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"hursday, April 1, 1954
Page 3
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Smith To Play C
loehr Elopes To
By 1.01T MOUTH
Sports Staff Menace
Well. Coach Bill Glassford re
ceived one big blow Wednesday
vhen he was informed that two
of his ace footballers. Bob Smith
ind Andy Loehr, would not be
available for action with the 1954
cam. The dreary news came
only a few days after the close
if the annual spring football
Smith, who had hern counted
to rcrry much of the load at
lhc fullback position, announced
'Vodnesdatr that he was unable
o remain out for football because 1 chess teammates were eotnr
-f a conflict with his chess ac- through a brisk practice session in
ivities. Smith simply said that! the northeast corner of the main
V daily chess wnrknuts were i floor in the Student I'nion Build
Just to rough for him to carry ing.
Vrn'1 i
Smith's With Him
This distinguished gentleman is
Henry McGulligan, coach of the
Nebraska chess corps. McGul
ligan expressed satisfaction
with the announcement that one
of his ace performers. Bob
Smith, had dropped football to
4 Pittsburgh,
1 Baseball's Best
Baseball is just around the
corner and the current favorites
o take it all in the National
r,nd American Leagues are the
Pittsburgh Pirates and the Phil
adelphia Athletics. In fact they
are nearly rated ''cinches to be
opposite each other in the
World Series next fall,
The Pirates have a
ting crew, sporting tw
hitters, and have two 20-game !
winners. They are currently !
riding an 18-game winning
streak in Grapefruit Season!
olav. Philadelphia has been re-
ierred to as the "class of the
American LeaEUe." They have
pverything, according
to the
baseball experts.
The lowly New York Yan
kees are slated to be down in
the basement of the American
League, or at least close to it.
logi aerra. me ianKee caicncr, ;
.s considered to be one oi the
vorst backstops in the league ,
nd the Yankee hilling, as usual, '
s of the weakest nature. 1
Welcome Back,
An unidentified cheerleader
rushes up to the ramp of the
plane that brought Nebraska's
Ted Connor back from the
national diving championships
at Iron Flats, Arkansas. Con
nor took top honors on the
i ''W'"" -" -ajil -tm: mm in i.
1 4 it
'KT'iV kr:,
Yo-Yo Champ Challenges Men
f Amibella Airedale, yo-yo cham
lion of the women's physical ed
i ication department, has chal
enged any University male to a
.. mat'-h this spring.
"Women have been considered
aid. "1 aim to prove that men
, '-an eesily be out-yo-yoed. After
iinu'es of practice, I have per
il rie.d my Ftyle and am confident
' at I can beat any mere male."
t'i'o-yo competition has been ne-
two sports at the same time.
The Grand Island back told
THE PINK RAG that "the
rougher Ihe sport was, the better
he liked it" so he decided to con
centrate on the fame of chess.
As Smith put it: "I have nothing
against the game of football, but
I would rather participate in a
game which the play is rougher
since I now have to make a
Today we found Smith busily
at work on the sport he chose to
keep. Sweat was pouring down
his brow as he and his fellow
concentrate on his chess activ
ities. McGulligan admitted that
it would have been difficult for
Smith to divide his chores be
tween the football and chess
Kuskers Get New
Q-Back Prospect
Coach Bill Glassford had a new
earn date for the quarterback
position on the Nebraska football
team Wednesday. Del Harding, a
smart, reliable T-formation s;pe
cialist for Lincoln High several
years ago, has announced that he
will try for a position with the
team when the fall drills begin
in August.
Big Bill Johnson
jBean Bag Leader
Bill Johnson flashed to an early
lead in the All-University Bean
Bag contest Thursday,
Johnson, who tossed a two-ounce
hag. passed the other contestants
within the first few minutes of
e same:
Some doubt has arisen as to
whether or not his hesitation pitch
was more effective than his over
hand backhand.
Johnson said that the secret of
his success was his overhand
! haokhand. "The toss is extremely
djwk.ultv he saidi &nd must be
practiced for years before it can
be delivered with any degree of
accuracy." Jchu.on "has trained
for the match for i months.
3-centimeter board which is
considered his specialty.
Shown with the Husker
champion is Bill Schabacker,
another contestant in the big
glected in the University sports
schedule, Miss Airedale feels. "'I
hope the new athletic director
will emphasize it," she said.
She also indicated shyly that
if prizes were awarded to official
yo-yo champs, there might be
more incentive to compete. - She
suggested a four-year scholarship
as a possible reward. J'If awarded
a scholarship. 1 would even be
willing to eat at the training
table," she added.
Coach Henry McGulligan told
us that Smith and the chess team
will participate in ten meets next
year. The current spring training
practice will end at the close of
the semester with the 1954 sched
ule beginning in the latter of part
of September,
Included on the ten-game slate
are matches in Moscow with the
Russian Academy of Athletes
which last year were upset by the
Nebraska team. Another meet
will send the squad for a two
game series with the Texas State
College for Women. I guess we
can't blame Bob too much.
The Loehr incident came as a
shocker to the Husker coaches
and to his many friends. No one
really knew too much about the
rugged end"s romantic life, but
it was a complete surprise when
his pal, Nick Adduci, informed
Coacn Glassford that Loehr was
in New York, happily married
and unable to return to school.
According to Adduci, who many
believed palled the same stunt
several years ago only to have
I niversity officials find out that
the Army got him, Loehr mar
ried a miss rleulah Betindorter,
a former coed at Slippery Kock
'leachers and up to Monday, a
Elgin Watch C., employee.
Loehr, a tough, glue-fingered
end for the Husker football team
the last few years, had been
counted on heavily by Glassford.
Glassford summed up the situa
tion by stating: "We certainly
can't let football interfere with
Andy's married life. We wish him
the best of luck."
An article concerning Pitcher
Bob Cerv's chance of winning 33
games tor the Baltimore entry in
the American League this season
was expected here. The article
was to come from George "Peso"
Paynieh, Mexican writer and
former PINK RAG sports editor,
who is currently vacalioning
with his wife and four kids in
' "t ' Iff
I LI h h
You Guessed It
Yes, these are the trophies that
were recentlv won by Ted Con
nor, Bill Holloran and Jerry
Minnick in the recent Big Seven
gymnastics meet. All three dis
Bus Whitehead Back Again
For Year With NU Cagers
Coach Harry Good, thanks to a
new Big Seven ruling, should have
a pretty good basketball season
next year. The Conference rules
committee announced today that
anv alumni of anv Big Seven
school may play basketball at
that school for another year if
he so desires.
Action m this was said to have
occurred because of the reneral
feeling throughout the conference
that graduation losses mere jusl
too heavy this rear. Most of the
coaches, including Good, ap
peared enthused over the new
It was learned today that big
Bus Whitehead, a former star
center at Nebraska a few years
ago. will take advantage of the
ruling. Whitehead announced to
day that he will re-enter the
Husker institution for another
year of basketball. Whitehead is
reported to be in fine playing
Others expected to take advant
age of the ofier at Nebraska are
said to include Bill Johnson, Doa
Weber, Fred Serer, Bob Pierce.
Joe Good, Jim Buchanan, Bob
Gates, Claude Retherford, Anton '
La wry and Rod Cox. There are
others who also migrht return for
another flinr at cohere basket-:
Nebraska won't be the only j
Big Seven school benefitting from i
the new ruling. Kansas released
today that they expect Claude
Holden To Swim
English Channel
Joan Holden, Phi Beta Kappa
and president of Aquaquettes,
recently announced she is train
ing in the placid waters of Salt
Creek preparing to swim the
Tr.ti rite it thp
winter of 1659
In an exclusive Pink Rag an-
terview. Miss Holden blurted,
"It will be cold." Although she
will be cold." Although she
be covered with oil, during
swim, that is, Miss Holden
?cts to keen warm in her
the ew
new electric swimming suit.
Miss Holden may currently be
seen studying her English very
rabidly because she believes.
"when in England do as the
J English do."
r wHds
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J, 1.., H
7 n hy o f
C f $ f
Iff -V5V ;1Ttv4'
Concerned Over Andy
Shown on the feltDhone in a
conservation with Nick Adduci
is Adam Rugalbee, an assistant
athletic director recently ap
pointed to aid Bill Orwig. Rugal
bee is trying to collect details
on the recent elopement of
played fine-and-smooth form in
winning their respective events.
A1! 'h-ee will a1 so c jmne ie in
the NCAA meet this weekend.
Lovellotte, Charlie Black and
Dean KeHey back for another sea
son of college competition. Kansas
State v " pti Gene Knosirnan
back while Missouri and Okla
homa expect a number of top
flight cagers to return.
Happy Harry
Elated over the new Big. Seven
rule that should strengthen the
3ii54 Husker basketball team is
Coach Harry Good. Notice the
A representative from Hallmark
I Cards will t on Jh campu
April 2 to interview young men
end women for eoBitioni in
Traioinf in EuineB admini-
j ration- Secretarial nubjecta, .
i J Art 'etailing and marketma. .
j" "counting, mo-thematic., mar-;
! I k"' P1 management ,
I ''"no' P' management ,
e aui ond motion etudy may .
j! aah 7 ter OB i'rhn, J
Z P"- Please arrange ior an .
jj R. M. Bourne, Chairman
j Committee on Piacemente
! College of Business ,
' ' Adminietrcrtion "
I ' - II WWW i s
i I I S ,'tT
Andy Loehr which left the end
corps on the Husker football
team at a critical point. Loehr
is apparently in New York ac
cording to the word received by
NU Football Stock
Could Be Booming
I The Office of Admissions has
announced the applications for
transfer of a large bloc of Okla
', homa University students.
I Among the requests for transfer
; were discovered the names of
j both the first and second Okla
i homa football teams. This
' prompted THE PINK RAG to
: make several phone calls to the
Oklahoma campus to verify these
actions which have proved to be
! true.
Because of these transfers an
; announcement has been received
I from the Department of Intercol
j legiate Athletics at Oklahoma U
i announcing the participation the
j remainder of the Oklahoma fool
ball team in the intramural foot
ball program next fall.
These actions have caused great
consternation in Big Seven
schools. An announcement is ex
pected momentarily, announcing
a fall program of canasta tourna
ments to replace football at all
Big 7 schools.
Head football coach at NU Bill
Glassford, could not be reached
at this tune for comment.
Geier Signs Fact
With Pittsburgh
Dick Geier, promising left
hander of the pitching corps of
the Nebraska baseball squad,
quit school Monday and signed
a professional baseball contract
with his long-time idol, the
high-frying Pittsburgh Pirates.
Geier was believed to have re
ceived nearly $50,000 for inking
the Pirate contract.
The big Lincoln southpaw was :
immediately inserted into the
Buc lineup in a game with the
New York Yankees Wednesday
and he promptly silenced them
on a lone base hit during his six
inning stint.
' m rgslfd trod mini
Meads '5
Ted Connor, Bill
Hard For NCAA
Sports Something
i irri wnicn are auacnea
Intramural Director Ed Higgen- wards.
botham has announced the new
enlarged and expanded Intramu- Is familiar with then-
, B , characteristics, which is some-
Mi program for the school yearjjjmcs walking backwards to fool
1954-55. insect hunting vermin, he may
Sports in which teams or indi
viduals may enter are ball bounc
ing, netless volleyball, crow shoot
ing, parachute jumping, train de
railing, hotrod racing, hog call
ing, flea scratching, mud pie
making creativeness hula
dancing, konyak drinking, beet
can bending, typing (speed u bar-
re! rolling, pledge paddling, tele- after the event. The delay is to form, originality, creativeness
phone book tearing, brick throw- allow the department to check i Quite a fund for new high
ing, house pushing (Halloween all rosters and results in order bars. Connor, you know, has just
eventi, tire changing, racketless
tennis, tightwire walking, ring
throwing, duck walking, tiger
hunting, gorilla wrestling and ant
Of all the events the ant track
ing is probably the most difficult
and requires a great deal of
study prior to competition. The
black ants are not so hard to
A Send-Off For
This is just part of the celebra
tion that gave an agile Max
Kitzelman a big send-off Wed
nesday for the men's ballet
championships to be held in
Big Running Event
Set For Saturday
Coach Ed Weir announced to
day that the annual cross-country-race
will be held Saturday start
ing at the Coliseum. The event,
considered a snap by many, will
cover eight miles over the Ne
braska countryside.
Weir also released the names
of several top-flight individuals
who are expected to take part in
the big race. Expected to com
pete are Bob Oberlin. Gary Ren
zelman, Cal Bentz. Dick Lauer,
Don Glantz. Willard Fagler. Don
Hodge. Pat Mallette and Charley
Tttt COCOl COwr ft
0 ISr'iS. ?tw Circa Coi9 Compon
riT i racKing
Holloran, Jerry Minnick All Prepare
Gymnastics Tournament This Weekend
I track even though they are smal
j ler. However, the red ants have
think Ihcv have left their holes
frontward when they have actu
ally gnr.e down backward for
their afternoon siesta.
A tracker is also cautioned to
lie alert for he may go where
they have been and not where
they are or about to be.
Lead trophies will be awarded
to the winning teams three years
to make sure no one used trained
ants, underweight gorillas, top
heavy trains or fake grass skirts,
Over in the intercollegiate de
partment of physical education
gymnastics coach Jake Geier an
nounced that three of his top gym
nasts. Bill Holloran, Ted Conner
and Jerry Minnick, have quaii-
Radio City. New York. Kitzel
man, whose eloquent form and
grad- whipped all comers at
Nebraska, is a heavy favorite
to dance to top honors at the
Campus Wolf Looks Over
Underwear Situation!
?l , mm. rfA . ' sm
CRRKR!" says Lupo Leer, notorious roue and fa
mous library lover. "Yes, GRReat is the word for
those comfortable Jockey brand Shorts! Don't over
look a good thing... get Jockey and comfort is in
the books for vou!"
Sescclle men choose Jozhy comfort
Tm don't have to be a wolf to appreciate
the snuf-fitting, tailored-to-fit comfort of
JocJ;e brand Shorts! Jockey comfort gw
fcr e.vtrybody, becauw? . . .
11 srpetwte centewed piece.-, aiv t.i .uily
crafted into one emooth-fitting garment.
Newtf-developerf heat resistant rubber in
waistband outlasts other leading brand.
KoeeH strip rubber in leg openings elimi
ii8iep Rag or bind around the legs.
UnisV iik front opening
ill underwear grves, ytt
9tv yaw
Mod on) ST
fied to journey to the NCAA meet
in their pet events.
Holloran, who recently won the
national tiddlywink contest, will
perform in springboard bouncir.
for height, an event in which he
is undefeated for the current sea
son. He will also compete in the
hands and knee crawling, a rath
er difficult event which is graded
on beauty, form and speed.
Conner will then team up with
Holloran for the camel walk," a
two-man effort as is the elephant
walk in which Minnick and Con
nor compete.
Connor's pet event Is highbar
bending, an event which requires
returned from the national div
ing contests where he took top
honors on the 3 centimeter board.
Minnick, who recently left his
job modeling Maidenform bras,
has returned to school in order
to complete his degree in bu. ter
ry catching and collecting. His
pet event is mat chewing and
turn eating in that succession.
big event this weekenu. Ac
companying Max is his coach.
Mike Mulligan, a former great
in his ballet davs.
never gaps.
vese but
full cemf or! !
Jtickrc Strom
Is ti