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Wednesday, Aprli 1, 1953
8 f
J (J
I FIEFEE We have been stabbed in the back.
We all must admit, however, that some action
s Chancellor, his adminis- was necessary after the legislature's decision. I
I Board of Regents left the ha( thought that Nebraska was blessed with a
very worried men. legislature of free-thinking, progressive, forward-
ht th fc fc looking men who had nothing but the best inter-
- ests of the citizens of the state in mind. This action
Legislature had cut the has caused some doubt to come into these thoughts.
versity down to a ex- In fact, I think that it would have been much wiser
I Although the Univer- if the Unicameral had cut the budget of the Board
f more than $16 million of Control. A lot of the Board's money is spent
Aipriated l million. No helping the poor and there is no reason why the
ihe school was wonied. poor can't help themselves in a free, capitalistic
i la the back. state-
mid do, they told a group We were stabbed in the back.
n called together for an when any legislative body 'cuts' an institutional
-ence, was to discontinue appropriation as badly as the Unicameral cut the
And this, probably, is only University's budget, all I can say is keep an eye on
I necessary cuts. senators' wages. I'll bet that some senator will in-
1 la the back.
Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy Tuesday
was appointed Secretary of State,
upon the sudden resignation of
John Foster Dulles, who retired
from public activities because of
"ill health" . . . McCarthy's ap
pointment was announced by
President Eisenhower 30 minutes
after Dulles submitted his resig
nation . . . McCarthy was ex
pected to receive Senate confir
mation in a special session called
for midnight Tuesday night. . . .
Democrats Attack
GOP Stronghold
CEPITOR-S TS'OTE: The follotn 4
itorial was .NOT published in Ihe Ml. Lauu
Nebraska Democrats are on the
troduce legislation before long to use the money l"- -V TIm N!
V the students at the state savei from the University budget to increase legis-jhraska voters in the last seven
elections, the mulers have at last
hit on a new way to approach
the electorate.
The new system depends upon
sen of Nebraska. I believe latlve salaries.
state and it deserves a ?e were stabbed In the back
ill it ha a ritrn cnccti7o
T TTmWintv lifp -UL-ill1 ille "ew
Impossible to comprehend " , two basic principles:
sstnj such a foolish ap- be llke for the next two years as we to get along Any kind of publicity is good
j on the meager appropriation. I certainly am glad publicity when you are looking for
I , that I am a senior and won't have to watch the;a yte-
aSo. C1 ihuub mauiuuoii. tpopular in this state that they do
We were stabbed in the back. jnot dare toshow then- faces.
It isn't enough to say that the Legislature cut our; The new method? It simplv fa
lser -the Regents did the
I the Med School. They
UTILE MAN ON CAMPUS . . . . .. By Bibler'From The Glass Box
Legislators Investigate
. fcw w V covin. '
"Well, looks like this term will just about wind up th' G.L
.hey said, and the Med
sJkpt It will improve the budget so low that the University has almost be-jvolves clipping out items such as
h longer have a probation- come inoperative. We must look deeper and J1
f loading us down, they ar- Just what caused anyone to think that such a moveand hen sending e items to a
iems to me as if this action would be wise. In other words, do the people ofjSeiected list of the strongest Re-
Ittle too hasty. I think that state actually want to disable their university? , publicans in the state,
fl v V.ii T mnut .rain!v An nnt think so. I have a deeo and In the case of one rock-ribbed
i. nave ceen oeuer. i am - - - " nr,Hirn uhn ror-eiveH a r-lin-
Nebraskans and I feel certain that; 1 . . 0,uj . AJx
, pang, sue naa ocaiuitu vaii.
sent the
i any other college and say abiding faith in
n given the ax instead of something will be done to restore the appropriation. gentiy to discover who se
science bothers me when I its former amount maybe even more than ori-jclipping that she has dug
Mucation of potential doc- mlly requested.
We were stabbed in the back.
Stolen Goods
Minnesota Fraternities
Outlawed On Campus
Zoology's Red Herrings
Hal Hasselbalch
The Legislature Monday ap
oointed a special committee to in
vestigate reports that there were
It was not until the depart
ment's leading graduate student,
Josef Murphisky, testified that the
reH herrinss in the Zoology Do! search seemed to be making any
partment. After exhaustive ques-1 headway.
tioning and a thorough search of it was a dramatic moment when
Bessey Hall the senators found. Murphisky rose to his full four
what they were after. foot height and took oath. He
The investigating committee set breathed a deep breath of the
up in Bessey Hall auditorium. It
was the first time the Zoology
Department staff had a chance to
fomaldahyde laden air. As he ex
haled he swore (Murphisky has
been known to say "damn" in
UCUai mam o a - -
c,Ja .r v,mv difficult it is to class) that he did know of some
sWn in the auditorium chairs. All: red herrings in the Department
the time they thought the class
for the most part, had oeen stay
ing awake because of the high
quality of the lectures. Tuesday
the staff learned that only the
most fatigued persons are cap
able of sleep in Bessey Audito
fa1!! Cfun Ml ml
H l II cfl?J fllfff
WomW nf thP California1 sist entirely of intramural meets,
Up Bt, rir-rA r.f Rotiontc annnunrpH last! A A
least five or six Democrats where - k that th faculty members The University of Wyoming1 rid the University of them."
oKa thnntfht thorn irera nnlv tu;n ... , j1 ... .... ,
who had lost their joos two ana Wlu establish a Department oi
of Zoology.
A hush fell over the whole
smelly hearing room.
Ranter arose, paled, started to
speak and collapsed in his chair.
When the initial shock of Mur
phisky's announcement had sub-
iAA Urt ...nnl in in cvnlnin what
. One by one the staff members, he was talking about. The legis
were queried from the prof es-L t followed Murphisky's ad
sors through the instructors and' tQ th(J Jetteri
labEaachiSofntn'e professors denied Dismissing the hearing the sen
knowledge of any subversion in'atort rushed to the specimen room.
Knowieage oi . any Scrambling over dusty bones and
rofSr Ranter said that Hearts in the depths of the dark
,v. f, !rl nmr nnmites in the c b?et (there were some skeletons
er he would know it in the Zoology Department's closet,
dToS ft ndote'letoTin'our after all) were fo t incon
i ... AriH inriisnantlv spicuous bottles. When the con-
dlee WodworTer. ShS tfincrs were brought into the light
doffed his red vest for the dura-, it was evident that each contained
tion of the investigation, made ita. decaying herring of a dark
clear that the committee was notlPink hue.
interested in the quiz instructors!
as Ranter implied. vprr5'TWO ON THE AISLE
"There are some red hpmnes
here," Sen. Woodworker shouted.j
"and we intend to una tnem dim nn i.n irtHC
rthy has decided The Pink Rag welcomes McCarthy and his in-i
jxe University of vestigating committee to the University of Ne-
ands of letters braska. We hope that he digs into every depart-
.,n what is un- ment, every residence house, every organization
Weasel Hates
Him A Tiger
a half years ago because they j winter Activities next fall, the COLORADO
refused to sign a loyally oaui president of the university ae
would not only receive their back;clared recently. j
pay, but they will also receive. In making announcement,
$500 bonuses upon their return ne said ..since two-thirds of the:
to the faculties of the California, university's courses deal with
universities. 'teaching the skills of winter
According to the president of; sports, lt js only natural that we
the Board, the bonus is being shoud organize a department
awarded "because of the admir-, whkh would include all of them."
sSerfnf d?e tJe
j i tobogganing, ice-skating, bob-
To Star In
From th TTT.A Scon
t?"1 darkitiring fight against the oath and;? tJ
Coed Analyzed Opera Carmen
In Chemical
From the Colorado Flatiron
Element: Woman.
j Staff Writer
j Hollywood has finally done it!
i The motion picture Industry
ihas announced that Marilyn Mon
iroe will star in a movie adapta
tion of Verdi's opera, "Carmen."
An unnamed movie executive let
forest lived four weasels. Ueainst the Board which insti-ithrowing- skilit etiquette, igloo!Svmbol: wToo. Thought to be athe cat out of the bag in one
this issue, Mc-
strength of Communism on the campus.
This stand may appear inconsistent with the past
"Cmirwmr x y-i v t-x --!- i-niro1c" 4! m . . i
hrs written to him editorial policy of The Pink Rag, in which we hav be msld oJ1 J
ka taxpayers and discredited McCarthy investigations as witch-hunts,
jnowever, indicate character assassination and as examples of guilt-
luainted with the by-association.
ity campus.
a wpa;pl was vprv cood. and , u .. .construction, walK-scooping, snow
ive colleges in and every class. We hope that he discovers the full 1,-"?, JLthat L ,T!ot J3 inT ad how to wrap for cSld
is all but the other three weasels. was estimated at $13 million. iweK, c!r,f 4V, aro
Thev hated him. m m m ' "ost f ne courses are contin
ued for three or lour quarters.
At present the winter sport
mpmfcer of human family. ' !nf thosp smoke-filler! room ses-
Atomic weight: Accepted at 120; sions. The anonymous executive,
however, isotopes have been ; wearmg a red plaid coat, dark
found ranging from 87 to 213. (glasses and light green beany,
Occurrence: Found both free andsajcji "After a 10 year search
combined. we've decided that Miss Monroe
has the personality for Carmen."
viously, but Mc-
ae facts of growing
But we now welcome the senator to the campus,
with these editorial remarks still in mind, for this the good weasel.
bad weasel to another one day. Minesota when, at the end of a VtMetics En The announcement broke like
Lets try to think of some way flve-year period of grace, their dfr'tion I in a Pure sta,e- Found'n a11 a bomb-shell over Hollywood,
to get rid of him." 'constitutions still retained clauses. Wuflness Administration. gizeSi shapeS) and ages ir reported that veral -script
" i wnicn me university aaminisira- . , nT;,; v.
think of some way to eet rid of
ics conference for next Novem-
i tory."
Only two of the university's
I've got if" said one. "I know ; f raternities were not affected by
ber with expenses for one dele-
of our school, he will soon discover that the Com
munist movement in this country and particularly
Va TTniiTAoittf 5 pn 9wtsvtr thif Vi a tin oi-or
tfe tegents Bookstore hop! io catch up ?e subversion elements, no
.Imow about the Uni
f u papers must be sub-
that at its last meet
ly, the faction, endorsed
WKpn 1rCarthv Vwirin tn linpnvpr thp lifp hloorlia haiiapr fiuw mo mnnpv!.'. ,j.,- ,!;,. gate from each U.S. university,
j : cmmuiouuiij uu cv. t-, j,.t.e ,iU h, -0oniaA
tsaagers are always cnopping:ing the 33 to leave the Univer-!
Idown trees. Ill get him to chop a sjty of Minnesota !upcn the basIS of theJlr ablllty
itrppfimTi riffhf on tnn nf thp onnrf h.. 1 .v.- .,i-...,-j ,.!add. According to advance pub-
wf3i" u : , , j j; licity. the conference will be
But this only broke the good to ooen their membershins to an scheduled for only two hours each
matter how many Red-sympathizers he may ex-'weasel's right leg. He still kept on : raCes. but they were bound by, da1 Trlg"f thp h i-ni
nw wrh H iwm! ueuer man ever Decause ne national rulings which tney were' T
ose each day. feU he had a Cause ,unabe change or avQ.d !be free to the delegates for un-
The Communist strength is so great in the United The second bad weasel tried: Or.p university official Ta-P.lanned conferences and discus-
:ti j ai a iL. i i;4i- Tftllintr a hiff hrmlHor nvor on tha i.J ?f - SlOll EFOUPS.
smj-f -.a---- .j -that thA oiatcs. ne wui una, inau me guou litue scudiui- "-o " 7 4v- umiivcu, c tan ncip ii o - .
Ust party ana mat ne icc, hic ,arHe in Hi.m.rt'??01 weasel. but thls only broke fraternity's rules are determined
desirous oi tne Denents , . hls other legi and he went on by a nationai body, If the mem.
lion, are now organizing and go home. ing better and kinder than be- bers of Minnesota's fraternities
tensed by the Nebraska ir fore- . want to remain on campus, they
! ci tav,theref0TrPrleS 0ne bad -aserSge'or disavoTthefr connec- OfaecfOHS
,-i not know of the grow- to be the answer to McCarthyism. Just let the said, "You guys are doing this all tion with the national group." :Dear Editor:
Jvexsity faculty members senator start investigating in Lincoln and he will i wrong. I know how to get rid Another official said, "We cer-' I'm a man, and I liked Coed
vns at spring commence- soon beat his bead to a pulp against the brick wallof ,th's Ps"" a l tainly aren't against fraternities. Follies. However, I have two ob-
i v rv;c etrr,r,hr,M And ke went o each ot the . We just want to make the Uni- jections.
cf ur Communist stronghold. icreatures of the forest -8 nd told versity of Minnesota free fromi 1. First of all. why do there
;iformed that the so-called Then, with the last bourgeois enemy of the Peo-hem that the good weasel wasn't racial discrimination. Fraternity have to be women there? Why
'were inspired by May Day pies of the World gone the way of all capitalists, a weasel at all. or else he wouldn't rulings were simply a good place can't we have an all-male audi
er cities where Communist the forward march of the proletariat can continue fce so G,?od- He told them that he. to start." ence and keep tradition? Women
est aiainst the capitalistic uninterruptedly up the pathway toward Utopian --ally a ferocious tlger in dis-; j. anj a contrast in
a. ! marxism. Aimougn they had never seen nounced Monday afternoon sKirt lengths. &Kit actresses naa
W that tSe Regents Book
X an example of Conamun
,e Student Union has long
' itorship By the proletariat
it . i
a tor from Wisconsin per-
Why do we need Class Officers?
The present officers, especially the Senior Class
1 these facts, but surely he President, have done absolutely nothing cor.struc-
- the true strength cf the tive during their entire terms. It seems utterly
4 the campus. Only an ob- stupid for the Student Council to open filings this
ne as The Pink Rag could year.
cernins; Red youth at the The Pink Rag would like to see the Council close
i The above examples are filings and invalidate the election and do nothing
?s It which the true color to restore the practice of having class officers.
a tiger, all the animal
the good weasel and
out or the forest, for they knew nate
that tigers were very dangerous, petition.
Is set upon through its president's office that, skirts way above the knees and, splrU tion wi 1
drove him the school will no longer partici-lthen the TNC finalists had to' ""ted i h esfflrn Jmni
they knew pate in Big Seven football com-, wear forma Is. Why not. have all, Chief J oraamenUL EJta-,
a disclosed-
They stink. D. P.
" P 1 fill
Moral: Sticks and stones mar
break your bones, but names
can ret yon ran oat of Washington.
;of them 13 inches from the floor? I
K-State, according to the an-, Or better yet, why not have the
nouncement, will concentrate; TNC s m bathing suits?
solely on basketball and track, i Sincerely,
The gridiron program will con-i A MALE
usually in a disguised condition. :w;iters wcre ru?hed to jg An
Surface usually covered with agecs hospitas. Darryl F. Zanuck,
mm oi composite mdieiKu. ! Alfred Hitchcock, and Cecil 3.
generally pieasing. Boils at DeMilIe are mmored to be fight
nothing and freezes without jng for production rights for the
reason. Difficult to melt under filming Luella Parsons an.
ordinary conditions; however, n0lmced rom an exclusive mil
all varieties me t -with proper y sh ,n downtown Holly.
treatment. Able to absorb great W0Qd ,.Wel and ed t
quantities of expensive foods cod
and drinks. Very bitter if not; '
used correctly. Density in spots!
not as great as appearance in-! Miss Monroe's studio has
dicates. Unpolished specimen planned singing lessons for her
tends to turn green In presence with Rise Stevens. Rudolph Bing
of highly polished one. Fresh1 of the Metropolitan Opera was
variety has great magnetic at- visibly moved by the whole thing,
traction. Ages very rapidly Said Bing, "I resign."
usually attaining permanently! Well, that's the news that has
enlarged state. ! Hollywood at a loss for adjec-
tives this week.
Chemical properties: Highly ex-j
plosive and dangerous in inex
perienced hands. Extremely ac
tive in presence of man, often
pvnlnriinf smntartprnis! v when
left alone with opposite gender, martini party will be held in the
Posse-es great affinity for gold, Dean of Student Affairs Office be
silver, platinum and precious Sinning 1 p.m. Thursday and last
stones. When isolated, a violent mS as long as you want to stay,
reaction of major proportions; Frank Hallgren will be in charge,
occurs. Undissolved bv linuirisJ All students are urged to attend.
but activity increases when sat-1 .I-ab- cancelled: All ROTC labs
m De canceuea ior x n e re
minder of the semester beginning
ient cleaninc aeent. Acts as nos-i Thursday.
itive or negative catalyst in thei Beauty queens: All of the many
production of fevers. Probably , University queens are requested
the most powerful (bank ac-; to attend a meeting at Dirty Earls
count reducing agent known. 3 p.m., Thursday.
Cocktail party: A pre-vacation
Hoyj To Take Motes
You Write Down:
(From the Colorado Flatiron)
The Professor Says:
"When Lafayette first came to this country, he discovered that
America, and Americans, needed his help if their cause were to "Lafayette discovered America."
survive, and this he promptly supplied them."
"Probably the greatest quality of the poetry of John Milton,
who was born in 1608, is the combination of beauty and power. Few
have excelled him in the use of the English language, or for that "Milt-160S"
matter, in lucidity of verse form. Many say Paradise Lost is the
(greatest single poem ever written."
"Current historians have come to doubt the complete advan-
diroensional) or some similar diversion.
"His clothing was also another unnecessarily big ;
s h tvwrr pi rno Style rhsr.ffed at least once a year and
m will envision the wardrobe that didn't change with them wa,tageousnes of some of Roosevelt's policies."
I sneered at This was a problem to both men and!
J isoted about the coeds, although coeds more than men. A coed even ; . "
.i handicap. Not had to buy a new evening dress for nearly every
was the trouble: formal occasion. j "Socrates was aloof and a Stoic, but Stoicism is very different
""'"I end of one -4r from cynicism. A cynic is contemptuous of all things, especially
, . ... a ' " . .... . .ns- numan nature, wnercas a oiuic is one wuu acuepus an ujuiga is mcj'
-vnown in -Another notable aspect of college life in 1953 without complaining"
I enough was that it was nearly completely regulated. A stu-j
I entailed dent was told what courses he had to take and : , ''The examination will test the student's oyer-all comprehension
1 , . . . . .... , ... . of the subject, and a thorough knowledge of theories behind the
I when he had to take them. Coeds were told how jfact and their relevance to fieids other than political science will "Bull exam.'
essea ior many exira-curricu iar acuviues wey couia id.erDe necessary.
"Today's troubles and problems
are dirertiy traceable to the treed
and buneling of President Roosevelt."
. . . most people do not fully understand the Russian view- "Prof. Gidsncy is a red.'
Socrates was a cynic."
aze. He what hours they could go out, how to dress and . . .... ..
' 7 T ! , ,. . , . v. The examination will be essay-type and you may use your "No crib."
M able to where to live. Men were slightly less regulated, but books and notes.
i to spend were forced to spend several years in the military!
J n amhOT sftw- rraduation i "The class Friday will probably be the most important of the
f! A , .v kj! yn r0,, year since we will throw it open to a general discussion of the "No class Friday."
manded that "It's smafl wonder the generation has been noted ajn problcms whlch we have met throughout the course. Roll will
a movie (two for its lack of original thought." not be called."
Tlia Pink Rag
mfatel OUestafe Pres Iutereelleriate Preis
- trvrstatlre: Kitim&l ATertlsln Service, Inc.
'mt A New Terk 17. Kew Tor
i "On entering the classroom Monday you will find a list of
'questions on the board. You will have thirty minutes to answer
ithem. The remainder of the period will be spent in discussing the
Iproblems. This quiz wil not be graded: it will serve only as an
(indication of how you are coming along in the course."
'No class Monday."
tmrxWmtm, "tt tt
, mmSm B Iwt
j pm
i ltmri
r Ta v
. m-m mm m t m
rMe m f
nr ' fm
. 4 itM mtM M
i 1 tf
J iptHl I. Jf-i.Sfc
... tow fVwt
..,. 14 pm tune
"For the last few periods I have been showing you the various
means by which this formula may be derived. I cannot stress too "Lenfth times width equals area."
imnrh iha imnnrtan nf Irnnwins it limitatinne and restrictions..."
lm Wmmr i
, "T!L, j "Chapter VI is not. required reading, but the student will find it
jr t7h. ",r,i, of inestimable worth in better understanding the field as a whole "Omit Chapter VL"
v" and in stimulating nis interest jor runner siuay aiong inese lines.
n ! hot
Mr 17"" T "
t.r It4im.
"The exam will be closed book and notes may not be used." "Get seat in back."
The horse has replaced the auto-
horsepower" is still used in rating the power of modern automobile mobile."
"Although thp automobile is in universal use. our old. dependable
MatHwme Wtmrnm. Mmrlfy Hntttm, !. cVm.T: frUm(i the hnr-se. has not been comoletelv riisolaced. The term
mm. Ma, n,.m-w- Hir crritiTcir" id ctill lie
mnrm'M, rw7 wnmrw rTim wrr"ir.,
t.hhim iwtrncrr. 4nm i'mwmrm. Jmrktmm. Umt Hurrry, engines. "
lZ?.tk UM'' -Although the sex of baby chicks is difficult to determine, pro- "Call Jean."
a cm km ararv jcedures can be followed which greatly cut down guess-work."
ttH . IhhM d'Mj
i Bmttmrn mmm "One cannot blame the youth of today for being reluctant to "Prof. Cidsney In a red."
M sum. cuw.enter the armed forces ...
Classified Ads
To place a classified ad
Stop in the Barincw Office Boon 29
Student Unkn
CaO 2.7641 Eat, 4226 for CLmbL
Horn 14:29 Man. tbnt hi
No. worda 1 day 2 day days 4 days 1 wetK
l-io $ m i j85 ) a i ti oo i ma
16-20 ) jw M IIS 1K 1.79
21-29 I .70 U9 1.43 1 73 jt "
26-80 ) M IS I.C5 100 tM
FOR SALH-1V Klectnc Sbaveri:
ttr-niek "2U"
Sfinirk diaper
BctlkU Colonel ,,,,
ilemuiRton uiitwim ,
AKirtl Tyi"wrir JlilJbon
Maiellc "KltrhMi-lvp" I'.adiu. .
Call 5-;iu!l
,.AIph fhl pm lout.
.115 Z-2WA or 2-S09IS.
If found, pleiM call
.. .!!
... B
If yim are driving near Orant or Bran
'"". Nebrunk Uni yeeU, pltaM call
1 'tl'i.
Kor aale rhvrolt 2 door aedan.
Enr.alli.nt rondltion. RaHIo and Ilmler,
etc. 17,0(iO miiea. 2 nw tires and rt I
iMitry. call i'ela Berrien 4-1713 RltiKRR t n. ... ..... for
jliprlin Vttcatlon. CaU 2-SM.
i afler 6.