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Wednesday, October 8, 1952
Jusf: Around
Parties, Dates, Hour Dances
Center Around Intramural Football
Although the purpose of intramural football is
hardly social, the games have become a popular
gathering place for hour dances, partying and even
Lately when a fraternity house has a "func
tion with a sorority, the men invite the women
to watch their team in action. At Friday's fames
at Ag College, there seemed to
be more females rooting than
males. And the women seem
to like it. They figure that
if some of the fellows are co
ing to party while the rest play
football, the coeds might as
well he there too.
evening. Larry "Blossom'
pinning to Janet Rogers, Fi Phi. and Bob John
son passed cigars for his pinning to Polly Stmt
ton, AOPi. Another DU. Clyde Moore, announced
his engagement to Mary McClntcheon, Baltimore,
j'Living Series'
!To Begin At Ag
On Wednesday
A Better Living Series, spon
sored by the Ag Union, will begin
I f. ft 'at 5 p.m. Wednesday in the Ag
WUI1 JltUCIl Union lounge.
Blaser announced his
Stolen Goods
Oklahoma Students Await Court
Verdict On Anti-Subversive Oath
Married in Omaha Saturday were Virginia Poppe. rts subject will be dating.
The series will continue every At Oklahoma A&M a verdict is pending from the
Tuesday and Wednesday for a pe- college supreme court involving the legality of an
the campus. j Three office holders were ousted from their
This week's speaker will be positions when they refused to sign the oath. The
lTnrfH farmrm accictant nmfK,.JM4. i.i1aa ik MntK niprr.
.. c aiuucuta aucrge vaui ,..
sor of the family Ufe division of:. . . te me2al , ."-V.
and have asked to be reinstated
Among the cou-
Farm House men and their
dates were well pleased with
their conclave dance in the
Union Ballroom Friday evening.
pies st the convocation dance were Wayne Moody
and Joyce Bennington; Jim Weber and Elaine Mil
len; Charles Harris and Virginia Reeves; Dan
Johnson and Donna Doering; Rex Meyer and Mar
lene Hutchinson; Dale Reynolds and Carol Siebers;
Jack Aschwege and Williamette Desche; Junior
Knobb and Martha Heurmann; Rolla Swanson and
Margaret Smith; Dwigfct Jundt and Lee Lingren;
Ron Reinmffler and Sandra Imm; and Marvin Cof
fee and Irma Gill
Monday night events: "Jim Tighe, Theta Xi, is
pinned to his Sweety-Pie." Members of Theta
Xi insist that "Jim Tigbe and his Sweetie-Pie"
is a standard joke around the house, and Monday
night they were able to make the little rhyme
quoted. Incident, "Sweety-Pie is Betty Hall,
Alpha Xi.
The DU house was full of activity Monday
DG, and Bob Peterson, Omaha.
Another new idea for hour dances was tried by
the Tri Delts and Sigma Nu's Sunday afternoon.
They had an ice cream social. After the hostesses
and their guests made, froze and ate the ice cream,
they played cards, danced and watched television.
One wedding, e pinning and one steady 'eon
pie are on the list for last week. The marriage
is that of Don Secord. Phi Delt, and Jo Gnnder
son, Lincoln, which took place Sunday. Sept. 28.
in Si. Leuis.
Chi Omega is announcing the pinning of Rose
Casrner and Bill Waldo. AGR, which was
The series, which has been very! in office.
popular in the past, is open to.
all students.
Next week's program, featuring
dance floor etiquette, will be held
at 5 p-m., Oct. 21 and 22, in the
Ag Union Lounge.
Nurses Will
Sponsor 'One
iWoman Show1
Staff Writer
The president at Marshall
College has labeled a sugges
tion that all faculty members
be required to take a quia in
English as "unjust and unfair."
A tradition is gone at Michigan
State College.
Green and white signs placed near college build
ings explaining that they were "erected without
expense to the public vanished from the college
scene this summer.
The si ens served several purposes. They not
Virginia Sale, the "One Woman ony indicated that the buildings were paying for
Theatre," will present her "Amer-j
held Monday, Sept. 29. Another Chi O, Barbara ;5Vara" sketches at St. Pail Meth
'themselves but provided many a tongue-tied per-
Padley, is now going steady with i?n Kuniman, odist Church on Oct. 14. json with as handy a conversation saver as me
Beta Sig. j Her appearance is sponsored by j weather.
the Nebraska Nurses Association.! nd the name of the building printed on the
Dates at the Phi Psi house party Saturday night 'gSJSdJt 2es Sbe d it frXJuenUy saved a freshman m askin
included the following. 3pen a Lincoln headquarters of See j embarrassing questions when trying tto find bis
-t-w yw 4 :,,,; tw,--. Tvnr h. tor the District 3 Nurses Asso-jway around.
Barbara Hicks; Bob Reynolds and Cynthia Holy-
Peg Bartunek
From Purdue University comes good news for
the prospective engineer in a report of a survey
by the Manpower Commission to determine the
shortage of engineers.
According to the survey made in 378 com
panies and government agencies, there will bo
a shortage of 68.000 engineers If the progress
made by the engineering profession intb last
century is continued. "777"
The the University of Iowa, co-education has
taken another long stride.
Men and women students are now enjoying
physical education classes together. According to
the heads of the women's and men's physical edu
cation departments, "the new elective classes are
in line with a trend throughout the couniri lo set
up co-educational classes for instraeSOn the
Jets are coming to KU.
The Unniversity of Kansas is to receive four
jet engines for study in the aeronautical engi-.
neering department and will be one of the few
engineering schools to have operative and actual
jet engines for students to work with.
The engines are obsolete Nary equipment. Two
of them are pulse jets similar to the type used
on the German V-l missies. The other two are
J-31 types and come from early Navy jet fighter
Yireinia Sale is billed as one of
oke; Bob Brittin and Nancy Norman; Bob Wallace the most versatile entertainers in
ney; Jack Ladds and Marilyn Siberia Tjlll IS""!" PrdCt.Ce
and Carol Bachroan; Don Frei and Shu-ley Moore; 1 3. ,.. o-triiet he has anoeared
and Ginny Franks; Bob Bachman and Joyce Fin- 'the country. She is best known as
YM To Hold Political Panel
and Sandy Stevens.
Bibler Appears In 180 College Papers
Are you a Bibler fan? Do youi
enjoy seeing Professor Snarf tor-1
lure Our Little Man on Campus,
Worthal, and vice versa?
If so, you may enjoy a book of
"Little Man on Campus, a col
lection of SI of Bibler's choicest
Worthars sadistic little schemes
to torture Professor Snarf, coeds,
and the campus in general, and
Professor Snarf s habit of piling
inhuman study loads on students
are published in over 180 campus
Dick Bibler first conceived
Worthal while he was attending
the University of Kansas about
five j'ears ago. The series was
first printed in the -"Daily Kan
san"'gTid -was soon syndicated.
Worthal began supporting Bibler
and carried him through a teach
ing degree at Colorado State Col
lege and an MA. in art at Stan
lord. "
Crews For
WU Theatre
Members of stage crews for the
University Theatre production.
"Outward Bound," -were selected
by Stage Director Frank Boch
Monday night : "
Crew members are: Po$t Off iC6 RuIeS
Lighting JNorma Erjckson, Pa
tricia Hahn, Nancy Kelly, Marian1
Sound EDI Walton, Bob Truitt :
Make-np Betty Stratton, Val
erie fiontes.
Hand properties June Laase.j
Peggy Larson, Noima Jean Barry. i
Mary Middleton. !
Stage props Jean "Weddle, Ann
Morrison, Betty Shannon, Doris
Costume crew Charlotte Tum
ble, June Dorset!
lri i
purpose of the discussion Is:
(1) To discover the basic dif
ferences between the Iemo
critic and Republican parties on
the basis of their platforms, past
records, and presidential candidates.
facial expression, posture and ming organization, wCl bold an , ,JZ t r": -.; , t
voice. Never is the pertorroer ir- upperclass practice meeting; 7:15 c,f economics, and Adam Brecken-I sues for 1955, both domestic and
ginia Sale because she gives the pjiu Qct lg st tte qq pool ridge assistant professor of politi- foreign., preliminary to selectine new 1 science will discuss "The Major' (J To show the similarities
Bob Severs and Mort Dedrick; and Fritz Armbrust in some 600 cities and towns Ai Pnlirnmn
across the United States. Each fl NUlldCUIII
performance is accomplised with)
raDid chanse of wig. costume.' Aquaquettes. women s
Differences between the major
political parties will be examined
gat the University YMCA meeting
j Wednesday at 7:30 pxa. in the
YMCA Lounge, Temporary L. The
'meeting is open to the public
A political panel led by Dr.
character she interprets. Miss Sale preliminary
writes her own material for the members at a tryout session
performance and creates her own Oct. 21.
C05tui3 j e . i - Coeds who enjoy swimming and
In Hollywood, Miss Sale ap-: . .
peared regularly in a radio serial wbo mlea jonung an
for years. Then New York called, organization that stresses precis
and that has been her home for ion, synchronization, and team
ftv 1five-yea,;s- ln York, encouraged by
iJtrn nrjrr i&jvaL Jiva uhku.;
Parties in 1952'
According to Phil Mesner,
city campus YMCA vice-president
and program chairman, the
of the two major parties and
the accompanying strengths and
weaknesses of the two-party
over radio, Virginia advanced, too;
Aquaquettes to come to the first
writing, producing and PPtL:
. i j i : r- . -2 .
in her own iv program, ine ;r , 0 - " .
irw.VKt Health swimming permit and a
It was inevitable that Virginia!!" uo-
should do character roles, for shCj11 ca"
is the sister of the late Chic Sale.! Aquaquettes will display their
one of the roost character-y of all labilities in an annual spring water
those who made vaudeville a pageant. The show, completely
great American institution in the 'original and developed entirely by
days when it was. Miss Sale re-AsuaQ-Jettes, will consist of 12
reived her training from the cs evolving around a central
Academy of Dramatic Art. Whilelheme.
in school she was a member f
Delta Gamma sorority, in which
she was one of five ever to re
ceive the Order of the Delta Gam
ma Rose.
Tickets for the performance,
priced at $120 each, may be ob
tained from the Student Health
Center or from Bryan Memorial,
Lincoln General and St Eliza
beth Hospitals. The performance
will begin at 8:15 p.m.
George somewhai of a wolf)
is taking a girl borne one nieM
and be says. "May I tell yon
something? I lore te take ex
perienced girls borne.
Grace Ca freshman) replies.
Tm not an experienced tirl!"
To which George answers,
Toure not home yet either."
Well, f see we have about a minute of class time left any
Spiral Rote Bosks
Good Piper. Good Inline
15c 25c 45c
Goldearod Stationery Store
215 North Kth Street
Earn Their Meals
The Student Union
A Few Jobs Still Available
Overseas Packages Require Special
Care To Meet Santa Claus1 Deadline
Staff Writer
IThe Port Office recommends us- your return address. Gummed ad-
ing two lengths rrosswise and two dress labels may become loose.
Knit one, purl two! Better hurry , lengths lengthwise, jmotiea at the
with those argyles and sweaters points the cords cross,
if you want that fellow in Korea! 4- Gummed tape fastened wer
or Germany to get them by openings will aid in streng-rt,;-k..
fit,,,.- r, theninff the rarton. Gummed tat
Production manager Ruth Ann' the roung in nQ time flatf jrs alone will not be sufficient
true, but Uncle Sam uses red lapel 5. wrap the box in Heavy Drown
instead of reins lor his delivery P2per ana tie again.
Two members of each crew
wifl work four of the eight days
the play will run. Boch pointed
ut that the job of production
wcrkers behind the scenes defi
nitely af ferts the success or fail
lire of a play.
Here is a copy of one of the
most passionate love letters I
ever wrote I mean read:
Dear John, Words cannot ex
press how much I regret having
broken off our engagement. Will
yon please come back to me?
Your absenee leaves a space no
ne can fill. Fleae forgive me
and let ns start all over again.
I cannot live without yon. I
love you. I love you, I love you'
Signed, Tours forever, Emily.
T. S. By the way, congratula
tions on your winning the Irish
pfe 0ERG( 58 Aggies Get
Jiov. 1 has been set by the
poKtal department as the dead
line for all Christmas packages
and mail going the versas
route and postal channels are
expected te be jammed this
year. However, if you're plan
ning lo mail that bundle of joy
via Air Mail, the deadline is
'ot. 25.
Several rules for wrapping
packages for overseas mailing
have been set -up by postmasters
and the public Is asked to observe
them carefully to avoid damage
to the gilts.
1. Use a box of wood, metal,
solid liberboard or double-faced
corrugated liberboard.
2. L'se stuffing secure packing
prevents the box from being
crushed in shipment.
Tie the box with strong cora.
H. Print or type the address and
These are the prescriptions
for a successful Christmas
package delivery to that guy or
girl oversea.
One last reminder, don't for
get to take the knitting steedles
out of the finished product. It
might poke a bole la the bot
tom of the box.
' f f , -, : i
' , I , t
Dinner Honors
11-15 1
ie-20 4 -eo 4
21-25 .70 1 1 J 0 t
26-80 1 iD 12 j
The Ak-Star-Ben Knights played
hort to SB Ag College students and
faculty Tuesday evening in
The winners of the Knights of
Ak-Sar-Ben scholarships were the
quests of the organization at the
rodeo and a banquet Tuesday
evening. "
AIbo present at the banquet and
rodeo were the office! of the
Block and Bridle Club.
Four profesBors in the Voca-
itionai Education department re
vived the Ak-Sar-Ben Gold
Service Keys lor long service at1
University. ' UIInbla. Wiutmin llmal V-ailil)
Men honored at the banquet i
ere Howard Dtfems, chairman of ACT
'the Vriration Educational detinrt- l-WJ I
QLaJbjdkd (Ma
To place a classified! ad
Stop in (lie BmineM Office Eooai 29
Student L nios
Co0 2-7631
fied Serrire
Eki. iZZf for Oum-
Hours 140 Mm. firm tri
Mo. words I 1 day t fiaysJS days j4 days 1 1
lTiO $ AO $ B5 J $ 5 $1X
js r
1J5 1
IS i
15 1-4S
"17S j US"
IM 28
t" f-n hitowtm n'i w nrnmt ,mLnt, M. C. McCreight, C. C. Mia-!
. Itm rmun, S-1C7U. tumuA,
Kenull oT nmntrch: liirtnn) la SO tlv.
Otw thai Jus a Jnnu -K2. JUS la.
Sac. Hut.
Wintri bua buf ftb t 71 o'fllaoka.
sutitir iiuuM. tikli s-ou?2.
'f r:rf jff
Taro of our colloea beard
mombots "lako tisso
uf. Inr Thodo 03S
&oa Eichords Jsdbot oriib
lopela. V mad d en izBporiod
clc4 iabxic end priced 4151 Ei slacks ro
Vanity Town ssm!s, S2S. Sno Gorton is s-rer so
ammt in Lor ?ndltoa Joirt end sHrl Tho
plaid jocko! is pocd 1US; & skid, is rick void.
ILK. Kofico hm mr Boar Yon S belt tSS. mi
fl lurfo "Jwi boa." LS plus tax."