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Tuesday, February 23, 1954
64th Annual Morrill Hall Display
To Show Contemporary Paintings
Staff Writer
Three one-man shows will be
featured in the Nebraska Art As
sociation's 64th annual exhibi
tion to open in Gallery B, Mor
rill Hall, Sunday.
Irene Rice Pereira. Robert
Gwathmey, and Karl Knaths rep
resent three different approaches
to contemporary painting in one
man shows.
MISS PEREIRA is considered
an outstanding exponent of purely
abstract art. Her paintings in this
exhibition are mainly studies in
texture transposed on pure line,
form and color. She favors the
geometric rectangle in achieving
unusual spatial dimensional ef
fect Knaths, on the other hand, uses
abstract with some attempt at
representation. Muted tones pre
dominate in his paintings instead
of the strong ones used by Miss
It is Gwathmey s subject matter
rather than style which is notable
in his paintings. He portrays with
startling realism studies of the
i outhern Negro.
ONE ROOM of the exhibition
will be devoted to international
paintings with selected works by
artists from France, England,
Italy, Norway, Spain and Canada.
A few American paintings will be j
This is the first time art by
most of the Europeans has been
shown in Lincoln. Many of the
artists had their initial showing
in the United States within the
past year or two.
Another group of paintings are
the work of American conserva
tives ; Alexander Brook, Eugene
Speicher, Henry Varnum Poor,
Raphael Soyer, Sidney Daufman
and others.
THE WORK of a young Ameri
can artist, Jimmy Ernst, involves
an almost mecnamcaily precise
abstraction. His "Skydrift" is
particularly representative of this
form. A series of etchings by
Ernst demonstrates the effect of
color on design. Titled "Listen
ing In," three etchings are ex
actly the same except for the
use of color to achieve complete
ly different impressions.
Realism will be evident in the
works of Paul Cadmus, Peter
Blume, Robert Bickery. Bernard
Perlin and Charles Rain. An ex
ample of this art form is Blume's
"The Italian Straw Hat" a close-
up view of a room with a three-1
dimensional effect.
After a preview showing Sunday i
which will be restricted to mem-
bers of the Association and their j
families, the show will be open j
to the public through March 28. !
A SERIES of lectures by the 1
two consultants in the selection!
of this year's additions to the !
F. M. Hall Collection, have been i
planned to coincide with the ex-;
Speakers are Dr. Grace L. Me- j
Cann Morley, director of the San !
Francisco Art Museum, and H.!
Harvard Arnason, director of the 1
Walker Art Center in Minneapolis,
Minn. They will appear Mar. 21
in an informal discussion at 3:30
The schedule of Sunday lec
tures: .
Mar. 7; "Three American Paint
ers, Irene Pereira, Robert Gwath
mey, and Karl Knaths," by Nor
man Geske, acting director of
University Art Galleries.
Mar. 14; "A Matter of Interpre
tation," by Peter J. Worth, acting
chairman of the Department of
Mar. 21; informal discussion
by Dr. Morley and Arnason.
Mar. 28; resume of the acquisi
tions of the year.
The Tuesday schedule:
Mar. 2, "Art as Protest," by
Paul Meadows, department of
Mar. 8; "Parallels between
Painting and Architecture," by
Erik Jensen, department, of arch
itecture.. Mar. 16; "Art as Stimulus." by!
Wilber Gaffney, department of
Mar. 23; "Sources of Form." by
Thomas Storer, department of
- ; , I
r i'. It . A i
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Collegiaies' First Concert
The newly-organized Univer
sity Collegiate Band, under the
direction of Jack Snider, pre
sented its first concert Sunday
afternoon in the Union. The
band was organized for the
overflow of students desiring
to participate in band activi-
Couitcv Lincola Star
ties. The band's first pertorm
ance was atttended by a ca
pacity crowd.
NU, Wesleyan
Coeds Offered
American Association of Uni
versity Women is offering an
nual scholarships to undergrad
uate women.
Two scholarships are offered
each year to girls attending
eitner the University of Ne
braska or Nebraska Wesleyan.
Undergraduate women students
who have high scholastic aver
ages, who expect to graduate
in June or August of 1955. 1956
or 1957 are eligible to apply.
be obtained from the office of
the Dean of Women in Ellen
Smith Hall or at the office of
the Dean of Women at Nebraska
Wesleyan University.
Applications will be available
until March 1. They and two
letters of recommendation must
be submitted by March 6. Per
sonal interviews with candidates
will be held March 13.
. p t w m m m mm
I WllhiU U LB
Aim. tUtmmtmttmmy
Geology Group To Hear
Joyner Speak Tonight
Sigma Gamma Epsilon, geology
honorary, will hold open house
Tuesday, 8 p.m. in Morrill Hall
Newell Joyner. head of Mor
rill Hall guide service, will
speak to the group.
Coed Follies
Tickets for the Coed Follies
are being sold this week at
booths in city campus Union and
jAg Union, at Miller and Paine's,
ana in iraiemnies xnrougn ivos
rret Club members, according
Diane Hinman.
Last week they were sold in
Philosophy Club Plans
Wednesday Meeting
Philosophy Club will meet
Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the
Union Faculty Lounge.
Charles Patterson, chairman of
the philosophy department, will
address the group on "The
Christian Concept of History."
A general discussion will follow.
Summer Projects Mart
Planned For Wednesday
Information Available Regarding
Requirements, Locations, losts
The Summer Projects Mart
will be held Wednesday from
In Union Parlor X
to acquaint students with oppor
tunities tor wors in a ocuui"
inational or inter-denominational
summer work projects.
The mart will present infor
mation on available work proj
ects, requirements for joining
them and an explanation of the
type of work involved in them.
able in many foreign countries
as well as in the United States.
Some of the projects which will
h v.nirier-ed at the conference
will include work in industry.
Students will learn aDout some
of the major social and economic
nmhiomc through actual experi
ence in industrial jobs. Positions
are open m Hartfora, i-onn., lxs
Angeles, Calif., Minneapolis and
St. Paul, Minn.
nvri ST-MMER Service Sem
inars offer experience in social
atronrv work as well as a sum
mer in Chicago or New York.
In the Meet- YOHr-uovern-ment-Seminar
students visit gov
ernmental agencies, Congress, th
Supreme Louri ana me v.apitol
during the three day tour.
Worship services, Bible studies
and discussion groups are a reg
ular part of the summer's work
carried on in one of 17 national
be held in Germany, Italy,
France and Great Britain. Mem
bership is open to any student
who has completed two years of
The Overseas Work Camp will
help with the construction of a
church and dispensary damaged
bv a hurricane in Jamaica, Brit
ish West Indies.
The opportunities in the Hu
man Relations Project include
work in homes for children, the
aged and the handicapped; camps
for tenement children; leader,
ship training for youth, recrea
tion and crafts; and welfare
agencies, hospitals, city and ru
ral missions.
The mart is being co-sponsored
by the University YWCA.
and the Religious Welfare Council.
New Sprwg
I - J Set th9 fact
9 W
I 1
B t fachioa right
th giii is roar life . . ,
h appreciate beauti
ful suits ... and so dt
you. Com in now and
disss wonderful new
fiasacl suits . . . Light
weight, smoothly tailor
i those suits are Just
the thing for Spring
on campus or off compos.
Chance Vought Altxrrts
Guided Missile "Revulus"
Second tlovr
xtx- -
x v
: V
i ' I,-:-
r'; ' J
' - k' '
- v?
l V ,?
, , f
.. w :: -
IHow nttch job security might I expect In a
position with the aircraft industry?
2 What opportunities would I have to farther rajr
3 What would my starting salary be and how moch
opportunity would I have for professional ad
vancement? 4 Would my professional training and ability b
fully utilized in the aircraft industry? "
5 How do the cost of living and housing conditions
in the southwestern area compare with those of
other sections of the cou&lry?
. if
Chance Vought
For the complete onswer to these questions ond others
fhot yoo might have regarding engineering employment
at Chance Vought Aircraft, contact our representative,
Mr. K. I. Gilbert, who will interview at your Engineering
Placement Office on February 25, 1954.