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Lincoln, Nebraska
Wednesday, October 6, 1954
inm Qirect
AU students listed below should ard D. Reed, Robert H. Reif-1 James Weber, Gerald Marvin Wein
Immediately contact the Student j schneider, Dolly Ann Rejda, Don berg, Lotus iilarilyn Weingart.
Directory committee at Union IP. Rejda, Lawrence Rice, Royal j Harold D. Walker, Dcnald E.
Boom 305 or call University ex-jA. Rich, Gordon J. Richards, Wall, Orvis F. Wall, Paul F. Walter
tension 4230 to give needed addi- Paul C. Riedel, Marion R. Riley, j Gary Lee Whitely, Sara -ane Whit-
uunm iniormauon iot we uiuaent Tom . M. Riley, Roger L. Robb,
Directory' ' j Shirley R. Roberts, Lowell E.
This is the last portion of a ! Robertson. Almira C. Robinson,
continued list of students about Allen V. Robinson, Lue Rodionoff,
whom information for the Direc- John E. Rohrig, Lyle A. Rolof
tory is missing. J son, Ruth P. Rosenberg, Lou Ann
Richard Alire, Julia Amundson, Ross- M- Ruff
ten, Jimmy R. WUlims, Donald E
Wilson, Gertrude G. Wilson.
Lawrence L. Wilson, Robert R.
Wilson, Robert E. Wilt, Stephen H.
Winchester, James L. Windeshau
sen, Patricia Kohney Weinberg,
Ted Edward Westervelt, Larry H.
Quarries, Pop Bottles
Bogs, Bees, Blisters
Brighten Fall NU Weekend i Hinder OeolodisfS
By BARBARA CLARK ( Marlene Willie, Delta Gamma j 7
On The Social Side
. Pigskin, Parties, Pinnings
Petronelg Armanors, Stanley Au-! Marojoh Samuel, Ibarro San-! Westphalen, James E. Wilkinson,
genstein, Iona Blickenstaff, Aileen
Cbolka, Nelson Chuang, Jerry
doyd, Russell Colling, Harry Col
lins, Gerald Coljic, Franklin Corn
stock, James Connealy, Bruce
Connor, Jack Conrad, Guy L. Coo
per, Virginia" Cooper, John W.
Cooper, Richard L. Cordell, John
A. Conine,-. William J. Cosby,
Donell Lee Cottingham, Bruce
Cowgill, Dorothy I. Cox, Tom S.
Craig, Merle J. Crail, Joseph P. '
tos, Aaron Schlipmann, Milton ;Jchn R. Willey, John Witick
Schultz, Glenn Shaneyfelt, Janis' Charles Herschel Woods. Jim
Sineps. Sterling Steward, Essie j D- Worth, Larry D. Worth, Norma
Shelton, Rudv George Swoboda, J- Wright, Billie Rex Woolard,
Society Editor
University students spent an
other week-end of social functions
and parties. Several sororities and
fraternities went to the football
game together. Many groups held
senior, to JacK ftiarcn, oigma ,ni
Carole Timm, Gamma Phi Beta
junior, to Norris Ecklund, Theta
Xi senior.
Coco Oshlund, Alpha Chi Omega
sophomore, to Russ Nielsen, Sig-
Raynold E. Swanson Jr., Dorothy
Orcutt Swartz, Marvin Dean
Swartz, Jack R. Stewart, Jenni S.
Stiffler," Billie Lee Struger, Merry
C. Stirtz, Eunice B. Utock, James
Stokos, Marvin G. Stoll, Jerry
Marcus Stone, Offringa Sikka,
Steve W. Sutton, Charles J. Sut-
L. Crutcher, Roger Cummings,
Sandra Curran, James B. Cutler.
John Dalton, John Delancy,
Shirley D if fey, William Doo-
schecki, Andrew Tbner, Philip
Crawford. John E. Cmu. Dal tcr. Ve W. Sutter, Francis C.
svoDoaa, mo LeKoy bnyder, WU-1
liam G. Snyder.
Barbara Ann Solis, Judith Ann
Sopher, Donald L. Sorby, Billy
Joe Sorensen, Mathew F. Spain,
17.. 1 TT o r
Carey, Richard Gifford, Gunmar """"" TTc rn, ,
r.rn Rhhv H.ic t,s,K, Spence, Jerry W. Spencer. Charles
Green, Bobby Harris, Richard n ' t T T V , T
Fart, Jack Hayden. Allen Holz- i!Pe,V R?y S'alnoker.
warth, Hugenberg, Winifred Hunt,
Robert Jaqiuss, Harold Johnson,
Kobert Jones. Leo Kehl, John
Kelly, Chien Xiang. Refield Kin
dler, Cecil Kipling, Benjamin Kra
mer, Kermit Laidig. Lucille Lam
bert, Sue Lane, Kelly Liewer,
Russell Loewe,' Joseph Longo,
Wellington Meier Jr., Ann Miller,
Korman Miller.
Gilbert N. Nielsen. Harry A.
Nielsen, Janice R. Nielsen, John
F. Nilsson, Robert J. Norenberg,
Glenn R. Norris, John Nyberg,
Paul OTonnell, Dorothy Olson,
Allan B. Osborne, Larry Oster
man, Owen Owens, Florence
Paap, Dean L. Parks, Ronald E.
Payne, Barbara P. Pedersen,
Donald L. Pedersen, Robert A.
Peilegrind, Alan
Frederic Petersen,
Margaret V. Stanck, Jerry
Stark, Donald E. Stearley, Harry
Allen Steele, Neal L. Steffen,
Larry .Gene Stephenson, Louise
H. Stern, James H. Stevens, Jerry
Strickler, Gordon L. Strom, Dean
Kent . Stryker, Margie Marie
Stubbe, Vona Jane Stueck, Bar
bara Sullivun.
John Thonn, Robert James
Trupp, James Lee Thornton, Al
bert Henry Thurston, Theodore
Tietjen Jr., Charles Joseph Til
lotson, Thomas Tilman, James
Everett Thompson. Leslie Louis
Thompson, Lillian Walters Thomp
son, Sharon Elizabeth Toner,
Kicnard Wesley Townley, M. N.
Travis, William B. Tagney, Du
ane Lamar TeSelle, David Dean
George Albert Woolsey, George A
Work, Roger Wayne Wischmeier,
Edward Wiseblood, Bernard Wish
now, Arvel Benjamin Witte, Carol
Ann Wolf, Ha-old Duane Wolf,
Marynell Wolfe, Wayne Elvin Wol
ford, Gene J. Wolken, John W. L.
Dorothy Mae WoUen, Daryl W.
Gilbert Hull Wichert, Gary Lee
Widman, JoAnne Rae Wiese, Mer
lin Walter Wigren, Vii-ginia Ann
Wilcox, Vena Catherine Wilge,
Charles Wright. Dale Robert Worst.
Bonnie June Young. Kenneth Rob
ert Young, Luella Woddel, Julian
picnics and hour . dances, upen
house after the game was held by , ma py Epsilon sophomore.
several groups.
Friday night students attended j ETNGAG?ME ,, ai
the Rally Dance. Saturday night Jackie Lewis, to Dale Marr, Al-
Eddy Howard's band played at
King's. Several groups went to
East Hills Saturday night. Attend
ing the Acacia party at the Hills
Saturday were: Joyce Dawson and
John Chappell; Marilyn Sheldon
and Charles Anderson, and Myrna
Moss and Wendel Wertz.
A "Kick-Off Party" was held at
the Sammy house Saturday night.
Some of the couples attending
were: Leah Gittelman and Gerald
Cclnic; Connie Piatt and Neil Un-
ger, and Mona Smith and Sol Stiss.
Another Saturday night party
was held at the Delt house. Some
Whol, Stewart Woos, Mabel York, M tbe Delts and their dates were:
Charles W. Yaeger, Charles W. sis Matzke and Skip Hove; Claudia
Yost, Lawrence H. Yost, Marilyn IAllen and Dick Famer, and Joyce
Mae Zuhlke, Sylva F. Zwink. jWaller and Danek.
John W. Zacharia, Mary Elaine. ptvivr
immer, Paul Zingg.
Open To All
i Sue Colbert, Sigma Kappa sopho
imore, to Lyle Buell, Cresent sen-
Tews. Joan L. Thatcher. Mvma
D. Petersen, Lee Theimer, Verna Mae Thei
Grace G. Pe- mer. James T Timnnov Tin-i
tersoo, Fred T. Phelps, Sadre C. W. Tiaden. Richard j t,,.
The State Historical Society, lo
cated next to the Union, offers fa
cilities of a library, auditorium
and an anthropology laboratory to
University students.
The library is open from 8 to 5:30
p.m. on Monday through Saturday
j Phyllis Potash, Sigma Delia Tau
(junior, to Jerry Wasserman, Sig
ma Alpha Mu alum.
Suzanne Graham, Kappa Kappa
'Gamma senior, to Ray Clement,
Phi Kappa Ps senior.
Mary Ludi, Alpha Omicron Pi
junior, to Jerry Langemeier, Alpha
Gamma Rho senior.
Carol Link, Delta Gamma sopho
more, to Inky Peterson, Phi Kappa
Psi junior.
Phillips, Kenneth M. Philsonk,
Robert J. RcthaD., Eugene Pillen,
Dean I. Pollock, Joseph A. Pon-
seigo, wuiiam Pope, Norma A. Uecan
Potzlaff, Marr L. Phather, Es- Elvin Dean ' Vachal Edward throPolgy laboratory is available
ther A. Prokop. Eliot L. Pyle. Charles Vacovsky. Arden Dale Val-! to any interested student.
Peggy Reineke. Ernie Rhoten, asek, Loraine Schiro Valasek. Ver- The auditorium can be reserved
George F. Tomhnson, Leon D.
Tutfle. Rav TT Tirphnnc
L. Tyler. Diane Tyson Pau, f ces journalism, history or an-
Life Memberships
and from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday for j Mft w Kliimhpr lAflfl
any research in social sci-(l,UW ,umuB' luwu
Larry Raddle, Daryl D. Raitt,
Nellie M. Ramming. Kay M.
Readinger, E. Alice Reece, Rich-
mann, Allan Lewis Vrba.
Thomas Kimball Wanek. Abdul
Naval "Air Cadet Team
To Visit Student Union
A Naval Aid Cadet procurement
team from the Lincoln Navai Airj Jabar Waria, Donald B. Warnke,
T .. . XT T Larry Lee Warnke, Guilford G.
tober 11 to October 15. ; Washburn, Dianne Louise Weiss,
The team via explain the Navy jj Welch. Donald Lowell Welsh, Rod
flight training program and answer j ney Eugene Wenz, John Benjamin
students questions regarding a S Westmore, Robert Thomas West
commission as a naval officer. more, John Russell Winter, Catb
The team will also give Morma- erine Jean Watts, William C. Wax,
tion on the Naval Air Reserve pro- Lawrence M. Weaver. Mary Jane
gram to interested students. 'Webb. Richard E. Webb. Oliver
den Ray Valasek, Vooneong Van- for University group meetings by
asup, John Charles Van Beg, Wil- catling Mrs. Winkleman at the
liam Harold Vance, Albert Ray Society- Seating capacity is 100
Van Dwenter, James Joseph Vanek. persons, and projection and tape
Errol Dean Vanicek. Eugene G. recording machines are available
Vetraska, Vladislavs Vidzemnieks, in the auditorium for use anytime.
Roy Dale Volzke, Claus Von Schu- la addition, the society holds
programs about the Historical So
ciety in relation to the State of
Nebraska in the auditorium for
school students visiting Lincoln
from out-of-town.
Exhibits are arranged through
out the building and are changed
often, according to major and
minor displays. Also, the society
is continuing its cooperation with
the University on arranging the
television programs.
Charles M. Candv of Chicago,
who received an honorary degree
in engineering from the University
last June, became last week life
member number 1600 in the Uni
versity's Al u m n i Association,
James Pittenger, executive secre
tary, announced. Candy is a mem
ber of the class of 1913.
Thirty-three years ago Charles
L. Stone of Cleveland, class of
!S98, took out the first life mem
bership. Also last June, Stone
was honored at tne University
commencement. He was the reci
pient of the Distinguished Service
Award, presented by the Alumni
Phi Mu Alpha
A smoker will be held Sunday at
2 p.m. in Union Room 313 by Phi
Mu Alpha-Sinfonia. Phi Mu Alpha
Sirtfonia is a music fraternity.
' Your Fafhion Corner of Lincoln i
'fjr I 1
rl 44 Dacron does it in . . .8
v-; 1 ' FLANNSL I
J it i 3 tbinJdng collet men come to us for their college require-
1 i ments, bccruse they know that fashion is our strongest "Major."
... P. I This fine fknmel suit can really take it! Wear it day in and
' riv i erening out ... youTl marrel at the way it shrugs off wrinkles, !
I I keeps its crisp, trim lines, looks like a million wherever you
jjpjj I wear it! Colors: charcoal, light grey and tanv I
: . . -:2s5;52&"r''""'
.1. SHrt ... Oxford cloth in mint, 3 95 ' gsM" ' '
helio, maize, pink O f&gs&&agl 'TK f.
i 2. Wesldt... Solids end -T95 tf9S ff """'M M ' 1 '
Tattersall checks to I U "' M isfc
3. Repp Ties... all silk, in wide )$Q jij fjjfjk V U f- 1;
-'lelsctioncf colors JL jj VfP f (i i
t Men' Clvthing, 3Iagee Second Floor 11 X'v 1' i
j Slen'g FumUMngi, Slugee'i FlrU Floor jj fiff M I;
! z. " - - $j iijhii till ili 3 J M I i
" ; Select your complete Cam- ? 0 ..rS2 i '
pus Wardrob from Magees... UL... 2 iff 2ssssS II .
j use our BUDGET PAYMENT PLAN . , . Hi I
I take from 3 to 12 months to pay, ' Iff I
Carolyn Roxberg. Kappa Delta
junior, to Paul Jordan, senior.
Helene Sherman, Sigma Delta
Tau senior, to Norman Krivosha,
Sigma Alpha Mu junior.
Ray Anthony at Turnpike
Palladium Party
Beta Theta Pi "Fall Ball"
Alpha Gamma Sigma Hayride
Alpha Tau Omega House Party
Sigma Phi Epsilon "Guyus Gal
lop" Sigma Nu Hawaiian Party
Theta Xi "Hernando's Hide-Away."
Staff Writer
Bogs, bees and blisters were just
a few of the obstacles facing a
group of geology students as they
embarked on a field trip Saturday.
Several previous days of rain
were responsible for the bogs and
apparently for the bees, and sev
eral miles of hiking netted the ad
venturers their badges of honor,
Some of the students complained
that they didn't know whether the
bus in which the group traveled
was more a help or a hindrance.
Because of the muddy roads, on
several occasions the bus was
forced to park on the highway
while the students hiked to their
destination. On one such occasion,
after what seemed like miles of
walking the geologists found that
the quarries which they were to
see had been filled in.
Rather than return , without any
thing for their efforts, some of the
more intrepid elected to hike an
additional mile to see some lime
stone formations. Since they re
turned too tired to 'talk, no one
ever discovered whether it had
been worth while.
Minor Expedition
It was after this minor expedi
tion, roughly comparable to a full
scale African safari, that an ex
Marine was heard to proclaim
bitterly that "nothing in the Ma
rines $ver prepared me for this."
Another geologist, who had just
been stung by an enraged bee,
moaned, "and to think, I once con
sidered being an English major."
Even the hikes did have their
compensations, however. The route
to one spot was lined with wild
plum bushes and many students
at the end of the hike announced
that he never would have made
it if it hadn't been for those plums.
Back at the bus, the group spon.
sor carefully unfolded his hand,
kerchief, while students watched
to see what geologic specimens he
had found. No specimens just
Wet and weary the group finally
returned to Morrill Hall, with ad
mirable samples of all the vari?.
ties of mud known to eastern Ne.
10,000 lunging beasts
in green-hell frenzy!
I Av..rhnt. An th
peril-churning Zambesi !
f ft
Terror's end beneath
Victoria Falls!
ilhis is the raging story it took 3 safaris
to capture-through Rhodesia, Kenya, the
Congo and 40 different thrill-locales! The story
of Scott Walters n
and 'the other man's
woman-and the hot
pursuit that began
tho ferocious
V X r
S L. R k
jj . i r -1
r Lij'bi'iiS Iff '
dS, -4 MS 'I. 'II. A li II tf , '
'KMI!ai ji...ii-J,C.ii,l,-,iTinii ) j K
To place a classified ad
Slop in the Buines Office Room 20
Student L'nion
Call 27631
fied Service
Ext. 4226 for CUmi-
Hours 1-4:29 Mon. thru Fri.
Nowords 1 1 day 1 2 days 3 days!4day
U1 I -40 $ .65 .85 I $1.00
11-15 I -50 I .80 1.05 1.25
JB-ZO .60 J5
21-25 .70 ' 1.10
26-30 .B0 15
1.45 f
165 f
For best results use the
want ad columns of The
nw ttiM, low mil.,,;., l75. T, 4.
H)Mr(t Hoanf. 3259 ITnkir...
ROfM BOARD ' 'J2 jui tr ...i.
EUICK FOR 8ALB-8trlfht lfht. kkt
Ooor wun, foo0 tir. radio, htr.
frK light, clock. Good ear for farner,
tulnt. amall bimincM or family u.
Prlcad low at 5.00. iall 3-703. 0HK
or rant, 1435 A gt.