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Wednesday, October 29, 1952
A Sfudenf LooJcs Toward Poffics-V
Measure Yourself Politically
Managing Editor
'Have you ever wished you could pick up a
ruler and measure accurately all the candidates
and issues in an election year?
"And find your own exact political position
just as easily?"
James S. Pope, Jr., of the Louisville Courier
Journal and Times staff, asked these questions
in a recent issue of the Courier-Journal and,
what's important, he has devised "a yardstick
with which (the voter can) measure himself in
relation to those he is asked to choose between"
"a yardstick which will indicate seven shades
of opinion on eight issues."
Pope warns his readers, however, to remember
four facts in the use of the yardstick:
"1. This yardstick is based on simplkation
even over-simplification. This can be dangerous,
but not if we bear in mind that it is over-simplification.
"2. The American political parties are dyna
mic forces which fluctuate constantly in the give-and-take
of public opinion. A measurement made
today may be out of date a year from now.
"3. Many of the terms used will mean differ
ent things to different people; but to attempt to
define these terms here would be to destroy our
tool of simplification. Use your own definitions
and apply them consistently to get the proper com
parison. "4. The numbers have no meaning whatsoever
except to show a relationship. We could just as
well have started the numbers in reverse order."
To use the yardstick, take each of the eight
issues and' circle the number which comes clos
est to expressing your own opinion on each. If
one of the four phases seems to fit your philo
sophy, mark it and go on to the next issue. If
not, you have the opportunity to pick a middle
position between two of the expressed opinions.
Thus, you might circle 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5.
Plans Annual
Sorority Event
J Panhellenic Workshop Week, an
I annual sorority event, will begin
i Monday, Nov. 2, it was announced
j Tuesday.
The workshop will include a
number of meetings, round table
The process is repeated on each issue. Then you 'discussions, teas, and open meet
add up your score and divide by eight to get youi
average position.
Parties and candidates can also be rated by
uie yarasiicK. rrequenuy, or course, their posi
tions may be only estimates. "You may even
want to try to estimate the public average as an
aid to predicting the election results," Pope sug
gests. Results Popa obtained in applying the yard
stick to key men and groups are as follows:
1.4 Republican Old Guard
1.7 Senator Taft
1.8 Republican average
2.2 Eisenhower
2.5 Senator Russell
2.7 Estimated public mind 1952
3.1 Adlai Stevenson
3.2 Democratic average
3.3 Estimated public opinion 1932
3.5 Roosevelt New Deal
ings. Alumni speakers will be
Tanhellcnic Workshop at
tempts to further co-operation
and understanding between all
sororities, give sorority women
a chance to become better ac
quainted with each other, and
provide as much assistance as
possible to the organizations as
a whole.
Also included in the week's ac
tivities will be discussions of so
rority meeting procedure, pledge
training, scholarship problems, and
various types of social instruction.
Training in group work will also
be provided.
Pat Mcllray, president of Pan
hellenic, said that a complete
schedule of the week's activities
will be released later this week.
Yardstick of PoliticalPhilosophy
1 I' 5 I 2 1 2.5 1 3 1 3.5 1 4
A .Ll 'V? Mh U ur" mo',r T wrv T torv ot odiv
OOVHNMEST poitry. '. of nptntt of indf. tome lots f Ml. t h Gov.rnm.nt
rb,,,r vidul1- viJual, but Mt a think i bttt for
txptnu of minor
fty groups,
1 .1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4
B GOVERNMENT Unr.fluIat.J prl. C.y.rnm.n r.B. Cov.rnm.nt per- .wn.
MMt "?' iitiPoi.n In th. .nhi, of . I , ,
U5,NEJS prtttiw planning of tco- Industrie.
nomie lift.
I -5 2 2.5 3 Is 4
C AwS!" t'JU'Jrt'"" " sto-f (MM World
; , AND THE Amor, first. lory olliancM in Notions nd lib.
wo" srtf.lnf.rwt. oral femlgn aid.
I 1-5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4
D51tl?r Wlnto!n th. linn l.avt th. rood Equotity should b. qu,lity shevU k
xAuftSL "r?kmUl Pt far th.i. .eouro8.dbyth. on7or,7d fh!
AND MINORITY whith hov. d.- .roups to ettoin Gov.rnm.nt n d n,mJt
GROUPS v.lop.d in this .quality if th.y con ft IhooV Govern.,
country. om H.
' 1-5 2 25 3 3.5 4
EW?!Sn AI,"'U, P.fty A balance fov.r- A bolonc. favor, labor should shor.
..frr. "B ,H" VW but inj work. r but in manag.m.nt
TROBUCW protoctinj work.r. prertctini pr.ptr. and profits.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm r-
1 2 2.5 3 3.5 4
F: "J"- Swrvlv.l af th. Enllghhmod votvn. Gwrontwd mint- Cuoronfd mini.
J? "T r- mum lmnB stand. mum livlnj stand.
rd t. tha. who ard for all.
' 1-5 2 2.5 3 35 4
ft rTNANClNft UAtlyltU Ability t. aay with Taxation basd n Soak th. rich s
GOVERNMENT jLTfi -'. .bHity,.w. Wvo.ln, dovica.
H JURISDICTION ' 2 2.5 3 35 4
' ;NAl !L,u'W,,r A balance favor A bo W fovor. Strong c'ntrot on.
AFFAIRS fHib!t. I0 local control. Ing ctntrol control. troL
HERE'S HOW to use the "Yardstick of Politi
cal Philosophy" in finding out where you stand
cn major issues. Beside each of the' eight
Xeaertl heading! at the left are four state
ments, each worth 1 to 4 points (including
Senior Checking
The office of Registration and
Records has announced that all
students who expect to receive
associate, baccalaureate, or ad
vanced degrees or any teaching
certificate at the end of the
current semester .and who have
not yet done so, should apply for
same at the Senior Checking
Office, Room 9, Administration
Building, by Nov. 1. Office hours
are from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily
and from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Sat
urday. Students cannot receive
their degrees or certificates if
they do not register at the Sen
ior Checking Office before Nov.
UMOC . . .
(Continued From Page 1)
Max Kennedy, a junior in Teach- addressJ
ci a tuuese rweiiiieuy is a varsuy
Ifootball letterman and a member
of the University gymnastics team.
Y's Request
UN Seminar
Total Expenses Lower
As 14 Plan On Trip
A greater number of applica
tions for the YW-YMCA spon
sored seminar in New York City
Nov. 14 to 16 is needed to reduce
the cost of the bus, said Janice
Osburn and Sam Gibson, execu
tive officers of the YWCA and
YMCA respectively.
All interested students must
submit their applications by
Friday noon. Fourteen students
had applied Tuesday. Those at
tending will decide leaving
time and discuss other social
activities in . a meeting held
after the application deadline.
Living accomodations will be
reserved in the Hotel Diplomat,
with special rates of $2 a student
per day. Room and board for the
3 day period will cost $15 to $20.
Registration fee for the seminar
is $5.
The program for Nov. 14 will
include registration and orien
tation, attending sessions of the
UN General Assembly, meeting
with secretariat members and
interview with leaders of
specialized agencies.
Nov. 15, delegates will visit the
United States Mission to the UN,
interview UN delegates from
other countries, go on a sight-see- j
ing trip, participate in a panel
with students from other .
countries and attend an Inter-'
national Student Party.
Students will attend one of the
New York churches on Sunday j
morning. Before adjournment
Nov. 16 in late afternoon there;
will be a discussion of major!
issues facing the United Nations.!
Mary had a little lamb,
Some salad and desert;
Then gave the guy the
Pershing Rifles To Attend
National Assembly In Ohio
Deleeates to the National As
sembly of Pershing Rifles in Co
lumbus, O., Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, will
leave from the Lincoln airport
Wednesday morning on a Kansas
National Guard plane
The assembly is a meeting of
all redmental commanders and
Company commanders from
throughout the United States.
Deleeates from Lincoln include
the staff of the National Head
quarters in Lincoln and rcpre
sentatives of Company A-2.
Staff members attending the
assembly are Jack Graf, Conrad
Stahly, Allan Osborne, Dean Eck
berg, Don Overholt, Jack Gotte,
John Wirsig, Hex L,atta, cnanes
Decker, Dean Hobbs, Jean Hun
ter, and Harry Folmer.
Representatives from Company
A-2 are Jack Keene and William
The croup will return to Lin
coln Sunday evening.
Merit System Tests
To Be Given Nov. 22
State-wide qualification exami
nations for professional and cleri
cal positions, will be held Nov. 22,
announced the Nebraska Merit
System. .
Armlirntinns for the exam.
which ruaTfios candidates for no-
c-Uions in the iVmrtrvrmt of As
''starr" and Child MMfat, tnt
ctat Department of Health. nd
the Division of Kmpt.ivme.-t Se
curity, are due Nov. lb.
According to the examining
board, the majority of the persons
examined will be employed in
county assistance offices, the sev
eral state employemnt offices, and
the local health offices.
The dirty little flirt!
. iwr, mi uena ineia mained behind
fraternity. Munger is a senior in last weekend
ujc uuegu 01 Ans ana sciences.
tviiir It n 11 n n
ti .,-.. -r,. ., , nave a
Sc vT f vV ne AUIDieishock in store
j Bachelor finalists. as far as the
I Sigma Phi Epsilon's candidate,! weather is con
Norm Gauger, a junior in the Col-cerned. After
;lege of Business Administration. ithe warmth
jGauger's activities are Builders, ia n d sunshine.
jGeneral Entertainment Committeejit may be hard
.chairman for the Union, Univer-jto reconcile
!sity singers, AUF worker and alourselves to the
jmember of NUCWA. Jcool breezes
Sheldon Green. Iinhnmnrp in that spell No-
half -points as shown). Ta'?e the statement
fitting your-own belicfa most closely, then
total up the eight separate scores and divide
tha .total "by 8 to arrive at your average.
Check or circle scones on the chart.
Chancellor's Reception Set For Nov. 8
.the College of Ails and Sciences,
i representing Zeta Beta Tau. Green
is the ZBT social chairman.
! Theta Chi's Charles WrableskL
Wrableski is a junior in the Col
lege of Arts and Sciences.
Marlin Bree, sophomore, Theta
Xi. Bree is a columnist for The
Daily Nebraskan and a member
Dick "Creeper" Christoph, can
didate from Alpha Tau Omega,
junior in the College of Businessi
Administration. He is a varsity
baseball letterman.
Voting for Ugliest Man on
Camp will take place Friday
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the
City and Ag Unions. Students
must present ID cards to vote.
The winner of the UMOC con
test will be presented by Mayor
Victor Anderson at half-time of
the Missouri-Nebraska football
game Saturday.
wrong jj
DRUNK: One who drinks
like a fish, but would be better
off if he drank only what the
fish did.
vmumjAjiiMu duo, organiza- piaie. Taghi Kermani
st?d of0' SaSVon" i4B"ft said students pianningtojby November
soring a "Chancellor's Reception" i e"a' snomQ mail remittance to'must be in by Nov. 4.
in tne Ballroom
D.m.. usual nhirp nlans fnr npvt
2C36 N Street, game v.i be discussed.
Select Records Desired
You determine prie yourself. Deduct
26 from the established list price.
Tor rsUlor only Send 25e to cover
cost of mailing. (Hefunded with first
order. )
AddroM Dept. E.N.
it tA 1
of the Lincoln
Hotel, Nov. 8.
Lyril Bright, President, said
That the purpose of the recep
lion was to encourage a closer
relationship between the foreign
uiaents at the University and
the administrative Etaff. Bright
hnia mat "it Is a gesture of ap
preciation to the University for
its past and present kindnesses.
He said that all students and
laculty members were invited.
The reception will be preceeded
t p.m. by an informal vis
lting period with Chancellor Gus.
tavson, Dr. George Ronenlof, Dean
of Admissions and Institutional
Relations and Dr. Floyd Hoover,
Acting Director of Registration
ana iiecoras.
Dinner will be served at 7:15 p.m.
Foreign dinner Jokes and humor
TO spotlight the affair followed
by dancing and entertainment will
follow. The dress will be semi-
loimai. xne price is $2.25 per
Call 2-7631
fled Service
Lutherans Plan Coffee
Hour Thursday Afternoon
The first Guest Day Coffee
Hour will be Nov. 6 at 3:30 p.m.
at the Lutheran Student House.
The Guest Day Coffee Hour,
scheduled for Thursday afternoon
at the Lutheran Student House,
535 No. 16th, has been cancelled.
Governor Peterson, who was to
"be the speaker, has been called
to a different appointment and
will not be able to be preiient
Workman Awards Bronze
Star To Harold Hart rick
Col. James H. Workman, pro
fessor of Military Science and
Tactics, awarded Harold F. Hart
rick the Bronze Star Medal for
meritorious service in Korea dur
ing the period from Nov. 15, 1950,
to March 14. 1852. I
.,""" i LOOT Brown billfold
Lincoln since ihu. fie nervea in Kiurn pup ir kkwakd. ciiter
the Navy during 1945 and Ifl4. V"1"- 3'I445- 6lu lnl'-
in China. He received his Buche- I flCT Akin CAIIklft
you Tnnl) picked np thi wronir
leather Jnckot, conUct Ken MllriKr.
(Dailif VkbhjDuJiarL
Classified Ads
To place a classified ad
Stop in the Buiinea OffU Room 20
Student Union
Est. 4226 for
Hours 14:30 Afon. thru frl
No. words 1 day 2 dayj3jfayiil4 dayi 1 week
y 0JJ40JJI5$.e5 .OOTjUO
I -80 I &0 I 1J5 1.25 lAsT
l-20 ) AO Sb lia j jj6j L7fT
21-2 I -vo I i.ioj i'A&i:'iiria'
I6-30 ' AO 1.25 I I.fl5i 2J00T2M
near Dirty ttar
lor nt Srlenr dffrc In plpctrirnl
in January i 1950.
MENT lt.rrlKrtor. HturtmU, employxj
ptrtun. Utllltlr. 17.60 wk. 24K V. 6-4427
DAILY NKIiRAHKAN Witnt A(i Kt qul.'k
rwulll. JJoii't li lft mt; ri.ll llir
jtifflltmffii (nio tomorrow for any turn
jou wnt uia, npalrl, or tradtU.
( 6
Warm and comfortable and 60 very fashion-right with your
loafers and flats! All white wool with nylon 1 75
reinforcement. Sizes 1M1. Come aTunning for a pair....
JfoKinry Counter Virtl floor
brown calf
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brown or tan calf
t St brown, tan or
J red calf
Black, rust, blue
or gray 6uedc or
brown calf . .
These wonderful loafers so beautifull;
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