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Pegs 2
Mondoy, November 17, 1952
It's Up To Us
A movement finally has taken shape on this proposal suggests that all elections of student in
University campus to rid our election systems of terest become All-University elections where
their most erroneous function. The plan will voting requirement is a student identification card.
undergo its first real battle tonight in the meetings or that in those cases where such an election
of organized women's houses. From here it will appears impossible, the voting be done by qualified
go to the Student Council where it might meet judges.
more opposition than it will this evening. , Those persons sponsoring the entire proposal
The Daily Nebraskan would like to put in its have had th; foresight and the Integrity to include
plea from this moment on for complete and sincere a section in the letter which makes it vastly differ-
approval of the entire plan.
In essence the pln is this: to rid our Univer
sity of those elections where balloting is done
by ticket. The proposal took Its first form in a
meeting during Tan-Hellenic week of the activity
chairmen of the women's organised houses. It
ent from the customary proposal that comes before
Student Council. It is the one thing that gives the
entire plan purpose and strength.
The last section of the letter says that the
proposal will go into effect Jan. 1, 1953. And
how might this sort of proposal be pat into
effect? It is stated that those organized houses
signing the letter shall not pot up candidates
after Jan. 1 for any title which is bestowed on
the basis of ticket-balloting.
The letter is being submitted to the Council
for approval. Regardless of the decision of the
Council, those organized houses that vote tonight
in favor of the proposal, shall, in a word, boycott
elections in the future where the amount of money
a certain house can scrape up determines the win
ner of a campus title.
Crib Notes
Union Workers Chili hed
Jo Highlight Activities
Shirley Murphy
All Union workers will gather) tournament stage. A winner will
together Tuesday for a chili feed
in union Parlors A, B ana c
The session is designed for
orientation and
J. P. Colbert.
dean of student
affairs, will
speak to the
If a worker
hasnt received
a card about
the feed at 5:45
p.m. Tuesday,
he should see
Mareie Holde-
man. Union ac- Murphy
tivities director, in the activities
Ping pong is in the round robin
As I
Sqq It
Staff Writer
This is the time of the year
when everyone en the campus tsj
Many organizations will speak loud and long
against this proposal. They wall say that their
elections are their own business and that Student'doing their little bit to further
Council nor those houses signing the letter have 'the prestige of the University. In
no right to interfere. They will say that they have 'the next two weeks the various
no other method of raising money. They will say organizations will be attempting to
that certain of their projects will fail without the erect or produce a passable Home
incentive of ticket-balloting. coming display, a winning float.
The fallacies inherent in our election-system nd n entertaining Kosmet Klub
can best be found by listening to the words of ;skit-
stands now, in Its completion, in the form of a
letter which its sponsors hope to have signed by
every woman's organised house this evening.
The letter gives two objections to ticket-balloting:
a false method of working up interest in a
certain project of a certain organization by having
those leaders and those members that shall speak
out to Student Council members and to others so
concerned in an effort to stop the plan.
This writer feels, perhaps optimistically, that
the letter will receive many house signatures
this evening. Despite the numerical reception
riven K tonight, we feel that there is enonrh
support for the move to make the boycott a very
effective one.
soon be declared. Players should
contact Stan Sipple for further in
Tuesday and Wednesday, as
usual, have a full schedule of
Donna McCandless' dance class
will meet Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.
in the Union ballroom
Bridge lessons are scheduled for
5 p.m. Wednesday in Union Room
318 directed oy James foner.
Craft shoo will meet Tues
day and Wednesday at the Union.
Mrs. Charles Coleman instructs
the class.
Don't forcet dancing in the
Round-up room Saturday. Wheth
er we win or lose a game, every
one can still enjoy dancing in the
Delores Carag is in charge of
the dancing from 9 p.m. to mid
night Ever win a jackpot?
The Union Sundav night movie
concerns a man wnose ionaesi
wish is to win a jackpot. j
Jimmv Stewart portrays tne
man whose wish comes true. The
movie titled "The Jackpot" shows
all the problems his family and
he have.
This comedy begins at 7:30 p.m.
in the Union ballroom.
If yon think we're busy now Yea should come la sometime,
when It aint final week
HeeSs And Hose
tranless form! Leads
7952 formal Fashions
All of these various activities
are the highlights of the fall se
mester. Each of them is a tremen
dous job within itself, and yet.
the Innocents and the Kosmet
Klub have used their tremendous'
Dowers of foresight and are hav-i
ing both of these major functions for the December formal season.
within a two week period. j Fashion stores have been advertising formal
TYui. ............ AWWtAt V f f
Homecoming is topmost in everyone's mind
now. But it's not too early to make definite plans
these two functions to be up to'
for several weeks. Although their
usual par? Undergraduate talent' shipments have a wide range, their favorite sefl-
The proposal, if approved by Student Council,
those attending and purchasing tickets, buy a will restore dignity to several of our campus titles.! for the KK skit is limited. Dances' lPA .,, -,,,, -vmimMitiK" nni,.
titteist; and a wrong method for organizations to It will save the students pocketbooks. It will force hv to be learned; songs sung;j
lirtM TMrfrV'tvf but &1 v tHprA are1 i7 ivc
finance their various activities. the removal of those projects whose only possible .da5SeT that the undergraduate! Main advantage of the convertibles is to serve
it men inter-house competition. It also will force must attend. It is a proven fact for occasions when cover-up prelude is essential
The proposal asks the Student Council for organuatKms to reson to someuun
r r - : ... n iv.. a.... ,4 six week neriod containing Home--
uiici-cicvuvu w luicLuuajLijr au(jp;ii nivu oiuvr, ; - - - formal ctvIA 1 not MviiI1v
. . looming than any other one. This lormai sxyie is not especially
ue5- !is ths time when the for 1952; nevertheless per-
The Daily Nebraskan is vitally Interested to juate leaves studies for a weekona!ity fi8S fceon added through
the future of this plan. We cannot urge enoorh
serious consideration of Its Implications. We most
heartily congratulate those who forma la ted It.
To those residents of the women organised
booses. The Nebraskan asks for unanimous
approval of this plan tonight. Its success lies
partly in presenting a vnited appeal to the Sta
dent Council. We strongly nrge every member
of an rr nixed noose to attend her respective
approval which would mean that those organiza
tions sponsoring such "paid-elections"' would be
prohibited from this practice in the future. The
To Kosmet Klub
To Kosmet Klub its members, officers and ad
visers, The Daily Nebraskan would like to direct
this writing. Ia view of a meeting late this after
noon at which tone the method for determining
Nebraska Sweetheart and Prince Kosmet wCl be
decided The "Nebraskan would like to express its
The suggestion from Kosmet Klub that the
objections to ticket-balloting be pacified by har
ing the Mortar Boards, Innocents and KK execu
tive committee choose Nebraska Sweetheart and
Prince Kosmet is perhaps a noble bet not a very
' practical one.
The evils inherent in the ticket-balloting system
can best be discarded through the use of a student
ID. card as the only voting pre-requisile in cam
meeting this evening to hear the letter nd to
vote approval of one of the most piogrcsslvc and
rational proposals we've beard In a long time,
One Lord, One Faith,
One World
to help the University gain a lit
tle prestige. .
This year, not only does the
student leave his studies for one
week, bet in some cases, for two
weeks in a row and who does
not realise the significance of
missing two weeks of classes or
not having time to complete a
eounta of assirnffleftts. Our In-
'he waistline . . . featuring the
wandering waistline . . . high
Directoire, low "middy, corselet
'and cummerbund or "wrapped
Other major issues are the
bustle effects attained by big
sash or gathered fulness at the
Bocenta society who are the lead
ers of our campus and oar Kos
met Klub who are the brains
behind two of the year's bigrest
entertainment features, tire Pall
stevtew and the Spring Review,
have not had enough foresight
to get these two activities spaced
so that they would have the
maximum skill and the mini
mum In lost student hours.
f .
back. In convertible jackets sleeves are de-
Tcrry Barnes
veloped rebtly, by pleating or folds or actual
puffing. A favorite style In many new conver
tible formals are cm mb -catch yokes often de
signed In petal effects that Jut from a form-fit
ting strapless body.
Straplessness continues in a big way. with t
cover-up jacket to match. The very newest for
mals have a built-in, rather than attachable, cover
up styled like fichu backs, slight sleeves, strapes
or connected half-stoles. However, the most widely
represented convertible is the strapless dress and
carefully molded jacket.
Yarn-dye taffeta and nylon net or tulle still
are the favored fabrics. This year they are com
bined with jewel color tones in broad ranges of
ruby, emerald or sapphire hues. There art many
pastels, too, of course.
Convertible designs are only one of many IB53
formal significants; so, "last year's" promises to be
just as stylish.
A Student Views The News
UfJ. Suicide Is A
Bitter Political Campaign'
Ann Griffis
With everyone proposing the de-
(The following Bible quotation and prayer are emphasis of athletics and the
mm 1-tkri The mreestion in itself seems to being used during the YM-YWCA's Week of Prayer Reorganizing of fraternities, it has
defeat Kosmet KkiVs constant attempts to pack and World Fellowship, Nov. 9 through 15, 1952. The a:'ays nel strange to me why, The recent presidential race has1 the American people responded 'be expected to cooperate with Ox
their shews. In taking the voting right away from DaiJy Nebraskan will publish a quotation and a JfSrli A.!l? been accU!ed ct the most- to an outlet by sanctioning the investigation or get off of U. S.
thow persons attending the show, Kcrrt Klub is prayer each day this week.) university a place to learn. It is vioieni smear mpaign in Amer- whe Xin ofTrecent war!
noi wiinoui rea-
defeatinf its own purpose.
The Nebraskaa hopes that Kosmet Klub
members, in meeting this afternoon, vote to have
ballotiag at the door Thursday night as is tra
ditional in the history of the fall show and then
g m to reetUV those aspects of (he Nebraska
Sweetheart and Prince Kosmet election which
bare drawn the most criticism from those very
students that ssppert the rtrrities of Kosmet
Kb' . K.
The Fourth Estate
This is one of those "it could only happen here
Newspapers aS over the country reoenUy car-
tmw?v an initifiitinn vhw vmi ican history
can learn if you are not nam-son.
The immediate political conflict
ried a slory about a. typist working for fee United of a3J nat5ws tave hear4 voice. Help me
States delegation to the Un:td Nations mho gave . ., , . . . ...
j .1 l k T j n .v; " " i u arc uwi
"uu V - -7 pered by many activities. Most'
heart, and with all thr SouL and with all thvur ni,r mivJk . Mn,ni'
might" "And thou shall love thy neighbor as thy-' farce or, at least, are operated was 8 m 8 ot
self.- Deut 6:4-5 and Lev. 39:18. j .thf7 'ere. And yet these caJ '
It was amid a catatrophic history, which iquire mn? hours a week which t'enty
era world, that the Hebrew people turned their 'study.
tragedy and hopelessness into one of the creative
moments in world history. For them, God had In
tervened. Iet us pray for all men who today are denying
this God is history by their intellectual superiority;
and for all nations that are blinded by materialism:
O God, Thou are our God forever. As Lord of
Israel Thou didst reveal Thyself in the burning
bush. Thou didst lead Thy people Israel, that they
might perce.'ve Tbee in Thy Son. Since the dawn
the Immediate crisis of Korea,
and the threat of a future war,
the strain was bound to telL
delegation to te Unr.ed Nations wno gave
tn? her American citizenship for that of Russia.
The Important feature of this story is the
wide eoverare ft received and the important play
gfrem it Yet, only in the freedom loving coun
tries on thk side f the Iron Certain would
newspapers even be allvwei to print the story.
In fact, only on this side of the Iron Curtain
would anyone be able to openly renounce bis
Such, things 5osl haffpea ia Eirssia and her
nteHftes. Freedom of the press is a Jong forgot
tea term capitalist consense.
Est free men kave long known that free
dom of the press is more ha Jtwt ihe right to
prhrt that someone feas changed her rftbrensbip.
ft 3t freedom cf fbongM and freedom of
ssSon freedom to communicate ideas. And
wiMvt the s&exss for eommunfeton, ideas
eves tbe best ooon die from their wn lack of
Co this side of tie Iron Curtain, however, we
Prophets and through Thy Son, who became flesh:
"I am the Lord thy God. Lend me Thy grace. Thy
help and Thy strength, that I may love Tbee my
Lord and ray God "with all my heart and soul and
in all that I do and, through Tbee, my fellowmen.
Associated CoQegfato Press
Inter eof!eci to Press
!the R e p u bli
'cans were pre
pared for an
all-out . cam
paign and the
.'Democrats an-
I Aimougn many or tne emo
'Honal and political reactions from
the campaign will not become'
1 evident until Elsenhower puts his
program into effect, one sign of.
' peared.
The hunt for American Com
'munists has spread to the U. N.
So heads have fallen yet, but U. N,
The tension was fnereaoed bv
the suicide of Abraham Fellers,
U. N. reneral counsel and not
tng assistant secretary-reneral
for legal affairs. Fellers bad
been earrytng on extremely
heavy load of work and had
been close to a nervous break
down for two weeks. Charge
of Red activity disturbed kirn
deeply and last Thursday, h
leaped to his death from bis
12th floor apartment In Kan
Much of the rank and file of tbu
Even If these activities are
deemed useful, why can't tbe
supposed "leaders" of these
groups which sponsor such
V. v . I , ZZ . iswered with no
met Klub took fsr enough in ad- hold tarred
ZZZLTt Mv tB,Baer Much of the Griffis
trvfties. In
tmng nesiae wear your kk pin noi rrom xne canaioaies mem-or ine u. iv. dux nas promisea a 'lame duck," is hampered by
r jtnu roues; you worsen nro se.'ves, out rrom otiser otner party conunuauon in January, tne consciousness that a new gov
ts ret where ye are, but the leaders. j Last Monday, Sen. Pat McCar-Jemment will begin next year,
bash for your work was sup- Tbe spirit of the times had 'ran, chairman of the subeommit- Like many other measures, ac
peved to be your leadership much to do with the tenor of ;tee and Willis Smith. Democratic tion will be postponed until next
ability. If you are leaders, then tbe campaign. Tension had Senator from North Carolina an- year and Eisenhower! assumption
continue to lead. I reached a breaking point, and nounced that the U. N. would 'of office.
finrvar tn f1 Va
.there is an air of threatened ex-UniJed States no longer trust nor
Ipectancy. The Senate internal se-'supports the organization's work
curity subcommittee 4ias recessed jers. A definite resolution of th
Jits investigation of Communist in- charges should be made soon, but
do seme- vicious speech-making came. fiwn te'mlSZ
wear your KK pin 'not from the candidates them-of the U. X. but has promised a ."lame duck," is hampered by
Nebrasfcons Endorse Lie's Quiff ing But See Problems
V Cji 4m6aB ti
n m Tttsrwrnst w
TttCTF uPTBajfJ Am 4SuWS
"I ffUTsWIaBSBftBsJ 9nmuAra
said that the bomb was reported
Jto have complelely destroyed a
rnile-wide Pocific island. Some
":nm'm Viirlr 4hat h T7nif1
" -;States has unleashed its first H-
CernbeM town, this news If
tmm mn tt.m , mmi n mm m np' trtw wi mamrinr Tnot ajn a
'mZTZJZm.'ZZSZll little frtfhteninr. With tbe
tmtmm rm mm mm, i world sHuatio m Its present
" PITTSBURGH, Pa. Trygve Lie. "given immediate support to the
the rotund Secretary General of UN action in Korea jd Just at
jthe United Nations, astounded the immediately he lost any chanen
worirt last woncay wrsen ne of- for Kussiaa support
CRESTON, Ia The news story predoee more advanced wean- shelp bring peace. j bamstrunr with the veto, and
H-Bomb Release Creates
ft, t mm ( fat jworirt last Monday wrsen ne
Challenge To United Nations &3s!g-
r-eWFT T- TV. . I - . a !haU noav-
f S. '. mm m mtml rata
- im.
Tcu.-V thai worcg iieas ideas contrary to tbe win iTZTrmTfS "ESST
tie people and to the best inlerests cf tbe
Fwyt'ie'wia Kwi die cf their own weight They
hsvt to b s-jppressel. OnJy a government
fcterr2 la fee taippresrioa of freedom need con
trol -i f 3-srth estate of ran,"
ITere ta Aiwrfcs we tend to take tbe free
yrw to Erwrh fvr gTaste. This we cannot af
Tsri to do. Freedom of tee press mtirt be more
I'n'T cratr fhs an others. It b the kry
is ir-f- t-p:iv.-., f ! fnhedosas. C.L
9fwmm t mttt iHn f mm
eritieal stato, he knew that this
ndvaneed type of weapon wns
- r K4mr
rmtwm tJtam ...
i 4mm
tmi Oman. Cm ttrm.
CkwfM Ktmn, fist
... raft mto
wot. -m mmuiuf w irv i ii uivujjv w"rj since tee vstefsi pvwen
thh eontinsnl arms bvMd-srp. iments from every corner of the, wouldat setUe for anyone but
la ?e recent brVa setntor- globe. Some obfrvers compiled: tnd the Commaniits
lal race, Dwlrht Dell ana his ('hat Lie was only acting like the wouldn't accept him, the dls
spporters thoutrht that this Is- t little toy who said he would runj -trtoa wu k deadloek. Some
swe was Important enoudi to iaway from home only because he, thing needed to be done asd th
ware a eamoairn on. It cer- wanted to be argued out of' it Security CovneH eouldat do tt,
talely Is. If Dell had offered Others have expressed the opin-J 8 the affair was taken to th
a more practical solution or If ;wn that Lie was right when he- General Assembly where thm
he had been a more command- d that he would be more valu- veto dorsal bother progress. Al
ine flrure, he mbrht have won. jable to world peace ty letting a though tbe charter didat to tend
Unfortunately, there is n o Secretary Gwral mort acc!ptib!e t h ta he wrtrJ fkt wv
simple so.'ut'on. If Dell or snv to all nations take over his posi-i th iwMt i..
Ttrr. Neverthelen. he smJ4 manBt the ansver to this tion. term a additional four year.
he eouJd not help but wonder probJern, tSen let vt Iwpe th I This means that lie's claim to
where this continual buffd-trp Jheworld recognizes that his plan A lcfc poll of the students jthe job bat a shaky legal basis,
of -weapons for mass killings the answer. from Nebraskt ara voting to New lit is this what worries him. H
would end. " n, ?e ofnlyi York for a YW-YMCA Vnftod i feels that someone with the full
It was Armistice Dy. The drug- fl CtUmtH r mhV " PP.P1 Tont
Annifftice Dsv The druc- ?,sce fjPJ? mi n sr,1fW'r toBs seminar showed that It (support of all the nations
remembered toe days ia .y - " V. Vi ZZZZ . TrV. m - ' "
France whe?i be fought with the 7'n IxZZ 1 It, more vsju-
American Expeditionary Forces "J "iVS 2 -? TT? " -
Tmm mrM ... k , . in wodrfr IwW That or .7"' Tv .V" ""'m win tm
cJ2r-ZLifTr -J b said, wa, tbe fbrt to use tetKLFSZ ZRl1"" t tL 3 UN feel thirt Lie's decte-
As was mentioned earlier, most
of the students on theJr way to
tro C"zrrel th?rt is tt least
ty. I, i ti tr.j-s Cit irierferes tn&ies
bv-km. -IT wrv.WL HkMtM. mmm W.HM
f iit . tf Jtwm, ry rvH he added, it has steadily become
tZ. "ZZZJ'7?Lr'.?!?r??LJu!?Tm .1more powerful until we hear of
to ar.y great extent Since then,;
explosions that destroy mile-wide
1 This Is the way that war fc
I rolng. Unfortusatety. there fsat
. at ara T wmr let science pro-
Wi JSrw r-fivsr .
'when tbe I TV stnrfArf Th K.o .i , .
Tfoere H s ufaroHv optimNnt "tarv Genfmi tmvM inr i,atr ,., . , . .
SUifLrL I" "d tt " P?n W,n 'ri' his Job wen, but because
vlLlLVI l5:7 Courx:i, which there may be a man vo can do
tnrT ZJtTL l .'21 he "rr Onrl that job as well tnd still have the
JZ to JeI?ii!ftR7! TUh ? "W Corner', nippo ,l sJl the mtJens in
1 .Sm-r i Assembly, cooM cot agre on a volved. To The Nebraska!, this
ZZ?J??Jl ti . 4 tuccessor to L4e. The would be a mfracle-ond tbe
' ,' ""'"'. V" wifw mm to syoceed chance tist tr.irrti mt
n h u ch"n:j . -rlh taking
, -! e wwders for vrtitmty Irr- the irtfrrest fa searching f-v solu- himJf but JJiia n hr fri"U 'h
,B lenOts not to Hyms is running highDJ. -couH.n't see it that w-.yLfe had 1-D.