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Mondoy, November 10, 1952
Page 2
Student Holiday
This next weekend will bo on of those times
that on the surface is crepe paper end music and
laughter and fun. Underneath the frivolity of its
surface, however, will be a time when University
alums return to the campus, parents come down
to see their sons and daughters in school, many
high school students parade around the campus
a time when people are impressed enough to en
courage others to attend the University and them
Eclvest impressed enough to financially support
their alma mater.
Friday night the colorful displays around the
Dream World
There are many dream worlds existing on this
campus those of the intellectuals those of the
Idealists those belonging the persons who don't
study and rationalize in the meantime. But this
writer has noticed a dream world in which the
lives of the Builders' Student Directory workers
Each fall at the beginning of the semester,
The Daily Nebraskan announces that the head
of the Student Directory has announced that
the Invaluable little books will be ready for
distribution at such and such a time. Further
stories carry the news that the Directory work
ers are going to meet their deadline are going
to have the Directory out on time.
This writer realizes all the situations that can
come up during the attempt to publish anything
particularly a book that carries the name of every
University student. It's not difficult to realize
the problems that make the Directory deadline
later than first announced and Builders is not
to be criticized for such.
However, Instead of saying "The directory
will be out Nov. 1 for sure this year," It would
perhaps be more realistic if the Directory man
agers would say "The Directory won't be out
until Nov. 11." Less griping about the publica
tion deadline would result if Builders would stop
kidding themselves and their anxious clients
about when the Directory will be ready for
distribution. R.R.
campus Will announce the opening of the annual
Homecoming weekend. A parade Saturday
morning will lead off the day's activities, the
Cornhuskers will battle the Gophers In the aft
ernoon and the Homecoming dance climaxed
with presentation of the Pep Queen will be the
grand finale to the weekend events.
Homecoming is one or the few traditions on
our campus College Days failed, we have no offi
cial migration, the Innocents Society tries valiantly
to begin traditions with other Big Seven schools
but the Carillon Tower still seems to be the only
"collegiate" mark on our campus.
Homecoming Is successful each year but
could be much more so with the declaration
by the Chancellor of an official "Student Holi
day" on Saturday classes dismissed, everyone
urged to attend the parade, the football game,
the dance. Perhaps few students are affected
by Saturday classes but University band mem
bers who have Saturday classes will not be able
to march' In the Homecoming parade.
The officials of the Homecoming celebration
must try to arouse the needed spirit and enthusl
asm for their project with business as usual on
our campus. Homecoming, in the eyes of many, is
Just another weekend with the majority of the
University family making no special attempt to
greet the thousands of visitors to the campus
and, in the long-run, encouraging more students
to enroll here and more alums to make out checks
to the University,
This writer feels strongly that the Homecoming
weekend is one that could and must take prece
dence over all other special weekends on this
campus. It must be the most important traditional
celebration of the entire year. This may sound
trivial but an academic approach is very often
not the thing that encourages people to support
an institution.
The Daily Nebraskan feels that declaration
of a Student Holiday for the Saturday of Home
coming must be worked into the University
calendar. We hope that It will be. R.R.
Hard To Say No
Fred A. Seaton says: "I have no plans for
any work in the government."
But he added: "Ike is a hard man to say 'no'
This leaves the political future of the Hastings
Tribune publisher hanging right in president-elect
Eisenhower's lap. Seaton was appointed to the
Senate by Gov. Val Peterson after Kenneth Wherry
died in office. According to the Constitution, the
governor of a state appoints someone to fill the
unexpired term of a senator who dies in office
excellent publisher.
braskan can hardly
Although The Daily Ne-
speak for the people of
Nebraska, we are almost sure that we echo the
thoughts of nearly everyone when we urge the
Senator to' accept any offers which the new
president might dangle before him. The last
Nebraskan to serve on the Cabinet was the late
Francis Matthews, of Omaha, Secretary of Navy
under Truman.
Seaton is an able and willing politician, and
The Daily Nebraskan congratulates him on his
hard work. Furthermore, he would give a Cabinet
I 1 w . "f ' J m JT-S - ... T-A I
Kswrnexsexseaas- . . I
Crib Notes
'Homes, USA', Dancing,
Bridge On Union Agenda
Shirley Murphy
Do you happen to know what'sons fill the Tuesday agenda for
UlC UlUUlli
James Porter conducts brldee
classes from 5 to 8 p.m. in Union
"We're scoutln' for th wrestling team and th' coach here Is quite
taken with yer style Interested?"
"eclectic" means?
It's one of the divisions of
Ull tnntlirnA in
American nrciuiia;i.uio ,"" nrt. oia
the Life exhibit opening in the.Room 316,
Union lounge ,,s ,mm
The exhibit
is titled
"Houses, i
U.S.A." Forty- ! tl y j
seven panels of I
plans, drawings
and photo
graphs will de
pict the Ameri
c a n architec
tural scene
from 1607 to
The division of housing types
o rt houses, colonial, houses
of the new republic, Greek revival,
Gothic revival, eclectic ana
Bridget Watson's house commit
tee is in charge of the display.
Dancers in Donna McCandlcss'.
class will take up the basic stops
In the Charleston, Bhag, Jitterbug,
Inngo and rhumba from 7 to
9 p.m. in the ballroom.
After viewing the house deco
rations Friday night, drop in at
the Union "Pep" dance in the
Round-up room.
Dolores Carag and Jack Nelson
are co-chairmen. Dance time is
from 9 to 12 p.m.
Also, getting in the homecoming
spirit, Bob Mechan, Union special
activities chairman, John Gourlay
and Jan Harrison have been busilv
constructing a Union homecoming
Following the Minnesota
Husker tussle Saturday, Union
will hold coffee hour in the main
By the way, eclectic means i0Unge. Be sure and drop in.
bo ort in i? or cnoosina wnai jj
thought best in opinions, doe
trines . . ."
Dance lessons and bridge les-
A Student Views The News
German 'Economic Boom'
frightens European Powers
Ann Griffis
... t r i J1 x i. Ji
until the next general election. This means that Position tne vigor ana miawesxern navor mai
Rpatnn wae nnnnintd in siaxr in thA Snnt until deserves. D.P.
the people of the state could elect a successor to
Wherry Nov. 4. They elected Dwight Griswold,
who will serve for two years.
After Seaton was appointed, he became one
of the most outspoken men In the Senate. Since
he did not have to worry about re-election, he
could speak out the way any senator should.
His record has been praised by. a great many
Democrats as well as fellow Republicans.
When General Eisenhower was nominated for
the Presidency by the Republican party last July,
he immediately chose a staff of campaign advisers.
Seaton was one of these and a great bulk of the
press has forecast that the Nebraska publisher will
be rewarded for this service with a Cabinet ap
pointment. It certainly is within the realm of possibility
despite the fact that Seaton claims he has "no
plans for any work in the government." He may
have no plans of his own but it is not his job to
make plans, he merely has to accept offers. He
definitely hasn't closed the door to offers.
Seaton has been a worthy Nebraskan and one
who could make a great name for himself in the
Cabinet. The Hastings Tribune could probably
survive without him although he has been an
Gone Are The Days
Gone are the days when the University sta
dent's life was a purely academic sanctuary. He
no longer spends the night in supposedly scholarly
analyses of abstract philosophical questions. The
smoke-filled discussion room is becoming a lost
The "outside world" with all Its attendant
confusion, hustle and bustle has invaded the
campus. We race madly from this to that and
back again. We talk hard, work hard and play
hard. We don't do things one at a time if we
are doing anything, we are doing six things.
And we never stop doing things.
One of the few remaining areas in which we
could sit back, relax, and watch things one by
one, used to be half-time of football games.
For many minutes we tried to watch 22 men
do 22 different things, keep an eye on the football,
and check the striped shirts. Then we could relax
and calmly watch an orderly sequence of events.
Now even this small consolation is being denied
us. We had to figure out a two-ring circus at
half-time, Missouri.
This Is a plaintive plea to the powers that
be please give us back our orderly, one-event-at-a-time
half-times. Please. S.H. k
Margin Notes
No Rest For the Statue Russian people are "prepared to fulfill the task
Again the Statehouse site for "the statue of of defending the peaceful labor of the Soviet
William Jennings Bryan is a controversial subject PePle"
for Nebraskans. At the time it was erected on The RMilu apokesman did not complete his
the Capitol grounds, heated protests were heard by syin the "peaceful labor"
against the location. Now Gov. Val Peterson and was the Production of destructive military weap-
his successor, Robert B. Crosby, doubt that Bryan's ons to Protect the,r country from invaders, of
stature in the history of Nebraska justifies singling cour8e-
him out for the prominent position it now holds
and they recommend he be moved to the new His- "7 St . VI
torical Society Building. 1 JIlSL UJCUjUL iUWhildJLCLtL
Poor William. Toward the end of his lifetime,
he lost his feeling of security in Nebraska and FIFTY-FIRST TEAR
now, even after his death, the people whom he Member
so well represented are moving him from one Associated Collegiate Press 1
place to another. Intercollegiate Press
I'll Buy Tickets, If . . . editorial staff
Trywif j,.. iri x n .... . Th Dally Nebraska Is eoblliaee by lb stsaeats t 6 t7ahee
With the next King and Queen title Coming ,tf, at Nebraska as expression o indents' acrn and felon omtj.
up Nov. 20, unofficial figures show that one ErST AJB&iSS'tttt
fraternity has promised four different sororities Me7 ZSUtn'",: SaTO.
that the entire chapter will back their candl- " an meusner of the tanitj of the Utiiu, bat taw
...... ..... members t the staff of Tie Dally Nebraska, are aereoaalb; ra-
dates If the sororities in turn will back theirs, sponsible ri what te w or nw be mated."
Workers are alstn favnina- th vcjr.Mr..r SabsertVAes rats are fS.OO a seaseutar. It 10 arafleei or Kt.on
turners are also issuing me year-aiier-year , ,nt rtn. m.oo atalM. Siaate cope Jte. PabMbeel
ery that for selling so many tickets in the house ,!, -uri? ch2"' " m aaodan. .uoa.
" " aad esamlnatiou periods. One issue published during Ike Bomb of
Of S finalist, their Chapter Will give SO many a tk talrersity of Nebraska under tba snpcrrlslo of tfeo
. J Committee oa Htudeat Publications. Eatered as Beet) ad Class Matter
VOteS. at the Poet Office la Lincoln, Nebraska, seder Art of Caatrcse.
im,i !v4. v. 11. . . . Marcb S, 1879. aad at special rate of poetase pravMee) for fee Soc-
ThlS might be the major reason Why Kosmet lion 1103, Act at Cessans of October S. leir. aathortsed Septeea-
Klub has never lost money on a Fall Revue. At JJ,0 Rvawe
the rate ticket-voting has increased, houses will Editor i, .".".'. '..'. ' " " Doe piwr
. . . .. , . Maaadnf Editor! Sat Gorton. Eea Rrstrom
soon be having another item on their budget News EdUora su Hau, Hat Hasseibaicn.
,,. . Dick Rabtea, Sara otepfcensaa. Pal Ball
queen purchasing fund. tvortt 4ttm OUm ntlmm
Peaceful Sovfp f"'1 8port E4Jtor Charles Klaeek
reiilCJUI JU ;CI o a reotnra Editor Pat Poos
A military parade to mark the 35th anniver- gjjj".
Sary Of the Bolshevik revolution Was Climaxed Reporters . ... Tom Woodwsrd. Jn Harrison, fanl Means
with th rlArmnMntlnn nf "nmrmnnoorc" -,un j. muujn Tyson. Natalie Katt, Borer Wait, Nine? Gardiner, rai
WlUl Uie denunciation Ol warmongers WhO dream Ljen, Connla Good, John Vonnee. Chuck Deeker, Ed DeMar.
of a new world while-carrying on a "barbarous c Knak. Ri.rin.ii. Dei Hrdinr, Darwin MeAfee, Doi
gnodfraea, Charlotte Dafoe, Dee Jackson. Faddy Wrifht, Mary
War against the Korean people." However, the Ana Hansen. Grace Haner. Joey Dlnrmsn. Marilyn Hatton.
D..w a e antk Kleinert, Jmney Carman, Bart Brawn, Tom Becker,
' "jpl I Howard Vann, Bob Berr, Gary Franden.
Business Manaser Arnold Stera
He's of the same opinion still. Gay. BMh,e" 8ll Ber"
' Lookina difficulty squarely in the face Clnulham Mmnwr
will often kill it. Anonymous. Night Editor su7 Han
Seven and a half years ago, Nazi Germany, one
of the greatest war machines in history, fell to the
Allied powers of Europe and North America.
The process of rebuilding
began again for the second time
in a half-century. Germany had
been smashed industrially, eco
nomically and ideologically by
the most destructive warfare
mankind had ever achieved. And
adding to those vast problems,
she found herself a cats-paw in
the struggle between her two
most powerful conquerors
Russia and the United States. Griffis
Now, amazingly, Germany has made a re
covery so striking that she is threatening to be
come the top European economic power. The
German industrial genius which created such a
formidable enemy has been re-applied to peace
time economy with, spectacular effectiveness.
Production figures for October are 59 per cent
above the same figures for 1936. Building and
construction are booming. The coal and steel
industries, foundation of the German economy,
have reached their highest levels since war years.
In the trade circles of the world, German ex
ports during September exceeded imports by $36,-
500,000. Increased amounts of money are being
placed in savings institutions and Marshall Plan
statistics indicate that although the cost of living
has risen eight per cent, the industrial wage aver
ago is 13 per cent, higher. In contrast, the U.S.
cost of living has increased 13 per cent and the
wage average has risen only four per cent.
Rather than encouraging other European na
tions to allow Germany to regain her pre-war
status In continental affairs, the economic boom
seems to have made them more wary.
Particularly tension is arising in Franco-German
relations. Negotiations of the future control
of the Saar have been strongly hampered by fear
of Germany's growing trade and production in
other sections of the world.
One of the main aims of West German Chan
cellor Konrad Adenauer has been to build a na
tion capable of playing an active role in a uni
fied Europe. But paradoxically the strength that
has been developed is now acting as a detriment
to the Schuman plan and other proposals for
European unity.
Some of woman's feline charac
teristics show up in the Sunday
movie, "I Can Get It For YoiTl
Kansas Kiss Meter
(EDITORS NOTE: The following-
was stolen from the
pages of the Dally Kansan.)
In 1950 the electrical engineers
offered a kissing trophy "in the
interest of more and higherqual-
ity kisses" to the men's organiza
tion amassing the highest team
Fraternity teams, pick-up
teams, or single couple .were
eligible to enter, but every
man had to provide himself
with a partner.
The kissing contest was held on
the second floor of the electrical
engineering laboratory during the
Engineering Exposition. The de
partment's kiss-testing machine
The Nuclear Transmutational Os-
culometer carefully recorded the
kissing potential of contestants.
The machine was built from
parts of five old pinball machines.
plus incidental bells, flags, relays,
and wires. The contraption classi
fied curious kissers into five cate
goriesexperts, lovers, neckers,
buddies, and lousy.
A couple when being kiss-ana
lyzed both held an electrode in
each hand as they embraced.
When their lips touched the cir
cuit closed, a small current flowed
between them, and the score
The secret of a good score lay
in the eargerness with which the
partners entered into the em
brace. A bashful peck netted the
couple's score. That Is, if the
anxiety caused the partners'
hands to perspire. The pers
piration served as an electrical
conductor and upped the count.
Lipstick tended to lower the
score by acting as an insulator
The greasier the lipstick, the bet-
Susan Hayward plays a model
who works her way up to a de
signer's position and connives with
Dan Dailey, salesman, to purchase
a store of their own and go into
Love can be fickle and Susan
gives Dan "a dirty deal" which
fouls up the partnership. Don't
know about the shop.
Anyway, all ends happily. It
should be a good movie for any
one interested in the clothing in
dustry. Exhibits To Show
Nebraska Settings
When completed, the Hall of
Nebraska Wildlife in Morrill Hall
will represent 16 Nebraska loca
tions showing topography, floral
settings and animals. This will
extend one side of the basement.
Work has begun on the Habitat
group with the window showing
a bobcat and natural surround
ings completed. Next finished will
be the whooping crane erouD of
the sandhills in North Central Ne
braska and the rironehorn antp-
lope window.
In this collection skills of the
educator, scientist, artist, crafts
man and lighting soecialist are
combined to recreate natural win
dow scenes.
3:00-5:15 Jay', Junction
3:15-3:30 Treasury Show f
3:30-4:00 Authors Of The Age-
4:00-4:15 Spins A Needles
4:15-4:30 Garretson'a Wax
works 4:30-4:35 This I Believe
4:35-4:50 Robin's Nest
4:50-5:00 News
the score.
participants a decisive "lousy" on Iter the insulation, and the lower
the sensitive machine. The harder
the couple kissed, the more cur
rent flowed between them, and
the higher their score became.
An apprehensive attitude to
ward the contraption boosted a
len Smith, Dining Room, 4 p.m.
Dining Room, 5 p.m.
West Stadium, Photo Lab.
ALPHA ZETA 4:30 p.m.
VOC AG 5 p.m.
Open For Business
ppwimiMiiinnuiKiiHwwHMuir'": ; J-'nnenusawajaa
9mtmimmrfmmmM inm,.,,,:.,;.,,, .;.y, .,. $ I
Washed and Dried
Cheaper Thaa Sendlnj Laandry Home
Automatic Machine
Attendant Service
16th & N Drive In Parking
Courtesy Lincoln Star
APPLES FOR SALE . . . Looking Into the future, Tom Pearson,
University student, has decided that he will soon be In the apple
and pencil selling business with the Republicans regaining control
of the government after 20 years of defeat.
Pearson is not alone In his prediction of hard-times ahead.
Many die-hard Democrats were certain on Nov. 3 that the future
would bring prosperity while the following day they were pre
dicting depression, war and corruption. With this defeatist at
titude, people may quite easily be talking themselves directly into
these conditions.
baton's connnsnnLE bond
has a high faculty rating
it erases without blur, blear, or blemish
You're "grade A" on
Ibis magical typewriter paper 1
It banishes your mistakes
forever, finishes up with a
clean groomed look that just
can't fail to impress favorably.
Test it: make a mistake, flick
it off wiih a pencil eraser, type
over it see how Corrasable
erases without a traCel Try ii:
nole faculiy reaction to such
clean precision. Use it for
keeps: save lime, temper,
money, and watch your grades
hit that upward zoom!
Available in 100-ahool paekooj
and boxoa ol 500 shoots la cor.
act weights lor all youi neecW
GOTTA SEE" Stop In noon lor a
demonstration or to malt your own lad.
only Eaton makes Corrasable Bond