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Lincoln, Nebraska
Wednesday, Sept. 29, 1954
On The Social Side
Parties, Picnics, Functions
Occupy Busy NU Weekend
Social Editor
Campus social life began last
week-end as University students
attended many parties, picnics and
other social functions.
Several picnics, hour dances.
football games and listening parties
were held by organized houses.
Friday night many University
tudents danced at King's Ball
room. A Kappa Sigma picnic was
another Friday evening function.
Some of the Kappa Sigs and their
attending were: Marial Wright and
Jan Pickard; Marilyn Lingo and
Bob Lunner; Janet Kaufman and
Lauren Faist, and Ron Becker and
Sally Laase.
THE SIG ALPIIS held a party
at Arbor Manor Saturday night.
Among those attending were: Anne
Desmond and Ken Groves; Shirley
Mills and Gordon Benson, and
Koma Leichner and Lonny Bayer.
Another Saturday night party
was given at East Hills by the
Iheta Xis. Seen at the party were:
Barb Colbert and Mart McCoy;
Doris Mach and Jim Thorson, and
Margie Antes and Jick Wisby.
Farm Fair Board
Lists 6 Openings
Six openings are now offered for
Junior members of the Farmer's
Fair Board. Three men and three
women members are needed.
Application blanks are available
at Room 202 Ag Hall. Deadline for
application is Oct. 12.
The Board plans the Farmer's
Fair which is held each spring
Senior members of the board
are Don Novotny, Ken Pinkerton,
Charles Watson, Nancy Hemphill,
Madeline Watson and Rogene
NU Polio Cases
Reported Better
Both Larry Dunning and Burrel
who are polio patients in Lincoln
General Hospital, were reported
to be improving Tuesday by hos
pital officials.
They are reported in satisfac
tory condition.
Dr. S&muel Fuenning, director
of Student Health, said approxi
mately 15 gamma globulin shots
were given to University students
who had been in close associa
tion with the students.
Pepsters Meeting
A Pepster mass meeting will be
held in the Union ballroom at
7:15 p.m. Wednesday.
Pepsters should wear Pepster
sweaters and bring identification
cards. Jo Johnson and Leonard
Barker are in charge of the meet
ing. A practice session will be held
in the East Stadium on Friday,
October 1 at 5 p.m.
Practices For Orchesis
Announced By President
Jacy Mathiesen, Orchesis presi
dent, announced today that try
outs for all girls interested in par
ticipating in Orchesis will be held
October 20.
Special practices, arranged to
acquaint the girls with routines,
will be held Wednesday, October
6, and 13, at 7 p.m. in Grant Mem
orial Dance Studio. Girls who plan
to try out must attend one of these
practice sessions to be eligible
Men's Dance Group
A men's modern dance group is
being formed under the supervision
of the University Orchesis organi
zation. AH men who wish to par
ticipate one night a week in the
dance group should contact Miss
Maxwell, Ex. 4138.
Mary Hall, Delta Gamma sopho
more, and Jack Von Gillern, Phi
Delta Theta junior.
Bobbie Danielson, Kappa Alpha
Theta sophomore, and Gale Lair,
Phil Delt junior.
Ann Lundy and Bob Albers,
Theta Xi senior.
Beverly Miller, sophomore, and
Ken Plog, Theta Xi sophomore.
Dona Yungblut, Towne Club
freshman, and William Hurst,
Delta Sigma Phi senior.
Lee Spencer, Alpha Xi Delta
senior, and Bob Ficke, Delta Sig.
Mary House, Gamma Phi Beta
junior, and Tom Hawke, Sigma
Chi junior.
Sandra Saylor, Kappa Alpha
Theta sophomore, and Jim Mc
Lean, Sigma Alpha Epsilon sopho
Jeanne Elliott, Kappa Kappa
Gamma sophomore, and Ted Wes-
tervelt, Phi Kappa Psi sophomore.
Billie Croft, Pi Beta Phi junior,
and Dan Grace, Beta Theta Pi
Diane Knotek, Pi Phi sophomore,
and LeRoy Butherus, Delta Tau
Delta sophomore.
Carolyn Elliott, Pi Phi sopho
more, and Bill Walla, Sigma Nu
Marianne Mittelstadt. Gamma
Phi Beta senior, and Royce Ton
jes. Sigma Phi Epsilon, senior.
Diane Benedict, Alpha Xi junior,
and Ivan Althouse, Alpha Gamma
Rho junior.
Pat Syfert, Tri Delt senior, and
Duane Johnson, graduate.
Jane Oelschlager, Tri Delt
sophomore, and Dale Hermsmeyer,
Alpha Tau Omega.
Jan Berggren, senior, and War
ren Jones, graduate.
Fall Round-Up Ag Student
Eddy Howard Orchestra Kings
BABW "Hello" Girl Dance -
Student Union
Sigma Alpha Mu Kick-Off Party
Delta Tau Delta House Party
Bulletin Board
Student Council: Meeting 4 p.m.
to 6 p.m. in Union 313.
Coed Counselors: Meeting in Un
ion Room 316 at 5 p.m.
Pepsters: Union Ballroom at 7
p.m. Wear sweaters and bring ID
Builders Mass Meeting: Union
Room 316 at 7 p.m.
Kosmet Klub Skitmaster Meet
ing: 5 p.m. in Union Parlor Y.
Campus Know-How Session: 5
p.m. in Love Library Auditorium.
ALT Split Board Meeting and
General Meeting: 5 p.m. and 7
p.m. respectively in AUF office.
Pershing Rifles Pledge Smoker:
7:30 p.m. in Union Parlors ABC
for freshmen and sophomore ROTC
Sigma Tau Meeting: 7:15 p.m.
in 206 Richards Hall.
University Dames: Meeting 7:30
p.m. in Ellen Smith Hall.
Palladian Society Meeting: Tem
porary L at 8 p.m.
Ag Union FaU Round-l p: at 7:30
Directory Staff Looks For Addresses Of Students
..- t r i r : t i
Names of students whose infor
mation is not complete for listing
in the Student Directory are given
below. Students whose names ap
pear should contact the Student Di
rectory office, Room 308 in the
Studdent Union as soon as possible
between 1 and 5 p.m. any after
noon. The phone number is 2-7631.
extension 4230.
This is not a complete list. More
names will appear in the later is
sues of the Nebraskan. Any stu
dent who has had a change of ad
dress or phone number should re
port that change to the Directory
Cecil Anderson, Robert Ander
son, Clarence Beck, Lyle Bargman,
Raele Baumanis, Henry Beardsley,
Charles Bull, Martin Carlson, Rob
ert Carlson, Kenneth Cook, Grant
Cornelius, Willard Cox, Jeanne
Richard Dan, Ronald Dobry,
Edythe Dyer, Donald Eastman,
Gustave Erickson, Roger Essman,
Albert Ferguson, Clare Fleming,
William Franklin, Don Geesama.i,
Wilma Gimmestad, Robert Hage-
man, Richard Hamlin.
Harmes, Earl Hietbrink, Donald
Hofmann, Arnold Huigens, Paul
Jersild, Gerald Johnson, Walter
Juergensen, Moon Kang, Frank
Kannenberg, Molly Lucas, Richard
Marrs, William Marsh.
Annette Mattson, Clarence Mc
Conkey, Allen Menefee, Gerald
Mercer, Robert Moeller, William
Montgomery, Alan Moore, Mer-
riam Moore, John Moran, Clai k '
Mueller, Phillip Murphy, Valters
Nollendorfs, Paul Nygreen, i
Dwayne Oakeson, Francis Paap,
Kenneth Patterson, Allan Peck
ham, Mary Peckham, Benjamin
Pfeiffer, James Porterfield,
Charles Pulham, Eilert Ramsey.
sel, Maurice Ross, Richard Sayre,
Bernice Schram, Robert Satter-
quist, David Solzman, Howard
Spain, Douglas Spitz, Robert
Stake, Wonsup Suh, Aaron Stoley,
Jean Swinbank, Joanne Taylor.
Makoto Ueda, Richard Walsh,
Howard Walters, Stuart Watson,
Edwon Welge, David Wells, Rob
ert Whitney, Richard Wiese, David
Williamson, John Woodward, Louis
Worm, John VanHouten, Robert
L. Voigt, Orville Veit.
Carl Vogler, Velma Vogler, Nils
Ylvisaker, Hoyt Yowell, Donald
Ach, Phyraheem Ackbarali. Wal
lace Adam, Wilson Adams, Robert
Admire, Eugene Aksamit, Roy Ak
samit, Sister Marie Allard, Earrell
Albee, Thomas Albert, Richard Al
den, Clark Alexander, William Al
exis, John Allely, Claudia Allen,
Fred Allen, Harold Allen, Paul
Robert Allington, Wayne Alm
quist, Ben Alpuerto, Robe Amick,
Lloyd Andersen. Agnes Anderson,
Ben Anderson, Bernard Anderson,
Carol Anderson, Gordon Anderson,
Robert Anderson, Royal Anderson,
William Anderson, Marvin Arens-
dorf, William Armbrust, Hans Arps,
Richard Artison, James A-rnussen,
Wayne Atkinson, Donald Aulds.
tin, Ivan Aver, Janet Ayers, June
Ayers, Robert Babb, George Bab
cock, James Bahm, Lloyd Ball,
Hessamuddin Baluch, Glen Bailey,
Robert Baker, George Barlow, Lol
lian Barrett, Robert Barrett, Cecil
Bartlett, Jerome Barton, Oruel
Bass, James Baroosingh, James
Batie, Marilyn Batie, Blanche j
Hal Bauer, Gilbert Baxter, Rob
ert Bayley, Eldon Beavers, Don
ald Beck, Donald Becker, Ronald
Becker, Richard Becks, W It Bed
deo, Robert Behr. Joan Beggin,
Eugene Beier, Wendell Belie.i,
Robert Bell, Warren Bell, Johnnie
Benedict, Dennis Bergin, Philip
Bernard, Robert Before, Billy
Best, John Becker.
HAROLD BIS"OP, Lloyd Black
Blevins, Leon Blomendahl, Ryan
Bloomquist, William Bobst, Chuck
Bothum, Dana Bond, Ralph Boyd,
Mathilda Boye, Willima Bram,
Marvin Brilliant, Keith Britton, G
Mitzi Brooks, James Budeit, Bud-
ovich, Osvalos Bumanis, Phyllis bara Clark, Jimmie Clark, Gary
Bunker, James Burbridge, inald
Burzlaff, Eloise Busche, Donald
Bush, Everett Bursell, Peggy Caley
Donald Canfield. Charles Cr '.son,
Earl Carlson, John Carlson, Mar
guerite Carrier, William Carriker,
Donald Carson.
Clarence Castner, Jerald Chaff
in, Bernyce Chamberlin, Eleanor
Chapman, Frank Chapman, Wil
iam Chin, Larry Chrans, Richard
Christensen, Vance Christensen,
Ethan Christiansen, Norman tChurc
Darrel Classen, Hiram Clapp, Bar-
Claussen, Burton Claytor, Ralph
Cleveland, Frederick Coats.
Carrol Dahl, Richard Dahl, Wil
liam Daily, John Daly, Ronld
Damkroger, Ron Danek, ' nan
Danner, James Daume, John Dav
ies, Jack Davis, Willis Day, Will
iam Deats, Clifford DeBoer, Al
len Decker, Karen Decker, Virginia
John Denker, Don Deterding,
Delton Dovel, John Downey, John
Doyle, Charles Divis.
Donald Ingold, Hazel Issac, Hoyt
Jackson, Dennis Jacob, James
Jeannoutot, Darvin Jemming Tanet
Jenkins, Leonard Jennings, ''harles
ensen, Marjorie Jensen, Charles
Johnson, Jerold Johnson, John ohri.
son, Kenneth Johnson.
Paul Johnston, Robert Bartlett
Johnson, Robert William Johnson,
Val Johnson, John Jurek, Ron
aid Kahler, Adam Karauus, Betty
Karcher, John Karnett, A. Kas
dan, Charles Katz, Thorn ps Kauf.
man, Daniel Kealy, Sandra Deene,
Don Reiser, Gary Kelley, Jack
Kelley, Taghi Kermani.
Fellow tk crowrf fa...
Red Bar-B-Q Mats
Thick Molts
We Give
Green Stamps
Use Your
Pptrtmt fttoiO
Special Showing
by Factory Representative
no (ID ie
Star Eve
by Delmaneit
Areas lC.ftS
by DelmanetU.
ZT "V. v oste
Kenie 12.S5
by Penal jo
Mateh Sticks. . U.S5
by Delmanellt
Vet 10.9 J
by Penal jo
Lot line 9.85
by Penal jo
Tuesday and Wednesday
September 28 and 29
In GOLD'S SHOE DEPT. Street Floor
A representative of the DELMANETTE and PENAUO Shoe
Companies will b in the department to .how yoa .dvinced shoe
styles and additional styles, aot In oar regular stock. These may
be special ordered tf yoa wish. He will 1M help ,o, 1lh
your shoe problems.
GOLD'S Women's Shoes . . , Street Floor
I Thick Molts I
J j 440 "O" Street tAM j j I
?! . .ZSSTT-- ST.ST; - . , w, ......,, a,,,,,,,- n f , r-J
fL 2H8 ih Oil
(DDD mjCDtFIJDl) Goodyear Tores
D-X Gasoline
Motor Oils
Oil Filters
Anti Freze
Spark Plugs
Goodyear Tires
Car Polishes
Polish & Wax
Clean Plugs
Battery Charging
Clean Radiator
Tire Repair
Pick Up & Delivery
14th & N
12th & Que
10th & Van Dorn
Highway 6 & 77
Highway 2 & 34