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    'Outward Bound1 Cast
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Voic ol a Greal Midweslorn Unireisily
Thursday, October 30, 1952
VOL. 52 No. 33
THE CONFLICT . . . Playing the part of Rev. Duke is Ken Cle
ment (left) with Jack Babcock (center) playing The Examiner
and Al Hazelwood (right) in the role of Mr. Lingiey. (Daily Ne
braska:! Photo by Del Harding.)
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AY - - : v
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Pep 0
Car Lot
On Mall
Council Votes
Shirt Emblems
A motion for tearing out the
mall across from the Coliseum on
the University campus was pre
sented to the Student Council
Wednesday as a solution for the
student parking problems.
The motion to convert the mall
into a concrete parking lot was
accompanied by estimated figures
on the cost of such a movement
LOVE ENTERS . . . Ular Sirk and Lynne Morgan will play the
parts of Henry and Ann respectively, the romantic leads of the
University production of "Outward Bound." (Daily Nebraskan
Photo by Del Harding.)
-,l, , . III! - I I
J V W 7 i
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, , 1 1 i.., ... I illnnil Mir illl.n.hi.iiiW-ltfeVJftl
NU Tieaf r e
Staff Writer
Last night's performance of
Outward Bound marked the
initial University Theatre produc
tion in its three-play series.
The play is a "serious treat
ment of after-life. However, it
is not devoid of comic ironies
which evolve, quite naturally,
from the situation presented.
Playwright Sutton Vane uses a
smoke room aboard ship as his
setting, wherein he places a
group of mixed human person
alities who come to the realiza
tion that theirs is no ordinary
Tha nlnv mnvp: alnnff smnofhlv.
each scene revealing something
aoout tne passengers, dui h is noi
until the final "examination"
scene do we know them com
The play, directed by John
TVJaVi aM tVio anHiVnnp until tVlP
final Mirtnin ramp rinwn I Khould
say until the lights went out since
there is no curtain in this arena
nrnriiirtinn. There were moments
in the direction where the move
ment could have been more fluid
since the actor's face is infinitely
more interesting to the audience
than his back.
But. on the whole, the theatre
goer, no matter where he sits
will not be disappointed. There
is a complete black-out follow
ing the examiner's exit. Might I
suggest partial dimming of the
lights so as not to break the
continuity of the last act. Black
out breaks the tension created.
Althnnpli thora -arp mnmr rnmip
w.w.w -
points in the play, I would say
mar noi an or xnem nave Deen
examined by the actors. But that
did not prevent Marion Uhe from
being successfully funny in what
might have been a completely dis
tasteful characterization. Ellie
Guilliatt is amusing and human
with slanted posture and gleam in
hfr pvpc Anrf T.nrnp TVTnrcsm in
the last scene of the clav indi
cates that she is a sensitive actress.
. r -
Playing opposite her is Illars jr iik Ann!.Mi!AH
Sirk. Emotion Is behind his words, TOY UlM AppiiCGTIOnS
To B h
Your Student Council . . .
T 1.1.. -i.I UrailniiDiliir nftdftinnn
1) solicited volunteers from its membership to help conduct
an election.
2) moved, seconded and passed a motion pertaining to special
identifying emblems, blouses and shirts for its members.
3) heard a motion concerning the parking situation and
moved, seconded and passed that the motion be referred to a com
mittee for study.
4) appointed the committee.
5) moved, seconded and passed that the meeting adjourn.
osen irriaay
Vote To Follow
Mizzou Rally
Directory Distribution
Set For Mid-November
Late Rush Week And Telephone Changes
Cited As Reasons For Postponement
rru C4i,i-,f tVy-qMi-v -m Via rlpnt. Dirprtnrv addresses are ob
J. UC JLUUUll. J-illVVUi J " x -
out in approximately two weeks, Gained, it necessitated re-locating
Nita Helmstadter, uireciory eai-iine jjieuges iu nuu uui mcu i-
maneiii, auui esses.
The Lincoln Telephone and
a,. cniH WAinpsflav.
xilc ouuixldi-Ktai x ijiitmer
and the number of cars that would, hasn't set a definite date, but the
be accommodated in the space. Idelay is due to the late fraternity
There would be room for ap
Telegraph Co. is altering four ex
changes, therefore transforming
proximately 500 cars, and the ex
pense $50,000 or more.
Arenmpnts in favor of the mo
tion were that the mall was sparse
UCictJ' IS UUC IVJ U- lun, uaiv.i'u.j o 1 ' ' ( jL
i 1- j v. rqntra iha mimhprc nf Kpvprfll nt tne or'
in phone numbers by the Lincoln ganized houses on campus. These
Telephone ana leiegrapn -o. new numucia, wnn
As fraternity rush weeK wasni out uec. i, jidve ran put i..
i-.ij lio fVio npvv Stndpnt Directorv. MlSS
lieiU UIlLiX 1 tglOLl OUUll, - '
i -t 3 - .u Uolmct'ifor caiil on PYnlanatinn
tion were mat me mau was sparse iresnman men siuueius gave men nmuwuiu .... ---r-
in beauty and was actually of .temporary hotel addresses on the concerning new phone numbers
iv,- iT;,T.ei',r it Uooictr-citfrin -fnrmc Ac thrisp arp will be on a mimeographed sheet
mwe use iu uic whih-hj. . - -
would allow more parking for the sources from which their Stu- in each Directory.
. . , ,i i I TVia trannff nf fratPmitV
pledges and research in telephone
numbers has taken time. There
fore, the Student Directory copy
was sent to the printers later man
1 . . . . CM miVill COO
lOUL-Ul-tUWIl 1X1 muiuaii tsu-
son and relieve the campus park-lyCr TO DlSCUSS
ing problem.
One factor brought up against "Uficf c Sin nit xerrCG
the motion was that this wouldl - a" . "
eliminate the practice lieia ior
the University ROTC. "y continue in the Union booth and
eatternedefeRokv SnF: ThV topic organized houses unUl the deliv-
ESTnd Bib ?elte C Means
v. ...i .,j v-f Me. u. t.i r'L!
A clnrlont rlUpnmn will hp. Was expectea, sne S31Q.
- student Directory sales win
Yflnn. Eldon Park and Bob Peter
sen for further study before any
action is taken.
The Council voted on uniform
blouses and shirts for the Coun
cil members. Emblems consisting
of the University seal with large
black letters. SC. will be worn on
the pockets. These will be worn!
on Council meeting days
Friday Deadline Set
Delta Chi Initiates
iUdl iUCCl t wailCl iJtl s ' '
The meetings are held weekly
in Room . 315, Student Union,
7:30 p.m.
Rev. Ord Morrow will begin a
series of three messages for thejKuska, and Lyle Denniston. A
month of November starting Nov.lshort business meeting followed
6. J the service.
although in his first scene he is
barely audible.
AI Hazlewood achieves a great
deal of sympathy especially in
his last scene when he asks for
a "second chance." Dick Mam
delivers his lines smoothly, but
physically it would nelp nun to
be more relaxed. In a difficult
role IVes Jcnsby brings to the
stage a creditable characterization
Olson. Jan Schmittman, Paul
...... IT XT1 'T.n XTr,l Tf-Jf.To 1
Jost his job alter all. Ana jacKiV-ie'1"s uiu,
Babcock handles the final scene cijPhil Mesner, Paul Rohan, Darrell
the play with a firm but gentle iDegrew, Uve Kapsi, Wilson
hand when need be. j Strand, Pat Lindgren, and Doris
More lighting for the showiCarison' I
would help some of the noticeably! Although four students from
dark areas of the stage. This es-jDoane and two from Wesleyan
r.;nib ... rr tV,o- 4V,a oMn arp alcn pointr fin the bus. there
move away from the center and!is still room for four or five more
rto not en riown. siuopms to po on ine iriij.
All annliratians for the YW
YMCA sponsored seminar in New
York City Nov. 34 to 16 must De
submitted by Fraiay noon.
Sin r TuesdaT. two more stu
dents have applied for the trip,
making a tentative total of 17 students.
Students who will probably
make the trin are Don Pieoer. Jan
jSteffen, Jean Steffen, Pat Keis-
ters. Alma Ackerman, Barbara
Siema Delta Chi. professional
journalism fraternity, held its an
nual initiation m Burnett nan ax
7:30 p.m. Wednesday. The new
members are: Chuck Beam, Cal
Five finalists for 1952 Pep
Queen will be presented on the
Union steps during a Missouri
rally Friday night.
Names of the five Pep Queen
candidates, selected by Tassels
from their sophomore and junior
members on the basis of pep, per
sonality and contribution to Tas
qpls. ars beinff kept secret until
the announcement Friday.
The 1952 Pep Queen will be
chosen in an all-campus elec
tion in the Union following the
Missouri rally. Students may
vote from after the rally until
10 p.m. Voters must present
identification cards as proof of
Th new PeD Queen will be an
nounced at the Homecoming Dance
Nov. 15.
Tickets for the dance may be
v,f!jineH fmm anv Com Cob or
Tassel and at booths in City and
Ag Unions for ?3.
Ralnh Marterie. whose band is
noted for swing music, according
to Lincoln disk jockeys, win iur
nish Homecoming Danote music.
Barbara Hershberger, 1951
Pep Queen, will reign as Home
coming royalty during the Minn
esota game. Miss Hershberger
was selected Pep Queen in an
all-University election last year.
Two Homecoming rallies, Nov.
12 and 14, are on the agenda be
fore the Minnesota-Nebraska
game Nov. 15.
. Four Elections
Friday will be the big politi
cal day at the University. Four
campus elections have been
Included are YMCA-YWCA
mock election, 1952 Pep Queen,
Ugliest Man on Campus and
Honorary Commandant.
UMOC Candidates
r. M. Headlines
.1 . . ismfmrnnrr
1 " 1 III1
THE PLOT FOEMS . . . Two regulars In University theatre, Wes
Jentiby and Marion Vht play leading roles as Tom Prior and Mrs.
Cliveden Banks in "Outward Bound." (Daily Nebraskan Photo
by Del Harding.)
thf rTr.IIFST' . . Preparing to make their most gruesome grimaces at tne cimpr4.iun !
ZtZZ ?SSd winThe Ugfiel" Man On Campus title are 11 of the 14 Front row
left to right are Norm Ganger. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Mike Lawlor. S.gma Chi; Don Kogef. Tan
Kappa Epsilon; Jim Munger. Phi Delta Theta and Sheldon Green Zeta Beta Tau
to right. Jack Aschwege, Farm House; Ed Husmann, Pi Kappa Phi; Jim Tangdall, Pion eer H ouse,
Sterling Olson, Alpha Gamma Eho; Charles Wright, Beta Theta P. Cbmr f. AlP ha Taa
Omega. Max Kennedy. Delta Tau Delta; Charles Wroblefeki, Theta XI and Jim bthn.eder, bigma
Alpha Epsilon are not pictured.
Red Cross Unit To Elect
Blood Donor Of Month
Elood donors are needed lor the
next bloodmobile stop at the Corn
hu:;ker Hotel on Nov. 17.
The bloodmobile will process
donors who can meet these re
quirements: be between the ages
of 21 to CO or 18 to 21 and have
parents' consent; weight at least
110 pounds; and have not made
a contribution within the lasl
three months.
The Eed Cross blood donor
committee at the University has
taken the name of Beta Delta,
and will function under this
title during the Bloodmobile
stop, and for the remainder of
Four Elections Scheduled For Friday
i i -i
4- vc
the year.
Beta Delta will choose the most
worthy blood donor of each cam
paign he "Beta Delta of the
month." The award will 0 toj
the donor who gives blood him-j
self, and who recruits the most
blood donors for the month's
Anyone who wishes to take
part in the contest must keep
a record of the names, telephone
numbers, and addresses of the
people they recruit. The list
muKt be left on the bulletin
board in the Eed Cross Office
in the Union before Nov. 10.
The University quota has been
set at 70 pints for the next cam
paign, and reaching the quota will
require the active aid of all those
who are willing to do their part
in this 'all-important program.
Donation cards are available at
IFC Picks Deputies,
Admits Fraternity
- I uonauon euros are bviujcidjc ji
The Interfraternity Council-the KOTC building, City or Ag
voted TueBday to admit Alpha j unjonK( Lncj murt be filled out
Phi Alpha, a Negro fraternity, into und mailed Nov. 10.
Council membership and also se-i
lected its representatives to the .
TMatinnui ifc conference. Union Dancing Lessons
Two delegates and two alter- Postponed Until NOV. 1 1 ' only 'dri
nates have been named to attend i i . ( .
lutu-b " vfiihrr is There will be no Uiuon dunce, cars lb
the conference. If the vratntr lbi ...,;., i;Jiklahomi
Bush Asks Removal 'Scientist Barriers'
entist could come to this country for short visits. Bush, president of
the Carnegie Institution, said "an established professor of an out
standing institution should be cleared auiomaiicauy even ra is. &
Communist. He told the Presidential Commission on Immigration
policy that Congress should welcome scientists irom omer lanas wiwe i rs " iir-r I n.
desiring to keep out "the wrong people - Fourteen UMOC l5lX HC rinO llSTS
"With the present allegaUons by Russia before us," he said, "1 lUUHCCii ' ,v
leel Inat we aJl unaemana xne campit-te utrrcawij u
advance on all phases of biological science."
T3....U ,.i, 4 r.mici-inn rilHincr Vi5irinPK nn the M.cCar-
XUMI fclJUlVC lJ tiiC jiiuiLAae.vt wwu c- i f i i
ran-WaJter Immigration Act advising them to revise it to exempt :to iee whkh
;4;.-t f-.m -Micvl'j cvdpm rcriiiatinP immigrants.
ftLit-ii LaUD A-i Vili Wit "O
Prison Guards Released
MENDAR, ILL. Three guards held as hostages by mentally ill
convicts in a prison riot were released Wednesday when Lt. Gov.
Sherwood Dixon agreed to hear convicts' complaints. The second up-
. . . , a W, .L... rjnrf.Vii .in rum
rising in two flays nroK.e oui luesaay ui uic frjuuun
Most of the 300 inmates were returned to their cells. But 38 of them
-irmfri with kitchen cutlery seized the guards as hostages and barri
caded themselves in the mess hall.
Seven other officers were still Hostages oi in me ea&-
ii v. ,-, MnnHat. Tin fipmands have been made by
the prisoners. In an uprising five weeks ago, prisoners demanded
better food and heat and complained against harsh discipline. A
legislative investigating committee held hearings but the report has
not yet been made public.
Ike Says Enemies Misusing Document
NEW YORK Gen. Dwight Eisenhower said a "top secret docu
ment" on Korea is being used against him by his political enemies.
He only identified it as a "top secret document of the American De
fense Department." , . .
Campaigning ior uie secona any in jicw i
M ihat American foreign policy should be overhauled so that this
country is not "forever . . . caught in this Korean trap, lighting the
real enemy's second team
"We must prepare me A-oreans io oucuu - --- ; - , .
miW t!3 American forces to serve their "true purpose" of pro- nedy, Delta Tau Delta; Jim Mun-
, . r ..... m 1,)" ,.r44V, o or. ccs OIT Hhl J J P 1 I 3 1 lit Ld . JXIUIIH
f'aurer. Sirma Phi Epsilon: Shel
don Green, Zeta Beta Tau; Charles
To Begin At 8 P.M.
The Union, the AS union, ana
Nominees Compete To Come From 48
tnaay, me siuaenm win vove twuuu ".,"," w.;n T,ia where
see which of the seleded can- 'mandanl will be held Friday Irom '""" ." -vLi.
didates is "The Ugliest Man on a m. until 6 rj.m. in lhe Union
L-arnpus. :t..,w t nwi ,-,rMiH:ilf.c. FririHv from 8
The Xinaiists. nominees 01 men s stuaeni j-ijiojjd - v..;, 4u;
organized houses and cooperatives : these candidates, six finalists will ing to vote ir, i atei '6 their
that contributed 100 per cent to be chosen by the All University b Hoi irom 4
Pep Queen
Another Friday election is
that if the 1952 Pep Queen.
Story appears elsewhere on this
The ball, which offers the mu
sic of Eilly May, will present the
Honorary Commandant along with
nesday, at the YWCA office in
Ellen Smith Hall, election official
said. The only requirement for
voting is that Etude Us present
j..- t rni n iheir I.D. cards.
line jjjffcjutiji uic ivn. . .
Commandant win be chosen ny iuc w l. r
the COA from the six finalists incentive for students to main
before the balL tain an interest in candidates and
Win Cadr. chairman of ihM?Jr czwpzign issues, said Keala
Honorary Commandant commit-IO'Dell ? co-,rman o fe elec-
urges students to oe sure,"- o-
ballots are marked cor- are iw yuun w vvw
ATTF ar-
Mike Lawlor. Sigma Chi; JacK tee,
Aschwege, rarmllouse; Memnge r ai -;H; X.nd how a real
Olson, Alpha Gamma Kho; varies .recuy. ix x - u - ' f.m-tions.
Wright, Beta Theta uon itog- "c ""-"i "' -
ers, Tau Kappa iLpsuon; Jim
TangdalL Pioneer House; Ed Huss-
man, Pi Kappa Phi; Max Ken
viding "the great mobile reserve of the free world" with air and sea
support wherever ana wnenever neeaea.
No Rain In Sight
MIDWEST The two-month dry spell is hurting crops and in
creasing fire hazards in Nebraska. Weather forecasters however pre
dict that no ram is in sigru xo ena xne uruutm. ..coa
'dribbles of rain since &epi. i. ine woim. m Laj
i . i n!1L-tnrS Dnrt lii'fH nek in Texas. Kansas.
he conference. If U.e weather JL .vni.SSahoma. Colorado and braska. Even ifrnoisture came, it would
such triat tne represemauviro v.i- . ik- -trio late to save roucn oi ine winter wneai auu f00'
not drive, the delegates only will to Debres Carag co-chairman Xe hazards have caused the elosing of two state parks
vAl Wilber, Ceresco Students
Qualify For Advanced English
1h r,Dfi:il Dancp Committee. Li'K
sons will resume Mov. 11 and con-
Tiie delegates are Ted Jan?.t'.B':ti throueh Nov. 18.
"ia Ivm? rifi F priU m hi e A dancing in the Round-Up Is
nal . ' a e Lur ry Am-Sor, Phi'alHo being postponed because of
Ki 'pa Isi and Bob HancbrooMhe Halloween dance Saturday
Delta Tuu Delta. evening in the Union Ballroom.
aid one division of the Nebraska national forest, in otner states
A my xroops and national guardsmen were called out to help fight
'y J a. .a or..j in lou-ni: and farm homes. In
fires sureaainE iruni - - - - - -
Wrst Virginia 450 fires have burned 100,000 acres. In Kentucky 77,
DOO acrfs have been damaged by 200 fires. Nearly 50,000 acres were
hurried in 1 ,500 fires in Mississippi.
- . r . - 1 . At - I ' l a
don tireen, -eta Jieta j au; unaries University Iresnman irom wu- seewon, cnsiuu
Wrabletki, Theta Chi; Jim Snyder, KT jmd Ceresco high schools have Tb. students from Wilber high
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; and Dick 'beaten the "law of averares. One- 6chooi are: , Betty Searcy, Eonnie
Wiristopn. Aipna lau w nunarea F" AIt... Robert Porkop and TJor-
a. vh Irvine man Cizek. Tlie former Wilber
to hook something for the last six ! .n of freshman English. ftudenU agreed that tor ur
h,.r ..aK .rinino pinnmiiv at his i .h, .hiithM was due to theu" high school Eng
lish teacher, who "taught us
grammar and more grammar."
Betty and Bonnie Lou Nelson
from Ceresco, composing the Ce
resco high school praduates, slso
qualified for English 3 setting a
100 per cent record for their high
hours, was sitting doomilv at his
task, when a mother and her
small son cyme along.
"Ot-T cried the youngster, do
let me see you catch a fish."
Addressing the angler, the
mother said severely, "Now, don't
jyou catch a fish Ior him until ne
Jsays 'Please!'"
Thf nKua.1 n&ttern established
by the University's experience
tables hows that only one out of
four freshmen qualify for tbie
advanced section, English 3. Tw
out of the four usually meet the
average standards for English B,
while one-fourth are usually as
signed to the "below averaie"