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    Wednesday, October 6, 1954
The 'Fairer Side'
Lincoln, Nebraska
Page 3
Picnic Cabins Available
or All Women's Grouos
Wildcats Here Saturday
Phvl fnct
mm j m Mt J
"Oh what is so rare on a day in September but a picnic. The
W.A-A. crew council, sports board and represents tires speat a
delightful evening at the WAX cabin last week. Let me tell you
this cabin is really the place for picnics, and what's more, it's
available to any women's group on campus that is faculty sponsored.
xne ctoin comes equipped who a nuge recreauon room, a kitchen
with an electric store and icebox and a bunk room. The cabin will
bold 12 comfortably for an overnight, and the cost is really quite
inexpensive $2 for an evening or $3 for an overnight. Anyone inter
ested contact Ginny Noble at the Tbeta house or Miss Mulvaney.
Raines Oat
Since the weather decided it wanted to play games this week
and since WJLA. doesnt seem to have enough hip boots available
for the teams, we thought perhaps it just might be the best idea in
the long run to reschedule some of the soccer baseball games. So be
sure to watch the bulletin board for the time your team plays.
When your team plays, be sure that you are over at the fields by
5:00 Tune up your sonotones and listen far ye olde bells. Individual
sport entrants be sure to watch the bulletin board for your sched
uled times also. Anyone interested in officiating for soccer baseball,
contact Dot Frank at 5-296 L You needn't have any previous experience
to qualify.
1,2,5, .
Or-che-sis taught me dancin' in a hurry hmmmm. Orchesis tryouts
are Oct. 20. You needn't be a Pa view a to try out. There are two
practice sessions before tryouts tonight and the 13th and I bear
they can do wonders with you if you can tell your right foot from
your left. Of course if you don qualify in this category, I'm afraid
there's cot much hope. Bring leotards or shorts to the practice
T pjn. at Grant Mem. You must attend at least one of these practice
to order to be eligible to try out.
Bey-Girl Activity
iwwc nnr Co-Recreation will start soon. right after football
tHsn is over. So girls, you'd best start looking for a boy-type
fraternity to complete your team.
t-r-vra mr Nov. i and 4 oractices are Oct. 26 and 28
.aujuuwv J
at 7:00. Just for the records and you newcomers who oonx know
where to go, take ceec: uo cown me waix oeween u vuacuiu
a k- tnxii wit in tV mvI rt the buHdinr and turn left, open
door, and lo a sign says Woman's Dressing Room This is it. You
must have a swimming permit a you art not a nrs scmcr inhu
man. These are not the same as health permits.
Fog Scom)d
Sports Staff Writer
After successfully opening its
Big Seven Conference season with
a resounding 39-14 win over I-State,
the Nebraska Cornhuskers will try
to make it two straight with a win
over the Kansas State Wildcats this
Saturday. The Wildcats lost their
first conference game to Missouri,
The visitors opened their season
against Colorado A&M, downing
The Pause That Refreshes
Bookies Make Millions
As Giants Sweep Series
Sports Staff Writer
Dear All,
Just got back from my bookies office, but couldn't find Mm
cause be had gone to Florida on what be had made on the World
Series. Seems like the outcome of the series surprised quite a few
of us, yours truly included. The Giants were not expected to win the
series, much less in four games,. Tiie odds at some places were op
to 25-1 on the Giants sweeping the series, and even higher if you had
a few grand you wanted to depart wilt. As indicated by the sums
wagered on the Cleveland Indians, they were solidly the "peoples'
choice." , . r
Guess we will an remember the name "Dusty" Rhodes for some
reason or another. CRigbt Mary N. and MS.?) . .
Nebraska's victory last Saturday could be termed a "team vic
tory ia that everybody rot fato the act. The game also proved to
the Aggies 2W), and dropped the
Wyoming Cowboys, 21-13.
The Tiger contest was their first
loss of the season. The Kansans
started their campaign with 22
lettermen returning to head men
tor Bill Meek, who is starting his
second year at the helm. Last year
he raided his team to a second
place tie in the Big Seven and an
over-all record of 6-3-1. mis was
the most successful Wildcat coach
in twenty years.
Taylor Top Man
Heading the veteran K-State ros
ter is all-Big Seven back Corky
Taylor. He is in bis fourth season
with the Staters, having slartea
his last two. Last season the
speedy senior led the team in rush
ing with a total yardage of 535
yards. This was an average of 7.5
per try. He was also second De
hind Verl Switzer in scoring with
43 points.
Joinine the sneedv halfback win
be Bob Whitehead at quarterback,
pmo Tkiriw at nauoacK ana
Doug Roether at fullback. Dudley
is a three year letter winner and
Whitehead and Roether are one
year winners.
On the line will be Ed Linta or
Tom Ebert and Wilber Stocks at
end, Ron Nery and Larry Hart
shorn at tackles. Bob HUliard and
Ron Marciniak at guards and Jim
Furey at center. All are veterans
with Marciniak and Hartshorn
three year veterans. Bob Dannke
and Jim Logsdon in the backfield
along with Charlie Zkkefoose and
Jim Rusher on the line will be
called on for heavy duty.
One big loss in the Purple 'n
White line-up will be ail-American
Switzer. The flashy back led the
Wildcats in scoring, punt returns,
pass receiving and was a stand
out on defense. His rushing efforts
were fourth best in the league and
he was the league's second leading
scorer. His loss is sorely missed
this season.
On the Cornhusker side of the
ledger, things remained intact, as
bad weather forced the squad to
move inside for much of their
work. They were working on group
plays and offense indoors and pass
defense outside. Coach Bill Glass
ford says that this is still a weak
point and that most of this week's
drills will go to this one point.
Injuries have been reduced, as
only Jim Yeisley and Bob Smith
remain casualties. Rex Fisher will
miss this contest, too. There is a
chance that he may miss the entire
season. Smith is nursing an old
,leg injury, but will be ready to
go for the K-S game. Yeisley Is
still hobbling on an injury received
in practice and will be out for an
other two weeks.
Buskers Twt Deep
Besides this, the line-up will
probably remain the same. This
leaves Glassford with two good
teams, as the second team showed
as much, if not more, than the
starting eleven. That means Andy
iLoehr and Jack Braley at ends.
Bill Holloran and Don Glantz at
j tackles, Charlie Bryant and cap
tain Boh Warner at guards and
Bob Oberliri at center. In the back-
field will be Dan Brown at quarter
back, Jon McWilliams and Ron
Clark at half and Bob Smith at
Willie Greenlaw, Dennis Korinek,
John Edwards and Don Erway
will make up the second backfield.
Korinek reeled off a couple of fine
runs, one being a 70 yard jaunt.
Sylvester Harris also looked good
Saturday, rambling oil one long
TD run.
Number 50
OiMVtLiiV LAsoofls JotsmI
Number 50, worn by center Le
Yeme Horczon, was all over the
field last Saturday when the
Huskers fought with the Iowa
State Cyclones. LaVerne was
the young man who burst
through the State defenses to
Meet The Team
break up and almost block two
punts. The most important
thing that the fans remember
is his alertness in nabbing a
fumble in mid-air and rambling
seventeen yards for a touchdown.
Bill Holloran Labeled By
Coaches As 'Hard Worker1
fall tm TfoHaran. B2L 5 11
and 228, played Ms high school
football at Schuyler, where be let
tered in both football and track.
Sports Staff Writer
The man holding the left tackle
&"SS& behind posi far the-Cornhuskers this
v . . . mi wrf.Ti(lTny came i r. im t3rm. , urn 5 11"
the first ana secona pitch unnng kw r . :
were John Edwards, Doo Erway, Charley Bryant and IJenius Kormek,
who looks as if be has gained back bis previous seasons form.
Kansas State, Nebraska's opponent for next Saturday appears
to have a well balanced team led by he hard running right halfback
Corky Taylor. Official scouts reported that KStale is better than
the 35-7 loss to Missouri indicated , .
Had a royal seat to last Saturday's football game. Sat ta the
press box high up in West Stadium, ..and from where I '
Eedo vW of the footbal game and Nebraska f card sec
SSTafew c the sports reporters had bigh praise to to job to
tbTcard section did. So bats off to the Tassels, Pepsters. Cora
S!d alS re of jou who helped Jo add a Ettk more color
10 lFToSnaa indication, seems as if this year will be 1 1 year c
sShree orfourrf the "unbeatables" have already totto the
ndS seasoTi. just three weeks old. AB of which leads up
TT keep my predictions of future game.
to oSr when the girls' sport, begin if they have not already.
JZv&Jti seeing football 3 .ff
e Si playwhatever they play sure can prove
TLtf SZf WatcfSe page to the
maalXior the game Saforday. and HI see you
vive through Cms Saturday cause I we wm mi
SaxHS, Sport. Editor, in regard to tt last atemexi. .
He has been on the Cornhusker
Inx&M- tiie cast two seasons but
A - m
has not lettered, missing by only
a few minutes last year.
Holloran takes bis football, seri
ously and says, "I really enjoy
playing the game." This is no
doubt responsible for his big im
provement and the reason copches
describe bis as "a hard worker
who is improving all the time.
Live 'ii Love
W mil
J f ft
First Floor v
lApuPQTrBn, ss
,s V " i
Advaoee Tickets
Door Tax IntL
Hann's Mnsie C- 21S Xo. 12
Dancing 9-1
Slacks & Jackets
Shirt . O & 0
S-M-L Sizes
Marvelous corduroy yon
can mix and match for
campus wear. Zip-jac has
contrasting knit cuffs, tail
and collar. Jeans have self
belt front, Cords come in
array of grid season colors.
Bay for yourself and as
3 1 1
fj ; rvCa
anas inoriiiTff waanc3
1M Notice
Old man weather come through
again with a rainy day Tnesday,
and all fatranwal football game,
were canceled, along with the ten
xds matches.
AB manager's should conBtantly
check the bulletin board ia the
P. E. buSdmg. to the re-scheduling
eS waia3Houf games. Tennis
player', should also check the
bulletin board to see wbea they
play again and their ranking.
"Jforrj m Lev . - . you said you uwdd .
you prorrutea . rewiw-
t U1
cavio a SE1ZNJCICS
0 c (L
n A
1 rf I
... f
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