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Lack Of Religious Knowledge,
4-H Representation Discussed
In Two Letterips See Page 2
Volume 54,No. 63
The 1954 May Queen will be
chosen from 14 candidates in
spring elections Thursday.
During the Ivy Day pageantry,
the Queert's identity will be re
vealed. The senior woman re
ceiving the second highest num-
Board Positions
x Devore
4 1 - , v
i - -
1 1 V ' i !!
" fc m, J
Thirty-Two Coeds To Compete
rami nmott nnd JoAnn Mevers
re candidates for Coed Coun
selor president. ;
Miss Gillett is a member of
Alpha Omicron Pi, secretary of
Coed Counselor Board, member
of Tassels and Red Cross Board.
Miss Meyers is a member of
Delta Gamma, Tassels and was
Coed Counselor Penny Carnival
board, of which two will be elec
ted, are:
Carolyn Auld; Terrace Hall,
AWS representative, YWCA.
Jan Harrison; Kappa Kappa
Gamma, treasurer of Coed Coun
selor Board, managing editor of
The Nebraskan.
Jo Johnson; Alpha Xi Delta,
Coed Counselor board, vice- presi
dent of Tassels.
Dot Sears: International House,
Coed Counselor, YWCA, BABW
treasurer, Student Council activ
ities committee.
elected to the junior board. Those
running are:
Janice Carman; Kappa Kappa
Gamma, outstanding Coed Coun
selor, Nebraskan copy editor,
member of Tassels, Alpha Lam
bda Delta.
Phyllis Cast; Delta Delta Delta,
outstanding Coed Counselor, Red
Cross, Union, Alpha Lambda Del
ta vice-president.
Joy Cunningham; Delta Delta
Delta, outstanding Coed Coun
selor, Home Economics Club,
band. '
Sharon Egger; Delta Delta Del
ta. Coed Counselor, Ag Union
dance committee.
,aTn" Trr Women's Resi-
Tassels, YWCA, Builders.
fvnthia Henderson: Kappa
Kappa Gamma, publicity chair-
man of Coed Counselor board,
AUF secretary. Alpha Lambda
Joan Knudson; Alpha Chi Ome
f?a, outstanding Coed Counselor,
Red Cross board, Cornhusker.
Vivian Lemmer; Delta Delta
The Outside World
Staff Writer
Nixon To Answer Stevenson
WASHINGTON The address which is scheduled next Satur
day to afford the opportunity to Vice-President Nixon to answer
Adlai Stevenson, will reflect the viewpoints of President Eisen
hower, Nixon said. Nixon added that he did not have his speech
prepared as he would have to confer with the President and other
Republican leaders before he made the final draft. Nixon said
that he would be speaking for the Republican party in his
address. . . .. . ,
Nixon was hand picked by Eisenhower to fire back the party s
reply to Stevenson's charge that the GOP .s using "slander, dis
sention and deception" to try to win the coming congressional
' elections.
Anderson Given Defense Post
WASHINGTON Secretary of the Navy Robert Anderson has
been nominated by President Eisenhower to be deputy secretary
of defense, following the resignation of Roger Kyes which will be
effective May 1: '
Anderson was a "Democrat for Eisenhower'' in 1952. He is a
Texas rancher-lawyer-business man. The White House has made
no announcement on a successor to Anderson in the top Navy
The announcement of the resignation of Kyes was made by
the White House last Saturday, however both the White House and
Kyes said that the resignation has no connection whatever with
the dispute between Secretary of the Army Stevens and Sen.
ber of votes will be Maid of
Candidates are:
Virginia Barnes; Home Ec Club
Council, Phi Upsilon Omicron,
Farmer's Fair Formal Queen and
Alpha Chi Omega.
Nora Devore; past Cornhusker
section head, Tassels, chairman
Open To Sixteen;
TV1tn mitstandinp Coed Coun
selor. YWCA Cabinet, Alpha Lam-
rbda Delta
Shrrie Manffold: Gamma Phi
Beta, Coed Counselor Board his
torian, YWCA, NUCWA assistant
Barbara Parje: Towne Club.
Aquaquettes, Physical Education
Margaret Raben; Delta Delta
Delta, outstanding Coed coun
selor, Builders, Cornhusker sec
tion head.
Kay Schmoker; YWCA.
Joyce Sporn; Alpha Xi Delta,
Coed Counselor, Red Cross.
F!li7nruth Tmnlptnn: Women's
Residence Halls, Coed Counselor
Board, orchestra, Sigma Alpna
Carol Thompson; Alpha Chi
Omega, Coed Counselor Board,
YWCA, Builders.
Virginia Wilcox; Alpha Omi
cron Pi, outstanding Coed Coun
selor, Union, Red Cross Board.
SIX OF the following candidates
will be elected to the sophomore
Carol Anderson; Towne Club,
YWCA, Red Cross, Aquaquettes.
.Tnvpp Benee: Love Memorial
Hall, Pepsters, Home Economics
Club, 4-H club, Ag Union.
Elliott: KaDDa Kappa
Gamma. AUF, Builders, Corn-
Melva Fahrnbruch; Alpha Phi,
Builders, Red Cross, Cornhusk-
Mary Hall; Delta Gamma,
Emilv Hemphill: Chi Omega,
Cornhusker, AWS.
MnriWn T.inpn- Iive Memorial
Hall, Ag Union, 4-H Club, Home
Economics Club council.
Lu Makepeace; Kappa Kappa
GammaT Union. Cornhusker, Aq-
"dSv Novotny; Gamma Phi
BuilderSi AWSi Home Ecc-
; i,,w atttt
coneen Ohslund; Alpha Chi
rtmocra PoH Cross
Caroline Rhodes; Kappa Kappa
Gamma, YWCA, Home Econom
ics Club, Cornhusker.
Lucigrace Switzer; Women s
Residence Halls, Nebraskan re
porter, YWCA, Builders.
C IHlead
The N e-
braskan was
unable to ob-
tain a nirtnrp
Joan Hol-
X Tr $
of Panhellenic Workshop and past
president of Pi Beta Phi.
Connie Gordon; 1952 summer
activities co - ordinator, AUF
Board, Red Cross vice president,
Gamma Alpha Chi president,
Student Council and vice prest
dent of Sigma Delta Tau.
Diane Hinman; Coed Counsel
ors, AWS Board, Alpha Lambda
Delta, Pi Lambda Theta, Union
committee chairman, Cornhusker
section head, and Delta Delta
Georgia Hulac; Student Coun
cil, Tassels, Orchesis president,
Six slates of candidates will
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Votinc will take place for the
. . ....
board members for Associated Women Students . , C oed Counselors,
Barb Activities Board for Women.
Votine will be conducted in
Junior and senior women
each coed may vote for six Eligible Bachelors.
A revision has added two representatives to each of the three
Board, boosting to seven the number of members to be selected Thursday. All University women
are eligible to vote in this election.
Two officers, president and vice-president, will also be selected.
dential contest automatically will become the vice -president.
Unaffiliated women will select a president, vice-president, two senior, four junior and four
sophomore board members in the BABW election.
WAA members who have earned at least 10 points this school year are eligible to vote for presi
dent. vice-Dresident. secretary and
President, vice-president and
Coed Counselor election. Board
unaffiliated; eight juniors, at least
affiliated and two unaffiliated.
Mortar Board members will
Announced By WAA, BABW
Posts Sought
By 24 Women
Katy Kelley and Kathy
O'Donnell, candidates for presi'
dent of Women's Athletic AssO'
ciation, and Joan Joyner and
Dottie Sears, candidates for Barb
Activities Board for Women
president, will be voted upon by
University coeds in elections
Miss Kelly, a junior in Teach
ers College is secretary of WAA,
Her other activities include Uni
versity Theater, Nebraska Mas
quers, YWCA and Chi Omega.
Miss O'Donnell is WAA intra
mural coordinator and a junior
m Arts and Sciences. Her activ
ities Include University Theater
and Nebraska Masquers. She
was skitmaster of the Chi Omega
Coed Follies skit.
Miss Joyner, a junior in Arts
and Sciences, is a member of
Tassels. Student Council, activi
ties chairman for Towne Club,
YWCA and BABW publicity
Miss Sears, a junior in Busi
ness Administration, is president
of International House, treasurer
of BABW, Coed Counselor,
YWCA and treasurer of Kappa
Phi and Phi Chi Theta.
Shirley Jesse and Barbara
Grow are candidates for secre
tary of WAA.
Miss Jesse is a sophomore is
Teachers College. Her activities
are Orchesis representative on
Student Council, Coed Coun
selors. Union committee chair
man and Alpha Omicron Pi.
Miss Grow is also a sopho
more in Teachers College. Her
activities include Aquaquettes,
Red Cross, WAA, Physical Edu
cation Club and Kappa Kappa
VYING FOR the position of
WAA treasurer are Ann Yeak
lev and Mary Kay Beachler.
Miss Yeakley is a sophomore
in Arts and Sciences. She is as
sistant intramural coordinator of
WAA. In addition, she works on
a Union committee, and is a
member of Alpha Lambda Delta
and Delta Gamma.
Miss Beachler is a sophomore
in Arts and Sciences. She is
duckpin sports head in WAA,
a member of AUF solicitations
board, a Union committee chair-i
man and a member of Kappa
Alpha Theta.
OTHER BABW positions in
clude two senior board positions,
four junior board positions and
four sophomore board positions.
Candidates for two senior
board positions are:
Julia Carlson, Terrace Hall,
junior in Teachers College,
member of YWCA and Inter
Varsity Christian Fellowship.
Iileen Frailey, Towne Club,
junior in Teachers College.
Martha Heuermann, Amikita
president, is a junior in Ag Col
lege, member of Home Ec Club,
VHEA, and Phi Upsilon Omi
cron. Wilma Larson, vice president
of Terrace Kali, junior in Busi
ness Administration, Tassels,
- vi -
I Lothrop
To Vie For '19 54
WAA treasurer, Teachers College
dean's advisory board, president
of Women's PE Club and Kappa
Kappa Gamma,
Pat Lindgren; Red Cross secre
tary, AUF Board, YWCA district
chairman and Gamma Phi Beta.
Norma Lothrop; Coed Coun
selors, YWCA cabinet, Tassel
vice president, ' Homecoming
Queen and vice president of Al
pha Phi.
Phyllis Loudon; president of
WAA, Builders Board, past presi
dent of Women's PE Club and
member of Delta Gamma.
be presented at the election for
May Queen and six Eligible
Ellen Smith Hall and the Ag Union. Identification cards will be
will select the 1954 May Queen who will preside over Ivy Day and
treasurer of that organization.
board members will be selected by all University women in, the
positions include two senior women, one affiliated and one
two affiliated and two unaffiliated, and four sophomores, two
be in charge of th e election, which
card Candidates
:V. :'.
'' ''"'''
Coed Counselor, sponsor of
Pershing Rifles, member of Phi
Chi Theta and Biz Ad Exec
ior board positions are:
Barbara Colbert, Keswence
Halls for Women, sophomore in
Teachers College.
Doris Frank. Howard Hall,
sophomore in Teachers College,
Aquaquettes, WAA and LSA.
Dorothy Frank, Dorm, sopho
more in Teachers College, vice
president of Pennies, vice presi
dent of P.E. Club, member of
WAA and LSA council.
Gloria Harris, Wilson HalL
sophomore in Teachers College,
former BABW finance chairman,
Tassel, Coed Counselor, AUF
worker and vice president of
Marlene Hutchinson, sopho
more in Ag College, district rep
resentative for Ag YWCA, vice
president of University 4-H Club
and member of Home Ec Club,
VHEA, and Ag Interdenom.
Dons Mach, Towne Club
treasurer, sophomore in Teach
ers College, former BABW his-
Beth Rohwer Denniston; AWS
Board, Builders vice president,
Farmer s Fair Board, Gamma
Alpha Chi, Theta Sigma Phi, Phi
Upsilon Omicron and treasurer
of Chi Omega.
Mary Ellen Maronde; vice
president of Ag YWCA, secretary
of Ag Exec Board, Home ,c
Club Council, Omicron Nu, treaS'
urer of Phi Upsilon Omicron and
member of Kappa Delta.
Donna Folmer Pflasterer; Coed
Counselor Board, Teachers Col
lege dean's advisory board, Stu-
all University women Thursday
Bachelors as well as officers and
Women's Athletic Association and
classes represented on the AWS
The runner-up in the presi
is supervised by the Student
torian, member of Newman Club
and Red Cross.
sophomore board positions ae:
Carol Anderson, Towne Club,
freshman in Teachers College,
member of YWCA, Aquaquettes,
Kappa Phi and Red Cross.
Ellen Jacobsen, Love Memor
ial Hall, freshman in Ag College,
member of Home Ec Club, Ag
Marion Janda, Love Memorial
Hall, freshman in Ag College,
member of University 4-H Club,
Home Ec Club, YWCA and Pep
sters. Patra Nelson, Towne Club,
freshman in Teachers College,
member of YWCA, Union activ
ities worker snd University
Hanna Rosenberg, Towne
Club, freshman in Arts end Sci
ences, Cornhusker, YWCA and
Charlotte Sears, Loomis Hall,
freshman in - Ag College, Ag
YWCA cabinet, Ag Union house
committee, member of University
4-H Club, Ag Interdenom, and
Kappa Phi. j
i y
I - ;
I T h e Nebras-
kan was un
able to obtain
a picture of
Marlene Rees.
dent Council, AUF Board, Hon
orary Commandant and member
of Alpha Chi Omega.
Marlene Rees; Red Cross
Board, YWCA representative,
Cornhusker Beauty Queen, Pi
Lambda Theta, Alpha Lambda
Delta and member of Alpha Omi
cron Pi.
May Q
MMlmMM$A 111! 0wmm$Sii ;
l:f lfli pi'f iPi'
' -
lliplil liispiili:
i L .
Slate It
EFor AWS Boar
Brewster, Mullarky Nominated;
32 Coeds Compete For Posts
Marilvn Brewster and Eileen
Mullarky are candidates for
president of Associated women
Students' Board.
Miss Brewster is AWS notifi
cations chairman and past treas
urer. secretary of Tassels. sec
retary and publicity chairman
of the Teachers College dean-
advisory committee, member of
Alpha Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta
and Pi Lambda rneta.
Miss Mullarky is AWS Coed
Follies chairman, vice president
of Builders, member of the
Teachers College dean's advis
ory committee, Delta .Gamma
and Pi Lambda Theta
FIVE senior members will be
chosen, from the present junior
class in addition to the two of
ficers. The defeated candidate
in the presidential election will
serve as vice president for the
coming year.
Senior board member nornl
nations are:
Joyce Bennington; Alpha Chi
Omega, secretary of AWS, presi
det of Tassels and member of
Student Council.
Mary Ellerbrook; Kappa Delta,
AWS House of Representatives,
member of YWCA Cabinet.
Mary Gattis; Chi Omega, vice
president of French Club, treas
urer of Philosophy Club, mem
ber of Aquaqettes.
Nancy Hemphill; Pi Beta Phi,
AWS point system chairman,
Union Board, Phi Upsilon Omi
cron and Gamma Alpha Chi.
Martha Hill; Delta Delta Delta,
member of Tassels, Biz Ad Coun
cil, YWCA Cabinet, Phi Chi
Theta president.
Betty Hrabik; Love Memorial
Hall, AWS Board, president of
Home Ec Club.
To Decide
Coeds To Select
Six Eligible Males
Six Eligible Bachelors will be
selected Thursday at all-women
elections and presented at the
annual Kosmet Klub Spring Show
April 29. Candidates are:
Al Anderson, Phi Delta Theta;
Bill Campbell, Sigma Alpha Ep
silon; Larry Dane, Brown Pal
ace; Marv Friedman, Sigma Al
pha Mu; Darrell Grothen, Tau
Kappa Epsilon and Jim Hof
stetter, Delta Upsilon.
Skip Hove, Delta Tau Delta;
Dave Jones, Alpha Tau Omega;
Dwight Jundt, Farm House;
Marshall Kushner, Zeta Beta
Tau; Don Lees, Alpha Gamma
Sigma; Carl Mammel, Beta Theta
Pi and Bob Oberlin, Sigma Chi.
Don Overholt, Kappa Sigma;
Bob Russell, Sigma Phi Epsilon;
Bill Soelberg, Theta Xi; Wayne
Soilker, Alpha Gamma Rho; Dick
Thompson, Phi Krpa Psi; Orval
Weyers, Pionetr House; Jerry
Meneffee, Sigma Nu, and Paul
Zucker, Beta Sigma Psi. i
Sports Editor Predicts Victors
In High School Basketball Race
Set This Week-See Page 3
Wednesday, March 10, 1954
1 ' ' 1 , 1 '"
Judy Wiebe; Builders Board,
cheerleader, Delta Phi Delta and
member of Delta Gamma.
Joan Holden; Tassels, presi
dent of Aquaquettes, Beta Gam
ma Sigma, Biz Ad Advisory
Board, one of top ten senior
women and vice president of
Gamma Phi Beta.
Shirley Lentz; Gamma Phi
Beta, AWS House of Represen
tatives, member of YWCA.
Kathleen O'Donnell; Chi
Omega, WAA intramural coordi
nator, member of Nebraska Mas
quers, Pi Epsilon Delta.
Ann Skold; ' Kappa Alpha
Theta, secretary of Builders,
Cornhusker, Union committee
Madeline Watson; Love Me
morial Hall, AWS Board, Stu
dent Council, Home Ec Club
council, Ag Exec. Board.
SEVEN Junior board members
will be chosen. Nominations for
the offices include:
Paula Broady; Member of Tas
sels, assistant editor of Nebraska
Blue Print, publicity co-chairman
of E-Week.
Mary Domingo; Delta Gamma,
AUF Board.
Rosemary Fehr; Alpha Chi
Omega, member of Coed Coun
selors, Red Cross and YWCA.
Doris Frank; Howard Hall,
member of Aquaqettes.
Dorrence Frost; Sigma Kappa,
member of 4-H Club, Builders,
Red Cross and YWCA.
Suzzane Good; Kappa Kappa
Gamma, treasurer of AWS
Board, AUF Board.
Jeanne Grieving; Pi Beta Phi,
Cornhusker section head, mem
ber of Coed Counselors.
Marianne Hansen; Delta Delta
Delta, Nebraskan copy editor,
member of YWCA, Alpha
Lambda Delta and Gamma Al
pha Chi.
Clare Hinman; Delta Delta
Delta, Coed Counselors, Union
committee chairman.
Mary House; Gamma Phi Beta,
member of Tassels, AUF.
Joan Kucaba; Women's Resi
dence Hall, member of Red
Cross, Alpha Lambda Delta.
Martha Morrison; Alpha Chi
Omega, member of YWCA, Coed
Counselors, Red Cross.
Kay Nosky: Gamma Phi Beta.
Nebraskan news editor, secre
tary of Gamma Alpha Chi.
Eleanor Von Bargen. Wom
en's Residence Hall, member of
Gamma Delta and Residenc
Halls house council
SEVEN NEW sophomore board
members will also be selected.
Candidate's are:
Marilyn Dow; Women's Resi
dence Hall.
Barbara Eicke; Alpha Omicron
Pi, Nebraskan reporter, mem
ber of Builders.
Beth Fineberz: Simna Delta
Tau, Red Cross, Girl Scout lead
er, YWCA.
Beth Keenan: Karma Alnha
Theta. member of Union, orches
tra, pepsters, dorm officer.
Diane Knotek: Pi T?pt PH
Builders, Union.
Carol Link: Delta Gamma
member of Builders, AUF and
Kay Skinner: Love Memorial
Hall, Home Ec. Club council, 4-H
Club, Lincoln Project.
Karen Smets: KaDna Delta.
member of Builders.
Marial Wright: KaDna Knnrm
Gamma, member of Builders,
Red Cross, NUCWA.