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Poqe 4
Thursday, Moy 7, 1953
'A Blue, Cheap World, A Mm Anil A Horn
notk: tw MwiiK oii jhe blew the horn his mind wan-'their cheapness the choapor the
"s?VS lTaaT. rf?r, back to the time when he better. He made them love ihoir
MiniM jnaa oeen laiung me cure, living ,diucs. iny had au comehere look
J ! ion his little cot. with a dozen ;ing for something themselves
Ivy Day Racing Form
rarr wa saanhrra'
Irtrrarr Ncfthta a 1
Xrarailaa rtaft b Huf tati
U mr raaa annar f airwaurioa
a Hum i w i cm ( w- j horns blaring off-key in his fever- ; in a fifth with setup. How they
,C 7rr;.rT.t lTL7. .2 JirZl rr; :tsn Dram, tne big man had had were finding themselves, not in a
stmft norwv. . k w a dream a blue dream of life and bottle, but in a sweet horn. All Hone
mrai.aa, ra rrt rarwr awacrrr r 1 -v iv.n twin wn a wvanuiwi, lit a un v-giury wav as Ml" PrrM4afs l.adr
rLT'lw.? SfLUJJ ,w "Mw !rt in a lacey, white veil dane-brass cried big tears. The trum- M'
" A Mrt"t- ' ing on its walls, the strange death W cried on. higher and hiirher S??.'!'
wagon surged on, not feeling the and higher. ataxia w,uV
surge, not straining. He res'ed hss ... 1 i... j sw
HITOR S XOTKs rllla K ... tr.dltlfln.1 Iv a rartr.r frra It H found rach yrar In Th. Nrhraikar. a, '"'SLr! !,hhw"h H J?ta'e5?
nkm r t.rkll fr Mortar ar InnwnU , ivy !.,. fh, W In th. fern. I. ! mdtd(ri Ihr "'M'" ' 'h' "l"",, ! hUlorj ' el the
dlrtntr. Thl, 11,1 mhi)I4 It bout the krl el ear mrmnrr el (he Mortar Boards or lnnorrnt Soch-Iy.)
Black Masque Handicap
Km.Sta XTUd
t aady Saw f
1 ocal Vocal
1'niM Pot
The July day turned broadclo head on the pillowless. bed-like threet fo aid s XiK' J
shu ts into sponge-like membranes arrangement of sateen soaked t b? ' SitlS!' -o
soaking up, becoming saturated with scented salts. Smells were 'n' iL ! EorvN KS
with, perspiration
..-,,-;,, -v - Jt . , "VIC, 111 llUUfV MM
X lSlL. ::sirx the stagedoor. Joe was a hoi- ;" ,
having the viscosity of castor oil mcmbered-membe.-ed viv.dlv-. r" as a: ":iP-krK r, c
r- - o. ivutviiiuvii.u 1 1 v i . 1 1 . l Hive: A i . v ' i i i. .i..... -T'v- . 1 j : 1
Hiw Talk
tc tt Si-iA rvn,rA IvfjirA x.-ar i . . i ?. o . 1 ne n
The temperature made the rasp a backd f xvi and wrvvl and .Il0c,0'vAa5.?nd. . (alst "
ef automobile horns jump down an4 flowri People came ' , 11 1 "E Ma.v PI 5
!if.Wr ,aic i. Ja a I3..1 crs" rcop',e cam5 hln ot from under the spotlight S
SM!tfa. Bell
auditory canals and leap and snap ,rt vicw his -m ith'"Jr?.fF-yM
at hot. stickv eardrums and then' .ko. V"." . wng uwi ma iorgoirai,iraw R- hm
faU back and leap again and catch stomp ing Eac h of tton must S3? . S iJFed5V ' '
and cnaw until ih heaivr wanted vT w -VT . o . Irien ,0 ln a ncket.v, old desk .TTfcTT
, unui in i.eai-er -aniea j,ave been different. Some wept rhair with tt Vr..- ilhT JrT!,
to drop his parcels and grind his he heird them The ones who had L j .ST on ! 11 .
forefingers into hisers. siranolinr i a I- P wna nad the doorsill, barring the alkv cn-
ou?S tSr ?xd -V51 rm rd aS lf,i,dnK m trance" Paying ho atten-
Ti, n Jtvt7s t Kl5ar mo5fvssts orld-whore ,ion to the svvwt h0rn as he read rTTrt.
The new city was playing its had he known that molassoe world -Dime 'Western " He hited cow- i
summer blues song. The big man before? Then the men with the xvesTem- He nalM
on the street corner and the gang-cold, tickleless hands came andj " i
ling boy st his side were a quiet, picked up his box and arranged! ,. ., ' , . ,!
small audience in the midst of a his rands. He wanted to move his . Jh?ublS bjack egro 3ughea m
population of stage hands and hand himself, but he was dead; ,rt? th,e rnou,hpeiece. held the "" i vi
lighting men and backstage flunk- so the dead fishes did the job. Ho spi-vahe P$n,.l saliva drivel J- V J
ies. Now the big man wondered if had lived like a coward like those onto h5S P-slriped vest, wiped rr w
he had not become one of these people who fiddled around him016, fjavia away with his hand .-Aijj o
himself. But the golden trumpet now with deadfish hands and Ml-ld.tfcen i5otvl llev f?rtv1 tSZA UJLt -rW K
in lis sack and the bov at his 0w complexions nd dark ;unk-hls horn shininS ln his bl5 black n
fide with those big. wonderful. ,r h'. r,V s hands. The people were hurting if ., . ,
rugger-boy eyes told the ;big tram- death wagon hummed along "the huilin baf .
jgon was ... .. .t . . J; . -x si kk
t.i. uui uuiuus, ijjc uig mail uui , j.
inot bow. He TvwirM t h i r iwa rx
chocolate Harlem. He n-nnH int! screams anA danniji? a Bh Pnmur
chalk this up as a pilgrimage tol ''You're on," a white man's gratification that pulled his eye- JJT"i!.
jv.ew Orleans the home of the 1C balls back into his head until he x vi
race the home of the blues.
t IjMroaaoMa
riat rt r tr
S OTToct Shadow
RaAta' WtM
Kesaia' WiM
Sloao Prhoa
laiat Pot
KiieJt' Wd
KalM Kmrt
I amir Shoe
Slalt ronhratrt
lna Cartala
Haltet Kvcort
i Otlocfc Shadow
Trainer , Odds
8ar WMk - - SiiilJVi
(haktaator :t
Saaktiaioaia T:t
e TTanm S-:4 '
Xo TtahMt &i.:10
The Jadt
Kaaer Sl.lh ;m:;
Tat Jadca Mt:,
O'd Salt SSjJ
Ptaritaw T;o:t
Teak FaU 17:U
Km Mo 3 3:1. 3
rMht 1:4
No rrahttr S:4
1 Jadr KM:
Shikrewere !:3
Taak FaU :w:t
Skanmn IO:,
N'e Ttaiaer
lierlha li'1:l
a Traieor eKl
Mai Bora li :,
Saakrsatare tt:
e Ttalaor lti:i
M SaM 1 I JJ. J
No Tiahxr 111:4
N fnlM( Ti:i
Tat Jadeo :
Mad oaoaxh raiari for Cltaai Xattoaal.
liewmt toe aoaon coasWcria train (at.
t'oaldat bdHi brttn horse.
Iloao itratrli hoaad.
e coa, rac.M ail, b. M
iTeJJd ."rtXWb oaM d.ld. h tar toe.
lU k !.r v.ld a. r.ta, dlseaalltkarto
hH oa thli IIILt. .
Horn MbK eoawntooa kf'T. MhM loa eat.
Horn Mrch la steal. . .
Palliac at ta rta. enekaaar re ekoto ISal.
Was erooaKe early tor noal rarr
S!ow start rarer lato strrak el Ucbnias.
No aWjr track, lor tah Mir. . .
t oasbtaat racw. taht to aost te wwh tat rrst.
Noras a ood lockw te edte late eaek.
Nererd aor raciaa arac. .
Kast startrr eat stowrd doaa a the strotch.
Startod ahh a boat hot tliaerd oa awddr track.
ShoaM Itafeh arar toe. Oah- steeper sreatd ha P fMmt MttltreaM.
I oannUM raaarr hat race avtr eel hi eeetr bracket.
On race etaaer traierd toe tair.
l.od start hat shtrd toward flaith.
t oafiard to harars recta oaMa t hrrak w.
I edemriatatod racial talcet coaldal I backers.
Strictlr for botliat.
lots ol ere hat coanard to show her coetrsr.
ast hroaUwar hat tot erbbl hi hoot.
lussa-uoy e.uiom we oig trum-death wagon hummed a:
petman that he still had the mak-highway; the death was
ings. He might live to see Xew Mt sad at al3
lork City- again with its sweet; .
a Stairs
Mis Mastrri Vetce
tss Cays
Sou demy
ltchistrs. lac.
His Masrrr's VrJre
Macataa W orks
loakT Lovers
latr -R-
Annual Handicap
Vtchaan. lac.
Rrick larers
. WA. FUsdaoaat
V f. yjT Joarte liWi
' Haaishrd sadtn
td-s l9dresi
The hnv hsA wiivJ ih tn1Am:i V ... 1 N'enw f " s Master's Voke
,oin vn wiui a ciean, cry oioinoi n:s ears it onlv tnese damned sssamr Swv
while he was waiting for the eyeballs would turn sidewavs. His MV
1 rrocst Oaarrer
Ked aad Blee
r'rrerh Oaartor
Na Traiair
)inr loaa
Soda Jerk
Xo Traiort'
Tisaher Taeoer
Peaed Pise
N o Trasarr
e Tiatau
srfreetasr In a tr-Ix- iw t mai1 s 5urn la on staS- The ; body broke at the knees. The big."
. SI' not b5 man knew ,hat hcre f.wvl ....
ion his knees with his head bowed
Tresach Qaarter
Thro track hi act destterd lor sktorr wreath.
4:244 t oaxistaat wasair aad tramrd hard tor Itaal race.
4:iHs Slur eon bet has ao stiff coaawttitoa.
ce:t; laae aowor wtl hold eat wmU fiatsh.
4.VHJ i 1M haadiraa. WUI hrerr M fiarsa.
34it ro!M raaarr. dunadsM aad wM trarard.
I:M Traierd la stick re hasiorai started fast aad wiU ftaKh fast.
3:l' Sare bet. Wroi the Track rates.
T;: Kroec la' aid race eon. Fir at ftaMi eta aall kha taroatk.
trM:ia Twrtie taawsaad miirs coaMat h srroec
3:1 Started rmiaioc snr. Ijkthrer haedirae -wtfl art resells.
4?:ti Slow hat ceesaet raaarr. Park aur mat tie haa est.
!S:3 lelt at east. Bant el serod towards ansa away eot asraa arark.
I 1 lets ol racial talrat. TeeM aafl teroasih la loia eerk.
4i:X tkod sersarer hat aaarat at I Ones frarsa.
I Seit traiaed hat aords tnhiax. WiN drra bark hi fiaal strrtcku
&!:3 lark horse. I akaeww tasrats keee kiss free brew ear bet.
I rO if a waraetv rases te she Brakecr.
Tsct Snscttr tor erariac.
!: Pec roe rrisareir. Kaerrr rise eat fa bareci
42:t Coalite wool if?. Cuaailiiina toe hea7.
Ss-.f'a Shied mm tratarr. t oaldat tuasau stanxu track.
particular hurrv. The his man was !.v.L5tafie. tle imfoldci.and his golden horn, wet with
middle-ared- he lonkvj ia-A s, "emPex irom nis oosonx Ke. perspiration, clasped t3 his bosor.i.
" W srnA
NUBB (Technical Institute Entries
stevedore. Hi, heari u. """u: wiwezins souna inroug.ijAiayoe ne wept. , '
a vSdS'tdSm! Hi? 4 wwi he kicked a.tmJ the h the L'nion Ballroom, Dr. W. Richter,
University convtx'ation, S p.n,
close for Daily
Wt imriM " lcan wirougn me instrument lust'Derspixation on it from the dress- sneaker.
They were clear, like two' Greek'!?? C if WOU The,n- slo'w' in? lable snd gan to wipe the niings
weeping vases encased in ebonite! v vfc V b u iarJlJ-n iTse 01S ?uiet;v witft braskan.
so that only the bowls could how : , ""h .'""key boes were his eyeballs lost in his ebonitej concert bv East Hish School
The boy was like cthSofl1 as head. Out front a young o'cSix l&tn
poy wno was tail for thirteen. He liil ilL "i" ...J'T.'Z wvwcon,cr' was nS5 a.m. in Union ballroom.
Begin For Foreign Students
Foreign students, desiring tolsram is to study ways in which
had a toe-hcad snd fat T3n it nuie .Knots 1,1 .. stnT1JT through the blues:
never closed over ivorv teeth Hisifv1 ,T b'ue w'orld; JSta wonder.
hair smelled like Sta-Comb. Thcrj- ?aTas denly becoming; Usta wonder,
were two Xctv York niffgers wait-' . Snd audy alve 8714 mosl1 ,;Bc,ut the
ing for a white-man's streetcar on of a11' cheaP- madg thcra love' They play the blues all d.-y."
a iew Orleans street corner.
A little bell said, "ching-ching-ehing,
ching-ehing-ching." An
antique streetcar rolled, rambled,
down the street, stopping at cor
ners like a mechanical toy to pick
up people with newspapers and
umbrellas, and then rolling, ram
bling away, taking people home
to eoldwater flats in musty, little
spartment houses. The man and
the boy began their dyssey
through an Alice-in-wonderiand-world
a world full of Tweed le
!um and Tweedle-does and Mad
Hatters and Cheshire Cats plenty
ci -nesmre jats.
Comhirskcr filings close at noon.
Street dance in front of Union
t S p.m. Na admission fee. I
ye (participate in programs of tech
nical co-operation may apply for a
special Institute to be held this
The Institute, sponsored by
Point 4, United Nations, local gov
ernments and TDnvate ind
T Travelers Add Pleasure Jo Activities
On Late Trip To 1.AI., U.$. Government
Installation of new officers and
new board members of NUWCA
will follow a special dinner meet-
echnically trained students can
Vvfti-4- sj-fi1i ViaT.?ea l-T4ntl'o1 .-! r-r ra e,w.-i
skills in the serv ice of thet home : :f ua? 6 P m .the Un'
countries lvl 4U wv memccrs.
To be eligible a foreign student The dinner will be held in Par
must be completing his bachelor's lr X snd is to be the final meet-
r?Arrww sf Virrif. 1j:.ta4 fri.'i i T. i rs rr I ing" Ctf the rrfar3i7JStirtTl fnr ti
eramwitt anH imvat indrc "l6'lv v" ...j.,. v,. r -- .
will be conduced by MiAlgan ..t5 hJfioiT;
Stal PaIIam Tct 1.!""-'""-' una ear, 1114 tJC
Mien. Lasting seven weeks, the T w VT j "'."J"
Touring Washington
Visiting New York
Staff Writer
To travel to New York City,
ja chance to listen on the car-'Dunn on the stage.
phones m-hich carry five langu- One of the interesting high
ages. They visited the post office 'lights of their stay in this city,
in the UN, where they purchased was lhit their ho;el room was
stamps honoring the organization. ;only a block away from Broad-
m ineir spare time, the group way.
InsTihit sa-iU i,1t, x:luTe, neaiui, coucauon. mausiry.
run tO August 7. ..yuwmwuiy -mtT, vi iJuuuc ou-
According to Dr. Kosenlof, for-;i jatin-A-merira vii3Ti Fact Acia
eign student advisor, the full ex- Xear or Afrira
pense scholarships will be pro-l Tntoroio4 irm dnrk
ided for selected foreign students' should contact Dr. Rosenlof in
oy me uanea states TecnrucaiiRoonl J03, Administration Build-:
Co-operation Administration. -.ns; t0T further details and anTili-1
The main objective of the pro-'cation forms.
ations should be made by
contacting Jan Schmidtman, re
tiring secretary, 2-TS20. The din
ner will be 51 a plate.
walk j" wn Broadwav and see the a1tc'nded Radio City Stage' The Philharmonic Symphony!
pk .r. . . . . siFhtt ra7o T,-t, 0w.i,r., ovi, n-ssTcr ageni ana trjeviatiraciea many oi tne visitors.
a block from the Blue Club S Sutus Libert7 'tch the saw the Kockettes, a famous darw-J One number of the frroup con
irB7i, -,f. . 161 treat sh .s mP He t a 5 group feautrmg 0 girls. They cludes. -Since my visit I am more
tereri thA r.iniH 'trip which every Person desires toured the Rockefeller Building interested in the news and the
door. A white acre-hand take sometime during his life. 'tna T0$,e on Staten Island United Nations. 1 now realize the
the man and I the boy t? me Awl- The faPitol of the Ulied States, SJZ- vB"at w at v;orTk oine cn sw
ing room! Washington D. C is another city' lsh You Were Here," was lhe;ernment It was a wonderful trip
-po. : which attrat-t tiirtert. s-nH sric-Play which some membersand I hope many students will
the white man taid -The w itors e year around. The eights flf the group attended. Some of be interested enough to attend
wants to hear what vou've got - lof this Clt' jndude beautiful mon- the other members saw Irene next year.-
a 1, j'uments which are reminders f
ixie man set the trumpet on the democracy,
pressing table. The horn was still j A-traveler could spend several
in its cloth sack a sack whirh :vwtc in ifhw -it-ir iinH ctm m
iwve coniainea corn mealisee everything. But the real ex- examinations as followvs:
Final Exam Schedule
Weekly Seminar Series To Feature
A. T. Anderson On 'Russian Policy'
'What Should Our Policy To- he was on an academic leave of
ward Russia Be?" A. T. Anderson, 'absence on a fellowship at the
assistant Professor of History, will Russian Research Center at Har-
discuss the proposed solutions to'vard University. He spent last
this problem Monday at 4 P-m.swameT in Europe making a study
when he appears as guest speaker :0f the Snri forf-i tvt trl
:of the Weekly Seminar Series. k-ards northern Eutom.
Anderson has been a history i The seminar series are informal
professor at the University since discussion groups for faculty and
3936. and during J951 and iviz students. Coffee is served during
;the meetings which are held m
'the Faculty Lounge.
It is too early yet to tell
whether or not the Ivy Day
ceremonies will have to held in
side, but the weather man says
that tomorrow should be a.
fairly food day. The son will
shine and mild temperature
will prevail.
e e e
"She's always looking for a man
ivhall give her the shirt off his
"She's a oldiigger?'
"No. a laundress."
. . s aa - m vk m ts m
j . V WW it 0 V
' M.. .
'Thirteen years,' replied thei
I A castaway oil a desert isle,!
Laboratory classes in re tint for several continsons hours on one r tmo days shall meet for v,Tecjtj hauled a girl clinging to
or flour and whir ,,,t-Tiw Ui4 I T'Z" : , . .. .... - ....... ... barrel from the water.
,l,, , ' v'""i;iiuuujivuuio i jiua iii- Hinrwug on jnon&ay ma luesaay snail oe ruminra on me euie scnr-ouira ror ut 'HrnOnTii hav i-m,
snouia nave become a nart fif 'temrrt.s tn .Hn n cirrK
JVieCTo tenarit farmpr'c -Knfp'e rfrr k- ..h er-.;rr. ... .z-. askea me girL
IDC JlOm mhOUid nave bppn rar-ijjvafltiVilp in 1pm riavc rf frawAi TTii -swiTvitif.e ..,Arini.4 .n ,a.;A. i k. 4r&iia:. .e.Var. n nr :,-
11 J.n u ,ase ?ut cases vei Ten University rtudents with Orranisatiini 3. . 21. ill. 14T. 0: (2) Civil Enrineerine 219: 3) Economics 11, 12. IftS. 115; li A3 , r. .
WrfLUChllke co?- And that their aperone, took just such a Education CI. 2; 5) Eleetrkal EnEineerinc 121, 198; 6) Enrlish A. B, 1. 2. 2, 106; : French t- rtSZmAL Sh
horn was too much like a person jtrip during the latter part of 12, 11; ) Home Economics 11. 12; ) Mathematics 11. 14. 15. 16. 17. II. 42. 185. 106. ie:: W Ior XfrZ , vJ, " CfifiSri -l 1
io oe kept in a coffin. That horn March. Their trip' was sponsored Mwhanical Eneineeringr 1, ; Ol, Spanish 52. 51. if students have rernlarty scheduled examinations I drjDDme I" ' reP'Jea iJle;
eouiacrj'. Wot many people could by the National Council of the ronflictine with the above specially arransed schedule, amntrements to Uke snch specially scheduled : Yoti don't me-n 1o tell me'
j'r-i v.- YWCA ind MVICA and the group examinations at another time should be made with the department concerned on or before May 11 there's beer in that rri - T
first thing you've gotta re- attended government seminars in For example: If a student is scheduled for an examination which conflicts with a specially sched- !,aipi 1 vdrTe ne
jnernoer, ine manager said this each ity. uled examination in French, arrangements should be made mith the French Department to take snchi
. . .f.-""" Ed,a JI many times tjinny Robertson. Chlorvc Ode. rYench examination at another time. I
2:0 p.m. to
2:1)0 .m. to
:00 a.m. te 12:00 p.m.
before," is that these people don't Lee Spencer, Carol Haerer, Amy
V , youve played Calmer, Mary Sue Lundt, Jerr-, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Jew ork. They don't ive a -Jensen, Dale Hutchins, Gerd Hof-'
oarrin what n-our name is unless fend, John Greer and Jlev. Dick
vf Ar?1BtronR or Tcagarden. And Gary, sponsor, were the students'
tney dont give a damn about who visited the east coast from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
anything else either except your Nebraska. :
r5 flv- rnUBic makes." i Twenty-seven colleges from 17,
The big man looked down at states were represented at the
-iie same Juna of manager that seminars. The groups spent three 2:00 p.m. to
j.c naa Known many times be-days m Washington and four davs
fore making the same kind of in Nw York.
speech that he had heard marw ; Thp -nurriofip nf -fho r!n -ic tr,
timB before. acquaint the students with the! 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
1 0U eould clo With a hit tfw funrtinne if 1:Vip unwrntrwnt anri
night, you know." give them a chance to see it in : 2:00 n.m. to
He knew. action. They traveled by bus from! 2:00 p.m. te
'A hit might put you back on Nebraska to the coast. j 2:00 p.m. te
xne roaa to New York. Oh, I Tourint Washinfton
know you boys Che meant nig-' Upon their arrival in "Washing-, 0:00 a.m. to 12:00
Rers) all right. You're all dvirir tori, the rielepatinn -as rrwtri :00 a.m. te 12:00
to get to Harlem. Especially the :by the Nebraska senators and rep-j :0 a.m. te 12:00 p.m.
ucs xiite you wno ve been there iresentatives and had breakfast :" am. w jz:uo -p.m.
once and know what it's like to 'with them. They also visited these i :W0 -m- to 12:00 p-"1-
le eatm' high on the hog." men's offices. i :00 a.m. to 12:00
The big man's head was look-; Two committee hearing pre-' 8:1,0 a-m 32:00
Ing at the manager. His eves 'sided over bv Senator Robert fl:0 li ra- 12:00
were lost under his forehead. He'Taft were on the agenda for the1 :,,n "m- 12:00
i1" lgroup- The "W'fshirigton student: 2:00 V-m- to 5:00
w2jy .Aid you fall, anyway? seminar consirted of two speakers;
-ne u-pipe wasn't it.' "ies, that: who discussed the state and for-
wag it. Turned yourself over to eign policy. It was entitled, "Meet
the cops and took the cure. Yeah ,'your Government."
boy, you lor.t a lot of friends' Budding cherry blossoms, the!
too many when you did that, 'blocks and blocks of huge build-1
hdnt you?" ings and the striking white Su-i
w hat fi-iendB? preme Court Building were the I
WelL "VOU're nnt -inn far nnno fpntltrrAc -fruit imnruei, ho T !
from iunk" Tnsvhn Vmt Vn-t,,.iro r,riin4r kD .,w ;11:00 a.m. to
S.-00 a.m. te 12:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m. te 5:00 p.m.
to 12:00
to 10:00
2:00 p.m. to 5:00
9:00 a.m. Jo 12:00 p.m.
make a comeback. Let's hear ! joyed the Pan American Building.
-nat you've got." The publisher and managing
, ! editor of the WaKhineton Post! ,.. . -,.nn Ktn
The big man began to play Newspaper spoke to the group m' ?"m
without too much soul, saving hie; on policies used in covering White! vm J-0U pm
at! ior me reat performance. As House and governmental fffairs.
; , 1 jn lYteir free time, they enjoyed.
Jl ine sights of the city which m-
4,0 UCf ff LFPiTPC I eluded the Franciscan Monartarj
WylW ; and the White House.
Visitine Kew York
I In Ucw York City, the group
jwere the guests of Mrs. Eleanor
iKoosevelt at a banquet. She spoke
on the ignorance of the people
about the seriousness of the
Eiecf Holden
As President
a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m to 5:00 pm.
2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m.
2:00 p.m.
te 12:00 p.m.
te 5:00 p.m.
Aquaouettes liave announced United Nations. Carol Haerer was
the election of new jfficers. jthe only person to receive the
They are: Joan Holden, presi-' autograph of Mrs. Hoosevelt and
!ent; Judy Flamsburg, vice-presi- their picture was taken -while the;
ieijt; Ubby Ilussell, secretary: I famous woman was signing her!
Aim Kokjer, treasurer; and Gail name. I
liatHkee, publicity .chairman. "MarveJous" was the word used!
I.Iary J. Mulvaney, instructor in by a member of the group when
physical education for women and she described the United Nations1
sponsor of Aquaquettes lor the Building. The gioup toured the
pa-rt, two years has resigned .as General Assembly room, the com-j
sponsor because of her Tenent;mittee rooms, and attended a!
afiDntifrnont to the national xe-'committee discussion on tlie issue! S:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m
fwtive WAA Office. lof the status vl women. Thev hudi
:00 a.m.
:00 ajn.
0:00 a.m.
2:00 p.m. to
2:00 p.m. te
to 10:00 a.m.
to 10:00 a.m.
to 12:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m.
All section in English A.
(This examination is riven at this time in erder that students makine
sufficiently hirh scores may take the examination in English B for credit.)
Classes meetine at 10:00 a.m, five or four days, or Mon, Wed, Fri, or
any one or tme of these lays.
AU actions in English 2.
All sections in English 2. 4.
AD sections in Economics 115.
Classes meetine at D:06 a.m, Tnes, Iburs, Sat, or any ne or twe f
these days.
CUasses meetine at 1:00 p.m, five or four days or Mon, Wrd, Frl, or any
ne or two of these days.
All sections in English B, L Coliseum).
All sections in Cn-il Eneineering 219.
All sections in Business Organization 190. AY, MAY 28
(Tlasses meetine at 2:00 p.m, Tues, Tburs, or either one of these days.
All sections in English 100. ,
All sections in Mechanical Encineering 1 A, C
All sections in Home Economics II and 42.
A U sections in Business Organization 21. 4 Coliseum')
All sections in Business Organization 141. 4 Coliseum)
All sections in French 12. 4SS Aud) It, (Bom. 230).
AH sections in Kpanish 52 Morrill And.) and 51 Burn. 108).
All sections in Elec Engineering ISt,
Classes meeting at 1:00 p.m, frve or four days, or Mon, Wed, Eri, or
any one or two of these diys.
Classes meeting at 11:00 a.m, Tues, Tburs, Sat, or any one or twe of
these days.
Classes meeting at 2-00 p.m, five or four days, or Mon, Wed, Fri, or
any one or twe of these days.
Classes meeting at 1 :00 p.m. Toes, and Thvrs, or either one of these days.
All sections in Mathematics 11, 16, IX, 105. Coliseum
All sections in Mathematics II, 15, 17. 42, IOC 107. Coliseum)
'lases meeting at 8:00 a.m. Toes, Tburs, Sat, or any one or twe of
these days.
CUasses meeting at 1 :0D p.m, Tues. and Tburs, or either one of these days.
Classes meeting at 2:00 p.m, five or four days, or Mon, Wed, Tri, or any
one or two of these days.
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oue or two of these days.
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Classes meeting at 7:00 p.m. Toes, and Tburs, or eUher one of these days.
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Classes meeting at 0:00 a.m, five or four days, or Mon, Wed, Fri, or any
one or two f these days.
Classes meeting at 11 :00 a.m, five or four days, or Mon, Wed, Fri, or any j
one or two of these days. ' j
AU sections In Business Organization 117. (Coliseum)
All sections in Education 61, 2. 4 Coliseum)
AU sections in Business Organisation 2, 4.
Classes meeting at lt:00 a.m, five or four days, or Mon, Wed, Fri, or any
one or two of these days.
Classes meeting at 12:00 .m, on five or four days, or Mon, Wed, Fri, or
any one or two of these days.
Classes meeting at 10:00 a.m, Tues, Thurs., Sat, or arty one or tso of
these dit.vs.
Printed, Embossed, Engraved
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