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    Wednesday, September 23, 1 953
Page 4
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Exhibit Preparation
Museum employees preparing
exhibits In a basement work-
, v ,
room are (from the left) Jim
Bailey, Floyd Urbach and
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Display Cases
2 f i,-,IWMJiIiiiwiiIIii'i . iwrtimr fl s 1 rTriM '1 I L
H h'H i 'I ' bo 1 1
I f 1) u - pj 1 1
- I - ' f i
Large easy-to-see display cases hibit depicts some of Nebras
are scattered throughout the ka's early Indian inhabitants,
new museum. The above ex-
On The Social Side
Engagements, Pinnings
Rate High For 2 Weeks
Staff Writer
Carolyn Good, senior from Co
sad, passed candy at the Tri
Delt house during the first week
of school to announce her en
gagement to Bill Irby. Bill is
teaching In Fairbury, having re
ceived his M.A. this summer.
Carolyn is a graduate of Ste
phens College.
Preference Brunch was the
scene for the engagement an
nouncement of Carol Schuck,
KD, to John Crancer. Carol, a
sophomore, Is from Lincoln.
John, also from Lincoln, is a
junior tn Arts and Science Col
leg. Parson-Carter
Shirley Parson and Burt Car
ter have announced their early
faH engagement. Shirley, living
at Love Hall, is a sophomore in
Ag College. Burt. Farm House,
is graduated from Ag College.
Both are from Holdrege.
x Th Delts serenaded at the
Alpha Xi house Monday night
as result of the pinning of
Nancy Draper, sophomore, to
Chuclfe Tomsen, sophomore.
Nancy a Home Ec student
from Belden. Chuck, an Ag
College student. Is from Minden.
Another recent Tri Delt candy
pesstng was that of Elaine Hess
to Bob Wieaher, ATO. Elaine is
a Junior from Omaha. Bob, a
Lincoln man, graduated from
Missouri University and now
work In Lincoln.
Town Club members were
surprised Monday night as De
lores Carag passed candy to re
real her pinning to Lt. Don
Spencer. Delores, junior from
Lincoln, is an art student. Lt.
Sp-ncer, now stationed in Vir
ginia, is graduated from Michi
gan University and wes a mem
ber of Farm House.
Alberts-Abra mson
Phil Alberts passed cigars at
the Sammy house to reveel his
pinning to Feliea Abramson.
PhiL a graduate student, 1s in
Arts and Science College. Felica
! attending Omaha University.
Tom Donovan, junior from
Lincoln, informed his TKE
brothers Monday night of his
recent , pinning to Pat Carey.
Tonya Navy man. is an engi
neering student. Pat is in her
first year at the University.
Ardis Fuhrman, Gamma Phi.
and Bill Aldrich, Phi Delt, have
announced their recent pinning.
Ardis, formerly a Teachers Col
lege student, is now teaching in
Nebraska City. Bill, now in
the Navy, is from Lincoln. Ar- I
dis is from Wilber.
Lcsi Week
The Kappa Sigs serenaded the
Alpha Chi house to officially
announce the pinning of Stan
Gohlinghorst to Jane Farnum.
Jane is a sophomore in Teachers
College and Stan is junior in
Business Administration. Both
are from Council Bluffs, la.
The Fijis in full "grass skirt"
also serenaded the Alpha Chis
TT i I I
Courtcny Sunday Journal and Slat
Stanley Sohl, staff artist and
Photographer for the Histori-
cal Society. Both Bailey and
Urbach ire Unlversity stu.
. ::.: ' :: . .:," :. . v;,. . "
Couneiy Sunday Journal and Star
The event was the pinning of
Dixie Borgaard to Murray Back
haus. Dixie is an Ag. student
from Lincoln and Murray is a
Biz Ad student from Millard.
Both are juniors.
A summer pinning officially
announced at Preference Brunch
was that of Phyllis Meyer, Chi
O, to Bob Wagner, Kappa Sig.
Phyllis, Teachers College stu
dent, is now working in Lincoln.
Bob, 1952 Eligible Bachelor and
football player, is a junior in
Business Administration. Both
are from Lincoln.
A second pinning revealed at
the Chi O Preference Brunch
was that of Beth Rohwer to Lyle
Denniston, Phi Psi. Beth is a
senior Ag. student from Ft. Cal
houn. Lyle, junior in Arts and
Science College, is from Republi
can City.
The pinning of Norma Lothrop
to Steve Carveth, Phi Deit, was
announced at the Alpha Phi
house. Norma, 1952 Homecoming
Queen, is a senior in Arts and
Science College and comes from
Sioux City, Iowa. Steve is a Lin
coln man but is now attending
Med School in Omaha.
Ruth Green officially an
nounced her summer pinning to
Fred Hosterman, AGR, at Towne
Club dinner Monday night. Ruth
is a senior in Ag. College. Fred,
at present working on his Mas
ter's, is from Omaha.
Larson- Stromer
The Gamma Phis were seren
aded by the Pi Kaps as a
result of the pinning of Peggy
Larson to Marv Stromer. Peggy
is a Teachers College sophomore
from Fremont. Marv, junior in
Arts and Science College is from
The Pi Kaps also traveled to
the K D house where the pin
ning of Betty Thurman to Doug
Innes was being announced.
Betty is a third year Ag student
from Broken Bow. Doug is a
senior in Arts and Science Col
lege and lives in Philipsburg,
1343 "O"
Facilities To
Copy Editor
With memories of over
crowded carloads, lost or dam
aged articles, problems of organ
ization and the difficulties of
moving still fresh in the minds
of all of us, the task of moving
40,000 books, 35,000 bound vol
umes, 50,000 photographs, thous
ands of manuscripts and count
less museum items from tiny
lusterware cups to iron safes
that six men can't lift seems
pretty hopeless.
During the summer the Ne
braska State Historical Society
has accomplished just this feat
and all the articles formerly con
tained in the Capitol building,
plus dozens of new displays,
have been successfully trans
ferred to the new State Histor
ical Museum next to the Union.
of the 75th Anniversary meeting
of the Society, will officially
dedicate the museum Sunday
afternoon. By this time, the
principle displays are expected
to be completed.
"We want students to feel
SiWenf Directory Corrections Needed
To make the Student Directory Stephen Flansburg, James Foley, Keller, Marilynn Kennedy, Rob
correct and complete, the Direc- Robert Folk, Sterling Foster, ert Kennedy, John Kessler, Ger
tory staff asks that the following Margaret Fox, Ken France, Wil- a j Kharas, Francis Kielty,
Union or call the University num- Carroll French, Corliss French, Ricnarci Kieny, Keitn Kile, bod
ber, 2-7631, extension 4231. Carolyn Fricko, Una Frost. Kirkendall, Ethan Kittell, Willis
These are a portion of the stu- .... t,.vrvt., Kittlcman, Joy Klaasmeyer, Wil
dents who have not properly WAYNE GANOVl. Norma K, Charles Klasok Rich
filled out the card from which Cans, Manuel Garcia Thakorld ham Klas, Charles Klasck, Rich
information is taken for the Di- Gardhi, Marvin Gardner, John ard Klukner, Kelvin Kleim.
rectory. Garrett, Kenneth Gass, Edward '
Agita' Abens, Earl Achen, Alan Gnuchat, George Gaswick, John RALPH KLEIN, Marvin
Aden, Duane Ainlay, Berton Ake- Gaswick. Eugene Gauger, James Klime William Klostermeyer,
ESA2Sl SRiWa Kobe Ke, KKhard Knot,
Alminas, Lloyd Andersen, Ben Giels, Shirley Gins, Carol Gif- Dered Knowlton, Charles Koes-
Anderson, Gayle Anderson, K. forrl. Robert Gifford, Sherman ter, Kenneth Kohner, Koken
Velma Anderson, Marvin Arens- Gillett, Julia Gillette. Bernard Kolcuba William Kouaee Den-
dorf, Robert Arensdorf, William G eason. Robert Gleason Donald k u. William Kouage, Ben
Armbrust, Joseph Arpke, Monday Glesmann, Richard Goet t s c h, nis Konnek, Ronald Korinek,
Atughonu Manuel Ayala Joel Gowcher, Roger Graul, J. C. Arnold Kramer, Donald Kre-
Harold Baker, Lloyd Ball, Rich- Graver, Wilbert Greckel, Wil- mariki Darrell Knecht, Leon
ard Banister, George Barlow, 'am Greenlaw, C. Delbcrt Grim,
Irene Barribo M Kav Barton Gerald Gruhn, Eldon Gruntorad, Kreiner, Kobert Kremke, Maur-
Hal Bauer, Virginia Bauer, Hen- Don Gustafson, Leighton Gus- ice Krocning, Keith Kroll, Uldis
tavson Russell Gutting, Robert Krolls. Janice Kruetrer. Wvbe
liam Bectter, Donald Becker,
Marv Lou Reerman. Weslev
Beeryy, Gertrude Behrens, F
cher Bell Emu Beraner, Ken- u"c iviamaner, j-kjmhiu ho- niuiui ui u..
neth Berns, Charles Bct'zelber- mann, Barbara Hamilton, and Guy Lack, Barbara Lacy,
ger. Lester Bevans. JRPvhlnTln0UT7';rrv H, Chester Lacy, Thomas Ladehoff,
Roy Hansen, Larry Hanson,
DENNIS BERGIN, Geneva Cecil Harlow, Bill Harm, Robert A'an Lamb, Wayne Lampshire,
Berns, Thomas Bischof, Eugene H a r m e r, Thomas Harrington, Jean Landen, Robert Lang, Ger
B j o r k 1 o n, Oscar Blomstedt, Sylvester Harris, George Hart- aid Langan, Roger Langenheim,
Donna Boehmer, Michael Boer- man, Grace Harvey, Lester Har- Ronald Lantz, Ronnie Bruce
ner, Robert B o e s i g e r, Janet vev, Robert Haupt, Harold Lantz, Duane Larsen, Barry Lar
Boettcher, Donald Bohaty, Arn- Hayek, Robert Hayek, Marilyn SOn, Barbara Lavoie, Donald
old Boich, John Bordogna, Cecil Hayes, Ralph Hayward, William Lees, Albert Lemmer, James
Bartlett, Kenneth Bough, John Haywood, Tom Heband, Ross Lemon, Melvin Leseberg, Enid
Bowen, Lee Boyd, Matilda Boye, Hecht, Charles Heffelbower, Levey, Shirley Lewandowski,
Lois Bramer, Warren Brayton, Larry Hegwood, William Hein, Dale Lewis, John Lewis, Richard
Max Bredemeier, Sondra Bricker. Delbert Heinrichs, Gordon Lewis, James Lillo, Walter Lin
Franklin Briggs. Robert Brod- Henke, Marvin Henning. Lynn den( Edward Lindquist, Norma
erick, Robert Brooks, Donald Herrick, and William Hemes. Lindsey, Lorna Lingren, Rodney
Brown, Marian Bruning, Lyle JOHN HEUMANN Bill Hew- Llnk Ward LinS. Wayne Lor
Bryan, Mark Buchholz Winton m Dorothy Hiatt, Sally Hick- en(l. Elmars Janis Luhn, Arlen
Buckley Duane Buel, John Buey. RichIrd Hill, Rosemarie Lutz Dean Lux Hay Lyness.
Joy Bvird, Donald Bur ing, Gud- Hill,' Clyde Hobson, Paul Hoff- Hubert W MacDonald, John
ford Burnham, Phyllis Bush, ' g Hoeue Roger Ho- Machisic, Phillip D. Mack, Lor
Betty Butcher, Bobby Bute, Don- hens' Robert Hohl, Eugene ene Mader, Marlyce Mader,
aid Campbell, George L. Camp- Holl Gordon Holst, Carvel Maessler, Keith Magneson, Rob
bell Mannie Campbell, Joseph Holt R Anita Hooper) Duane ert Magneson, Perry Magnuson,
Carlson, Charles Carothers. Hoover, Kenneth Hornbv, Wal- James Majors, Marilyn Major,
Jack Carr, James Carr, ter Horning, Donald Hornor, Lidija Maldavs, Clair Mallette,
Thomas Cartney, Eleanor Chap- Bert Hubbardi 01iver Hultman, Robert Malmstrom, Phyllis Mal
man, Andonea Chronopulos. Eu- Gerald Hunphrey, Vera Humph- ory, Donna Malsbury, Robert
nice Clark, Jimmie Clark, Mar- reyi Cnaries Hunley, Patricia Manion, Burton Mann, Norman
lin Clark Richard Clark, Keith Hunsakeri Margot Hunt, Doug- Mann. Edward Mansfield, Jant
Clouse, John Coder, Lester Cole, as Hunter Ronald Hunter, Mar- Mansfield, John Marks, Richard
Denmns Coleman. Gerald Colmc, ene Hutchjnson Maroshak, Richard Marrs,
Marilyn Comstock, Frank Con- Edward Ibsen Lionel icnes chauncey Martin, Frank Martin,
dos John Copenhaver, Ralph Louig Imlg Ronad Innes Lyle Paul Martin) John Marshall,
Corliss, cene Crancer, Martin lrvin( Mary Isaacson Vern Ja- John Marvel, Arthur Matcha,
Cranaeil, Marina L-riSX. .nhmoipr .Ttrrv .Tnnlrcnn Dpp Flnvfl TWncnn Pnrnl TWacfare
BENNIE CROGHAN, Guv Cur- James, Merle Jansen, Robert
tis, William Daggett, J o h n Jausi, Charles Jensen, John Jen
Charles Davies, William DeBelly, sen, Claire Johnson, Lawrence
Ervin DeBoer. Louis R. Decker. Johnson, Lyman Johnson, Ruth
John C. Denker, Tom Detwiler,
Ghen Raymond Dey, Harold Dey,
Robert Ditus, Carol Dobler, Nor-
man Doehring, William Doleman, Jorgensen.
Dolores Donorico, Lila Drybread, Joseph Kahn, Willard Kalle
Joellyn Eacker, Victor Eastep, meyn, Theodore Kalstrom, Rich
Charles Eatough, Stanley Eber- ard Kamm, Pyllis Kaplan, Eliza
spacher, Harold Ebner. beth Kaps, Uve Kapsi, Seiichi
Erhart Edquist, Richard Eg-
gert, William Eggert, Carroll
Eisenhart. Audrey Emery, Nan
Engler, Gordon Englert, James
Ernst, Richard Ernst, Robert
Ernst, Eugene Erwin, Marjorie
Estes, Melvin Everingham, La-
Vera Faimon, Charles Falken-
bach. Colleen Farrell, D e 1 o s
Faulhaber. Ronald Fauss. Robert
Ficke, Lucille Finley.
Sharon Finnerty, Ken Fisher,
Loren Fittje, Robert Flammang,
i ;fw-
fren (it vntsmtt
fllic hi Bui w
After 38 Yeors
your chance fo save
Ronson Lighters Vi off
Humidors, pipe racks, pouches
Uli U La L y
Open Evenings and Sundays
Serve NU,
welcome to use the facilities of
the museum to the fullest extent
possible," James Olson, secretary
of the Society, said. "One of the
principal reasons the building
was built on this location was to
make the story of Nebraska his
tory available to University stu
dents.'' He stressed that a mu
seum is constantly growing and
changing and urged not only vis
iting the museum, but returning
again and again.
open for visitors to come in and
have a "look-see" since early
this fall. Library facilities are
available to all students Monday
through Friday from 8 a.m. to
5 p.m. and until noon Saturday,
i n assistant, who will be on
daty in the reading room at all
times, will help students get
books from the stacks.
Twenty-four units are being
installed in the circular foyer.
The encased displays will pro
vide an introduction to the mu
seum itself and present a panor
amic view of Nebraska develop
ment for over 10,000 years. Still
in construction are the west gal
Haag, Phillip Haas, Glen Haden-
'eldt. Frank Hager, Richard
Hale. John Haiey, Wanda Ham,
Johnson, Derwin Jones, Donald
D. Jones, Grant Jones, Ronald
Jones, Wayne Jones, Harvey
Kashima, David Kauf, Janice
Kauf, Robert Kaufman, Shirley
Keeney, John Keifer, Kuane
Keilstrup, Wayne Keiser, Mary
Main Feature Oock
(Srhpdulna Furnished by Thatn)
Varsity: "The Moon Is Blue,"
1;09. 3:13 5:17, 7:21, 9:25.
State: "The Four Foster," 2:45,
6:00, 9:15. "Prince ol Pirates,
1:25, 4:40, 7:55.
Tel. 2-5780
m m ha m 'v v
IMIOKS (tl'KN 12:45
lery of early Indian relics and
the east gallery of pioneer
Special galleries on second
floor will be entirely new, with
furnishings exactly as they were
during the period depicted. In
cluded will be a typical sod
house, the John Carson parlor
from Brownville, and an early
colonial bedroom furnished by
Professor Emeritus W. W. Whit
the assorted and numerous con
tents of the museum was done
by a crew of four boys from the
Nebraska State Reformatory. ;
Working from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30
p.m. each day, the boys finished
the last of the moving on Sept. 4.
They were supervised by Roger
Walker, University student from
Almost completed, the new
"storybook" museum is waiting
to serve the people of Nebraska.
According to the inscription be
side the entrance, VThe spirit of
a people lives in its history. Here
open to all is the history of this
Kroontje Farry Kum Leonard
Kuhre Arlen Kuklin, Reba Kuk.
Larry Mather.
C. Short sleeve pull-over
with a one button closing
and pointed collar. Edged In
contrasting color. A 95
Slues 34 to 40
D. Long sleeve classic car
digan with snug fitting waist
band and cuffs P?95
Sises 34 to 40 V
CCVlvt I D
Main Hall Displays
The main floor hallway of
... , , , . Allege uwuirtjs jmiuw nun
Museum, flanked by the main braskans nved in years past,
exhibit rooms, is filled with Receptionist Lauretta Griffin
smaller displays resembling also has her desk here.
Red Cross Plans
Interviews Today
The Red Cross Executive
Board will conduct interviews
Wednesday for chairman of the
children's activity committee in
Room 306, Union, from 3 to 5
Students wishing to apply may
sign for an interview time at the
Red Cross office. Applicants
must have at least a 5.0 average.
Activities of the committee,
formerly the orphanages com
mittee, have been extended to
include work with Girl Scouts,
Bluebirds, orphanages and other
youth groups.
The chairman will also be a
member of the Red Cross College
Unit Board.
Pershing Stifles
Boca 315 Student Union
Septemkr 24, 1153
7is3 Pi Lit
Open to oil Basic Cadets n
Army, Navy, and Air Force
Your Choice
Second Regimental Drill Champions
In coronation colors:
Regal Purple Duchesg Red
Countess Blue Highland Green
London Brown
A. Batwinr sleeve sweater
with a roll collar. You'll
look .smartly fashioned In
to u
NY. ,
GOLD'S Sportswear Shop
Second Floor
-I ? , ::j v
Courtciy Sunday journal ana biar
the partment store windows.
Stage Crews Needed
For NU Theater Drama
Technical crews for the Uni
versity Theater production "Lit
tle Foxes," Oct 21 to 31, are
People interested in working
on the lights, costumes, make-up,
sound, and properties crews
should apply to Mr. Tolch in the
Temple Building, room 208, be
fore 5 p.m. Thursday. Any stu
dent is eligible and previous exy
perience is not necessary.
10o Parkac nf 8 Shwtn, 8 Envelope
Hnd Loom Statlnnrry lc
S15 North 14th Strwt
Sportswear Shop