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Faith In The U.N.
Do the people of the United States believe In many Americans of both parties to become very
the United Nations? distressed. Many UN delegates come from coun-
Do the people of the world have faith that this tries where a government official's word is the
organization of 60 sovereign nations can bring
peace that deserves to be called peace?
If believing in the organization means faith
"without reservation, neither the world nor the
U.S. believes. However, the United Nations does
opinion of the country. Therelore, tradition has
taught them to interpret the statements of these
senators as the voice of America.
But is isn't just wild statements by American
senators which gives the UN its inferiority com
not require unquestioning faith in fact, this type plex. Several speakers told members of the sem
t faith would be detrimental because right now inar how important they thought it was that the
the UN needs constructive criticism badly. Con
structive or not, there is plenty of criticism.
In many places, both here and abroad, this
criticism has become both irrational and demon
strative. There are rood reasons to wonder
whether this Irrational criticism Is Indicative of
the real world public opinion. Nevertheless, the
people connected with the United Nations seem
to think that It Is and this la what Is Important.
As k member of the YW-YMCA sponsored
United Nations seminar which has Just returned
from UN headquarters, this writer Is struck by
the largo number of UN employees and foreign
delegations which feel they are worklnr against
public thought
It must be said immediately that they have not
become any less convinced that they are right be
cause of this. Everyone connected with the UN
seemed firmly convinced that he was a part of the
only organization with any possibility of achiev
ing world peace. It was generally conceded that
changes should and would be made, but the uni
versal feeling very definitely was that the UN was
oa the right track.
This, then, brlngi us back to those who insist
on criticizing everything that the UN does or
tries to do. Unfortunately, the most vocal critics
of this type In our country are members of a
Senate sub-committee Investigating the possibil
ity of spies among the U.S. citizens working In
the Secretariat. Specifically, we mean Senators
McCarrsn and Smith who have recently deliv
ered an ultimatum to the UN. They said that,
If the UN did not purge itself of spies, it should
ret out of the United States.
This statement, backed by a discouraging num
ber of others from similar sources, has caused
UN have complete public support and how much
they thought that this support was lacking.
They blamed this on the press. Everyone
gave the argument that the press was throwing
the story of the United Nations out of proportion
by playing up the controversies. They argued
that this gives the Individual citizen the opinion
that the UN has not accomplished anything and
never will because of the constant East-West
struggle. The Nebraskan doea not think that
the press Is responsible for this feelinghow
ever, we cannot deny that this feeling ts entirely
non-existant. We agree that something needs to
be done to acquaint the world with the really
broad objectives of the United Nations. Not
only that, but we feel very strongly that some
thing must be done to tell the world about the
great accomplishments that the UN has already
made and Is making every day.
But and we feel that this is a very Important
but The Nebraskan does not think that the
people of the U.S. have written off the United Na
tions as a failure. It is next to impossible to test
the opinion of a ration. However, we can point
to one very definite indication of public approval
at least interest of the United Nations. We are
referring to the 54 "students from this state who
had enough interest in world government to at
tend the seminar. Beyond this, The Nebraskan
would like to point to the YW and YMCA as
examples of organizations trying to promote un
derstanding of the United Nations.
We feel that despite the rantings of small
people with loud voices the people of our na
tion have not lost faith in the UN. We grant
that a huge publicity campaign is needed to keep
this faith going, but we honestly believe that
this campaign will appear. D. P.
i . ymi mm ,
Thursday November 20, 1952
The views expressed by columnists nnd leU
ter-wrlters on this page do not particularly rep.
resent the views of The Daily Nebraskan.
Mortar Board Regrets . . .
i .Hil M VI'
"Well, anyone who takes 'Modern Dance' deserves
horse.' "
I Dear Students:
It is with a great Heal of re
hsrret that we of Black Masque
Chapter are forced to forego the
traditional Mortar Board Ban.
We had been planning, prepar
ing and looking forward to pre
jscnting the Ball for the campus
i and now due to circumstances be-
'yong our control we are unable to
have the dance.
We had booked three differ
ent top-notch bands Ralph
Martcrle, Buddy Morrow, and
Neal Hefti-Franccs Wayne
and three times we have been
notified that the bands had other
obligation and could not ap
pear. Tuesday night we were
notified that the Neal Hefti
Frances Wayne band, which had
been promised to us and for
which a down-payment had
been made, had another engage
ment and would be unable to be
In Lincoln, Dee. 12.
With the Ball scheduled to take
I place in only three weeks and our
of the high caliber of the Heftl-
vVayne group as well as the
ilhers we had, the Mortar Boards
:elt it would not be to the best
ntcrest and enjoyment of the stu
lents to bring a third-rate band
to the campus just in order to
lave the dance. .
For these reasons we are not
having the Mortar Board Ball this
year. However, this does not mean
that the Ball will not be held in
Ihe future years. This decision is
to be left to the discretion of the
future chapters.
Since filings for the Eligible
Bachelors had already been
opened and since many students
look forward to their presenta
tion each year, we are planning
to present the Bachelors this
year at a time soon to be an
nounced. We want to thank the Tassels
who so generously and so will
ingly sell the tickets for us each
year. And again we want you all
to know how very sorry we are
that we are unable to hold the
Mortar Board Ball this year.
Notes On Half-Notes
Afer Instrument, Ktabay Album
urnish Musk For Easy Listening
inability to obtain another band piease do not let this prevent you
from attending the Ball in the fu
ture because your support is
greatly appreciated.
President of Black
Masque Chapter of
Mortar Board
Two On The Aisle
The Right Road
Sen. Joe McCarthy declared war on Commu
nism and thusly incurred the ill will of everyone
interested in upholding freedom from fear. This
ill will is justified because Senator Joe wants to
fight Communism with Communistic methods.
The American Legion decided to join the anti
Communism fight and blacklisted every organiza
tion it could find with alleged pink leanings. It
would seem a matter of time before the Boy Scouts
are. included.
State legislatures, universities and labor
unions got on the band wagon and demanded
loyalty oaths from state employees, teachers and
labor leaders. Nobody enjoys swearing loyalty
to the United States more than a Communist
Sen. Pat McCarren decided that Communists
ere not wanted in this country and pushed a bill
through Congress designed to keep them out
Charlie Chaplin returned from England to find he
had a fight on his hands getting back into this
Senator McCarren's Senate Judiciary Com
mittee has a sub-committee on internal securities
whose main activity is probing here and there for
inclinations towards the Marxist philosophy. By
keeping out of the headlines, the committee has
of Feller, charged the committee's probe consisted
of "indiscriminate smears and exaggerated
This brought the counter-charge from a
member of the committee that Lie was guilty of
"irresponsible" talk. And to add to the furor.
Feller's death recalled to many the Committee's
recent statement that the United Nations could
either clean the spies and saboteurs out of its
ranks or get off American soil.
The debate resolves itself into one big ques
tion: How can we intelligently and democratically
fight Communism?
This Is the question which is before the people
and which must ultimately be decided by the
people. Secretary General Lie is wrong in direct
ing his criticism at the McCarren Committee. The
people are responsible for the actions of all elected
officials and should be held so.
If the people continue to express at least
tacit approval of such tactics, we will find our
selves fighting not only Communis but also
those who believe that not even Communism is
a big enough threat to drive us to fascist
methods. j
If the people openly express the desire to fight
This week I would like to hop
step and modulate here and there
in the music world with emphasis
on records and albums just for
In the vocal department, I
think that none can compare
with the fairly recent sensation,
Yma Sumac. You no doubt have
heard her wonderful album of
"Xtabay" in which she displays
her fantastic ability to success
fully cover four octives. Yma
was born in Peru in 1927 and
came to the U. S. a few years
ago. According to press releases
she Is of royal ancestery, and Is
worshipped by the Incas. You
can take that for what it Is
She is, however, beyond a doubt
a major discovery in the field of
music. Getting back to this "Xta
bay" album, band leader Les Bax
ter, in his own right a wonderful
concert performer, provides the ar
rangement and back-ground music.
Besides making recordings, Yma
has gone on inanyy tours, giving
concerts at Carneig Hall and Holly
wood Bowl. Her releases thus far,
provide excellent entertainment
and relaxing (if anyone has time.)
Not changing the mood too
much, Dr. Hoffman, master of
the comparatively new instru
ment the thcremin, is featured
in 2 albums. Music out of The
Moon, and Piece of Mind. The
former was very good seller In
'50. Here is an instrument with
the quality of a wonderful
vocalist and the tonal depth of
a violin. It has been used in
several movies in which the di
rector wished to set a weird
mood. Such pictures as "Spell
bound, and "Duel In the Sun,"
were among the list Also fea
tured on the discs is a vocal
group which uses no words.
Here are some very exciting
moments In listening.
From the mouth of that great
jazz critic Lenard Feather, "don't
miss Woody Hermans concert
at Carnegie Hall album." This
music was taped in 1946 and was
just recently released. In '46, at
the height of Herman's musical
career, his arranging and solo
trumpet work was done by Neal
Hcfti. Neal, as you probably know
is the band which is being fea
tured at the Mortar Board dance.
Dial (not the soap) Record
ing Co., makers of L. P's. are
presenting a collector series,
featuring such jazzmen as
Charles Parker, Red Norvo,
Teddy Wilson. Flip rhCIips, and
Diz Gillespie. These are Jam ses
sions recording
and unre-
Danny Foget.'Wish YOU
Were Here'
Rates Tops
Speaking of Jazz THERE WILL
ISSUED. They have stopped at
Vol. 15. The reason: to increase
the value of those already in cir
culation. So if you are a proud
possessor of a JATP complete
series, don't let them go. Just sit
and stare at them day after day,
as the years go by, and count
your profit. ,
The voices of Walter Schuman
are heard in the album. "Romance
in the Air." You'll recall two very
successful records of the group in
'51 when they cut, "Vanity" and
"Fools Rush In." High-lighted in
the Romance album is "Love,"
"Swonderful," and "My Heart
Stood Still."
Math Fraternity
Initiates Members
Associate Editor
NEW YORK For laughs real
belly laughs and music delight
fully friendly music you should
have ben there.
For a stage filled with exciting
young actors and actresses skip
ping around a theme of love at an
adult summer camp, see "Wish
You Were Here." It is the bright
est show Broadway has to offer,
With "South Pacific "The
King And I." "Mrs. McThlng,"
"The Moon Is Blue" and other
top-notch shows making up the
field, "Wish You Were Here" is
In a stiff race. The others are
better In their way but when it
comes to brightness, you can't
beat "Wish You Were Here."
The plot is simple: the heroine
comes to Camp Karefree to forget
Rented Lands
Judging Teams Plan
Thanksgiving Trips
The Union aeain takes the lead
for the activities on the campus
ror me coming week
Chuck Beam
Each week a new hobby by some
student or faculty is displayed in
the Union. This week's collection
missed the public criticism that has plagued every Communism with freedom we may regain some of ,inf 'essons, new forms of enter'
With the completion of the danc-1 is a stamp display by Don Leis-
cne else in on the fight But anyone pro or con
on Communism soon hits the banners and In
ternal Securities was no exception.
The committee recently turned Its Queries
and subpoenas in the direction of the United Na
tions headquarters In New York, suspecting that
Bed spies and saboteurs were lurking In its cor
ridors. Things began to ret a little warm when
Abraham Feller, chief counsel for the United
Nations, Jumped out of his 12th floor window,
allegedly because of the strain of defending
United Nations, employees from the Committee's
Secretary General Trygve Lie, a close friend
the trust our allies formerly held for us.
By all processes of logic, we are falling into the
hands of the Communists when we aggravate the
misunderstandings between us and our allies. By
all logic we cannot rationalize that fighting Com
munism justifies totalitarian methods. While to
talitarian methods may defeat Communism, they
also defeat freedom.
The free nations of the world look to us for
leadership in keeping the world free. Must we
admit to them that we have nothing better than
totalatarianism to offer in place of Communism?
D. R.
Margin Notes
Delightful Approach
A charming Britisher spoke to a handful of
persons at the Love Library Auditorium Tues
day evening about the Island Kingdom's reac
tions to the last American election. Colin Jack
son's delightful and informative talk captivated
his meager audience.
It seems a shame that the address could not
have been scheduled at a time more conducive
to a student schedule or else held in a smaller
room where Jackson could have talked more in
formally to his interestetd audience.
What Did They Say?
A Hews service story 1n Wednesday's papers
said that one photographer was permitted to snap
"three revealing shots" of President Truman's
conference with Prei'ident-elect Eisenhower. No
revelation came to this writer upon looking at one
of the pictures showing Eisenhower listening to
something Mr. Truman had to say."
Perhaps the writer of the news story was let
ting his personal hspes get into his words the
hope reflected by millions of people that the
publle talent know what went on between The
Fresideiit and The General. We have been told,
to I&te, that the meeting was not highlighted by
stay evidences of warmth and freindshlp.
Thanks To The R.O.T.C.
The October quota of University students for
tood donations was 70 pints. A total of 47 pints
were donated when the bloodmobile was here Oct
7 mad 28. Of this total, 35 donors weremem
bers cl the University's ItOTC department.
Many students would rather sell their blood
is fee veterans hospital Many students have
ecsaplalnts against the national Bed Grose organi-
3. " ' at e w vum
However, it appears that 35 students all in
the military department, out of a total of 47
donors, made that trip to the bloodmobile last
month knowing that someday they themselves
might need a blood transfusion to save their own
It is unfortunate that students not facln
the prospect of military service leave all the
work and the effort up to those whose lives arc
regulated by the fortunes of war.
Associated Collegiate Press
Intercollegiate Press
Tht Daftr Naeraakaa k hMM tn fa iMMr el SM fJafrer
H af Nebraska a exvrantra af MlMf new mm mntt
tererams to Article ii f the Br-iwa nrr.?is ftaaeat pmhitcm
nana mm Mtmtniirtmd by Itw Ba4 ml faMlcaHom, "II b Hm at
SSf-? SL """"I"1 " rrtMtatkw. mnm Mi ferMcfflmi
JI fet frw tmrn editorial mm Urn ait ml M Raard. ar
"a ttn wn f car aicmbcr f tht lanltr of tba UalvmMy, bat fec
Marim at Dm aff af Tat Ntbfaikaa ar araaaUr a.
aMesiM fat what taF av ar mm mr maw la b waM4."
MabwrtaOaa rata art .0 a awn. M.SO am!M ar
.i mt-. rw. m.uv nip, aiaai cap ac
M aartat Ik arbool nar euaM Sarardim an ttandav.
and vtamrjtatfaa aarirMta. la, Im. mmm
AacaM to Mm llahwreltr af Wirhia. at. .,
llt.j HhPaWlaart B,rl Sac !to Man,
r Cora" 0 IW7. MkartaS
Maaattac Milan a n. m'-..-S
. . aJlT Hall. Hal haawlbau.
Okft BaUoa. Sara siapaaam. Pat Ball
UMaa Nataaa
Caarlca Kiowa
rmt faafc
Caa Baaa
L a V , T Waao-warS. J.n Harrhoa, al Steam
Marilya Tt..b, Natalie Halt. Bacer Wall, Nancy Garalner, Pat
Vfm Cennle ttaed, imm Venae. Cheek Decker, Ea BeMar,
Cal Kaaka, Gary Sherman, Del H.rdlti,. P.rwla MtA'fee, Del
Sncdrra. Ckarlette ?!. Dee Jaekaen, Faddy Wright, Mary
Abb Hanaea. Oraee Harvey. Joey Dlninaa. Marilyn Batten.
Batfe Kit-Inert, Jancy Carman, Bart Brew a, xai Beekar.
Hen-art. Venn. Bab Sn, Gary Frandi-a.
BaJhHB) Maaaaai aVmaM Seen
Sat BajhMMi Mawujen Staa Steele. fH Benrtfaa
... Den trmnit
rirralattnn Manairar Rd tn
Night New bditer pt Ball
tainment are
being planned
by the A g
Union Board
One runner
for the Union
is that the
card sharks
are sharping
their wits for
the proposed
card meets.
The only
limiting factor
In h a v 1 n g
I k - a
these tournaments Is the inter
est of the students. The Union
will schedule and sponsor such
a tournament If enough of the
students will take part
One of the Union's present
projects is the hobby display.
ing. Interested students should
turn their entries into the acti
vities office.
Twill be no joy in Aggie land
for Judging team members, for
Thanksgiving vacation brings
work instead of the vacation.
The crops judging team, senior
livestock and the meats judging
teams will take part in judging
contests In Kansas City, Chi
cago and other cities during the
vacation period.
One point of interest from the
Ag campus is the Cornhusker
Countryman. I have been ad
vised that this month's issue will
be off the press before the stu
dents go home for Thanksgiving
Well, it's time we quit beating
the typewriter and sign off for
the week. '
Pi Mu Epsilon, national mathe
matics honorary, added six new
members to its University chaD-
ter Monday night at an initiation a stupid suitor who is good to her
banquet in the Union. mother; she falls in love with a
The new pledges, chosen on the law student who is working his
basis of mathematical prof iciency, I way through college by waiting
are: Rolland Ahrens, Richard! tables at the camp; and doesn't
Ayers, Edward Brong, Jean Davis, have enough money for girls; she
junKs me oia Doy inena.
Woven into that plot are some
of the most clever lines this writer
has heard in paly or movie. The
characters speak in New York's
distinctive accent and this wrap-
Robert Tackey and William Wage
The featured speaker at the
banquet was Dr. Adam L. Skap
ski, professor of physics, who
discussed "Aspects of the Thermo
dynamics of life."
P tfsMAMntsMiritm 1
r . rfa' ""a, m)
a bill? POmtsenpvour
Per fan tafarnaatian eatitaet year naaim
Sports Announcers Rely On
Organized Spotting Methods
Kdlfnr' nnlr: Tht fnllimlne area re- I fnrrl to t,t t.l.
rld Cram Ike Mietohraa Hlate IWawt. " .
So you have visions of your 'r' iL . . ,
ivorite sports announcer spend-1 So they've worked out spotting
yg three fretful hours before the 'systems that help them get the
ig game, learning the number,1 es otthe men involved in the
?e, height, weight, hometown, et ball-handling and tackling. The
:l about each player on both , spotters are usually people who
mn Inn 1 nnriiiAintHj . ! l tWa
to be switched.
Your job is to point to the pins
of the backfield men who handle
the ball, or the end to whom a
pass is completed or attempted.
You also have to point out the
punter, a flanker, a key blocker.
Sorry, but It doesn't work tct systems
Advanced as the technianes
of broadcasting are today. BIO
Stern and his cohorts can't af-
alb af
aerk) Kditat
A'l Heart SUBkjr
renter EaUtar ....
Af Kdlter ....
YW Noon discussion Dining
Room, Ellen Smith Hall, 12 noon.
YW Worship Workshop Ellen
Smith Hall Dining Room, 4 p.m.
YW Student-Faculty Coffee
Hour Faculty Lounge, Union, 4
YW Office Staff meeting Ellen
Smith Hall, Dining Room, 5 p.m.
YW Comparative Religions
Northeast Room, " Ellen Smith
HalL 5 p.m.
Home Ec Club Smorgasbord
Food and Nutrition Building, Ag
campus, 5:30 p.m.
Kosmet Klub Revue Coliseum,
8 p.m.
are well-acquainted with the on- or other sienificant nlavprs nn
i posing teams ana tneir onensive,eacn play,
If you're spotting defense, your
jod is to point out the tackier, the
pass defender, the man who covers
a fumble, or possibly an injured
The more you can point out to
the announcer the better he can
keep up a running account, or fill
in essential details which make
the game more interesting to the
The spotters generalyy are able
to help the sportcaster with per
tinent facts about the players, in
case a lapse in play gives him air
minutes that must be given over
to more than dead silence.
Spotting in itself is a tricky
One of the most common sys
tems involves the use of 11 laTge
tacks for the defensive and of
fensive platoons of both teams.
A sheet of heavy paper, di
vided into squares, is tacked
onto a cork -composite board.
The squares on the paper bear
the names, numbers, and pertin
ent information about each
player listed for each position,
about three platoons deep.
Supposing you are spotting
Michigan State's team. On of
fense, 11 large tacks are stuck in
the squares representing players
on the field. In case a substitution
comes on the field, the pins have.
The spotters are also probably
the most frustrated people in the
They're often the most rabid
partisans, and you can't yelL It
would be carried coast to coast.
Quality Cards
Send a friend a quality
Thanksgiving Card
Goldenord Stationery Store
21S North 14 th Street
ping makes the originally funny
dialogue hilarious.
The plot and he dialogue cre
ate the bright feeling and the
scenery tops It off.
A complete swimmine tool and
basketball court are included in
the stage props for this produc
tion. Since practically the only
costumes are bathing suits, those
props acme in handy, v
It would be impossible to write
about the show without mention
ing individual performers.
. . .Although they didn't have the.
leads,. Sheila .Bond,, as. Fay.
.Fromkin, and Sidney Armus, as.
.Itchy Flexner, ran away with.
. the show
The leads, Patricial Marand, as
Teddy Stern, and Jack Cassidy, as
Chick Miller, were good very
good but it was Fay and Itchy
you talked about as you filed out
oi tne tneater.
Besides this group of four out
standing young performers. Faul
Valentine, John Perkins, Sammy
Smith and Harry Clark added
the depth that made the show
wonderful Instead ef top-hf avy.
If you ever get a chance to get
to New York City, don't pass
Broadway's brightest hit "Wish
You Were Here."
3:00-3:1$ Purple Grotto
3:15-3:30 Shake Hands With
The World
2:30-3:45 Rhythem And Rhyme
3:45-4:00 Sports Parade
4:00-4:15 4 O'Clork Class
4:15-4:30 Song Of The Saddle
4:30-4:35 This I Believe
4:35-4:50 World Of Wax
4:50-5:00 News
Opportunities la Optometry
Optometry is a jrofcslofi oHerlnr pr
cinl advantage to ambitious young
men and women. Its scop is con
stantly expanding. Eighty per cent of
the Nation's milions depend upon th
Doctor of Optometry and his profes
sional skill in conservinif vision. There
1s a shortage oi optometrists In many
The Doctor of Optometry posanses
the dienity of being a professional
man. He renders an essential eervice
to the health and well-being of his
community. Substantial financial re
wards are obtainable almost from tba
beginning; of bis practice.
VS. Department of Defense and Se
lective Service arrant optomery stu
dents the same consideration accorded
medical students.
The Doctor of Optometry degree cam
be earned in three college years by a
student having sixty or more semester
hours of Liberal Arts credits. Such
students will be admitted at mid-year
by Chicago College of Optometry.
Chicago College of Optometry fa
centrally located in the heart of the
world's greatest center tor teaching in
the healing arts. It is nationally en
credited and Is splendidly eoulnped.
Clinical facilities are unsurpassed.
' For catalog, address Registrar. Chi
cago College of Optometry. 1M5-IC
tUrrabe u Chicago 14. JUL Ada.
13 M
a? W
,!ri V,h JtI Lis freedom hath nothing
else to lose. German.