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    Thursday, November 6,
Huslcer Lineups May
Undergo A Shalceup
Courtesy Lincoln Journal
Glassford released a tentative
starting lineup Wednesday
which depended, straneely
ROLSTOX . . . may get hts first
opportunity to start at an offen
sive halfback spot in the came
against Kansas Saturday.
Coach Bill Glassford's twice-
beaten charges began tapering off ;
drills Wednesday as they went.Minnick and Husmann, tackles;
through light defensive scrim- Kitzelman and Boll, guards; Scott
mage and offensive dummy work, and Brasee, linebackers; Yeisley
reviewing assignments. and 'Brown, halfbacks, and the
Carl Brasee will captain the steadily improving Chuck Cham
Huskers in their tough Kruiasiley at safety.
New IM Wrestling Champ Will Be Named;
Second Round Matches Start On Monday
Assistant Sports Editor
A new intramural wrestling
champion will be crowned next
Tuesday fo 1 1 o w i n g the final
matches of the 1952 grappling
The defending damns
I were comnleteh eUm-
a, were cumpieieiy cum
Zoa tr,t;J, .v,o their
two entrants were defeated via
4 t j j ,,;
a pin and a forfeit.
Forty-two men qualified for
first round matches held earlier
this week. The poor turnout can
be attributed to the fact that
many entrants failed to put in
their five required practice ses
sions prior to the first matches.
Originally 125 prospective
wrestlers signed for the compe
tition. Several were ruled inelig
ible with four practices under the
Thirty-seven Freshmen Report
For Opening Basketball Drills
Thirty-seven freshmen have re-!
ported for basketball. Additions to;
the squad are expected as soon as
frosh football drills end two and
half weeks hence. ,
W. D. (Tony) Sharpe is coach-
ing the frosh squad.
wonung oui are uw
Warren Ahrens. SL Edward:
Tlrif Riiiim I Inrnln- I xirm '
Eeckman, Garland; Dave Bell,
Omaha; Bill Black, Scottsbluff;
Weldon Borgaard, Lincoln: Bob
Brown. Fair bury; Don Brown,
Omaha; Duane Bucl, Malcolm; f
Rex Christenson, Lincoln: Gary
Cortner, Loup City; Ward Da-
NU Leads
In Passing
Nebraska has gone ahead of its'e"mbe" from 67th to 63rd as alright back Saturday and end their
opponents in passing yardage al
though it has completed only two
thirds as many aerials.
The Huskers have gained 704
yards via the airways on 40 com
pletions in 93 attempts, an av
erage of 100 yards per game.
Seven foes have gained 671 yards
on 60 completions in 124 throws.
Quarterback John Bordogna
remains the Nebraska offensive
leader with 9S3 yards on 185
plays. Bordogna has completed
28 of 63 pus attempt for 521
yards and bat netted 472 yards
n the ground in 132 rashes.
Sophomore End Ondy Loehr is
the top pass receiver. In two
games, Loehr has snared six
aerials for a 193-yard total and
one touchdown. He replaced the
injured George Mink who is sec
ond pass receiving with 7
catches for 109 yards.
As a team, the Cornhuskers
have gained 2,505 yards to 1,513
for their opponents. Correspond
ingly, Nebraska has outdowned
its foes 125-75 in earned first
Nebraska is missing from the
nation's list of top defensive
teams this week.
However, another Big Seven
elnb. Oklahoma, has moved into
ninth place in rushing defense.
8ooner opponents have aver
aged 100-yards rushing per
game in six games.
Colorado still leads the nation
In punting with a 44.1-yard aver
age on 42 kicks. '"
Zack Jordan of Colorado still
ranks second in the nation in
punting this week and Bill Fess
ler of Missouri is 14th.
Jordan has averaged 44.5 yards
on 40 boots. Fessler has a 40.5
average on 33 kicks.
Oklahoma of the Big Seven
Conference ranks flnt in the
eoua'Tj in rushing offense and
second In total offense after six
games according to the NCAA
statiaUcal bureau.
The Sooners have averaged
2S5.2 yards per game by rush
ing and have a total offensive
average of 430.8 yards.
Two Oklahomans Bill Vessels
n1 Tii'1r MVPI-ia 51 ranV 4irinf)i
nrl ,Bh,h in mUin f,ffn.
rushes and IMcPhail with 6151
' FSVTr i a
Ralph Curtis of Colorado Is 14th
in ruxhinc offense with 543 yards
on 113 rushes, - '
fray at Lawrence, Saturday,
enough, on the weather. If the
temperature is cool this week
end Bill Schabacker and Den
nis Emanuel will see duty both
offensively and defensively
against the Hawks.
At the tackle spots, the Scarlet
coach has given George ' Pro
chask and Harvey Goth the nod
Kay Curtis and either Charlie
Bryant or Jerry Paulson will be
at the guards and Bob Oberlin at
In the backfield, John Bor-
dogna will be at the quarterback
slot, Bob Reynolds and Dierks
Rolston at the halfback spots and
George Cifra at full.
The Jayhawks will counter
offensively with Taylor and
Leoni at ends; Lundy and Spen
cer at tackles; Knowles and
Helmstadter at guards and
Woody at center.
Robertson, Hoag, Brandeberry,
and Sabatini will make up the
starting Jayhawk backfield
Defensively the Kansans will
line up Unruh and Bracelin at
ends: Mrkonic and Poppe at
tackles: Bixler and Hantla at
guards; Fink and Gish as line
backers; Reich and Patterson
halfbacks; and Clevenger at safety.
The Husker defensive team will
be Schabacker and Emanuel, ends
stringent rules.
Al Partin, Nebraska wrestling
coach and director of the tourna
ment revealed that second round
matches will be held Monday at
i" P m- tt finals Tuesday Nu has three; Men's Dorm has two;
the same time. He continued byTheta Xi, two; and BetaTheta Pi,
, r-iK T; Phi
saying that if any men should notjNewman Club, Pi Kappa
ue acie to wresiie at ixus uine.
arrangements could be made
hold ihe match after 6 p.m.
Scoring for team participants
in the tourney will be six points
for first place in each weight
class, four points for second,
third place, two points, and
one point for fourth. One addi
tional point will be awarded for
each fall secured throughout
the meet. Pin points do not
connt when there is a fall by
vid. Palisade: Bob Ebers. Lin-
1 Haas, Rock VaUey. la.;! consecutive close calls under their
Bob Hansen, Minden; Ron Han-, belts, tackle their toughest oppon-
sen, Galesburg. 11L; Jerry Hare.jents since Kansas next Saturday.
Grand Island; Haynes Harrington,! v,, r-i,h;,
Anderson Ind.; Gary Heinzle,'M
":;.." "V"
Ia.r5 Id Jewitt, Waverly; Kenneth
X, ZTZ.' v ',' , t , r'
Marion Panowicz, Wolbach.
: : . ..v..i.,
Loren Petersen,' Johnson; Joe
Poynter, Kearney; Bob Prokop,
Wilber; Bill Roy, Berwyn, 111.;
Don Sirles, Omaha; Dean Sloan.
Lincoln: Charles Smith, Anderson,
Ind.; Glen Sullivan, Omaha; John
ITrenery, Omaha: Russ Ueb'ine.l
Uehling: Orvis Wall, Lincoln, and
Wayne WestphaL Elkhorn.
NU Ranked 66th
v.Kri ctuji , ,mi.
ott.u uwu ivui i".
fififh in ihn Will lamcnn Ccml
, ...... ... ... UJ,d.u;over isuu aaung DacK 10
ratings this week after absorbing) 1933. . 1
I a 10-6 licking at the hands of So, with that Missouri skein
iiissuuit aiuiudj. ie i g e r
To ploce a
Stop la tho B
Stadeat Unkm
Call 2-7631 Ext, 4226 for CW
floi Serrfe
Hours 1-4:30 'on. thn fri.
1-10 t I AO I f Jti I $ 1 I $1.00 I 11-20
11-15 AO I .80 I 1X9 I lli 1.4a
I 10-20 I .60 J5 1.23 ) UP I 1.70
21-23 I .70 I 1.10 I 1.45 175 1.SS
29-30 I 9 1.25 I 15 2.00 2.20
w. bin wai otxmtn
Inn 00 our "cm
r?!" M:t 1nr siukhnvi
who tun work c
1 Hrioon and B.turd.jr. Tbl .would;
L. .k,r I tmrt, ir A urine IKa ihrlaitm&Si
Apply mojmtni oiv.-.t 7tb floor
. ... - w --.
M;,ur 'StWaUi
cu t-ma aiur u T.M.
Probable Starter
FIRST BREAK Jerry Paulson, 190-pound, 5 foot 10 inch junior
from Dell Rapids, S.D., may get the starting nod at a guard spot in
Saturday's game at Lawrence with the Kansas Jayhawks. Paul
son, who would be making his first start, has been sidelined most
of the season with a shoulder injury.
two members of the same or
ganization or team.
Thus far in the competition Phi
Gamma Delta leads in the num
ber of Pin Points with four; Sigma
anx. uu i m o
each garnered one pin point.
r ?nd i hh irSt
Carnozzo, ind, is pitted against'
pf k t,X 7n fnr fhplTheta Xi; and Ellison, Phi Psi,
h !.ntorivS d Crancer. ind., will meet in
rv,i nam will mwt,
t. uo, tr.' vhir-A r.i-i.B
noints. i
Tom Anderson, Men's Dorm,
STfmffS Sf1SoPuSJf !ta "ackr, PM Gam!
the finals of the 130 pound class.) Renolds, Beta, will clash
Semi-final matches, Monday, mf math
Buffs Prep
For Tigers
Colorad's Buffaloes, with three
f Bi joust with
league-leading Missouri ana an
opportunity snap one 0f the!
righest "jinxes" in their gridiron
I Colorado hasn't wno a foot
ball game at Columbia since
1930, the first meeting between
the two schools. The Thunder
ing; Herd won that one 9-0 but
have since dropped eight
straight games at the Tigers'
Memorial Stadium.
The all-tLne count in the 16-
game history of the series is four
wins for Colorado, elven for Mis-
soun and one tie. When Coach,
Dal Ward's charges halted Miz-
" .
ha if ml 9 in.tjmn Upm win ctrAsk
.7 , . -------
naueo, me buiis nope 10 come
classified ad
Of flee Boom 29
Tuiedo. lummrr tuudo, ROTC Moum, tin
m. iUftMoabK. j-ans.
WIU th. Prt to reelrt th. wrong
brown brdlr luktt from the Cnlon
rcuiro na ciura wieu
Courtew Lincoln Star
the 137 pound class will pit Jim
Owens, ind., against Hlidek; and
Hedden against Jirowsek, New
man Club.
Bart Brown, Phi Gam, and
Bob Howard, Beta; and Don
Jeannoutot and SheHenberg,
Sigma Nu will square off in the
semi-final round of the 147
pound class.
In the 157 pound group, Arnoldfenough for tenth last weeK was
Morton, Phi Gam, and Ray Selk,
. . VUi.nn Phi Psi.
" v"'""-
Another final match will be
completed in the 167 pound di-
V ISiUlJ Wl.ui xvill iicaiji kjifoli.
Another final match finds Bar
ger going against Husmann in Jhe
177 pound division.
Jim Brown, SAE. and Dick
Nelson, Ind., are pitted against
each other in the final match of
the heavyweight division. Leff
ler, Phi Delt, and Cramond,
Beta, will meet in the consola
tion. Results of matches this week:
123-pound class: Carnozzo
pinned Robinson, 5:35; Jackson
pmnea iwikj,,i.w.
130-pound class: Anderson
pinned gerber, z:3U s..., - .
iTodd, 45 seconds; Jirowsen pinnea
Gleeson, 3 min.
147-pound class: Brown pinned
Carlson, 1:03; Brown won by
forfeit over Ditus; Howard
pinned Skinner, 30 seconds;
Jeannoutot pinned Holbert, 4:20;
SheHenberg pinned Berrline,
1:15; Shellenberg pinned Steb-
bins, 5:58.
157-DOUnd Class: Morion pinnea
Wallman, 2:30; Morton Pinneaij
Cirsken, 1:50; Selk pinned Hober-i
,"", ",, -
Pittorcnn- .Tnhn I .rznrpr won
over Steroa, o-u.
1 67-pound class: Healey pinned
Soder. 45 seconds; Braddock
pinned Reynolds, 3:i.
177-pound class: only two en
Heavyweight: Brown won by
forfeit over Leffler; Nelson won
over Cramond in the tournament's
best match, 10-3.
The most dashing
men on campus wear
Arrow Gordon Oxfords
w IJiM
Arrow Cordon Dover:
button-down classic, $4J0.
Intramural Sports Columnist
Independent gridders completed
their first-round intramural play
off action Monday eve'rftng as all
four league VIII outfits chalked
up victories and advanced to the
second round.
All Eyes On
Notre Dame,
Sports SUff Writer
This week, as Big Seven com
petition continues at a torrid pace,
all eyes will be focused on the
game of the week at South Bend,
Indiana, where Oklahoma will be
striving to strengthen the prestige
of the mid-western conference
against Notre Dame. The booners
are now ranked fourth in tne na
tion and the powerful Irish hold
down the number ten spot An
impressive . win by the Sooners
would insure national ranking for
them for the sixth consecutive
With only two more barriers to
clear for the Big Seven title, OU
ranks as a repeater for the top
Tom Caura leaas vne nigniy
touted line, while a conglomera
tion of hard runners spark the
backfield. Billy Vessels moved
from 8th to 7th in rushing while
big Buck McPhail moved from
10th to 8th.
The entire OU team ranks sec
ond in total offense, first in rush
ing offense, and ninth in rushing
The Missouri game last week at
Lincoln dropped the Nebraska
squad in all departments. The
Huskers slipped from fifth to
seventh in rushing and the de-
fensive Tecord which was good
noi even raimeu m um wcn a
NU's quarterback, John Bor
dogna, boosted bis total of
fensive rushing record from
13th to ,11th in the national
standings. His individual rush
ing record suffered though as he
slipped from 17th out of the
The Big Seven is also repre
sented in the punting averages.
Colorado University statistics
revealed that the Buffs have a
punting average of 44.1 yards.
This standing was increased last
week when Zack Jordon boomed
7 kicks ior a remarkable average
of 45.3.
Tough breaks for the CU kicker
against Utah last week kept his
total percentage down consider-
nad a quicK kick
"'17 i tW AnoMCork Biemand for the first Presby
irTckZll Iimet Harlan Skinner and
o?fsfd1pen. OntenexK 0Q
nnnH fnr 9
Missouri has also been a
member of the punting elite
during' the season. The Tigers
were eliminated last week from
'the top ten after playing the
Huskers. BiU Fesler, the MU
punter, also slipped from 10th
to 14th place in the nation.
Besides the Oklahoma-Notre
Dame game, other Big Seven con -
. if v.y.-.-u,, -mWt
Colorado against Mis-
g against Drake.l
ana n.-wte against Wyoming.
We Accommodate Partir$ in Our Ke PARTY ROOM
3610 N. 48 Closed Wed. 6-2016
n n
d DM
Mustangs Cop
The Mustangs, top independent
team and tied with Fhi Kappa
Psi as the top outfits in the Uni
versity in the last ratings, moved
convincingly into the second
round by stopping the University
YMCA by a 22-0 count In win
ning, the Mustangs racked up
their eighth straight victory and
at the same time protetced their
unscored-on record to date.
It was all over but the shout
ing after the first period as the
mighty Mustangs shot to a 16-0
lead on a pair of touchdowns
and a safety. A 30-yard pass
play from Jack Mankamyer to
Charles Smith provided the ini
tial score and that was enough
to win.
The Uni Y'ers came back strong
in the second half to halt the Mus
tang scoring, but could do nothing
themselves to penetrate the win
ners' defense.
Rockets Edge NC
The Rockets gained the dubious
Drivileee of meeting the Mustangs
in the second round by outlasting
Newman Club, 14-12.
The winners Jumped to an
early 7-0 lead as Ron Powers
intercepted a Catholic pass and
raeed 60 yards to paydlrt A Hal
Andrews to Chuck Jensen aerial
provided the seventh counter.
Seven more points were record
ed for the Rockets in the second
quarter on two passes from An
drews to Marv Lawton.
The Catholics controlled the
second half, but found the extra
points harder to get than the
touchdowns and narrowly went
down to defeat Marv Alexander
passed the losers to touchdowns
in each the third and fourth stan
zas. Jim Rose gathered in the first
toss while Bob Ostdiek was the
recipient of the second.
Jokers Advance
Presby House ran into some
tough luck in their first round
contest with the Jokers and before
they recovreed, the Jokers were
far in front Presby could only
muster six players for the first
half action and found themselves
on the short end of a 25-0 half
time score.
Roland Langemeler and Bob
Yates cashed the Jokers in on
a pair of first-quarter Presby
mistakes. Langemeler pilfered
a Presby lateral and carried the
ball on across the double stripe
while Yates did the same with
a stray Presby pass.
Yates took a pass from Bud
Van Berg to push the winners to
a 19-0 margin early in the second
period whila Ken Pfeifer rounded
out the Joker scoring with a pass
reception just before the end of
The Fresbys found their seventh
the half.
man and took control in the sec
ond half, striking for 14 points,
but it was not enougn w over-
Gordon Gay connected with
' acw"" iui .
Gobs Win
Navy ROTC thundered over -uo. "iU-Inter-Varsity
to up themselves State: "Battle Zone," 1:00, 3:55,
into a second-round meeting with 6:50, 9:45. "Rose Bowl Party,'
the Jokers. The Middies sped off ! 2:42, 5:37, 8:32.
to their 22-0 victory with 14 Dig
counters in the initial quarter.
Ken Limberg intercepted an I-V
aerial for the first six points while
Dick Grant and Larry Dunning
AiA rirnwinir unH ratrhirur nn
the rest of the first-quarter score.
It was the same two men in the
second sianza ana we narnuue
. .
Styled extra-smart
like them
Nothing like an Arrow Oxford to Ictap a fallow look
ing his best. Wall-styled. Psrfact-fitting (the Mitoga
trada-mark tall you thaf). And you can count on
Arrow Oxfords to stay frash and neat looking all day
long. "Sanforixed" (fabric shrinkaga not mora thon
1). Saa our smart selection of collar thlai today!
. rot amow
Poge 3
margin was 20-0.
Inter-Varsity dominated the
third quarter and appeared to
be on their way, but Navy
stopped three scoring bids and
had the victory stowed away.
SAM Eliminated
The final fraternity "A" first
round contest was played Monday,
also. Beta Theta Pi scored a
touchdown in the last four min
utes to edge Sigma Alpha Mu, 7-2.
Miller Whitham fired an 18-yard
pass to Ron Smaha who was alone
in the Sammie end zone for the
winning tally. Whitham to Bob
Howie produced the seventh tally.
The Sammies bad pulled In
front early in the second stanza
as a Beta defender had inter
cepted a Paul Gaiter pass in his
end-zone and tried to run St
out The Sammies swarmed
over him for a two-pointer that
held np until the last few min
utes of the game.
In the lone fraternity "B" ac
tion to date, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
slapped down Phi Gamma Delta
by a 20-7 score in a Tuesday af
fair. After a scoreless first half in
which the Phi Gams appeared su
perior, the junior SAE's began the
stampede early in the third stanza.
With three minutes gone, Pete
Jeffries flipped a 21-yarder to
Don Sampson that sent the Si
Alphs to a 6-0 lead.
After the Phi Gams got no
where on four plays, the winners
were right back and this time the
same two men combined on a 25
yard production. Jeffries' toss to
Jack Davis provided the extra
point and going into the final
stanza, the tally read 13-0. -
Jeffries continued to throw In
the last quarter. The final Slg
Alph points came on his two
yard aerial to Jim Dayle after
the winning defense had inter
cepted a Fiji pass and returned
it 45 yards to the two. Jeffries
to Jim Hoover provided the
twentieth counter.
With 30 seconds remaining in
the fray, the Weeji Fijis got into
the scoring act as Danny Wol
kensdorfer fired a 60 -yard er to
Phil Patterson and then ran over
himself for the extra-point
Thursday action will feature
the four second-round contests in
the fraterniay "A" struggle. Top
game of the day and possibly of
the whole tourney will be the
Phi Kappa Psi-Alpha Tau Omega
Friday will see the second
round for the Independents and
two of the first-round fraternity
"B" contests.
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