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Wednesday, February 18, 1953 Q)
Psafflllitiy Shows
$'eiv Needle
University Students Feel
Blow As Traffic Toll Rises
The Crusade for Safety Is on in
The need for this crusade for
safety m traffic has been brought
nome to the University students by
two uto accidents last weekend
in whioh one University student
was kihed and two others were
seriously injured.
John Spear, Jr., was killed and
lichael Van Home, driver of the
car, was seriously injured in a
Free Movies
To Continue
Through March
Free movies presented by the
Union will continue until March
The program began Feb. 1 with
the film "Take Care Of My little
Girl." The film starred Jeanne
Crain and Dale Robertson.
The second film was "Dark Vic
tory with Bette Davis and George
"Winged Victory" and "Yes
Sir, That's My Baby" are the re
maining shows for February.
"Winced Victory" features Jeanne
Crain and Edmond O'Brien. "Yes
Sir, That's My Baby" features
Donald O'Connor and Gloria De
Haven. Presentations for March include:
Gentleman's Agreement" on
VTsrvh 1 T'tivnw Ilmm'l v l"UC"V K driver
J i' SnSLtS?i ? Jution courses have had better
March 8, "Winchester '73 on,irIonf
XTni-K IS r,,n. VT.V. m tv.uWv lano litem
and "Keys of the Kingdom" on inose"no dKi not-
March 29. ' A J T"
"Gentleman's Agreement." rated; AnderSOn IO VJlVe
high by critics in 1949, stars Greg-L I
ory Peck, John Garfield and Dor-2PGCICel LGCtUrGS
thy McGuire. "Clunv Brown"! 4. , . . . ,,
features Jennifer Jones a n d alJ"ke car ' $1. s
Charles Boyer i being offered to students who de-
1 "Winchester 73" stars Jamesi?!6 ? attend,a seIes of lectures.
Stewart and Shelley Winters.!" APPsl on European Real
."Quartet" is a series of four stor-ili'es an,d., Pl"?spectf mJhe Plobal
ies by W. Somerset Maughamon",ct- by Dr. Eugene
with each story being presented! AnT" 'LCt
individually. "The Keys of the ""' ll;
Kingdom" with Roddy McDowall!Mont Pla.n Revive France?" will:
and Gregory Peck will end therr ."vv J "UT
free movies series presented bynum.Thu;sda? J 7:15 P-; e
one-car accident early Saturday
iiorning on Highway 6 one mile
lorth of Linoma Beach. Spear's
leath was Nebraska's 17th. traffic
fatality of 1953
In the other accident, Don Oden
was taken to St. Elizabeth's Hos
lital with serious injuries when
he car he was driving jumped a
nub, hitting a bus stop sign and
tree Saturday morning. Tuesday
hospital authorities state, "He's
letting along fine."
A three-year studv of drivers
between 16 and 25 by the Acci
dent Bureau of the State Dept. of
Koads and Irrigation revealed
that, of the 237 fatal accidents
studied, 39 or 98 of the drivers
belonged to this age group.
This 16-25 age group comprises
17.7 of the total driving popu
lation in Nebraska. During these
three years, this group was in
volved in 19.065 of the 38,488 ac
cidents studied.
Of the 861 accidents involving
drivers who had been drinking.
!84, or 33 of them belonged in
this group. In 1951 drivers of
motor vehicles between 16 and 25
were responsible for 12,719 acci
dents, of which 110 were fatal.
Of the 22,650 accidents com
pared, 89.6 of them were by
male drivers.
Through driver education
courses Nebraska has attempted
to reduce this high percentage of
student driver accidents. Ken Mc
Caw, of the Accident Records
Bureau, said, "In the long run
student drivers who took driver
Scholarship In Chemistry
.1 1
"1 :
i' I
i :; E 1
r-';. . ...... ... 4.-.. I
t V v A i . a i ; J i
II 1 1 miii iiainiiii i iiiniMtifT'iri iiiimr -m-t S'-f 11 " 'ft
'lUo Grorff Of Commum $m
Seen n Vesfern Germany'
PHI LAMBDA UPSILON ; , . Twelve University
men have been recotnized for high scholarship
In the field of chemistry. They have been se
lected for membership in Phi Lambda I'psilon,
national honorary chemistry fraternity. Juniors
and seniors majoring in chemistry and graduate
students in chemistry research are eligible for
OiMirtiW Lincoln Star
The new members are (left to right, front
row): Dean Buckingham, William Raich, Ted
Okamoto, John Snyder, Richard Pusateri, Ted
Toi kelson (back row) John Whitlock, Richard
Mohrbaeker, Frank Pilar, Richard Campbell,
Wayne Smith and Maurice Lodwlg. (U of N
Feature Editor
There is no real danger from
Communism rising in Western
This statement was macie oy
Professor Hans Hcrzfcld in an in
terview Monday,
Henfeld, professor of modern
history at the Free University of
Berlin, said the University was
established in 1048 and provides
a school in a free area for stu
dents of Berlin and Communist
dominated part of free Germany.
"Forty per cent of the students
come from the Soviet zone, be
cause they either are or are not
allowed to attend the, universities
in the Communist zone.
"They flee to freedom and the
intellectual life of the Free Uni
versity and hone to find a new
life in the west German republic,"
Herzfeld said.
"There are spies in the class
rooms, but professors speak out
critically against Communism. The
professors nt the free university
are sure that in case of another
world war, the Russians will im
mediately seize and liquidate
them," Herzfeld said.
About 6,000 students dropped
iAiirn nil email weiHrmf Jnl rlf.
trict of west Berlin, Herzfeld said, 0)
and the students are continually v
The German youths ere just not
interested in politics and the ex
isting situations, Herzfeld said,
and there is jio great popularity
toward the existing democracy.
Ten to twenty thousand stu
dents would be able to attend the
Free University if the facilities
were not limited, he added.
Richard Fink, Vance Hanson, Dick Shubert
Chosen To Direct Three Laboratory Plays
Richard Fink, Vance Hansen,, "The Browning Version" by
and Dick bnubert are to be the! Terence Kattigan, will be directed
directors ,of the three one-act by Hansen. Dorothy Elliott is pro-
piays to pe presented on tne stage auction manager. The plav was
of the Laboratory Theater in 201 made into one of the better
Temple, March 5 and 6. movies of 1951 after successful
Fink will direct "A Game of, sessions as a play in New York
Chess" by Anton Checov. Check-! nd London,
ov, one of the outstanding Russian Marv Stromer portrays Andrew
playwrights, tells the story of a 'Crocker-Harris, a failure as a
peasant's attempt at the assassina-, schoolmaster, an unpopular man
tion of a noble. iwith the faculty and the students,
and the husband of an unfaithful
wife. His wife, Millie, played by
Jean Carol DeLong, is depicted as
having an, affair with frobisher,
Tony Melisa.
Shubert will direct a mystery
drama, "The Monkey's Paw," by
W. W, Jacobs. The story is of an
old couple, played by Ron Brandt
and Sandra Sick is Mr. and Mrs.
White who cherish their son, Her
bert, played by Dick Hess. i
Croicn him KIG
of the Eligible Bachelors
VOTE for
Office Hours 7-12:30 P.M.
the Union.
- Notices of the film series have ,!" cn snowing inurs
been distributed to organized;0 a; . . v. .
bnusoc anrt hiiildin on the . Students may obtain the spe-
umversity campus. The movies
are shown at 7:30 p.m.
rial tickets at the entrance door
by presenting a student identifi
cation card. Regular admission is
A German contribution to this75 cents for each lecture or $5
year's Christmas toy market is a for the entire series,
miniature V-2 rocket, about 15 f Discussion periods will follow
inches high. It soars 300 feet into, the lectures which are sponsored
the air and returns to the ground by the University Extension Di
by parachute. Ivisio-
Seventy Picked . .
(Continued from Page 1) I Rev. Dr. Moon, disguised pub-
, . . . , . ,IIic enemy No. 13, and his gun
junior, is a memoer of the Red;mnii TWmio Tj.Toir hrincr th
Cross Board, YWCA, and AlphaP0iice int0 the pjctl,re and add
Chi Omega. Icomedy to the plot. Confusion in-
A junior in Arts and Sciences, creases as Reno is talked into
Dick Marrs played in "Outward running after Hope's fiancee to
Bound," "Othello," "Idiot's Billy.
Jightw "Good News" and "Girlj Frank Bock direct the
C1"82? musical and John Tolch will serve
Ellie Gilliatt, past member of as technical director. Both are
Freshman Acting Group, held atechnical directors of the Univer
lead in "Outward Bound," and sity Theater. Max Bailry, Rocky
will soon appear in a MasquersiYapp and Bob Young will assist
production, "The Cat and the Can-' Mr. Bock in directing the product
ary." She is a sophomore in Arts ion.
and Sciences. Rehearsals will begin March 1.
In addition to the major roles, The show will h nrp-WnH Anrii
singing and dancing choruses wereg, 30 and May 1 at the Nebraska
selected. Theater.
MemDers or ine gins' aancing .
chorus are Mimi DuTeau, Jane RlAA J C. D'
Deppen, Betty Barber, Peggy Lar-iBIOOa VfUOTCI KISGS;
son, Nancy Thompson, and Mary k I fMI r
Janet Reed. The boys' dancing 1X660 Mill EXISTS
chorus is comprised of Dan Grace,
Tony Melia, Ben Leonard, Tim
Nelson, Jay Milder, and Bob Pet
ers. Grace, Melia, Leonard, and
Jim Da vies
The University blood quota has
been raised from 30 to 75 pints a
comprise a quartet' i "?au "L
within the chorus. 7 Ior ense, wm be
Kr... k , T.i-1, distributed equally between polio
Marrs. Burt Bishon. Horh Jrk-lf?d ,defense, . Shirley Murphy,
man, Hlar Sirk, Maurice Neihaum, "i000 recruit a'nnan, explained.
Fred Allen, Dick Pickett, Floydl The University urgently needs
Morehead, Jim Davies, Win Cady,!donors for tne Bloodmobile visit
Keith Garber, Fred Coats, Allen Monday and Tuesday, according
Schmid, Ron Smith. James Ward,;to M,ss Murphy, because the
Barry Larson, Jack Bussell, Mar-SruP scheduled for this month
shall Christensen, Oliver High, ls unable to fulfill the college
Thomas Beckler, Dick Pearson, quta-
Dick Heubner and Dave Major. Anyone wishing to donate
Members of the female chorus !jnould U the Lancaster County
are Gwen Grosshans, Kathy Wil-!? Cross Chapter, phone 2-5988,
son, Jo Anne Sorensen, Evelyniforvn appointment. The Blood
Larson, Jean Hensol, Carol Jean roobi'ewill be located at the Scot
Armstrong, Kathy Radaker, Lolly! J.,sh f,tc Temple, 15th and L
Smith, Kay Burcum, Ruth Seig.P1!?615- !
Lu Thommassen, Barb Bredthauer,
Pat Loder, Kay Nosky, Kay San
dahl, Marlene Tiller, Ellie Gilliatt,
Clare Hinman, Carol Haerer, Mar
eelen Jenson, Terry Fitch, Carol'
Coleman, Marilyn Herse, Ann1
Jane HalL Nancy Thompson, Mary
Lou Beerman, Marion Scott and
Peggy Wollcott. ;
"AnytMng Goes" is the story)
of Billy Crocker and his attempts jj
to win the girl of his dreams, Hope;1
mrcourt, who is on her way to
meet her fiancee. Reno Sweeney,
a night club proprietress, confuses
the story by falling in love with
Billy and trying to get him to for
jrake his other love.
RSltera Nurse for HopKl Duty. P Ivan
ant environment, Unlormi rnralalMd.
Vacancy middle of February. Applv
8tudm Health Center. Unlrertlty of
Kebruka, I
mmmrw- mem:
a a : a a b -mmmm a m.m ,;,;: a vq ;
Illustrated Lectures
" 1
Ki&rhtly 7:30
Im. thru Ssin. 23ud
Sun. 31 a.m. & 7:33 p.m.
J. L. INGLEY, JR, Graduate of Ala
bama Polytechnic Institute, Engineer
ing Personnel Representative, Chance
Vought Aircraft, will interview grad
uates of the class of '53 in the Place
ment Office, MARCH 4. Mr. Inelev
is looking forward to the opportunity of
discussing with you...
::::: J B i
t.. I
- nrfit f
yf. ,
, r-f y
. V -mi-,,- ,. j
Chance Vought Aircraft, a designer and builder of military aircraft
for 35 years, offers the graduating engineer and scientist an oppor
tunity to join in the design and manufacture of fighter aircraft and
guided missiles.
The design of fighter aircraft is constantly being improved as new
materials and more powerful engines become available. Guided mis
sile design is in the pioneering stage and progress up to this point, in
our opinion, can be compared to the period of development of piloted
aircraft prior to World War I. Imaginative thinking as well as sound
engineering is an important part of these programs. The young engi
neer through his creative thinking can rapidiy assume a position of
engineering responsibility in the Chance Vought organization.
Almost every type of academic specialization can be utilized in
some phase of the design, development and test of a jet fighter or
guided missile. Technic? ! assignments are available in the design and
analysis of specialized electronic components, structural and hydraulic
testing, structural and mechanical design, applied aerodynamics,
power plant analysis and testing, stress and vibration analysis and
flight testing.
If you are receiving a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Mechani
cal Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathe
matics or Physics, Chance Vought invites you to discuss your future
in these fighter aircraft and guided missile programs. Contact your
Placement Director for an appointment with the Chance Vought
Aircraft representative.
Chance Vought
.m, t i s.yy
X;1" ..JSSarM CM AMCC (tctzzr1 f
Dallas, Texas
1 . "Q- Sli.
Dev. V. A. Quint Pastor