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5 Wednesday, Aprli 1, 1953
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Out Of Bounds
ICM Adds Mother
Gridiron Rule Change
Grantland Consodine
rnHfLS Colliate. Athletic Association's Football Rules
Committee, which was the instrument of action repealing the free
SMnSSt1, H? 'U sieaso" ,nex' f.a"; s recentlyecome
rr.; .,. J"""v ,u,e "i Rna regulations.
The committee decided Wednesday that the previous ruling,
that four men are eligible to tako nation n f 1
l616 a the,tir?e the ba" snapped, has been changed"
to allow five men to take backf pIH nnsitmnc 6
This will allow a team to play with a line of six men on offense,
witn any number or variations in fhn Vvtirirfioi nnt
the major colleges depending upon speed, passing and' deceptiveness
me iwu-ijuai lerDacK system.
South Africans Enroll
Athletic Department offi rials rf ihe TTnitmrclfip txrJ
nesday that seven top-notch athletes from British South Africa
would enroll at Nebraska next fall.
n 1hrr yiVL be in ih,e form of a shot ln the arm to Swimming
Coach Web Emery and Track Coach Ed Weir. Four of the South
Africans hold world unofficial swimming records in their respective
yt.ivo, me uuier wo, Doin jump experts, nave been cham
pions two years in their Olympic tryouts in their respective dis-
Husker Footnotes
After digging into our files of "Who's Who at Nebraska," we've
r - m n urn .iV. J l i j . .
"h wdi.ii Buuie juiijuiiani dus oi miormation.
John Bordogna, who last year completed 331 of 367 forward
passes for the Cornhuskers and a total of 2,893 yards, has no thumb
on ms xnrowmg nana. Tne shifty, tnpple-threat back would no
qoudi De an an-time AU-Amencan already if this defect did hot
namper ms Duiiei-speea spirals.
Andy Loehr, anotner Turtle Creek, Pa. product, is now being
eyed by Husker diamond mentor Tony Sharpe.
The fleet soph football end played errorless baseball at third
base last summer for the Turtle Creek club of the Pittsburg AAA
Independent League, leading his mates with a .753 average at the
plate while topping the league in home runs, doubles and stolen
George Paynich, Des Plaines, 111. football letterman at Ne
braska, also played some outstanding baseball last summer, as player
coach of the Fresnillo Zacatecas of the Mexican League.
Paynich set the league's record in extra base blows, and gar
nered 57 home runs in 63 games.
Boll To Get $30,000
Don Boll, who played outstanding defensive guard for Coach
Bill Glassford's Cornhusker gridiron club last fall and recently signed
to play with the Washington Redskins next fall, has announced that
his salary will exceed $30,000.
This amount is somewhat of a record for Redskin rookie line
men. The 240-pound Boll was called "the most terrific big man I've
seen in college ball last year" by 'Skin scouts during their visit
with The Pink Rag sport staff Wednesday.
Big Seven (t
Review Rule
By PESO divided t.
Mexican Writer Bordog. (l'
Big Seven commisar Reeve Pe- this tc I
ters shocked the athletic world by this 1
his announcement that "In all (Coac
league football games, Big Seven the T j
members will use the free substi- Big
tution rule next fall." tackle,
Peters related that the momen- earnestlj
tous decision had been reached ing som
after a secret meeting in Kansas hopes 1
City Wednesday. by this
Reaction from Big Seven Vetera
coaches and players was varied, not be 1
Aging Bud Wilkinson of Okla- "Personal
homa said, "Now, if we can throw play, that
out that silly anti-bowl clause, me going ;
this would really be the top con- been my gi
ference in the nation." Fan react,
Jules Sykes of Kansas had a re- players, wa
lleyed look on his face when he whined Lyr
said, "Phew, the very thought of! find mv J
having to coach a team both of- All that ri
fensively and defensively aggra- hoping to '
vated my ulcers." the new V
Coach Bill Glassford of our own Ginny
Cornhusker team calmly stated; coed, coc
"We think it is for the good of thclments, "W
game. It will help our boys scho-No furthe; ,
lastically also. Teaching the boys tracted fr(
to go both ways would be tool "As long . ,
time-consuming." Ihappy," sak.
Don Farout of Missouri seemed; Chi sweethea
ALUMS TO MEET VARSITY . . . Shown here are some of the
alumni who will face Coach Bill Glassford's Scarlet squad on All
hports Day, May 2. The grrads are currently working: out under
direction of their coach, Tom Novak. Front row (left to right):
Kenneth Fischer, Fred Hawkins, Fred Lorenz, Frank "Dutch"
Meyer, Carl Samuelson, Vic Schleigh and Fran Nagle. Second
Courtesy Sunday Journal and Stat
row: trainer Blaine Rideout, Wayne Handshy, Jack Pesek, Bill
Mueller, Jerry Jacupke, Dick Goeglein, Frank Simon and mana
ger Jwold Zlumblk. Back row: Ron Clark, Bob Mullen, Coach
Tom Novak, Dick Regier, Assistant Coach Harlnod Bzek, Harry
Meginnis and Joe Ponseigo.
k a fa
11 flvdOVe IT
on s
only comment from
Lost Swim Star's
Body Still Sought
Swimming Editor
The search continues for J.
Pisces Finn, a member of the Uni
versity of Nebraska swimming
team who drowned during the re
cent Nebraska-Oklahoma swim
ming meet.
Finn, an expert in the breast
Stroke event, was leading in his
event with six rods to go. Spec
tators close to the race overheard
Finn whale, "Oh, I drown! Al
loha cruel world! Burble, bur
ble .. . "
Finn's parent's, Mr. and Mrs
Mickey I'inn, were grieved by the
news. "I told him not to go in
without his rubbers on," said his
bereaved father.
Warren "Webb" Operculum,
Nebraska swimming coach, was
touched by the loss of his star.
Well never have a better swim
mer than our lost Carter Lake
The U.S. Coast Guard has been
dragging the Coliseum pool fever
ishly for the past two months.
"It's the sharks what got him,"
said Admiral Steve Kanyon.
No sign of Finn or sharks have
been reported. A ragged old sock
apparently Finn's, has been un
earthed however. "Guess we'll
have to bury it," said Mrs. Finn.
If the body is not found within
By INTRA-MLNDELL i The only comment from the'eise statement could not be ob-jwas quoted as saying that he
Sports Staff Writer jBrooklyn head office concerning gained from that city however, as would rather go to the Sally
The New York Yankees of the! Weiss' comment tossed in their L vllir, ' frpmipritv ; league than play for a Nebraska
American baseball league an-, auction was. we wish they d . - . - " ,team. "We Okies jest don't as-
nounced today in a surprise re-'move from the major leagues al-! interspersed with sobs and groans. sociate wit them all Cornshuckers
lease that it was moving its fran
chise to Lincoln, Nebr. The state-
together." Another protest came from outside a football field where we
Wild speculation immediately Mickey Mantle, outstanding Tan-' a.n can lick them all any day of
mmi ramp as a snnrK in mp nasp- Toimwen xne ann i nppmpni rnn- i. inf.ijA. i n " vv-xx on
i rvCC LCU ICU1C1UC1 1 a a l jcaoun.
ball world, especially on the heels cerning the new Lincoln Western i iv, j.t
nf th Rnston RrvPS tnnvP tf.'Ine tPam. the PhiPfs. At first iMantle- an Oklahoma product,
Braves move to League team, the Chiefs. At first
i thought, it appeared that the J
manager, Chiefs were doomed with the
of the Boston
Yankee general
George Weiss, made the an-coming of major league ball, but
nniiTifPmpnf at Trip facpv Star crn , AAfpicc miirlrlv cniiplrhpH Qiiph
the next Week. Officials Of the tpctimnninl hrpalrfact in Nm'pnmmpntc with fhp ctatpmpnt thar' C I
athletic department will take the;York Wednesday morning. Said he felt certain that both teams, V7U 111 OGVci Cll
" """."P Wiul l"c parimem,Weiss ..Jt has become apparent : could fare splendidly in the Ne-
. 1 I
New Sports
that New York is no longer aibraska capitol city. The Yankees
three-baseball team city and so have already contracted to use the
ih& Ynnk-pps whn Inct nvpr a mil-'Phipf' Shprman FipIH "uhilp thp
. 1 . : . . . . .. - T A 1 T: i XT A
lion dollars at the gate last year. Lincoln team is on the road. i jjhcc-iui uwaiu rhr , w J
n n o u n cea "
The only comment
from Lincoln concerning this was
"tio Hum."
Local Lincoln civic groups have
already begun the wheels turning
ior a piayott between the Western
and American League winners
and said they were certain it
would be an all-Lincoln series.
Corn Cobs To Meet
Don Noble announced a Corn
to be the only coach thinking of
the possible consequences. "Nat
urally I voted for it. but I think
it will hurt our record against
some of the nationally ranked
The players meanwhile sort of
woman on th
Big Seven
the forthcoml'
NCAA policy
seems to be
Big beven wl
if they enact
are seeking greener currency. We! The new name for the former! Higgenbothom has
are sure that Lincoln is our an-Bronx Bombers has already beeniDians for an enlarged program of &laaium-
swer." set and will now and forever be intramural activities next year. W e decided to hold our meet-
4T Krtr-i mo innironl tact con enn tVio "QViorrrnn T")nm YanlrPOC I j.t j i .
l ": V IZv,'i c..Z Z(r;i,tr; Z,. i The new sports to be added will '"ssw ere xne aimospnere is
Ltlrfl. rVE dl LtTi tflil iU II L1I ALIdlII L1CVL1 tit lICTClLiril U1U LCOLD 1 HVC PI- . . ji . a inunT" cn.W
: . . . .. . : : . . . . .. makp it nni nt me largest uro-, """k omu.
world championship, the heart of ready been voiced lonowing tne:" ; tv,--,,.,,
Gotham belongs to the Bums of surprise shift. One of the loudest;6'0"""
Brooklyn. We didn't care about has come from Omaha which has The sports to be added are:
thp hpnrt until wo fminH that thp hppn rnnivinp for trinlp-A rlnh skeet shooting, darts, curling, ar-
money went with it and so we'and now are clamoring for the'ehery for distance and accuracy,
are leaving." 'Lincoln-New York deal. A con
SINK OR SWIM . . . There have
been no new developments on
the drowning of J. Pisces Finn,
former swimming ace at the
University of Nebraska. (Pink
Rag Photo by Cclven-Heyn).
Star Quarterback McWick
Quits NU, Takes Afeiv Job
Rising Politician
- 4
4 I
Sports Staff Writer
Jerry McNiclc, flashy football
quarterback, has given up studies
at the University of Nebraska to
accept a position as modeling
agent for the Maiden Form Bra
Co., of Pitfalls, New Mexico.
I "I can't afford to stay at Ne
braska and play ball no more.
said McNick. "My contract ran out
this month and they won't give
me $8,000. I quit," he said.
McNick was previously one of
Nebraska's highest paid athletesj
until xne receni comueis wun me
athletic department.
George "Pudgy" Clark, athletic
director, expressed disappoint-
men over McNick's decision. "We
just can't afford to pay him that
much money. We have too many
other expenses to keep up."
It is presumed that Director
Clark was referring to the new
salary hikes demanded by corrupt
officials and referees recently.
McNick was awarded an ail
American rating by the Delta Up
silon Atheist and the Cambridge
Morning Fog newspapers.
J u
i ' K
A 7
a - - fV x C1."
BIG SEVEN COMMISAR . . . Reeve Pertes
that Big Siven teams will be allowed to -tern
in league football contests next fa
Prof. Ray Morgan.)
squash rackets, soccer, jai-alai,
cricket, deck tennis, crow bomb
ing, parachute jumping, car-hopping,
table-hopping, motor scooter
relays, fly casting, card filing for
speed and accuracy, volleyball in
flating race, weight guessing, jit
terbugging, ring-around-the-rosy,
sail boating, pie throwing, pie eat-;
ing, hot rod racing, pipe smoking,
and hog calling. l
Shiny new brass trophies will:r;
be awarded to all winners.
Competitors for car-hopping and i ;
parachute jumping should start
training for actual competition forj;"
next fall. :;
Team entries for the events
must be submitted not later than
one week after competition starts.
floating flattery in
Browns, Pirates
Still Favorites
licous new stcp-into frock, its skirt
a float of impressed pleats. A tasty
stripe, woven by Wamsulta, in soft,
hazy cotton, in RcUWhile, Grey
White, BlueWhile. Sizes 9 to 15.
jut 17.95
f 4
Kiner Sold To Los Somepin;
Injured Shoulder Aids Move
Palnh "Bnnm - Boom" Kiner
T1 1 It T.T
has been sold by the Pittsburgh ",,1"
Pirates to Los Somepin of the
Class A Argentina League.
The big Buccaneer, who was
known as the National League's
top fence-buster, was given the
heave-ho after he seriously
hmispH hie shnnlHpr ninninr into
- c
i ' ih lpft firlri fpnre at Fnrhes
ft', -4 I T-i A-ti im vm t:..i
"lhe had released Kiner after much
thought. we can ouy iour or
V'1-?1 more farm clubs with the money
We '11 "be saving on Ralph s salary."
. m Lou "Lime" Rickey, brother ot
.St...'. ' .1 -n: 4- . . 1 ..-.,")."
me 2'iiuit: iiictuiMi cite aim cu&iuui-
an of the Pittsburgh club house
'", - 4 1 felt that Kiner was given his pa-l
....' 'ipcrs because his brother thought
The Pink Rag's predictions of
the outcome of both major league
races, which were puonsnea in
Wednesday s 8 a.m. edition, nave
received attacks from 20 or 30
campus political groups.
Sports director Hugo Slucksi
defended his predictions at a staff
meeting, saying that he owned
interests in both of his favored
clubs, and knows they'll win. "I
never lose and if I do, there's
a reason," Hugo boldly announced
to the ambitious scribes.
The Pink Rag's predictions on
the National and American
Leagues, unchanged by the pres
ent hassle, remain: American
League the St. Louis Browns (a
solid favorite to repeat in their
championship try); and National
League the Pittsburgh Pirates
(they pack the superb pitching,
fielding and batting prowess to
again squeeze through for the
flag, especially since they recently
signed several top-flight Junior
Legion players).
Address your bets four odds are
sure we'll have the best mixed! $1,000 to $1 our $1) to The Pink
doubles team in the country. It's Rag, Lower Slobovia, or call
the best paid court inland." IlDjuts 2-828282.
NEW JOB . . . Jerry McNick,
footballer of form and fame, has
dropped school to take on a job
with the Maiden Form Bra Co.
(Pink Ra? Photo by William
Randolph Herst).
Chaffee Kiner, former tennis star
"I think that's the best racket
for the girl who knows clothes
Big Seven Accepts 'X' Cagers'
Bid For League Membership
MEFT THE PRESIDENT . . . Bobby Stronsheart has oeen named
new president of the Cornhusker Kennel Club. Stronsheart was
former treasurer of the Lincoln Do Pond Club and was chairman
f the Tree Committee for that organization. (Fink Rag Fhoto
By Georgl Malenkov.)
Femme Sports Writer
The University Athletic De
partment has announced the re
cent acceptance of the "X" bas
ketball team to the Big Seven
The team is recognized for their
distinctive plays and organization
the Big Seven Committee. The
was said to have great, rev
olutionary advance in the art of
The team is composed of five
Kiner had little to say on his starting members and several sub
new status. "I'll kill Rickey institutes. Two other men clad in
I fL f vjlKir,er was going to have anotherjby tr
t y, ' ' Y bad vear- ne ts over fivejteam
' home runs at Los Somepin, I'm oluti
j 'sure he'll get boosted to the Mex-
I see him again." Khier's indiffer
ence could mean fiat he'll take
up tennis with his wife, Nancy
striped shirts complete the roll.
An observer of one of their recent
games however remarked that
these men were not popular play
ers because the other members
never threw them the ball.
He also said that these two
members of the X team would
often become angry and vigorously
point at another member and then
go to the sidelines and pout. This
irate spectator said that he fin
ally became disgusted and went
down and told the men that they
should realize that they could
never get the ball to stay in the
fish net until they mended the
large rip.
In spite of general misunder
standing, the Conference has rec
ognized their individuality and his
accepted the "X" team in the con
sheer, cool 1 , 1 , '
VVH' Iff
V if 1 f
ft : -i? X VT , V.
" fA F i ) i
' IPV' T 7" ' " I s
i V m j ' - i 1 -
III ' 1 a :. ; i
i- f r I K ' ' I
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