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    Poge 2
Wednesday, October 7, 195 )
What If Wtfre Tagged?
Last June the editorial cartoonist for the
Washington Post, Herb Block ( known by his
signature Heiblvx-k), drew a cartoon which
should make every college student shudder.
The cartoon showed the president f a col
lege presenting- diplomas to graduating sen
iors. In the foreground, hiding under a
couple of potted ferns, were two sleuths hold
ing papers labeled "Inreslifatioais cf Educa
tion." One ct the sleuths asked the ether, You
Cot all their nataes?"
The cartoon might appear absurd at first
Stance VTht have students to fear from
inrestiffatiotSs if they remain loyal American
csfisens"? you may ask.
R tM bad that a simple answer at Xath
tag" cannot be sirea.
But take the ease cf former Universally
Student who suddenly found that she was ia
Jasshle to bold m h as a telephone eperatar
because she wis labeled a security risk.
After several unsucoessful aWanpSs ta deter
mine why she was so labeled, she disrovered
that her name was put on the doubtfur list
because she had subscribed to Pravda for a
eracparativ Jouraalsin course at the Univer
sity. She was fold that her name would be
marked cleared'" when her subscriptkai ex
pired, but "cleared" is ot the same as sua list
ing at H
la other wards .ibmaga Bmrinal classroom
wark, she was tagged "sTssckaas."
The 1SB1 edition of the "Gcing to CsJQege
Handbook. printed by Oullkwk Publishers,
asks the cjoestioin, ""Cam stedemts avoid being
tagged Canvmumitstac?"
.Farther defining tbe iffisesiian, tbe publica
tion asked maliioinally known SSgtttres:
Ia war present ntftftd ia America, feew caa
c3ere stadeats, wita Cunoaxaist leaa
iagg waaserer, disrsss cmtreversul issaes
mni Ideas fcanestly ui frs-tikly if they are bm
to bwwoe sahjects af ssnspkioa wbea their
pbsktas differ treat those f the emsr.aa-
The answers are interesting.
A superficial answer came Smm Ren. Etan
aM L. Jackson fS-Calif , a member cf Ven
ded mxirAxnBncxji activities committee, who
Avoid jirofessianEl agitators mi dm mot
Scan gwrcrps or rganizaiaons umta ym are car
tana cf flbeSr toKiinate ends and confident ttbet
tfbeir E5oer$ are bonesEy (devoted to ttbe true
processes S the lEleptabbnan ffann cf. sonero
snent.'" What abocit the University jranmalisnii srtm
$ent? She cSdmTt era belong to an inrgaaiii
aatQoa mmder suspicion.
The most rettSstic attitudes expressed in
fbe answers came from men who said, in ef
f act, tfort Students (could mot avoid tbe risk cf
being labeled pmko'" Sf their cipmions dif-
A Toast To Us
The JJebraskKn as celebrating this week.
Yirst, because Oct. l-J is Kalians! News
paper Week.
Second, because we haven't bad nnr beads
blcrwn c3 i&oring nnr first three and a bslf
-weeks mf publicEtion.
We werenU surprised to see JJewspaper
Week roll around tor at bappens every year.
But we were a Irtfle amazed that we jrot
throui all 4 September and a week ml Oc
tober without being rum tout an a ra2L
This, eff Bourse, isnU to say that we bawen't
been Tisiited by indignant delegations mr rep
traaHnaed by indiriduals who bne bad their
feelings tart.
AHthnnch mo one bas attempted aeriaualy
to (control wbat goes into oht editorial and
news (cdtarrms, anore than ione interested
par bas accused tus iof iffiscriirtinating
against lit. . ...
Sul we continue to follow (our own policieK,
correinced that they are lair and 6bjectn e.
fered with those cf the community.
Charles J. Turck, president of Macalester
College, said bluntly:
There is NO WAY. An intelligent person
knows that in a period of anti-intellectualism
through which we are now passing he is
bound to be misjudged and suspected by ig
norant and unprincipled people. A person
trying to be a ChrisSian accepts such risks.
Christ did. A coward counts the chances but
not the Christian scholar."
Elmer Davis, ABC news commentator who
cne to the defense of Dr. E. N. Anderson last
winter, said the same thing.
"1 hate to ten tber people to stick their
seeks aat; bat pevple irht are afraid af be
emlBg the ebject of suspicion to (heir itaer
sat ar biceted aeighbars will sever be wrth
a damn.
Kobert M. Hutehms, of the Ford Founda
tion and former University of Chicago chan
cellor, and Mark F. Ethridge, publisher of the
Louisville (Xy.) Ccurraerouraal, flatly
stated that students should not be buffaloed
by threats of unjust critidism.
T advise stsdrnts to discuss reatravenial
saVjects "nvRfliy aad fraakly" is easy. Ta
staad va aad sveak ae'a episirts wbea
taey aeeai aBpmUr is atet a easy.
Dedica&ia to a principle is quickly dulled
by social pressures of the raaenesit.
Out cmly weapon, it appears, is truth. And,
as Frank P. Graham, Unatd Nations trustee
ship council Koeraber, pointed out in answer
to the Handbook's cwsSiosa;
' Jesass said, Know the truth and the truth
shal jsaake you free." KJB.
First Things First
Money, somehow, always manages to be
involved in any plan far improvemeinits.
An esDoepfioin, however, is the iniflitutaoia of
aturoay openuEg aaours tor Ag luitarary m
Agriculteffirjl EagSnsersng HilL A pressng
(demand for making the library available to
Ag students and faculty bas beam met "y
opening Ag library Saturdays from $ to 5
with ttbe (exoeption of boroe ffcpoaball wieek
erods wbea tfhe bcturs will be from S to 12.
And. SMrprisaiasSy. this wi31 aaot interfere wiJb
the badget aEkoration far Ag library.
Money, Saiswever, does (enter into ttbe cues
ttion oaf earfiending library bnars for ILove 3Li
brary. E&nector of University libraries. Prank A,
Laandy, states that repeated budpettary re
npiests ff.or (txpaaded sarvik in ffibe ffinnnn of
Hanger boars have been icnmancessfuIL, primar
ily becamse a larger appsropristion would be
called for.
Aocarding to ILniSy, the cominiSSiees consid
eriiag the year" badge! are "a complete sym
pathy' with extending te hours, bat effiber
projects take precedence. One of these proj
ects, according to ILiandy, as tfibe expansion cf
the book and periodical fmid whicb has been
roeglected in the past. He pointed malt thai it
was simply a gnuter cf ""what bad to come
This "firs! Chines firsf tmttjA ictnrw
The Xf tiraskaiL
Waait jTJiofl is tbe afiditiea of annre tweks
aad pnriofiirRlK, if lbe mm mine in tir stacks
are not tmade available and utHuieifl to best
It seems as thoagb it would be wiser to ex
tend availability f present resources by mnore
realistic iqperning boors than to expand re
sources amder a limited svailMity.
If the powers-that-be are mnwUliEg to
m grant money for longer boura, which are
meeded, bow can they rationalize an appro
priation for expansion which is apparently
(only (desirable'.?
ILundy himself cited the example cf the
University library at Berkley, Calif, which
(floes more business mm Sunday than any ether
day iof the week. There is no argument about
the meed ffor more realistic hours. Everyone
as apparently convinced cf lhat.
The basis far any (difterence cf (opinion
would seem to exit in deSining "the lirfit
things" which, cf courtie,, ""mart come iBrrt.'"
We have cne curious fact to report
EcUtorial WTiters bave a word not a very
sdee ward Sar a particular tfcype eff editorial
The word Is "lAJgriamfitaniflm" (or dimply
"Tt means.,-' according to Carl TL lEleBler iin
The QuiH, "that the guilty party (tends to con
fine bis fiarBfaer afljectiveE to 'diBtanl places
and peoples because be is too lazy to find iou4
what 3s going at borne and too timid to criti
cize the people be knows.-"
We certainly haven't hesitated to criticize
the people we know although we snay be
lary. But we ha ve also taken a number of
potshots at idistRnt places and peoplej; dn
tfiflgefl 3a AfgbaxtE.
The strange part cf the cane is lhat, -while
iut Hocal jjabs have not Sailed to bring cries
f anguiKh, a single Afghan succeeded iin aH
isx (down the wrath nf the go&h rom a no
called "tfiifikitereEteS'' cbserver..
AH eff which anufit prove tfbat the editorial
writer 3act Ssifl saSe, even bebiiid AJghans. "
Therefore we'H contiirae to caE She strikes Matter Of Sp&ed
as we see them whether they're iin the Union IS c-ne can aorawe University students cf
r 2n Afghanistan. leading a "taut bie" anymore.
We hope we can continue to (celebrate ur Fin Uelts proT'ed that with their tturile race
iEoofl bealih JLX. last week. TTSfp as slowing dtwa.
Mesjawn AuMimatefi rwlleirlate rrem ttiiriHIifr1&te Frew
AflvtrrfiaSnr repmwntatrpe: :atiret!B3 AeverSBSng errine Inc.
J JWiftCitHm 3Kew Turk 17. Xrw Twrk
Margin Notes
That AUF Drive Again f
Earlier this year The 'NebraEkan changed
its description x& the AIl-CTiiiverEXty Fund
1 'drive from '"sole, (only, single, .allmdkiBive,
'.one-bit" to simply "'.one-bit.'"
ISow we would like to alter iflhat (description
slightly. We feel that She (drive should be
labeled "lane-tat per organization.'"
How about the fellow who gives bis $2, Ibam
turns around and (donate 2 (fiirecfly cr ia
(fiirectly)) through every (organization be be
aangs to?
"Sometimes I Wonder What's In These Darn Things'
The Student Speaking
Ti lAmiAm CTthliiBniB fan ttin uiuitiii r ft.
hA rtntiM mi. fciwtmfliir Ho artMMi ill .nf -ttir
, jm tixmnm muaxnt vuHtimtutm mut mmttamm
fc sum fsauTd wr -Miiliw(Mm. "it t !ttm 6mUmm6 p.iliw
it kk Sbiw Mt iwniliitl i omUat to JnrtN0intin liU
arm Siom diuirmi nuio'iia an in inm .rr iur
Jmwsinl, ar .im tmn ttt mm mntw nj ttlvr Smutty US
w .mwu, hitt mtr Mxmimn f ttm wotoff ol ITnr
,hm aim immramaiv tminailoi tor wtwt (tlmr w
mt r mmtm xa " nitlntl."
i(twnrttm m&m mm 15? urnmtterr. I .nil itmltufl. mr
tm 1 thr urdliiBB men. M 'BHiSwCI. tllllRM Id
!"4 fuil,M!mS .on S;WNHI!K, VUMrUV imi6 ?UI.
en -if wtxuttinB d mMHiUMKilim iwi.uIk. imi nww
i i' tiuTtwr tl nioutn of AitriMt mmsi vmt lw uliie
' mf imwi mor 1i -rnnwrvMiun t ti
i-mmmmmt mm 'Ktitwnn f ui.t."tiniB. jttwmtfl w ramii
ww m- ntim J'obi M'tm to l.inn.nn. lmuiim.
f'-v fcKB f Mimrrtm. (Unroll R, ml nimsinl
w.m .w ji.MUMw 4kH"lilie dor 111 'fntnllini il'Tii. t Of
, .MS ! Mar
.. .hmitr aIl
enwviaati, cr&rr
f drt.irlal fer f,flti. . .
MwHMtlitr .atnr.
trtHtw ,
Cnpv Ciilltm. Jan OnvVsnm. Tftm-muiw Bnmxm.
jpirtna aaanm, SdW 9iwqr
Tmrl Cdltor jfawwi'lur Fwpn'
C.atwr . . anma AnuAt
Wllllr Sfcntilh. 1TirIvii ftSJmH. (ar. Dana
IviieitHlitmi liMrrtftr tiimrc. tcmtir Sijrwir, iwin Jwiiawu.
Hkrlb amum. Hunt tiimi, Manv ( ijmiut. Xnratlm
9vant. iThyllifi nrtitHnv iwy Cana ols(un. iaivval
Hmnw. Itur r Smbkiuhk.
wmrMsse Warr
ftiattiwMi mmuww , Mm lmia
Mil aunla MKimmm 3Nr Xirii-loMm, Imtai iiiiu,
Olmutartlim Xkntim'.. Jam HlwnmnB
JiiSUl. awa i.aiw itm, iunaa
fey, Arrendy
4 Reprinted with pertntsskia of Herblock aad the Washington
The Challenge
True Education Begins
In Emotional Experience :
"Assciate PrfesMr Of Bistory
(Tats H tae faria ia a weekly
series f articles treating the
iwMrs, issaes and chaBea$rs
of t&e day as Tirwed nrptv
taiivi ef van fields f
One eff the mnicst satislyaims; ex
pfrjessres tsbat a ccSege protfessiHr
cam bave is to Eneit a ffuiraaer
sitodesot who reaiMiiwis iaina off
sofflnesbajng Jl caace said iaa tbe
cBasstuMBio Kod SJaem gjiKis, v& to
imdiicate im a msnoiie snaJbsitasailial
way that Unas edjaratJcaaall experi
ence was BBeaniiisfaL
Too ffreij'ffleBtliiy, bewever. one
mtneets the stadJEt aba bas be
come absorbed ia flbe mmairfcett
plaice, wha (disports bamselff gsem
eraUy as tibougti Ms college years
constattaaSed m5y aim imieirm'ptkffli
im Blurs career, and miabal reEc!ts
mo lasting iECipressiiani ffironii boofes.
prolessnars, bis student associia
ttaons, sr new hdeas.. What is
The answer maay be iim Sbe fact
that in erne case ""(education'"' was
am eanftcttiaaal esperaemce; iin flbe
(ffber case cnly a passing df tliiroe.
Sonne wag inooe insisted nbaft mhxir
riage was a Sane inttfStnSMim and
erary ffamQy shoald baie ccae. 1
biippen to fce oe ff those wha
bebeiTes that some kind eff effino
tSkinal cnEis as ikcseparable ffinona
a truly edacaii's eacj;eiriemce. At
some peanut ttbe tboajbtfall stiademtt
innaast Seel ffiike. ""A child erjrmg, in
ttbe might. A Tftntrii cryiiEg for flihe
""What was the barfiest thing
5-oia learned at colls&e'?'" asaed
the proud lather..
"Bow (t,5i (cipeaa beer battles with
a djuartier," said ttbe son.
"I pacifced ray paradbiute lmy
seffit,'" said tbe nerwious stiiioent
pUcfl., ''but Tm sore it won't
"Ha any cipinacaa," replied the
Baastnuctar, "yoiu are fumping !M
a basty cnnclusian.'"
'RTbat about the rwa bapsters
w m us are
.standing a m tt
in tbe street
and the tfirKt
(one says to
tbe a 4 ta e r.
"Dag ttiaat
crazy on 10 is n
ttrp tberer" and
the second one
counter's wifb:
"That's ns) moon, that cra2y
thing as the sim.''
At that naoment another aaaam
walfcs (out (off the doorway eff the
building, so tbe two put tbe
(i3ueston tto fcina and be answers
with "H (don'U ifcnow, anan, IT'na a
stranger around bere.'"
First fester: "TKaat was thai
Second feater: "Er other ICa pes
just tell idown the staor m-flb a
guarl ci wbirifceyf"
First iraten: "Xtid toe spia 51?"
Second arater: "Ifio, be lepl
this unouth shot.""
V.oit ob 'STire: "Belln, as tthoE
ffibe Fidelity liranrance cona
SaaEy!''" Cperalar: "Tea, anadam.'"
ranpe to bare aany buiJhand's JS
(fielfly imsusred.'"
A Acuity yoang oaaan was a
Wito jirla, and be itaued kifit
ang fciB.
Saud she, "HJtal canlt be,
TLcB you's stronger ifiam une
An. boney. Ab retilSiBni ywii aa.1"
light. And wita mo language bat
a cry.
Wanlh all dune respect for tbose
emattside tbe pale off bigber edaca
tefltni it renaaimis tbatt a treaniesii
&oses respMisiMility devoilves fjpocn
those Ban mar stpiaety wbo are
"'Ttraiiwd''" im cmar coUeges assi
Insttitratioms ciff Msber learniiBg
are mutt podia ff jwjjnaainida.
Tbey are mmstt aJoBae repnisiluoiriies
eitf tracutt. They are diiicwerers
and traasnniiittters etf tbraattfia. Tbeir
ffirst and final affiegsaiBKre is to
ttTTLitb itincilb abofuit tbe tDMaiYeirse.
ttrdatni abematt (nmaTin itractlb aboiiiit si
ciwty. It is aerardiag to tae caMotc f
trala taat a stadnttt avast g: It
is ia tae caarwas 4 troth aat fce
ntst fiad kis war. Aad at aaaay
MffxU taere are kaaards.
Why is tbene saatb am empbasis
anpoia scQence? It is certaiiailiy naaft
aatj'eireJy am tbe bope tbatt isccneDEDe
wim indent a betttsr gadget, cir
ffaaod a cuane for caaacer r wrftse
a Bearaaad piaper uapam snmne isa
Istei ardhaenikogiraJ ffaawl
Thtt nauay bapcjean. bmt w&$&
ediflciffinn am scaanice as Sesiig)Ded
tan tiring a iwnailagne peoipCe abreast
(nff ciiiarent scieE!tixc ftaonwUedge
and to gie tbe staidentt trainnatig
iao tbe anelbods etf sentence.. Abswe
all it is cesigned to friimti
with a traaaoe eff refferenre fiar
ennsttderiang tbe Mg Qnes&mss
those iactianatiteily conaaeclted wiab
mam and the nasoarsprse..
At some poiaat tbe naoxe&fly
faawsrledge nuimst conSSict wish ac
cepted ftebefs. Here its a jaarcisag
paint (For am eaaMffixnrall espera
ence. Bere education begins.
Why are ttbe social sauraccs
enaaphasiaed? History aaad its as
socialed (chsciipiliaaes ffonuses iitts att
ttentioD aapon unnam aman as am ia
(drrtdual and anam as a social be-
ing, ttnann priirjiitrse ttinites to the
present What bas be teem, mihat
bas be (done, bow sbd be sSlqi at
and wby'? And is tbeae anylbiaag
to learn from ttbe sums total etf
brnmam i:rerenre? It nmay he a
startling Cart; butt amam is pos
sessed c enough fcmowledge ctf
mam to srifae most asff bis social
ids.. Wiby (does be besataTe to art
tupoia at Here is another siartiiEg
point for am eanotaonal esper
ienre. Wtr Mec every .. aiiaienaty
wiiriliir t iSbm wnw aroe una a
Barge aflace ta ffibe btaajama,'? U
as ai iniSr tw wlariT fibe aes
iHufSlt (Tariarc f a wf&nt$M-l&i
few. bat rtbr ta tire
meimMgiiaie S wfcmihgewi t tbe
edacatare eaperieace aSL
The painter, the poet, tbe jftuU
(oscpher. ttbe aaaiusician bas soaoe
thing to comrmtunicTate, and tbose
sadHed itaa aKterprietsng ttbeir ea
peraences are at tbe sera'ace ctf
the mtninitialied.
Dt may be true, as someone
bas said, that ewry anam should
know at least nine language preff!y fcis iwra but there aire
ffnany languages an ttbe atneamf
She btrsnarutieE to eaauch ttbe ed
sucatrwe eEperience and to pj'o
I'iae lincalc-uialue (Ojpcrtuniaaes
Jfar eoMftionsl experiences. Iff
flbtsne is tno education aaa the bu
aaaatLCUes weOl, there its bm edu
cation.. 3 aff the abos its nnctf to tacy
ttbe value ctf special ttraining am
ttbe various proSessional 8dh
micues. It its mrJy to suggest, wiub al
smoerity. that She beant tf edaca
tiaB as am eaaaouonal esperience
as to be found largely in the
three great areas andjcatefl abowe.
HI St were ffltSheraviise ttbe baHowwS
tfiraditioa e ttbe aisrsiily would
be blurred ande.d. and sonnelteng
rich would obsafffear fnam tbe
life eff stern anaaa.
The (Cjuestwre remains; wbal
5und itf education are yoo jgev
As way of introdacm" dis col
umn, I want yez colitch intel
lectuals ta become asquainted
wit my home an' friends, an es
pecially wit my professional ad
viser, dearest friend, an next
door neighbor, R. Sam Jones.
Now, Sam is a real intellect In
his own right, as dey say. an'
has done some real profound
think in' in his day. He has tra
velled ta da far off places of da
world an' has had great multi
tudes of jobs; all of which gives
him a great background for ia
teUieence. What?" ya say. "Dat guy
runs da, Hobbe Nobbe Petrce
Shoppe, a scholar?"" I certainly
hope ta tell ya he is. Why, Sam
has rationalized out some of da
most perplexin problems, like
fer instances, the campus police
an da K-State game. Often, 1,
myself, has gone ta Sam fer ad
vice an consultations.
Also. I want ya ta be ac
quainted wit Fanny, my land
lady who has Toeen a real motthuh
to me fer da ten yeairs I has been
here at da "Exotic Dream apart
ments. She is a real great ol lady an"
who goes airoum" tefflim" every
body she is 22. She don't fool me
at all, though, as I know ber
daughter who is 63.
Too, I want ya shoimlld be fa
miliar wit da place im which I
live. Da pride of my life, of
comrse, is my imported CThiniese
bamboo sofa, which Sam brtxsgmt
me from Eeri-Eerii. be saM. I
also has another piece of furni
tare which I pride ta no snaa!!
degree. A original water color
by Picasso. No less. Sam brought
me that, tco.
Da door off my apartment is
kiHsla cM. twit I wwaMm''t want a
new me. Scmetimes enjoyable
tings go on downstairs an I can
watch 'era from da cracks in da
Den dere is T. S. Eliot, my
faithful, loveable St Bernard an
of mho I could write pages an
pages on. an probably wiL T. S.
gets a lotta baby in' from me an
my friends an', often as not,
leads a better life dan me. ar
ready. But I don't begrudge him dat
da least bit because a dog what
has just turned 21. is partially
blind (tunnel vision an' acute
n e a r - s ightedness), completely ,
deaf, an what barks (defiantly)
at anything what passes his
rather narrow line of vision
needs a lot of attention. (Re also
drinks like a fish, so ta speak.)
Dea. ef casrse, dere Is Jae.
God el' Joe. Be is what ya anight
rati me aa Sam's atatere, aa
we teres kisa like a kradder. We
picked da peer slob apt eata da
gwtter eae might, sabered alff.
ap an' he kas been kaaxia' areai-i-'
ever siace.
After a while, Sam gave him a
job down at da Shoppe feedin
da cuckatoos. Dem damn cocka
toos has also had a effect on my
life, but I ain't goin ta go inta
dat story right taday.
Den. too, dere is Joe, da joQy
bartender down at da Diamond
Bar an" Grotto, an" Ixffliy Belle,
da crazy dame at da Chinese
Laundry, an well, many more
umforgeltable characters what
will come bomaadim from da col
umns of "Hey, Arready in glor
ious techiMooHor a spectacle ta
be paralelled only by Warner
So. I'll leave yea until next
week, when you will read il am
hepcm"! abotrt wben R Sam Jones
was smashim imta da headlines
as da greatest private detective
otf dem all . . . ias 3-D, arready.
Slide I Do Armed Services
. Rue Misuse Engineers?
Tbe American Socoetty tor En
pmeriaig Eftfaratfecws is bDMiEg; a
METtiiitiffffli at Kamsas State ttMs
year. Friday, Prntf.- E. B. MBer.
, Bab Peterson and C. P. Amdersem
are going dowm to attttemd this
imxpDffHaiait naiieettMiig. aaud wiOH no
donuiSst bring back mamy noew udeas.
I dioimt dionabt bat what fluey will
leave some off omar proMenas down
Ibere. tois.
Eiaiganijeersiiijg lauspecttwiiai
are scheduled to ccuoaDe off
Oct. 19. 25) aottl TL That wEl mmeam
a rest tor tbe iE2isder-(Class!i!niem im
yTTriTTMftwrrm tor maany ctf ufa eb
stroartors win toe one.
I used to toot forward to tbe
tannic when ttbe seniors toci ctfff
for pDanjtts ctf iaiiterestt, seeking to
ffrjHd sonme andicatlixom ctf what SaB-
drjisttry was Hake. I dKanftt mii'Tmiir jnt
wiSB da mne amandt good bawewer.
as I aaaa sKatted fer ftfrf JCaTy uapam
I wonder jast harm many fellows
are going riygftit iiatito tbe service
after graidoaatuoia. Aaayaaaiiire its a
tangb hatttDe to get tflarHcgh ccfi
lejse wiittboBtt any miiliittary serv
ttce am fcettweem: ttbe sitnisaltaDta
doesm"tt get aauy beSSer after grad
a3attikon, though. I bear.
Otoe EE wb graduated last
year go a job wjth Bell Labora
ftnraes. bnt an?y wnrteed ttbere
aboialt EacffiOibs before be was
called into tbe Air Ftamce.
I (flomlt doubt tbat Bunny is bjip
penitig to a good percensage ctf !2he
gradaalies m eEgmeeriicg. Iff civiil
iam iaadastay aaeeds eaagianeers.
Uncle Sam prcfoabty meeds ttSaeam
Tbey say tbat college slnadentts
that graduate wStbomtt a ccimiimiis
saon w amy ttiraaBiiEg in EOTC stU
maie a good ebanoe off ffetttiasg a
camaaicafiiaom iff drafted. I laoiaJoft
tfiais a5sm. I Snaow off cme AgEL.
"32. wb as a sai iinate iim Jagaaa
right mow. I xStxiiTls ttbey ftaaagmtt
this college gradmate bonr to type
al wiier again, gawe nti somae
shcartband aaoaS ttbem aJLaioed Haina
iiaa an andinaaace jgrtwiajs wbere he
cam mtBe aoeaSber.
Tbere are janubably a M etf
stories abautt displaced persons In
the arnocd torces that miis-repre-semt
tbe siteatiam tbere, tmat tbere
can toe no Doisttake abowt tbe el,a
resaalits. The best years ctf a Btarv
life seem to be wasted, in many
imstaioces. rsarmang the art of
bat wben tbey cocd be serving
tbeiar cosnfry to a better purpose
ia essential iau&sstry.
So mtmcii tor the woes of grad-
utitKtML Tbe lg'ii,ueeiis Exec
Btoiard met last Tuesday and de
ciided that tbe societies sbomM
elect tbe co-cfiaairmen tor tbeir
resaiecttve departtmemts at tbe
next Biseettacig. Tbe aext naeetjasg
ctf aaay off tbe socuetses sbtxujki be
ana incportact one; Tbe ASTaOTs
are bavimg erne tomiigSiit at 7 over
in iff K to elect their wbeeJs, 1
gTiaess. The AIEETi sbocM bf
mneettiiaDg tfrra'jgfot also tor ih sami
pwpese, so be there if yWrc la
vcived. J. A. TtXARKS.
E1F0RI AU&UST201I952
aWKStms aiiarrsawor EIfRE
AUGUST 2D, 13 S4 m casta.
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