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Shugrue, Mapes Selected For
Nancy Odum, junior in the
school of Journalism, was
named editor of the 1955 Corn
husker, and Mike Shugrue
sophomore in English, was
chosen Business Manager.
The announcement was made
by the Committee on Student
Publications after interviews
held Tuesday evening. Fourteen
persons applied for the nine po
rtions that were open.
A new position, layout editor,
was created, replacing two copy
editor positions previously on
kthe staff. Sue Ramey, sopho
more in Journalism, wll fill the
newly created post. She' is a
member of Builders, NUCWA,
Tassels and Gamma Phi Beta
and was previously a section
Miss Odum is a junior ma
joring in English and journal
ism and was a managing editor
this year. She is a vice-president
of Builders and member
of Gamma Phi Beta.
Shugrue is a member of New
man Club, Corn Cobs and Phi
Kappa Psi. He was formerly, an
assistant business manager on
the Cornhusker.
Mary Janes Mapes, junior ma
joring in English, was appointed
associate editor. She is a mem
ber of Gamma Phi Beta, vice
president in charge of publicity
for AUF and was a managing
editor on the 1954 yearbook.
John Gourlay, sophomore ma
joring in political science, was
appointed to one of the three
managing editor poistions. He is
a Cam Cob, a member of Beta
Wilson, Castner Named
Soloist, Chain Director
Ivy Day Processional Planned
Kathleen Wilson and Rosemary
Castner have been selectetd as
soloist and chain director for 1954
Ivy Day festivities.
During the processional of the
Ivy and Daisy Chains, Miss Wil
son, a senioir music major, will
sing "Ivy Song."
Miss Castner, a senior in the
Awards To Go
To Sororities,
Recognition will again be given
to men and women's organized
houses for scholarship and ac
tivities on Ivy Day, May 6
Awards are based on scholar
ship house activities and repre
sentation in extra-curricular ac
tivities. Blanks have been sent to all
organized houses for "infor-na-tion
concerning the participation
of members in campus activities
and scolastic records. Each ac
tivity position, as well as
scholarship, is pointed accord
ing to a specific scale. On the
basis of the compiled results of
points, the awards are made.
Last year's winners of the
Mortar Board award were Alpha
Chi Omega, Delta Gamma r.nd
Kappa Kappa Gamma, respec
titvely; winners of the Innocunts
sward were Farmhouse, Zeta
Beta Tau and Beta Theta Pi,
Barbara Raun and Neala
O'Dell are in charge of the Mor
tar Board award. Bob Peterson
is chairman of the Innocents
award committee.
.-V . ..vJ
E-Week Spillway Display
One of the displays to be the Hydraulics fD'"dl"!
i u tt.wooU rwn Verl Clausen (left) operates
House Thursday will be
row section of a spillway
Theta Pi and previously was a
section neaa.
Carole Unterseher, sophomore
in elementary education, was
appointed managing editor. She
is a member of Delta Gamma
and was a section head.
Janet Gordon, sophomore in
English, is the third managing
editor. She is a member of
Builder's board, Sigma Delta
Tau and was a section head on
this year's book.
Dick Reische, freshman in arts
and science, was appointed as
sistant business manager. He is
a Union worker and a member
of Beta Theta Pi.
Dick Odum. freshman in
business administration, is the
ilcjf To Sponsor
Wednesday Activities To Include
Tours, Coed Style Show, Luncheon
Home Economics Hospitality
Day activities Wednesday will
include tours, a style show, a
variety of entertainment, a
luncheon and a panel discussion.
The all-day occasion will ac
quaint more than 800 high school
girls from all dver the state with
the University home economics
department. Morning activities
school of music, has been direct
ing the chain bearers in their
Miss Castner and Miss Wilson
were chosen by Moortar Boards
as two of the outstanding senior
women in the field of music.
MISS WILSON is president of
Mu Phi Epsilon, music sorority,
and a member of Madrigals and
University Singers. She is also
directing the Kappa Delta Ivy
Day sing.
Miss Castner is a member of
Delta Omicron, music sorority, a
choir director and a member of
Madrigals. She is affiliated with
Chi Omega.
Miss Castner and Miss Wilson
will direct practices with the
chains Thursday at 7 p.m. in the
Union and Tuesday at 5 p.m. in
Temple Building.
The 40 members of the 'ivy
Chain and 75 members of the
Daisy Chain will be announced
Darlene Goodding and Connie
Clark Karges are in charge of
the chain members.
SC Candidates
All candidates for Student Coun
cil representatives who did not
have their pictures taken for the
1954 Cornhusker should contact
Muriel Pickett at 2-7875.
Plans For Display Include Initial Showing Of Color TV
Engineer's open house Thurs
day from 2 to 10 p.m. will
commence Engineer's Week
Some of the items which will
be on display during open house
are: musical grinding wheels,
rubber roads, ramjet and turbo
jet engines and the initial
showing of color television in
A Van DeGraff generator will
this the pump as
W. Tom-
in barce and
Top Posts
other assistant business man
ager. He is" assistant business
manager for the Student Direc
tory and a member of Sigma
Both Reische and Odum. were
Cornhusker business workers
this year.
Barb Adams was 1954 Corn
husker editor and J. Benedict
was this year's business man
ager. .
Dr. William J. Arnold is
chairman of the publications
board which is composed of fac
ulty and student members. The
board will conduct interviews
for Nebraskan staff positions
May 13. Applications may be
nicked .un at the nublir rela-
tions office and are due May 10.
ifsaiity Hoy
will begin with a style show in
which scholarship activities and
other aspects of campus life
will be interpreted through cos
tumes made by coeds in home
economics courses.
At a luncheon the visiting high
school girls will be entertained
by a series of skits and acts.
Rocky Yapp will emcee the pro
gram. THE AFTERNOON program
will include tours of the campus
buildings. Students will witness
food and nutrition and clothing
classes in session. The prepsters
will visit the food-nutrition lab,
child development lab and ap
plied arts department.
The students will be divided
into groups and participate in a
panel discussion. A puppet show
will be presented to each dis
cussion group by Jeanette Selk.
Home Economic Hospitality
Day is sponsored by the Home
Economics Department. Dr. Jo
sephine Brooks, associate pro
fessor of home economics, is fac
ulty chairman. Barbara Raun is
student chairman. Seven other
chairmen are assisting Miss
Farmers Fair Schedule
9:00 a. m. Tours begin on
12:00 a. m. Midway opens.
2:00 r. m. Rodeo.
5:30 p. m. Barbeque west of
Ag Union.
8:00 d. m. Dairy Royal in
Horse Barn Arena
9:00 a.
m. Tours begin on Ag
10:00 a. m.
11:30 a. m.
Parade througn
downtown Lincoln.
Pie eating contest
at Ag Union.
Midway opens.
12:00 a. m.
2:00 p. m.
Cotton and Denim
9:00 p. m.
Dance, Ag Union.
cause spectator's hair to literally
stand nn end and door knobs to
glow. The electrical engineers
are planning to put approxi
mately 200 people in their elec
tric chairs and apply a half
million volts. Liquid air, which
freezes a rubber ball so hard that
it shatters when bounced, will
also be shown to approximately
10,000 visitors.
ALL OF the displays and
Weelc Ac
With peon
f'nuriiw Hundny .Imirmil ami Suit
co-chairmen ol Open House,
look on. The displays will
be open to the public from
2 to 10 p.m.
Volume 74, No. 81
The opening performance of
Kosmet Klub's Spring Musical,
"Finian's Rainbow," will be pre
sented Thursday in the Nebraska
Theater at 8 p.m.
Tickets priced at $1.80 for re
served seats, $1.50 for general
admission and $1.10 for upper
balcony seats can be purchased
from Kosmet Klub workers, booth
workers in the Union, Walts
Music Store, or the University
telephone number, 2-7631, may be
called night or day to take names
Lab Plays
To Begin
Program Includes
Murder Mystery
Three one-act laboratory thea
ter plays will be presented
Thursday and Friday at 7:30 p.m.
in Room 201 Temple Building.
"The Wonder Hat" is a farce
which centers around love and
confusion caused by a wnder
hat and a magic dinner. Written
solely for entertainment, the play
will be directed by Barbara
Leieh and produced by Morse
THE CAST will include Jim
Boling as Harlequin; Amer Lin
coln, Pierrot; Jim Copp, Punch
inello: Jean Carol DeLong, Col
umbine, and Marilyn Breitfelder
as Margot.
"The Eldest," directed by
Neala O'Dell, raises the problem
of sacrifice required by one
member of the family when the
mother of the family becomes an
CAST MEMBERS are: Luanne
Raun, Rose; Clare Hinman,
neighbor; Rod Holmes, Pa; Ted
Nittler, Al; Ann Corcoran, Floss,
and Charles Klasek, Henry Selz.
"Trifles," directed .by Morrel
Clute and produced by Charles
Klasek, concerns the fact that a
man is found murdered in his
bed. As his wife is the major
suspect, the play is concerned
with the question, "Did she mur
der her husband?"
INCLUDED IN the cast are:
Jean Weddle, Mrs. Hale; Valerie
Hompes, Mrs. Peters; Jack Par-
ris, Mr. Hale; Don Bartlett, sher
iff, and Bill Doleman, county
The lab productions are open
to the public. No admission win
be charged.
I demonstrations are based on a
principle which is widely tsed
in present-day mausxry. mpua-
sis is made on the eaucauonai
aspects of the displays in an
attempt to eive high school stud
ents a preview of what they will
be studying it tney major in
An engineering convocation
will be held on Friday at 11
a.m. in Love Library. The speak
er will be Harry Wesly Brown,
a University alumnus now pro
duction design engineer ior a
California aircraft company.
Rrown will speak on "Engin
eers in Industry," part of which
will be concerned with the ram
jet engine (to be shown at open
house.) He plans to show a film
revealing the first actual flight
in which an aircraft was sus
tained in flight by the use of a
ramjet engine alone.
University from 1935 to isjh
after transferring from Wayne
State Teachers College. While at
the University, Brown was a
member of the American Society
of Mechanical Engineers, Sigma
Xi science honorary, vice presi
dent of Sigma Tau and c mem
ber of the Engineering Executive
As a senior in 1938, Brown
was given the O. J. Fee award
for outstanding achievement in
the College of Engineering and
Architecture. He received his B.
S. in mechanical engineering in
1938 and was graduated with
IN 1941 he was an instructor
in the Aeronautical Course of
Engineering Defense at the Uni
versity of Texas. He received
his Master's degree in Aeronau
tical Engineering from the same
institution in 1944.
The engineer's annual picnic
and field dav events will be held
Friday afternoon al Pioneer
park. The finals of the soft
ball tournament between the
various engineering departments
will be held at the picnic. Other
events such as egg throwing and
a tug-of-war are also planned,
j(k s Ifflimoatn) s
11 Opeon
In All Price
and addresses for those wanting
More than 60 people including
leads, dancing and singing chor
uses will be featured in the
Broadway musical.
Starring in the production are
Nick Amos as Woody and Jan
Harrison as Sharon. Hank Gib
son will portray Og, the lepre
chaun; Elaine Hess, Susan Ma
honey, the dancing leads and
Marv Stromer tne title roie ieaa,
Supporting cast includes Dick
Marrs, Ben Zinnecker, Janet
Boyd, Fred Coats, Charlie Way
mire and Sue Ramey.
The plot of the musical con
cerns Finian McLonergan of
Glocca Morra, Ireland, who
knows why all Americans are
millionaires. (Everyone in the
world thinks so; everyone except
Americans, that is).
By a process of mathematics,
logic and moonbeams, he devises
the McLonergan theory which re
veals the answer: The magical
soil of Fort Knox that gives gold
phenomenal qualities hitherto
unsuspected by even the gold it
self. In order to come to America,
Finian "borrows" a pot of gold
that provides the power to make
wishes for the mortals of Ireland
from gnomes, elves and lepre
chauns. Finian arrives in Rainbow Val
ley with his daughter, Sharon,
and plants a pot of gold. The
leprechaun comes in pursuit, ut
tering dire warnings of misery
and destruction. Wishes are made
on the pot of gold, and history
veers crazily from its path.
The news gets out that gold
has been discovered on McLon
ergan's property and credit, cal
ico gowns and tractors pour into
the valley.
Sharon is about to get the rain
bow her father has always prom
ised her a boy for her heart and
pennies for her purse when the
leprechaun's predictions materi
alize. The play, based on a book
by E. Y. Harburg and Fred
Saidy, opened on Broadway in
1947 and went on a national tour
in 1948. Songs include: "How Are
Things in Glocca Morra," "Old
Devil Moon," "If This Isn't
Love" and "Look to the Rain
bow." John Tolch, technical director
of the University Theater, is the
director of the show. Frank
Bock, instructor in speech and
dramatic art, is technical direc
tor. "Finian's Rainbow" will be
presented Thursday, Friday and
Saturday nights. "Most Eligible
Bachelors" will be presented at
intermission Thursday night.
To complete the day, engineers
will assemble in the Hotel Lin
coln Ballroom for the 1954 E
Week banquet. After the smor
gasbord dinner, the awards for
E-Week and outstanding engin
eers will be presented.
Don Madsen, editor of the
Nebraska Blueprint, monthly
magazine published by Univer
sity engineering students, will
present the awards for Blueprint
sales and work done on the Blue
print. The Sigma Tau freshman
award will be presented by Dan
Rasdal, vice-president of Sigma
THE SIGMA Tau freshman
award consists of a gold medal
given by Sigma Tau, engineering
honorary fraternity, to the soph
omore engineering student who
had the highest academic aver
age in his class.
Bob Petersen, retiring presi
dent of Sigma Tau, will present
the Sigma Tau class memorial, a
picture of Dean Stout, former
Dean of the College of Engineer
ing and Architecture. The pic
ture is to be hung in the newly
remodeled Civil Engineering
building, Stout Hall. Roy M.
Green, dean of the College of
Engineering and Architecture
will present the Ferguson award
to the outstanding senior in the
College of Engineering and Ar
chitecture. This award is given
to the outstanding senior in the
College of Engineering and Ar
chitecture who best personifies
the ideals of professional service
and good citizenship. The award
will consist of a brief citation
and a gold key to be given to
the honoree.
BOB PETERSEN will present
a plaque to the engineering de
partment winning the field day
events. John Tombarge, E-Week
co-chairman and president of
Eta Kappa Nu, electrical engin
eering honorary, will present the
plaque to the winners of the
overall -Week competition.
Fallowing the banquet and
awards, engineers and their
dates will dance to the music of
Jimmy Phillips and his orchestra
in the ballroom.
n VP
Saax7 isv
Finian's Rainbow
In a scene from "Finian's
Rainbow," Kosmet Klub
Spring Show opening Thurs
day, Marv Stromer (right),
as Finian, comforts his
daughter, Sharon, played by
Park Named Top Senior Midshipman;
Watches, Medals, Sword Given
Sixteen University NROTC
students received awards Tues
day at an annual proficiency
awards program.
Eldon Park, top midshipman
graduate of the naval science
four-year course, was awarded
a wrist watch.
James Skinner, outstanding
senior graduate of the Marine
Corps course was presented a
Marine Corps dress sword.
BERT BISHOP, senior mid
shipman with second high schol
arship in the naval science four
year course, received a wrist
William Bailey, senior mid
shipman who displayed out
stand aptitude in the four-year
coure in naval science, was also
presented a wrist watch.
James Tangdall, senior mid
shipman who displayed out
standing proficiency in naval
engineering, was given an elec
tric shaver.
Thomas Woodward, junior
cited for contributing most to
morale and esprit de corps, re
ceived a wrist watch.
midshipman who displayed out
standing proficiency in naviga
tion, was given a wrist watch.
waiter Brestel, jr., sopnomore
midshipman who displayed out
standing proficiency in naval
weapons, received a bronze
plaque and luggage case.
Donald Shaner, sophomore
midshipman who displayed
greatest improvement, was pre
sented a wrist watch.
Donald Beck, freshman mid
shipman who displayed out
standing proficiency in naval
Ivy Day Sing
A complete list of chorus
members participating in the
Ivy Day Fraternity Sing com
petition must be submitted to
Marshall Kushner no later than
The Outside World
Staff Writer J
Dulles Wins Victory
GENEVA A diplomatic victory came for United States Secre
tary of State Dulles when the 16 nations which fought on the
United Nation's side in Korea decided on a compromise formula
to rotate chairmanship ot the sessions at the Geneva conference
Thailand, Russia and Britain will have charge of the session.
Dulles had warned that he would walk out of the parley imme
diately if the Chinese Communists were permitted to preside.
The reason for the compromise by the Soviet delegation they
said was in order that the serious business at hand peace in
Indo-China and a settlement in Korea could be discussed.
Mrs. Bowring Sworn In
WASHINGTON Mrs. Eve Bowring, newly appointed Senator
from Nebraska to fill the vacancy created by the death of Dwight
Griswold, was sworn in as the second woman in the Senate. Vice
President Richard M. Nixon administered the oath. Mrs. Bowring
was introduced to the Senate by Sen. Hugh Butler, senior senator
from Nebraska. Mrs. Bowring refused to say what stands she
will take on legislation but she added that she is not unaware of
the current activities in Congress.
Army-McCarthy Hearings Continue
WASHINGTON The cross-examination of Secretary of the
Army Stevens continued into the fourth day. The charges are
that Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) and his aides sought special military
favors for a former aide. Pvt. G. David Schine, and counter charges
are that Army officials sought to halt or divert McCarthy's search
for subversives in the Army.
It was announced by- Chairman Mundt (R-SD) that any
surprise "mystery" witnesses would be barred from testifying in
the senatorial inquiry.
Wednesday, April 28, 3954
Jan Harrison. Sharon hat
just been accused of witch
craft because a wish she
had made over a pot of gold
came true.
orientation, was given a wrist
BRUCE LIPPKE, cited as dis
playing outstanding marksman
ship, received a silver medal.
Richard McKee, cited for ex
cellence in marksmanship, re
ceived a silver medal.
John Thomas was cited for ex
cellence in naval science. Floyd
Mason and Robert Johnson were
cited for excellence in marine
John Marks, senior midship
man who was outstanding in
electrical engineering, received a
gold medal.
The awards were contributed
by Lincoln business firms'. A. Q.
Schimmel of Lincoln was prin
cipal speaker.
Captain Davis
To Orient NU
Army Cadets
Advanced Army cadets who
are about to be commissioned
will be orientated Thursday by
Captain Davis, representative of
Fifth Army Headquarters.
Davis, an officer of the trans
portation division of the Army,
will present an illustrated orien
tation on the Army Aviation
Program including explanations
of qualifications for Army avia
tors, training involved and duties
to be perrformed.
Army aviators has opened op
portunities for Army officers to
receive pilot training. With this
training, they are able to qualify
as pilots of light planes and
helicoptors used by the Army
for observation and transporta
tion purposes.
Students who have further in
terest ,3 the training program
will be invited to attend a group
talk by Davis. They will also
be given an opportunity to reg
ister for individual interviews.
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