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Theater To
Fhree La
Leigh, O'Dell, C
Productions Thursday; Friday
The Laboratory Theater will
present three one-act plays
Thursday and Friday at 7:30 p.m.
in Room 201 of Temple Buliding.
"The Wonder Hat" by Kenneth
Sawyer Goodman and Ben Hecht,
will be directed by Barbara
Leigh, with Morse Weisgurt as
production manager.
Directing "The Eldest" will be
Neala O'Dell. The play is by
Edna Ferbcr. "Trifles" by Susan
Claspell will be directed by Mor
rell Clute with Charles Klasek as
production manager.
farce centering around love and
confusion caused by a "wonder
bat" and a magic dipper. It is
written entirely for entertain
ment. The cast will include Jim Bol
ing as Harlequin; Amer Lincoln,
Pierrot; Jim Copp, Punchinello;
Jean Carol DeLong, Columbine,
and Marilyn Breitfelder as Mar
got. A PLAY which raises the prob
lem of the sacrifice required by
one member of the family when
the mother of the family be
comes an invalid is "The Eldest."
Included in the cast are Rose,
Luanne Raun; neighbor, Claire
Hinman; Pa, Rod Holmes; Al,
Ted Nittler; Floss, Ann Corcoran,
and Henry Selz, Charles Klasek.
"Trifles" concerns the fact that
man is found murdered in his
bed. His wife is the major sus
pect The play is concerned with
the question, "Did she murder
her husband?"
IN THE cast Jean Weddle will
e seen as Mrs. Hale; Valerie
Hompes, Mrs. Peters; Jack Par
ris, Mr. Hale; Don Bartlett, sher
iff, and Bill Doleman, county at
torney. The public is invited to the
plays. There will be no admis
sion charge.
Pub Board
Filings To Open
, For Nebraskan
Students wishing to apply for
positions on the Nebraskan staff
;nay pick up application forms
Vuesday at the public relations
iff ice, 1125 R street
The Committee on Student
Publications will begin inter-
iewing Nebraskan applicants at
1 p.m. Thursday, May 13, in the
Student Union faculty lounge.
Completed application forms
.should be returned to the public
relations office no later than
5 p.m, Monday, May 10.
Cornhusker yearbook staff will
be interviewed by the Commit
tee at 5 p.m. Tuesday in the
faculty lounge.
Dr. William J. Arnold, chair
man of the Committee, said he
hopes competition for Nebraskan
staff positions will be much
stronger than that shown in
Cornhusker applications. A few
hours before deadline Monday
only 14 ' had applied for 10
Cornhusker staff positions.
ill be filled on the Nebraska
Itaff. They are: editor, $65 a
month; news, managing, editor
ial page editors, $45 each a
month; four copy editors, $35;
sports editor, $45; ag editor, $20;
business manager, $60; three
assistant business managers, $20
each, plus commissions and cir
culation manager, $50.
Cliff Dudley To Play
For Pink Elephant Party
Cliff Dudley, FM recording
artist, and his orchestra will play
for the Pink Elephant Party
sponsored by the Union dance
The dance will be held Fri
day from 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. in
the Union Ballroom.
SC Pictures
All candidates for Student
Council representatives who did
pot have their pictures taken for
the 1954 Cornhusker should con
tact Muriel Pickett at 2-7875.
Si. " i- :
BABW Recognition
Pictured above are independ
ent women honored for leader
ship in activities at the BABW
Recognition Tea Friday.
The BABW Achievement
plaque awarded to Love Me
morial Hall was received by
president Geneva Bems (front
lute To Direct
PR Commander
Dean Ekberg, retiring com
mander of the National Society
of Pershing Rifles, congratu
lates Brig. Gen. Virgil Holt
grewe (left), new commander.
Pershing Rifle Post Goes
To Ag College Junior
Holtgrew Elected To National Office
Virgil Holtgrewe, junior in Ag
College, was named new national
commander of Pershing Rifles at
the busine meeting of the Little
National Assembly of Pershing
Rifles Saturday.
Holtgrewe succeeds Dean Ek
berg, Business Administration
senior, as the head of the organ
ization which has a membership
of over 5,000 men. Since the na
tional headquarters of Pershing
Rifles is located in Lincoln, the
national commander must be
chosen from the membership of
the local company.
his new rank this fall when con
firmation of the appointment is
expected. His duties will include
Bridge Tourney
Winners Named
Martha Lee Miller, Lois Srb,
Barry Thompson and J. Benedict,
seniors, have been named the
1954 University Contract Bridge
Titles were conferred by Louis
D. Day, Jr., chairman of the
National Intercollegiate Bridge
Tournament Committee.
The University Bridge Tourna
ment was held on Feb. 6, 13 and
was concluded on Feb. 20.
More than 5,000 students from
173 colleges and universities
throughout the United States par
ticipated in the tournament A
total oi m university siuaenis
took part in the tournament which
was directed by James Porter. i
Students from Purdue Univer
sity and Dartmouth College won
the 1954 national championship.
The University of Wisconsin and
Marietta College of Ohio received
second place honors in the fete.
Third place in the national con
test was captured by Duke Uni
versity and the University ot
A plaque bearing the names
of the University winners will
be placed in the Activities Office
of the Union.
French Club To Present
Play At Tuesday Meet
A French Club meeting will
be held Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.
in Union Room 316.
University students and pro
fessors will present a play en
titled, "Le Francais Tel Qu'On
Le Parle." The play was pre
sented at the Alliance Francaise
last month.
There is no admission charge;
however, 25c will be charged for
Farmers Fair Rally
The 1954 Farmers Fair Rally
will start in front of Ag Hall at
5 p.m. Tuesday.
The parade will advertise the
1954 Farmers Fair. All students
have been requested to attend
and to bring cars if possible.
1 1
row, noicung piaquej.
honored were: (front row. L
to r.) Barbara Spilker, Kay
Skinner, Del ores Synovec, Miss
Berns, PhylliS Kort Madeline
Watson, Charlotte Sears (sec
ond row, L to r.) Shirley Kee
ney, Jan Lindquiit, Betty Hra
v Wk
Volume 74, No. 80
f p
i i
Courtcv Sunday Journal and Star
Portrait of the founder of the
ROTC honorary at the Uni
versity, Gen. John J. Pershing,
is pictured in the background
co-ordination of activities in 127
military units in 42 states. Holt
grewe is an advanced ROTC ca
det in Engineers Corps
The two-day meeting at the
University and at the Hotel
capital was held for the pur
pose of planning next year s na
tional assembly to be held in
Chicago next fall and to select
the new national commander
Col. James H. Workman, profes
sor of military science and tac
tics, spoke to the group at a ban
quet held Friday evening
AWS Schedules Workshop;
Miss Helen Snyder To Speak
The second annual Associated
Women Students workshop will
be held Wednesday at 7 p.m. in
the Union Ballroom. Miss Helen
Snyder, assistant dean of women,
will be the main speaker.
The workshop was instituted by
Shirley Murphy Maly and Janet
Steffen, former vice president and
president repectively, after at
tending the AWS National Conven
tion at Ohio State University in
Three group discussions will be-
Courses Begin
On Water Safety
A water-safety course, spon
sored by the American Red
Cross, will be given in the Coli
seum Swimming Pool starting
Tuesday. George "Rusty" Gates,
American Red Cross field repre
sentative for this district will be
in charge of the course.
Classes will be held from 7 to
10 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday and May 4, 6 and 8.
University students interested
in taking the course are asked to
be present at the pool Tuesday
at 7 p.m.
Love Memorial Hall Recognized
For Highest Scholastic Average
Twenty -eight independent with the highest scholastic aver-
women were Honored at ineiage lor me past semester, was
BABW recognition tea in Ellen
Smith Hall Friday.
The awards were presented
to the coeds for leadership in
activities on the basis of recom
mendations from presidents of
campus activities and ministers
of University religious groups.
The BABW achievement
plaque, which is presented each
year to the independent house
bik. Virginia Reeves, Delore
Carag, Jeanette Selk, (third
' row L to r.) Martha Heuer
mer.n, M a r 1 e n e Hutchison,
Marilyn Lingo, Doris Mach,
Natalie Katt Darlene Good
ing, Stephanie Allen and Joan
Block And Bridge
Reserve Award
Don Beck was grand cham
pion showman at th 20th an
nual Block and Bridle Livestock
Show held last Saturday night
at the State Fair Coliseum.
Ed Janike, acting director of
the State Extension Service, was
judge of the grand champion
showmanship event. Tom Riley
was selected as the reserve
champion showman.
The grand champion snowman
received a trophy and his name
engraved on a traveling plaque.
Reserve champion showman re
ceived a medal given by the
Block and Bridle Club.
Winners of the hog showman
ship contest were: Don Beck,
first place; Richard Johnson,
second place; James Dunn, third
placer Gerald Langemeier,
fourth place; Delbert Merritt,
fifth place. Wayne Spilker was
superintendent and Bob Meade
was the judge.
Sheep showmanship contest
with Kenneth Stone, superin
tendent, and John Matsushima,
judge, had the following win
ners: Rodney Swanson, first
place; Buzz Hargleroad, second
place; Bill Franken, third place;
Charles Mumma, fourth place;
Stan Schelkopf, fifth place.
TWf showmanship winners
were: Tom Riley, first place;
Allen Trenkle. second place;
Harvey Jorgensen, third place;
E. H. Piatt fourth place; James
Svoboda. fifth place.
Beverly Putman was the win
ner in the coed riding contest
Co-chairmen of the event were
Don Ayers and Kaye Wigging.
Fred Larsen was judge.
Other winners were Pat Ham
mond, second place; Zoe Ander
son, third place; Marilyn Rice,
fifth place.
Special events of the show in-
gin at 7 p.m. A general discus
sion will follow the group discus
CHAIRMAN OF the Activities
Mart group is Courtney Camp
bell. Carol Link will act as secre
tary and Miss Mary Jean Mul
vaney, instructor in physical edu
cation for women, is faculty ad
visor. AWS board members who
will sit in on this group are
Linda Buthman, Beth Keenan and
Kay Nosky.
Clare Hinman is chairman of
the Rules and Regulations group
discussion. Kathleen O'Donnell is
secretary of this group. Miss
Elsie Jevons, assistant professor
of commercial arts, is the faculty
advisors. AWS board members
who will attend this session are
Nancy Hamphill. Charlotte Ben
son, Marial Wright Eileen Mul
larky and Mary House.
ACTING AS chairman of the
Coed Follies group discussion will
be Paula Broady. Secretary to
this group will be Betty Hrabik.
The faculty advisor is Miss Je
vons. AWS Board members scheduled
for this group are Joyce Benning
ton, Kay Skinner and Ann Skold.
t BMW Tea
awarded to Love Memorial HalL
awards were:
Freshmen: Marilyn Lingo.
Charlotte Sears and Kay Skin
ner. Sophomores: Marlene Hutch
inson, sniriey Keeney, Janet
Lindquist, Doris Mach, Ginny
Reeves, Joyce Sputtgerber and
Del ores Synovec.
Juniors: Delores Carag, 14
chu Chen, Martha Heuermann,
Betty Hrabik, Natalie Katt,
Jeanette Selk, Winnie Moiz and
Madeline Watson.
Seniors: Stephanie Allen,
Sandra Daley, Marilyn Erwin,
Marge Foley, Darlene Godding,
Phyllis Kort, Joan Reiling, Bar
bara Spilker, Marion Urbach and
Helen Jean Utterback.
Washburn To Talk
On Child Growth
Dr. Alfred H, Washburn, di
rector of the Child Research
Council of ' the University of
Colorado School of Medicine,
will deliver a series of seminars
and a lecture at the University
Tuesday and Wednesday.
His schedule includes:
Tuesday "Early Emotional
Development in Children," 1:30
p.m, Faculty Lounge, Union;
and "Why Study Growth and
Development?' 8 p.m-, Ferguson
Hall auditorium.
Wednesday "Educational
Implications of the Study of
Growth and Development," 10
a.m.; and "Individual Variations
and their Significance, 1:30 p.m.
both in Faculty Lounge, Union.
The Department of Education
al Psychology and Measurements
and the Universal Research
Council are sponsoring Dr.
Wiihburn'i visit.
Winners Named;
Presented To Riley
eluded a show class of parade
horses, a class of jumper horses,
a class of three gaited or five
gaited society horses and a pal
omino western pleasure class.
Last year's winners were Bob
Reinmiller, grand champion
showman, and Pat Hamomnd,
winner of the coed riding con
test. Ag Contest
Cattle Breeder
Honored By Club
AlbeFt Hultine, polled shorthorn
breeder, was guest of honor at a
Block and Bridle banquet held
Friday in the Union.
Highlight of the evening was
the unveiling of a picture of Hul
tine that will be hung on the
walls of the Animal Husbandry
Building on Ag campus. The pic
ture, along with those of past
honorees, is considered a part of
Nebraska's "Hall of Fame" for
men connected with the livestock
WINNERS OF the 1954 student
livestock judging contest were
also announced at the annual
awards banquet.
Orval Weyers earned top honors
in the senior division of the event
Other winners were: Valdean
Markussen, second; Don Nov-
otny, third; Charles Watson,
fourth, and Delbert Merritt, fifth,
Junior division winners were:
Stan Eberspacher, first place;
Douglas Tryon, second; Tom Ri
ley, third; Bob Aue, fourth, and
Leslie McHargue and Gerald
Scheirmeyer, fifth,
The C. W. Winkler Award, pre
sented for the first time this year
to the organized group of stu
dents with members on the high
ranking team in the junior divi
sion of the contest went to Alpha
Gamma Sigma fraternity,
MEMBERS OF the Alpha
Gamma Sigma team were: Stan
Eberspacher, Gerald S c h e i r-
meyer, Wayne Potthoff, Merwyn
Schleifert and James Svoboda.
Alpha Gamma Rho and Ag Men
placed second and third respec
tively in the junior division teams.
Senior division class winners
were: Orval Weyers, cattle and
hogs; Don Novotny, sheep. Junior
division class winners were:
Charles Reppert, cattle; Stan
Eberspacher, hogs, and Bob Aue,
Journalism Day Lunch
Scheduled For Saturday
High School Writers To Win Keys
High school journalists and pro
fessionals from newspapers
throughout Nebraska will be hon
ored at the annual awards lunch
eon on Journalism Day Saturday.
Guest speaker at the luncheon
will be Vermont Royster, senior
editorial associate of the Wall
Street Journal and winner of the
1953 Pulitzer Prize for editorial
luncheon will be the annual pres
entation of silver key journalist
awards to high school news writ
ers for outstanding work during
the past academic year.
Keys, bearing the seal of the
School of Journalism, are given
by the Lincoln Journal and the
Lincoln Star to winners of ton
tests in news writing, features, j
sports, editorials and columns.
All schools in the competitions
are divided into three groups ac
cording to enrollment figures.
The luncheon is open to high
school and college students, fac
ulty members and newspaper
people from Nebraska and the
surrounding area.
RUNNERS-IT IN the contest
will receive certificates bearing
the title of "Silver Key Journa
list." High school winners, their
advisors and parents are invited
to attend the presentation.
Among other presentations to
be made at the luncheon will be
the Sigma Delta Chi award for
professional news writing. It is
Eiven by University and state
professional chapters of the news
men s fraternity.
Theta Sigma Phi, women's
counterpart of SDX, will present
its new honorary member, a
woman selected for her contri-
Speakers' Bureau
To Hold Meeting
The All University Fund
speakers' bureau will meet Wed
nesday in Union Parlor X at S
p.m. -
Suzy Good, XUF speakers
chairman, urges all Interested
students to attend the meeting
which will be utilized to inform
ing speakers as to the organi
zation and purpose of AUF.
speakers will lecture next fall at
fraternities, sororities, organized
houses, special groups and for
soecial events.
Two group meetings are sche
duled for uu spring.
Rodeo Queen
Lila Drybread (center) will
reign over the rodeo at the
Farmers Fair Saturday. Her
attendants will be Pat Hay
thorne (left) and Mickey
New Tassels Members
Selected At Annual Tea
33 Coeds Pledge At Picnic Monday
Thirty-three new members of
Tassels were chosen at an an
nual spring tea held at the Alpha
Xi Delta house Sunday.
New Coeds were pledged at a
picnic Monday. If the pledges
attend and participate in all re
quired activities and earn a spe
cified number of points, they
will be initiated into Tassels a
year from now. Tassels activi
ties include selling Cornhuskers'
selling school novelties on foot
ball game days, working on
Homecoming, attending games
and rallies and ushering at Uni
versity events.
Campbell, Alpha Phi; Emily
Hemphill, Chi Omega; Joyce
Stratton, Delta Delta Delta; Mary
Alice Anderson, Gamma Phi
Beta; Sandra Saylor, Kappa Al
pha Theta; Sue Simmons, Kappa
Delta; Jackie Stanton, Pi Beta
Phi; Phylis Kaplan, Sigma Delta
Shirley McPeck and Kay
Christenson, Alpha Omicron Pi;
Carole Link and Carole Unterse
her. Delta Gamma; Susan Good
and Jane Jeffrey, Kappa Kappa
Gamma; Judy Erickson and Sha
ron Koberstein, Sigma Kappa;
Foreign Students
A meejting of all foreign stu
dents who went on the Mortar
Board Tour during spring vaca
tion will be held Tuesday at 7:30
p.m. in Parlor Z of the Student
butions to the profession in Ne
THE "WOMAN of the Year"
award will be given by Gamma
Alphi Chi, women's national ad
vertising group.
Kappa Alpha Mu, photo-journalism
fraternity for men and
women, has inaugurated a new
award, recognizing the student in
the jMsic photography course who
has achieved the highest schol
astic record in class.
A regional conference of edi
torial writers, currently being
sponsored by the School of Jour
nalism as part of its sixtieth an
niversary observances, will con
clude the luncheon.
Dr. Anderson To Speak
To Student Architects
E. N. Anderson, professor of
history, will address the student
chapter of the American Institute
of Architects Tuesday at 7:15
D.m. in Union Room 315
The topic oi Anderson topic
is "Barlach and Impressionist
Art." All interested students are
invited to attend.
The Outside World
gUff Writer
Bidault Appeals For Truce
GENEVA, SWITZERLAND In the opening session of the
Geneva Far Eastern peace conference, French Foreign Minister
Georges Bidault appealed for a truce to enable evacuation of 1,000
French wounded in besieged Dien Bien Phu in Indo-China. In a
dramatic appeal, Bidault exclaimed that it would be inconceivable
that a conference meeting in Geneva should not open with a
gesture to save from the hazards of combat the men who no
longer can take part in it because they already have shed their
A last-minute compromise of Russia's demands that Red China
be seated as an equal to the Big Four powers, was made In a
private meeting between British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden
and Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov.
Stevens Denies Charge
WASHINGTON Secretary of the Army Stevens, under ques
tions from Special Counsel Ray Jenkins at the Senate Inquiry,
hurled what he called "an unequivocal lie" at this portion of the
official charge made by McCarthy. He. branded as the lie the
allegation that he sought to divert an Investigation of the Army
by urging Sen. McCarthy to go after the Air Force and the Navy.
Stevens also denied that Pvt. G. David Schine is in effect held as
"a hostage" in efforts to block investigation of the Army by Sen.
Also Stevens denied that he removed Maj. Gen. R. C. Part
ridge as assistant chief of staff after telling members of the
McCarthy subcommittee staff that Partridge knew nothing about
Tuesday, April 27, 1954
. V
Courtesy Sunday Journal and Stat
Moore. The queen and her at
tendants were presented at th
Block and Bridle show Satur
day night.
Joyce Benge, Love Hall; Hanna
Rosenberg, Towne Club, and
Marjone C h a b, international
Barb-at-large members are:
La Vera 'Faimon, Mary Sue
Herbek, Jo Ann Kelly, Sarah
Gaughan, Helen Hofler, Marion
Clark, Patra Nelson, Barbara
Pape, Sonya McLiinnis and sner
lyn Cress.
Ag-at-large members are:
Katherine Skinner, Marion
Janda, Doris Fisher and Corene
CCRC Names
18 Students
As Delegates
Official delegates of the City
Campus Religious Council hav
been announced by Marv Fried-"
man, president.
Representatives to the City
Campus Religious Council from
the student religious associations
are: John Nelson. JJon ixeriacn,
Albright - Otterbein Fellowship;
Fran Houchen, Dick Duckworth,
Cotner House; Shirley Rosenberg,
Norman Krivosha, Hillel Founda
Bob Mortvedt, Martha Payne,
Lutheran Student Association;
Sharlene Furman, Don Bartlett,
Methodist Student Association;
Sue Muelhaupt, Bob Salle, New
man Club; Sandra Gadd, Kay
Bur cum. Presby House; Bob
Higgs, Charles Anderson, YMCA,
and Helene Sherman, Glenna
Berry, YWCA.
Dr. Charles Patterson, profes
sor of philosophy, and Dr. Her
bert Jehle, associate professor of,
physics, will serve as faculty ad
visors. Advisors from Religious
Workers Association are: Jan
Osburn, director of YWCA and
Pastor Alvin M. Peterson of the
Lutheran Student Association.
Glaciologist Plans
Lecture For Today
quet was John Cramer of Lin
ologist with the Snow, Ice and
Permafrost Research Establish
ment at Northwestern Univer
sity, will speak on "The Glaciers
of Scandinavia as Yard sticks of
Climate and Climatic Change
Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in Lov
Library Auditorium
He spoke Monday on "Two
Years on the Antarctic Ice Cap"
and Tuesday morning on "Sci
entific Results of the Norwegian-British-Swedish
Antarctic Ex
pedition," The first scientific result of
the expedition will be published
this year as a special series of
publications from the Norwegian
Polar Institute in Oslo.
Dr. Schytt's visit to the cam
pus is under the sponsorship of
the University Research Coun
cil and the department of geography.