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VOL. 53No. 5
Thursday, July 9, 1953
"light (Up The Sky" Cos
Marilyn Lehr
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Jack Babcock
The cast of Moss Hart's "Light
up The Sky," was announced
Thursday by Max Whlttaker,
assistant professor of speech and
director of the Experimental
Irene Livingston will be played
by Mary Sidner. Others in the
cast are: Carlton Fitzgerald, Jack
Babcock; Francis Black, Marilyn
Lehr; Peter Sloan, Jack Parris;
Sidney Black, Frank Bach; Stella
Livingston, Twila Walker; Miss
Lowell, Jo y c e Iwohn; Owen
Turner, Harry Langdon; and Tyler
Rayburn, Dale Johnson.
This recent Broadway release,
which will be given July 27, 28
and 29 at 8 p.m. in the Union
ballroom, is the story of a group x
of theatre people who are await
ing the opening of their new
show in Boston.
Miss Sidner is" a graduate stu
dent at the University, a member
of Phi Kajpa, Nebraska Masquers,'
Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Ep
silon Rho, and former vice-presi-j
dent of Alpha Phi. She held leads
in "Street Scene," for which she1
win the best supporting actress I
award in 1952, "Idiots Delight,"
"George Washington Slept Here,"
and several one-act plays. She also
won the Laboratory Theatre act
ing award in 1951. I
Jack Parris, a sophomore
speech major, now acting at
Hayloft Summer Theatre, has
worked in x the Laboratory
Theatre and i a member of
Delta Tau Delta fraternity.
Well-known to theatre audi
ences is Marilyn Lqhr who played
leads in Kosmet NKlub's "Girl
Crazy" and "Anything Goes." A
senior speech major, she was in
"Othello" and "Idiots Delight" and
is a member of Nebraska Mas
quers and Kappa Delta. .
Jack Babcock, graduate stu
dent in speech and drama, will
receive his Master's degree at
the close of the summer sessions.
He is business manager of Hay
loft Theatre, and has played in
stock on the west coast. At the
University, Babcock held major
supporting - roles in "Outward
Bound" and "Ghosts." He won
the University Theatre's best
male supporting award for his
part in the latter play. He also
directed the thesis production,
Technical director of the Uni
versity Theatre, Frank Bock re
ceived his masters degree at Den
ver University. He directed this
year's Kosmet .Klub show, "Any
thing Goes," and was initiated as
an honorary member of Nebraska
Joyce Iwohn, who was gradu
ated from Northwestern Univer
sity, is a graduate student,at the
University and a speech major.
This is her first role In a pro
duction at the University.
Harry Langdon, who was gradu
ated from Omaha University,
leacnes at ADranam liincoin High
School in Council Bluffs. He acted
in "Out of the Frying Pan," "Dark
Victory," and "The Corn is Green,"
at Omaha University and is a
member of Alpha Psi Omega and
Theta Chi.
Dale Johnson, who is a 'junior
at the University, is a member of
Deltaa Sigma Rho and active in
Societies Plan
Joint Banquet
Members of Pi Lambda Theta,
women's honorary society in edu
cation, Phi. Delta Kappa, men's
honorary fraternity in education,
and husbands and wives will
gather at the Union Tuesday at
6:15 for their annual joint ban
quet. Dr. Royce Knapp, professor of
secondary education, will speak
on "New Frontiers ' in Civic Education."
Y-Teen Advisory
Meeting Tuesday
Teachers and administrators in
secondary education attending
summer session will have an op
portunity to attend a Y-Teen ad
visory training conference Tues
day. The conference, which will dis
cuss the problems of the adoles
cent in group behavior, will be
held from 1:30-4:30 at the Union.
The first hour will be devoted
to the history of the Y-Teen pro
gram. The adolescent in group work
will be discussed the second hour.
The remainder of the conference
will deal with the philosophy of
group work and program possibilities.
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Jack Parris
Mary Sidner
Mental Health
Authorities To Discuss
ody-Mind Relationship
"What Minds Your Matter?"
will be discussed in the fourth
f a mental health series of dis
cussions, entitled, "What Makes
Up Your Mind," Thursday at 4
p.m. in Roonw ABC in the
This week's topic will be a prac
tical discussion of the inter-rela
to do good scholastic work, and
the part the teacher plays in this
A question period will con
sume approximately half of the
period. The audience may sub
mit written questions and time
will also be devoted ' to oral
"The degree to which we 'have
tionship of the mind and body and -quired 11
tne inriuence n piays on our aanyiare abie to control our interper-
S. L. Fuenning, M.D., director
of the University health service,
will be the moderator. I. William
Brill, M.D., chief of mental hy
giene department of the Uni
versity health service, and Jack
Stemper, M.D. University health
service staff will be the main
Dr. Stemper will consider the
body itself, as influenced by the
mind and its function. Dr. Brill
will discuss the mind, which has
been defined as the functional
entity that adjusts the total or
ganism to the demands of the en- The Seventh Annual "Pops"
vironment, what takes place in the Concert will be presented by the
sonal relationship," Dr. Fuenning
The last of the series will be
July 16 when "Are You Really
Living" will be probed by Miss
Dudley Ashton, Ph.D., director
of physical education for
women; Rev. Carroll Lemon,
executive secretary. Nebraska
Council of Churches; Robert S.
Grant, M.D., practicing pedia
trician and Ray M. Green, dean
of the college of engineering
and architecture. -
Union Agenda
11:45 a.m. Sports Shorts, "King
Basketball," lounge
4:00 p.m. What Makes Up Your
Mind, mental health
series, "What Minds
Your Matter" Parlors
7-9:30 p.m. Craft Shop, basement
io dren."
' with TallVuhla Bank- Conference Schedule
Conference To ""Stress
Teacher, Parent Holes
A conference sponsored by
Teachers College and Nebraska
Congress of Parents and Teachers
will be held July 16 at Burnett
Hall 108.
Theme of the two-hour confer
ence will be "Parents and Teach
ers Partners in Educating Chil-
tor of elementary education,
Battle Creek, Michigan.
Mrs. Mildred Weigley Wood,
coordinator of family life ed
ucation, Phoenix Union High
Schools, Phoenix, Arizona.
Frank Sievers.
Dr. John Heinberg,
head, John H o d i a k, IM Chairman: Calvto H. Rwwj - profpQr
William Bendix, ball- assistant professor of elemen- V I all I fly rTOlCbSOl,
4:00 p.m. Album Hour, Myron
Roberts, associate pro
fessor of organ, new
records from the School
of Music collection, in
the Music Room
3:30-6 p.m. Craft Shop in basement
4:00 p.m. Bridge instruction, Jim
Porter, Room 315.
8:00 p.m. University Orchestra
Pops Concert, Emanuel
Wishnow con ducting,
East Stadium Mall
xary euucauuu. Ir r I
Address: "Meeting the Needs UIGS Her OUndOV
of Children Through Parent-!
T0!lf.v, rn-nnmtinn" Funeral services were held
Frank Sievers, Specialist in 'Thursday at 11 a.m. for John
Program Planning and Re
view. U. S. Office of Educa
2:30 Panel: "Implications of
Speaker's Suggestions."
Chairman: Madison Brewer,
department chairman of ele
mentary education.
Pan;l: Members: Mrs. P. S.
Carter, first vice-president of
Nebraska Congress of Par
ents and Teachers, Omaha.
Mrs. Helen Steele, coordina-
a Will
mind and how the body influences, University Summer Orchestra
Wednesday, at 8 p.m. at tne Jasi
Stadium entrance.
The concert, presented by the
I American folk tune, by Grainger,
the mind
Emphasis will be given to the
forces which Influence our body,
and therefore our mind, such as
the effects of a hot, humid day,
a defective physical organ, or
conditioned retlexes. All are bers.
definite factors contributing to
ur ultimate behavior.
Union, and conducted by Emanuel
Wishnow, professor of violin ana
conductor of the University Or
chestra, will feature seven num-
The orchestral performance
will open with "Stradella Over
ture " hv von Flotow. It is one of
Also there will be discussion of(tne many overtures which have
the common complaints of stu
dents, such as fatigue and inability
An optimist is one whose glass
is half full; a pessimist is one
whose glass is half empty.
F. G. Kern an.
survived their respective operas
and are now done separately as
concert works.
The second number Is "L'Arle
sienne Suite" by Bizet, the author
of "Carmen." Th4 suite is a col
lection of dances and incidental
music and includes the "prelude,"
" an4 "oarillnn "
IUUIUC.VU, I . ((0 . r-,o onH
is a Darn . , m.t tviq!.
Symphony No. 4."
"Saturday Night,'
prize and is director of music at
Indiana university. -i-.a vie
risienne" is likewise In the lighter
vein. Composed by Offenbach and
arranged by Dorati, 'who is the
conductor of the Minneapolis Sym
phony, it is a ballet suggesting a
French flavor.
Rossini's "Matinees Musicales"
will be fifth on the program. Ros
sini is remembered as composer
of "The Barber of Seville," and
the "William Tell Overture." This
number includes the "march,"
"waltz," and "moto perpetuo." It
was completely reharmonized by
The last two numbers are
"Shepherd's Hey;" which, is
Graduate Receives
Education Award
Sophie E. Schnitter, a graduate
of the University, has been
awarded a scholarship to the In
tergroup Education Workshop at
Stanford University, Aug. 3-4.
The award was made on behalf
of the National Conference of
Christians and Jews.
Miss Schnitter, consultant in
elementary education of the Santa
Barbara County Schools in Goleta,
Calif., was graduated from Lincoln
igh School and received her Bach
elor of Science degree in Educa-
atiition from the University.
Heinberg, professor of political
science at the University of Mis
souri and summer school instruc
tor at the University of Nebraska,
at the Episcopal Church in Co
lumbia, Mo.
Mr. Heinberg died in Lincoln
Born July 22, 1901, at Jackson,
Mo., he received his A.B. and
M.A. degrees from Washington
University, St. Louis, Mo., and his
Ph.D. from Bookings Institute,
Washington. D. C.
Mr. Heinberg had been a mem
ber of the University of Missouri
faculty since 1926. He was a mem
ber of the Episcopal Church, Ma
sonic Lodge, American Political
Science Association, Alpha Phi
Zeta, and Sigma Nu.
Surviving are his wife, Pauline;
a son, John E.; and a daughter,
Nancy, all of Columbia, Mo.; a sis
ter, Mrs. Lester Statler; and his
mother, Mrs. Annie Heinberg, both
of Jackson, Mo.
To Sponsor Picnic
The YWCA and YMCA are
sponsoring a picnic for all Uni
versity students to be held
Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at Ante
lope Park by the bandstand.
Recreation and religious camp
fire services are ao planned.
Students are requested to bring
50 cents for the wiener roast and
watermelon feed.