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Friday, February 6f 1953
nivs Dear riji d s;
Mustangs, Co-op Win
Intramural Sports Columnist
The "heads continued to roll in
intramural basketball Tuesday and
Wednesday as the two-week rest
from court Action introduced tio
change pertaining to the iclosoncf;
f this year's title-chase.
TVeviously undefeated and top-1
Tanicea Tratermry "is," i'hi "Gam
ma Delta, saw a good-sized slice
f their "Championship 'plans "dis
solving as Alpha Tan Omega '"B"
shocked the Weeji Fijis, 53-26. To!
wake matters ven 'worse for the
the individual fforts with m
ivnts followed fcy Schmidt f the
Mustangs with nine. Maohisie and
uemas .riiss leom.rihnWi
ir-e winning fffort whU Bob
Kremke added a samiUr
uiv noopsrer rmai lauy, ,
Nebraska Co-op, with a 4-1 rec
ord and losinc oMv to the H'
sters, -came from Tar behind Wed-1
nesday night to hlast , tfVjfcn,J
by a wore. The unrated
Qers -started fast and with ifitwJ
minutes gone had built an im-l
pressive 11-2 margin and appeared1
tolsve ihe Nation well in hand I
v,u-tipors nna tner adeas,
W Taus who had not won a ft' JK
eiiO'tai. i Aden hit two ftaltai-c
.JTS 3"orrf Pl nd three
h ine in were uic o. iree tosses, jrm Worth's free
muster through the tffrst three throw was the only ue Ball
stanzas. 'Meanwhile the Taa-bees; point 'in the last Jive minutes f
were increasing their margin; the stanza and gave the Wr
slowly and led 46-15 going into! j 2-1 i ad vantage during the rest !
Await Gym Triangular
v4 J
k , & '
Tiod was typieal Fiji style but ft
was too little and too jate.
Red Schroeder led the victor!
ous Taus with 12 points and was
assisted by Mac Bailey who tai
htt (t k 1 V r
i; :.U;C m: It.. .X Li-
:::- :s;..:..;-. U - i V .':-'. j -J, f i-'w . i.x -; 5" X S' : r -c-v"
The Nebraskans "conlmne h;J
pace during the second leantf.
I with Don Custafson 'contributing!
the bulk Of the Taints -ehnt
a 2S-17 halftlme biilee. Th.
lied an additional Tiine. Hex Fis-islowed considerably from there
eher was all the losers naa to on ana sne co-op coasted Jn to - - 1 - '
ffer, getting nine counters. jwrn.
Third Independent-ranked and! """" " P'ts lor the losing; irNBEFE A TED C.YMXASTS , , s Cow Jike Oeier" Mebrsk
Coach liarry Good's Nebraska
cage squad, cwrently lied for
third tilace ta th Big Seven race
with th Missouri Titm. battl
hihlyfavord Kansas Stat atiin
lt Saturday night in the Coli-i
seura, Tipoff time is set t f
P-m, r j
Should the Kwskers uiwet the
nation's ftfta - ranking ehjb,:
cnanees lor wpper oavisron spot in
vie raw standings will be s.
Oficwm ijtfwiJti Star
seventh in the Ali-U -ratings, tne r '" '""'viouai scoring! wiemisnen reeora sutnrflay Afternoon to triinrtilar meet with North Dakota Mi Ksas state. X
Hoopstcrs Tailed to maintain their; honf the -day, Dostal's n admission fee will he harga tor th meet, which ts fler W ; S nv ta X lS !
high perch Wednesday Tnight. The,. 'h'le Aden f, Won ending. Left to rifht, stanaii: Boh BevinS waiSDave Brnd. KSLM
Hoopsters with a 5-1 record, the;"'- .XPP.1?41.1? Reeves f Linn, Dick Raecke, Kneelinr: Don Hodre. DannT IWL
,!iic wura tacn poiieo len. iaAv ' ' -1
. .. ... nm i .
loss cominc 'on a forfeit, fell be
fore a furious Mustang onslaught
nd lost 23-29. Again, It was -a
case of the victor being way iown
in the ratines, the Mustangs hav
ing only an even record in their
last six starts.
Close for throe and a half -pel-Sods,
the game swung -definitely
in favor of the Mustangs in the
closing minutes as tarry Schmidt
hit three 'consecutive fielders nd;
John Machisic potted another.
uumviuuu, mismaii, hjmmiig unities
Included On Varsity Athlete's Agenda
Huskers Play
Buffs Monday
nrZ L m,U l,KBiS Sevtn Pyer, named Fred
Dunne the nast f7 S'on-ft n.. j
ltfii Monsters had cir. V " C." J "- '"'l. 1!- nGW groomea
- - - ui-t-n lexpusea xo irom JJebraska
nd 18-18 at the three-quarters Bus Whitehead, Bob Fierce andLJTt4 ',4 Junior fcom Omaha,
mark and even -owned a 20-18 in,,.,,.,;,,,, , n piaymg me age sport
ior tne 'vornnusKers tot tnree
years. During the 1950-51 season
he "played for the yearling squad.
After that rear of trxnerienee
Seger was moved mp to the first
and 52-20 leads hefore -dissolving.
Virg Gottsch of the losers topped
KU Defends
Floor String
Kansas will be protecting its
fourth longest home cjrt winning
streak in history Saturday When
Missouri invades Hoch auditorium
at Lawrence.
With four wins in 'the hopper
this winter, Phog Allen's amazing
1053 troupe tow has chained to
gether 16 consecutive triumphs on
its home -planks. This stretches
back to the final game oi we ioi
season when the Jayhawks felled
Iowa State, 70-64. Last year's
NCAA champions won all 11 ot
their home starts. This year's crew
has disposed of SMU twice, Okla
homa A&M ana Kansas siaie. -
, The latter portion of this string, W IJC If A fC HfTlA
is! the most remarkable. A&M was d O liUVC
fifth-ranked nationally when the If f t I
Jayhawks handed the wpoK-es p-ii f CnGnUI(
' " '
Colorado Buffaloes itor
braska 4s a better host than visitor-.
Jim Buchanan. Another potential ,Seger swished long shot W KTtT
ine recora. i Monday , night in Big Seven
He iconsiders ?the long shot and joust.
Last vea7 iaiw IT- ..Z tnks. Other
plane for the first time when the toppled the Buffs .80-65 in the loop
team travelled to Florida to iclav onener for both iMiih
two (contests gainst Tampa andNobraska .clicked on 43 per cent
"'"'" ni hts n until nn-tm-nc s-n ,t,t
ifc . , .1 whil
ot:Sci jb jeaairiB inis 3'ear-S mstl Came 1,0 Jura IhP IsMk n n (Tnlfw
scorers with 167 points with irht rado wuini wMeh n.s ttfmnAri
team and shared the guard slots ifames iremai.iine. Last x-ear thim 7s m,,
:W T-f- J. 3 T- ' . . I.T1-J . KM, " a.. " . V.HU O.J iC
""c ooa anaim xsucnanan.iiuneu up ud-s counxers. ,isig seven pre-season toumament
Before j-nm'tnn .jffom t Tf I Fred would Tather 'hane Riilhr tt r,
yersity Fred attended Benson High " Kansas than any other points against the Huskers at
in umana. e played on thej'T""1 4" ,e league. e aiso mmits Boulder, will lead the Colorado
school's cage squad his senior year that r.5 lso Tnore rivalry jinvasion. The nifty Denver sopho-
D1IT MS TnniTi TrmhocK: mrve .Kn I "cii j JJiays B !COnieTence ram TTiftTP IS mrrrr-TitTv -mwirmtr nt
! baseball. He lettered three years thim 'hen they play an (outside a 16.9 clip after IS games.
in me oiamona sport ana was;-"'"" i canity asuroerte luauaors-n
named all-city in 3948 and again!, . taT future, Fred would strengthened his mmnerp spot in
m imn. '" joo pmymg wixn ine xne iHuTt scormc (column with an
18-point night against Colorado
a M to boost his average to
12.2. i
A bright spot or the Buffs in
Fred rilaved seennd !hnse h Phillips Oilers. After he irradu-
junior year and hit .-345. He was'ftes ,rom Teachers College, he is
moved from the keystone -corner interested tn a coaching job.
his senior xear anrt TiinfPH tl Last summer Fred met a rin
shortstop where he hit ,375 and''narnei iLadena Maumann m-hile he their win over Colorado A&M
cained all-oitv honors fnr ihP Pf"was playing ball in Lexington. He was the twtum itn fn
ond consecutive year. (has hopes of changing her name Jeanperard, slurnp-ridden since
last season Fred rotated 'be-from Maumann to Seger this sum--the Kansas Citv tournev.. Jeantrer-
tween the varsity and "B" -dia- mer- lard bagged 12 points against the
mono leams. uurmg xne summer
Seven Veis
Begin Early
Ball Drills !
Coach Tony Sharp issued the
first call for baseball players and
was greeted with seven returning
lettermen. The haseballcrs becan
practice Feb. 2. i
The pitching staff shows the
most potential power is St is bol
stered by five returning veterans.
Leading th list of lettermen re
Ray Novak and Chuck Wright.!
Novak was She leading man on
the mound squad as he icrtmpiled
a 5-win, 2-40SS record, Wright ran
a uose second with a 3-0 record.
Other returning lettermen are
Pat Mallette, Dick MeOorrnieh.
and Fran Hoffmaier, Bob Kremkc
and Don Muenster also saw ac
tion (during the last season. Other
huriers that have reported are
Ray Weigert, Doug McPherson,
Harold Andrews, Dean Hutchina.
Boh Brown, and 35 on Smith i
Leading the list ot retuminir! FJF1
catchers is Murray Bachus, Bairj ?
bus is the only returning letter- 2 liJ01?
(oateiift riTki Oihr tJ "a scy mas
iopriomore Jim smrth 4s close be
hind with $2
Note the "change an startinf
time at th Coliseum to J pjn.
Kansas State rurds Bob Roy
sey and Gn Stauffer, who hv
recently been drilling: th baskets
wiU extreme reguJarity, may bt ,
th men providing the trouble far '
the Cornhwskers.
In recent years, it has been
Wildcat ruards which have riven
Coach, liarry Good's Cmhuskr
the most offensive tits. Two
sons go, St was all-American Er
nie Barrett and Jimmy Iverson
.V!:V!r rfenvit k.I svsm ftMA
their ruard posts. In three r&mes
that year against Nebraska, Bar
rett poured in 41 points ni Iver
son 28, Dick Knostraan, the Cats'
big offensiee run this season
threw in 25 (during those three
last year, Wildcat ruards Iver-
son and Gene Wilson, a sub. dealt
misery to XU, Iverson cut Iocs
a iS-point barrage at Manhattan
and followed a 15-point burst at
Lincoln, Wilson hit IS points at
Lincoln, while Knostraan ac
counted for IS at Manhattan and
eight at the Coliseum while feed
ing th laslbreaking Iverson and
Now Bob Kousey and Gene
Stauffer ar n hand to bother
the Huskers. Stauffer. who hit
24 points for the Wildcats against
lowa State, is averaging 15 J
points in three Big Seven rames
this year, Rousey, having bis
greatest season, is moving at a 1S.S
pace Sn two fames, la missed
the Iowa State contest because f
K-State Coach Jack Gardnera'
Wildcats are keeping cp a weH-
baianeea soonnt attaefc. wita four
players having scored at least 112
points. Knostraan, pivot man for
the Wildcats, leads with 26
backstonpers are Chuck Jesnsen.
iJerry SandbulJe, Jim Cedardahl,
ana 4Uon neccer.
The Snfielders 'and (Outfielders
are to"report for practice rn Mon
day, February $. Bob Reynolds
is the TmlT veteran Snfielder. and
Jerry Dunn is the leading utfield
The diamond squad is now hold
ing practice in the Field House
under the (direction oaf assistant
-coach Ed Berg. Berg is taking
cnarge ot ine workouts, while
snarpe as ousy (coaching the fresh
man basketball squad.
current scoring leader with 167
. a 65-53 stunner Jan. 8. They fol
lowed by knocking Kansas state
off the top of both AP and "UP
national polls with an 30-66
spanking Jan. 17. The Mustangs,
Southwest conference tournament
winners, were belabored, 83-66,
and 72-55
FREDDY SEGER NSiJrailJrt h he P1 cond base lor
iexingion m xne isil, jueague ana
nn at a .330 clip
As far as tournament play goes,
Fred has played in the Nebraska
high school games in 1949 and in
Big Seven tournaments last year
and this season. The Bunnies came
in third in the state in 1949 after
being defeated by Lincoln North
Fred attributes a lot -of his suc-
Coach 'Harry Good's Corn
husker basketeers won't he the
only Nebraska athletes in action -cess to his two coaches, Scotty Or-
oaruraay nignt. jcutt from Benson and NTJ's Harry
There will be action on every Good. He said that both coaches
sports front. Coach Ed "Weir's were "very good."
track team competes in its second! When asked how he thought the
Aggies and turned in a jood 3ob
unaer me oaras.
If Jeangerard can flash the
form lb showed in early frames
ne'ii am the Boris a big lift in
the all-important rebound (de
partment. The 6-8 sophomore is
the fourth best Buff rebounder
and scorer.
JTATiomy sim
21S North Hth Street
This means the Hawkers, lowly ; meet of the year, a trianculnr Huskers would -wind un thiR
Tated in pre-senson forecasts, o"-n; with Colorado and North Dakota, Ison, Fred stated that a lot de
an average point-spread of 15-periand the minor sports schedule is pended on the -ontcOme of tomor
game over the enemy at Hoch. fUn. ,'row's game against Kansas State.
Furthermore, A&M's 12-point de- Coach Web Emory's swimmingi"If we win the game Saturday, 1
feat represents the tightest victory .team will be shooting for its see-ithink that we will wind un ;in
margin to date. lond win of the season over the third or higher. We have enough
This 16-game skein is surpassed Kansas Jayhawks in a home meet, height to give them a fight under
'only by streaks of 2b, 23 ana .n ana ai ine same time will be try- the boards and J think that we
bv great Kansas units of the to hit the .500 mark. Nebraska are the best shooting team m the
The all-time mark was erected j edged KU, 47-45, at Lawrence league."
with undefeated home stands in earlier, and lost to Grinnell andi Seger considers Clyde Lovellette
1939 and 1940, a four-game bud, Oklahoma. !as the best player he has played
in the closing stages of 1938 a The gymnastic team under against ad Jim Buchanan the
a six-game extension t h r o u g nj Jake Goier is slated to meet Colo- best he has played alongside of.
1941. The InUAA rui.neiH-u(J ,raao ncvivi bi ine pnysical pcluca-j Fred's biggest thrill came this
40, a crew of Dick Harp, novation building Saturday afternoon, season when he tied the all-time
jaynawK bssikihih tmu, 'wiu m me morning win run auniversity scoring record, with
Miller. Bob Allen ana nowuru pre-state novice tourney for high about three minutes remaining in
scnooi gym learns. (the contest, a teammate came up
u y j resumg team is on to i-"red and told him that he had
the road, as Al Partin's grapplers a chance to break the record. He
face tough Cornell at Mt. Vernon, thought that his teammate was
Iowa' kidding, but with seconds left
-RnPlPTTiiin. were the prime engi
neers of this string. Oklahoma
snipped it in the 1941 conference
linale with a 45-37 conquest.
TVm 2S.biw chain was au
thored chiefly by the Helms Foun-i;
dation-designated national champ-ft
ions of 192?. and 1923 which in
cluded George Body, A. E. Woest
mcyer, John Wulf, Paul Endacott,
Charles Black No. 1, Waldo Bow
man and Tub Ackerman. This
string also extended through 1924,
Kansas State snapping It with a
' 40-28 victory in the home opener
f '25.
This streak was constructed in
the cramped confines of ancient
Bobinson gym, since no game wbf
staged at Hoch until '29.
A combination of Dick Wells,
Paul Harrington, Bill Johnson, El
mer Schaake and Gorden Gray,
inaugurated the ii-game sxrexen
in '33. It WP3 continued by most
of the eventual unbeaten B' Six
champions of 1936, Kay Ebling,
Francis Kappelman. Mitt Allen,
and Ray Noble, although Wells
and Gray still were co-authors
When Oklahoma scored a 36-26
-clipper Jan. 16, 1935.
This year's lub hasn't been
Tated in any quarter with those
past aces, but by sweeping its
final five home engagements it
can equal the string of the most
recent group.
The Tigers will usher in an im
portant three-game home stand,
which finds KU meeting Okla
homa next Tuesday and Nebraska
the following Saturday.
It will be the second collision
of the year between the two an
cient foes and you con expect a
replay of that vicious Big Seven
tournament semi-final which saw
the Jayhawkers score a 66-62 i;p
set in Kansas City.
The Bengals' stellar sophomore
guard, Win Wilfong, has been
drilling lightly all week and
should be nearer, full strength
than any time during the last
month. He picked up a severe
char lie-horse against Oklahoma
Jan. 10, re-hurt It against Colo
rado Jan. 12, and has been forced
to limp through the last two -encounters
against Nebraska and
Ki IBM State. i
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