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O .Thursday, April 2, 1953
All-University All-Star Basketball Team
F Al Hansen Sigma Phi Epsilon
F Bob Kremke Hoopsters
C Gerry Strasheim Mustangs
G Jim Clark Navy ROTC
Ralp Weddle Ramblers F
Al Blessing Alpha Tau Omega F
Fred Longacre Theta Chi C
Bill Thayer Ramblers G
Bob Bachman Phi Kappa Psi G
Ben Leonard Sigma Chi
Chuck Jensen Pansies
Ted Connor Sigma Chi
Claire Johnson Fliers
F Al Aden Nebraska Co-op
F Bill Giles Phi Delta Theta
C Dave Brandon Sigma Phi Epsilon
G Virg Gottsch Hoopsters
F Harlan Skinner Lutherans
F Larry Gallion Sigma Chi "B"
C Gordon Pejsar Soph Dents
G Bob Boesiger Dorm Bullets
G Pat Mallette Sigma Khi tpsnon
G Dirk Rolston Ramblers
Dave Jonef
Larry Dunning btgma ni
HONORABLE MENTION: Yelkins, Powers Rockets
Street Boys; Satterfield Methodists; Pierson Ag Parasites
Longacre, Weddle, Blessing,
0 h
achman, Thayer Top Voting
Theta Chi
Phi Kappa Psi
Iranians lop f 41 Volleyball
As Playoffs Scheduled Afexf
1. Iranian! (-
I. Rita Alpha Ma (S O
3. I'M Kaslloa IN H I)
4. Rim U ll
5. Acacia IS-01
. Plil Kaava Pl (4-1
1. Brta Tbla 11 M-l)
a. Kit ma PM Kwiloa 141)
t. Taela XI -S
10. 2t Bt Til (4-1)
I. Kan Biaa (S O)
I. Ptil Kapoa Pl (4-(t
. Rttma AMa Kpslloil (41)
4. ftrla Tarta PI (1-
. Pal Delia Ta (J-1)
. Bleat -
Stick with the champion until
he's beaten is the story of the In
tramural volleyball ratings going
into the All-University playoffs.
The Iranians, who captured the
All-U honors last season and who
have vet to be pressed this year,
rank as the top team going into
1. Iranian
t. PM Epslloa Kappa
. Kmu
4. RammW CM)
5. Presto Hawa (111
I. HIsm Alp Ma
5. Acacia
.1. Pal Kappa Psi
4. Beta Tbela Pi
5. 8 ism l'hi Kpiloa
a. Thru XI
1. 7. Beta Taa
8. Delia Nitma I'M (2-2)
. Alpha Taa Ometa (3-2)
10. rkl Delta Tkeia (3-2)
first place team of league VIII.
The second round of the tour
neys is scheduled for Thursday,
Apr. 9 at 7, 8 and 9 p.m. with the
IndeDendent and Fraternity 'B"
finals and fraternity "A" semis
slated for Friday evening.
Monday, April 13 will see the
crownme or the iratermty "A
Intramural Sports Columinst
The Ramblers as a team and Al
Blessing, Ralph Weddle and Fred
Longacre as individuals lead the
1953 All-University intramural
Basketball All-Star Team. The
Ramblers pulled in the prize plum
by gaining two of its stars on the
first-team lineup in the persons
of Weddle and Bill Thayer on a
team that was chosen by the 9U
competing teamse themselves. It
was the first year in the four-year
history of all-star teams that one)
aggregation had gained two men
to the first lineup.
Blessing, Longacre and Weddle
led the personal field, each get
ting an unanimous backing from
their opponents. Thayer and Bob
Bachman of Phi Kappa Psi who
comDlete the first five, missed
a unanimous selection by just one
vote aDiece.
It was a repeat periormance ior
Blessine or Alpha Tau omega
who is the lone hold-over from
last year's first team. Blessing
was the too man on the All-U
champion Taus according to the
men he faced ail year, wis re
bounding was enviable and he
could hit from anywnere arouna
the hoop. He joins Jack Yelkm
of Geologists as the only men
who have made the All-U team
two years in a row. Yelkin was
named to the team the first two
years since an all-star lineup was
begun, m 1950 and 1951
Joining Blessing at the iorward
positions in Weddle of the run
nerup and Independent champion
Ramblers. Weddle was a terror
with his hook shots and was
named as the prime reason the
Ramblers squelched all Independ
ent opposition
chosen on the Nebraskan's
All - University intramural
basketball first five by a
poll of more than eighty
teams. Weddle, a frosh
football player for the
Huskers at end, helped the
Ramblers to their indepen
dent championship and All
University runner-up spot
in the championship race.
He was unavailable for a
picture Wednesday.
the Rambler aggregation. His of
fensive sDark. especially on a fast-
break kept the opposition honest
and he connected with long snois
with deadly accuracy.
Bachman was voted as, the top
man among a whole host ol fsi
Psi stars. He joins Thayer at the
guard slots as the latter's equal
in hall-handling, long shots and
on the paying end of a blazing
fast break. He moves up irom uie
fifth teim last year.
So there is the 1953 stars oi
all-stars. With Longacre ana
Weddle at a double post ana
Blessing joining in on the re
bounding, the forward wall is
well nigh unstoppable as well as
unsurmountable. Bachman and
Thayer are on hand to harass
the opposition at midcourt and to
fire at long range when needed
as well as produce a terrific fast
breaking game. The teams and
their managers, Tl out oi a pos
Lonf?afre of Theta Chi holds sible 90. Dicked them and they
down the center berth. Fred was picked one of the best all-star
!chamn and the clavoff between
the coming tourneys ine "';the fraternity "B" and Independ
from Iran have swept aside lour J. A11.UnJvcr.
Sratr. s Playoffs I s"y match set for Tuesday. Apr.
ranK. s iui" - r
14 at 5 p.m. All managers are re
sponsible for checking the tourna
ment schedule which is posted on'
the bulletin board in the
beginning Wednesday, Apr. 8 at
6 p.m.
Sigma Alpha Mu, winner of five
straight, get the nod as the num
ber two team to date. The Sam
mies have produced practically a
clean sweep of league III with
only a Wednesday night contest m
position to Keep uieu;
tcring the playoffs with an un
blemished record.
Phi Epsilon Kappa, an in
dependent entry, &btJitga
rung in the top ten. The PEK s
own a 2-1 record, but their only
loss came on a forfeit They
Showed their true power last
week by stopping Riga, the team
that was slated to offer the most
compettiion to the Iranians.
The same Rigans hold down
i r rrfwt in the pre-tour-
"considering games
through Tuesday night, They own
a 3-1 mark to date, losing only to
Acacia makes its appearance in
fifth place. The Masons are un
S?ated in five starts and jjJU
carry that record into the play
0' :., in nrder. are
- The seconu ., ... - - p.
r.wi vnr, Ps . Beta Theta Y.
t ui --. ,,' Theta Xl ana;hA 1053 rac.
Mgmarm - decision bv
I Willi IIIC V
unbeatable in that position as he
controlled the boards in every
game in which he saw action. He
rang up the individual high scor
ing effort of the year with a 40
point production during the regu
lar season against Tau Kappa
Ensilon. Even in the Theta Chi
playoff loss of Phi Kappa Psi,
Longacre stood head and sboul
ders above all competition as his
PE' unanimous vote will verify.
I Thayer was the floor-man for
teams in history
A pair of Sigma Chi stalwarts
pace the second team. Ben Lon
ard and Ted Connor receiving
the votes to hold down forward
and center berths on this lineup.
Both were instrumental in the
Sigs rise to third place in the
final All-University ratings.
Joining Leonard at the forward
slots is Chuck Jensen of the
Pansies. Jensen, along with Leon
ard and Dave Jones who repre
sents AlDha Tau Omega at
guard position, missea tne ursi
team by one vote. Jensen was the
offensive power for the Pansies
which wound up the season in
fifth place in the All-U ratings.
Joining Jones at the guards is
Claire Johnson of the Fliers.
Johnson received the highest
number of votes for a man from
an unrated team as he led the
Fliers against the roughest of op
Leonard moves up from the
last year's third team while Con
nor makes the lump rrom last
year s iiith nneup.
Another Sig gains the third
team this year in the person of
Larry Dunning. Dunning who
moves up from honorable men
tion last season shares the guard
berths with Virg Gottsch of the
Rounding out the third team are
Al Aden of Nebraska Co-op, Bill
Bill Giles of Phi Delta Theta and
Dave Brandon of Sigma Biii
Epsilon. Aden was another man
who was recognized even though
he played with an unrated team.
Brandon holds to the third team
fifth outfit.
The first fraternity "B" team
member himself on the fourth
team. Sigma Chi again gets the
honor as Larry Gallion of the Sig
Bee team rates a forward berth.
Harlan Skinner of the Denomina
tional champion Lutherans joins
Bob Boesiger of the Dorm Bul
lets and Pat Mallette of the Sig
Eps ain the guard spots while
Gordon Pejsar, strongman of the
Dental Sophomores receives the
center post.
The fifth team finds the big
Eps, Ramblers and Hoopsters
placing another man, respectively.
Al Hansen of the Sig Eps and
Bob Kremke of the Hoopsters
earn the forward slots while Dirk
Rolston of the Ramblers was
voted a guard berth.
Joining Rolston at the other
guard spot is Jim Clark of Navy
ROTC while Gerry Strasheim of
the Mustangs holds down the cen
ter post.
All told, 368 men received at
least a second team vote in the
balloting as 77 of the eligible 90
cage teams voted.
: h w , ,4 jli ta . I A
I -if ''1 jwMl
L 1 '. .WV,:., .ill i fc..ri41 --1
Courtesy Lincoln Star
Courtesy Lincoln Journal
Alpha Tau Omega
Big Seven Gridiron Coaches
Prepare For Spring Chores
Sports Staff Member .
With the 'arrival of April, the
other six Big Seven schools as
well as the Nebraska Cornhuskers
are unpacking their football gear
as they prepare to open their
training chores.
Down Oklahoma way, the chief
center of conversation is one.
Buddy Leake, the only returning
member of Oklahoma's 1952
backfield. Weighing nearly 190,
the powerful Leake is definitely
the man to beat tor tne ooonei
quarterback job.
Fillinff the remaining three
backfield slots left open by the
graduation of Eddie Crowder.
Billy Vessel and Buck McPhail
will be a wide open affair. Co
captain Larry Grigg apparently
has the inside track for the full
back job while Merrill Green is
a possible halfback starter. The
nther iob is wide open with
sophomores Buddy Burris and
Buddy Benson and veteran Jack
fiine nacing the candidates.
Don Faurot's surprising Mis
souri Tigers will have back much
of the personnel that brought the
Uoivetrsifv FomiaS Hafit?i
Psi s
Zcta Beta Tau.
CSoma 1 H nCBUS
Uons were named I because
niifA number Ot ee
I. Alp Taa OaMsa (U-li
i. RiaMin (IS O
t. Rltaaa I'M t-l)
4. Pa, kim PW (IJ I)
. PasMtaa (It-ti
4. Rockeis lt-J
7. PtMtear Ha UMI
a, hktmm I'M Katiloa l Jl
t. Hwhamm VtmU (ll-Z)
10. Pai Delia TkeU (K-71
Intramural S porta Writer
Ainh Tau Omtea reigns
king of intramural basketball for
season, mc
f. Atoka limn Rka (II-4
t. HIcaM CM 411-1)
J. PM Kim Prt III-S)
4. Fimknw (1.1-tl
. Htaan I'M rUlna (7-4)
. Phi Gamma Ielta (t-tl
1. Delta l aniloa (11-21
a. Alaka Taa Oaatta -7)
a. Rcu Theta PI (T-31
in. Beta fc ma Ptt (-!
TIE I'M Delta Theta (-
I Lost only to Sigma Chi (3) and
suffered in the ratings when the
as' Sigs were humbled by ATO. De
feated rtu Delta ineia uu; iwice.
5. PANSIES . . . Lost only to
the Ramblers after winning league
XIII. Held no victories over the
top ten outfits in the All-U rat
the Independent
1. Ramblers
S. Paaties
. Kaeken
4. Hwahwofa Demi
. Heaay Manor (10-1)
. Imkem Hoane (13-1)
7. At ParastMt (10-4)
. llooMtn (M-4)
. MaMamt n-i)
10. Xajr KOTC (ll-St
TIE Dona Ballets (8-9)
Runnerup in
tourney. Lost
sweeping aside all opponents in
the post-season piayous onu
toppling the Independent cham-
n li l uA A ll.tlnivnr.
. number of iee pion namuien in "'c -...-w....-
of the limited number oi ,avnff n,- Ramblers, in
spikers in a?1?"- ,"fc outings, iturn, lay claim to the Independent thrCe games, all to the Ramblers.
,,e u..v ,am is title for the season jusi vum-
Another undefeated ..lcaI" 'jniH while Aluha Gamma Rho
Phi Kappa s' pif psi juniors! B" wears the fraternity "B"
ber two rung. The Phi Pi 1""'"
Rating the first teams in each
champs, Fijis (6) and
Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
League VI with an on-again, off
again offense. Reached semis in
"Bee" playoffs before falling to
the champion Aggies. In addition,
lost to AGR's in regular season
and Beta Theta Phi (9). Earned
decisions over the champs, Betas
(9) and Phi Delts (10) twice
1. Alpha Taa Ometa
2. Hlama CM
3. Phi Kpt. Pti showing against
4. Ploaccr mob pul Pci'c
. PM Delia Theta
7. Theta CM (S-31
ft. Beta Theta Pi (10-4)
a. Theta XI (-)
10. Beta Hicma Psi (-4)
unrated losses to the All-University-! $
ranked outfits, the Independent
7. THETA CHI... Owned
victories over teams in the top multiple-substitution
ten, but grabbed seventh on mcirMhe two-way sport
Tigers an unexpected second
place finish. Faurot's biggest
problem is to strengthen the
tackle corps which was heavily
hit by graduation.
However, Missouri's passing
wizard, little Tony Scardino will
be back again along with their
two outstanding defensive backs,
Ed Merrifield and Bob Schoon
maker, who will have to adjust
themselves to ball-c a rx y i n g
At Lawrence, Coach J. V. Sikes
also has his backfield troubles.
Departing from the Kansas foot
ball scene are such star backs as
Charlie Hoag, Galen Fiss, Gil
Reich, Jerry Robertson and Bob
Sikes still has his sensational
pass-grabbing end, Paul Leoni;
but who will do the pitching to
the Chicago boy is still a question
that nobody seems to have an
adequate answer. Oliver Spencer
and George Mrkonic have also
left big gaps to be filled in the
Jayhawk forward wall.
Carroll Hardy, ready lor, lull
stardom after two years in the
shadows of Zach Jordan, appears
to be the key figure on Dal
Ward's Colorado grid machine.
Experience is the worry in the
Colorado camp as the Buffs lost
18 men through graduation.
The big hole to fill is the block
ing back position since Rog Wil
liams and Lee Venzke have both
graduated from the Boulder in
stitution. Roger Hunt, a first-
string offensive guard last fall, is
the lad who may solve the puzzle.
Abe Steuber, Iowa State's head
football mentor, is having the
same problem that is confronting
his fellow Big Seven coaches and
no, that is making the shift from
football to
the third-place
In addition, a long list of letter-
men olepartcd during the year so
teams fared as follows:
1. RAMBLERS... Defeated both
Navy ROTC and the Dorm Bul
lets who tied fpr tenth.
2. PANSIES. . .Won twice over
Heagy Manor (5)
8. BETA THETA PI . .Lost t0iOxr)Oripnce will acain be a buea-
Phi Psi's (3) twice, Sig Eps (5)!boo for Steuber. The Cyclones
and Theta Xi (9). Held victories have quarterbacks Dick Mann
over Phi Delta Theta (6) twice !and Bill Plantan back along with
'fullback Max Burkctt.
9. THETA XI. . Gave cham- Coarh Bill Meek has the utmost
pion Taus and third-place Phi!ronfjdonre that Kansas State will
Psi's a battle before losinp. Also have its best football season since
lost to unrated Kappa Sigma. hc took thc noa(j j0b two seasons
Split with Phi Delta Theta (6)!aC0t Twenty-three lcttermen are
and Betas (8). returning from the 1952 squad.
Gained tenth on showing of Pio
3. ROCKETS ... Stopped Ag rveer House as well as their own
ber two rim. ;. -are
all-victorious in four start.
Parasites (7) and Mustangs (9).
feated Navy ROTC (10).
5. HEAGY MANOR ..Gained
Atotalof 32teams, wprcsen!divlsion'' was n0 trouble as the!only onc game during the year,
he four best from cacn oi " tcams cttied those disputes by:that at the hands of Sigma Chi
eight leagues, win re... ,-,-. lhcrnsclvC!(. u wa, the rest oi tne
, a. ltTftH nMf13V . A 9 vl . I iL . . WMn I
4. FARMHOUSE ... Shared
com- Rated behind the Pansies because ton honors in Leacue VII. Was
oi weir narrow qucM -(Unaeieaica unui laning 10 u!fifth BOod showings against
playoffs. Defeated the Sophomore tfn , j -ul-!S fJer Hoop- muie. f3 ucivauu hi WMw.a-j . T jgt in Pam! fPfi f 7 1.
Dk va ijv- - -
7. PIONEER HOUSE . . . LosVby Sigma Chi (2). Won over
Minn next Wednesday. As M ,h'nt raued the turmoil
Tuesday night. .on,y..23.v,"iaii The Ramblers captured thC'Sig showing
berths were iniea.wiu.
regular-season scuon """'-r.--slated
to settle the remaining di
(2). Defeated no teams in the top
ten, but captured seventh on their
:r-Wsiason' .cUon Wednesday
number two position in the un - s1gmA PHI EPSILON
vcrsity with a 13-1 record, equal-; bunncru in the fraternity "A"
Ing the fourth-place Phi Fst s ana tourney Was or,c of the three
Lutheran Student Assocjat oniteamJ that topped the champion
Gamma Delta (6), Delta Upsilon
(7) and Phi Delta Theta (10). j
. . . Improved after a slow start.
Defeated Phi Gamma Delta (6),
and Alpha Tau Omega (8) twice.
against Sig Eps in tourney.
NU Baseball
Team Opens
With Baylor
Coach Tony Sharpc's Cornhus-
Leading off the tourney "f0" records for the top marks of the,Taus DccUnod rapidly as the sea-!
SOCIATION .. Drooped from
second to sixth on defeat at hands
nf Parasite m. Regular season
form kpt them above the ssme ker bascballers will open their
flam in th final ratines. 1953 season April 6-7 with a two-
7 Afi PARASITES . . JJiegcsi rame series acainsi uayior hi
Vcryl Switzcr, their fine Negro
halfback and safety man, is the
big man in Meek s football plans.
The one position that could cause
the Wildcat head mentor plenty
of worry is the end corps. Jack
McShulskls, their outstanding end
last season, is gone and experi
ence is woefully lacking at the
Outdoor Track
Opens At CU
Lost to AGR's (1), Sigs (2) and , of th(? tournov. Defeated
Wednesday at 5 p.m. B' "ryear as far as won-loss rccoros progressed, holding
again '; :arcc concemca. ciKhth with tneir
fiSit-reund trenRlh of vlctory over Sigma
iirsi-rouna , --iji -
Fijis (6).
6. P H I GAMMA DELTA . . .
Maintained sixth rung on
place team of league in. i" S a q,! edged out the Phi.;showinR that helped tern to a tiej'' "n "
Xi takes on ZeU. BeU Tau ' J LJ;g the third rung on the for first in league I. Defeated n , went laa '"fS'SnS
Phi Kappa Psi meets ' 8 'h r o( tir playoff victory; Sigma Chi (3) and Phi Delta 0" BS& nLa fs ? Lost
Co-op while Alpha Tau 0M ui ph, Psi.g in lhe second Theta (10) yc to the and Alpha T au O
tackles the first place tc?m of -ovcri a.8round T (1) twi(Tc and the Sig. to Sin (2). Farmhouse (3), S.g
Heagy Manor (5) and Lutherans
m hfnr fallinrJ to Rockets (3).
cv,oi,w oariv-ia!on record holds tion. the diamondmen face plenty
them in seventh. (of hard work rebuilding from last
8. HOOPSTERS Lost only two'year's second place Big Seven
artnal contests to Heagy Mai.or.tcam
and Mustangs (9). Forfeited
Coach Ed Weir's Cornhusker
thintlads onen their outdoor sea-
Waco, Texas. L . Tcfiv a( (h TTnlvrriiv nf
mates arc enjoying spring vaca-
Colorodo In a dual meet with the
Two point winners from NU
1951 indoor championship tlub
Four more matches arc jencu
uled for 7 p.m. when Thci Ui
is pitted against Beta Theta P.
and Phi Delta Theta meets Sigrna
rhi Also at 7 P.m. Acaci-
ncrformance earned
fourth spot, however.
The Independent t-ansivn
O SOPHOMUKK Ut-INiS ... . n c t r nan
fin- G.aid "l5J? W,..ihcir;,p, Shared r 'honors in Uague VIL
showinn. Won league IV with
ished the current season as inejNa R0Tc. Lost to Rockets (6)
fifth team in the University. nejin overtime and unrated Navy.
tnc nwncrf a 12-1 record, hav- PHI nn.TA THETA .
the' fourth ulatc team of league . . on, io the Ramblers. LiimhCi out of nowhere to gain
m 4v fourth olacc team oi . . h stcD review of ail tne.,,. rin h. ir,.ri?,h of their
aft filing ' " r
A step by step revic
tenth on the slrenr.lh of their
Defeated Farmhouse (4) and Beta
a couple more. Won league am
with wins over Mustangs (SO and
Bullets (10) twice,
fl. MUSTANGS . Gained ninth
on Hoopster victory and playoffj
t KioH s. r,rr,r,:,V.1n starters on who were called jnto tne servicaj
the NU nine arc Ray Novak, first .two years ago are eligible to corn
base; Bob Reynolds, second base;!pClc again, but only one man will
Fred Soger third base; and . abc t(J make thc cu trip,
Diercks Ralston, shortstop. w.nrlt-i Cole, hurdler, will be
The outfield lists Jfrry punn,l ., , , for Weir's call, while in-
'showing. especially against thc.Dennis Korinek and Jim Ccder-,' rf' j,obe joneg must await re.
co very.
i r rrtrtv ennw niv ljcilo lctu iiv . a . i . i
.;. . ! ai u- ' """" u..4 riimhoH on show nB acainst ni ton ten desrjlte weaK scneouie.
in1 "aTpha TAU OMEGA . . . S.JST K5 m andiPsi'. in tourney. Regular-season Xlso lost to champion Ramblers
i.u - e,o.r, throueh iv,'v" ."7i' ' ,t, ' ' uin nvr Fiiia (6) hc ned. Lost to in CORM BULLETS . now
iah i t nil wiLii a - - - - " . k. i nm a t-Tii p iivi iiiii tni. - i -" .
the ALL-U playoff tournies. Dc- Th fratcrnity "B" final ralirtgs Sigs (2) twice, Phi Psi's (3), Sig
league I meets thc second place (.d tearr,a in each division irjlourncy showing. Defeated no
team of league Hi.
representative here will be either
Sigma Nu or Sigma Alpha tp
ulnn. '
Fraternity "B" spikers Uke the f(.ated the Ramblers z- 'iwcnt according to this review
leadi off against Pi Kappa PhilsUon (8) twice. Lost to the SigiWon u a wlth a f)nc tournament
.n-t .vii- cima Nu B'i tackles,,,! Sic Eps ana unratea rm, . th . gwcr. an onDosition.
Phi Delta Theat MB". At the same Gamma Delta. .('Finished the year with an 11-4 champs, Phi Psi i (3) and Phi
.r SiSna Alph i Epsilon "B'iU2. RAMBLERS ... Independent ,osinflyto Phi Kappa Psi Delts (10) Lost to same three
. .V . J. ni 'HMI .-!.. nmna onlv to tthCi . , m j .:Lk;i. n Ci wma Phi f2l.
fare Alpha uammn n"", cnmi. i" atVi1. in the
while BHa Theta Pi "B and Phi ALL-U .eh'P1 'I0',
v .r. .I1l 4-.nn1a ll,.,ff finals. tamCd Victories
r,appa rsi u ik Bockets (6)
over uic j-oii.v
oi - . n.i mi u!.a iiini-jvHn.-i.j.'n cniit a naif, u'iih (Vn ri.ihl nc nrobable starters.
01K'T1H X ft I IV I H- I vvH-c'i-myfuna 01. .'I'll ' i'" ' , . . , , , .
in the playoffs to Phi Kappa Psi Bullets (10). Lost a pair to un- bnarpes wicnwo ""') .braska's strongest event
(3). Could have ranked higher'rated Ntbraskn Co-op. jconsists of Dick McCormick. Don wdibhk k
with a toucher rchedi-le. I 10. NAVY ROTC. Win over Muenster Pat Mallette, Novak (h and Cole takc mt
8. ALPHA TAU OMEGA . . .Sophomore Dents kept mem m.cnaney wngni, ... ht for the Husker team.
Eps (5) twice. Fijis (6), and un
rated Sin Alphs.
9. BETA THETA PI . . .
Gained ninth on victories over
At p.m. the Independent out
fits will engage in their first
munA rj trtinn. The top-ranked
Iranians ill meet the third place
team fif 1r-aru VIII and the
Lutheran Student Association!
facei the second plsce team r,i
am I rmllnn (8). Lost
oppose the lourm piace Vi. i the Sis En
w... viii hiii. the At Men's twice and the Mg P.
a . 4 imai
3 SIGMA CHI . . . Finished in
tr. t0ui I honors. One oi
H L lZ Vl a-n . i
the three teams that own wins
k rhamnions. In addition
(3). Beta Theta PI (9) and Phi
Delta Theta (10) twice. Defeated
Sigma Chi (2), Phi Psi'a (3)
Sigma Phi Epsilon (5) and Betas
2. SIGMA CHI . . . Defending
'B" champion. Started slow but
outfits nliis Sterna Chi (2)
Held tenth on showings of Farm
hmun and Delta Uspilon. Lost
twice to these tcams and to Sigma
Chi (2).
10. (PHI DELTA TllfclAJ
breezed through the tourney untii;Gains tie for tejith on strength of
(,r j over the champ on. . champion AGR's. Dc- double victory over the
ofithey 8t,dtr7 andPsigma Ph feated Farmhouse (4). Sigma Phi the only team to achieve
es Pioncer House (7) and f'Vaus Spsilon (5) twice, Phi Gamma during the season. In adc
,i rriir,n (81 Lost to tne iaus:2v. . .. . L v v..,, tAi riofn
Club round
out the first day r -v - "r wa. tons. S i em
(Delta (6), Alpha Tau Omega (8),
Their Beta Theta Pi (9) and Beta
a Psi (10). Lost to tne
rv. double victory over the champs
that teat
addition lost
to Farmhouse (4). Defeated Betas
Fran Hofmaicr.
NU Tennis Team
Takes Trip South
The Nebraska tennis team
leaves Wednesday for a southern
swing during spring vacation.
The Cornhuskers will play thc
spotlight for
Two miler Clayton Scott.
top point-getter for the Huskers
in the distance events, is scholas
tically Ineligible this semester.
Husker Golfers
Journey South
The University of Nebraska golf
iam riennrlcd Wednesday for a
Pittsburg State Teachers at Pitts-'50utl1ern tour during spring vaca
burg, Kas., April z; umanoma hi, tion
(9) In early season.
In addition to their wim and
ing against Ramblers plus a split
with Mustangs (9) kept them in
the top ten. Ist also to unrated
TSJoKraaVa I ft-fll).
The fraternity "A" chart In ad
dition to the All-U rated oppo
nents .went like this:
1." ALPHA TAU UMtUA ..ue
foaicH Theta XI (9).
2. SIGMA CHI... No additional
results. ,
3. PHI KAPPA PSI. . .Defeated
Thnta Chi (7).
4. PIONEER HOUSE . . . Won
7 SIGMA PI 11 EPSILON . . tr ar TWcrd Hoke: winding up the Journey against
a. oiyttirt jijr ri:t . lrb- poriman Mi-'ih( Actfles from Oklahoma.
pKa Psi (10) ISfE Warden Andrews, Ash- Thc golfers making the trip are
1 m?nn!TA TI1F.T A . Lostllnnd: Roy Colson, Glcnwood, Erv Peterson, Rog Gohde Ixjms
twice to Beta Thota Pi (8), ThetalMinn.; and Jim Campbell, Grand! Roper, uuer, ana
Xi (9) and unrated Kappa Sigma.l Island. uoicn.
Norman. April 3: Southern Mcth
odist, April 4; Oklahoma A & M,
April 6.
The' five players named by
Coach Ed Higglnbotham for the
Th llnksmen will open their
1953 season on April 2 against
Pittsburg State Teachers followed
by dunis against Tulsa Unlvlr
itv. Southern Methodist, and
0 0
playcff compettiion
against tneuj-i re" - j