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ThudaNovember 6, 95Z '
- 1
Poge 2
Nov. 4 Post Morfems
A University student was overheard to remark
Wednesday in an election post-mortem chat, "I
can so out and work now and if I'm not a success,
. it's my fault, not the government's." This remark
seems to epitomize the feeling on the campus
Wednesday of the Republicans students most of
whom have never lived under a GOP administra
tionin regard to the landslide victory of Dwight
Eisenhower to the presidency.
At 12:44 ajm. Wednesday morning Gov. Adlai
- Stevenron told the nation "My fellow citizens have
made their choice . . . and I gladly accept it." His
words were music to Republican ears and ex-
..tremely hard to believe. After four unsuccessful
attempts to return to political power, the GOPs
found the right man to carry their party to victory.
Eisenhower had done the hitherto Impossible.
He had split the solid south. He had gotten a
corner on labor and farm votes. He won the
presidency by a landslide which no one dared
. to predict His popular appeal had carried him
to the White House far ahead of the governor,
senator and representative aspirants of his party.
A holiday was declared in Abilene, Kan., Ike's
home town. Syngman Rhee, president of South
Korea, said the American people had chosen the
best man. Maj. John Eisenhower sent his heart
iest congratulations to his parents from "some
where in Korea. The secret service men moved
into the Eisenhower headquarters in New York's
Commodore Hotel to guard the president-elect
Eisenhower, himself, stood quietly and with
humility before the microphones and the TV
cameras and accepted the highest office of this
land with all due respect paid to the grave re
sponsibility he now carries and a solemn pledge
to the people he now represents never to slight
the duties of his office.
This nation woke Wednesday morning to
more than a new president to more than the
Republican party back in power. They woke
to a nation united. They found as their presi
dent a man whose enormous popular appeal has
gained the faith and the trust of the nation and
f the world. They heard of a united House of
Representatives and a near-united Senate.
The country found ia the day-after-election,
a optimism not based on partisan politics. The
optimism voiced and felt Wednesday was not a
Republican victory. It was not cf a party in
power. It was not of party against party nor of
man against man.
The feeling Wednesday, in this writer's opinion,
was one of a country united, again after it had
been split by campaign charges, by mud-slinging,
by insinuation and by attack. The campaign is
over the election is over our news columns and
our every-day conversations may again return to
fact not opinion.
The country and its people can again return to
a serious, thoughtful analysis of its problems
and base its decisions not on political expediency
but on reason.
The Daily Nebraskan was nappy and grati
fied to see the election of Eisenhower to the
presidency and the policies of the Republican
party able to be effected again. But more than
this, this writer was thankful that the campaign
and election are over, that the Democrat leaders
took their defeat wtih such fine pledges of unity,
and that the country can get back down to ser
ious, non-partisan work toward a peaceful
world. R. R,
Again TheyTry
Again we have an attempt on our campus to
further the cause of international good will. Again
an organization known for its altruistic projects!
to further understanding in our world is spon
soring an event to better acquaint the native stu
dent body with the 176 foreign students attending
this University.
The Religious Welfare Council is sponsoring a
dinner this evening the International Friendship
Dinner, an annual affair open to the entire stu
dent body. Latvian food will be served at the
dinner, Dr. G. W. Rosenlof s collection of foreign
flags will be on display and members of Cosmo
politan Club and Presby House will put on skits
for the evening's entertainment
l1 1 5x srug,v2
"Just forret about tenure for awhile It comes as a result of being
a good teacher."
Why They Won
(KDITOR'S NOTKi Taoat b imit
of Ik, University now aarvini u Antslant
Attornw General of At atatt of Nebraska.
Last year he head 4 Hi. Vonni Republi
can, art this year he U a national elector.
Tto following ankle wai witten by Thon.
loa the reonert of The Dally Nehra.kan
as aa analysis of the Republican victory.)
Why Ike? Why Ixnay-Adlai?
WHY IKE? I am asked to write
an article thereabouts. In one re
spect I assure you that the as
signment is a little tough. ,
A platitudinous query around
Lincolntown last week centered
around the Missouri victory. Then,
and now. a simple categorical an
swer to the. WHY was quite im
possible. The Tigers bested N. u.
because of several factors; ditto.
relative to this national election. l
Ike started out as a nationally
known and respected figure a
well liked guy. Since he re
turned from Europe, he sold
himself to the American people
on sound principles. They be
lieved he was speaking the very
utmost In sincerity he hit home
with "of all the dispositions and
habits which lead to political
prosperity religion and morality
are indispensable supports," and
an urgency "to inflame our gen
eration with the spirit of the
Founding Fathers," and "to lead
Nl'CWA made the most recent attempt to
further international understanding when it held
a tea for foreign students during United Nations
week. The Daily Nebraskan pointed out that of
the 100 persons attending this tea, 7t were for
eign students which meant that 30 persons in
our University of 6300 enrollment found the
time and the interest to meet and to become
friends with the foreign students on the campus.
Rented Land
'Whose Glory?' Is Question As
Ag Students Donate To AUF
They always get the breaks,"!
remarked the Ag college students.
Perhaps they were referring to.
the 20 lucky individuals who are
enrolled in a soil conservation'
course. Wednesday these students ing the Union is
completed an air tour of the of the dancing
tor. I guess the students who
are on the curious side will have
to go and find out what this
new Ag college activity is.
One point of interest concern
the postponing
lessons for the'
sniithpastprn nart rtt hf state min WoHnpHav evening. The
This air tour was one which fol- lesson will be resumed the com-j
lowed a ground tour of the same ing week.
area. The air tour was made pos-
Chuck Beam
interest that the writer would
like to raise Is the fact that the
so-called "wheels" of the AUF
failed to get into the spirit of
the evening and bring the nec
essary items to take part In the
social. The question I would like
to bring up is "just whose glory
are we trying to obtain . . .?
a crusaae lor a ms cuiiifio
hension of what America is all
about how It came to be, and
wither It Is bound." Make no
mistake about it, General Els
enhower was "coming through"
to the Americans in mass.
What else? His appeal rallied
many Ike working groups behind
"the cause;" he accomplished
party unity. He had Mamie and
a son in Korea, and don't think
for a minute that all voters passed
over this but once lightly. He
campaigned hard, and so did his
influencial Veep, Dick Nixon.
Many, many other contributing
factors could and should be listed,
but let us hurry on to a major
reason for the landslide.
You can itemize this major fac
tor as graft, sheer stupidity, cor
ruption, Communism, Korea, in
flation, taxes, favoritism, etc., or
you can call it "that mess in
Washington." I prefer to lump it
all under a dirty word, Truman
ism. A Lincoln editor, Ray Mc
Connell, noted in his column a
few days before the election
that "the two party system al
lows people to apportion credit
or blame and fix responsibility."
He then pointed out that a vote
for Stevenson was a vote to
vindicate the Truman record. A
record of playing politics with
a deep-seated problem of social
and racial adjustments, a seven
year record of reckless disre
gard for the simple truths and
simple virtues, a record of
happy abandon toward the rules
of economics, the laws of ethics,
and the letter and spirit of the
Constitution itself. A record of
bungling foreign policies; false
sense of loyalties, cover up cor
ruption, and influence peddling.
The record of a man with the
vulgarity and gall to insinuate
that the Eisenhower who led
the liberation of a continent
from Hitler thinks and acts like
a NaiL Tnimanism!
Yes, you can fool some of the
people some of the time, but the
American people were simply sick
sible by the air aid division of the Special days lor the month of are that the Bunders office in theThev were not going to
The friendship dinner has usually been a sue-University's Teachers College. i November are few and far be-! union has been opened perma 'ered this time. They wer
Other rumors about the campus ani tired of Little Harry Truman.
re suck-
eren't about
cessful project Perhaps this has been due to the
conscientious NUCWA menrbers, religious leaders
and faculty members that find time in their busy
schedules to take part in something worthwhile.
The Nebraskan sincerely hopes that the
Friendship Dinner this evening receives more
support from the student body than did the
NUCWA tea. The effects ef a sincere, concen
trated interest in knowing people from othetr
lands and understanding all our differences
might have greater effects than we realize.
F R.
Have We Forgotten
The faculty fcas not come through the mem
bers have not met their goal to the Community
Chest-Red Cross drive this fall. Lee W. ChaiSeld,
assistant to the Deaa of Student Affairs, has
beaded the drive to solicit funds from faculty
members this f alL
Faculty members f the University are asked
to donate to the All-University Fund which, in
turn, supports World Student Service Fund,
iDascer research and the Lincoln Community
Chest However, the faculty AUF donations of
SSiiSO this year win be divided among WSSF
and cancer research aud will net go to the
ConuBunity Cbest, as student donations do.
Chatfield told The Xebraskaa Wednesday at
ternoon that the faculty members are about IL50J
short cf their Comrnnni'.y Chest-Red Cross goal
Tbe drive for faculty members fcas been extended
by Chatfieli who attributes the lack of contribu
tions to the combined Chest-Red Cross drive
Earlier in the drive, when it appeared that
the faculty would not meet its goal, it was sug
gested that perhaps the pledge cards distributed
to faculty members were buried under a
mt papers on each instructor's desk.
riff , hum ir,in and hark ,n-n Th viiocr has nnlv two nentlv for the semester and that ,. - : v;. -! 4K..
to the Ag Union. This seems schedules with one of these set a new publican jointly sponsored came t0 jje t0 bury him and
for Friday at Hastings. The rn-;Dy trie Ag Builders and tne CM-the Democratic candidate who
inual Wheat Show, sponsored by j lege is nearing the final stages forjcapjtJriated to tj,e Truman philos
ithe Agronomy department, is be- publication. h Amen.
tinz held at this time. The other! Well as we say out west, "so-,-
special event is set for Nov. 14 long partner."
I to 19. At this time the conference;
'under the direction of the. Exten-j Irked by rumors that the bath-
sion Service will be held for ail room was the most dangerous spot
homes, a plumber;
investigate. Checkinj'
to be the bee
hive of activ
ity as far as
the Ag cam
pus is con
cerned. The
Union is ini
t i a t i ng a
Night" for
S a t u r day
night. The
plans are la
beled nop
secret," for the event, according
to Sirs. Peters, Ag Union direc-
WeU I am back to back pat
ting for the Ag students. This
congratulations goes to the stu
dents who donated $35.75 to the
AUF at the box social Sunday
night However, this event also
has a dark side. One point of
New Impressions, Old
Friends Greet '52 Grad
in Amenacn
decided . to
with insurance actuaries, Ed J.I
Massino, president of the Wiscon
sin Master Plumbers Association,!
found that the much-maligned
bathroom was responsible for;
only 3.5 per cent of accidents, i
(Most accident-prone room is the
i kitchen (30 per cent), followed;
by the living room and bed rooms
(18 per cent) and stairways (12
,per cent).
While strolling through The
It is entirely possible that the faculty has for- here goes.
HD'.'.en contributions to the Coramunity Chest. It 3
is also possible that re embers, cannot, at this time,
combine their Red Cross and regular Chert dona
tion in one contribution. Arsd it is also possible.
that, cespile tie coterenuation ci money t:ace-
raeut by AUF, list the faculty just cannot cm
tribute t9 every cause however worthy.
The Nebraskaa feels ia no position to chastise
persons for not douatut,? to virions organiza
ttons. If the faculty has forgotten Community
Cnest pledges, a reminder might suffice. S. R.
10 p.m. appointment at the Crib
' or Earls.
pile Daily Nebraskan cflice, the Edi-j At present I am in the Army,
tor asked me If I would write I was recalled to active duty in
down a few comments on my im-'July and was assigned to attend
presaons ot me Lmiversiiy. o,,urancn aiuiiary fence acnooi ai
jUamp ocrdon, ua. it was quite
Georgia afternoons we would
'gather for Nebraska reunions
the Richmond Hotel in Aueusta
'Bill Knudsen and his wife Jewel,
"Hod lleyer. Jack ScovDie, Ray
Swanson, Ted Jeary, Jack Cohen
and others were all there and the
.stories of our Nebraska experi-
Washed and Dried
Ckeaa Tfcaa Scaaia Laaa4ry laaac
AmtatmmtU Haehimea
Attendant Service
16th AN Drive in Parking
Margin Notes
Panhellenk Achievement . . .
Wednesday night climaxed a year's work ia
regard to sorority aciiererrert at the PanheTJeric
dinner. The top awards Elsie Ford Piper
Axtieve ni Award Cup and Scholarship Award
vere presented to Kappa Delta and Alpha Chi
Omega, respectively.
CoiratulatioHS to the recipients c the honors
which are the highest forms cf annual tribute
paid t University sororities.
Also, older KK members always
had to sell the ski tm asters on the
importance cf keeping the skats ;
w21 Lave the cpporturJty to create the feeling of clean and this year fraternities
i-ntfrnstiemal frientshin it a ChsnrelZnr RfT- seemed to Beea loear aa ice-
rr,.,. r .v- The many new faces
will also be at the reception.
The significance of this event has been realized
by very few slightly more than 100. Apparently,
the feeling to retain old friends instead of gaining
new ones is predominate in too many students
Cooperative Spirit .
At he time this peper is being dUstributea, w.
Thanks To Them
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schneider will
be openei to all interested students Thursday eve
tiinr far an election DOEt-martwn hv hnmn-
TL Aiiden, Anglo-American poet, essayist and play- assistant political science instructor of the
write, sffl be speaking at tl am. to Unrrersitr UojTersit7 YWCA and YMCA are sponsor-
ar-4-r-.Aawrv. 4ft Tnfm llmOTTL . - , 2 m a.
n4aw..J w aM 1X1 a? KLaXiTJ M. fcrim CJI IXiXrT TT LStl fPImPFT npr rwfl; -
. i -1 - "Biwi-.'Ma , I ff i OMIl m FlrTaaTTaw.UfcUafcatTlaTa CrfiJtC'aJ
At the same time, bow many students wi3 be &i)er u memhers tsTe consented to be 'smith Hall. Dining Room, 12 pra.
jammed ia the booths cf the local cats pas coffee- hotU durinf j yvr Wrhip Workshop Ellen
My first impression was of
the social changes ia effect since
last June. I got back into town
late Satnrday afternoon in time
to attend some of the "Tniver
sity parties and my first Im
pression was that the "Old Sol
diers'" certainly have faded
JJZZ .:T.rrVi something. In fact, it was a good
, " - T ;. 'tnirig mat we were ail graduates
Kosmet Klub show, I was qu: s secrecy because
impressed tius year wi A jheong- aRf buriad were
oi ine iDJ V soon dragged out of the closet
vaous re2:; T'Z-S: and the real truth known.
At present my ten daj leave
is at the halfway mark. I hope
that I can meet personally with
friends to that time. However,
if I don't my best wishes. I'm
assumed to Fort Bragg. N. C.
which is being alerted for the
influx of basic trainees in Jan
nary. So, perhaps I saay see the
more Nebraska students then.
When you are away from school
your real memories are not of the
nights spent without sleep trying
to get by in Spanish or Econ. Its
not memories cf coke dates or
activities but your real memories
Sefecf Records Dtsind
Tm 4traa prira raoreetf. De4ct
Ji fraaa tfe aaukluktd list arica.
Far dtaloc tr Soa1 tl i cavar
tmt at auilnc. Bfas4 ita irK
of stu
dents we have just entered the
University was a delight al
though I would have given my
right ana to see some of the old
gang swinging along for that
Builders Campus Tour Meeting
T) ,15 Tvm4mn m
Crubnsker pictures Photo f f " i"" --"" "
Lab. West Stadium. f
r.w ii -n nice people. The parlies, those
midnight trips
I discussions with favorite teacLent.
Delta On. mm 12:45 pa
Pa rick C r rri
ril Mm Omkron Nu-Sis! r rtJtl
'j. net.
Discnssiou EUecj
Following the convocation ai which Chancellor
Gustavson was chief rpeaker to only 1509 students,
Stuart Goldberg, proprietor of Urd Sandries, nrote
Tbe Daily ICebraiian that be would close bis es
tabakhinent during AH-rnaverExty convocatiaris if
citha" proprietors would. However bis move m-as
to no aTzil lor the others were unwilling, for eco
nomical reasons, to close for one tour.
The Daily Kebraskan hopes that maybe this
time students will realize that an bour cf Auden's
time will prove far more valuable Sban an hour
ever coffee.
Future Cornhvikers ...
Friday wEl bring more than 00 tlgh school
JournaliitJ to the UniTersity to attend & Ke
braiika High School Press Association convention.
AI fbi time these students will bear talks by oul
s4iniing joamaliEts and enter competitive writing
Betides taki&g a look at proieasional jcjrsal
iBtn, they will be watching University rtadenls and
deriiing wbetber or not this wd become Ibeir
college abna mater. The yebraslcaa hopes that
University students will look at the prepsters ia
this !!ht and aid them in their future decMcm.
International Friendship ...
Saturday n!hl foreign and American students
Daily Thougtit
7to wazll please all and please himself,
JJvl (DaUi TMfiasJtarL
Aauociated CoUegiato Press -tsteroollegfato
Tat ar
aH at Siiaiiaiiri a
ajtaaa u m aw sr-Law anna mm 'm r-krn
m m a-aata raimi urn H k
.umm a hituam
am mm mttmmimrrmt
dan mw m mm mm mm aiiWn winai. taw Mi la litiUma
m--uM urn ttm m iiMmra i i lira mm mm fart mt Oat , m
mm mm mm ml mm mmmtm mt tm imam mt aha faman, mm
mi mt mt mm mt TW ItmHn Saawafc mrt ,i unaadi mt-
mt aiwHila tat arhal mmt mm m mm mr ram a mm a In a,"
MaiW wmm an r minm. tZ-SO niBU mt am
mm tm mmUrm amm. MM alalia ataaaa mam Sc. riltlnli
mama manm am meat ram mmmm i a n am maamwrt, in;aiaai
mm ranwiiiiatna .artnda. Oat mm aalia1ia f mil tm n t mt
aaaaa k laa mt aamamX maam mat -mi mt Oat
iMWtM ma OiiaMat eaMicaUaaa. amtmrnt m liml f,ima Mamm
tat mt aalnai attmAat tm m mmt
Ciaaa 111. ai mini n iai
at mm fma trnVm
aa t, trra. mam at amomt
liua. mm at c a mt
am Ik. iW.
wmmm , ... ftjy M , ,
aiimuaiil 94mm ...................... ta faaaw
JaaaatUaa SaCaMlaanna
mmm ton ""fUk 1 alilialfcatiwliiat! 'V t iSt
art mmm Kmrnr - CtarM Elaaat
aatata atM If mm
as hamar ... Omtda mmam
momt mmmm . Xa OaaMaa
alrt m mm
Smith Hall Dining Hoom, 4 pjn.
Student-Faculty Coffee Hour,
Faculty Unkm, 4 pm J
TW Office Staff Eiien Smith;
Hall. Dining Room. 9 pa
TW Onparatrf Beligions
EUea Smith Hall, Northeast Boom,
S p.m.
Alpha Zeta Agroncssy Build
ing, Seminar Koom, 7:15 pJJw
Cornhnsker pietores Photo
Lab, Wert Stadium.
Intervarsity ChritOau Fellow
ship 5 pm.
ZM-ZAS fnrpie Grotto
Z:i-IM Shake Hands With
The World
2:29-2:15 f. B y t m And
2:45-4; Sports Parade
41-4: 15 4 O'clock Class
4:lS-4:li Songs f the Saddle
t2l2l This I Believe
4:25-4:: World Of Wax
4-54-5:t News
Big Show At MSC
The "Eirrest Show of 1B52" h!
lathigaa State CoSese Oct. 21,
Tarn Waavara. Ju Ivrhaa. Ftal Sleaaw sn4 4Ha r;icr,t r,mmi,r I.TTrVI.
mmrUm Trm. UJm u. U,((a- pamrr Gar), rat c.4- v.i ,
Lm, Cnuua M imam Vamaa. Cauk lmU. Kt ImKh. f u State IewS, bad tUJ tO Say
Cai Kaaka. Carr Kaaniaa, tut Harmm. ttarvm tUAtlmz, Im4 about the performance:
BMfifTua. uarwu wafae. iraa imvtum. rmatr mrmu "Urri "J jUrtftd with the miehtv
Kenton crdiestra playing power-!
j house arrangement ... then they'
switched to rsowJy, compelling
j works. ... Miss Vaughn's warm,
imello voice mskes ber sound like
she is singing to individual. . . J
Jvat King Cole . . - carersed bis
srkfw sin uim aui u.aariwtva 1 way Ujrough . . . tis lateit tstsr I
ttmntm. braai tkartrf. tmtm bmcmam. Mantra
k ma KJeieerl. tamer Cermsa. Bart Swvira. Jam
mmm mm, ay rraataaa.
One impresioB f Nebraska I
didn't like was the lack of
awareness of the strful toll of
the Korea war. Soon I win be
shipped oversea but already
one cau see the toll by eating
the tremendous casualties I
the overloading of bocpiUls.
Whether the war is right or
wrong only politicians know,
but there Is a war and most mt
ns now in the Army fondly
hope that the ouUWt world
realises this.
if ! I II, I II. I I I ll II HS
JL. "
9n. Soldi, TTbm'i, SioM.
Thistle Plaid
L gmmm04.i.dSj
$ --mmmm.
? ' "'5ol
o, '
' PI, U mmW&-
Crease Resistant
A limited quantity of f.mooa, colorful Bea BrummeJ
port shirt. n'ah and iron so eawly. Always look
ad bwaaas tkey'r rinile rraUunu Many f in.