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In The Stands
Friday, December 18, 19i.
Will 'Potsy's' Resignation
Solve Rushers' Problems?
Sports Editor
What surprised me most of
11 about the resignation of
"Potsy" Clark as Athletic Di
rector as Nebraska, was not the
fact that he resigned, for
powerful critics had labeled
'Potsy" for extermination some
time ago. The amusing thing to
me was now "surprised every
one was by the action!
Clark stated he would not
make an "issue" of his resig
nation, why not? Many people
believe as I v
do that while
"Potsy" may
not have been
the most in
denenden t
athletic dlrec
t o r around,
he surely
seems to be ; M t
the "fall guy"
In this setup.
The big Is
sue has been Courtesy Lincoln Journal
and will be Paynlch
. NU Football. We personally
don't believe therefore that the
people of this state were as dis
gusted with other phases of the
athletic program as some of
their letters to editors indicated.
Already sports editors and
Itportswriters In the state are
vowing iii aiLvii man bu
take over the helm of the ath
letic department. Please don't
make him too strong! Ball
players need more than tough
men around. After all they
could use a little understanding
now and then.
Speaking from personal ex
perience as a Nebraska football
f ilayer, I would say the most
important thing for the Nebraska
athletic department to better
the situation here is for the de
partment to start taking better
x care or tneir athletes once tney
are here.
We're not advising giving
, more to the nlavers. hut rather
to continue to give them what
has been promised. Too many
Jobs have been taken from
piayers wno nave counted on
them and In general too many
promises have been "forgotten
about" to make any player at
u nappy ror long. I personally
haven't been hit by such tac
tics, out I know boys who have,
Why not try to make the ball
player happy? If the boys aren't
happy the word gets around via
the grape-vine and before you
know it the preps are in on it
also. This fall with the material
they had all season, the Huskers
could never be world-beaters,
but there are many boys who
could have at least added to
team speed who left Nebraska
for other schools.
Why did they go? Not all of
them left simply because they
couldn't mak" the team, most
left because they couldn't take
what was being handed out
mostlv verballv. Petty things
like this shouldn't be a part of
anv athletic program.
They say you have to be
tough to play the game . Be
lleve me, there are things a lot
tougher thsn physical contact
Anv ex-soldier who has had the
experience of some toufh serg
eant continuallv heckling him
has experienced it.
Looking back we see that
Preacher Franklin, Ralph Fife,
Neal Mehring and Pete Janetos
were members of the coaching
staff of the winnintrest team in
post-war years and the resigned
also. . Strange isn't it?
As long as Mr. Clark has de
elded to make no issue on thi
sublect we will never know the
Inside story. We can onlv sit
back and ask "who's next?"
It is also our belief that Ne
braska had better stoo that
wild-goose chase for a winning
football team with present tac
tics . Gee mavbe I shouldn't
sav that, for Clark went by the
rules didn't he? And isn't he
gone now?
Could be Nebraska will be on
Its way back to the grid power
list now. Maybe "Potsy" was
the guy holding us back, what
do you think?
liiBiiiim.iriiiiiin Hn umimitwi.i nA 1 1 i wiir r t 'Tr Tirm m i ii
Clark's Successor?
With the resignation of George
"Potsy" Clark as athletic
director at Nebraska, specula
tion is high on his successor.
The name of present Head
Football Coach Bill Glassford
has been mentioned by some
sportswriters as a likely can
didate for the post. Glassford
left Lincoln Thursday for
coaching duties in the Blue
Gray game. (Nebraskan
Courtesy Lincoln Journal
Courtesy Llnclon Star
Potsy Joins Them
Pictured above are two former
Nebraska coaches who are part
of the ten coaching changes at
Nebraska in the past five
years. Above is Ralph Fife
former line coach and below
Marvin "Preacher" Franklin,
former end coach.
Yankees, A's
In Big Trade
Tn an 11-nlaver deal Wednes
day that startled much of the
baseball world, the world cham
ninn New York Yankees acauired
First Baseman Eddie Robinson
and Pitcher Harrv Bvrd from the
Philadelphia Athletics in exchange
for Negro First Baseman V l c
Power, Outfielder Bill Renna and
First Baseman Don Bollweg.
The swan, trreatest numerically
in Yankee history, also involved
the Yankees' Kansas Citv farm
club of the American Association
and the return of $25,000 to the
A's in the sale of Third Baseman
Loren'Babe last year.
BESIDES THE big five in the
deal, here are the other players
involved in the transaction:
The A's sent Babe, First Base
man Tom Hamilton, and Out
fielder Carmen Mauro to Kansas
City while in return they received
Catcher Al Robertson, Pitcher
John Gray and Third Baseman
Jim Fmnegan. .
Hamilton was the regular lirst
baseman with the Lincoln A's in
1950-51. His best year was in 1951
when he hit .297.
IN ADDITION the Yankees
promised they would option two
Kansas City players to Ottawa,
the Athletics' International League
farm team although the Yanks
would still retain possession of
the players involved.
Although the A's were appar
ently Dleased with the deal, it is
no secret that the Yankees thought
it was super-wonderful for them.
Glassford To Coach
In Blue-Gray Clash
Coach Bill Glassford of the
University of Nebraska left
Thursday for Montgomery, Ala.,
where he will serve ag one of the
coaches in the annual Blue-Gray
Olive Oilers Win
Bob Kremke, Lee Dobler Shine As
Hoopsters, Dubbers l-M Winners
Staff Sports Writer
In Intramural action in the in
dependent class Wednesday night
the Hoopsters took a close one
from the Clippers, 50-43. These
two teams fought a long see-saw
battle until Don Reiser sank his
vi,tal long shots in the final min
utes of the game. Bob Kremke
1 A Ism. 4Via urinnpnt anH thp
Clippers had very well balanced
In other independent games the
Dubbers downed the Ramblers
31-26. Lee Dobler led the win
ners with 11 and Jim "Pev"
Evans had 12 for the Ramblers.
At the same time the Olive
Oilers were overpowering the
Gents 55-27 in a track-meet on
the maples. Ken Johnson was
high man for the winners col
lecting 23 points. . . .
OUT ON. Af campus the AGR
B's had it their own way in de
feating the Pi Kappa Phi B's 64
23. Ed Zobel took AGR scoring
honors with 15. Meanwhile the
Ag Jokers were edging out the
Ag Parasites 33-28.
A double-header was on the
agenda for the Ag Men and Al
pha Gamma Sigma. Both their A
and B teams played each oiher
with the Ag Men making a clean
sweep 28-23 in the A game and
23-17 in the B game.
. In the other Ag campus game
F-armhouse B squeeeed by Theta
Xi B 39-35.
THE BIG game among frater
nities saw the Delt B's bump the
ATO B's 32-29. Bob Burnham
helped the winners with 11, while
Don Orr garnered 12 for the
TbvDU. B's bowed to the SAE
i -
B's 39-30 with Larry Vance
pumping through 15 points for
the winners and Dick Long gain?
ing honors with 16 for the
In a big rivalry game, the Beta
B's dumped the Phi Delts 39-26.
Hans Gosch and John Fagen
were the big guns for the Betas
with 10 and 11 points. Phi Kappa
Psi B pulled in another victory
when the Kappa Sigma B's
failed to show up for their game.
In the other games Wednesday
night Norris House downed Aca
cia 28-15, Phi Delta Phi dumped
the Sophomore Dent Students
24-18, and the Navy ROTC
pulled out a 43-32 victory over
the AIEE's.
I-M Cage Scores '
Haptijt Houm 26, Inter Vanity 35.
Pcta Hheta Pi-A 40, Delta Upsilon-A 30.
C.Y.O. 15, Methodist House 27.
Alpha Gamma Bho-A 27 Phi Delta Thta-A
Unlvenlty YMCA (F) 0. Newman Club 2.
Kappa Sitma-A 0, Theta Xi-A 2.
Proiby House 38, Lutheran S. A. 33.
Beta Siima Pl-A 30, PI Kappa Phi-A 23.
Dorm Bulleta 45, Dorm Cornea 28.
Sigma Chi-A 35, Siama Alpha Epnilon 37.
Al'a 43ani 29, Dorm All Star 39.
Phi Gamma Delta-A 33, Alpha Tan Omega
-A 51.
AGR Gradt 43. At Rocktta 31.
Phi Dtelta Phl-B 0, Ed 30 Lakers 2.
Sigma Alpha Mu 28, Farm House-A 35.
Delta Sigma Phi 29, Zeta Beta Tau 49.
AGR-Scrubs 28, Farm Houae Scrub! 33.
Sigma Nu-A 30, Sigma Phi Epsilon-A 61.
Delta Sigma Pi 19, Tau Kappa Epgiloa-A
39. X
Pioneer Co-op-A 33( Theta Chi 50.
Hay Seeds 46, Vocational Al 22.
NU Wrestles GrinneH
Coach Al Partin's University
of Nebraska wrestlers tangleG'b"'
wun u rumen vuuege at uiui-
nell, la., Friday afternoon.
Last se?son the Huskers
trimmed the Pioneers 27-3.
Sigma Nu-Bll. Sigma Phi Epiilcm-B 48.
Phi Gamma Delta-B 27, Sigma Chi-B 51.
Delta Sigma I'M 26, Theta Chi 86.
Delta Theta Phi 36. Sophomore Dcnta 31.
Hay Seeds 33, Alpha Gamma Sigma-B 22.
Navy ROTC 43. Dental Froth 80.
Dubbers 69. Hoopsters 49.
Farm House-Scrubs 20, A Men s Club-B
A. I.E. E. 30, Air Force ROTC 36.
Ramblers 47. Flyers 24.
AGR Scrubs 17. Vocational Al 21.
Clippers 43, Gents 37. ,
Sig Chi Sox 40, M Streetert 38.
Reefs Defeat
White Frosh
Nebraska's frosh looked im
pressive in a pre-game intra
squad contest, in which the Reds
walloped the Whites, 75-43.
Rex Ekwall led scoring for the
leaders with 21 counters. The
rangy forward hit seven of eight
shots from the floor. Second in
scoring was Bob Cook, Red for
ward who hit 12.
Fred Largen led the losers
with 10, followed by John Bei
deck with eight. Last Saturday
the Reds won by a slim two
point margin.
The box score: I
Reds 473) f
Cook, I 4
Rkwalt, I T
Bniaman, c 4
Welifc 1
Krommenhoek, g 1
lemens, f 1
Knotek, .- 2
Robe, c 0
Rirkcl, ..,.1
Kolb, g S
pf pfi
1 IS
Totals ....84 27 It 7
Vt titles 43) fi H pf Pti
Blair, t 0 2 4
Iobl, f ...1 V,"
WcsMttcH, c . 1 1' 4
Krway, I
nd. I
Nt, nan, c
Heaney, g
,. 1
(j 8
quads In P
ers IWeef Two
17 8 2 . 43
Comhusker Basketball Coach
Harry Good has named a 12-man
squad to carry Nebraska's colors
into the Pacific Northwest this
Oregon State's lofty Beavers
are the Huskers' Saturday night
opponents, with the University of
Oregon's Ducks on the Monday
and Tuesday schedule.
The twelve players for the
westward swing are:
Don Sirles, Omaha; Jerry Hare,
Grand Island; Bill Johnson, Lin
coln; Fred Seger, Omaha;
Charles Smith, Anderson, Ind.;
Joe Poynter, Kearney; Gary Ren
aelman, Scottsbluff; Willard Fat
ler, Harvard; Don Weber, Esther
ville, la.; Stan Matzke, Lincoln;
Bill Roy, Berwyn, 111.; Norman
Coufal, Malcolm.
Nebraska will fly west Friday,
meeting Oregon State on the Cor
vallis court Saturday. Monday
night they play Oregon while
Oregon State tangles with N.C.
A.A. Champion Indiana in a dou
ble feature at Corvallis.
' ALL FOUR clubs move to Eu
gene on Tuesday for another go
against the same opponents.
Good's crew will return by
plane, arriving ' in Omaha late
Wednesday night.
Both Oregon teams are unde
feated up to now. Oregon State,
ranked 11th in the nation this
week and top prospect for the
Pacific Coast Conference's north
ern division championship, has
downed Hawaii twice 73-54 and
55-50, and whipped Portland Uni
versity, 84-65.
Meanwhile, Oregon, expected
to give the Staters a tough battle
for the crown, has chalked up
five straight downing Portland,
79-72 and 92-73: San Jose State,
75-64 and 74-70, and Gonzaga 6f
Spokane, Wash., 82-53.
CHIEF BEAVER attraction is
the tallest man. in collegiate bas
ketball today 7-foot 3-inch Wade
(Swede) Halbrook, a sophomore,
who bucketed 78 points in his
team's first three games, includ
ing 29 against Portland.
Then there is Forward Tony
Vlastelica, 6-5, who scored,. 23
against Portland, and ForwVd
Tex Whiteman, 6-6, who added 15.
This trio gives Oregon State a
front-line average of nearly 6-9.
"With board control the most
stabilizing factor in basketball to
day, we're faced with a tremen
dous problem t heir height,"
Good said of both regon clubs.
The Webfoots are not lacking
when it comes to height, either.
Oregon U. has 6-7 inch Max An
derson, a sophomore, at center;
Ed Halberg, 6-5, and Bob Stout,
6-2, both senior forwards.
Two other seniors Barney Hol
land, 5-11, and Ken Wegncr, 5-10
have been used at the Oregon
guard spot '
Born Shines
As KU Wins
Playing with a sprained ankle,
big B. H. Born, the University of
Kansas' 6-9 center, flipped in 22
points to lead the Jayhawks to a
72-61 conquest of Tulsa Wednes
day night.
It was the first win for Coach
Phog Allen's club in three starts
this season. Previously in the
team's two losing efforts to Tu
lane and Louisiana State, Born
scored 28 and 27 points respec
tively. He had injured his ankle
during a Monday night workout.
CAPITALIZING ON a big .third
quarter powerful Oklahoma A.&
M. went on to roll up a 65-46 tri
umph over their intra-state rivals,
the Oklahoma Sooners.
Bob Mattick, the Aggies' 6-11
center, scored 25 points and vir
tually controlled the rebounds on
both boards. Center Bob Waller
and Guard Les Lane led the Soon
ers with 16 and 13 respectively.
Main Feature Clock
Varsity: "Jack Slade," 1:00,
3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 10:02. "Sneak,"
State: "Peter Pan," 1:43, 3:43,
5:43, 7:43, 9:43. "Bear Country,"
1:10, 3:10, 5:10, 7:10, 9:10.
OPPOSING all this height will
be a Nebraska crew that has won
two and lost on& that to Minne
sota which is ranked sixth in the
country this week.
The Huskers bowed to the Go
phers, 75-64, but came back to
trim Iowa, 81-70, and South Da
kota, 70 to 53.
University Of Nebraska Basketball
Statistics (3 Games)
Player O FOA FO Pet. FTA FT Pet. RB PF TP At-.
Fred Heger, 9 44 26 M .K 14 T M !.(
Bill Johnson, e XI It .S75 28 20 .714 24 1 44 1 7
Willard Faaler, I... 2 tS 14 .IMO 10 ft .Rial 17 S 29 11.0
Chuck Smith, r 2 2 .2X1 K ,7MI 14 2 12 2. ft
Don Weber, t 2 111 ( .SIS II 2 .212 12 12
Bob Prokop.t 1 2 .(too OA 2 0 t 6.0
Don Sirica. 1 1 7 2 .42 2 .000 2 2 ( .
Slan Marlike, ( 2 7 2 .4? 4 ,M7 4 SI 2.2
Jerry Hare, I 2 ( 1 .200 10 .600 4 S S t.T
Bill Roy, ( .2 ft 2 .4011 0 2 0 S 4 2.0
Carjr Kenielman, f-c 2 10 2 .200 2 1 .2SI2 2 2 t l.T
Norm Coufal, f 2 7 1 .142 2 1 .SOA 0 2 l.S
Uuane Buel, ( 1 2 0 .000 2 1 .&O0 1 0 1 l.S
Joe Poynter, a 1 ft .000 4 A .000 0 A A
Charles Ott, e 2 4 0 .000 0 0 ... 3 2 A
Ward David, ( 1 0 A ... A 0 ... 0 10
Team Total 2 201 77 .222 . "ifl SI "jMt 92 iw 211 71. T
Opponents 2 IMS .242 OS fit ,W2 M 67 122 .
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