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Monday, November 3r 1952
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NQxf H usliQF Foe
Is Powerful Tf
Sports Editor
The Nebraska Cornhaskers,
who suffered their Erst Big Seven
defeat at the hands of Missouri
Saturday afternoon at Memorial
Stadium, wiQ agaim be up against
a rugged opponent this Saturday
at Lawrence, Kansas.
The J ar hawks of Kansas
have lost only to Oklahoma
far this season, winning five ef
their first six starts. They boast
a' 5.trnp defease and offense,
and pUy a ragged same a i
their heme field. They teat the
Buffaloes of Colorade Oiiver
aity at home.
Several .hundred .University,
students 'Will migrate ta the
Lawrence game Saturday. Ath
letic Department Business Mana-
ger A. J. Lewandowski announced
Saturday morning that only a
Jew tickets remained of the sev
eral sections which were sent to
Nebraska for sale.
Those mho choose to toDow
the Cornhnskers to Kansas will
be treated to watching three
Intramural Sports Colamnist
Low scores, high scores and
forfeits dotted highlietoed the in
tramural football playoffs Friday
evening as tbe uo-holds-barred
action got under way.
Phi Psi's Pressed
In the top game of the day Flu
Kappa Psi scored on their first
play from scrimmage and spent
the rest cf the game fighting off
determined Pioneer House bids to
win a close 7-6 contest.
Two minutes after the start of
the game and tbe first time tbe
Phi Psi's got tbe hall. Boh Bach
maa lofted a high spiral to Jerry
Anderson who gathered it is for
a touchdown. Tbe play covered
52 yards and tbe game had all
the appearances of becoming a
Phi i
Skirts In Sports x
Holyoke, Bohrer Duo
Cops Tennis Tourney
Georgia Hulac
Quthia Holyoke, Kappa Alpha Theta and Denise Bohrer won
the tennis double tournament last Friday. They captured tbe title
from Joan Bohrer and Carol Patterson, Chi Omega.
Both teams played excellent tennis. The scores
were 6-3, 3-6, and 6-2.
There is going to be a representative meet
ing Thursday, Nov. at S p.m. in Room 101 at
Grant Memorial. Every represeriative please be
there because there will be some important
business to be discussed. Also, the Corabnsker
picture is going to he taken at this time. I would
also like to remind the sports beads to come
for this meeting, too.
The volleyball tournament is getting close to
termination. The semi-finals are going to be
played this week and nert and if all goes well the
finals will be Cues., Nov. 11. HuUc
Today's volleyball schedule:
Alpha XI Delta No. 1
Sigma Delta Tan
Kappa Kappa Gamma No. 1
Dorm No. 1
Terrace No 1
Tuesday's schedule:
Delta Delta Delta No. 2
Alpha XI Omega No. 1
Delta Gamma No. 1
Alpha XI Delta No. 2
Kappa Alpha Theta No. 1
Aloha micron Pi No. I
The winners of these games
Thurs. of this week. After the
the Nebraska Ball tournament will begin. lor the oeneiii oi me
new students and also to refreshen the memories of the old, since
we did not "have a Nebr. ball tournament last year, Nebr. ball is a
game somewhat like vollevball with a little variations in rules. The
ball is a huge canvas ball about three times as large as a volley
ball. Ann Yeaklev, Delta Gamma, is the Nebr. ball sports bead.
A week from this Wed, Nov. 12, at 7:80 p.m. will be a co-recreation
night- That is, everyone bring their men friends, in tact, any
man on campus is invited to come. The sports offered are badmin
ton, table tennis, duckpins, and volley baH
Aquaonettes 4s going to bold a swimming meet. The tenta
tive date for practice is Nov. 12 and 13 and the tneet will be Nov.
18. Speed events and form events will be etfered. For speed,
the 15 yd. free style, breast stroke, back stroke, and a 5 yd.
medley may be participated in. The events for form are: aide
stroke, back stroke, front crawl and dives. If a person is not a
freshman or a transfer, they roust bave swim permit. No con
testant may enter more than three events, excluding diving and
ne practice before the meet is required.
Just a reminder to Orchesis members, we're having our meet
ing this Thurs. at 7:15 instead of the usual Wed. -night.
KU barks who arc rated hi?
among Bit Severn effensrre per
formers. Charlie Boae, KITs candidate.
jr aU-Aroerica fullback honors,!
caijea one ci ine rop runners na
the nation, and has been a major
factor in the Jayfcawks success
so far this season.
Gil Reich, who transferred
from West Point Academy last;
year, has been showing up proTn-
inently in both the offensive and
defensive backfields for Coach J-!
V. Sike's squad.
The passing of Jerry Kobertsoa
is also a featured attraction of the
Kansas attack. Bod Eobertson
and Hoag are veteran performers
well known to the Huskers.
The Lawrence dub dealt a
crashing blow to the Has
kers last year, which the Ne
braska team will be ut to
avenge, They will have to apse
to beat KC, however.
But inanT Nebraska followers
believe the Huskers are capable.
having tied CU. which otrtplayed
the Jaybawks before losing a close
Psi's, AT
rout. I
Seconds later Bachman sighted
Dick Thompson alone in tbe end
zone and fired the Total extra-:
point into his waiting arms. That
was it for tbe winners because
they never got another chance.
Jim Tangdall. Pioneer leader,
palled the losers to within strik
ing distance in the third period
as be intercepted a Phi Psi aerial
and galloped 20 yards to pay
dirt The Phi defense was too
much, however, and the try-f or
point pass was batted daws.
That was tbe ball game.
Statistics would read a wide ad-
vantage for tbe Phi PsTs who!
gained at will outside the Pioneer
20, tout statistics will never tell
bow close tbe Pioneers came to
Never able to ret a sustained
will probably play either Wed. or
nd of the voueyoau lournamem,
BOLD THAT TTGEE . . . MissBrl halfback T,i Merrifieid (tl) h bamped -eat of besnds ea his
wa SB yard Bne by XTJ end Andy Loehr. ($9!, after retarsing Kay Novak's pant for II yards dar
ing the first qaarter of Saturday's game. Tiger b aifbatk Jim Hook 111) domes sp to help bis team
mate, and aa amideniified TC liaeaaaa is a ta tbe foregreand. (Daily Nebraskaa Photo by Del
drive atnder way. the losers re
lied spaa the breaks of the game
aad nearly got the rital one.
With bet four minutes remain-
teg to play, it appeared that the
Pioneers got their big chance.
A Phi Psi lateral went com
pletely afon! and salted Into Che
arms of a surprised Pioneer
lineman who was so overcome
taht be slipped and fell with
no-one aroaad him and amy
four yards from paydirt.
It was the Pioneers' iiaTI. bow
ever, and four downs to make
four yards. The Fxa t'sx aexense.
agam, rose to the occasion ano
after four downs the ball was
theirs on their own three. Pioneer,
never got another chance.
ATO's Romp, 32-6
Another previously tmbeaten
team bit the dust, this one em
phatically, as Beta Sigma Psi ab
sorbed a 22-6 shellacking at tbe
hands of Alpha Tau Omega.
Tbe Tans galloped oil to a
reusing start as MacBailey be
ran pitching footballs all ever
the field. His tosses accounted
for 13 points in the opening
period as he sighted A! Blessing
b the first tally and flipped to
BiTJ Weber, who in torn fired
to Blessing for the second. Dave
Jones gathered In a BaUry aerial
for the thirteenth first -quarter
It was 1S-0 at hfilftiTne as the
Bailey-Blessing combination struck
for another. Ags-m an tne xmra
stanza it was Bailey striking for
pay as Gene Cotter grabbed his
toss and with Blessing adding tbe
point it was 26-0.
A Dale Bnnsea pans netted
the Beta Sigs their nly marker
in the third jnarter and that
was all they had to offer as
Bailey wound sip again in the
final period and fired to Jones
who lateraled to Cotter for the
Phi Gams Win, 40-19
Phi Q
ft p
rta oamma ijeixa ana tarm,nea Jor Tuesdav, Nov. 4
Hfx,r.ri- wrA f -i
their opening round contest. Nine
touchdowns were chalked up in
that game as the Phi Gams won a
40-11) affair.
It as not completely fair to
call the game a no-defense
struggle as the sterling TiM de-
fenders time and time again set
up the winners' tallies.
The winners jumped off to a 7-0
lead in the initial frame as Bon
Eaitt took a pitchout from Ladd
j Hanscom and fired a 50-yard
'strike to Don Becxer. Marty
Young tossed to Bedker for tbe
seventh point.
Two pass inlercepuont Vy gne
same Bedker set tip the second
Fiji score. Be pilfered a De
Johnson pass on the Farm House
26 and after the winners were
forced to punt be intercepted
another en the Aggie 2L f rom
here, Hanaoem lofted aa aerial
to Bedker for the touchdown
and to Haiti for the extra
marker. It was 20-0 with two minutes to
go in the half as jack Cbeaesier
ir?frrTrfrt sin Af0! -nsiKS in f-i'
Phi Gam 23 and then gathered in
a Hanscom strike to the Farm
House three. Bait! heaved to
Young for the tsilly.
The losers found their effen-
For those graduates who are
seeklnr tbe most chancering
work ia the engineering and
development of high per
formance aircraft there to'
an excellent opportunity at
McDonnell for yea.
We invite you to diacuats
your future with our repre
sentative who will conduct
campus interviews aa No-
v ember IS and November 1L
save gears at this point and rang
the bell ia two plays. Johnson
fired a SS-yard strike to Dwigtt
Jandt to pat the ball a the f yi
J one, from where Jam Weber
flipped to Say Gard for the
score. Johnson raa far tbe sev-
Se.S fa
third quarter and built their ad-
.vantage to 25-7 as they blocked a
Farmer punt and Eanscom ran 20
yards to score.
Fourth Quarter scores came fast
and furious. Baifct bit Bedker for
'.M yards ana a
tcsichdown and
Men's Dorm Leading
IM Distance Event
The first leg of the 3952 intra -
mural Cross Country Buns was
written into the books Wednesday
evening as Charles Hunley of Phi
Delta Theta ran off with andmd-
ual honors while the Men's Dorm
amassed an early lead in team
Bnnley bad to beat off a de-
I Wilnex f the Dorm to capture
the mile distance in 5t.S- Wil
cox tf"V an early lead and held
his position tratil the last 206
yards when Bnnley broke from
third to take the leader's spot.
Hnnlry stretched kus margin to
six yards in the next 100 yards
and shea barely edged bis rival
as Wilcox put ea a tremendons
burst and finished bat a scant
ne yard in arrears.
Wilcox's effort coupled with
Forrest Doling, his Dorm running
!mate. coming in sixth staked the
Men s Dorm to a 34-point total
for the first run. This total will
be added to tbe results of the
I second leg. a mile and a half dis
' lance over the same course, sched-
! Cooper f Alpha
Omega earned the third spot
in the run. lusl three vards be-
hind Wilcox while Lyle Wolfe
mi Pioneer Bouse and Gary
ronnded eut the first five fm
A total of 20 men crossed the
tape for points. The scoring war
20 points for first, 19 for second,
Pioneer Bouse, with Wolie
finishing fourth and Wes Beery
taking twelfth, was awarded 26
place ia team totals along with
a Brown Palace Independent
We AommuHo&atr Purlin km Our JW PAKTl KOOM
3610 JVi. 48 Gosed Wed. 6-2016
1 ' . .
g -mw- a
OUR FIXTURES ARE SOLD! Out Goes the Merchondise ct Public Auction
TWO SALES DAILY 2:30-5:30 & 7:30-9:30
Sport Shorts
The University cf Florida foot -
ball team osed 15 ball carriers in
their first four games and 12
different Gators scored points.
The 1S41 Dodgers won more
games than any other team in
Dodger history. That club, man
aged by Leo DuTOcher, won lDB:Oornhuk,ers rawed tbe ball
Hanscom fired to George Barlow
15 yards for anoiter. Two roca
points were recorded lor the win
ners on a safety before the losers
a Johnson to JimdlTvaini
15 yards.
SAE's Move Up
Sigma Alpha Epsllon got
an i
easv ride into the sap.rmd mmd. i r..
;as they obtained a forfeit from
; team. Fourth sthue fhatc far
I finds Ag TMCA with 25 points
j while two teams. Phi Delta
Theta and A TO Preshy, each
bave 23 cosnters.
AH men were paired before the
,race if they had mot already done
so. Each organization and inde
pendent group was allowed two
men to participate. Many cf the
houses only sent one man and
these men were paired off. re-!
suiting in the Brown Palace In
dependent, ATO Presby. Corn-S
husker Co-op Methodist and Pi
Kappa Phi Beta Theta Pa outfits.!
Any erraniration a the
campns and any independent
anea may still enter a twe-maa
team ia the next ran. Men
meed mot have rna in tbe first
distance to be eligible and er
ganizatiens need not enter tbe
same two men for the next race.
The first race results:
1. ItmUr Under fW IMha Than
. I'm Witcin M inrai
. iMta TfMnw Alvlai Tan Tim
4. l&le W iiHe 9'iiiiMiw tiovm
5. nrt "Uaioo tan I'alaai
fi. tinvgi lfilkna Men', EMme
7. Bulk Omni itani
. Jm MrlMM 1 m
1 - jm iiiw vmra
lsi; TZZ Z-iZj
12- v Ham rtowm
; tZZ t2
is. v imo -tb a.nn tm
in. sNi f.i.wfu'ia fty iwtu rtm
N. IHIkr Bnlviiti I'ra Theta f'l
2U. V "tid Nno Acacia
Team tandinrs To Date
1. WtT Itttrm
S. fitmuar aiHue
TIE Srm tm. lnL
4. 1 1tt
I. t-lii 1IU Theia . .
Tlfc Ti ... farator . ..
XIE ffrlaaker Welti.
. fhi kJtvve fti
ail. n iuw-lMta
This Sale Ends Sat., Nov. 8th
or Tbe .
Comer 15th
on .sees
Tbe Nebraska Corafeuskers out -
downed and oulgained the Mis- Rambler waa beread the ead-
souri Tigers but fell Tictira to! soae.
the running cf fcalfbsck Jim Book; After a Tiger punt, the Corn
and lost their first game is Big'fcuskers took over on their own
Seven p5ay. 1M. 1: 31- On tbe following play, Bcr-
i T5.v . ... i .v 4.vw dogna fumbled a lateral and Ed
on their past methods of prekins
up yardage. Nebraska, usually a
rumisg team, totaled 193 yards
through the air while pass-crazy
Missouri churned out 184 yards
on the ground.
The Euskers threw a total ol
25 passes and completed 19 with
three inlerceptions. Miaou pegged
but 13 tines and bad S coir.plete
for 53 yards.
Part of the disappointment
was erased by the appearanoe of
AIl-Americaa Bob Reynolds
iwnnhtr ttdrr fall sieam.
Nebraska moved into scoring
posation four tunes curing tae
ccnlest but faJed to punch across
for the tally.
i The only score came on a -4-
a yard pass play from Bordogna to
IjAndy Loehr with seven seconds
j remaining in the game.
On the following kick-off.
George Prochaska dribbled
'; on-side boot and George Gfcooe
, "Hf 00 JUssouri .
the Buskers into the spread bat
Bordegna was swamped back
a the Nebraska 43. Had Br
dogma bad good blocking, a
toachdowB woald bare beea as
sured for Keyaolds was clear,
deep in Tiger territory.
Early in the second Quarter, the
jyards to the Missouri five, onlyi
Jto bave George Cifra fumble tbe
i ball on fourth down with one yard
. to ga for a first and goal.
Oa the opening kick-eff at
the second half, 3132 Thayer
fielded the ball en the 15.
headed down the center them
cat to cis icrt aac racea to tne
Missoari tS before the last ana
broaght bim down.
! naw: fu inrmmnVt in the TSeerJ
Carl Brasee recoi'ered a fumble
on the 18. but fife Buskers could
onlv advaxkre as far as the 12.
Immediately afaefwards. Mis-
soari kicked aad Nebraska car
ried the baO to the IS. Kay
Novak flipped a strike Into the
waising arms ef Reynolds bat
Washed aad Dried
Cfenaor Taaa Kwnftms I t try Six
Automatic Madame'
Aurmitmt Senitx
ICth Sc. N Drive ia Parking
f i Is
' r- 1. I iiti I
Jw "mX ' w? "at fcJ Wi CmS
b 0 Sfreers
. ,
VCl Get smooth, slick A I V I (
VS. sh eery morn- l 2- f
:.::::;;::::. j XTSJ ee aero hate mfTBiKo kin 'I
VM prfmienl Utber ( JUST PUSH 1 '
:::::::::::::: 0 wicyrkh. ? Tutvmt ffJ
NTV' sains J beard sofaeo- lAIMkH: y : f
I Lano-LiKioa! Try til V";
mT i in. u ii ii .I.'- ' at " ' 1'Wn
in "inn. r- in ii i r.n 11 iniii-i ii. ii ' ' .
a ion
U in
! the officials ruled 'thai the
mid-air and raced 30 yards to the
score. One Husker cussed a des
pa ration Lackie.
Paul Fuchs kicked the extra
Nebraska was forced ia pat
and Missouri moved the ball
64 yards to the Hanker It wheat
the defensive tine heM. Coach
Don Faarot called on Fachs for
a field goal aad the barty tackle
came throagh with a perfect
This set tbe stage for the Ne-
, braska score
Br Ptmttua
Number Vara Crt ..... 14 JT4
Vhbm Tm Laa .......... IS JO
JC Txrtt Gum 117 1M
;Taal rtm Cr,i
TMri X Tw &t xa
iiw s T
Avnac Tan MM KM
Xmnfetf lia BJkixI ......... O
EJctrftt Oiima ml 2 3
Awmae Vnrti XI 1 Si
ynav BLflhnoj ...... .. a 2
I Toft Pun Bxara ...... IS 34
Kuwilo I.TrHtriH Sm ...... S 3
( Ysrds Kv,nH Boarat to IS
FiiOl ILan .
Vans Pcwiaetf
Main Feature Goek
S&te: "Toughest Man Ia Ari-zona,-
253. 6:11, t2L -Oklahonaa
,AI!Xa 4:41. .-0L
Varsity: Springfield Rifle,'
,i 3S6, 536. 35.
4t TOKoaaew -a
State -jrow-
TaTgaT-t Mam la
"Oldahanta Aumle"
ll s if
Li a " lnrnJ .3
........ XS 13
10 S
3 a
taot.. 73
nil ii i .) it a m
3 4
Stmmm ...... 4 1
i i
ia tr jJ I 1
- i