday and Wednesday In
Love Library Auditorium.
Bok, who is president judge of
the Court of Common Pleas No. 6
in Philadelphia, will speak on the
general theme of "Problems in
Criminal Law."
Judge Bok banded down a legal
decision in March, 1949, protecting
nine American novels against
charges of obscenity.
Among the books were some
written by William Faulttner,
James T. Farrell and Erskine
Caldwell. Bok'i opinion clearing
them of charges leveled against
them was, in effect, sustained
later by the Philadelphia Supreme
Science Group
Plans Session
Highlight of the 65th annual ses
sion of the Nebraska Academy of
Sciences Friday will be an ad
dress by Dr. George 0. Gey, au
thority on cancer research.
Dr. Gey will speak on tissue
and cell culture at 11 a.m. Fri
day in Love Library Auditorium.
Sectional meetings of the Academy
will be held on the campus through
out the day. Collegiate 'division
sessions will be held at Nebraska
Wesleyan University.
The Academy banquet will be
held at 6 p.m. Friday at the Union.
Scholarship, Leadership
ViA7 r
Ivy Day participants in the daisy
and ivy chains have been selected
by women'a organized houses.
Participants in the chains are se
lected on the basis of scholar
ship, leadership and service to
the University.
Each organized house elects one
member of each of the freshmen,
sophomore and junior classes to
represent them to the daisy chain.
Members of the ivy chain consist
of two seniors from each house.
Mortar Eoard members will se
lect leaders of the chains from the
Delores Garrett, Alpha Omicron
Pi senior, will sing a solo.
Participants are:
Sigma Delta Tau: Lucy Levine
and Helene Sherman, seniors;
Renee Kohter, junior; Julie Pen
sher, sophomore; Ruthann Chuda
coff, freshman.
Loom is Hall: Connie Von Essen
and Marilyn Sheldon, seniors; Vir
ginia Reeves, junior; Verna Searl,
sophomore; Mary Fritts, fresh
man. Terrace Hall: Donna Becken-
m, ..... . Jrn
ment, Larry Hanson, pre-med
sophomore in the College of Arts
and Sciences; special activities,
Polly Downs, Business Administra
tion sophomore; convocations, Dee
Fangmeier, Teachers College soph
omore; forum (previously seminar)
Kay Williams, sophomore in Arts
and Sciences; exhibits and diS'
plays, Kay Christensen, Teachers
sophomore; film, Lu Makepeace,
sophomore in Teachers; recreation,
Pat Brown, Arts and Sciences
freshman; public relations, Karen
Dryden, Teachers freshman; hos'
pitality, Marilyn Heck, freshman
Special Fund
The Nebraskan Special Fund,
started Tuesday to aid indi
viduals who lost personal prop
erty in last week's riot, to date
has received contributions of
All contributions, both by in
dividuals and by organizations,
should be taken to Mr. Harpers
office, Administration Hall Room
201. All checks should be made
payable to The Nebraskan Special
Claims and payments of money
collected in this special drive
will all be handled through the
University Administration. Money
received will help pay restitution
for losses suffered and will ease
the burden of those already re
quired to pay part of the dam
ages. Arts and Sciences; music, Sandra
Mahaffey, sophomore in Teachers,
and personnel, Janet Jo Boyd,
sophomore inrts and Sciences.
The following were announced as
new secretaries of these commit
tees: Dance, Diane Major, Teachers
sophomore; general entertainment
ment, Barbara Shull, Pharmacy
freshman; special activities, Tom
Keene, Business Administration
freshman; convocations, Marlene
Santin, Teachers freshman; forum,
Vernon Hall, Teachers sophomore;
exhibits and displays, Dee Dee
Turner, Arts and Sciences sopho
more; film, Myllicent McPheron,
Arts and Sciences sophomore; rec
reation, Janet Lidstrand, fresh
man; public relations, Betty Hos
fprd, Arts and Sciences sophomore;
hospitality, Charlene Ferguson,
Arts and Sciences freshman; mus
ic, Gary Widman, Arts and Scienc
es sophomore and personnel, Phyl
lis Kapustka, Teachers freshman.
Appointed chairman of Ag Union
committees were dance, Dick Gru
be; house, Genelle Jensen; general
entertainment, Mary Keller; student-faculty,
Charles Trumble and
publicity Leo Damkroger.
The new secretaries of the Ag
Union committees are dance, Larry
Voss; house. Bill Spilker; general
entertainment, Mervyn Schliefert;
student-faculty, Elaine Sackschwes
ky, and personnel, Willa Waldo.
Staff Members of the Ag Rag
are Carolyn Johnson, editor; Dean
Gloch, assistant editor; Katrina
Thomsen, copy editor, and Ron
Bath, business manager.
Twenty-eight city Union commit
tee members were presented with
recognition awards "for out
standing service during the past
year in Union work."
The Ag Union recognized 32 work
New membera of the city Union
Board of Managers were also an
nounced. They are seniors Shirley
Jesse, Clare Hinman, Billie Croft
and Marilyn Beideck, and juniors
Tom Olson, Ray Keenan, Joyce
Stratton and Diane Knotek. ,
Named members of the Ag Union
Board were seniors Sharon Egger
and Marx Petersen and juniors
Bill DeWulf and Andy Waldo.
BAEWTo Hold Annual
Recognition Tea Sunday
The BABW annual Recognition
Tea will be Sunday in Ellen Smith
Hall from 3 to S p.m.
Independent women who have
done outstanding work in scholar
ship and activities during the year
will be honored. 1
fyiwn n
hauer and Joyce Schabert, 'sen
iors; Alice Hiatt, junior; Nancy
Johnson, sophomore.
Gamma Ehi Beta: Bernie Rosen
quist and Gwen Uran, seniors;
Sue Ramey, junior; Virginia Hud
son, sophomore; Norma Bossard,
Chi Omega: Jan Quinn and Barb
Wiltse, seniors; Ardath Young,
junior; Sarol Wiltse, sophomore;
Kathleen McCullough, freshman.
Alpha Omicron Pi: Kay Yeiter
and Ann Workman, seniors; Vir
ginia McPeck, junior; Marilyn
Christenson, sophomore; Kay Krue
ger, freshman.
Kappa Alpha Theta: Judy Flans
berg and Bridget Watson, seniors;
Ellen Pickett, junior; Mary Lou
Pittack, sophomore; Martha Dan
ielson, freshman.
Kappa Delta: Pat Graham and
Mary Ellerbrock, seniors; Grace
Harvey, junior; Sue Simmons,
sophomore; Peggy Volzke, fresh
man. Alpha Xi Delta: Barbara Med
len and Jeannine Gutzmann, sen
Vol. 55, No. 74
V v,
--- "-niiirir"-iiiiiiiriiiMiMiiMiiiiMiiiiiiiir-j aniiiiiimmiititMrTiniiiiiiiiiiiiiin-imTiT-iiiifii rirnw imm mim
NU's 'Most Eligible'
Nebraska's "Most Eligible
Bachelors" are (1. to r.) Jack
Skalla, Herb Meissner, Andy
Smith, Bob MacDonald, Tom
Eight Displays
Engineering Week To Begin
With Open House Thursday
Engineers Week will open Thurs
day with an open house from 2
p.m. to 10 p.m. on the campus.
The open house is designed to ac
quaint the public with the phases
of student engineering work with
display from eight engineering de
"Engineering It's all around
you" is the theme lor the demon
stration, exhibits, and movies
which are all part of the program.
Howell Theater
'Hotel Universe' Friday
A laboratory theater production
of "Hotel Universe," a three-act
play by Philip Barry, will be pre
sented Friday at 8: TO p.m. in
Howell Theater. There is no ad
mission charge.
The play revolves around six
outwardly successful Americans,
traveling on the continent. The six
meet at the villa of Ann Field and
her father, Stephen in Southern
Each of the six have made at
tempts to solve the riddle of ex
istence and, in doing so, have lost
all sense of security. The normal
adjustment of the Field family has,
made each of the six more dis
satisfied with his own Way of life.
The play reaches a climax as
Stephen Field forces each into a
self-revelation and gives them a
renewed hope and courage to ac
cept life for what it offers.
The cast includes: Jack Parrls
as Pat Farley; Ted Nittler, Tom
Ames; Josephine Margolin, Hope
Ames; Joyce Fangman, Lily Ma
lone; Gloria Kollmorgan, Alice
Kendall; Luanne Raun, Ann Field;'
Bill Wagner, Norman Rose; Eu
gene Peynux, Stephen Field, and
Gene Densmore, Felix.
On the production staff are: Bev-
001 IrA
iors; Fauneil Gutzmann, junior;
Robyn Ryder, seniors; Gail Dra
jane Baskin, freshman.
Delta Gamma: Lynn Holland and
Robyn Ruder, seniors; Gail Dra
hota, junior; Mary Hall, sopho
more; Elaine Unterseher, fresh
man. Love Memorial Hall: Jackie Cal
vin and Helen Beth Hecht, seniors;
Marie Gerdes, junior; Joan Hatha
way, sophomore; Betty Eberhart,
Alpha Phi: Cynthia Johnson and
Barbara Jones, seniors; Judy
Joyce, junior; Polly Downs, sopho
more; Karen Rauch, freshman.
Kappa Kappa Gamma: Nancy
Hawkins and Ann Kokjer, seniors;
Mary Knorr, junior; JoAnn Junge,
sophomore; Marion Elder, fresh
man. Delta Delta Delta: Martha Hill
and Barbara Leigh, seniors; Clare
Hinman, junior; Mary James, soph
omore; Karen Dryden, freshman.
Towne Club: Rita Dorn, senior;
Jane Pierce, junior; Sally Gaughn,
sophomore; Dona Yungblut, fresh
Olson and Joe Poynter. All five
men were elected by University
coeds at the all-women's elec
tion held last month.
The campus display route will be
gin at Architectural Hal and will
follow a specified route. Roger
Whitmer and Edward Doll are stu
dent chairmen.
Presentation of the awards will
be given April 29 at the banquet.
The O. J. Ferguson award for the
outstanding engineering senior will
be awarded by Dean Green. Win
ners of the window displays and
open house displays will also be
To Present
erlee Englebrecht, production
manager; Morrell Clute, manager,
and Jean Weddle, light depart
ment; Jim Copp, manager of the
sound department.
Jack Parris is manager of the
stage crew and his co-workers in
clude Ted Nittler, Josephine Mar
golin, Joyce Fangman, Gloria Koll
morgen, Luanne Raun, Bill Wag
ner, Gene Densmore and Eugene
The play Is directed by Dallas
Williams, professor of speech and
dramatic arts, and Max Whittaker,
assistant professor of speech and
dramatic arts.
Union Plans Party
For 17th Birthday
"Good Old Days" is the theme
of the Union's 17th birthday party
to be held all day May 6.
Featured events will include cut
food prices in the Crib, free juke
box music, singing waiters, can
can girls, penny candy, old time
movies and a concession stand.
A street dance will be held from
8:30 to 11:30 p.m. in front of the
Union. Music will be provided by
Cliff Dudley and his orchestra.
Lincoln Women: Barbara Curry,
JoAnn Heald and Sharon Hocker,
freshman; Patricia McDougald,
Howard Hall: Mary Langemeier,
sophomore; Joyce Roll, freshman.
Residence Halls: Micky Snyder
and Marjean Jensen, seniors; Do
rothy Frand, junior; Shirley Jo
Drown, sophomore; Janice Kraus,
International House: Janet Rash
McKee and Andonea Chronopulus
seniors; Delores Erickson, sopho
more; Gretchen DeVries, junior.
Sigma Kappa: Terry Fitch and
Lois Bramer, seniors; Ann Golds
berry, junior; Charlotte Benson,
Pi Beta Phi: Marilyn Eaton and
Marion Scott, seniors; Glenna Ber
ry, junior; Jackie Stanton, sopho
more; Dorothy Woods, freshman.
Alpha Chi Omega: Beverly Da
vis and Nancy Hegstrom, seniors;
Martha Morrison, junior; Joan
Marshall, sophomore; Kay Cun
ningham, freshmari.
JVI lL0uuKc1J vr uil v
University of Nebraska
Tickets On Sale For Friday,
Presentation of Nebraska's
"Most Eligible Bachelors" high
lighted Kosmet Klub's opening pre
sentation of "Bloomer Girl," the
annual Spring Show, Thursday
evening at the Nebraska Theater.
Revealed as the six "bachelors,"
were Jack Skalla, junior in Busi
ness Administration and member
of Delta Tau Delta; Herb Meiss
ner, senior in Business Administra
tion and member of Phi Delta
Theta; Andy Smith, junior in Arts
and Sciences and member of Beta
Theta Pi.
Bob MacDonald, sophomore in
Teachers College and member of
Delta Upsilon; Tom Olson, sopho
more in Business Administration
and member of Alpha Tau Omega,
and Joe Poynter, junior in Arts
and Sciences and member of Phi
Gamma Delta.
All six of the men were elected
March 16 in the All-University
Women's Election. At the Friday
and Saturday performances of
Various downtown stores will fea
ture displays for Engineers Week.
A small doll that performs acro
batics without the aid of wires,
strings, or mechanical supports
will be shown at the Gas Com
pany by the electrical engineers.
At the Continental National
Bank the display by the engineer
ing mechanics will be an oscillat
ing roller.
A tractor that demonstrates
power transmission through the
air will be the display in Gold's
by the agricultural engineers. The
tractor will be run by a spark
Pogo and his friends will guide
the spectators through the produc
tion in a lemon drop factory in
the window of Pennys by the chemi
cal engineers. Showing models and
plans of two bachelor residences
will be the display by the archi
tectural engineers at McGee's.
Their theme is "Architecture is in
dividual." A wheel that apparently moves
by itself will be the display at
Wells and Frost by the mechanic
al engineers. The riddle is for the
spectators to solve.
Initiation Scheduled Sunday
For 1955 Coed Counselors
One hundred and forty-five new
Coed Counselors will be initiated
Sunday at 2:30 p.m. in parlors XYZ
of the Union.
Ginny Wilcox, senior board mem
ber, is chairman of the initiation.
Juniors to be initiated are: Syl
via Barton, Carol Beattie, Betty
Harrison, Marlene Hutchinson,
Mary Ludi, Virginia McPeck, Shir
ley Mead and Ruth West.
Sophomores to be initiated in
clude: Charlotte Benson, Georgia
Britton, Marilyn Christenson, Cor
rine Ekstrom, Delores Fangmeier,
Carolyn Galley, Sue Hinkle, Betty
Hosford, Pat Hurley, Barbara Jel
gerhuis, Carolyn Johnson, Jo Ann
Junge, Marj, : le Moon, Marilee
Newell, Kay Perrin, Mary Lou
Pittack, Trudy Scriven, Charlotte
Sears, Lucigrace Switzer, Mary
Thompson, Wanda Westerhoff and
Rhe Yeiter.
Those freshmen to be initiated
as Coed Counselors are: Mary
Appleget, Karen Banks, Barbara
Barkmeier, Helen Barnett, Lora
jane Baskin, Helen Bishop Anna
bell Blincow, Frances Boellstorff,
Rosemary Bredthayer, Anne
Brooks, Jayne Brown, Pat Brown,
Beverly Buck, Judy Bush, Janice
Caldwell, Beverly Carskadon, Sally
Carter, Grace Chudley, Veld a
Clegg, Jane Conger, Kay Cunning
ham, Barbara Curry, Martha Dan
ielson, Janis Davidson Sue Dele
hant. Mary DeMars Laurie Dempster,
Anne Desmond, Charlotte Drishaus,
Karen Dryden, Marian Elder, Clar
yce Evans, Sharon Evans, Char
lene Ferguson, Ruth Fisher. Mar
lene Fleischmann, Joanne Fre
richs, Jeanne Gartner, Janet Gates,
Pat Gillespie, Joan Grass, Marlene
Green, Sue Hardie, Mary Harri
son, Carol Hentzen, Joan Heusner,
Sharon Hocker, Barbara Holmes,
Bobbie Holt, Shirley Hornby, Thel
ma House, Ardith Hughes, Carol
Suzanne Hungate, Mary Huston,
Charlotte Johnson, Jean Johnson,
Betty Joy, Sandy Kadlecek, Phyl
Kapustka, Carolyn Kelley, Sara
Kirkman, Corrane Kolb, Kay Krue
ger, Sally Laase, Janet Lidstrand,
Judy Lundt, Marcia Mahn, Diane
Major, Louise Meldrum, Carol
Meyers, Marilyn McHargue, Mari-,
"Bloomer Girl" the men will again
be presented.
Tickets for the Friday and Sat
urday performances are still
available although Kosmet Klub
leaders say seats for both per
formances are nearly all sold.
Klub workers will be selling seats
for each performance until 2 p.m.
of the day of the show. Tickets will
be sold both at the booth on the
Kosmet Klub Production
Splashes In Technicolor
The annual Kosmet Klub spring
show, sprinkled with a dainty as
sortment of bloomers, hoop skirts
and bustles, spilled forth in the
atrical technicolor Thursday eve
ning in the Nebraskan Theater.
Shrugging off typical opening
night kinks and jitters in the first
two scenes, "Bloomer Girl" moved
slowly at first but, after a fine
finish of the song "The Eagle and
me" by Forrest Stith, the audience
responded well and the cast caught
the spirit of the performance.
Cecilia TeSelle, playing the fem
inine lead of the wayward daugh
ter Ev&iina Applegate, gave one
of the show's outstanding perform
ances. Though her acting and
movements were a bit unpolished,
she sang well and ably character
ized the spirited daughter of
crusty old Horatio "Godspeed"
Applegate. Marv Stromer, busily
blustering about "guiding Cupid's
darts" and the "brave captains of
industry," played excellently the
emotional trebles of the hoopskirt'
Monty McMahon as Jefferson
Lightfoot Calhoun, Miss Evalina's
imported suitor, looked the part of
a southern ge.tlemen but did not
effectively project himself to the
audience, although his singing
gained strength as the play prog
ressed. Applegate's wife, portrayed
by Ellie Guilliatt, typified the
staunch wife of the Civil War days
who was loyal to her husband. An
important, though minor role, it
was slightly overplayed.
Daisy, the pert maid of the
hoopskirt clan, who "doesn't want
to be a liberal if she can't give
anything away," provides many
delightful interludes. Probably the
most engaging character to the
audience, the bouncy young miss
does a fine job with "T" Morra
but her subsequent dance routine
is too long to be effective. With
lyn Miller,
Marilyn Miner, Pa
Pat Mulligan, Nancy Nagel,
Nancy Nehe, Irene Nielson, Mar
sha Nixon, Virginia Norsworthy,
Betty Parks, Mary Phelps, Elea
nor Pifer, Mary Prather, Mary
Proffit, Donna Purbaugh, Karen
Rauch, Jane Reed, Kay Reeves,
Sherry Reimers Lois Ripa, Janet
Roach, Jape Rowan, Elaine Sack
schewsky, ancy Salter, Marlene
Santin, Donna Sawvell, Pat Schal
ler, Shelia Scott, Kathryn Sealock,
Julie Seng, Barbara Sharp, Bar
bara Shull, Janet Shuman, Alyce
Ann Sides.
Nadyne Snyder, Velda Stokke,
Barbara Sullivan, Joanne Test,
Marie Tsuchitani, Marilyn Waech
ter, Joan Weerts Beverly West,
Nancy Jo Woodling.
This year's number was in
creased slightly over last year's
because of the expected increase
in enrollment and the introduction
of the new foreign student program.
The Oufcide World -
Chou Remains Silent
Staff Writer
Attempts of Prime Minister Nehru of India to promote an informal
discussion of the Formosan crisis after hours at the Afro-Asian confer
ence seem to have failed. Nehru arranged a private dinner between
Gen. Carlos Romulo of the Philippines, one of the United States'
strongest supporters in Asia, and Red Chinese Premier Chou En-lal
Wednesday night. However, Romulo reported after the meeting that
Premier Chou had avoided any discussion.
Rumored reports are that this was India's last attempt to mediate
the crisis and that Ceylon was ready to propose a neutralization of
Formosa under Asian-African members of the United Nations,
During the sessions Thursday, members of the Political Committee
heard Prime Minister Sir John Kotelawala of Ceylon denounce "Com
munist colonialism" and demand that the conference declare itself
against all forms of colonialism, including Communist domination of
satellite states in central and eastern Europe. Premier Chou, obviously
disturbed immediately demanded time to reply on Friday.
Postal Pay Ratse Passed
President Eisenhower suffered a rebuff at the hands of the House
of Representatives when a bill was passed Wednesday which would
grant an 8.2 per cent pay raise to some 500 thousand postal workers.
Eisenhower had earlier called for a 7.6 per cent pay raise for the
workers and is expected to veto any raise above that figure. The
House bill now goes to the Senate, which has already passed a 10 per
cent increase, and from there to a conference to compromise differ
ences between the two bills.
Friday, April 22, 1955
main floor of the Union and at
the box office of the Nebraska
Theater. ,
A hit Broadway musical, "Bloom
er Girl" portrays the problems a
father has trying to get his last
unmarried daughter attached to
an eligible bachelor. Complicat
ing the father's job is the influenct
of woman sufferance agitators.
a saucy cleverness and spontan
eity, she livens many scenes.
The crotchety Dolly Bloomer,
the vigorous leader of the Bloomer
movement, is well-played by Kath-1
leen O'Donnell who aims a con
tinuous stream of sarcasm out of
the corner of her mouth at her
multitude of antagonists.
The sheriff, a brusque chap with
a charming bluster, was an im
portant minor character and por
trayed well by Skip Weatherford.
Forrest Stith ,and Cecil Hatcher,
two run-away slaves, combined to
provoke the biggest audience re
sponse of the evening in singing
"I Got a Song."
The dancing routines were quite
good, though several of the dancers
looked as if they were tense and
their movements somewhat strain
ed. The. dancing corps included Pat
Harris, Allison Faulkner, Mary
Mong, Myrna Olson,' Margot Du
Teau, Sue Thomas, Hal Herman,
Ruth Wittenberger, Ron Green,
Chuck Marshall, Brien Hendrick
son, and Don Grace.
SC Resolves
To Supper
Special hud
Student Council adopted a resolu
tion Wednesday to support the Ne
braskan Special Fund.
Other Council business included
the approval of amendments to
and the tabling of the Residence
Association for Men constitution
until the next Council meeting.
Objection was raised by Dan
Rasdal to the clause in the RAM
constitution which makes it com
pulsory for all students living in
the dorm to join the organization.
He pointed out that while fraterni
ty men could not be officers of the
oiganization, they were required
to belong to RAM. The motion to
table consideration of the consti
tution was approved by a 14-13
Changes in the constitutions of
Home Economics Club, AG YWCA
Ag Economics Club and the Uni
versity Rodeo Club were approved
by voice votes.
Rasdal, chairman of the elec
tions committee, reported that be
cause Barb Activities Board for
Women does not have a junior
woman willing to run for Council
.presentative, BABW will not be
represented next year.
Phi Sigma lota Elects
Glenna Berry President
Glenna Berry recently was elect
ed president of Phi Sigma Iota,
romance languages honor society.
Other new officers are Thelma
Cox, vice president; Jeanne Beck,
secretary-treasurer, and Dr. Boyd
Carter, chairman of the romance
languages department, correspon
ding secretary.
:m- , -
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