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Voice of a Great Midwestern UnivntUj
VOL. 52 No. 99
Wednesday, March 18, 1953
o Open April 30
The University's annual E-Week wil be held April 30
and May 1 in order to better acquaint the general public
with the activities of the Engineering and Architecture
E-Week is a special activity planned and executed bv
student groups in the College of
Engineering and Architecture, I hibits are planned to characterize
with the facu y serving in an the divisions in Engineering edu-
tional, financial and operational
problems are used to give edu
cational benefits to the students.
The open house and special ex-
Joe Good
To Crown
Three Finalists have been se-'J" w hl f P a e
lected to comnete-for Queen at f0"0W1"g. the ba"quet
the Navy EOTC Ball Saturday,! T c!r,me,n foi E-Week are
March 21. 4 John Wnitlock and Norman Scott.
Jo Anne Kieldgap.rd, Arts and' . .,her committees and the
Science senior; Marilyn Fisher, ' 9 irnien are electrical engineer
Agriculture freshman; and Raniimg' Arthur Gross and Paul Mose
Andreasen, freshman in Teachers !an;- cmL engineering, sle
College, have been selected asar ln ar,d J?ck gale; agnail
contenders for the honor. ?r?lJXei!ierng' Gordon Kruse
T , . . and Bill Stout; mechanical engi-
Joe Good. Senior in Teachers Wring Bernard Kittle and
College, has been chosen King:Chgrles Schade; architectural en
Neptune by popular vote of thejginffering, John Savage and Tad
Navy unit. iTucker; chemical engineering,
Highlighting the ball will be Dick Pusateri and Lloyd Keller;
the crowning of the Queen at E. M. chairman, Jack Warren;
intermission by King Neptune. 'faculty advisor, E. B. Meier; sec
The midshipmen and their dates retary -treasurer. Dean Bucking
will dance to the music of Jimmyjham; guides, Paul J. Sienknect;
Phillips and his orchestra from 9 field day, Victor J. Roh; inquiries,
to 12 p.m. (Stanley Smith; program, Ted
Committee chairmen for the balljKratt; window display, Bob Par-
are Allen Michelet, general chair
man; Bill Devries, queen chair
man; Lester R. Perry, decora
tions; A. P. Boris, band; A. P.
Tilley, publicity; and Edgar Pol
lum, refreshments. All committee
heads are members of the Bat
tallion Recreation Council.
The event had its origin at
the Naval Academy in AnnapoliS,
Md.t where such balls have been
presented for many years. As
Navy ROTC units were estab
lished at colleges and universities
throughout the country, the Navy
Ball was Incorporated into so
cial programs.
Starlight Ball
OSef For April V
The annual Starlight Ter
race ball will be held Saturday,
April 11th in the Ag College Ball-'
vn ,;n voM ir.rinnrs
"K " j . DC aone tnrougn me power uilT) j p t. -j,-,. r t
because of poor weather condi- God 6 ?olum and , 2'
tions encountered in the past. This Rev. Hunter main speaker of Anderson and H J Van Hatten
year's theme, an ou door garden, lhe Week., program, wiU speak Serg as chirf pty offlcera
will provide an outdoor atrr.os-!at the agronomy building on the n be- .A'T Ter
phere in the Ball room. Ag campus Tuesday ot 7 p.m. More an'5?L ,,
Th music is to be provided by, 8 1 1 : Appointed as platoon company
Dave Haun & his Orchestra.
Chairman of the dance is Ralph
Knobel. The committee chairman Ag Country Dancers are spon
are: tickets, Vernon Youngman,1 soring an all University Square
decoration, Ruthann Ernst,
motion Dale Nitzcll.
Tickets for the Ball are $1.50
a couple.
o r !
O Naval Research Interviews Scheduled
For Seniors, Graduates On March 25
Seniors and graduate students
will be interviewed for positions
in the US Navy engineering, sci
entific research and development
Tirncrrnn March 95 in March 27.
t. . .-.! itc Wnvtil
nc presents uveg tn mc
rvrt'ln. smtif.n and the
US Naval Civil Engineering Re
Kearrh and Evaluation Labora
tories will conduct the interview
career opportunities me ""V
by these laboratories in almost
career onnortunuics ere
cation and to attract public inter
Open house will be held Thurs
day afternoon and Thursday eve
ning. Exhibits will be offered in
each of the halls in which en
gineering and architecture courses
are offered. An engineering con
vocation will be held Friday
morning. At noon a picnic will
be held for all visitors and stu
dents who are participating in the
events. Athletic competitions will
be conducted in the afternoon.
On Friday evening an annual
banquet will be held in the Lin-
rAln Untnl A J- 1 j
sons; convocation, Glen Vest; con
test, Curtis Sorensen; ribbon
sales, Henry W. Wulf; publicity if
on campus. Bob Peterson; pub
licity off campus, John Marks;
"Sledge," Howard Selk; banquet,
Mac Bailey and traffic, Richard
Hunter Names
Three Levels
Three levels the level of cow
ardice, the level which decides
conflicts and the level of creativ
ity in humans were spoken on
by Rev. Allen Hunter at a Search
Week meeting Monday night
Speaking at the Union, the pas-
ZrUTSeSki vot1 R- operations of.
numans is greater man n is pos-,.. A p thw mrminir.
SibHee?aidmawgarecould be averted
by changing the conflict situation
into the level of creativity to
bring good out of the situation.
But he warned that it can onlyi
. 5nuore Dance
dance Saturday in
the College
I Activities Building.
The dance will be from 8:30 to
11:30 p.m.
'scientific and engineering fields
relating to the researcn nu
.,i.nmnt of cuided missiles
electronic equip-
ment and many other phases of
development una uunn.
, ,:: ,,,Cr.-irrh
scientific rcscirtn
Armnintmfnu lor interviews
i f
may be made by contacting Dean
ciM,int Affairs. Philip J. Col-
. .1 t. mi f thn Admin.
'jf, t7,.ii(iiriff
alllstration Lulling.
". r" .
- . u. ,l..,M,,j
- ? i '.
T CoDveime 'Tday Aft P.trA.
Hearing Set For Wednesday
Four College of Law students
will demonstrate how the World
court operates by staging a hear
ing before a model International
Court of Justice,
The Court will be composed of
four judges including: F. B. (Bill)
Baylor, attorney in Lincoln; R. W.
Devoe, member of Board of Re
gents of the University; George
Healey, attorney in Lincoln and
Walter Raecke, Democratic candi
date for governor in past election.
The case to be argued Wednes
day at 7:15 p.m. in Courtroom 2
in the Capitol, will revolve around
the actual Anglo-Iranian oil dis
pute between Great Britain and
Iran. Oral arguments will be pre
sented by Harvey D. Davis of j
Grand Island and Bruce L. Evans I
of Lincoln, agents and Richard!
Ten Ag Organizations
To Provide
A variety of talent will be dis-
played at the annual, Estes Car-
nival scheduled for the Ag Union
Friday evening
The evening's entertainment
will be provided by ten Ag Col
lege organizations starting at 7:30
and lasting until 10:30 p.m.
Organizations and their booths
are: Lomis Hall, "Fortune Tell
ing" booth; Ag Men's Club,
"Penny Pitching" booth; Tri-K,
Receive Staff
Captain T. A. Donovan, profes
sor of Naval Science, has ap
pointed R. J. Peters battalion com
mander for the spring term.
Midshipman Peter's staff wilLare Keith Erlwine and Mary Ellen
consist of: A. P. Boris, executive
SeT rrow"
Xer MrrW'
ch2 Pe"y
their executive officers are: A. H.
Michelot and li j. neester; i.. w.
leaders were: L. D. Lehmkuhl, S
L. Coatman, T. D. Kratt, P. C.
Kaestner, P. L. Perry and C. E.
Platoon mustering petty officers
are: S. V. Reynolds, K. G. Mumby,
E. L. Wills, E. D. Johnson, J. A.
Marks and D. S. Bitner.
The curtain will go up Wednes-j
day at 8 p.m. in the Arena Theater
on the first performance of
"Ghosts," the final University
Theatre production of the year.
"Ghosts," a tlntfnatic tragedy by
Henrick Ibsen, will be presented
Mar. 38, 19. 20. 21, 25, 27 and 28.
General admission tickets, which
may be purchased for $1.25, will
be sold Mondny through Friday
until March 27irom 1 to 5 p.m.
at the Temple box office.
Pat Loder, as Mrs. Alving; Al
Hazelwood, as Pastor Mandcrs;
Wes Jensby, as Oswald; Marian
Uhc, as Virginia and Jack Bab
cock, as Engstrand, comprise the
cast. The play, considered by
many scholars to be one of the
finest modern tragedies, revolves
around Mrs. Alving's futile at
tempts to erase the ghosts of past
Max Whittaker is director of
"Ghosts," John Tokh is technical
i..a. an4 1f -,rTnl PVmf" rm-
a..4 ;s.n manoDAr Kfacro rrpult carp
guided by Kay Barton, costumes;
Ruth Ann Richmond, lights; Pat
Hahn, sound; Kata Kelly, stage
props; Ron Decker, hand props
and Pecey Larson, make-up.
Students holding season tickets
should make rerervations by call
inn the box office. University ex
tension 3263, at least two days
ahead of the date they wish to
Acnearing at the left in a scene
from "Ghosts" is Miss Loder and
Jensby. On the right is Miss Uhe
and BabcocK.
So far
University Students
havo signed
The Nebraskan
Safety Pledge
3)0 In!
Oil Dispute
M. Duxbury of Lincoln and Henry
D. Neely of Omaha, counsel.
Students who participated in
preparing the case are: Ben L.
Anderson, James P. Edde, William
H .Grant, Robert W. Green, Leslie
W. Jensen, Samuel L. O'Brien,
Donald W. Peterson, Harrison F,
Russel, Joseph D. Wood, Clayton
B. Van Kirk, Jean A. Caha,
Charles E. Dillman, Francis J.
Kneifl, Warren D. Lichty, Harold
K. Slagg, Richard L. Spangler,
Ramon D. L. Svehla, and Charles
W. White
Willard B. Cowles, professor of
College of Law will be technical
advisor and Thomas Huang will
serve as registrar.
Officials said the public may at
tend and is asked to use the north
ground-floor entrance to the
Talent, Fun
"Weight Guessing" both; Love
Hall, "Try Your Skill with Songs"
booth; Alpha Gamma Rho, "Bean
Bessie in the Bag" both; Farm
House, "Carnival Rides" booth;
University 4-H Club, "Dart
Throwing" contest; Amiketa,
"Shave a Balloon" booth; Home
Economics Club, "Kitchen Kap
ers" both and the Ag Union with
flower sales.
The carnival is sponsored by
the Ag YWCA and YMCA. The
proceeds for the show are UsedjSchmidtmann
to sponsor a delegation to the Charles Kif fin, Paul Means, Neala
National Estes Carnival held eachlO'Dell, Elaine Smithberger, and
summer in Estes Park. I Bernard Wishnow are members
A traveling troDhv will be
awarded the winning both. Pres
ent holder of the trophy is Love
Hall. This is the second consecu
tive year Love Hall has held the
trophy. Any organization winning
three years in a row receives per
manent possession of the trophy.
Co-chairmen for the carnival
The committee chairmen are
decorations, Janet Lindquist and
Marx Peterson; publicity, Betty
Eberhart and Ted Ward; clean up,
Helen Weatherup and John Pe
tersen; candy sales, Joyce Slitt
berger and dance and movies,
Brock Dutton.
Lenten Service
The fifth special midweek
Lutheran Lenten service will be
Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Uni
versity Lutheran Chapel, 15th and
Q Sts.
Continuing on the theme, "Be
hold the Suffering Savior," the
subject of the message by Pastor
Norden will be, "In Sunlit
1 1- I
L i
r- i
Join The
Crusade For Safety
Here Is My Pledge
I iwnnnnlly mywlf to trkt n
throughout 11158.
i lv Oil, prnniUr In arrlnnanrM and
obligation la protect mi life and In Uvm of
I lrd( mvw-lf further fo advance I hi-
artlvltln of my nun, cnooi, emiiioyre group anu oww nin.
it. Annates on biral route no.
The Mock "United Nations Gen
eral Assembly spring conference,
sponsored by the Nebraska Uni
versity Council of World Affairs,
will open at 2 p.m. Wednesday in
the Union ballroom with a report
By Nita Helmstadter, secretary
general. The report of the credentials
committee on seating of the dele
gates is second on the agenda.
In order to be seated, each of
the 48 delegations must pay its
fee and pick up its credentials
at the door.
Adoption of the agenda and
rules and consideration of resolu
tions will also take place at the
first sessions.
The International Court of Jus
tice will meet Wednesday at 7:15
p.m. in the State Capitol Build
ing. Conflict and reconstruction In
Korea and the North African
colonial question, the two prob
lems facing the conference, will
be discussed at committee ses
sions Thursday and Friday at 2
p.m. These questions will be
voted on at the final session, Sat
urday at 9 p.m.
Dr. Nasrollah Saipour Fatemi,
Iranian representative to the Se
curity Council, will give the main
address Thursday at 8:30 p.m. in
the Union ballroom.
At the second session Friday at
3:30 p.m. the committees will give
their reports. These reports will
then be considered, and recom
mendations made.
Joan Krueger, NUCWA presi
dent, said pre-conference activi
ties indicate a fight over the seat
ing arrangement of the Chinese
delegation. . She also predicted
"violent objections from France
on even discussing the North
African colonies of Tunisia and
Other NUCWA officers, Allan
Garfinkle, Pat Allen, and Jan
Nita Helmstadter,
of the board
Officers for the conference are
Will Linkugel, president, Don
Cunningham, chairman of the Ko
rean committee, and Doris Carl
son. vice-chairman. Ken Rystrom
is chairman of the North African
committee and Paul Laase is vice,
$5000 Received For
Sandstedt Study
A $5,000 grant to aid in finan
cing research studies concerning
starch has been given to the Uni
versity of Nebraska by the Corn
Industries Research Foundation,
Perry W. Branch, director-secre
tary of the university of Nebraska
Foundation, announced.
The grant, given through the
University Foundation, is for the
purpose of extending motion pic
ture studies of starch gelatiniza
tion. R. M. Sandstedt, Professor of
Agricultural Chemistry, is direct
ing the project.
This is the second grant from
the Corn Industries Research
Foundation for promoting this
particular project.
walk Mfelr think la trnm of mMy
rarnMtnM hvlnf Frnialdm-4 fully tnr
my family and my Wlow mm.
rauw of aafrty by taking part la lafety
Russian Statement Hints
War If Proposals Denied
Feature Editor
War was threatened in a state
ment by Russia's chief delegates
to the NUCWA Mock General As
sembly. The two student diplomats, Dale
Johnson and Wayne Johnson, act
ing as if they were under the new
dictatorship of Russia's Georgi
Malenkov, issued a statement of
their intended actions to the Daily
"If other nations of the world
will not join with the peoples of
the Soviet Union in accepting the
principles of peace, the work of
this Conference will be in vain
and Mars will again stalk the face
our planet," the statement said.
In an Interview Wayne John
son refused to interpret what this
statemert might mean; later
howevf r, during a telephone con
versa tion, Johnson said this
statement might well be taken as
a threat of war,
Also included was a statement
saying that Joseph Stalin, along
with the rest of the world's states
men, must bear partial responsi
bility for the impending threat of
war, which endangers all civil
ized peoples.
The following is the statement
submitted to The Daily Nebras
kan: "On the eve of a new General
Assembly of the United Nations,
all peace-loving nations are, of
necessity, obligated to set forth
their intentions with regard to the
problems which currently threat
en world peace. Therefore, the
delegates of the Union of Soviet
Socialist Republics welcome the
opportunity to define the basic
concepts which we believe must
provide a guide for all nations in
their search for world peace
"It is imperative for the world
to realize that the delegates of
the Soviet Union represent a new
government even as the world is
aware that the representatives of
the United States represent a
changed administration.
"Although the citizens of the
Pick Your Charily
Student Opinion Poll
Students may help choose the organizations to receive funds
collected by the All University Fund Drive next fall. The student
preferences will not be binding but are "only Indicative of student
opinion on the matter. But recommendations will receive careful
Circle your preference and return list to the AUF office, Union,
Room 307, or the AUF booth in the
1. AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Nebraska Division aids
in research at the University and Creighton for the cause and cure of
tion to sponsor Institute of Cell Growth which is dedicated to cancer
ganization relieves human suffering and eases tensions between in
dividuals, groups and nations. Its projects include education In race
and economic relations, relief and rehabilitation work and study
projects for young people.
4. AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION This organization aids
in research, education and community service for control of heart
disease, one of the leading causes of death in the United States.
group aids in prevention of aiental
care and treatment of the mentally
6. NEAR EAST FOUNDATION The Foundation's main func
tion is to develop and finance demonstration relating to improve
ment of health, home welfare, sanitation and agriculture in the Near
7. WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE (formerly the World Stu
dent Service Fund) This organization aids students in foreign uni
versities by supplying them with food, housing, clothing, medical
care and books.
8. LINCOLN COMMUNITY CHEST This group supports
wholly or partially 29 recognized private welfare agencies and their
branches. It also contributes $8,000 a year to the support of the Uni
versity YMCA and YWCA.
tions to the College of Medicine will be used for student scholarships
and the purchase of equipment.
collected by this group stimulates, coordinates and supports clinical
and basic research in its field and in related neurological disorders.
This group also sends information
Staff Writer
If the old fashioned girl ever
comes back, it'll be from an auto
mobile ride.
The office peach was well pre
The boys thought she was
But when the boss' wife found
The office peach got canned.
When a girl asks for a kiss, she
is liable to receive a heated reply.
Hillbilly (to new bride after
completing their cabin): 'Well,
woman, how do you like your new
Wife: "Not bad at alL husband,
but I don't see no door.
Hillbilly: "Yew a-planning on
a-goin somewhere?
It will be pretty chilly Thurs
day morning, o tan the
weather man, but It will warm
up In the afternoon. There will
be a little wind, but generally
speaking it will be a beautiful
Student: "I drink over fifty cupsbut it is safer to be hli last.
Soviet Union have only the deep
est respect for the memory of our
beloved leader, Joseph Stalin, we
freely realize that along with the
rest of the world's statesmen, he
must bear partial responsibility
for the impending threat ot war
which endangers all civilized
peoples. Thus as representatives
of a new government we are re
solved at all times to seek out the
ideals of peace and justice which
man. by virtue of the wisdom
which inheres in him, may In time
"If this criteria for world peace
is willingly accepted by the dele
gates here assembled, the Soviet
Union is confident that an equi
table solution may be found to
the specific problems which we
face in Korea and in the French
protectorates in North Arfica.
"Only when all nations win
conscientiously act with world
peace and not national Interest as
their guiding force, can the pres
ent threats to international peace
be solved.
"If the other nations of the
world will not join with the peo
ples of the Soviet Union in ac
cepting the principles of peace,
the work of this Conference will .
be in vain, and Mars will agaia
stalk the face of our planet."
We would like to use these
general principles in making
plans for our actions in the Mock
General Assembly," Wayne John
son said, "and every nation should
follow this sort orf plan
"When the charter was set up,
we did not insist enough on rights
of non-self governing territories,
Johnson continued. "All nations
have been so stubborn that they
forget all that counts."
As a result of previous meet
ings with Red China, Johnson
said, we plan to use any just
method available to get Red
China seated in the UN.
"India will introduce a reso
lution to expel Nationalist China,"
Johnson said, "and we expect
some support from the Arab
Asian block.
Union lobby by Friday.
illness, and Improvement in the
ill. It aids local mental institu
to doctors and the general pupiic
WAA Filings Open
For Council, Board
Filings for Women's Athletic
Association Council and Sports
Board open Wednesday.
Applications will be accepted up
to S p.m. Wednesday, March 25.
Form blanks can be picked up in
the WAA office, first floor of
Grant Memorial HalL Applicants
are to sign up for an interview
WAA Council and Sports Board
positions are: assistant intramural
co-ordinator, officials, Aqua
quettes president, Orchesis repre
sentative, duckpins, badminton,
basketball, bowling, hockey, Ne
braska ball, soccer baseball, soft
ball, table tennis, tennis and vol
lybalL of coffee a day."
Coed: "Doesn't that keep you
Student: "It helps."
Hollywood is divided into two
classes - those who own swim
ming pools and those who can't
keep their heads above water.
mantic to be a man's first love.
Speed! is Aoi imvi!!
a p