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Be si Copy
Wednesday, Aprli 1, 1953
Faculty Seminar
o Cornhusker
n n
v ""C If
Vl m -
Plans Include Adult Supervision Of Parties,
zthermgs Both On And Oft University Campus
on Stu-jmittcc, to be headed by the Picnicjthat we should take stops to in
f11 oucy Kcni. ine ninciion ox inc. elude faculty sponsor
"ies rommmee snau be to patrol lngs outside
"g stu
ark ins
s ior enincr-
houses. nnmi'lv. in
XT 41- UIL m a .. , . . . . . .. ' " '
ixiutu jiin aircoi lor sifins 01 me parking Jots."
paking, or associated activities. "It is our hope," lie explained,
The chairman of the Faculty "that students will not bo rebel
Committee said this action was ions to these new rules. Wn hone
. ....... v, dmji I CIV I I W Al) I JUU.") tW I UL.V- III VI
.uuhS snail taken after hearings of complaints that they realize that it was the
rrom unco in Citizen:: and certain public's reaction to student prac
university organizations.
"The main complaint," lie said,
"was the accumulation of bevcr
atro rsns. hoth
Dy me side of roads leading to ons at all their indoor social cath
beetiee of
tree, women
i A to the
' of the
p iames of
'94 ubmittcd
stopping a riot against porch
lifihts on the women's dorm and
all other organized houses.
Rumors of the riot were first
circulated in The Pink T!ae Office.
also a group of men objected to
the porch lights when they took
tneir dates home.
The chairman of the committee
said there is evidence that the men
tiees that made these steps necessary.
oiucicnts arc already aecus-wero orennizine in storm thosc
lomen to tne presence of ehapcr- houses simultaneously and to con
mee. The picnic areas."
two un- "Also, since the chanerons for
iacuity, campus parties are responsible
mttee will only for the sudents attending
rnbers to parties inside organized houses,"
licy Com-ihc continued, "it is only natural
erings," he said, "they should not
object to the expansion of fac
ulty supervision to outdoor gath
erings." The Ticnic Policy Commit tec
will check roads leading lo picnic
fiscato all light bulbs over en
trances. It was pointed out to the
committee that 14 stepladders
were bought at one time Irom a
Lincoln hardware store.
"It is feared lhat the riot might
get out of hand when rioters bc-
grounds and the picnic grounds gin to throw beverage cans at the
memscives at regular intervals, he light bulbs," he said. "The eom
explained. The suggested interval 'mittec is considering rallinp in
is every 15 minutes. these men to settle the cmestion of
ine committee on student ur- bright lights peacefully."
Baby Services
J v m M "-""""'mi-' ouiuem wr- orignt ugnts pencciuilv.
gin Next Week;0-S-
offered by Eldon Park after a special meet- " C 'J HWUUCU
Subscription Refunds
To Start Wednesday
i next week
jhesday by
ing of the Builders executive com
mittee. The special service consists in
a diaper delivery and pick-up
service to be conducted in the in
terests of all faculty members.
Park said that beginning next
September a Builders worker will
$3,900 In Scholarship Grants
Grad Soils Study
Goes To Fred Cox
Fred Cox. Ac Colleee sennr.
ston nt ihp rp;irInnpo nf nil fcio U . .
m , inas Dcen annonccd as winner of
ulty members twice daily, in the the first annua, Hoovor Conserva-
,,,U",J" "m uy evening, ine tion Award
;nng Showjworicers will pick-up all soiled ( Tnc award a $noo scholarship
pgon the.diapers in. the morning, between ito encourage outstanding senior
I . u:00 and 9:00. and in accordaneel4..j.- j
r-"-,Wll 1
i week to
!to enter
r a few
it lines,
; rn Ger
' nmunist
a good-
the proposed twelve hour
service, will have the diapers re
turned no later than 9:00 the same
Park slated that all the mem
bers of the Builders board were
unanimous in their decision to
enact this service for the facultv,
Barbara Raun Wins
With Button Theme
Barbara Katin, Ag College lun
ior, won the Johnson Home Eco
nomic's Scholarship with a 15.000
word thesis, "Plow to Hook a But
tonhole." The scholarship is worth $3000
and a trip to study the button hole
industry in India.
The judges announced Miss
Rami's thesis held them in sus-
Those faculty members avidly enpaged in a discussion on eon
temporary affairs meet weekly in the cupola in Love Library.
Topics discussed at this meeting included, "Reptile Epes and the
Future of UN," and "Will the Mandatory Wearing of Bow Ties
Bv the Faculty Inspire Students To Greater Effort."
Animal Husbandry Hall
Completed For Classes
Ibuttonhole are superior to
is being offered by John B.
Hoover of Springfield, Mo. jn'Pense-
honor of his father Ihn Intel "It was the most interesting and
Miles P. Hoover, one time NU Ag1odl'cational thcsis 1 havc
nmfewor. read," one of the judges
AhnnoTa? h from Deni
Af I0?, LdJ eion, Iowa, said her life's ambi
finan- and he added that the Board!,, At hit nimmt. oc o Ilon was 10 Prove lne DUtlon
Iversity I thought it Would be an effective' student, in' tho An field nnH nn
allotedimeans of rjromotine eood-will be- nntdnninn km, i,n ra iv,:ZIPPer'
v,.. : r ,! .
uiasnaiiwccii uic uiuveisiyr idiuay anu aepartment of conservation an-
siuaenis. Inounced.
Park also said that the diaper! The ton seniors were chosen hv
various y. service woum De a neumie step,a special board and asked to sub
10 fac-jforeward in the announced Build-'mft themes on soil conservation,
because ers campaign for next fall "Tol Co"'s theme "Ten Ways to
iw nas give Digger ana Deuer
lationsito the faculty, so
v. tJ w w,,,,;" u;" ." "u : 1 , , "The plans are to include a
J east, The. entire Builders board fol-
mak-j lowed Park to the offices of the
e vari-
NU Builders
5 vari- Pink Rag. when he gave the an
ub. nouncement of their latest campus'
ill IftnV mn llrl in a affranf rn t TT-aU !
i Certain- member sported a7 white diaper(Barn on Ag Campus at 7:30 p.m
3 Jf IJ
y Septem- on the front in bold black letters. Saddle a Horse."
Picnic King
Set April 10
The YWCA is sponsoring a
Spring Kick-off Picnic. April 10
starting at 2 p.m, at the Slab.
The main feature of the picnic
will be the presentation of the
Picnic King. The YW feels that
there has been an over emphasis
on queens on the campus, so they
decided to give laurels to a king.
Male students may file in El
len Smith Hall to be a candidate
for King. The qualifications for
are king are:
well qualified for the award and I snowball battle between iuniors 30' x 50'- Although it is relatively I j. Her 1 have a 3.2 weighed
knew what he was writing about. I 'nnd enrolled in fivcast-!sma11 jt is designed to utilize spacej average;
ing courses and freshmen faking '0 ne utmost and is built to 2. He must be a junior or sen
advanced knitting." one Univer- handle a niinimtim of 300 ptu- jor with at least 24 hours;
cit,, cbn cnM dents. It is rectangular and is 3. He must never have held a
Builders will meet in the Horse; Th'p snnu-hnils are to be mnHe!tnree stories high. This includes a title of royalty before;
hnltle Hnrin? the usiinl ! IUJ1-V equippea aairy earn 01 uie 4. we must nave a total Of OU
Summer Students
Given New Activity
University officials have noted
plans for several new activities
letter Services onrpnH Manure" won the award", , T V.
thev in tufnl a c it 'a t au2.ra,;for students attending s
ent body Sth fi, CX; sessions at the University,
ent bodj -with proved by his theme that he was ..T, , 1o jnc
The i-ecently constructed An
imal Husbandry Building on Ag
campus is nearing completion and
will be ready for classroom in
struction by the twelfth week of
this semester.
This building is of a new type
and is one of the first ones of its
kind to be constructed anywhere
in the nation. One of its features,
is the open air type of ventilation.
The northern and western sides!
only will be enclosed. This is an!
experiment to test the possibility
of keeping the student awake atj
ah times.
A burlap flap may be dropped
on cold winter days but special
facilities are installed at each seat
to maintain a constant tempera
ture. The seats are constructed
of foam rubber and are guaran
teed to last the lifetime of the
student. Stalls in which to keep
the animals are built in at the
front of the room immediately
behind the instructor. This is
especially designed to illustrate
the instructors ideas to the fullest.
The buildings dimensions
Funds for this building have
been appropriated from money
found under the cushions of the
chairs and couches in the lounge
of the Ag Union.
The Cornhusker
published this year due to a un
foreseen accident involving its
editor, Pat Bechan.
After working diligently to
meet the deadline of 12 a.m. Tues
day, the conciliation comes as a
hard blow to the staff and stu
dents. Many nights the staff has
worked until early morning meet
ing the daily deadlines.
Tuesday night the complete lay
outs for "the yearbook were laid
on Miss Bechan's desk. The staff
was then dismissed and the fin
ishing touches were put on the
layouts by the editor.
About 10 p.m. Miss Bechan
started out with the folder, con
taining the layout, to the printers.
While crossing the intersection nt j
10th and P, a sleek black auto-
r-Ki'lrt pnninnhnW ftrrt,,n ihn
. , . , A '
corner KnocKing jvnss .pccium iu
the pavement.
The folder was broken open by
the impact and the contents were
scattered over the street. The mild
wind blowing, scattered the lay
outs over a five block area. Some
were blown into storm sewers and
other inacessable places.
Miss Bechan miraculously un
injured by the fall put in emer
gency calls to her staff members.
Within a few minutes the entire
staff was searching the area for
The layouts, torn and covered
with mud, were carefully pasted
together and wiped clean. How-
... f 1 i.
will not be ever with id minutes ien until
midnight, lour pages remained
These pages, consisting of Uni
versity beauty queens, arc such a
vital part of the yearbook that it
was decided at the last minute not
to have the annual, because of the
University prestige that would be
lost by not printing their pictures.
So the hard work of the editor
and staff during the year and
Tuesday night was all futile. Also
the automobile which hit Miss
Bechan has not been traced as
All subscribers who paid their
five dollars should report to the
Cornhusker office in the Union
sometime after 1 p.m. Wednesday
for a refund.
Hope Seen
For Revival
Of Morals
Corn Shucks, campus humor
magazine, will again be published
at the University.
"Since Corn Shucks was dis
continued two years ago because
of financial difficulties, student
morals seem to have dropped,"
Dr. R. V. Shumate, chairman of
the Board of Student Publications,
said Tuesday.
Culture on the campus has
reached a low ebb, and we feel
that by bringing Corn Shucks
back, we will help students to
appreciate the finer things in
life,'' he continued.
Anyone who wishes to be on
the Corn Shucks staff may pick
up applications blanks at Ellen
Smith Hall. Positons open are ed
itor, associate editor in charge of
humor, associate editor in charge
of art, and associate editor in
charge of censorship.
Applications must be returned
dents," said the president of thejto Dean Johnstons office by 5
Council. I p.m., April 5. Interviews will be
Students who are trying to get .conducted by the Innocents So-
some rest in their early morning ciety next month.
classes are very much put out ,
with the continual ringing of the RCCU Meeting
towcr- . . , The Bed Cross Campus Unit
Some professors have voiced wiI1 mpct on lhe front stpps of
the wish that the tower be moved tho Union at 8 p.m. Thursday for
Carillon Tower
Site Changed
The Carillon Tower will be
moved to a new site in the near
The Student Council in co
operation with the Buildings and
Grounds Board has announced
the tower will be moved to a spot
closer to the stadium and football
field or possibly to the north side
of Avery Avenue.
"The ringing bells in the morn
ing is disturbing to many ctu-
or at least snencea, so tney
wouldn't be disturbed during their
mt-inoer sponea a-wnne diaper, tsarn on Ag campus at i:m p.m.for tne j
with the slogarjfiuilders services Thursday. Eldon Park, president, ! Spring bl
-jstrtcl-fhem grow," painted will give a lecture on "How to:u,;ii (, n
11.. r ... ... .... r.--,-n -r. t. ivwn
trade for
show in
g from
. re, the
States are
Two Ag Groups Caught
On Tax Evasion Charges
izzard in Nebraska, and
colored red for juniors and
white for seniors.
Official rules for the battle
have not yet been formulated,
but those in charge of the battle
state that loyalty iorms will be
most modern style. All watering. names on his application
facilities are equipped with ehior- The purpose of the picnic is
ophyll and dairy products pro-' to raise money. Therefore, stu
duced under these conditions will! dents must have at least three
remain without odor under any! membership cards to vote for the
conditions. No other cow barn can king. Memberships may be
make this statement. - I bought at the YW office for $1.50.
Another feature of the building Students must bring their own
Qicneri hv nil IVmco in rVinrrrn nt
imnii-intr the crm-haiic Thic in'is its location. Since manv of the picnic equipment and refresh-
! insure that all have no stones or Lop Hall girls have applied foriments. Residence Halls will ex-
other fnreinn mnMrr inciHe the positions as milkmaids, it has boon 'a tne cunew one nour oecause
pread the Two Ag groups, Alpha Zeta and 'dence of the illegal gambling by he added ' decided to erect it as near as pos- 01 the universal appeal of the
:.y through-the Block and Bridle Club have'th nwu a t,mi oit, L -. j sible to Love Memorial Hall. As i project and they feel that stu-
Ihe troupe; been placed under arrest for eva-l mu . wiWreckina SlISS lhis will make it necessary to dents should support a project of
interesting sion of the income taxes law by
onicers or tne .Bureau ot internal
;t- , revenue.
nfon 1
I were
Sier r
ichange the location of the athletic : tnis kind-
eacu case wouiu ue iriL-u m ai r-i ! ! & 1 . f;i,ie l,. ,. ,,j , 4
Kangaroo Court. One said that as
1 U 1 I A 4U.
iill ciS I1U LUU1U LT U1U Ut?(, Lilt.'
The two groups, according to . ...... iTY-i. ,!....-! University official
the Revenue agents, have hidden Su" " ' ,7,."! that results of wrecking
over $10,000 from the past two CV .V. tions carried on to
I years m
the Armed Forces.
make room
year's shows and initiation lees, r ior tne new men s dormitories
The Revenue agents were put on' One of the club officials, Wayne been so satisfactory that plans
th trbil r.t the tav oiacinn hir nn!FrOSt, Block and Bridle President, ! arp heinT marie to eontinno n-rerlf.
f Thp actors in the recent, 'nro-; is still at large. A national search ;ng throughout the camnus.
tested the Block and Bridle Club's is beinS conducted for Frost be- pans have not been completed
betting racket. After an-audit of,fre he has a chance to leave thejyct f0r the wrecking schedule but
all the organizations on the Ag! country for Italy. contractors say that the new His-'
l - a : l - n T , J 11.. Aw:..1 TD..iu; ),nw
fall theiwere found to havc unpaid in-rural College said that he would could be removed with very little
I Thurs- me taxes- !try to morgagc the Poultry Hall trouble.
Id's cae" Alpha Zeta obtained the funds 'to post the bond on the impri?- Wrecking officials stated that
i nj r.: lor us Treasury irom tne lnitia- onea oinciais. ine aean reiaiea, destruction coma oe casuy .ircom
move them to the mall in front of
announced I Ag Hall.
opera- zr:- -zz-zz 1
Coed Points
Plan Change
Director Shortens
Love Library Hours
Class Cut Program
Planned By NU
The Dividon of Student Affairs
has announced a new plan con
cerning class cuts.
It has been decided by the di
vision that students may take 25
cuts in each of their courses with
out being reprimanded by the
The purpose of the new plan
is to aid students who have
trouble working in a class sched
ule that will not interfere with
their activities.
The plan will go into effect Im
mediately. !
a song practice.
President Joyce Johnson told
The Pink Rag that she plans on
entering the RCCU in the Ivy Day
sing. "We havc some good basses,"
she said.
7-7:30 T.M.
'In Noonday Darkness
University Lutheran Chapel
15 & "Q" St.
A. J. lS'orden, Pastor
1 i , ii i. 1 ,j .1 , u: 1 ji..ui ( i 1 .-
uon jees cnargea eaen inemDer. mat ne woum simm ocniuu tiiujjjjiMii.-u kmuc roui-u'ic na :,,:( y,,,! ,,,,im
Tk T-oa r-ifr ffo-rnri hnttinft f!ir,ilt,r orfvimr finrl offiz-erc ot' not vet h.nrl time to set crilirilv nnri , " poilll bJSlCm.
forms and betting stubs as evi-'the two organizations. 1 will be easy to break down."
xqmHv Senate P
i'i.m. '
30C final
f Wright.
Sc finalists
I Nebraska
ed Connie
ing Queen
and Pep
nt J o a e
dar Girl
i Activi-
1 : Ana j
vuet.-": Chancellor R. u
exclusive Pink
nvinue iiusravson
Group Approves Hand Tied Bow Ties
Library hours are to be short
ened for better accommodations.
A recent announcement by the
director of Love Library states
that the hours will be changed to
11 a.m. to 2 p.m. This, the board
feels, will give better all around
service to both the students and
the library staff.
In nvinp reason?: for (he siiri
The Associated Women Students clen change the board of directors
Board has again revised thp ac- cited there were not enough stu
dents using the early morning
hour service to pay the library
to keen a full lime staff on the
eacn gin a maximum 01 11 points i job. This would also give both
each semester, whereas the new 'students and staff members a
system allows for a minimum of'chance to get in well needed rest.
52Vi points. I Because of the approaching
The Board voted for the amend-,!? fevc tthe, ibr,ary c
ciuheu 011 oaiuruay 10 K've ine
library staff a chance to get out
into the sunshine on week-end
The previous system allotted:
jment after receiving many com
plaints from coeds, mainly fresh
men and seniors, who claimed that fishjnc trips
they could not participate in 1 -
enough activities under
point maximum.
Under the new ruling, all coeds
Main Feature Clock
fSrhediilR ftirnlfthrd hy Thpntrr)
Varsity: "Peter Pan," 1:36, 3:34,
will be able to join many campus :5:4- 7:4(! 9:52- "Bear Country,'
ons and work un to,-"", -.""i ", '--i"-
trnenltr Senate will definitely! First, imnortant matter to be proDJem could no omainea irom
Icontinue its present policy of sec- brought before the new type Fac-jall 48 states. Their problem has; ti
-Kiret meetings." . ,Uliy Senate win ueuie c ..lau ,,u, l"T, board nnri evenntive nncjifinns in
n This statement was made by ;of many Student Council powers, cnanceuor seemed quite pieasea f f. Prpvj0,.v ir nfffnl:00, 2:50, 4:40, 6:30, 10:10
tpc 1 rc wn nn nn nrpn i. " " i
sivelv'that all instruc-ll8? dro 4a" activity because
State: ''Bwana
;-e been
; also to
will tc
y cere-
Gustavson in an
Rag interview
Tuesday. ' in tne duties OI tne council anu,. , , ,e un .v.-iMiy "'l'anotner which MVP h too manv
AccOPding' to the Chancellor, ithe Faculty Senate. r!e indicatea snouia dc requirea to wear a nana ,.. ,--- ,
The Chance or said that there iwitn trie
is entirely too much overlapping out conclus
the duties of the Council and! tors on the University campus
she was selected for a position on
I w3
the Senate can not properly con-jthat the Senate had discussed this, tied bow tie very day.
duct its business with any dis- matter before and had come to
turbing influences whatsoever,; the conclusion that the seasoned
and as the Chancellor pointed out j decisions of the Senate would be
conclusively, people are undoubt- more beneficial to the campus
edly the most disturbing human than those of their younger andl - 1
elements on the campus. igaier contemporaries. '"TOfTI itQCKS
Gustavson went on to say thatj Gustavson also released to The," "
a new policy on special committee Ipink Rag the latest developments Elmer Strowtovy, junior in the
Athlete Freed
formation will be used starting 1 on the activities of the subversive
Wednesday March 32. The selec-1 element in the Faculty Senate. He
tion of special committee members explained that a particular group
will be especially secretive ana within the benate nas seen "act
unbiased from now on, he said, ing strangely" for about four
since nominations will not be ac-l years now; and the cause for
eeoted. and names for proposed! their actions has just been dis-
' committee members will be drawn covered,
day to
'n "tap
vnoHA-ifrom the largest hat present. This group has been conducting
noHeti! We cel tnat 1nis new Pncya highly confidential survey for
j.yi.jwttl erase much f competition about fifty months in an effort
:. .fri ' J among the faculty senate mem- to estimate the specific facts on
f.,iarse.i , .. . J1 J etiofot UVini- tact nrnWlnm
f.rc j
meeting can be conducted
this time forward.
from I All facts were withheld from
'the Senate until material on the
School of Music, was released
from the Love Library stacks
Wednesday morning after being
imprisoned for 72 hours.
Srtowtovy was suffering from
shock and starvation. He was im
mediately moved to Student
Health for treatment.
The varsity football lineman
had been memorizing his football
plays for spring practice in the
stacks because "it was so peace
ful and I could concentrate in
After he had learned his plays
he .ried to get out but found
the door was locked. The walls
of the stacks are soundproof so
The AWS has tried to take
every organization and problem
into account in making the new
ruling. However the board real
izes that the point svstem is not
Through the appeal board, the
AWS will welcome further sug
gestions about the merits and de
merits of the new system and will
continually try to improve it, Jan
Steffen, president, said after an
nouncing the amendment.
S Valuable 7-Foot Jaw Bone Believed
Mocked Throuah Skv-Lite Bv Vandals
m . .... Qtrovirtnw'c rrioe xrent ,,nViarH
The jaw bone of the shovel-.mammal." It has great scientific 1 , , . .. ...
f.u;ked mastodont has been stolen value, Mr. Schultz said. . ramc i.unoy, director 01 xne
from the museum of Morrill Hall. The bone was originally dis-jhbrary, said the stacks are used
The bone, 7 It long, was taken covered in Frontier County in as a ine ior ioyany oams i no
1927 bV a groUD Of University al seiuum emeieu. ii was iuir;
from the main exhibit room some-
jtime Tuesday night. Police 6ay the
..'culprits evidently entered the
r! locked building through a sky
: ;',ht above the kleptomano sadri
::'ica, commonly known as the
(American Koad Tlunner.
.j lit. Schultz, director of Morrill
rTT;;lj, described the bone as "prob-
'Mt t-ie Jongesi jaw of any land
students. The studc-nts, on a scien
tific exhibition, uncovered the
bone while they were burying
Police say the robbery was ob
viously the work of clever van
dals who were expert in this type
of thefts. All fraternity housrs are
being searched.
ior btrowtovy, ne aodea, mat u
professor decided to sign the
loyalty oath or it would have been
days before the football player's
Plans for a new safety program
in the library have been started,
Lundy told The Pink Rag, be
cause of the recent Incident.
Extra Large Selection
Goldenrod Stationery Store
215 North 14th Street
1IAII.V 12:45 p. m.
Adiiltn Mmtlnro .... He
Fvenlnr .... f 1.00
('hlhlrpn Anytime . . , AOe
1 :30 - :t:S4 - 0:411 7:46 -9:93
For that nightly snack
Let's eat at the
Serving daily from 11:00 A.M. lo Midnite
: 1317 0 St.
Devil," (3D), TS.bL'
. J:1 ?"Wt W -
I -f? if., V U . ... . -
31, Srr!: ':
s r . v u x
Match this Johnnye Ir. orig
inal with your favorite big
brimmed straw hat and
perkiest gloves you'r
dressed for dating! Slip
into this button-up-the-Ironl
charmer for any
, daytime wear, foo.
. Sleeveless with con-
- ........ ...
irasung cell, lull toil-
i lowy skirt rhinestone
A buttons. Complete
m3 with its own petti-
1 1 r- a. i
wvuii Aanj itj laun
der. Blue stripes
with red petticoat
Sizes 7 to 15. Ours
J usliions . . . MAUEETS Third Floor