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    Wednesday, Sept. 29, 1954
Lincoln, Nebraska
Page 3
Phi Psi's Defend Title
iimtfrainniyiral Football Opetmeirs
'The Fairer Side
Beware IM Violators;
Mm Rules In Effect
t Phy! Cast
Are you one who has just been faking intramurals by forgetting
to show up? Then you had better start marking your Builders
calendar for there are new default rules now in effect. If a team
defaults a certain team sport, the girls on thnt team may not enter
the next team sport. If a girl defaults in an individual sport, she may
not enter the next individual sport.
Third and fourth for intramurals? Best start eating your Cheerios
and dust off those tennis shoes because it's that time again October
4 is the opening day for intramurals. Three sports begin Soccer
baseball, tennis doubles and archery. Last year's winner of the
soccer baseball tournament was Kappa Kappa Gamma while Pi
Beta Phi was runner-up. Arlina Harte won the archery tournament
and Marilyn Stanley was runner-up.
TEAM LISTS are due today at noon for these sports so, Reps,
If you've forgotten, you may still have about 15 minutes to get your
list in.
You don't have to be an expert to play in intramurals, but there
Is one necessary prerequisite every girl not taking physical educa
tion must have a HEALTH PERMIT. You see we'd really hate to'
have anyone dropping dead on us. Always clutters up the playing
field. Health permits must be turned into the W.A.A. office by
October 4. Those not turning in health permits will be withdrawn
from the tournament. It only takes a few minutes to get one. I
might throw in the fact that girls with a mild activity restriction
may enter the archery tournament if they obtain a permit from
Student Health.
Alas No longer can you enter the intramural field and at the
same time walk down the Sigma Chi driveway. There seems to be
a small matter of a new Teachers High School Building in the way.
Before you know it the Teachers High boys will be vying with the
Sig Chis to see who can get the highest powered binoculars. At any
rate you had better get your kiddie-cars in shape cuz you now
enter the athletic field at the gate on 16th Street directly opposite
the Elgin parking lot.
Intramural Sports Writer
The time has finally come. In
tramural football gets under way
today at 5:00 p.m., when 16 teams
clash for their initial outings. Four
games will be played on the down
town campus intramural fields,
and the other four will be on the
Ag Campus.
The entire touch football sched
ule is posted on the bulletin board
in "the Physical Education build
ing. All team managers should
be sure to check this board daily,
or pick up a copy of the football
schedule in . oom 102 in the P. E.
Each team will play one game
a week. Entered in the tourna
ment are 64 teams, from fraterni
ties, independent organizations,
clubs and many other sources.
The 64 teams have been divided
into 12 leagues. At the end of
league play, the top three teams
in each league will vie for the
the Phi Psi All University cham-
THIS WEEKS schedule features
pionships vs. Phi Gamma Delta,
when the Phi Psi's defend last
year's All-U championship title.
The rest of the weeks schedule is
as follows:
On City Campus:
, Sfurna Thl Tensilon v. Siama Chi
I Delta Tau Delia va. Alpha Tail Omeaa
Sima Alpha Epsllon vs. Beta Theta I'l
Fhi Gamma Delta vi. Phi Kappa Pal
On Ag Campus:
Phi Delia Theta v. Delta t'psilon
Farm Home va. Sigma Nu
Alpha Gamma Rho va. Bronn I'alac
On City Campus:
A.l.K.K. vis. Phi Delta Phi
Sigma Gamma Kpsilon vs. Dental College
Delta Theta Phi vs. Phi Jllon Kappa
Presby House va. Ag Men'g Club
On Ag Campus:
Alpha Gamma Sigma va. Sigma Alpha Mu
Pi Kappa Phi vs. Cornhuvker Co-op
Tan Kappa Kpailon vs. Theta Chi
Zeta Beta Tau vs. Pioneer Co-op
Players will be prohibited from
using padded suits, hip pads,
shoulder pads, helmets, taped
hands or any other such equip
ment. All team members must
wear similarly colored jerseys, tee
shirts or sweat shirts. Only rubber-soled
tennis shoes or basket
ball shoes can be worn. Players
are prohibited from using any
type of hard-leathered soled ox
fords, shoes or boots, or any type
of shoes with cleats of metal, fibre,
or rubber.
Fisher Still Out
Huskers Preparing For Iowa State;
First Big Seven Encounter For NU
ANY PLAYER that has to wiar
glasses while on the playing field,
must wear some type of glasses
There will be a 15-yard penalty
for the infraction of any of the
above rules.
Teams will run from 20 to 12
plays per quarter depending upon
what time they start. The game
will be divided into four quarters,
with a one minute rest period be
tween the first, second, third and
fourth quarters, and a five minute
rest between the second and third
quarters. At the end of each quar
ter the direction in which the
teams are traveling will automat
ically be reversed.
All game must be started by
5:10 p.m. Teams that mutually
agree to start before that time
may do so, otherwise, a team not
ready to play at 5:10 p.m. forfeits
the game.
Cool Crest Twin Links
of 220 N. 48th Street
W&comcs the 1 B54- NU Students
Groups of Twelve or More 35c Per Person
Shop daily 9:30 to 5:30
Thursday, 10 to 8:30
A After bowing to Minnesota last
Saturday in a heartbreaking 19-7
loss, coach Bill Glassford took his
''charges through a full game work
Xut yesterday in preparation for
the Nebraskan s opening Big Sev
' 'en tilt against the Iowa State Cy
clones Saturday. Starting time for
the game will be 2 p.m.
After the Gopher contest, only
center Bob Oberlin and halfback
Sylvester Harris came out with
-nv injuries. Both men are hoo
bling with bad knees. They will
be at full strength for the Cyclone
game however. Rex Fisher, first
string quarterback, will be lorcea
: to sit out this game too. He is
: still out with an injury sustained
i during practice two weeks ago
LAST NIGHT'S practice was a
' contest between the. Reds and
Whites. Running for the Red first
team was the starting line-up last
week in the Minnesota game witn
the exception of halfbacl' Willie
Greenlaw. Jon McWilliams, last
year's starting back was running
in the speedy sophomore s place,
Also promoted after the Gopher
game was halfback Dennis Korinek.
In Oberlin's place at center was
sophomore LaVern Torczon.
Iowa State will enter the Corn-
husker tilt with a one-one record
They opened their season against
South Dakota State two weeks
am. downine them 39-0. Last
.week's game found the Iowans bow
Jng to the Northwestern eleven,
27-14. They were all even with the
Big Ten representatives at the end
of three quarters before losing,
dropped the Staters, .27-19. The
Cyclones finished the Big T:ven
race in the cellar last year with
a record of one win and five set
backs. They dropped Missouri 13-6
for their only win.
turned to Iowa State this year.
Among the new faces this year will
be that of head coach Vince Di
Francesca. He succeeds AM Stue
ber as head man. The Cyclones
starting line-up will have Barney
Alleman and Mel Wostoupal at
ends. Both are lettermen, Alleman
having earned two. At tackles will
be Jim McCaulley and Ralph
Brown, two letter winners. Guards
will be Weldon Thalacker and
Wayne Horras with the c -iter
being Elmer May. All three are
In the IS backfield will be Jerry
Finley at quarterback; Bruce Al
exander and Gary Lutz at half
backs, and Max Burkett at full
back. Lutz, Burkett, and Alex
ander are all lettermen, with Bur
kett earning three. Also counted
on for heavy duty will be John
Breckenridge, quarterback; Jerry
Marshall, an end; and Hank Phil
emon, a junior letterman at half
stood out in the Minnesota tilt
were Charlie Bryant, Bob Wagner,
and Bill Holloran. Holloran was
extremely tough on defense as was
Andy Loehr, this weeks captain.
With the exception of tv. o changes,
the Nebraska linepup will probably
be the same. That would be
Loehr and Jack Braley at ends;
-Holloran and Don Glantz at tack
les; Bryant and Wagner at guards;
?and Oberlin at center.
In the Husker backfield will be
Dan Brown at the signal-calling
position; Ron Clark and Green
Jaw or McWilliams at halfbacks;
nd Bob Smith at fullback.
Coach Glassford said that this
"week's practice will stress defense
on punts. Also defense and of
fense will be worked on for this
"week's first Big Seven tilt for both
tparns. v
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