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Wednesday, February 18, 1953
Pogt 3
Psora IHloysi
Upset PU's
NU Gymnasts
Will Compete
In Triangular
Nebraska's undefeated gymnas
tics team, which last week turned
back Colorado State Teachers and
Matmen To Finish Victorious
Regular Season On Saturday
Sports Staff Writer
The Nebraska success on theicurred by Charlie Bryant Tht
mats this season is amazing. Last f!Prv lad will nmkihb h wt
. . 1 . . . . r- ,,.1,1. V " r. . .U
By BILL MUXDELL into the flay, were the victims ofi The Dorm A Stars followed the L1, ;"ers "a , 51" iBn "?"S;Ar.m. I 5.5! ' Dave Mackie,
Intramural Sports Cohimnlst a DU comeback that took nearlytDU upset with a startling 47-30, ""4 Su"i jj hi with whom he has been altemat-
Monrfav's I-M court ction, thre rriods. The Farmers started shellackine of favored Pha lanx. " oiwk a- iyijr-uuu. touiuS crew ui "j'i .
proved no exception to this year's, off strong and rang up an 8-2,The win boosted the Stars play of fi" J "l iOWB wiy ia-
stock while it was tne second up- ine ocariet tumoiers meet the
set loss of the week for the Phal-i University of Iowa and the Uni-
anx. who Thursday suffered in versiiy or Illinois'
rule of the upset as a lone fratern- first-quarter lead before the win
itv B contest joined with li ners caught on.
Independent battles to make up I The DU's. still smarting from
the day's competition.
an earty-season 27-33 defeat at overtime from the Fliers.
(branch in a triangular
this season when the Huskers husker history, losing nine and: mg, will take over tne 167-pound
meet K-State at 7:30 p.m.) tying one in 10 meets. duties.
Wednesday at the Coliseum and Current sensation of the team much better season than was an-
a r t i n.
j,.... pi0r end their regular season against to most fans is Ed Husmann. The .. . . , . .
affair Minnesota her. Saturday after-! Ogallala strong boy has a lffiSliedA1p,
Hghlighting the evening's; ne nancis or ine Aggies, gamed ai The Stars controlled tne coniest, The f0nowin. Saturday. (Feb. i tl'"Zlt "" shooting for two more wi
tussles was the elimination or one nine ground in me iouowing all the way after holding a sum 28) the Huskers will comDete in 1N0 m8lier now ie nusKcrs "v""' i"",v """"6 then we go for that second soot
more previously-undefeated teamstanxa. but still trailed 11-16 at 10-7 first-stanw bulge. With the AlNCoUew nvitattonTmeSiwind up in ,hese inal two,thc Huskers last two outm8s- Ke conference meet
from the select grouping. Delta1 halftime. At this point, all five free-throw paving the way. theyL. Boulder Colo Nebraska . th matches thc-v stin wiU have set a! Coach Partin discloses, how-, r,.t. . ' . .rtK
Upsilon "B" erased the last traces of the DU starting five had con-trang up leads of 24-14 and 33-21 'dlffndYn record for the best won- ever, that the big gun in the at-' EWe"" ,A1 s 6l"8t
of the all-victorious outfits in the tributed a bucket with John at the half and three-quarters w"no'ni mP1M , mect I lost chart during a regular sea-tack to date has been Darrell Jlf experts opinions thit the
fraternity "B" division bv upend-! Beecham adding a froetoss for the marks. U-J' Jak Gter lls,ed Tomlson. This year's team has won Adamson. This 130-pounder isyKla"oma booners are a shoe-In
ing highly-touted Farm House "B! eleventh counter. i Verl Claussen led the way in'10""51 Kcnnedy, Danny Fogel, six while dropping two. The pre- undefeated in eight matches. Don Ior tne 1,8ue crown,
bv a 30-28 tallj-. I A torrid third period that saw scoring for the winning Stars with Don Hodge, Chuck Sprague, Rayivious Nebraska high mark was Bean and Husmann follow withi ""
"The Aggies, who took a 9-0 Jack Randecker, Bob Johnson and a 20-point total, eight coming on!"? "stead, Dick Raecke and Bert: in 1949 under Bucll "Pat" Pat- identical 7-1 records. For Best Results lTse Dally
record tops in the University Morgan Wells garnering the pointsi free throws. Doug McPherson;Lmn s his probable traveling person, when the Huskers won A big loss to the Huskers this; Nebraskaa Want Ads. It Reaches
shoved the underdogs to within aided the winning cause with an- squad for Saturday's trip. five. I week is the practice injury in-the Student Body.
one tally or tne farmers, 20-21. other 14 counters. Harold Dickens
we are
j'snwung ior iwo more wins ma
Spring Football
Aspirants Called
The Dally Nebraskan errone
ftusly slated Tuesday that sprin?
football drills would begin on
March 1.
This statement should be cor
rected to read that spring prac
tice begins April 8. and that
men interested in participating
Caarh GlaasforA or ronrk Davis lave h,m the scoring edge Over
v. i..k i i Johnson and Harmon, 7-6.
; Court I continued to produce
the eye-raisers.
a mam . m a s
It was nip-and-tuck all the way; was all the losers could offer in: A I Iillr,lX
l I I I bbWIl w
in the final quarter. What the Ag
gies gained on free throws by
Fred Smidt and Ray Card, the
DU's gained back on goals by
Bill Harmon and Randecker. The
lattcr's final heave came with
nine seconds remaining and broke
a 28-28 tie.
the wav of a consistent scoring
threat. He wound up with an eve
ning's total of 16.
Fliers Scare Ramblers
Five Fliers gave the University's
top Independent team a very long!?
evening before sucombing. The ;:
Fliers, who had W!?t weeic sur-
Smidt and Derail Clegg of the ,, t)Kltinv fell Hftfnr 1
lArl thA irHiT7tln t crvrre K . . . ... ... X
with nine and eight, respectively.
Randecker's game-winning toss
Florida Trip, Coconuts
Highlight Player's Life
Assistant Sports Editor
Playing good basketball and
collecting strange items on out
state trips compose the main ac
tivities of one of Coach Harry
Good's cagers. This description
could fit no one but Don Weber,
NU forward from Estherville, la.
r, : 11 1
logy classes but he does have a
hobby of collecting odds and ends
from all over the nation. The
most memorable experience con
nected with Don's hobby occurred
last year on the team's trip to
Florida where they had two en-f
counters. Weber stuffed his suit-!;
case with Florida oranges and co
conuts, but the other members of
the team had different ideas
about the destination of the
items. Mch to Donl's disgust
they threw the oranges and co
conuts away. I"
The entire trip to Florida was
one big menace for Weber. On
the same trip. Don got very air
sick. The only good thing about
the whole trip was that Jane
t Ik
the potent Ramblers 63-55 in the
final three minutes
Until then it was anybody's
game. Not content with just keep
ing the score close, the Fliers
overtook the leaders time and
time again when it appeared that
they had finally reached their
limit, nine times in the game the
Fliers held the lead but each time
the smooth-working Ramblers
came back to wear down the five
When the three-minute signal J
sounded, the Ramblers held a slim ! I
54-53 margin, but two loopers byU;
Jim Evans and a couple more;
from the hands of Ralph Weddle y
and Bill Thaver decided the con-! 4
test. . 13
Evans took top scoring honors
in the fray with 18 tallies, closely
followed by Harvey Goth of the: '?
losers, who garnered 17. Weddle
and Thayer potted 16 and 11 for j
the winners while Claire Johnson; r?
and Don James contributed 15 and . z
10 to the Fliers hopes. j c
Other Tuesday contests saw the :
Mustangs snuf-out the Dorm Bul-fp
lets, 28-22 with Bob Green hit- M
ting eight points for the winners "
and Chuck Huestis grabbing six .
for the losers and Nebraska Co
op s triumph over tfte KummiesJs,
36-30. In that fray Al Aden led
the winners with 14 and Tom j
Freet led the losers with eight. i S
Inter-Varsity kept its playoff j
hopes alive by dunking Presby
House, 26-24. Keith Garber of the
winners and Mel Brydll of Presbyi S
shared top scoring honors with 12
Ctwtrrr u-cc jfaroti apiece. Newman duo took over s
DON WEBER . . Cornhnsker Undisputed second place in league I
spsrkplar- i VIII by walloping the Methodist jj
. " . I House, 48-19. Jim Egenberger was
coacnea ine tsuierviue junior ODS for the Catholic with ten y
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111 iilli,;:,r!,!,'li!!i,!ll!SI!S
! but threw a wrench into the race
Although a lot of Don's activ- Dv winning their last four games.
flies are humorous he definitely , in his spare time during the
has a serious side to his person-! summer Don keeps in shape by
ality which has gained him many working at a local concrete plant,
honors in the sports world. Don thinks that Nebraska
Main Feature Clock
Varsity; "The Jazz. .Singer."
1:09. 3:14. 5:19. 7:24, 9:29. -State:
"Kansas City Confiden-
Weber attended EstbemUe High should definitely end up in the tial," 1:00, 3:55. 7:00, 10:00. -Big
wnere ce jomea use . cnarra upper ctision because of tne Night." 2:38. 5:42. 8:45
circle f lour sport lenermen. many upsets in league play.
Don played first base on the dia- Don numeraled his first year
mood crew, center and end on jow-n at NU and garnered his
the foo:ball team, and pa rtici- first letter last year. His best
pated la the 440 and high jump shot is a two handed set shot
on the track squad. He played in Don's opinion it's a draw
his junior and seniors years on for the best player he has ever
the cage team, and his last year competed against between Clyde
of cor; petition was climaxed by Lovellette and Chuck Mencel.
being picked by the Iowa Daily Jim Buchanan is the best NU
Press Association for their all- man he has played alongside of
ttate third team. In his usual His biggest thrill came two
manner, Don said that he won weeks ago when the Huskers op
his letters because happened set Kansas State and he potted 12
to be a "small school." ' points and grabbed a lot of im-
Weber, who stands 6-3 and porta nt rebounds. During the
weighs 180 pounds, is a junior in whole season his hustle under the
Teachers College and got some boards has paid off for the Corn
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