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    Tuesday, November 25, 1952
Page I
Here Are Your Winners
I to Army Colorado Georgia USC Oklahoma Penn Ric I SMU Term. I Texas
dqt0 Navy Colo. A&M Go. Tech Notre Damej Okie. ASM Cornell Baylor TCU Vanderbilt Texas A&M
GImJjejson.745 Navy CoIoTcTdoH Ga. fechTUSC "rbklahoma 1 Perm' Baylor SMU" Term. Texas
Bob Serr !.73SArmy 1 "Colorado "Ga. Tech N.Dame Oklahoma Penn Baylor TCU Vand. Texas
Bart Brown .695 Navy Colorado JGa. Tech USC J "Oklahoma Penn f Baylor TCU IJenn. Texas
Tom Becker (690 Navy "Colorado 1 Ga7TechrUSC Oklahoma Penn fffice fTCU Term. Texas
Bill Mundell .685 Navy Colorado Ga7Tech RDame Oklahoma j Penn Rice JSMU j Term. Texas
Amie Stern .665 Navy Colorado Gc Tech USC J Oklahoma j Penn "Baylor j'SMU fTenn. 1 Texas
Howard Vann .655 Navy I Coloradol Ga.TechJ USC fOklahomaTPenn lRice fTCU Term. Texas
MKushncr .645 Army Colorado Ga. To'ch fN-'Dcrm OkIahoma"lPenn Baylor TCU Term. j Texas
Chuck Dasek .635 JColorodofGaTech USC Oklahoma Penn Rice TCU Term. Texaa
Ed Befg 1 -625 I Navy Colorado j Ga. Tech N.'Dtsme Oklahoma"! Penn Rice TCU Term. Texas
Sooners Reign Again;
NU, Tigers Surprise
Final Bir Seven Standing
Ptl opt!
.17 IS4 87
.83 S 1(1 7
,HH 2 ST
..100 141 94
500 111 111
!7 140
y Sri
J ft f
a up
Sports Staff Writer
Southern Cal stormed off to the
Rose Bowl on the strength of its
14-12 decision over previously
undefeated UCLA. The victory
gave ussu the Pacific Coast Con.
ference championships with a rec'
ord of nine wins and no losses.
Jim Sears, a 164 pound sen
ior tailback strengthened his
claim to ail-American honors
as he dashed 70 yards for a
touchdown on a lateral, and
passed for Uie second, a decis
ive marker to Al CarmichaeL
Both teams were so evenly
matched that the final score
seemed to have rested on Sears
inspired play.
Fine defensive ball was the
watchword as UCLA notched 10
first downs, and the winners
only 6.
Tigers Upset KU
Missouri gained undisputed 2nd
place in the final Big 7 stand
ings as the underdog Tigers
Whipped the Kansans 20-19.
A deflected pass was Mis
souri's margin of victory as Ti
ger end Jack Hurley deflected,
then intercepted a pass late in
the fourth quarter to set up the
winning touchdown.
Paul Fuchs two successful tries
for extra point in the first half
gave Missouri a 14-6 half time
lead. Gil Reich had a long after
noon as he missed two tries for
extra point, then an attempt for a
field goal late in the fourth quar
ter. Earlier in the game he was
taken from his left half position
with a broken finger on his right
Jayhawk star Charlie Hoar
wrote finis to his college career
as his oft-injured knee forced
him to leave after the second
play of the game.
Wisconsin won a tie for Big 10
supremacy as it tied Minnesota 21
21. Though the Badgers were
heavy favorites to whip the Go
phers handily, triple-threat half
back Paul Geil changed the piC'
Geil pitched a 43 yard pass to
Bob McNamara who pulled it in
as he crossed the coal line for
Minnesota's opening counter.
Then Geil scored the second Go
pher touchdown as he shot
through center from the two
yard line. The third Gopher
touchdown was scored when
Geil passed to Dale Quist to tie
the game.
Maryland tasted the bitter gall
of defeat for the second straight
week as they were throttled 27-7
by Alabama.
The victory, eighth of the year
for the Crimson Tide against
only two defeats gave them the
Orange Bowl bid.
Maryland, favored to win by a
touchdown in spite of its loss Ole
Miss last Saturday had trouble
assembling an offense, as star
quarterback Jack Scarbath again
failed to connect with his tosses.
Tennessee also had its troubles
as furious pack of Kentucky Wild
cats staged a fourth-quarter rally
to score two touchdowns and tie a
highly favored Volunteer team
Quarterback Herb Hunt
sneaked from the one yard line
midway in the fourth quarter to
mark the first time Kentucky
had scored on Tennessee in five
years, and the eventual tie was
the fifth by Kentucky against
Bob Neyland's Tennessee teams
in 21 years. The Wildcats have
never beaten a Neyland coached
IM Cage Competition
Lures Record Entry
A record ninety-one teams have
entered the 1952-53 intramural
cage competition and have been
assigned to fourteen different
Of the 91 grand total, twenty
two organizations have entered
B" teams in the intramural com
petition, and three have "C
The leagues and their members:
League 1
iaau a. Ma Kwiin
km Phi EpaUaa
Swm CM
fht Umu tMta
Alpha Taa dm
iMUa Taa beta
League 2
PU IMta Than
Kaarc Mean
itoaa im Kaa
stt Kaaaa I'a
TteMa l adlaa
km Tarn II
laMa Xi
League 3
Fana Hoaa)
Bala Sana T
Urmmm fataea
naa Alpha Ml
Ixtta bmm TU
rafeMur 4"a-aa
Illiaaar Ca-a
League 4
Taa law V.vtiiom
ft Kama rai
A or
lacta CM
IjHm Beta Taa
ank Hnaat
League 5 (B-Teams)
Alpha Fattaa
i JIM fcHua
i Ka
ItH baai Ttcha
Alpha Taa Oaw
League C (B-Teams)
IVIta Taa PrHa
Rria Tim Pt
Mam Feature Clock
Varsity: -The Lusty Men," 1;00,
1:09, 5:18, 737, H:36.
State: "Strange Fascination,"
2:12, 4:44, 7:16. 8:48. "Ladies of the
Chorus,- 1:11, 3:43, 615, 8:47.
Alpha Gaaiata Rha
Phi Eapaa Pal
PM ilta TWta
Tbrtt ( hi
League 7 (B-Teams)
Pi Kaaaa Phi
pMMMcr Cm aa
Fana Haaat
Brta hitmm Pal
Bran Palace
lArUa l atiiaa
League S
Kmaaa Oah
Praahr Haaw
Mrlho4nt Haaw
Iihaa fMaaaaU
Baptial He
lancnttr 1 MCA
Learue 9
Haidraa Baaar A"
At Maa'a Oah "A"
Ar Jakert
As Parasitcf
acauoaai Ac Am'b
I af.rrwtj Aacica
League II
Balanw Him 'B"
At Mca'f Ciah "W
At VM( A
Alpha Mumm Kha "C"
Ywrm Haaat "C"
League 11
Learue 12
laa acraha
Learue 13
Learue 14
iMiplmawre Btaai
lwi .iaa Pt
A IKK .a
Yrk lMeatt
Iwai Mara
ftahnafca (
m BaUaH
ilat Ballt
Intramural Sports Columnist
A smooth-operating band of Sig
Eps, disregarding a freezing rain
and the undeefated record of the
Mustangs, rolled to their second
consecutive All-University I-M
football championship Monday
ngiht Sigma Phi Epsilon success
fully defended their AU-U honors
by dropping the Independent
champion Mustangs by a 24-7
A vicious line that sprung Ted
Kratt to 60 yards rushing and
the passing combination of Kratt
to Bill Anderson paved the way
to victory for the champs. Kratt
carried the maU 15 times during
the fray, 11 of the carries going
for yardage as the Sir Ep line
men shredded the heralded
Mustang defense.
The Independent winners were
at a disadvantage throughout the
contest as they played without the
services of their burly lineman,
Don Summers.
Accurate Passing
The Sir Eps completed 13 of
24 aerials in the tight Mustanr
secondary with Anderson steal
ing the show by grabbing nine
of these, including three for
The champs notched six points
each quarter in rolling to the
title, completely commanding the
contest throughout the first half.
The Mustangs were allowed
only seven attempts to advance
the ball in that first half of the
game, the Sig Eps handling the
pigskin 24 tunes.
The champions started the
contest on their own 15 and
drove to a score in seven plays.
Kratt bad runs of five and six
yards and pass completions to
Hyle Thibault, Fred Petersen
and Anderson for yardage of
15, two and 22 yards in the
drive, the latter producing the
Initial tally.
The Mustangs gained only one
yard in their first offensive show
and bottcd to the Sig Ep 14 where
once again the champs were off.
Kratt ran right end for five,
passed to Bob Svanda for nine and
rounded right end again for nine
to produce a first down on their
Mustangs Hold
Startinr the second quarter,
they moved to the Mustanr 23
on two straight Kratt to Ander
son aerials for another first
down. Anderson gathered fa an
other toss to the Mustanr ten,
but here the losers began to
stiffen. Kratt was tossed for two
eonsevuUve loscs and two
passes pushed only to the two
where the Mustangs took over.
Jack Mankamyer punted out for
the Independent winners, the Sig
Eps taking over on their 31 and
striking out once again.
Kratt hit Anderson for 31 yards
and after two aerials had dropped
untouched, he connected with
Andy for the second touchdown, a
13 -yard production. With only a
minute remaining in the half,
three passes resulted in three in
terceptions. Svanda pilfered two
Mankamyer tosses while Marv
Green intercepted a Kratt heave
to round out the first half.
The losers were still unable
to move opening the third
stanza. Failing to move out the
Sir Ep linemen, they were
forced to punt to the Mustanr
3f from where the champs
needed only four plays to score
aarin. This time Anderson took
a nine-yard toss from Kratt for
the tally with four minutes
The Mustangs chalked up their
initial first-down following the
TD. Marv Green heaved 34 yards
to Lowelel Hoyt to the Sig Ep
24 for the longest single gain of
the championship battle. Green
scampered five to the 19, but Jay
Benedict saved the moment for
the Sig Eps by intercepting a
Green toss on his 18.
Kratt was tossed for a loss of
11 yards on the next play and on
the following pass. Green inter
cepted for the Mustangs on the
Sig Ep 29 and returned to the 19.
No Shut-Out
This time the losers were not
to be denied. Mankamyer hit
Jerry Strasheim for 13, Green ran
lor two and Mankamyer tossed
four yards to Strasheim for the
score on the first play of the
fourth period. Mankamyer to
Hoyt produced the seventh
counter. j
The champs were awarded their
final tally. After Hoyt had inter
cepted a Kratt pass on the Mus
tang 14 and with time running
out, the Mustangs gambled on
w I I
Oklahoma S 0 1
Mlnoari S 1 0
Kaniai 8 S 0
Colorado S S t
Iowa Stat 1 S 0
Kaaiat Slat 0 6 0 .000 40 18
Big Seven AH Games
wit art. pit eats
Oklahoma T 1 1 .833 S.tS 134
Kantat T S 0 .100 S14 110
Colorado S t 1 .867 185 1S8
NEBRASKA .... 5 4 1 .550 173 IM
Miuoari S S 0 .500 14T 15
Iowa Stat S 8 0 .338 158 1
kanuu Slat 1 0 .100 11 t55
Games This Week
Colorado AAM . . . i al Colorado
Oklahoma at Oklahoma A AM
Weekend Results
Cederdahl, Ray Novak, Jim
Yeisley and George Cifra who
will form a well-experienced
Linemen who will be back are
Andy Loehr, George Mink, Emil
Radik, Harvey Goth, Jerry Mln
nick, Jim Oliver, Charlie Bryant,
Don Glantz and Bob Oberlin.
Leading 20 Scorers
Oklahoma 34 .
Iowa 8U( IT
Miuoari 10 ..
, .Kaaiat Stall 0
Kaatat It
Billy Vends, Ok!
Buddr Leake. Okl
Buck McPhail, Okla ,
Bob Brandebcrry, Km
Chas. Hoai, Kaj
Merrill Green, Okl
Bill Rowekamp, Mo.
Ida (XX
,.16 0
.. 6 92
.. 7 15
..9 0
..8 3
..8 0
.. 4 IS
7 0
Rot Willlami. Cola 3 20
Upsets Hamper
Experts1 Picks
Marshall Kushner stole the
show 1 last week's Here Are
Your Winners by picking Ohio
State, Northwestern and Penn
State, all upsets, to move out of
the cellar into seventh place.
Daily Nebraskan Sports Editor
Glenn Nelson jumped back into
the lead, ahead of Bob Serr.
Upsets ruled the day as Nel
son and Bill Mundell were high
with five and one half rames
out of ten. Mundell was the
only predictor to pick Alabama
ever Maryland.
Ed Berg, who could only man
age two and one half right.
slipped to low man on the totem
In the big game this week
Army-Navy, only two men, Serr
and Kushner picked the Cadets.
af'i illlS'-- , TS .. ... ....
,iW iii'ii-1 4t y , ft -fVri.
! :.Mi'-' . ill
mm immi
IJLlhUmim viz
(MUlniii)aiVWII aaw v tf , Ik .j,T
r4ltft ;
""""" ! iititht
. -lraa raaatnattaa)"
A laan at Vat Catarur"
N 1 ii ii I
) Bo As Your (
I bliiWll UWwir 1
, "Vuiws.
fourth down and lost, the Sig Eps
taking over on the 16. Kratt
passed to Al Hansen for four and
then galloped the remaining 12
yards to paydirt.
Late Drive Staged
The losers had one last drive
and carried to the Sir Ep two
before time ran out Mankamyer
passed to Green for 19 and to
Hoyt for two and followed with
a ten-yarder to Larry Schmidt.
Bob Green flipped to Schmidt
for six and Mankamyer tossed
to Marv Green for five as the
game ended.
Statistics for the championship
fray were:
8 PR Must
First downs 10 8
Yards rushint 60 18
Lost rushing 34 10
Total rushing 26 6
Pastes attempted 24 23
Passes completed 13 9
Pastes bad intercepted 3 4
Yards passing 145 101
Total net yardage 171 107
Punts 0 3
Punt average 38'
Fumbles lost 0 1
Yards penalized 35 0
Sig Eps 6 6 6 624
Mustangs 0 0 0 7 7
Sigma Phi Epsilon (touchdowns) Ander
son 3. Kratt.
Mustangs (touchdown) Strasheim. (extra
point) Hoyt
.Officials: Leonard Singer Zeta Beta Tau.
Harold Andrews, Rockets.
Official Urges
Bowl Game
Kansas University's Chancellor
Franklin D. Murphy suggested
Monday that the Big Seven con
ference officials consider an an
nual post-season contest between
the league winner and the win
ner of another conference pos
sibly the Southwestern Confer
ence champ.
His views, made on an in
terview over the university's ra
dio station, stated that the
rames ahould be held on the
college campus not on a neu
tral field where the contest
would develop into a more pro
fessional than amateur athle
tic interest
"Bowl games are not an evil
as such, he said, "but when they
are held off campus they create
Imany problems.
Sports Staff Writer
Nebraska's loss to Oklahoma
and Missouri's 20-19 squeek of
Kansas gives the Sooners their
fifth straight Big Seven title and
leaves the Cornhuskers in third
The surprising Missouri
Tigers ended second, a place
reserved for Kansas at the be
rinninr of the season.
The Jayhawkers slumped badly
at the end of the season and
wound up fourth.
Colorado's Golden Buffaloes
finished a dismal fifth and
started the campaign with a
21-21 tie of Oklahoma.
Kansas State ended in their
familiar last place after a 27-0
thumping of sixth place Iowa
The Sooners' Billy Vessels
captured the scoring- parade
with 96 points and still has one
game to go next Saturday with
Oklahoma A&M.
Colorado finishes out its sea
son with a non-conference battle
with Colorado A&M.
Looking at next year's pros
pects, Nebraska and Missouri
lose the least number of exper
ienced men while Oklahoma,
Kansas and Colorado will take
a heavy loss.
Among the Sooner stars to leave
are Vessels, Eddie Crowder, Buck
McFhaiL Tom Catlin and John
Kansas will lose two of then
star backs in Gil Reich and
Charlie Hoag.
Colorado will lose versatile
Woody Shelton and tailback Zack
Nebraska will suffer too.
, Gone will be the backbone of
the rugged defensive lineup
plus Ali-American Bob Rey
nolds from the offensive back
field. Returning to the fold are John
Bordogna, Bob Smith, Dennie
Korinek, Dierks Rolston, Jim
Jim Hook, Mo 5
Kalph Curtis, Colo 6
Carroll Hardy, Colo ........ 6
Gil Reich, Kag 4
Paul Leoni, Ka 4
Zack Jordan, Colo 4
Stan Cozzi, Iowa State 4
Paul Fuchs. Mo 0 15
John Konek, Kag 1 14
Repeats As
AH-U Champ
For the second consecutive year,
Ed Sarkissian captured the Union
sponsored table tennis tourney,
by blazing through the final
round-robbin play undefeated in
six games.
Sarkissian won the champion
ship when he took two straight
games from runner-up Hnars
Bergmanis. The first contest,
and by far the best of the eve
ning, went deuce before "Easy
Ed" took the win 23-21. The
second game was an anti-climax
as Sarkissian won going away.
Bergmanis and Sarkissian met
once before in the finals of the
All-City championship and Sar
kissian measured Bergmanis three
of five games to earn the right
to play in the national tourney
in Chicago. Sarkissian was third
in the competition in the "Windy
City" last year.
The team trophy went to the
Iranians who garnered 102 points
over the course of the two-week
tournament. It was a champion's
medal for the winner, Sarkissian.
Orange Bowl Question
One major bowl spot is still
undecided Alabama's opponent
in the Orange Bowl on Jan. 1.
Either Navy or Syracuse will op
pose the Alabama team.
In other bowl games, Wisconsin
will meet Southern California in
the Rose Bowl, Georgia Tech and
Mississippi will meet in the Su
gar Bowl, and Texas will play
Tennessee in the Cotton BowL
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