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O Monday, October 20. 1952
PO mm
Sooners Defeat ECU
To Remain Unbeaten
Unbeaten Oklahoma rolled to a
nefty 42-20 victory over Kansas
University Saturday at Lawrence
la nana me wayhawks their first
loss in five starts this season.
' Led by a croup of talented
barks, Oklahoma pulled from
behind ia the first quarter, and
were never headed. KU led,
early in the tame after they re
covered a Sooner fumble deep
in uaianoma territory,
while holding the Tlrera scoreless.
Missouri s counter came with
seconds remaining in the contest
A&M stalled until a Tiger recov
ery save Missou time for one play.
With seconds remaining fullback
Bill Rowekamp rounded end for
a 4-yard paydirt trip.
Purdue Upset By Irish
Unbeaten Purdue fell victim to
Eddie Crowder led the Sooner ' n-up Notre Dame eleven
Saturday at Lafayette, Ind. Eleven
fumbles by Purdue kept the Boil
ermakers from setting their great
scoring machine into high gear.
Eight or the 11 bobbles were
recovered by the Irish, who get
their second win In four games,
They now have two wins, one
Ion and a tie,
CU Beats l-State
The Colorado Buffaloes, smart-!
ing from their loss to KU last
week, scored 21 points in the first
Charlie Hoag led KU, ground eTand thST Z' ?
53 91-19
nirenve, although he did not
fijrure m the scoring. Halfbacks
Billy Vessels and Merrill Green
each scored two TD's, and Buddy
ijeake, the nation s leaning scorer
last week, scored one touchdown
and two conversions before leav
ing the game with a chipped ankle.
It was Oklahoma's thirty-first :
airtight Conference rame with
out a defeat. Kansas was the j
likely team to upset their hopes
for another Big Seven crown ;
tins year.
tamers , with 70 yards on
rushes. He scored one of the three
'Hawk touchdowns.
Missouri Loses, 14-7
Zack Jordan. Don Branbv and
Woody Shelton led the Buff at
tack,Colorado had 1 1 first downs
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: , " ,',r ,
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" s-
Lion Possi'n
The Mimiri tsopi-c i,v li.i Iowa State's 10, 147 yards rush
How Saturday from Oklahoma 2 "5 for Iowa State, and 84
A&M in Stillwater, Okla before !ysrds PassmS to the Cyclones' S3.
homecoming crowd of 22,000.
The Aeries rolled for two
loach down during the first half
Know Your
Sports Staff Writer
The other half of the terrific
battle for starting fullback hon
ors Is George Cifra. George has
been giving last year's starter
Ray Novak real competition for
this post, and so far has re
ceived the nod.
Georre is fast for his C 26
pound size and is deadly ia the
' Jr " ' ' '
Ohio State Swamps VVS
Ohio Stale dealt a hear 35-7
Wow to hapless Washington State
at toiuroous before 71.280 fans
The Bucks unleashed a furi
ns aerial attack to tarn the
feat Quarterback John Borton
threw all five O-State paydirt
Michigan Crushes NWU
Michigan scored the first 41
points cf a lop-sided game at the
home of Northwestern University
to win, 48-14.
Junior halfback Ted Kress
scored three touchdowns for the
rampaging Michigan team.
LEADS Hl SKEIt ATTACK . . . John Bordogna, Nebraska's triple
threat quarterback, was a workhorse both on offense and defense
against Penn State Saturday at Stat College, Pa. Berdogna, who
was ranked ninth among the nation's rushers last week in total
yardage on the ground, is the top passer and runner for the Corn-huskers.
Intramural Schedule
Oct. 2-Cross-Country Run (one mile)
Nov. 3 Wrestling entries due
Nov. 4-Cross-Country Run (mile and a half)
Nov. 8-BasketbaII entries due
Dec 1- 6 Swimming Meet
Dec 8-13 Indoor Track Meet
December Handball Tourney
The NitUny Lions of Penn Stat
scored 10 points in the second half
to beat Nebraska. 10-0. in a battle
oi ine aeienses.
A pass play from quarterback
Tony Rados to C-S end Jesse
Arnelle In the third quarter
drew first blood for the lions,
capping a 50-yard drive to pay
dirt. Bill Leonard, who later In
the period kicked a 17-yard
field goal, booted the point
The Huskers. led bv their de.
fensive platoon, held the Lions
to only 37 yards on the ground
and 62 yards on passes durins the
scoreiess iirst nan ot play.
Nebraska chalked up 10 first
aowns to five for the State Col
lege, Pa., club, and ran up a total
ot 143 yards in rushing compared
to the Lions' 37 during the first
two periods of play.
The Huskers went Into the
rame as 13-point underdogs. It
was expected to be a high -scoring
affair. j
Nebraska held twice within It
own 10 yards stripe. Led bv end
BUI Schabacker, tackle Jerry Min
nick, guard Max Kitielman and
linebacker Vert Scott, the Corn-!
huskers put up a strong defense1
ociore meir undefeated foes.
Quarterback John Bordogna
led the Buskers to the Penn
State 11 late in the second pe
riod, but with seconds remain
tag the Lions intercepted in the
end xone. The half ended, t-0,
en the following pUy from
The Cornhuskers Dut fin a cn-at
uizpiaj oi ceiensive ability by
stopping a Penn State drive to the
NU 2i yard line midway in the
uuiu quarter.
The Lions' offensive held the
ball during the major part of the
uura canto, and finally put the
ball over following a drive from
A pass from center sailed over
the head ef Jim Cederdahl, who
was standing In punt formation
on his own 19. to set up another
Lion threat when Penn State
recovered on the 24.
A pass from Rados and a run
by Dick Jones put the ball in Lion
'- f
V 9 . '
Navy S
ets Mar
frn nf
Intramural Sports Columnist
The favorites took the under
dogs and tore them to r.iv in
Thursday and Friday intramural
grid siction that saw four football
giants continue their all-winning
Swabs Set Record
The bkgest rout in I-M rriit
vI potT'" nnheaten pass. Limberg flipped to Dunning
pf 1L Z TCJTUS5?d U Sigma i0T one touchdown point!
XZ?iJ? .and 5-yard punfrun-
- r::rrrrT ""a ;Dac aner takmg a lateral from
M.u.ujuaj iwire, erasing :Dunning.
4uij6-ikujuing mmrK oi 98 set oy
c; .... , w. -
for one TD and ne point, passed
to Verone Gibb for one touch
down and one point and passed
to Danny Switser for two tallies.
In addition Grant scampered 17
yards for the second touchdown
of the game.
Dunning switched to passer and
fired one to Switzer for one tally
ana scorea anoiner nunseii on a
k, F2-;
rs Win
of the year by romping to a 26-0
Bud Wiederspan opened the
r roe's scoring by rounding end
for 13 yards and a first-quarter
tally. Tom Healey scored a few
moments later and the Betas
kept their 13-t lead going into
the second half.
Stu Reynolds found Borgard in
32-yard runback of an intercepted , the Sigma Nu end-zone and passed
him the nineteenth Beta point in
the third frame while Healey fired
to Faul jsnedd for the final tally ia
trie last quarter.
Council? Lincoln Journal
open field. What men he can't
fake out of position, he usually
runs ever with his terrific
power. George has scored three
touchdowns for the Huskers this
year, and has the leading yards
per carry average among the top
backs with a 5.6 average of 38
George started out as a line
backer last year when he was
freshman, and lettered. He
has acquired contact lenses
which have helped his vision
considerably. Without them he
can hardly see,
Cifra is an out of state boy
hailing from Turtle Creek,
Pennsylvania, where several
Ilusker stars have come from.
Sigma Alpha Epsiion in 1S38.
Navy racked up their fourth
straight victory ia their two and
a quarter points per minute pro
duction and paved the way to
their meeting with the Mus
tang, also winning Friday,
which is scheduled Monday, Oct.
20, at Ag College,
With Dick Grant passing for 46
Mustangs Drop Rockets nfmmi iri-f I
The Mustangs captured their U III V4l I IUI UI
fourth straight by slapping down
the Rockets, 14-0 on the strength
of first and third quarter touch
DU's Still Unbeaten r lit I
Delta Upsilon kept pace with 060111 VVOrlC
Beta Sigma Psi in league III action
of the points and Larry Dunning! ntiering Tau Kappa Epsilon,
scoring 2K t.h Miii,, e,b-i3-0 on the passing arm of Tom
eariv. oftpn srA mntimmnci. arlToten. was the DIPs fourth:n
hardly even let the Delta fat win and kept them dead
touch the pigskin. The victors ran , locked wlth the Beta Sigs who
ud 14 tallies in th omnin ar garnered their fourth on a forfeit
- e Tl- t: J
ter and followed with 20, 25 and , " r11 om rm.
13 in the final three stanzas.
A breakdown ef the 72 coun
ters found them scored like this:
Grant passed to Danning for
two touchdowns and two extra
points, passed to Jim Limberg
Skirts In Sports
Volleyball Tourney
Will Begin Today
Georgia Huiac
The volleyball tournament starts 5 p.m. Monday at Grant
Memorial gym. All teams must be present and ready to play at
exactly 5:05 p.m.; otherwise the team will lose by default The
games will last until 5:45 and the team with the highest score at
this time is the winner. The teams scheduled for Monday are:
Delta Delta Delta No. 2
Alpha Phi No. 2
Tolen passed for all the game's
points as the DITs counted in
every period. He started the vic
tors oft in the opening stanza by
flipping to Dick Long for six
yards and six points and then
to Charles Thompson for the
seventh. His second-quarter toss
to Bon Ovendon covering eight
yards set the score at 13-S rid
ing the intermission.
Any hopes the Tekes were en
tertaining were quickly shattered
in the third period as Tolen con
nected with Long on a 70-yard
production and then followed with
a five-yard six-pointer to Jack
Beecham. An anti-climactical
fourth chucker found the same
two men grabbing Tolen passes
Men jiterested in intramural
wT'-stlicg are urged to have their
workouts completed by Mon-
Delta Gamma No. 2
IUppa Alpha Theta
-ay, Aov. 3, when contestants
weight in for first round pairings.
The intramural wrestling tour
nament, slated to beein at 5:15
on Nov. 4, is expected to draw a
number of 1-M wrestling fcope-
Entry blanks are doe in the
Intramural Office room 181 f
the Physical Education build
ing by noon en Nov. X Or
ganizations may enter as many
entries in any 'weight class as
tbey wish. A contestant may
enter only one weight, bow-
Scoring towards the all-University
championship is as follows:
First place counts six points,
second place four points, third
place two points, and fourth place
one point One additional point
shall be awarded for each fall
! secured throughout the meet. Pin
and scoring while Lone and Oven-iP01? W1H nt count Then there
don were targets for the extra "u uy. lwo memDer ol
;, icune organization or team.
UU D I eam Wins to the championship team. Indi
Delta Upsilon "B" kept astride I vidual champions in each weight
their big brothers and took over Class receive meaals.
No. 4
Dorm No. 2
Kappa Alpha Theta No. 2
Duckpin competiton also starts today at five
in the duckpin alleys. Those teams which are
scheduled to play this afternoon are:
Alpha Omkren Pi No. 3
Chi Omega No. 3
Alpha Omicron Pi No. 4
These Eames also dart at s-ns t,tt, r.m
- - - - " " " f-' J t i l J -
ter, all persons who are clannine to nlav in ih mniBii iv.
pins and bowling tournaments must have health permits unless you
are taking P.E. J
Another officials' club merlin? rin v eA ts,m a .
in the WAA office at Grant. This is open for those who were not
able to attend the meetings last week and especially for the freshmen
w uu uc uiieretieo in oinciaung. xiie meeting wiU consist of review
ing volleyball rules, score keeping and general information neces
sary for officiating. I might add that officiating is one way In start
ing in the activity of WAA. It also gives a person an opportunity
to meet many people.
Aquaquettes are finishin uDDerclassmen
7:15 p.m. Practices foi freshmen will be Oct 23 and 28 at 7-15 n mJ
lie ujuuia ulu li HI i:i3 p.m.
I was talking to Miss Sullivan, the faculty sponsor for hockey
club and she seemed rather enthusiastic about the hockey club.
More members are coming and are really having a wonderful time.
There are not enough people to have two teams, however. Any
parson who is curious and wants to learn or already knows how to
play hockey should go to the club. The freshmen can now partici
pate, too. Miss Sullivan and Janet Bailey, the club chairman, are
hoping to see many freshmen there tomorrow. The club meets at
5 p.m. on the new fields.
WAA is sponsoring a co-recreational night 7:30 p.m. Wednes
day, Oct 29 at Grant The activities given will be badminton,'
duckpins, and volleyball. If the co-reereational night is a success,
the WAA council win plan more in the future There would prob
ably be at least one once a month. Last year badminton club was
co-recreational and it was a lot of fun. This year the council de
cided to add duckpins and volleyball.
undisputed possession of first
place in league VI by toppling
previously unbeaten Phi Kappa
Psi "B" by an 18-6 tally. The DU
Bees thus checked the junior Phi
Psi's out of the rapidly dwindling
list of all-victorious while renew
ing their membership.
The winners scored first as
Bud Fort bit Jack Bandecker
with a first-quarter pass cover
ing IS yards and boosted, the
margin to 12-0 in the second
stanza on a 35-yard Ken Smith
to Paul Pflasterer toss. The los
ers tallied their only points in
the same period as Geody G rat
ton intercepted a Ford pass and
returned 15 yards to paydirt.
A fourth-quarter insurance tally
was a 45-yard production, coming
on a Smith to Bud Ohlrich pass.
Delta Sigs Win, 7-6
Delta Sigma Phi strengthened
AH contestants most have a
minimum of five practice ses
sions between now and Nov. 1
in erder to participate. Prelimi
nary practice, as well as the
tourney, will be held on the
varsity wrestling mats in the
Coliseum basement
Men may work out between
3 and 6 p.m. The wrestling man
ager will take roll
In order to be eligible for the
Kjurney, men must have their
names entered on the practice list
Five practices are necessary in
order to participate.
fcach contestant may weigh in
only once. The weight classes
are as follows: 13 pounds, 130
pounds, 137 pounds, 147 pounds,
157 pounds, 16" pounds, 177
pounds and heavy weight
Wrestline coach Al Partin will
fbe in charge of the meet The
matches will be governed by the
Team Will
Work Out
Sports Staff Writer
Coach Warren Emery's Busker
swimmers will beein -nrtmiit
Oct 20 in preparation for their
opener wim Kansas U. at Law
rence. Leading the Husker hopes
will be eight lettermea and a
crop of freshmen candidates.
Returning letter winners in
clude: i
Calvin Bentz sophomore who
last year was the leading point
getting in the free-style events.
Cal swims the 50. 100 and 200
yard events. J
Gordon Peterson soDhomor
free-styler who also swam the 50'
and 100 yard events. I
Jack Greer Senior free-styler
who alternated in the sprint and
distance events and swam a leg
of the free-style relay.
Richard Hlidek Sophomore
and all-event swimmer. Dick can
swim free-style, breast and back-!
stroke as he proved by winning
many points in the Individual
Medley Relay. j
Pat Healey Senior backstroker
mill be counted on for many points
in this event this season. 1
Pete Susar Senior diver was
a consistent point getter last sea
son in this event
Jerry Desmond Free-styler
can alternate in the sprints and
distance events. He was a consis
tent point getter last season. I
Lloyd Reed Sophomore back
stroker also swam a leg of the!
Medley Relay.
The Freshmen candidates are
led by Tim Anderson, Hastings,
ISS1 Nebraska state high school
champion in the it and 100
yard free-style events. Others
include Richard Hilt free-style;
John Lit h tie, free-style;
Stan Schneider, diving.
The schedule:
Dec, 1, 2, 3, and 8 Intramural
Jan. 14 Kansas U. at Law
Jan. 17 Grinnell College at
GrinnelL Ia.
Jan. 17 Oklahoma U. here.
Feb. 7 Kansas U. here.
Feb; 13 Colorado A, & M. at
Ft Collins.
Feb. 14 Colorado U. at Boul
der. Feb. 21 Icwa State here,
March 6-7 Big Seven Confer
ence at Oklahoma.
. "-aatf-"
X -
" 4
Gouttcsr Lincota Sur
Bill Schabacker, starting Husker
defensive end, made a number
of outstanding tackles against
Penn State Saturday as Nebras
ka lost to the Lions, 10-0. The
game, predicted to be a high
coring contest, turned oat to be
a battle of the defenses.
Rugged NU Guard
i If, I .. :
i " V...
BUGGED HUSKER DEFENDER . . . Max Kitielman, Ccrnhusker
sophomore defensive guard, was among the many staunch NU de
fensive players against Penn S4ate Saturday. Kitielman, who
broke into the starting lineup last week against Kansas State,
stands 6-2 and weighs 205 pounds. (U of X Photo.)
Main Feature Gock
Sports Shorts ;
A football game scheduled for Varsity: "Crimson Pirate,"
Saturday between the Nebraska 3:18. 5:19, 7:20, 9:21.
B" team and Fort Leonard, Mo,
there, has been postponed by mu-
anu , i4ki. t:. - r
Clark announced.
State: "The Miracle of Fatima."
1:19, 3:19, 5:19, 7:19. 9:19.
First Frat Brother: Who was
that lady you were out with last
Second Ditto: I wasn't out, I
was just dozing.
Send a Friend a Scarey
Halloween Card
Goldenrod Stationery Store
21S North 14th Street
lsxzi ui axKUia x in uciifiiiiciicu ri' . - .
their bid to make the playoffs and'NaUonal IntocoHegiate Rules.
at the same time eliminated Pi
Kappa Phi's post-season hopes by
edging "the Pi Kaps 7-8 on yardage.
A fourth-period score on a
two-yard pass from Darrell Ad
amson to L. G. Lawrence pulled
the Delta Sigs from near defeat
and shoved the contest into over
time. Smith bad put the Pi Kaps
Into an early lead when in the
second Quarter be bad fired a
ten-yard pass to Wally Loercb,
Betas Bat Sigma Nu
Beta Theta Pi "B" handed
Sigma Nu "B" its fourth succes
sive defeat while winning its first
, I
"One SlitiETte to Zero"
"Tales ef Htrffsnait"
Plaited Milks
DotnUmrn Storm
1412'2 "0" Si.
Jf. - "XAiv-. '..ja:,WA v... ...... , t
tnmmi euaraiMM am-Preofl
Odwlml TUII Ouahian wl
Wbea filter turm Uorn-in Medico
Pipe or Cigarette Holder throw
it amy, with nico
tine juice, flakes,
tax it hat trapped.
Insert a fresh filter
for cooler, deamr
mnS diytr oKiun.
Imported Hriar.
ffittv rtpiv f hAa tttt 4m.
kK. MX 2J. tm ShM f
t t
IHavtH 1
' :-ti J
'1 fericsd CbftitfaoQ
intnyselP...- t
but one visit to Arthur Murray
changed my whole life .
"Yes, I was always thy, reserred and
never had much fun. Then I went to
Arthur Murray's. At my very first
dance lesson, I discovered my dor
mant ability to dance. Li almost no
time I became a smooth dancer, bad
new self -coondeoce and popularity?
Let Arthur Murray's expert teach-,
ers bring out yettr hidden daado '
aouiry. come in for a !.&) trial
lesson now.
-st'hands on the NU seven yard line.
7. but tough defensive line play by
,tne Husxers lorced Penn State's
field goal attempt from Nebraska's
eight on fourth down.
Leonard's boot was good, giv
ing the Lions a 10-point lead.
Leonard kicked a similar three-
i pointer against Nebraska last year
in Memorial Stadium.
The Huskers held on several
other occasions during the
game. They stopped a Penn
State drive en their own 23
yard line early in the opening
period, holding the Lions on
downs and forcing them to punt
Nebraska also stood its ground
after John Bordogna's punt was
blocked on the NU 35. A bad pass
from center was the cause of the
Husker miscue.
Early in the second quarter, the
Lions grabbed a Husker pitchout
on the NU 29. They again were
stopped from making use of an
other break when Jerry Minnick
recovered a Penn State fumble
after the Lions drove to the six
yard line.
At another stage in the game,
the Nittany Lions drove to the
Husker seven yard line on short
passes by Rados after Bor
dogna oalck kicked to the NU
41. Defensive guard Don Bell
broke up a Lion pass play on
the fourth dowa to halt tint
Offensive backfield starters for
the Huskers were Bordogna, Bob
Smith, George Cifra and Bill
Thayer. Dennis Korinek, Jim
Cederdahl and Ray Novak also
saw plenty of action in the NU
backfield. . .
f-i '
1 -i
f '
t . r
i:i -ft
I. 4 t
. .