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Friday, March 18, 1955
From The Pressbox
. Hawkey es Predicted
To Win Over LaSalle
Sports Editor
The Municipal Auditorium at;
Kansas City will be so heavily
deluged with blue chips tonight
that the NCAA basketball semi
finalists may have difficulty find
ing a clearing to play on.
The sparkling two game docket,
pitting Iowa's Big Ten champions
against LaSalle's defending cham
pionship quint ind Colorado versus
the nation's top-ranked team, San
Francisco, is expected to draw
a capacity crowd of 10,00.
Thus far few sports scribes have
come out and made any definite
predictions. Most have been
cleverly playing patsy with the
printer's ink, and saying "Iowa is
capable of beating LaSalle . . .
Buffs may be Dons 'Spoilers'. . .
The Big Ten champs have the guns
to do the job . . . San Francisco's
Bill Russell will probably be too
much for the Golden Buffaloes."
It might seriously hurt my
chances for the presidency, but I
predict that Iowa will beat LaSalle
and Colorado will take the San
Francisco Don. Furthermore, I
predict in tonight's twin bill that
Bob Jeangerard of Colorado and
Bill Logan of Iowa University will
vie for the tourney's individual
laurels not Tom Gola of LaSalle
or towering Bill Russell of the
California crew.
Colorado, probably chanting al
ready "San Francisco, Open Your
Scoring Gates," has met one
mutual foe with the Dons. The
Golden Herd lost to UCLA, 65-2,
while the Uclan's handed San
Francisco only loss, 47-50, then
were later beaten by the Wes
Coast darlings, 56-44
The important point here is that
Colorado lost . this game during
their four game slump early in
the season. Conpled with the facts
that they have played a stiffer
brand of competition and star Don
forward Jerry Mullen might not be
able to play, I give the Colo
radoans the nod. But it'll be close.
Iowa University, employing a
well-balanced scoring attack, will
face the task of holding All- every
thing Tom Goia "goalless." The
outcome of the game will hinge on
the performance of Bill Logan,
the Hawkeye's high scorer and top
rebounder. and probably one of
the more underrated players in
basketball. Iowa, by a hair.
ft i-
Bill Tagney, University swim
mer, is pictured in a backflip
during the AAU Swimming Meet
. ; . Photo by Marquardt
held In the Coliseum pool Sunday.
Tagney placed first in the event.
Many Former Prep Stars
Sports Staff Writer
As the cage season fades on
campus, plaudits are in order for
one phase of competition for a
banner year.
Although the realm of intramu
ral basketball was justifiably over
shadowed by the inaugural chores
of Husker mentor Jerry Bush, this
organized play should share the
limelight. According to program
director Ed Higgenbotham " . . .
this year's intramural play has
been one of our most outstanding."
When the climactic finale of IM
play was staged last Saturday
night as a prelim to the Class AA
championship, only a few onlookers
realized the caliber of ball being
displayed. Perhaps the color of
the preppers is lacking but that is
made un for in experience and
A vast nebulae of former high
school stars, many onetime greats
at the Big Show, compile these line
ups. Even All-Staters aren't a
rarity and the level of play could
almost be compared to the Ne
braska College Conference. Many
a coach would give the proverbial
right arm for some of these "dor
mant" athletes. Many of these
flippers are varsity competitors in
other snorts and compete during
their off seasons. Still another
cateeorv are the onetime frosh and
even varsity prospects who for
various reasons decided to pass up
intercollegiate competition.
Viewine a crosssection of the
capabilities of some of these net-
men many prep school standouts
are present.
The ATO's,-aIl-University ehanv
pions, boasted a well-rounded quint
of high school stars led by Bob
Brown, Fairbury all-stater, Al
Blessing, a five year competitor in
intramurals from Ord, John Swan-
son, all-state forward on Hastings
High's champ team, and Dave
Jones, a former guard on Lincoln
High's 'SI state tourney five.
Canfield A, independent trophy
winners, displayed the three
pronged scoring attack of Joe
Houfek, former Clarkson ace and
state tourney high scorer of two i sparked by the firing of Gary
years ago, La Verne Torczon, two Heinzle, former Chadron Prep star.
sport threat at Platte Center, and The fraternity runnerups, rni
Gene Torczon, a crack forward at Delta Theta, combined the talents
Humphrey. The Geologists were of Erik Olsen, Benson all-stater,
Frosh Thumbnail Sketches
ww I ff I I III ff I m
Jim nuaaciu, we wnnen Lean rrosn
Basketball Scoring For '54-55 Season
Sports Staff Writer
tl'ilk the Colorado contest sev
eral weeks ago another cage sea
son ended, and the scorebooks
have been stowed away for an
other year. It was a good season,
much better than expected, and
especially thrilling for Nebraska
fans as the Huskers tasted defeat
only once on the home court.
Everytime the Nebraskans went
out on the court, fans could expect
a good game. Even when the
Huskers were behind they hustled,
and this hustle paid off with seven
wins out of eight home games.
Prelim Battles
The Nebraska games were made
doubly interesting hy the prelimi
nary battles between the two
freshmen squads. The frosh
showed the same hustle and de
termination as the varsity. The
first-year men this season were
extraordinarily sharp. Coached by
Tony Sharpe, they showed a brand
of basketball that promises great
things for the varsity in the next
few years.
Jim Kubacki led the frosh this
year in scoring, hitting S1.4 per
cent of his shots for 146 counters.
Right behind him were Lyle Nan
nen, with 50 per cent for 122
points; Gary Reimers, also hitting
50 per cent for 120 points; Don
Emidt, who meshed 40.2 per cent
of his shots for 113 points, and
Gary Ruck, with 39.4 per cent for
102 points. Other high scorers
were Jim Thorn with 71, Jim Ar
wood with 65, Cal Johnson with 61,
Ron Peters with 56 and Terry
Howard with 47.
Thumb-nail sketches of the indi
vidual players:
Jim Arwood 6-2, from Fostoria,
Ohio . . . very aggressive, good
Gymnasts To Compete
In AAU Meet Saturday
The Husker gymnastic team will
compete in the Midwest AAU Meet
to be held in Beatrice Saturday.
The Husker gymnasts, winners of
10 of 11 meets this year, will be
favored to repent their AAU win
of last year.
Coach Geier will trke a full squad
to the meet and said he will de
pend strongly oi Bruce Riley, Way
Strickler, Dan Fogel, Don Hodge
and George Lang for most of the
teams points, with the rest of the
team filling in where needed. Two
freshmen, Terry Lanbert and Don
Fakieser, will be competing for the
Huskers for the first time.
driver ... top rebounder for his
size . . . somewhat weak as out
side shooter ... can improve ball
handling ... will be definite
threat in future years.
Terry Howard 6-6, from Elk
horn ... good rebounder . . . has
good "touch" with either hand . . .
needs to improve defensively and
must learn to move better.
Cal Johnson 6-5Vi AH -Stater
from Hastings ... has many good
shots with either hand . . . was
slow in rounding into shape but
was showing steady improvement
. . . needs work defensively.
Jim Kubacki 5-10 sharpshooter
from Toledo, Ohio . . . very good
outside set shot . . . terrific jump
shot and driving shot . , . good
ball-handler . . . could develop
into good playmaker ... perhaps
best prospect for varsity.
Jerry McKay 6-1 Lincolnite . . .
fine playmaker and ballhandler
. . . can improve defensively and
be more aggressive.
Ly'e Nannen 6-3 AU-Stater from
Syracuse . . . fine outside shot
terrific jump and drive shots
passes well ... with continued
i a x i ji ju i it
m defensive -r7
Jf VY.
immL vim vr
rem THt-
it DIFlltSNtX-
TTAknnnT f
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kFnn PlAYlUC fiESMr
ProiHTS If fOuff YEttC
.... t
Bill Giles, Alliance great. Dean
Sloan, former Lincoln High pivot,
and Bill Ross, flashy guard from
Gibbon. John Beideck, Don Erway
and Le Roy Butherus, nucleus of
the Links' powerhouse of '53, paced
the Delts to the semifinals. Charlie
Smith, classy backcourt artist from
New Hampshire, rounded out the
evenly balanced Delt attack.
Hitchcock, a hotshot contender
in the dorm league, was led by
Chuck Jensen, former Pawnee
City ace, and Phil Hass, a sharp
passing guard from Rock Valley,
la. Theta Chi and Theta Xi, two
strong quints, added two top re
bounders and scorers to the IM
arena in Bill Soelberg, a Sioux
City Central import, and Fred
Longacre, a former Schuyler
Other outstanding IM perform
ers throughout the' campaign in
cluded Gus Lebsack, Lincoln;
Doran Jacobs, Deadwood, S.D.;
Ed Dugan, outstater; Tom Healey,
Creston, la.; Ed Smldt, an Ohio
import; Joe Poynter, Carney; Lee
Dobler, York; Bill Krommenboek
and George Hirschback, Sioux
City; Jim Jacques, Plattsmouth;
John Fagan, Lincoln Cathedral,
Ted Westervelt, Scottsbluff; Sam
Bell, Chester; Doug Hunter, For
syth, Mont.; Harlan Skinner,
Scribner, and many otner tint
basketball competitors.
I Nlsbt
fl Every
1 Sat. Vttt
-r i
1955 Season
March 18
Gates Open f:30
fchow StarU 1 :1S
IM Softball
Intramural Softball team entries
are due Thursday, March 31, at
102 Physical Education building, Ed
Higgenbotham, director of the Uni
versity intramural program, an
nounced. The softball tourney will
begin April 15, and will be divided
into intra-fraternity, independent,
and dormitory leagues, if enough
teams register.
Regular softball rules will apply
to these games, and any student
not on varsity baseball squads is
eligible. Each team must furnish
one umpire at every game, and
games will be six innings long.
improvement defensively can be
come a fine collegiate ballplayer.
" Rob Peters -5, from Murdock
good shooting ability ... needs
more speed and agility ... should
learn to jump better.
Gary Reimers 5-9, from Mil
lard . . . very good one-hand set
and jump shot . . . fastest man
on squad ... good deception . . .
good playmaker . . . very aggres
sive ... could develop into very
fine ballplayer with experience.
Gary Rack 5-11, from Omaha
. . . fine one-hand set shot . . .
aggressive . . . needs to improve
defense and ball-handling.
Dob Smidt 6-4, from Helena,
Montana ... very good all-round
player for a big man . . . variety
of good shots ... good rebounder
. . . very aggressive on both of
fense and defense . . . good pros
pect Jkn Thom Moves with good
speed and agility for a big man
. . . needs work on rebounding
and shooting . . . with proper de
sire and will to work could be
come very good big man.
Baseball Managers
Baseball Coach Tony Sharpe has
reonested anyone interested in
working as a baseball manager
during the spring season to con
tact aim as soon as possible in bis
Coliseum office.
AH intramural managers are
urged to get their All-league and
all-A andB ballots into the sports
desk of The Nebraskan by today at
S p.m. If a team does not turn in
all star team ballots, their men
will not be considered for recogni
tion in The Nebraskan ratings.
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Entries to the all-University bad
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102, Physical Education Building.
Each organization may submit six
singles and six doubles teams.
The badminton matches will begin
April 12, and a trophy Till be
awarded to the team with the great
est score.
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