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Paae 4
Thursday, March 5, 1953 I
I earner 'Evaluation, service
vail able To (Faeulfy M embers
G. C Brsndenbu? md B. H. BMr
'Ratings Of Value
To Instructors'
Because instructors exist pri
mariiy to benefit trie suiaeni, inc; yott l0 i,tructor: In order to keep conditions as nearly uniform as possible, it is imperstive that no mitn
Daily Nebraskan for several years, u t h stents. The rating scale should be passed out without comment at the beginning of the period,
has supported a teacher evalua- ' " r
tion sen ice to be made available! ote to Students: Following is a list of qualities that, taken together, tend to make any instructor the sort of
to faculty members desiring tOi instructor that he is. Of course, no one is idoal in all of these qualities, but some approach this ideal to a much
usc I greater extent than do others. In order to obtain information which may lead to the improvement of instruction, you
The serv ice is based on the ar asked to rate your instructor on the indicated qualities by making a check tV) on the line at the point which
nirciue university rating SCie, nr?v ihi him nih feriM- ti rh nnslitv von are considrinr. For oiamnlo. nnHnr IntAc it. CuK;
if you think your instructor is not as enthusiastic about his subject as he should be, but is usually more than mildly
interested place the check on the scale thus:
Unon Sponsors 6 Weeks
Of Dance Instruction
Having trouble with that
Mambo step? Your problem is
A series of six advanced danc
ing lessons under the instruction
of Donna McCandless, an ex-Ar
thur Murray instructor, will be
held in the Union Ballroom from
7-9 p.m. on Mar. 10, 17, 24, 31 and
April 15, 21.
Rhumba, Mambo, Waltz and
other advanced steps will be fea
tured during the instruction.
whereby students evaluate the
strengths and weaknesses of in
structors, A little more than a year ago
a Faculty Senate Committee as
signed to study the scale approved
its use. The system was presented
to Universitv faculty members at
a Senate meeting. Since then a
number of instructors have used
the scale.
The Xebraskan publishes a re-,
production of the scale 1n this
issue to remind instructors that the;
first six weeks introductory
period is nearly completed and"
to offer students with a means
Alwys appears full of hisubject. Seems mildly interested. Subject seems irksome to htm.
This ratine is to be entirely impersoral. Do not siga your name or make any other mark on the paper which
could terre to identify the rater. ,
Be sure to put your check oa the line where you think it should be to express your judgment of the instructor.
Interest in Subject
Always appears full of his subject. Seems mildly interested. Subject seems irksome to him.
To Students
Lab Theater Productions
Feature Student Directors
Three One-Act Plays Scheduled
To Open Thursday, 7:30 P.M.
Laboratory theater, with the i managers take their special Prob-
Duroose of giving speech majors Hems to the area supervisors as-
experience in directing, will pre- Li- 00v, , nf nlavs. The
; laboratory theater, Temple Build- are Jack Babcock and ai nazei-
ing. wood. j
The plays are "The Game of The plays given by the theater
Chess." by Cheekov; "The Brown- are cnosen by the students in
yS". MJE class and are approved by the
Students In speech 14, an acting
class, work with the laboratory
W. W. Jacobs.
Directors and production man
agers for laboratory theater one-
Between 325 and 366 scholar-'?.01 Praucnons are siuaems in theater as members of the casts,
ships and grants-in-aid will be r" iu. ana tor 5"-""' ,thouh anv university student
flvailahlo ..f piays, siuaenis irom aavancea " " . ....
ing the icirrlt&SvSnl and directin classes- i1S, xo oul Ior lne
J. x. Colbert, Chairman of the tacn siuaent is airector ior one,vj.
General Scholarship Awards Com- Plav and production manager forj Checkov's "The Game of Chess"
mittee announced. (another. He is given participation js a pre-revolutionarv Russian
The number of scholarships to Pmts and is graded on his work.jstory aDout the attempted assassi
be given in each category "is de- The directors and production nation of a nobleman. Director is
pendent upon the funds availahioi wir-har Fink, and production
manager is Katy Kelley.
of rating their instructors eve:i
though the instructors do rot use Sympathetic Attitude toward Students
the scale in clasps. t .
A year ago The Xebraskan ' I ill II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H li M I II ( It! 1 1 It 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 II 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 111 II 1 M Ml 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 il 1 1
stated editoriallv, "Six weeks' Always courteous and considerate. Tries to be considerate but finds it Entirely unsympathetic and incon
should be sufficient time for stu-i
dents to become well enough ac-
quainted with instructors to form
an opinion of them and decide;
their strengths and weaknesses.'
Since this is the end of the first
six weeks in the second semester J
it is an ideal time for instructors
to use the teacher rating scales;
adopted by the University last'
semester ... I
If teachers would permit stu-J
dents to rate them now, results
could be used for the remainder!
of the semester, as well as for
future courses. This way. stu-!
dents doing the rating should
benefit from their own sugges-j1
tiorss. I1
'"Since the teacher rating scale
is a continual service, faculty,
members may use it at any time
during the school year. Henry M.
Cox. director of the bureau of
instructor research, savs blanks
are available in his office in Tem
porary A, Room 1. All instructors
have to do, he says, is call his
office and request the blanks . . .
The Daily Nebraska believes
the only reason any reason arty.
difficult at times.
Fairness in Grading
Absolutely fair and impartial to alL Shews occasional favoritism. Constantly shows partiality.
Liberal and Progress! Attitude
Welcomes dijjerences in viewpoint. Biased on some things but usually Entirely intolerant, allows bo con
tolerant, tradiction.
Presentation of Subject Matter
Clear, definite and forceful. Sometimes mechan:cal and mono- Indefinite, involved, and monoton-
tonous. us.
Sense of Proportion and Humor
fr'ltflTIlt!ltttttMiiliTt,,ltlIttllltil1 1 mitnttifii mil tiiim mi iiiiiriiiim iiti fiitiiintf
Fairly well balanced.
Miss Speere
YW Workers
The cast includes Bob Wells as
Alexis; Bill Walton, Boris; Paul
;Kidd, Constantine and Bob Wil
liamson, a footman,
j "The Browning Version," . di
irected by Vance Hanson, portrays f
;the inner strugsle of a teacher
Jwhose life has been a failure and
Always keeps proper balance; not
cTer-cntical or over-sensitive.
Over-serious; no sonse of relative
Self-reliaace and Confidence
Always sure of himself; meets d:f- Fairly self-confident; occasionally Hesitant, tim:d, uncertain,
ficnlties with poise. disconcerted.
asd clean.
faculty member would refuse to
permit usage of rating scales Persoaal Peculiarities
would be fear to find out just
what his students think of him . . .
"The Nebraskan recognizes that
general acceptance and use of a
new system, such as the rating
scale, may take time. However,
instructors as welt as students
should profit by its wide wsage:
it can be of rso value without
being put into practice.
"Student Batura"y have a re
sponsibility to rate instructors gthaaTarJag lateRectaal Crtty
jajrty ana oojecuveiy it tue system i
is to succeed.
The authors of the Purdue
system. G. C Brandenburg and;
H. M. Reanmers, have brought out
a good point by saying that stu-:
dents always are "rating instruc-"
tors. The only real choice faculty';
members have, they believe, is
whether they want to know what 1
the "ratings aire.
"BrardeRburg ar,i Remissers
have said if the instructor chooses,
to find out what attitudes are pos-'!.
sessed by his students, he w;.l be
in a position t profit thereby.
He will have obtained the pos
sibility of control cf one of the
important elements i!i the total
learning situation.
"We urge instructors to give
studects an opportunity to rate
them. The entire University will
pront iron sucn a move.
Wholly free from annoying man- Moderately free from objectionable Constantly exhibits irritating man-
Pcnoeal Appearance
Always well groomed; clothes neat IsoaFIy somewhat untidy; gives Slovenly; clothes untidy and Ul-
Istue attention to appearance. kept.
Inspires stiuJents to indepenejent tvcas:onaIIy imspirmg; creates mild Destroys interest in subject; make
effort; creates desire for investiga
work repulsive.
Underline the phrase which best places the instructor as compared witk other instructors :
instructor is in
(1) the highest fifth (3) the middle fifth
(2) next to the highest fth (4) next to the lowest &ftk
(5) the lowest fth
la sy judgment this
and upon the Committee's deci-'
sion as to the division of these
uujuiiuiiinns lur me scnoiar- v
ships are to have an acceptable I f fflfAnIAUJ
score on the fieneral Cnmnrohon. "w
sive Examination which will be
given March 28. together with an
average grade of 6.5 or above.
" . v . . . .J. UWVVIV, i 1 1 ' I cm 1 1 ir ti ,M . .... i
given under certain circumstances from the Central Division of wiose marriage is a nopeiess. mis
to students with lower averages. jYWCA at Chicago, Illinois, will ma
Twenty-four credit hours from conduct interviews for anyone in-j Ke undergoes a change when a
the University are necessary to be terested in professional work in student gives him the Browning
eligible for the scholarships. Sen-jYWCA. jVersion of a well-known book,
ior or senior-to-be applicants will; Tnton i..c ,.-;u k j .. Fletcher Coleman plays Andrew
be given preference, and then, in the office of Dean Colbert dean Crocket"Harris' the sc,hoo,mas:ter;
order, juniors and sophomores. I0f the division of student affairs and Jean Ca.ro1 DeLong plays
obtained at the offices of the ... . ' . Also in the cast are Tony
deans of undergraduate colleges j J JPoere .11 mteriiew c- D
the Dean of Women, or the Chair-; JSente oSIarrfi 12 Cult ct?, Taplow. Rogert Wait. Dr. Fro
man of the Scholarship Awards .gjf Vnide S biw and Jack Parris and Joyce
Commntee. 104 Administration. take adantaTe ofSfs SairT & hangman. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert.
Saturday, March 14 is the dead- a, ?ge r.nis cIance to Dor;thv E1iiot is nroduction man-
line for heir completion and reJ get acquainted with professional;1 um s production man
turn ! wrk. jager.
The committee for the general' The community YW program ot-'-J?!? ""rs 'liSi--scholarships
awards is composed fers such jobs to graduates as 0TK e lo?
of J. P. Colbert, Chairman: M. A. executive director, young adult and ancy Dark ls Puction
Alexander; Elvers Berck; Jose- director, teen-age director, health;manager-
phine Brooks; F. W. Hoover; Mar- education director and student j The PJay is a story concerning
jorie Johnston; H. W. Manter; CJ i" CA director. ! tamiiy in which tne son is .
O. Xeidt; and C. E. Vanderzee. j Miss Speere will speak on this : idolized by his parents. A mon- )1
All undergraduate scholarships su eject at trie city ywca cabinet KeJ s Paw wnicn grants wisnes xo
(given primarily or solely for meeting March 1 1 at 5 p.m. I the bearer falls into the possession
scholastic achievement) or grants-j Any girls interested in an in- of the parents,
in-aid (given for need as well as terview with Miss Speere may; Cast members are Ron Brandt
scholastic performance) are make an appointment through as Mr. White: Sandra Sick, Mrs.
awarded by the scholarship com- Dean Colbert's office or with the. White: Dick Hess, Herbert White;
mittee. These are awarded to the campus YWCA director, Janice Sylvan Zwick, Sgt Major Morris
deserving people unless the grant-, Osburn, at Ellen Smith. land A. D. Van Sickle, Samson,
ing of such awards has been spe-!
someothefaSncj e onor "(Sixteenth 'Whisker King' Competition
nwnriM hv thp Phvsics IJenart
ment If one of the awards is Clean shaven University men Goddess of Agriculture will reign
thA amount will be $200. if rnay file as entrants in the "Whis-U fh r,r,t f.,v
three are given the amount in a! The contest is one of the' first
John E. Almy award is . . , . 1 ...
for physics majors recom- t"iiings lo Upen Thursday In Aa Union
?d bv the Phvsics Depart- ' O
be SV5.
Students worthy of fir ancial as-1 contest rules state that all en- ""aaiuons to De associated
tirtartce mav armlv for the Jeffer-: iranis must oe cean snaven wnen r" r. ana its progresi
son H Broady sward; if one is Wing with the heaviest beard noted through the steadily increas
given the amount will be $100, if judged by Mortar Board mem- ff e s of the
two are given the amounts will bers Judgmg wul take .place on Wh-sker Kmg contestants dur-
u- rn .-wjjin At ii.!i nie winner oeing scown.
uc zjv. . , . . : - a i
Two students in Chemistry or tea ai ine motion ana uenim ine contest originated nearly 16
Photographic Exhibition To Illustrate
Protection Of Fine Arts During Wnr
The Union has arranged to the application o the Allied pro-copper mines, farr. jo .ses, bunk
show -Fine Arts Unider Fire." a ram for nmtivfinn f TBnn..mRitc'ers aad churches.
Alpha Zefa To Choose
photographic exhibition prepared
by the editors of Life magazine.
with the limits of rrilitarv ne- The oren Sunday.
cessity. It emphasizes the savin March 8 in the main lounge of the apply
the Geology Department may ap
ply for the George Borrowrnan
awards worth $60 each.
T-e WCIiam Hvte award is for
students worthy of financial as
sistance. Fifty dollars each will be
given if six students apply and
si 00 each if onlv three apply.
The Franklin E. and Orinda M.
Johnson award is for juniors and
seniors of outstanding ability. It
two apply, they wi'J receive $500
each, if three apply the amount
will be S300.
Sophomores or above worthy of
financial assistance may apply tor
the James G. and Mrs. Ada B.
Kunz award worth $300 if one
pplies or worth $50 each if six
"Whisker King" and
years ago and has been observed
the every year sine then.
The American Commission for A hamw nmimwi nt war. Union and will continue through sa-arrfs are for students
New Members Al Smoker e Protection and Salvage of Ar- damaged buildings arid collections March 23. I worthv of financial assistance.
, , , f :c fnd K:s:.?r?c Monurr.en in and stresses the handling of cis- The Mincna DePue Meissner
,-a?JT? CT';bfrehip er War Areas codabonted I w i t h perd and looted works of art. j p-M-J- cor, c -Jw award is worth $200 if one applies
cf A.pha Zeta. Ag honorary fra- Li.'e's editors in assembling pho- . , , raiioaian event rriday Lrf ; if th aDDiv The Stella
teraity, wCl be held in the Ag tographs, many hitherto unoub-1 SpecuLst inonuiwrr.ts. arts L v it is riven
Vrion lounge Thursday. March 5 Tiled, from several sources. f; d 3IVS attached to The 8. of the PaJadian So- K.rker :ssner aard is gi.en
st 7:30 nm. , , the armies, are shown at work in caety will present their annua! on the sarr!e bzsis-
B .-V , . . tt i... r l t DfLf.'OIEl T-T- i . . . . .. A . C ... . 1 a.uu " "
r. - . ' t; ' Lkufl
i worth $100 is for sophomores.
Campus capers
call for Coke
There's plenty of need for refreshment
when Freshmen are "making the grade."
What better Cts the moment
than delicious Coca-Cola ?
Ilave a Coke I
ijwijwae ok uue smoker is iargea prcoiograpns. a snon run- sn Germsr.v insnectirp aid as-!
I? aat male ag students with ning text reveals the care of fine s-rx dama'ge. They are shown pL day1at 8 30 P m- in preferablv for holders of fresh-
w w T 8 J J1- , directing salvage from rubble and, T - mar. Regents Scholarships.
Iect.r:g prospective members. methods, unique in the history of exposure .taking measures to pre-1 Thomas B. Johnson, Xegro rpir-! A junior majoring in English
Following the smoker, new for the protection and sa!-vefl furtrier deterioration to ltual ''Justrstor, will lead a d is- mav apply for the Katherine M.
members wi3 be election. Selec- vage cf the cultural heritage of damaged buildings, and to fres- cussi0r of Pencil illustration. iMehck award worth $75-$200.
i.on is casea upon Jeaderstip. wrope. coes Euch ss those of the Campo
i.jii ca scaoiarsmp. ,, i he exr.ibition'.ra'es tse Santo at Pisa.
V-jaiiijcauoBs ior me.r.ocrsr.;p worn oi A.ea Arnwes in prefer- fjjg jeeond part of the xfJbi
are: completion of one and or.e- ving and salvaging Western Eu- 'rioh suggests the magnitude and
hA'd years of the student's aca- ope's historic monuments and detail of the army's problem in
demic coisrse and rating in the works of art in combat areas dur- returning the 100 000 loo'ed and
iipper two-fifths of the class scho- ing World War II. displaced works of art. It deals
las::ca.y. 1 Beginning with a few examples with the discovery of some of the
lot trie extent and type t damage, TOO caches for German art plun-
A s:r.g.e male sea elephar.t has to historic buildings during the der, and the reccrvery of some of
f tehees over zon gailons of tL .war,, the exhibition emphasizes these possessions from salt and
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