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    Voict oi a Groi Midwtilra University
VOL. 52 No. 100
Thursday, March 19, 1953
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mifai s
Gov. Crosby Makes Appointments
In Morning Ceremony At Capitol
Members of the Innocents So
ciety were honored Thursday with
appointments as Admirals in the
Great Navy of the State of Ne
braska by Gov. Robert Crosby.
Nebraska s Navy is unique in
ating on dry land and in which
women can be admirals.
To qualify for membership, one
must possess certain qualities
patriotism, valor, fidelity, and
ability and must be known to be
53 In
that there is but one rank in the a good fellow, and a loyal friend
organization . . . that of Admiral. land counselor. An admiral's au
This eliminates the problem of.thority extends to all officers,
giving and takings commands. The seamen, tadpoles and goldfish un-
Navy is also the only one oper-
Staff Writer
Beauty, harmony, holdness
these charactistics embodied with
sincereity combine to produce the
"true artificer," Karl Shapiro,
Pulitzer prize winner, said in an
address Wednesday evening.
"The difficulty of finding a way
to combine the characteristics of
beauty, harmony and symmetry j
staking task for the poet," the edi
tor of Poetry Magazine explained.
The characteristics of good po
etry must all have the mark of
sincerity, according to Shapiro.
Sincerity faces a dual responsi
bility. "One responsibility," he
said, "is to the author of the work;
the other to the work itself."
"Sincerity," the poet added, "is
an expression of other deeper sin
cerity. Insincere poetry occurs
when the author ignores the laws;
of symmetry and rhythm."
Poetic artifice demands that the'
piece of work, if sincere, be com
prehended by the reader,
der his command.
Nebraska has Admirals sta
tioned all over the world.
Notable personalities who have
been appointed Admirals are: ac
tress Dinah Shore, actor George
iuuiiiuinei y, i-resiaeni Eisen
hower, the late Father Flanagan,
Cardinal Spellman, Haile Silassie,
the Emperor of Ethiopia and Anis
Azer, the Egyptian Minister to
The ceremony took Dlace in the
uovernors oince.
Three NU Art
Exhibit Work
Gail H. Butt, assistant profes
sor of art; LeRoy K. Burket.
assistant professor of art and
Rudy O. Pozzatti. instructor of art
at the University have been in
vited to exhibit their work in the
fourteenth Artists West of the
Mississippi Exhibition at the Colo
rado Springs Fine Arts Center
March 8 through April 28.
Each artist exhibits one work
in this showing of contemporary
Applications For Council,
Classes Open Monday
Pick Your Charily
Student Opinion Poll
Students may help choose the organizations to receive funds
collected by the All University Fund Drive next fall. The student
preferences will not he binding but are "only indicative of student
opinion on the matter. But recommendations will receive careful
Circle your preference and return list to the AUF office. Union,
noom au, or xne AUi Doom in me union joooy oy rriaay.
. 1. AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Nebraska Division aids
in research at the University and Creighton for the cause and cure of
tion to sponsor Institute of Cell Growth which is dedicated to cancer
ganization relieves human suffering and eases tensions between in
dividuals, groups and nations. Its projects include education in race
and economic relations, relief and rehabilitation work and study
projects for young people.
4. AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION This organization aids
in research, education and community service for control of heart
disease, one of the leading causes of death in the United States.
group aids in prevention of mental illness, and improvement in the
care and treatment of the mentally ill. It aids local mental institu
tions. 6. NEAR EAST FOUNDATION The Foundation's main func
tion is to develop and finance demonstration relating to improve
ment of health, home welfare, sanitation and agriculture in the Near
7. WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE (formerly the World Stu
dent Sen-ice Fund) This organization aids students in foreign uni
versities by supplying them with food, housing, clothing, medical
care and books.
whnllv or nartiallv 29 rernimizert nrivatP wplfare nppnrips anrt thpir i wm idKe pidie ounaay ai
baA,s2-Ti6 $8,00 a 5ear t0 SUPP0Ft f the UH Those interested should meet at
V J A. X-,4 ft. niiu jl wr,
dan tfm
Filing for Jr. and Sr. class of
ficers and Student Council posi
tions will open Monday at 8 a.m.
and extend until March 28.
fiiteen council positions are
available. Each college is entitled
to a certain number of representa
tives, as defined in the Council
Constitution. Representation is as
follows: Ag college, one boy and
one girl; Arts and Sciences, 3 stu
dents, at least one boy and one
girl; Business Administration, 2
students; Engineering, 2 students;
Teachers, 3 students, at least one
boy and one girl; and Law, Phar
macy, and Dentistry, one repre
sentative each. Class officer po
sitions open are President, Vice
president. Secretary, and Treas
urer from both Junior and Senior
Any student who will have
completed not more than 52 hours
at the end of last semester and
Cricket Practice
Slated For Sunday
The first cricket practice of the
Mr. Pozzatti who is presently
The residing in Florence. Italv as a
author should be under no obliga- Fulbright scholar has also been
tions to explain his work, Sha- invited to show his work at the
piro explained. Philadelphia Art Alliance in a
Shariro emphasized that true(one-man exhibition on April 1.
poetry doesn't need to be ex-i
nliinaj qnf) 4hat tV. fittomnt rt
critics to explain poems is merely j
an "example of desperation." j
The highest compliment, the
writer said, is for a poet to be
told he has an "ear. An ear ' is;
the feeling of harmony and musi
cal sense. "Until 'ear has said
it," he explained, "the poet him
self doesn't know what to say."
ysy pay on
Hunter Tallfsrr -Fotemi's Speech Scheduled
T VW VM r or Genera Assembly Meeting
I O I Vf I I fVl I Dr. Nasrollah Saipour Fatemi.! that Iran has long been the vic-
'main speaker at the model United tim of the West and Russia. . Dr.
We are at a football game and Rations General Assembly, wilLFatemi will certainly shed light
tnere is a conspiracy 10 aistraci speax on -racing tne issues in on we rersian point oi view
our attention from the ball to thejlran and the Middle East" Thurs-'which has been too often blurred
balloons in the sky." day evening from 8 to 9 pm. in by the dramatic fanaticisms of
This illustration was used by the Union Ballroom. j Mossadegh and his supporters."
Rev. Alan Hunter at a meeting! Dr. Fatemi, Iranian representa-! In 1951, Fatemi was an adviser
of YWCA, YMCA cabinets and;tive to the Security Council and,to the Iranian delegation at the
leaders, of religious houses when u vtaco conlerence in cieve-;ecunty Council.
nointinff out that distraction leads land, Ohio, will discuss the Iran- Tn his nu-n roiintrv hp i nnh-
us away from thinking about our jiau oil dispute, the Palestine ques-Jiisher of a large dailv newspaper
""u-i ciuu oi mo m leneran ana eaixor ana puo
in the Middle East, and the Co- lisher of a literary magazine,
lomal problem. j In 1952 he published a book.
The Iranian Oil dispute arose -ninlomatin Hiorv f Persia "
when Iran Premier Mossadegh discussing' Anglo-Russian power
- - .poiiucs in iran. x ins is uie iirsi
finery. The dispute is between nf th thrpo vnnm anH hiip it
tions to the College of Medicine will be used for student scholarships
and the purchase of equipment
collected by this group stimulates, coordinates and supports clinical
and basic research in its field and in related neurological disorders.
This group also sends information to doctors and the general public.
NESS Studies the cause of blindness or defective vision, cooper
ates with medical, educational, nursing and other professions.
Makes grants to eye research and conducts demonstration projects.
the southwest corner of the Cole-
The session will be under the
supervision of Thomas Reed,
graduate student in mathematics,
in keeping with the policy of the
Department of Physical Education
for Men to sponsor voluntary rec
reational activities for both stu
dents and faculty.
Instruction will be provided for
those not acquainted with the
who has a cumulative average of
5.0 is eligible to file for a Student
Council position. Since the Coun
cil meets every Wed. from 4-6
p.m., however, only students who
will be able to arrange their
schedules accordingly should con
sider filing.
Candidates should pick up the
filing forms in Dean Hallgren's
office, fill out all the information
requested, and turn in the com
pleted application by Saturday
noon, March 28. Failure to com
plete the form will invalidate the
Besides personal data, the ap
plication form requires the stu
dent to secure the signatures of 25
students within their own college.
Personal data which must be
filled in includes: name, address,
sex, position sought grade aver
age, college, social fraternity or
orgaized house, professional or
ganizations, activities, and a
pledge of purpose.
After approval by Dean Hall
gren's office, candidates will be
balloted upon in the spring gen
eral elections, May 4.
Organizations which have rep
resentatives on the Council are
urged to complete election of their
representatives as soon as pos
sible, complying with the general
rules sent out previously by the
Elections Committee.
Mdck yirsl Delegafes IKfeve
in its m a n n k a
IfDrsf AsseoTfulbily Mee?
first obligation God.
The ball is God, Pev. Hunter
said, and too often balloons (dis
tractions) cause us to put our
secondary obligations before God.
Distraction is the greatest en-
Aniens mirdstei and bf frainine m an? over a selUeT appears to be a lengthy work on
tfrS' f1 small segment of history, it is.
An emergency session ef the
Mock General Assembly has
been scheduled for 2 PJO.
Thursday in Room 313 Union.
The meeting was schednled to
ocnsidrr a change in rule 25
slating, "committees shall not
introduce items of their own
The change is necessary if
any decision is to be reached on
the North African protectorate
Motions to turn the protec
to rates over the complete con
trol of the United Nations were
postponed or withdrawn, in the
Assembly Wednesday.
Court Settles Dispute
An increasing correlation of thoughts between Soviet
Russia and India became Apparent in the first session of
tne Nebraska university Council of World Affairs Model
united .Nations General Assembly Conference in the Stu
dent Union ballroom, Wednesday afternoon.
The strongest bond between the
USSR and India appeared when chair's decision tn be over-ruled
both delegations favored resolu-jby a simple majority instead of a
uons io iurn me ionn Aincan two-thirds vote and allowing an
Interviews for the 1953
Husker Handbook staff po
sitions will be conducted by
Studen Council at their next
The Council also voted at the
Wednesday meeting that the 6taff
be reduced from three to two po
sitions editor and assistant edi
tor. The duties of the assistant
editor will include those duties
previously performed by the busi
ness manager.
Applications, including a certi
fied grade slip and previous ex
perience, should be mailed by
Monday to Bob Peterson, Student
Council office, Union.
All students having a five aver
age are eligible to apply for edi
tor. Sophomores and freshmen
with a five average can apply for
assistant editor. The assistant edi
tor can apply for editor the fol
lowing year.
The Council follows the same
procedure in choosing the Hand
book staff members as the Publi
cations Board does when choosing
The Daily Nebraskan and Corn-
husker staff. The Publicauons
Board will be present at tne in
terviews Wednesday.
Dean Linscott, election commit
tee chairman, called for discussion
on the question of how many vot
ing places council should set up
on campus for spring elections.
One councilman said that a vot
ing place set up in Ferguson Hall
could be reached easier by engin
eering and other students than
one placed in the center of the
campus. He suggested that one
voting place be set up in Ferguson
Hall and another one be placed
in an advantageous place.
The election committee will
work out the details of where the
voting stations will be set up and
report their decision at the next
meeting, Linscott said.
The election commiiiee aiso re-
Tvwtprf that the committee was
taking care of the pictures, ballots,
and equipment necessary ior we
spring elections.
State Groups
Select Camp
4-H Delegates
Janet Kuska, Omaha, and Arley
Waldo. DeWitt, have been chosen
to represent Nebraska 4-H groups
at Camp Miniwanca at Shelby,
Michigan, in August
Miss Kuska, 17, is the sister of
Cal Kuska, a junior at the Uni
versity. Waldo, 18, is the son of
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Waldo. The
protectorate over to a United Na
tions administrative agency.
Nita Helmstadter, Secretary-
General, opened the conference by
urging the delegates to "institute
an organization which will ensure
permanent peace.
The purposes of the United Na
tions are, she continued, to mam
tain international peace and se
curity, to develop friendly rela
tions among nations, to acti ve
international cooperation in solv
ing problems and to be a center
for harmonizing the actions of na-
appeal to be discussed f or two ffmor Waldo is a graduate of the
Rev. Hunter, pastor of the present controversy.
Mount Hollywood Congregational I Another issue which Fatemi
Church in Los Angeles, Cali-Iwfll discuss is the Palestine ques
fornia. is the main speaker ofition 'which originated with the
A model International Court of0115.
onerated rpfirvrv Thi nncPltlpHC V..: T, "iZli"11 wBea a Hearing oi uie wan ocumiuunaa, cnairman oi
V. : . 1" w us nee nuudiu KJ. iwutus .a hptu-pon r.roa Rrifain anH thp cr(vipntial mmmitlM i-pnni-forl
wnicn nauons were eiigiDie to
vote. The Russian delegation ob
jected to allowing Formosa to
vote, but the report was accepted
by a tote oi 21-7.
Two changes were made in the
Rules of Procedure allowing the
overlook these
through meditation.
Students must weieh their
iA ,at hp,. 7Z .Cl'iTnT O.T...V- ri""1.. u"ue a ".urn .. xii court red in opposition
Ma..(.u2U w uic wiiiuru oidtc a uc-, i usirc . ...
real desire is. Rev. Hunter said, pleted oil supply for fuel. Dr. .,, . .v a , r- WZ . Jl- T oecuw saying
. . . .!. . ... " ' " . All mpptinps nt thp modpl Ren- that it rfiH hura iuric4ir;nn in
dispute nas closed on Iran as a says in the preface, "a faithful ; tran on the Anelo-Tranian on
siinnl pr nf oil In the fiw. n-nrl1 !: j lran onlne AnglO-Iranian OU
Consequently, Europe has had to that made Iran a critical area inj The court red in ,
turn to the United State's de- iosov- . JiJ
People often succomb to their Fatemi's brother. Deputy Prime m"s5 we mouei u- un u oia nave jurisoicuon 11
ego's desire he added. jMinister of Iran is tavlved hTThl Assembly m open to Stu 'Lfll1! -1.!? judg
ment should be rendered.
Search Week.
Ag Instructor
Heads Panel
A panel, moderated by Evan
Hirtman, extension conserva-
lionist at the College Of AgriCUl- to ,h xmAerAevefor arpa in
hire, discussed The Use of Yoia-i.f. .u"diielope1 areas ta
formulation of the new state of
Israel. Palestine has long been!
claimed by both the Arabs and
the Jews.
The Colonial problem in the
Middle East arises from the in
tense nationalism in some of the
African and Asiatic colonies con
trolled by European countries.
The fourth topic will be a discus
sion of the question of giving aid
the Middle East.
hA HrX7. tpU "j Dr. Fatemi, who will also speak
"itJ", th. M Jt dinner Friday noon in Parlor
lion clinic heard that there was
X, is at present a member of the
more to irrigating than Just let-,""1, VSfT T J 33 ?
UngVaterrunthelanV. lZ I J2! jK?
The panel members told the: ,V . . T
farmers attending that conserva- V ciTTl Laiemilpubucs but
iair n m vin'ated from Stuart Memorial u
French State That African Protectorates
Not Under General Assembly Jurisdiction
Feature Editor
outside the jurisdiction of
United Nations.
This position was taken
French delegates speak:
Mock UN General A
session Wednesday afternoon.
rocco and Tunisia are merely,: member nations that proclaim
civil crisis resulting from action! peace anj en commit acts of
The seating of Red China which
was made in a resolution by
nations, USSR was voted out of order and
minutes instead of putting it to a
vote immediately,
President Will Linkunkel, call
ing for the resolutions to be con
sidered by the Conference, recog
nized India first. India presented
a proposal to put the French Ter
ritories in North Africa unaer
United Nations supervision.
These territories, Tunisia, Mor
ocj, and Algeria, will then have
a chance to demonstrate to the
French government that they de
sire independence.
The camp stresses four-fold de
velopment of leadership physi
cal, mental, social, and spiritual.
Miss Kuska has carried a vari
ety of 4-H projects including food
nreservation and preparation-
clothing, plant diseases, livestock,
garden, poultry yara oeauuiica
tion bird, and rope. She has begun
this year's leadership project by
leading clubs with a total enroll
ment of 60 members.
Waldo has had projects in
rZiZi;).!, ,r f 'swine, sheep, poultry, baby beef
France immediately moved to- . CLaifipation. Profits
nZv;All:ly ! from his 4-H projects will be used
The North African question is extreme groups. These groups
the cuiiAiuuic oiuy a muiuniy oi ice
and the
pressed the same desire. India
objected to this motion, but a roll
call vote decided on postpone
ment India then presented a resolu
tion to solve the Korean War
question on the return of prison
ers of war. This resolution was
referred to committee for investi
gation. The third resolution made by
India asked for a thorough in
vestigation of charges of germ
warfare in Korea. The speaker for
the Indian delegation stressed the
importance of clarifying these
charges. A motion to refer this to
committee carried.
Referring to Kenya as a trouble
spot in the world, the delegate
to finance his college education.
Newton's Tenth Law: The dim
mer the porch light the greater
the scandal power.
Grandma usea to say that It
was destiny wnicn snapea our
ends nowadays, women have
more faith in girdles.
Irv: 1 can hardly wait until
summer comes.
Leo: "How come?"
Irv: "I can have a better tim
with my girL"
Leo: "What's the matter? Aren't
i 1 TnfArfAroriM hv dtfha
ine at the " JusuiiaDJe. miss Mangold con- rrencn aeiegaie, is.ay Kosicy toia.- i,'al UU1
uig "l "ie .ir t- ' .li Nation's fnmmiMpp TTia TTniTpH
ll(mb T ukiu kut in idsc oi a uhkhi . i muix buuiu vu una iouiuuuu. - - " : .
Tr thA rkpar-a nr u-ip pn'ir. wnrki Alice rpirv sain Kranrp''Bwwi i 'iaui.c, uuujiuwiujki
from India resolved that It should you having fun now?"
Irv: "Oh, sure, but it s more
fun to kiss her in the summer. It
fppl so rrvil when vou ston"
,. . !! ,i i. Arr.;,.; that this situation was a dnmptir
The question of turning over 3 TiL.. -f.T- Z " ntXZtZluyvS affair and not under the TiTrii- Charhe: "Hey. AI. I heard your
uie Aorth Airican protectorates Mis. Mansoi,. " on Feb. i. 1851. the General diction of the UN, objected to the old girl got married yesterday.
to the direct administration oi thej , Ashiv had condemned t h e resolution.
UN was brought up twice durmg14efore . ftee 238? Gernmentmfof com! Pakistan. India and Russia ar-
the Union
in water, higher rron vields. lower yuege in Iran. Alier leavmg coi-
s session by inoia ana 1, mittin? an act of aggression in ed that the situation had world-
of Soviet Socialist Re- Slde the mini of jurisdiction of;Tf gresiiOT m siPnifioanre. hut f
was postponed in- j UN and France will refuse- j 20-11 decided that the resolution
ueLuuLeijr. t, ! Government could qualify for ad
r..iT.lege. he started a Persian daily. !"t? representing . .f,l "Hnussion into the very organization
Continued Droductivity from the i newspaper ana a monimy mcrary r::i,::7 " V.'out Uie world Ita MansoU con- ati'uus' wuu;u " a
" (.. . ilUUCUJU. All.. A . 1 1 1. . IV . 1 I I 11 1 o fTT"mnTl
. i . i . . l ri iovH on1 tha SVrifh h-ivrA ann.o '
irrigated land.
Better methods of handling wa
ter were discussed and it was
pointed out that the successful ir
rigator is one who has complete
control over bis irrigation water
at all times.
uwgizme ai lsianan. i7.T"r,7-r':J', "'tir,,,0A -nH h rnmrh h- an
In 1935 he was elected to the i?..01 ule quesuon in we;, .""
legislature of the province of
Isfahan. The next year he pub
lished a literary history of mod
ern Persian literature. He became
mayor of the city of Shiraz in
It was pointed out that in order)1?38 a?! overnor ' province
to have higher yields farmers n was eieciei to
must control erosion: use legumes "J"L' c's,f" riwmraiw mu,
and grass to maintain soil struc
ture; have a good livestock pro-
"Furthermore, proposals con-
t : .i "uiicve uua as iuui i u ,n. inn
sion, Sharon Mangold, French' i'! just to 'casions in various organs of the
UN and no change in attitude has
I achieve this
dplPMe said "Fran i inrlpH t"""" wUiu.
shocked to think that there are nowever, we warn our ieuow
nations represented in this As- delegates not to be so eager to
sembly that are so imperialistic obtain Pace, that they will be
as to desire to interfere with the easily influenced by false over-
Dr. Fatemi traveled to the domestic concerns of France. jtures of peace.
United States and entered Colum
n-am and use all farm manures ba University where he received
as fertilizers. ana u- aegrees in
Members of the panel were I international relations and lnter
John Steele, extension engineer at national law.
the College of Agriculture; John) He represented the Iranian Go
Schrunk, irrigation engineer at jernment at the UNESCO Confer
the University; William Pierce, ence at Cleveland in 1949. When
irrintinn engineer at Kearney: Dr. Fatemi spoke to the Cleve-
George Meyers of Wilcox; Holland j land Council on World Affairs last
MpOvmont Holdreee ana itODen "u, openaer u. uwio oi vne
p3Hvm. Juanita. Cleveland Press said that Cleve-
The meeting was sponsored oy lanaers were ionunaie Decause
Introduction of another pro
posal in this General Assembly,
Miss Nosky added, is merely a
ruse to impede the business of
The present disputes in Mo-I "We cannot give confidence to! the General Assembly.
the Tri-County Water Users As
sociation, the Holdrege Chamber
of Commerce, the umana unam
ber of Commerce and the Univer
ity College of Agriculture.
they could get a first-hand ac
count of Iran s critical problem,
Irwin continued, "Whatever one
may believe about the merits of
the present case, there is no doubt1
So far
University Students
have signed '
The Nebraskan
Safety Pledge
Join The
Crusade For Safety
Here Is My Pledge
I pmmmmnr rfefe WwU to " "lk mUtr mmt Otmk U Imm f aWl
1 ftfm mm prmxM ta wHaww as4 nmrtnr terlac fUtn4 Mir Mr
bUtallM to prater mr H(c tmi Ike Htm mi war UmUy mm mn frtiaw mum.
I tMit mmeU tartker to arwrn Uw cmm ml mmtrtr mr toUac part tafetr
cttvlttM ( mr ctoh, mcmmml. atptopn ma aa mthcr artaatultaaw
should not go to committee,
The Union of South Africa re
solved that a conference should be
held between the leaders of the
countries involved in the Korean
struggle. This delegation felt that
true feelings would appear at
such a conference and it would
not "bog down."
A delegate from Russia moved
that this be referred to committee
and the motion carried.
The USSR asked for interna
tional recognition of deep admira
tion for their past "great leader,
Joseph Stalin." The United States
objected to the wording of the
resolution and Russia withdrew
their resolution.
A resolution by Russia to rec
ognize the government of the Peo
ple's Republic of China and expel
the formosan government from
participation in the United Na
tions was voted out of order after
lengthy debate between Russia
and the United Kingdom.
The proposal similar to the In
dian resolution concerning the
French empire was then presented
by Russia. France supported a
Continued on Fare 4
Al: "Ya. I know. That girl will
do anything to make me jealous."
Wise words: "Let's all be happy
and live within our means even
if we have to borrow money to
do so."
Looks like it might be a rood
weekend to plan s picnic. The
weather man says that the high
temperature tomorrow will be
in the 60's. There is a possibil
ity, however, of some light
thunder showers late tonight or
Wire: "How do you like the po
tato salad, dear?"
Hubby$ "Delicious! Did you
buy it yourself?"
HE: "You've been out with
worse looking fellows than X am,
haven't you?"
SHE: (No answer)
HE: "I said, you've been out
with worst looking fellows than I
am, haven't you?"
SHE: "I heard you the first
time. I was trying to think.'' '
Mother: "After alL he's only
boy, and boys will sow their wild
Father: "Yes, but I wouldn't
mind if be didn't mix so much rye
with, if
11 o