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Friday, November 21, 1952
it i
If Gof Started
Wednesday night's Student Council meeting was
gratifying, in its essence if not in its discussion, to
anyone that can remember meetings of past years
when each week's agenda was packed with pert
inent and worthwhile business.
It appeared that every member on the Council
listened to each and every item of the record
amount of business that was brought up and tried,
"to the best of his or her ability, to understand the
- Issues under discussion.
Many visitors viewed the Council proceedings
- Wednesday afternoon and produced, with the
Council members, a very healthy debate on a
traditional campus problem. The Issue, Itself,
has been subject to vigorous unofficial debates
" outside of hallowed Council halls.
The movement by the members of 24 organ
measure by those opposed to It. Immediately
after Thanksgivlnr vacation, according to Ne
braskan Interpretation, those organizations that
use ticket-balloting In their election procedures
will be given an opportunity to express them
selvesand then the Council will decide whether
the petition has meiJts enough to receive stu
dent government backing. ,
Several points in the opposition's remarks in
Council may well be given serious consideration
by those persons in favor of outlawing ticket
balloting. Number one was that evidences of , dlssention
among the groups signing the petition indicated,
to some, that the petition isn't as strongly backed
as it seems. Perhaps a list of Individual signa
tures including the names of University men so
', bed women's groups to outlaw ticket-balloting re- that this issue doesn't degenerate into a boy-yirl
celved a good start in the Council debate al
. though not a very heartening one to the backers
; of the petition. The meeting took the form of ob
jections being voiced to the movement and conse
quent answers from its proponents.
feud, would make the entire plan more forceful
in the eyes of the middle-of-the-roaders and even
the opposition.
Number two is the question that was brought
up: Does the petition object to ticket-balloting in
, ts essence or to ballot-box-stuffing and out-of
The petition-sponsors hoped to receive prompt University voting that often results from ticket'
Council action on their proposal and thus sub- balloting?
mltted It as an amendment to the by-laws. A -fa
judiciary chairman decision brought out that any When students return from Thanksgiving va-
amendments must De written in correct termin- cation, this issue will undoubtedly have settled
logy and must be submitted by a member of the some and the emotion which characterized part of
Council. the discussion might be forgotten. "The backers of
In view of this ruling, no action on the sug- the petition will have to do some strengthening
gestea By-law necessarily need be taken at the and clarifying of their proposal before the next
Council's next meeting and a motion to set up Council meeting and the opposition should come
committee hearings for those organizations so af
fected was passed with a decisive majority.
So the petition, as it stands now, Is In Coun
cil committee which undoubtedly was an al
truistio move but mirht be used as a stall
through with some valid alternative to this issue
which nearly everyone admits needs clearing up.
Perhaps then the air will clear and a ra
tional, practical and acceptable solution to Uni
versity elections will be found. R. R.
Just Plain Confusing
The parking problem is just plain confusing,
It isn't that a lot of work hasn't been done to
clear up the confusion. The Student Council and
The Daily Nebraskan have both worked many
hours trying to figure out the right way to solve
the parking puzzle. In fact, Nebraskan staff mem
bers, because of their interest in this problem,
have been appointed to Council committees on
But there hasn't been any answer.
There have been suggestions; some of them
have a great deal of merit. The two most re
cent and most important concern converting
the mall between the Carillon Tower and the
Coliseum into a parkinr lot and Instituting a
fining system for parkinr violations. Both of
these suggestions, it is very important to add,
are not designed for students alone but for
everyone who drives to the campus regularly.
the Board, to hold the Council request up until
the other branches of the University can in
clude their opinions on the idea.
In other words, the Board is not a committee
which takes one side of the question and reviews
that side alone. Past experience has proven, ad
ministrative officials said, that the Board likes to
get all the Information and opinions that it pos
LimEON CAMPUS . ..... By Bibler
Heels And Hose
Shop Wisely To Stretch
Winter Wardrobe Dollar
Terry Barnes
In fhrsA nre. formal. nre-Christ-lial girls who want the quick
man days of heavy pressure on the' changes and the variety through
1 1 1 U I ,T n.l.V.li5JWI
Those in the first group are
advised to put their money Into
the clothes themselves and to
"And now the chairman of the judging committee to Introduce the'
Qteen and her attendants."
Just Around
Full Weekend Ahead
Only 13 Parties, Balls
Jan Steffen
pocket the average college girl
shops more carefully than ever
for her clothes. If she's a good
shopper she
realizes that
money is not
the only criteria
in being well
It's the way
you spend that
tells the tale.
And the way
you spend will
be decided, In
large part, by
your own
ences and by
where and how to shop
According to the first issue of a
new magazine called "Fashion,"
women who budget the money
they spend on clothes and that's
the way to get the most out of it
regardless of how much you have
end to divide into two groups.
One is composed of those who like
knowing when,
stick to baslo accessories. . .also,
to look for hand-made button
holes, wide seams, well finished
collars, sleeves, cuffs, good but
tons, expert styling and really
fine materials in everything
from a blouse to styllnr and
really fine materials, In every
thing from a blouse to a winter
The cue for those who crave
variety is to "buy plain dresses in
solid colors with necklines and
waistlines you can do things with
simple coats you can dress up
or down uncluttered suits that
will take all sorts of hats, scarfs,
gloves." Then you can go ahead
and switch accessories with each
shift of the fashion wind.
Today there is actually, abund
ant opportunity for everyone with
an income above the bare subsis.
tence level to look well dressed
on a comparatively small outlay of
their clothes already trimmed and cash. The saliant points of fashion
are "sticklers for top quality in are available in moderlately
fabric and workmanship." The! priced clothes as well as in those
other is made up of more niercur-'that cost a fortune.
sibly can before it makes any decision. These 'Rogers! Caro1
opinions would probably come in written form.
This should not discourage the parking com
mittee. One of the committee members told The
Nebraskan that he was not entirely in favor of the'Larnan! Diane
mall as the spot for the new lot. What he did's
want was provision for a new lot somewhere. He j and Jo Brysori
felt that making this detailed investigation of the 'and Rod Bun-
Same old thing everv weekend
parties, banquets and balls.
(Not even any pinnings this time.)
But the thirteen activities sched
uled for this weekend mostly
parties, with a few banquets and
one ball promise to be among the
best for some time. (Seems like
that is said in every column too.
but it's true that every weekend
brings newer and better Dartv
An AOPI dinner dance is one
of the events planned for Fri
day night Couples dining and
will include:
Charlene Blessine and Kennv
Clement; Jan Robertson and Bill
Harmon; Sue Kirkman and Les
Roberts; Ruth Kleinert and Jack
B e a t ti e and
George Hart
man; Ginny
Wilcox and Ed
mall problem and sending this information to the
Board of Regents would do one thins if nothine
else: make the University administration cogniz-
A committee is still trying to work out the ' OI me Iact lhat additional parking space is
Z kinks of the fining idea. There are many kinks needed and there are now no provisions for this
but the work up to date Indicates that a fair ar- sPace- ln the committee's opinion, the school has
rangement is in the making. When the idea first great plans for Physical expansion but more park-
, broke, The Nebraskan was against it because ing space ls not incl"ded in those plans. They feel
' there was no recourse for the violator if he that tnis a definite mistake,
.thought his parking ticket was unfair. However,
xne committee has recognized the importance of
the idea of appeal where fining is concerned.
Definite steps have been taken to set up a board
; for hearing these appeals. The exact work of the
'committee will be revealed in a future Council
The other idea the conversion of Memorial
Mall has also received a great deal of committee
Investigation. Other editorials have discussed and
; praised the work of this committee. There is no
need to go into this further, except to say that the
k Investigation was extremely thorough perhaps
the most thorough investigation this campus has
seen for a long time.
; The results of this investigation were offered
to the Council last Wednesday along with a great
deal of other business. As presented the plan was
to recommend to the administration that a con
crete lot be constructed on the mall. Amendments
changed this to read that a "surfaced" lot be
recommended to the Board of Regents.
, Now the problem is: will the Board of Re
1 rents pay any attention to this petition? The
chances are that they won't as things stand
now. Administrative officials contacted by The
u,uu;a,ca uu me council was over-
The Tri Delts
and their dates
will dress as
celebrities for
a premier party
Then comes the big problem: Is it the Uni
versity's job to see that the students have ade
quate parking? Technically, the answer is no.
In fact, It is technically possible for the Board
of Regents to order all student cars off the
campus. Other schools have had this happen.
If, then, it is not a duty of the University to pro
vide parking space, how can the students ex
pect them to do it? They can. because it i.
Friday. Among the couples will
be Helen Schaberg and Bob Har
As I
See It
mer; Pat Hammond and Jim
Norsworthy; Lucy Hilger and Bob
Russell; Sharon Egger and Mike
Stubbs; Martha Hill and Jim
Adams: Marian Ekstrom and
Walt Wright; Marilyn Johnson
and Jerry Jensen: Jean Carol De
Long and Bob Murphy; and Diane
Hinman and Bob Meehan.
Norris House and Interna
tional House will combine for a
party at Norris House, 1143 J
St. Friday. Other events for
Friday include a Men's Resi
dence Hall-Women's Residence
Hall party at 540 No. 16th, and
an AGR party at Cotner Ter
race. One of the eight parties planned
for Saturday night is an Artists'
Ball at the Acacia House. Among
those at the- closed party will be
Ralph Nickel and Janice Evers:
Neal Harlan and Carolyn Bratt;
Buss Anderson and Beverly Brat-
Ten; ieai Fohlman and Rose
Hrouda; and Dean Cunningham
and Joyce Weist.
An opium den will be the scene
of an ATO party Saturday night.
Couples, in oriental costumes, will
be escorted to the Tau house in
Towne Club is
Miami's Problems .
lowing letter was received by
the senior class officers. The
problems Miss Mclntyre men
tions are shared almost entirely
by the classes on this campus.)
Dear President,
Let's face it We need help! In.
former years our Senior Ball has
OU Invitation . . .
Dear Editor,
On Saturday, Nov. 22, is the big
game and we at the Oklahoma
Memorial Union cordially invite
all of you to visit our Union
while you are here.
There will be guided tours con
ducted by students from 10 a.m.
til 2 p.m.. and for an hour after
f?j!ld ,iserblyrfinarciaJly and the game."'We are naturally proud
car has a spot to nut that car. In. nt
- - w. caw iiicaii
that the University should say that it will not
We said a little while ago that this was the big
listen to any requests for more parking space,
problem. It doesn't seem as If it should be. Eul
members of the committee, when interviewing
members of the administration, found this prob
lem thrown at them constantly.
There are not enough facts for The Nebraskan
to say without reservation that the mall should
or should not be converted. Neither are there
enough facts for us to say that the Board should
or should not listen to requests for additional
parking of any kind. However, from ,W ,
looking one Important thing. They said that the know nw' U loo, as lf there should definitely be
Editor's att! Tom Rnl b wririnf M
Ih request of Larry Uuaiiini. Miff toluol.
UK. Tb. Dailr N'ebrafitaa don lot aeccs
tarilr mtm llk Bnl't opinio. nd doM
not acrepc tau iipou!bUitr for IV of
kit rcmarka.
Guest Columnist
Few on this campus have
l.AMfnM ffMfMUiAHAj VlSM.tiNaWl olck B n It . . . ..A . U ! -
definitely reasonable for students to expect fair 'diabolic the working of the'ea2ement.
weatment from their school. Just because there female mind can be, especially' ThL othe five parties planned
w wmcn says that the Universit- i r. i iirV,t f tv,a f cfcnm Lur uraay mgnt include a
quired to make sure that every student with a I emerged from the schizophrenic
sponsoring a
scavenger hunt for Saturday
night, with the following couples
planning xo attend:
Jo Joyner and Ray Magorian;
Winnie Stols and Jack Warrick;
Dorothy Simon and Bill Renner;
Jo Follmer and Don Leonard;
Phyllis Kelm and Tom Carlson;
and Nadlne Osborn and Ted O'
Donnell. Two engagements were an
nounced at Towne Club meetin"
Monday. Mary Ann Schlegel
passed candy to announce her
betrothal to Tom Wittv nH
Carole Molstad and Haskell
Fishell (Theta Chi. now in the
otnerwise. we have tried name
bands, queens, late permissions
without success. Consequently, we
would like to build up spirit for
our senior weekend to offest com
petition from other spring events,
namely fraternity formals and
We are interested in finding
what activities you have to bring!
our senior enthusiasm during your
unai weeks or school, and what
suggestions you might have t
help us arrange a weekend of our
own. We would like to know;
1. What specific activities do1
you plan?
2. Are they limited to seniors
3. How does it go over with
the students?
4. How are the finances han
5. What university regulations
of our new Union Building and,
consequently, like to show it off.
Please call on us if there are
any questions or information we
can answer about O.U.
We will be looking forward to
seeing many of you here Satur
day, so come have coffee with us!
Sincerely yours,
Anne Avery, President
Union Activities Board
are imposed?
As you have gathered, the whole
idea is to promote our senior
dance in much the same way as
Greek Week builds up toward an
Interfraternity Ball. Our plans
must be set up and have a fac
ulty approval within the next few
weeks, Therefore, we would ap
preciate an answer as soon as pos
sible. Sincerelv,
Senior Dance Committee,
Miami University, Oxford,
mind can be, especially ' ne other five parties plani
u -c a ' 41-1 - for Saturday night include
. vl uie recent ssciieme FaPm M, j t r t',Z
aauuoc vaiac at u jc i-jii I( U 111
Hotel, a date dinner sponsored by
Terrace Hall, and v house parties
given by Kappa Delta, Sigma Nu
ana ueua Tau Delta.
parking problem is not Just a student nrohi.m
. They further pointed out that the conversion of
the man would help both students and em
ployees but the petition would come only from
the student. These officials expected the
Board, or the Chancellor who will see it before
Wjahqin Ylotu
Lets Of Corn
The government has announced that farmers
hall be free to grow all the corn they want to
next year. It seems that when a surplus of the
.valuable commodity is on hand, the government
regulates acreage and invokes rigid market quotas.
In 1832, farmers could grow corn to their heart's
content, also.
It would seem that most farmers would jump
at the chance to grow corn this year to be able
conduct their own business in farming the land
something definite done to increase the mrkfna
area. We feel that the parking commitw ,-b-
ing on this problem as hard as possible and with'thTs
That fnnM(.. I . . ,UU&
wMmw we nave no complaint. The fac
ulty, administration and the Board of Regents
have not had a chance to work on the problem
officially yet so we cannot mention their work.
We can only hope that when ihv a
It, they recognize what the Council has done. To
The AVebraskan it looks like the parking prob
lem might not be so confusing in the near future.
science and business.
New Order Of Business
The Pentagon may have a really new order
f business, according to a recent news story.
A man answered Mn brother's Induction notice
e then went AWOL. To really confuse the
Issue, the man that went AWOL this is, the
name of the man, belonged to a man that wasn't
HPPOsed to be Inducted and the man the army
r sally wants has taken the name of a dead
IrsiSer. , .
Jace the Pentagon seems to be famous for
' I t-rc, it -will be interesting and perhaps
f : .Vg tt see what they do with this case.
Jhs, (Daily, VUJbjia&huL
Associated Collegiate Press
Intereollerlate Press
ajiH - if , . . ntr Nebraska mxtrmim ..jJL.-i P. tntrff.
. mwui coiiege eaucauon m political -ri i a em- V'I:
ail aarini ta ackool roar aucot Oi
Hy' Thought
A mm by On t nirart n .1 M .73. .v ' Mat ac
1103. Ac rnt Ceaaraai mt .TT, . " "-
fcw 10. vwiraai a oootar S, 11 T. aukariaaS Seiaa
AMociata Editor". !'.! . KaraMaa)
naoaauit Milan
Iwrti fefitor Blto, gar, Slaphaaaoa, p, ail
Am't Spam Editor ".'.'" ' J'
raaiur uitar .T Ctartea KlnH
At Editor
NocJitr MUor Cfce braa
minds of certain local females.
Many of us have long labored un
der gross misapprehensions.
With all the royal titles floating
around "Queen" this, "M i s s
Sweetheart" that, it was my im
pression that every campus lovely
was a titleholder of some sorts.
However, I find that there is
a small select group of women
on campt who have, up until
now, successfully evaded the no
toriety of bearing the regal col
ors of some organization or
These child indigents have made
a rather bold step. Their basic
We irlpa ic linHmihtoHlxr liAnAraMa
however it is their coercive
threats, underhanded attempts at
misdirection, and apparent lack of
sense of Justice which prompts
Girls, you are asking for it if
you do not change your ways.
Your reluctance ln accepting the
Student Council's move for fair
bearings for all campus organi
zations involved was altogether
too noticeable. The first step in
any problem would logically be
to seek an equitable solution,
and you should have the com
mon decency to do just that.
If your wish is to subrogate
your own desires for the prestige
of 4hese campus activities, to put
such restrictions and limitations
on these organiaztions, then you
must yield to fairness and "due
I still feel by and large in the
depths of my heart that some
where on campus is some sort of
a tme lor "them which wants it"
without paying. The late Huey
Long's choice battle cry was
"Every man a king." Huey never
lived to enjoy all the coronations
we have around here, but if he
had, oh how he would delight in
seeing the regal countenances of
the faces of so many voun love
lies, even though such title is off
only nominal va'ue.
So girls, sit back and rest on
your laurels. Think how nice it
would be to be able io get what
you want without putting the
fellas into an uproar, like you
usually do. Think!
Fair Date Changed
April 24 and 25 are the new
dates for the Farmer's Fair.
The Fair was originally sched
uled to be held May 1.
Coed Counselors
To Sponsor Tour
Coed Counselor Board is play
ing hostess to 17 foreign women
students' at the University. The
women are being conducted on a
tour of Lincoln Friday.
The tour will begin at 3:30
p.m. with the first stop at the
state capito!. Next the group will
view Lincoln High School and
proceed to Antelope Park to ob
serve the sunken gardens and the
dance pavilion.
After driving past Gooch's Feed
Mill, the students will visit the
State Mental Hospital and the
State Penitentiary. If time per
mits, the tour will end on the Ne
braska Wesleyan campus, follow
ing a visit to the Pinewood Bowl
in Antelope Park.
Marilyn Edwin is in charge of
the tour.
Ask for our
Free Book, "Wedding Plans")
Goldenrod Stationery Store ;
215 North Mth Street
Sunday 9:45 a.m. Church
scnool classes; 11 a.m., Morning
worship in city churches. At the
house 4 p.m.. student cabinet
meeting; 5 p.m., student supper;
6 p.m., second joint meetinir with
Cotner Student House, program
wno Art me Disciples?" Monday
6:30 pjn., house meeting.
Friday 7 p.m., Thanksgiving in
reverse party at student house.
unday 9:15 a.m., bible study;
5 p.m., city cost supper; 6:30 p.m.,
Ag cost supper. Suppers followed
by action movie, "Toward a Bet
ter World." Tuesday, Dee. 2
7:15 p.m., vespers; Wednesday,
Dec. 37:15 p.m.. Christianity
course; Thursday, Dec. 4 7:15
a.m., matins; 7:15 p.m., choir
Friday 7:30 p.m., Thanksgiv
ing party. Sunday 5 p.m., Wes
ley Fireside, Rev. Joe Riley Burns,1
speaker, "Life and Death." Thursday-Saturday,
Sigma Theta Epsi
lon National Conclave, Morgan
town, W. Va.
3:00-3:15 Requestfully Yours
3:15-3:30 Curtain Call
3:30-4:00 Evenings On The Roof
4:00-4:15 Spins St Needles
4:15-4:30 Reliving The Story
4:30-4:35 This I Believe
4:35-4:50 Robin's Nest
4:50-5:00 News
No Heart Trouble
Editor. ao TMf Item b reprinted
from Um Michlna Htil. N...
Defending laree universities lo
cated in urban areas, the Univer
01 Pennsylvania student
. Ccnriace a man against his will
V ;atevcr you dislike in another take care
t: correct la yourself. Sprat.
Bnodfrau, Ca.rmt Dafwh Da. TaXIV Z.e" e1 ,7 t 'Z
J.t. awn."....? c"?-.a7BmIa";nfri S newspaper says, "Without a heart
Howard v.... B.a srr. o.ry rd.. we die; without the throbbing
ttuauiMi) aiAIF
rirnlti u . I loa nerixill
tht htm Editor ,
Sua Slop
....... mrm uai
Chart. Beam
heart of the city the great univer.
sities would also die." All of this
may be true, but we haven't had
much heart trouble here in East
Elects 4 Officers
Ellen Pickett was elected presi
dent of Pre-Aquaquettes last
Tuesday evening at the swim
club's regular meeting.
The group also elected Kathleen
Kerr vice-president: Jo Nelson.
secretary-treasurer; and Mary
Taylor, publicity chairman. In ad
dition to their regular duties each
of these officers works In con
junction with the officers of
According to Barbara Drinkwa
ter, sponsor, efforts are now con
centrated on preparations for the
combined Aquaquettes and Pre
Aquaquettes show to be presented
next spring.
(Doitif YkbAoAkcuv
Classified Ads
To place a classified ad
Stop in the Buaineaa Offk Boom 29
Student Union
' CaO 2-7631 Ext 4226 fop Oaaai
fled Service
ffoors 14:30 Mon. thru frl
No. words 1 day 3 days 3 days 4 days 1 week
1-10 .40 & && tl.00 I al.20
11-13 M JO 1.Q3 iM
16-20 M -S3 1.23 1.50 up-""
21-23 .70 HQ 1.45 t ifi- fjjf-
26-30 m 1.25 1.63 2.00 2.20
LOST-Alpha Phi Alpha" fraternity pin
Monday afternoon. Call a-1870. Harold
LOST Hamilton watch expansion brace-i-JM
P I BuUdln,!- rnl Algo,
LOST Pintle rimmed flauee. Dr. C. 8
Campbell, McCook, Hebr. on cut. Cali
Bob Oreen, 2-1251.
Open Kvenlngi and Sunday..
a ehorthand that'. un 2 learn. In
dividual Instruction. Day or evening
S-H82. Ills eL Becurlfy Bldf.
0 to worn once. Call alter
:00 p.mJ-3121.
Blue 194S Chev.Conv. Radio heater.
625. CaU 6-4840 or IM tt 3850 "R" x
after 5 p.m.
194( Old. eight club coupe by owner. Top
condition; RAH; Hydramatlo; all de-
lue features. 3-0448 Sunday, or after C
Tuxedo for sale. LlkYltew. 40lonf. C!l
avenlnt or Sunday, 4-1776.
wanted rider, to tha tta
. of Indiana, Illinois Ohio, and Detroit,
Michigan. Leaving Tuesday 6:00 p.m.
vu b-imu veninga.
To and from Dallas, Texas Thanksgiving fT
vacation. Patricia Sullivan. S-491I -V
2-7631 XX. 4134.