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Friday, March 20, 1953
iasf Between Us.,.
By DON PIEPER line. Ncbraskans are certainly interested in this
Editor subject and Brownell's views as Attorney General
A great Nebraskan who built up an outstand- ar vis
ing academic and extra-curricular activity record
at the University will deliver the address at the
82nd annual commencement June 6.
He is Herbert Brownell Innocent, Phi Beta
Kappa, editor of The Daily Nebraskan, top of his
class in scholarship who President Eisenhower
appointed United States Attorney General.
Brownell's subject has not been released as
yet. He could give a talk of nation-wide interest.
He could answer some questions the country
would like to have answered.
For instance, the former Nebraskan could ex
plain the new administration's policy on tidelands
oil. He could go into the problem deeply and pre
sent General Eisenhower's personal opinions on
the problem and its solution.
Or, he could delve into the darkness of Com
munist infiltration in the state Department and
There are many other problems most of them
having to do with Communists and Communism
Staff Writer
lower house of Western '
...On The Social Side
One Engagement, Two Pinnings, Mark Week
. , , .,.,;i,Phnrmncv. He is from Omaha.
Staff Writer
Cecilia Pinkerton. Chi O. and Builders, an
rJDean Linscott. AGR. have an-cents.
Mtl . .. - .
nouncert tneir eneaeemcni. n
which Brownell could cover. The new admin-jmany's parliament ratified thei" Tlcners, Cecilia is -from
European Defense Army Treaty Beatrice. She is past vice-presi-and
the peace contract with the dent of Tassels, past secretary of
istration will still be new. in June and a general
outline of policy in all departments would be in
teresting and highly enlightening.
West Thursday night
What we don't want a speech idling us that ever, opposition is expected when
we are the heirs of world power. We don't want
to be told that we have a grave responsibility. We
don't want to be told that these are tense times
and ever college graduate owes his community
every ounce of his energy.
I don't think that Herb Brownell will deliver
that type of an address. He knows that these
things are important but he also knows that an
understanding of the vital issues of the day is im
portant. It is a privilege to have Brownell here. It is
reach the upper
Builders and secretary of Mortar
Dean is an Ag senior from Blue
Ruth Kleinert announced her
pinning to Davis Monday
night. Ruth, a Teachers fresh
man from Lincoln, is Ap'
Jack, an SAE. is a soplwmorejn
his ideas on getting such subversives out if there in keeping with the tradition set last year when
are any left. He could make a clear-cut policy Trygve Lie spoke. The experience of both men
report on the Justice Department's future in this qualify them as outstanding world citizens today.
realm. There certainly is a lot to be known about Their appearance on this campus adds to the pres
the treaties
Russia's UN debate charged that
the United States slandered Rus
sia by asking for action to demon
strate the Kremlin really wants
peace . . . This occured in the
UN disarmament debate before
the 60-nation Political Committee
The age old tradition of the
swallow's annual pilgrimage to
the San Juan Capistrano Mission
was fulfilled Thursday, with time-
lauie precision . , , ou .ju&cu o , - .
Day saw the main contingent ?Kll?,ZZ
Campus Politics Rough,
Only Sometimes Dirty
(From the Missouri Student) lit is one which cannot back up its
Is politics a dirty word? H'XL of the best
When the propaganda starts! means fif reaching the public. Onei
iiowing ana uie ueuaics uu 01 l cannot expect tne opposition iu uc
rv.n.ii, Pharmacy. He is from Omaha.
Springs. , He is a" 0f Candy was the order of the
vice-president, past P8'?0,? Lav atJ the Kappa Delta house
a sccrcimy MnHnv nicht when Chris Pivnnka
announced her pinning to Dale
Bunsen, Beta Sig. Chris is a
junior in Teachers from Lodge
pole. Dale, an Ag senior, is from
Party Calendar
Sigma Phi Epsilon formal
Ag College Estes Carnival
Terrace Hall formal
Theta Xi house party
Sigma Alpha Epsilon house
Beta Sigma Psi Davey Jones
Locker party
Alpha Gamma Rho formal
Acacia formal
Sigma Alpha Mu Orchard
Ag Country Dancers square
guments begin hoarsening vocal
Along the same vein, he could discuss academic
freedom and the point at which instructors should
be censored in their teachings if there is such a
tige of the University of Nebraska.
The case of Brownell is a little different be
cause he is an NU alumnus. We are proud to
welcome him back.
The Arrival Of Teeth
In response to last week's editorial requesting
specific proposals concerning the improvement of
The Daily Nebraskan's safety campaign, a sug
gestion was submitted.
This suggestion will, in effect, put teeth in the
safety drive.
Daily, The Nebraskan intends to publish the
names of all students and faculty members in
volved in traffic violations. Appropriately, this
listing will appear next to the safety pledge.
Persons whose names will appear in this list
will no doubt be embarrassed, but this is not the
primary intention of the column.
Rather, the purpose of The Daily Nebraskan
is to illustrate to the student body and faculty
that collegians, as well as any other group, are
not above being reminded that safety is the busi
ness of everyone.
This compilation of ' names will continue
throughout The Nebraskan's safety campaign.
There is the possibility that no students or
faculty members will be involved in traffic in
fractions on a given day. This desirable situation
will be duly noted.
But, to those students and faculty members
whose names will appear, we have this to offer:
The violation for which your name was noted
.,.;,.,,, oowri th-ltactics accompany almost every
advance scouts who DreDared theiwulu-
way by driving away the swifts, i For the better or worse, politics,
who traditionally inherit the nests 'including the brand practiced on
for the winter season
U.S. Law Shields
Robbers, Traitors'
(KDITOK'S XOTE: The fnlloviM ti.
taridl npt'.irrd in the .M arch
of Collitra MiMEtiw.)
this rsmDUS. is a Question of set
ting power and prestige as well as been bitterly denounced now and
bettering whatever government is then, despite the fact that it is one
being elected. J of the bases of our national elec-
To achieve that power some tion system,
things have been said and done I It is naive to suppose that either
!of the oarties running candidates
led neither to the quality of the j today have not got their members
'party carrmaien nor to the better-; together for some sort of pre-
The three-year federal statue of : merit of the camDus. Instead, hon-'nomination arrangements mat is
limitations has run out in theiesty has been sacrificed for the
famous case of the million-dollar , chance of election.
robbery of Brink's, Inc., and the
potentially perfect crime has
moved a step closer to perfec-
Draised in campaign literature.
But the voter can expect a paper
nr miner wnere examples v
eiver. facts stated and pernapsi
some solution presented.
The system of patronage has
Staff Writer
DATION Friday 6:45 p.m., visitations; 8
p.m., scavenger hunt; 9:30 p.m.
"Let's Talk About it."
Sunday 9 a.m., leave by bus
the primary purpose of the nomi- for choir tour; 9:15 a.m., Bible
nating committee which sifts the study; :15 a.m., rides to church;
various possibilities. h P- -a- cuiis supper;
the p m., program, oiscussion on ieaa-
Tht hais nf maintaining
It is important, however, that ctrnth nf a nartv todav on this ership, Don Anderson in charge.
there be some sort of clarification ; campus today depends on satisfy-1 Tuesday 7:15 a.m, Lenten Ma
made between hard-fought poli-in(, ne elements of the nartv and tins; 7:15 p.m., choir and Lenten
could have involved yourself and other persons tion.
in a serious accident and perhaps the loss of life A federal grand jury in S,iemAll same lime pick a repre
.. ., ... Idecided, with apparent wisdom, . campaign political propaganda jSentatlve qualified candidate ac-
if it did not. that an indictment was not war- ls dirty by definition, as some;ceptabe to the voters.
If it did involve an injury, the point need not 'ranted because of a lack of "com- would have at be. The only wayj without caucuses and arrange-
i . . . a . n mi '1 nr a nartv In "U'ln an fMprTinn ic ' -i ii . :
v.o n,, further Tho col f .irri min a tinn pieie, posiuve iniorrnauon. mere-- " rr. J menis u wouia oe nexi i uupw
Sunday 9 a.m.. Holy Commun
ion; 11 a.m., morning prayer and
will have gone through will make it all too clear pvpnt that nreceded the end of hose of the opposition. That this " ithin itsplf ' i'rr William s-ir,riior av..
.. i j .i. iintPrVinncrn yf mmmnnipa. ! & & ' '
tnis time limit, mat complete ana & .,.a-, v o
that you were the one addressed in this campaign.
In addition to the daily listing of names. The
Nebraskan intends to run a picture of accidents
and wrecked cars which have involved the loss
of life. They will be furnished by a local insur
ance company as a public service.
The records from which The Nebraskan in
tends to make the compilations have traditionally
been available to the press in the public interest.
This is in keeping with the goal of The Daily
To provide its readers with information and
comment which is in the public interest. E. D.
tion sometimes grows vehement is; what the voter m4st take into
rfff indication of any foul play. On consideration is not that patron
the contrary, bitter -arguments, ac-!age goes on, but who gets it and
cusations are part of the game;at 1he expense of what qualified
and only a lily-white idealist can ; ,ai BT1 ioa Smart noli.
expect a party to teach each other; tip. must never be practiced at
the expense of good government.
p.m., vespers.
Wednesday 7 a.m.. Holy Com
munion. Friday 7 a.m. Holy Commun
When quality is sacrificed fori...,-
Sunday Masses, 8, 9, 10:30 and
Activities V. Studies
Fewer and fewer students are interested in ing for The Daily Nebraskan once a week will
extra-ourricular organizations and activities, The prevent a student from cracking a '9' in history.
Daily Sun noted on the Cornell University campus. The Sun is wrong because any student who
The same decline in activity-minded individ- enters into an extra-curricular activity soon ex-
uals appears to exist at the University of Ne- pands his scope to include a second activity or
else he assumes a more important position in the
first. The student devotes more and more of his
time to organizations and activities until finally
activities start raising havoc with studies
positive information might even
tually have been secured.
It is true that the statute of:
limitations in the state of Massa-
chlsetts still has three years to ( with kid gloves.
go, ana mai uie lucai iiivebugauuu
tifill rvrnhohlir .nntiniio Tho TTRT
will continue to work on the case! inereiore, it is wrong to accuse yuiciy uul,i -, Tuesday 7:30 p.m. Studv club
and turn over any findings to the Ponies of being dirty in itself ;Pen of Mmeone who does ; not Newman Center and Activjti
Massachusetts police. But the! The methods of dirty politics; fit into the party then the 'voter ibuiding
Brink's robbers may not be pun-1 are sometimes hard to recognize.; should defeat that party. But to: Weekdav masses 6'45 7"15 am
ished for their crime even if they Three years ago. members of both:eondemn simply because Parties Eo;arv daiiyat5pm '
are tracked down. Quite possibly, 1 parties forged ID cards to stuff have to recognize patronage to. i-xrVEKSITY LUTHERAN
the criminals have fled the United 'ballot boxes. This was easily survive is unfair to the present: CHAPEL
States. If they picked their re- j recognizable. ; system. (Missouri Synod)
fuge shrewdly, they are safe from1 But name-calling on the basis, Politics is rough; sometimes: Sunday 9 30 am Bible studv
anesL, uecaiit-t: burner iuuiiiijes, uou ticuti axa uuuo is iiui nu llul.v. ijui uirjc iiiusi suiiic u-i2Q.5 ajn worship 5'30
even though they will turn over ' easily discerned. Its use, however, 1 crimination made between the Gamma ri lla
to us a man wanted for a federal ; is a sign that the party employing two.
offense, will not let us get our
hands on one sought by a state.
This is not the first time that we
have had occasion on this page to
object to federal laws which ham-!
per thorough investigation into
crimes and balk the apprehension
of their perpetrators. For example, I
we have stated our belief, that n
ay tnis time ne nas Become too mucn tne, . , f .,, ,ath - n- , r-.
, uiuj VIUVK
The Sun ascribed the decline in extra-curricular
interests to three factors:
1. Increased demands made upon the student
in other areas of university life,- particularly in
ROTC requirements.
2. Serious concern for academic achievement,
factor noted in a recent Sun survey.
3. Increased determination to enjoy social life
at college prior to military service.
These may or may not be the reasons for lack
Of interest in CamDUS nrMnirntinnc an Timeframe otWritioc n.Viori Viic ci-hBrlnlo Pirun aftpr rights Of the aCCUSed
But the Sun is undoubtedly correct when it de- zation is filled.
Clares that "they have been used in many in-
Northwesterners Disapprove
Race Restrictions On Housing
Wednesday 7 p.m., Lenten
Sunday Church school and
morning -worship in city churches.
5 p.m., student supper; 6 p.m,
forum; 7:30 p.m, deputation serv
ice at First Baptist Church 14th
and K Streets.
Tuesday 5 p.m. Student cabi-
stances as mere rationalizations for the failure of to be content with what they have
qualified individuals to develop their own talents always looks a little brighter,
and abilities."
With a wistful, b a c k w a r d; suspension ruling in order to
rr.rc;,,n ineti ' gnce st Brotherhood week, The make it stick. Meanwhile. P-hit Bn er,n.r
Alger Hiss, because of the statute j Nebraskan publishes accounts of Delta Theta at Williams College! Thureday-5 "p.m. 7 pjn, .n-
nOUSinO uiiuuci i-umcrenct iinw at tirst
. BaDtist Churrh
"activity man" to drop any organization so he; than on the charge from which " X,,; r11t ' . vI Interhouse council METHODIST STUDENT HOUSE
hangs on. letting studies slide and even sluffing the perjury arose. Ichaof SiT
through activities. Now we see once again, in a;ternity has been suspended by tion that roommate assignments: 1 f.l CUS.Si0nW
. 1 ciime aeainsi a corporation rawer its national council for pledging in independent housing be made! ' 'ugni.
c u , u t j i 1 j than again the nation, a case in a Jewish student last October ."without rpfprprvo tn ran." I Ine80"y 6:i5 p.m Kappa PI
The Sun would not be wrong if a student could .v,ir,u v, ..u, (orini ,a Jewisn sruaent last yexooer. witnout reierence to race. 'meal in th TTniw tt;
stop with a single limited activity. It would not W enforcement is stalled by ; ifutionlf Bond tf JinTmo couS -m, break-
be wrong if the student could refrain from adding what seems an 1 .undue concern for Theta" limits membership to and indPrnrtpnT vl.ic wri ; Ai15 sen-ice.
i"men of white and full Aryan 9a? innr' n irr4: --tv- WdJen anuin, speaker.
!blood- Recently the 5 members ; signments be made on a first-
ixr j Vx,.i un4 nf "thp rhant.Pr unanimniiK v rpaf-i i j i
But students not seem to possess the ability ada .uunp-!:firmed "the decision to admii tte j uefo n ws asked
Deadline for student preference
The Sun is wrong, however, when it states,
"Participation in many of the more difficult
extra-curricular activities need not interfere un
duly with (students) academic achievements or
social desires. More often than not, such partici
pation merely requires that the individual reor- students refuse
ganize past patterns of behavior, making them organizations.
more time-saving and efficient." The Sun might well include this item within
The Sun is wrong not because participation in its list of factors. And it might just as well stop
the activities of a Union committee detracts ap- attempting to convince students that activities
preciably from studies. And not because report- need not detract from studies. K. R.
.wie iicai jou isnment when we suggest that.'1-1"1 muultil. ; "Would you be willing to live
! Congress alter the national laws to Said the chapter president, ' with a Negro roommate uoon
Perhaps this is the reason students hesitate to a P0lnl wnere tne agencies 01 en- v e nave seriously considered a nrst-come first-served basis, if on AUF opinion poll. Eeturn
enter into anv extra-curricular affairs PerhaDs force,me?t are given atJeast an e moral implications of the he is the next person to be as- choice to Union, Room 307.
enter into any extra cumcmar anairs. Remaps ;equal chance against the ciever; clause and feel strongly that the signed to your room?" ! Karl Shapiro final talk 8 njn
they realize their inability to stop when they are criminal where traitor, murderer,; discriminatory clause is incom-j The clear majority of -"yes" Love Library. ' "
well off. : robber or whatever who today patible with the principles of answers indicates a switch' in I Saturday
If students are becoming aware of this quality is shielded by the calendar under I friendship and ethics as espoused; student attitudes. In 1947 a simi-l NUCWA third Plenary Sersion,
of activity men the "snow-ballins" of activitieslthe assun?Ptln 1ha an reused in the bond of Phi Delta Theta." liar group at Northwestern was 9 am, to noon; Union Ballroom,
ot activity men, tne snow-Daiiing ot activities person 1S handicapped in present-, The Iraternity's next national polled on the question, "Would Sunday
ana campus jods may proviae tne cniei reason; ing his rtelense because a few, convention is in August, 1954, you hve with a Negro room-1 Cricket nractice for anvon ln-
0 participate in extra-curricular: years have passed since the crime at which time three-fourths of mate?" :terested in southwest corner f
was committed.
the delegates must uphold the
esleryenr At MU ...
Getting back to serious topics, students of a
couple of English schools went out on a limb
back in 1933. Because of certain parallelisms to
modern times, I reprint the editorial comment in
The Nebraskan 20 years ago:
"Two large student organizations at Oxford
and Manchester universities in England, the
famous Oxford Union and Manchester Union,
voted in a recent discussion by a large majority
that the members would 'in no circumstances
fight for its king and country.'
"Conservative Englishmen, sons of aristocrats,
in one of the oldest and most conservative of
English universities! Imagine them declaring
outright that they will not fight in any war, no
matter what the circumstances. Np longer do
they believe in a 'war to end all wars, and a war
'to make the world safe for democracy." They
are convinced that war cannot accomplish this or
any other good purpose.
"We doubt if there is a university in thit
country where as many students, (750 at .Oxford
and 371 at Manchester) could be induced to make
this supposedly radical declaration. Imagine the
consternation of a few of the ROTC officers if
such a vote should result in some of their classes.
"Most people are likely to be repelled by this
absolute pacifist stand. But in view of the fact
that war, rumors of war and vigorous prepara
tions for war are continually going on, it begins
to look like the only really effective means of
"doing anything about preventing war.
"This attitude is to be sincerely admired. Cer
tainly it is a consistent attitude for those who are
opposed to war. It might be vigorously recom
mended to the statesmen of the world that some
such consistency should be observed. This idea1
of signing peace pacts and then building arma-J
ments indefinitely with the very definite purpose,
of using them for war purposes, is becoming tiresome."
The Daily Nebraskan
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