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    WpHnpsdav. October 29, 1952
Poga 2
Freedom Vs. Fear
man In the political limelight would want to
work with a Republican Congress should he
be elected to the presidency. And would, there
fore, publicly say that he hoped for the elec
tion of all Republican aspirants to the Senate.
McCarthyism will undoubtedly appear as a
word in future editions of the dictionary after
a radio and TV speech Monday night by Sen. Jo
seph McCarthy, Republican candidate for re-election
to the Senate from Wisconsin.
McCarthyism has come to represent the tactics
used by the illustratious Senator in his attempts to
rid the top-level of our government of Commu
nists or those whose activities might be associated every human feeling of fear, insecurity and hat
with Communism. Monday night Joe stepped be- red existent in citizens of this country. The dam
fore the nation and 1,150 persons at a $50-a-plate age that McCarthy might have done to Stevenson's
dinner In Chicago to allege and to insinuate that chances for the presidency is being soft-pedaled
Gov. Adlai Stevenson has too close connections with by the Democrats. Perhaps whatever McCarthy
Eisenhower did not condone McCarthy. The Me
braskan condemns this man who has exploited
Communists and ADAs for presidential comfort.
McCarthy stood before the TV cameras and
waved what he called authentic documents to
prove Adlai's affiliation with professed Commu
nists, left-wing writers and high officials of the
Americans for Democratic Action, a left-wing or
liberal group its title depends upon your politi
cal affinity which brings fear into the hearts of
many Americans.
Joe McCarthy'g place In the, national state
of mind now remains after his final blast at
the Democratic nominee for president as al
ways one of smear, insinuation, half-truths,
comments taken out context, emotionally-filled
words and demogaugic phrases. Perhaps Sena
tor Joe can prove everything at which he hinted
Monday night Terhaps the Democrats have no
answer to the latest chargest from America's
Senatorial smear.
has to say from now on will have no effect on
whether one agrees with or disagrees with him.
That is, people have chosen their sides of the
McCarthy fence alerady despite what he might!
have had to say Monday night.
The Nebraskan fervently hopes for the elec
tion of Dwight Eisenhower to the highest office
of our land. However, we cannot with an re
servations at all go along with Senator McCar
thy and his tactics. Fear has no place in the
campaign promises and the final reality of free
dom. R.R.
Colorado Bleachers
Thanks ...
Dear Editor,
Thank you for proclaiming the
unofficial migration to Colorado
a "terrific success' in your edi
tonal "Hindsight appearing in
the Oct. 27 Daily Nebraskan. This
was indeed gratifying because the
ultimate decision to have no of
ficial migration this year came as
a result of tireless investigation
and lengthy discussions with fac
ulty, administration, students, and
even with your editor. Since it is
ihe sole ambition of the Student
Council to carry out the needs and
desires of the students to the best
advantage for all, the migration
proved a constant source of worry
and concern.
I believe you were and are
aware of the many complicat
ing factors and circumstances
that concerned migration this
year, but still you stated with
"hindsight" that the Council
reached the wrong decision. You
stated that "a sanctioned migra
tion would have brought along
a lot of others who could not
mmake the trip by car." Would
there have been 200 such peo
ple to meet the minimum train
passenger requirements in view
of the fact that an enterprising
student could not even get
enough interested people to half
fill one bus for the trip?
Just Around
Lots Of Weiv Parly Ideas
Due To Come from CU
Jan Steffen
This column could be completely filled with a Ken Kennison.
Mary Ann Runs and Carl Mannel; Jo Wal
lace and Fran Richardson; Shirley Coy and
list of couples seen in Colorado over the week
end. But to name a few who were at Tulagi's,
fraternity parties at Boulder or various events at
Denver, the following list is submitted:
Larry Westphal an Jim Ferris; Bev Black
well and Irv Thode; Nancy Ilamphill and Bob
Bachman; Nancy Randall and Bill Cannon;
Claudctte Helm and Merlin Grueber; Helen
Schabcrg and Skip Chase; Jcanie Gomel and
Bernie Nevln; Judy Flansberg and Keith Glor
ficld; Phyl Colbert and Jody Smith; Gaily Kat
ske and Bernie Wishnow.
Jan Harrison and Stu Reynolds; Sally Jo Spei
cher and Bob Howey; Mimi Hamer and Jerry Roe;
Sue Brownlee and Ted James; Jacy Mathiesen and
Ben Zenninger; Jean Perrin and Keith Mumby;
Wayne Hunt; Bobble Blackburn and Mike
Hickey; Mary Ball Clearman and Bill Johnson;
Betty Tepler and Wally Wigg; Kay Yelter and
Dick Curtis; Mary Fuelberth and Dave Johnson;
Carol Gillette and Gene Wells.
Barb Nelson and Bob Gilmore; Dixie Borgaard
and Joe Jerman; Donna Borgaard and Tom Tobin;
Rita Angell and Bob Locke; Carol Haerer and Jack
Fitzgerald; Mitzi Marqueson and Don Westpfti!.
Many University students seemed Impressed
with the contrast between social life at the Colo
rado University campus and that at Nebraska.
Quite a difference. f
In the first place, there is no such thing as an
Priscilla Jones and Jack Ladds; Natalie Nelson and hour dance at Colorado. Fraternity-sorority events
Bud Wiederspan; Barb Adams and Paul Kruse.
Joan Krueger and Dick
Wadlow; Kitty Clothier and
Pete Bcrgston; Bobbie Nielson
The weather was unsurpassed and the sun
shown down through the mountains onto the Boul
der stadium packed with a record-breaking crowd
of 30,600 gridiron fans. The hospitality extended
by CU to unofficial migrators was that which Corn- j was $32.50
Vnn nlcn Ontorl lhat the .Tav.
cees sent a train but University and Eil1 Adams; Barb Wylie and
students did not show much in-Paul Grimm; Mickey Wyalt and
clination to mingle with that older ron Larson; Dot Perry and Dick
clination be traced to the fact :Clausson; Mar Schurman and
that the fare including game ticket D'ck Bedker; Mary Middle-ton
It might also be and Tom Tollin; Dotty Orchard
But Senator McCarthy actually said nothing. nusKers snoum wy w equa! wnen migrators visum " !-vV.f :'n w . ii Vana Lal Kuska! Ac1rtle ueoas
Each of his remarks can be dissected and it can our campus.
be found that his speech on Stevenson purported
to be a last-ditch stand on the McCarthy Republi
sanctioned migration train would :ana uary nuQ. -aty eliy ana
Jt have been $32.50. Jack Soder; Bobbie Banks and
But while the battle between the Buffaloes and1 With these facts in mind, could;
are called merely "functions,' but they Include
everything from get togethers at Tulagi's and pic
nics in the mountains to roller skating parties.
In addition, very few CU students go "cok
ing" and "coffeelng" between classes. They
gather at Tulagi's or the Sink, where beer, milk
and several kinds of pop are sold. Both places
are open all day.
We predict that some good parties will result
from the ideas which NU students gathered at
One pinning from last week: Wendell Lauber,
Sig Ep, and Norma Kiifken, Pi Phi.
.... .... r'.nv...r.i..n v,u:. .i, vik,, an oniciai migrauon nave aiminru
cans in this 1952 campaign loiiowea exactly nis w-mwa aa-j g,.eatpr SUfcess? Would an
same pattern of insinuation, blasting reputations kans were, for a short time, more interested in official migration have created
without adeauate facts, incriminating innocent uieir oieacner seais man me game, n seemea as any raore emnusiasm, wnicn you
TwnnlP hrineinP n his false charges if Colorado officials had added nine sets of tem-
about certain people until the American public
half-way begins to accept his lies.
The Daily Nebraskan is supporting the elec
tion of Dwight Eisenhower to the presidency of
the United States and shall make Its specific
stand on this Issue Quite clear in publications
this week but cannot go along with the meth
ods of the man of Wisconsin.
Fear is the main weapon of Senator McCarthy's
war of nerves. Of course, conscientious Americans
are vitally concerned with ridding their govern-
porary bleachers to facilitate some 450 extra Ne
braskans. Seats at the far end of the goal post
sold for S3. 50 and were jammed with the specta
tors. Adding the additional bleachers was a friend
ly gesture toward the Cornhuskers who were
demanding the extra seats. The high price of
the tickets was Lot questioned for very few
would have forgone the ticket price regardless
of the expense.
describe as "unlike anything this
writer has seen in his three years
As a further explanation to
the students, be order of the
Board of Regents, a common
carrier such as a bus, train, or
plane must - transport the mi
grators before the University
assumes any responsibility in
the matter and before the mi-
However, one section of three rows completely
ones who travel by that com
mon carrier. In the case of the
Colorado migration, the over
1.000 students who made the
excursion by private cars would
still have been unofficial even if
we had had an official migra
tion. This, I believe, points out
a few of the technicalities of an
officially sanctioned migration.
There was nothing in the Stu
dent Council action prohibiting
any future migrations as might
be implied when you pointed to
the "advisability of keeping the
gration can even be considered i tradition." Migration has in the
as official. In addition, there 'past been a tradition we justly
must be the proper number of look to with pride, and I am cer
chaperons. In other words, the tain that it will continue to be so.
only official migrators are the To the over 1,000 students who
ment and their everyday lives of members of collapsed. Fortunately the only injuries were
the Communist party. But conscientious citizens few bruises and scratches. While The Daily Ne-
are not interested in using fear, slander, misrepre- braskan realizes this incident was not intentional,
sentation, malicious suggestion and insinuation in some of those who were caused an inconvenience
hunting out those who plan the domination of the when the bleachers broke might not agree.
a Once Over Lightly
world through Communism.
The Nebraskan is of the firm belief that
Eisenhower's policy of not condemning McCarthy
and his tactics does not carry with it automatic
condoning of the famous Senator. Aside from
the partisan feeling of either the Democrat or
Republican parties, it can be. understood why a
The Daily Nebraskan suggests that if Colorado
must again put in temporary bleacher seats for
their large crowds, they do so at a slightly lower
price and an insurance of safety to prevent any
future bad relations between the University and
the Rocky Mountain school where we were in
deed happy to be week-end guests. S.G.
Mootcher -Commonest
Thing Found On Campus
Marlin Bree
A Matter Of Life Or Death
University men who haven't taken the college men who went to school on their own saved the
deferment draft test have until Nov. 1 to register government a lot of GI Bill expense.
But it definitely defeats our argument if stu
dents who are not here to study are allowed
to stay out of military service. That is the pur
pose of the deferment tests. Actually, they are
just general intelligence tests designed to find
which of the students have the mental capacity
to help their country with an education. These
tests are not the only chance a student has for
deferment, a grade average high enough to im
press the draft board is also considered.
However, it must never be understood that the
test or a high average automatically insure that a
man will not have to go straight to the armed
with their local boards. This deferment test may
well be a matter of life or death.
The Nebraskan has published several editori
als explaining the need for educauon in critical
times such as we are now expenenjing. We ar
gued that the need for trainer! minds is vital to
our country's defense. e stated that college
men did not get excused military service,
they were merely allowed " j finish school before
Starting their careers. Anl we poirted ort that
Ridiculous Reasoning
The University publicity hounds are constantly
Christmas Cards
See Our Samples
Large Selection
Goldenrod Stationery Store
215 North 14th Street
making arrangements with Lincoln, Omaha and forces- These afe merely devices by which the
out-state newspapers in order to receive story
board chooses which of its eligible men it will
space to further the cause of interesting students Eend 10 meet toe .uota- N matter how high a
in attending the University.
Certain Corn Cobs ran into quite a unique,
and may we add, ridiculous, snag in their at
tempt to have the World-Herald run a feature
series in their magaiine section about the VU
Pep Queen.
man s average or test grade might be, if his local
board needs more men, they have the power to
draft him.
What is the commonest tiling. shape of a pack of cigarettes
found on campus? land placing it where you normally
I Is it the over-worked student? carry your cigarettes. Then, when
Is it the busy teacher? Is it the the mootcher eyes this protuber-
beauty queens? Nope! It is the ance, remove the block of wood
cigarette mootcher. and laugh.
Alternately hated and feared
! by those w ho carry cigarettes,
the cigarette mootcher carries
out his activities of acquiring
cigarettes throughout the cam
pus. He has no characterizing
features by which he may be
identified, except, perhaps, his
sharp cry of "Gottaclgarette,"
which is uttered at short range
only for effectiveness.
However, some specie of the
cigarette mootcher clan use dif
ferent methods than that of the
direct approach to obtain ciga
rettes. The Psychological Method. This
specie prey
upon the mind
of cigarette
carriers. Desir
ing a cigarette,
the mootcher
will wander
into a group of
people, prefer
ably friends, to
execute this
method. Once
in a group, he
made the weekend journey, "Con-1 cess."
gratulations and thank you for
making the unofficial migration to
Colorado such a wonderful sue-
Migration Committee.
A 3UE way to popularity k to be a good
dancer. And learning to dance the Arthur
Murray way is easy as A-B-C One lesson and
youH discover the shortcut to good times and
dates galore. Lessons are surprisingly inex
pensive, too. So don't take a chance on miss
ing the dances this winter. Come in or pbon
Arthur Murray's today!
525 Sharp Bidg 2-5800
i ; i
"J -1 '
I s 42k .'3
.. . . s.
3 -
through his
pockets under the
Luckily, the manpower situation, though pro
gressively worse, has not reached the state where
educational deferment has to be sacrificed to any
The Corn Oihe -mihlirictis oHomto 4 v.-,.. Creat extent The -.riuinal ,-?,-;,.. n
r, iu uo.c u.iC - ft". yiOiJl Oil , , , ,; , ;,
names of the Pep Queen candidates released early army & Korea has subsided but veterans are be-He repeats this performance untii
so that they could arrange to have pictures and a inS called back and the men now being drafted someone, embarrassed by his per
story in the World-Herald. Thev went to TskspIs going to replace them. The need is iurt a!formance, gives him a cigarette.
the women s organization from which the candi- urgi as before.
dates are selected, with this request The Nebraskan, as well as every American,
The Tassels answer was no according tn lat- hopes that the campaign promises of hoih nriripn-
est information. Not because they are against hav- tial candidates will come true and this Korean nizJta il ""o ntamron"y
ing more publicity for their organization reach thinS not last much longer. Nevertheless, 1. They play -it cool. They
out-state people. Not because they are not inter- the u-s- wil1 need standby forces to guard against ,ask only men for cigarettes. They
ested in urging more state people lo attend the fuer aggression elsewhere. So don't expect the always get them, too
university. Not because they had any valid rea- dra" trouble to blow over after Nov. 4.
The Magnetic Method. This
specie is very successful in ob
taining cigarettes.
What? A group so highly or-
son for keeping secret the Queen candidates until
me aay oi me AU-unlversity election.
The reason advanced by Tassels was this, as
far as we can determine: By announcing the
names of the candidates earlier than on the
day of the election, they felt that the Faction,
Greek men's political party, would have the op
portunity to meet, look over the candidates and
choose one of the women to back in the election.
The Tassels evidently don't care to have their
Pep Qneea the result of political maneuvering
with which we do not quarrel.
If you are eligible to apply for the test, you
had better check into it right away. It really
might be a matter of life or death. D.P.
JhsL 0altf VkbhaAkcuv
Associated Collegiate Pre
Intercollegiate Press
Tint 4v, -ij,,,,, . . . . tm iwny nfraa n nHiti
sels" ultimatum to the publicity attempt seems, in
this writer's opinion, to be an example of "cut
ting off one's nose to spite one's face." R.R.
It is useless to lie to a pro
fessional cigarette mootcher.
With sense sharpened by long
experience, the professional can
smell a cigarette within the ra
dius of a blo:k provided, of.
course, that the wind is right.
Possibly this explains the
protruding nose.
Dealing with a cigarette
mootcher is difficult, since the
only sure way to avoid one is to
give up smoking, or at least stop
carrying cigarettes which is out
of the question.
One way to deal with one is
to otart loading cigarettes. Since
this procedure costs money, it
is not a very good method.
The best metnod is to break me
Margin Notes
Rules And Restrictions . . .
The AWS board did an admirable thing
when they took the time and effort to send let
ters explaining the rules and regulations for cam-
, pus-residence women to parents of Lincoln coeds.
' Not that Lincoln parents need any help with the
ruling ud restricting of their daughters. But it
helps for AWS to permeate the homes of those
persons under its Jurisdiction.
Daily Thought
Some people would say more if they would
talk less. Anonymous.
wmtvt. Stm ran c rWM
ctem niilm m Hum iitta
Accoftfto tm Artxi II ( ft B.lm lumrti. mmi aaMio.
tarn wm4 mimimatr,t4 tw w Baanl af rlilKlli. "II h ftj .
cifm (Mci af na Bsanl mm ,1i hllni Mte m - ' ... i-v. ti,;. ......
tall b. fn, from etfitarfcj M mii m w B-w. m SPUTll OI ine irawiuiB.
f a fanHv Urtumw. m be accomplished by obtaining a
7L tL.t!L "L J,T?rL2: I1!" , block of wood about the size and
BaoacriMMa rata an SSJW
Mr n celtaaa rat. MJtt
aartac Ik
naariiiMtsa acta. Oat tuaa ahiai aartaa awata af
AacaM ar dw UntonMr al Haanato aaar awnlrtoa af M
ammt a Htadcaf PaWkaHaa. lEatera m Saraatf Clcai Manar
Paa ffl la Lawata, Ncanaka. aaaar AO af Caacm.
Hare I. 187. aa at nwcM rau af aaataaa prailaal far la ftac-
i a iiu, la ar iitjuh ar (Mtaarr a. l17
aar Ik. Wtt.
Aaaxrlata Kdllar ' ''
Maauuu La Mrs .,
kawt kAumn
eaara) Uh
Anf kwu F.dfcar
faatara Ultar ...
A I ttMar
Dau Ptaaar
ftat Carta. Kra Rrslraai
MOr Hail. Hal Haaaiaalca.
Pkfc Pilaaa. laara Huaataraa. I'M Ball
Glaaa Nriaaa
Caartt Klawa
rat Paafc
Ckadi Raaa
Jaa UHaa
'Outward Bound'
Ticket reservations for the
University Theatre production,
"Outward Bound." are avail
able in the theatre box office
12:30 to S p.m- John Tolch,
director of the play, urges stu
dents to get their reserved tick
ets as soon as possible.
fteaarten .. Ta Waadwar. Faal Muni. Marilra Tjaaa.
Natalia Katl. Jaa Harrtoan, iat Maran, Barer Wait, ocatt
Cailaa, MarsaaU Becker Dlek ('flaf, Naacf Gardiner, Pat 3 00-3 15
Lraa. Cannie Gaa4. Jaaa Veaara, Caaek Decker, 14 OeMar, Cal , ,,.
Kaeka. Garrr Sbenaaa, Del Harainf, Darvia McAf'ea. Del .lo-S.iV
Saadrraai, Bart Brawn, Tern Becker, ilrairi Vaaa Bak Serr,1 3:30-3:45
Carjr Frandwn, Faddy Wright. '-41.4-Oft
kWarai Maaaaer AraaM tarn,"''
aar-l Bairatai Maaaam Saa Sivato. Pet Bemtea 1 4:15-4:30
baa "rrrhoH 4.311.4.35
CrrralatlaB Manacer M j ?r ilti
KKat hm Kditor Dlek BaJataa .S-. 50
Band On Parade
Curtain tJall
Fashion Fair
Linger Awhile
Spins li Needles
Relivinr The Story
This I Believe
Robin's Nest
r -
" . -
A i
i "
.S -t
t r
!? I"-"
. I.: I ,-(
on Ca
Marilyn Ogden and Carl Brasee
take time out, mid-week, for a
movie date. Mo, who is on our
college board, wears one oi the
new costume suits In a heavy
poodle fabric. Notice the curved
lines. In powder blue, it's
priced $65. Carl finds that a
Varsity Town tweed topcoat is
tops in style and comfort.
Sensibly priced, too, at fust $50.