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Persons selling tickets for tha
Longine Symphonette are re
quired to return the tickets and
money to Marilyn Moomey in
the Student Union Activities
Office Tuesday.
KNUS On The Air
KNUS, University radio station,
will resume broadcasting today
over program service between S
and 5 p.m. Monday through Fri
day. .Foic oi a Crai Hidwsttm Vnirtnltf
VOL 52 No. 12
Tuesday, September 30, 1952
Moved! T
. . . . .
The Longines Sympitonette concert, ongmaiiy scnea-r - g " . , a e L J I J
tiled for the coliseum, will be held in the Union Ballroom,' A rsn TflU OmPflrt TtV Annan IPC Finn' Orhorc First Choral Concert bCnedUled
according to Ernie Bebb, Union board member. Cl H ?U me9a MppeQI 11- fine, UHieR k. , Uonrlnl Q-n!i
Countryman Sales
Subscriptions are now being
accepted for the Ag college
magazine, "The Cornhusker
Countryman." according to Wil
liam Johnson, circulation man
ager. The rate is one dollar for eight
Issues of the magazine, he said.
The concert be held Thursday at
) pjn. as originally scheduled.
Bebb, In charge of arrange
ments for the concert, cited low
ticket sales as the reason for the
move. AH ticket sales were
stopped Monday dne to the
change. However, a limited
number will go on sale Wednes
May Follow Suit Pending Chapter Meetings
I the official date as prescribed by
line university.
tions from George Gershwin's
ac fl t f a semi-classical By TOM WOODWARD
nature. The orchestra's wolicy Staff Writer
is to Play all music from the I PPeai or noi appeal, maij Dean Buckingham, Alpha Tau
original score. 13" 14 fratenu-, Omega treasurer, said that his
This personal appearance of, . . . . fraternity intended to appeal the
Mishel Piastro and the Symphon-I w nes was fine that they had received for
of a ten-week tour cj e inier-rraiemny releasing tneir piecge lists.
Council in a meeting held Fri-
Sections will be reserved in the unjted States, Canada, and a part da" fter searings on Tuesday
Ballroom for holders of reserved of Mexjc0- iand Wednesday afternoons.
, ,, , vi me inwrnioes were given a
The Symphonette, conducted by rv. ..
seat tickets.
The concert win feature selec-
Second Skit
To Present
Do's, Dont's
1 1 Counselors To Act
In 'Know How Show
"College Daze " second in a SC
SI musicians, is actually a
Ssymphony orchestra in all respects:
iexcept numbers. The chief ouier
Jence between the Symphonette
land a symphony orchestra is that
the Symphonette has a smaller
brought against them on Tues
day and Thursday, and may
appeal the fines they received
Friday, to the IFC advisory
The advisory board is made tip!
of alumiu advisors of each fra
Buckingham said that he did
not seek to excuse the early re
lease by saying that the house
was not familiar with the IFC
ruling, but he thought that the
newspapers that carried the lists
should have been informed of
the fact that the names were
not to be released until Univer
sity permission had been given.
The news was released by a
person who was not familiar with
For November Memorial Service
University Singers has selected 'Wilson,
for membership 116 University) 2nd Alto, Mary Lou Beennann,
students, Dr. Arthur Westbrcok,' Karen Beghtol, Mary Ann Bieber,
director, has announced. (Barbara Bredthauer. Phoebe
The choral group gives several uempsier, jsan ngier, rauricia
concerts during the school year. ariey, Janice iiiuerton, ueorgia
Their first program will be the Gryva.
memorial serv ice in November. Diane Hinman, Darleen Holm,
new'tir Sa?was carrv is gained by try-ut nlye Allen Barnard. Jay
thl ht rSfScld thrt 'the s . Members are, 1st Soprano: Benedict, Jack Davis, Joe FeWy.
rfot bfincldudae? S 5J 9 Krogh, Dad Mullin,
tK- fl tin rfninor cn -7 Vsuier, vxaruuci, c. Pearson.
Tnr?iti RiTi-t WaTTit Stranenn I nt
fined for releasing pledge lists
prior to the official date, Ira
Epstein, house president, said
that the lists given to the news
papers had not been authorized
by any fraternity officer.
the official time
Epstein said.
He added that he had talked
to the reporter "about 45 min
utes,'' but was told that the lists
would be printed no matter
what he said
Nancy Thompson, Phyllis Wroth.
2nd Soprano, Margaret isartu-
Tenor, Rolan Anderson.
.Bert Bishop, Hilmer Deists,
cnaries lerguson, Keith Johan'
I Filing deadline for the Board of" hours last year to q
Student Publications is Tuesday at J student can not be a
5 pjm. The Student Council, m an the Daily Xebraskan
at 4 p.m., busker staff.
- f . . nnmMKAH
TICS OI wee kiu i,.. onn miicir rr tirs
Coed Counselors, will be held in Canada and Mexico.
the auditorium of Love Library,
Wednesday at 5 p.m. WriCC In Retimon
TfcA skit win tea some of the v.lCJS5es in Reunion
mv bt, Hnnis of camous life XA.-1 C,,JAnac. interview Wednesday
Z, S7 7,ra avadable toIICICU I W W.uwu.a Roora S16, UrJon,
. I Filings for Institute of Religion sophornore, one junior
the Union. iaes must be in before the senior for the positions.
Taking part in the skit are Barb.cjasses arp scheduled to meet, an-1 Students wishing to apply must.
Uedlin. Katv Ke..v. Joyce Ben- nounced Sam Gibson. University turn in a letter or application
nrlATi Jan T?irrim- Madeline YMCA Secretary. Dean Iinscott,
UALl&WUl w " - ,
Launer. NancTi; The Institute of Religion is
Board Oi Student Publications Filing
Deadline Scheduled For Tuesday At 5 p.m.
At thic n-ritirnf thf 12 nthAr t-v.i sen. Amer I.inv1ri T?anr!All fv
string section. ternitv. (the rulinr. but he should not have fraternities that were amone those a t rr Ewen. John Moran.Garv Renrel-
The Symphonette made its radioj Thirteen fraternities were found been asked for the names in the , fined, declined to comment pend-puthan Laine Marian McCul- man Leslie Roberts, Norbert
Idebut in New York over the local euiltv of violating the IFC ruliriff first nlace. he ddd iinff riiscussion in their charjter , . , . -,,'v v Schuerman.
C;J:... n-rto .-j 1018 ':.! '."1.7" v j, l..V:v: : " ,iocn, janeiie aiaur, xjuiiire.uu-,
;iauv c i - - awut a vtaoiii j vvi, uou av. ivi v. ui afw w a iv - Aileron
iimade its CBS premier Droaacasx.
Because of its rise in reputation
and DODularitT. the Lonrines Sym-
phoneae has been presented "with
Oil w ai u .umu a w
k . v j 1 Tt.i. - 111 m
ran, -Marilyn JTeusse, A.ainryn' oariione, xrea Alien, Lreraia
iRobson. 'Bitney, Robert Brown, Fred Coats,
Joanne Sorenson, Shirley Un- Richard Garretson, Norman Gau
'derhill, Marian Urbaeh, Helen Ut- ger, Barry Larson, Gerald Law
;terback, Bonnie VTeddeL son, Maurice Niebaum, Keith Ot-
lst Alto, Shelia Brown, Ando- to, Edwin Pearce, Jack Rogers,
'nea Chronopolus, Carole Coleman, Paul Thompson, Jack Wells.
iMajorie Danly, Sandra Dicket, Pat; Bass, Nicholas Amos, Wayne
Felger, Marilyn Hammond, Sally Bath, Charles Beardslee, Claude
iKjelson, Evelyn Larson, Marlene Berreckman, Marshall Christen-
Mary Kooinson, jeanne sen, Paul Kidd, Robert Longman,
mlifv. The'sni? .Tiianita Redirer were the Meyers.
member of board members last year. Ken Smith, Eillen Svoboda, Marlene Jack Lund
or Corn- Keller is the faculty adviser. t Tiller, Janice Wagner, Kathleen
Ho3e- Doris Mever, Lois Srb, Joy sponsored by 15 campus and out
;Dean Linscott, Student Council
box, in the Union basement. A
student must be a sophomore, jun
: Absentee Ballots Needed
For Students To Vote
Dsvid Major, R. L. Marrs, Earl
Mitchell, Elton Monimith, Floyd
Morehead, Milford Myhre, Robert
Patterson. Wesley Reist, Paul
scneeie, cnaries aymire.
Drop And Add Fees
The last m tne series on aa interested students-
pus Know-How" wCl be Oct. S. Eegistratioa fee of 1 is re-
Tbe skit wul expnain xae
ons and is " , , ,
hours and have earned 24 credit
ties on campus.
j quired. Students may fUe for the
'courses at any of the campus re
ligious houses.
Dance Group
Tryout Date
NU Prof. To
Speak On Job
Farm Formal
Make Plans
The application must include
the student's cumulative grad
average, which must be initialed
by the Office of the Registrar,
his experience in Journalism,
activities, ideas concerning the
board, and his reasons for applying.
One of the cuues oi tee tsoara they go to vote.
is to exercise a general supervi-
sion over the financial and edi
torial conduct of the Student Pub-,
lications. The Board names the
salaries of all student managers'
Sand employees of the publications,!
Jand it has the right to limit ex-f
ipenditures for manufacture and
The Board also liAxs the price
;w. .-.w - county la ixeorasnita iulull scuu, cw utuig .v 1 1 . : j .
for sale and it apportions allow- letter to ty clerk! than 7,601 need not register. L vLf a tASt
anees to the various publications . ianve was to give Ag students a
from all general funds pertaining , , 'n ! Ix T r .chance to sign for the committee
:to student pubucations.
I As election time draws near of their respective county. The re-1 Payment of the $2.50 drop and
Jagain, many University students quest need not be in any partial- add fee may be made in room B-6,
of voting age are not sure where lar form as long as it is signed Administration Building. The fee
iby the writer. musi oe paia as soon as arop ana
It is important for students to add procedure is completed.
include their Lincoln address mi
'the letter. An absentee ballot will A D..JI Jot.-. T
be sent, and when the voter sends y DUIIUer5 IO
his ballot back he must have ar .
notarization on the return en-V.0minU6 UTIVQ
lc ... . I Ag BuHders wd extend
Anyone oviny m .vonsiu present membership drive
Students, 21 years or older,
from out of town, who want to
vote in the coming election
should write to the city where
they are a resident for an ab
sentee ballot. Students living in
Douglas County should address
their letter to the election com-
misisoner in Omaha. j city of over 7,001 population Thursday, according to Jim Weber.
other' must be registered to vote. Stn- .v
r' - - - VTfliTTrv m ," pnnj'iKa snouia kdu. scau uuic in . k
Trais.t staliHitv is a vital fac-
xryouis lor . " tor in job security, dux ii is cy j 10
wednesaay, icx. i ti y no means uie oxay one, announced.
Grant Memorial. Meadows, umversiiy oi iveox-
.f-c -RlaHnn. Who Eve naa a
Jeans, Cottons On
At October 10 Dance
Jeans and cottons will be re-j The Board also has the right
'meet Security Agency msntme
Ta class" oTwho hsve Friday mornir.g.
been in Pre-Orchesis may cy oui
for Orchesis. Girls trying out
should wear shorts or tunics. The
members of any class may try ojt
Including freshmen.
Anyone interested who has not
fcai experience may trjr oat for
Pre-Orchesis. I
Georgia Eulac is president. The
each vear include a
spring recital, a Christmas pro- training, personality immaturities,
cram and dance. disorgatiired human relations all
Ary men interested in the men's in addition to such job .security
Orchesis group should see Wrs. hazards as poor managerial poJ
gSoTatt MemoriaL Try- cies job rket CucUiations, and
outs are not necessary.
About 101 rerfstrants, includ-
tng ipresentatrves from 15 Ne
braska employment offices, at
tended the opening meeting held
In Love library auditorium and
sponsored Jointly by the Uni
versity of Nebraska Extension
Division and the State Division
of Employment Security.
quired attire at the Farmers For- ta call for the resignation of any
tne Ag -xcc rsoara editorial or business employee
of Student Publications at any
time, for what it deems suffi
cient cause. However, the stu
dent shall have the right of ap
peal to the Chancellor of the
Couples will dance to the
music of Johnny Cox in the Ag
Activities Building. Tickets will
sell for SI a a eounle.
The Farmers Formal Queen
and her attendants will be pre
sented during intermission.
-rl.a T. D:-l I T C I;.1? -T 1
IUIcnr iry-VJUId IC1IIIIUIUI IU jpcUK aey visa io wort on.
I To Start Tuesday At Harvard Seminar jworkersto eS4rsS
As a result of the Union Talent! Dr. James M. Beinhardt, chair-pblidty and parties or con
,Sbow tryouts, Tuesday and Wed-." of the Department of Sod- C0I:irrJtte bave Ln.
nesday, winners will be given a 0ly at tne University, has been creased work to do the coming
'place in the show. -invited to rpeak at Harvard Uni-(year be said. The Ag Builders are
I After the show is over, the Un-Tty5 fourteenth seminar in ertakmg new projects i which
'ion Talent bureau is set up as a homicide investigation for state a semce to
in lioston, i.ass Jvov. 17.
men students interestea to rue uws cri m aw - -
Bamor La an, senior tn Home t ne jr applications immediately, ing to appear professionally before'to Z2
Economics extension work, and group plans to be more
Bill Waldo, senior in Vocational
i Education, have been chosen
co-chairmen for the ssir.
I The other committeemen ap
pointed by the Ar Exec Board
tive this year than it has in
The seminar is sponsored byj
local business and civic groups.
a past, Dean Linscott commented. u" ' Tr K"r7 I CJ7 v. ' flrst Methodist Church of
w i t liudhhl xl win roe,K n
Revised Bible
Eeverend Bosley, pastor of
P. M. Headlines
Reynolds, John Tan Boutea and
Dick Monson as chairman. Tom
Letsy win be responsible for
ticket sales. In charge of the
presentation and election of the
queen and attendants will be
Kay Ylasln. chairman; Dale Ol
son, Leland George and Caro
lyn Gierhan.
Laun will supervise all pub-
-.t-w K:ifpn Gtn RncpnauLcL'the General Entertainment
mittee, has stressed that all vf; aonaI2y-known specialists on vari
7vvO Students Involved tried oat for the show, whetvOBS subjects pertaining to homi-
, pey maae u or cot, wu t i. cide investigation wi3 lecture.
in me laiem ue jor la x u-ws.-
tv include decorations. Shirlev
- , . M&r&h. Ira Aim Tl sltA m f C M . AUawi
' I EernolnV John Tin Honten and ' t- ; i , v..-. - ur- -ttei-inarct WU t on "Sex
tTwo University students porl en- Crimes,- a subject on which be
fered facial cuts and bruises in an tenement. Las earned a reputation as one of;
auto accident early Sunday morn-i Former students who "got their the country's foremost authori-'
istart" in the Union Talent Show Vi is TTfW r.f t,t,'
..If4 lyn KueUer, are John Carson, now WOW-! j-
ia, so. sui ana gd swaim, i m tjmana, ana x-ay xjuiiuo, , tww., -r ,
re- a lead in the Kosmet KJub spring
2, 2127 Harrison, who were rid- star of last year's "John and Mar- S.iwf?n
g in a car driven by Gerald C.cia" show. Miss Dutton also had iT??airgr, iSvfSSS &
k t-. k . a t e t t:
K?v- chsrpe nf chiipmwx: jsnr! ported. revue.
snecial niprts. Hpafe? th rlm- Robertson's car struck an auto1 Persons from the bureau bave
un committee -tt-iTI he "R'svnp on O between 31st and 22nd entertained voluntarily for
Moody. Kis assistants are Wayne streets and reversed its direction Vet's hospital, orphanages, and
White, Art Kuhl and Don Pluck- before coming to a stop, police state hospitals under the auspices
neX Isaid. iof the Bed Cross College Unit.
cvansion, ul, win speak en
Revised Standard Versions f
the Bible at St. Paul's Method
ist Church en Tuesday at S pjn.
Eev. Bosley is an author of sev
erat books.
Pastors of all Lincoln churches
and a combined choir from va
rious Lincoln churches win at
tend. Miss Mariorie Johnson, Deaa
of Women, has announced that
this is one of the function! for
which late permission will be
granted to University girls wish
ing to attend.
NU Press Publication
was :
cruei press .if. "- -- ;"i .M T1k"i;hi his federal in
.'ben tne ucmocraut u.. r
for the last ten years. .
Haeerty was not certain inat ye g. ----.;
Victorious Cornhushers Welcomed Wome Praised For short stories
Prairie Schooner, the Quarterly 'The Catch," was on Mist Foley!
agazine published by the Uni- list of distinctive fiction. The
Tsity of Nebraska Press, has f!atr-," sniwareri 4n k nr. ut
.-m make a public state-
his finandal afl f..JL2f.Jt f &LH 4?..J
fJTO S'cVgTd to do ao Adlai W 1 II II If 111111111111 f (1131111111 JUUUUfWfb
, ifl
Sievenson w
come tax returns for the last ten years.
versity of
won L:gh
t, rirnrri. but that he will inform tne puwic
rSerpToblem will arie in the explanation of his fa
comefrTmthe sale of -Crusade in Europe," his b.brt his war-j
time experiences. EiserAower paid income taxes on his r"uf .
the book on the basis of "capital gains taxes. .
cuLmed neither an amateur nor a professional author. He did this
on the advice of Internal Revenue Bureau officials.
Thus the Republican candidate Cassuming his revenue was Jl
rnlllSrpsSaO instead of the $750,000 which would have been
deSedfrom a professional author. Eherrsttet nat
ter how carefully he explains the situation some persons wiJ say he
received "special treatment. ,
rwrnmi ti t rtmr. AiHai Stevenson disclosed that be
paid $21180 to the federal government ia income taxM in the last
10 years. Kecords showed that Stevenson paid his taxaonan in
come of J500.052, most of it earned with gilt-edged tevestmente.
Mt of the governor's income came from dividends on stocks
In toreeorporations and from his interest in the Bloomington Panta
grS IlunoS newspaper. In addition be has the income be
earTdJ""V?! .m,in. revealed details of his politi-
cal campaign funds and las personal fund used to supplement salaries
of eight state employees. , '
o tv tp rv A f ar-Vir. c the "unholy crew" of
Republican lobbyists with Eisenhower as their "front man Presi
dent Truman opened his whistle stop campaign at Fargo, ?. JJ. He
said he was glad the oil, China, real estate and other lobbies are in
the Republican party." . .
The President told the crowd that Eisprihowersetrns to be
listening to some strange advice on foreign policy and they d better
hesitate before voting Republican if they "want to avoid a third
In reference to his own administration, Truman said, "We've
crushed the Communist conspiracy in this country. And we ve rtopped
the advance of Communism all over the globe-
LOS AKGELES Military aircraft production was resumed at
two southern California plants after 40,000 striking workers returned
to their jobs. They listened to an appeal from President Truman to
call a truce in the dispute between the AFL International Associ
ation of Machinists and Lockheed and Douglas aircraft companies.
Contract negotiations are continuing in Washington.
Production of the Air Force's newest jet interceptor fighter, the
Lockheed Starfire, was most seriously affected by the strike.
Two thousand cheering Rusker es appearing in it in 1S51.
iverjrasKa ITess, nas Catch" anueared in thi TWa-r TO.l
recognition for short issue of The American Kereurv.
.... - I
- "'"Wf -; J
1 !
I i
. - i
One story is amonc 29 chosen
from leading American maga
zines by Martha Foley for her
anthology "The Best American
Short Stories 1952." Two
Schooner stories are among the
C5 included on the honor roll.
Seventeen others are listed at
This means that nearly two-
their busses to the strains of trtii.. MLies pru"efl!
"There Is No Place Like Se-ii", vV- 1
jtafi considered by Miss Foley worthy
- . . . -of special attention. j
he was amazed of the large crowd
which came
team back.
fans waited an hour and 25 min
utes to welcome the football team
back Sunday night. The plane J
which was way overdue, was met.
by the Cobs, Tassels, cheerleaders,!
Pepfters, pep band and throngs of.
Jubilant fans. j
i The Buskers, who looked fairly.
uou Liitm 7-x yiituiy uvci
the Webfeet, were escorted to
out to welcome theS
Iranian Student Receives
Bruises in Auto Mishap
The story reprinted in the an
thology is "Always Good for a
Belly Laugh" by Emilie Glen of
New York City. One of the
stories which Miss Foley listed
en the honor roll was written
while the tvtbnr, DMc Miller of
Leavenworth. Kaa was a stu
dent at the University.
Also on the honor roll is a
Catherine (just deplaned): X
gave him my best years, and now
he's run off with another woman.
I . . . oh, I just can't control my
Kate: Why bother? YouH feel
better after a good laugh.
Just for a change, here's an
Hessamydin Ealuch suffered se- urm lae i-mversiiy. jEnglish joke.
vere bruises Sunday night when- aiso on we nonor roa is t naroia rercy, you snouia pull
he alighted from a moving car on siory try ut. lxiwry l V. imberiy, down your curtains; I saw yoa
15th street between Q and R. professor of English at the Uni-plainly holding your wife on your
Baluch, 21, an Iranian student at- versity, who has edited Prairie lap last night-
tending the University, had been cnooner since its lounding. inei Percy The joke is on you,
riding in a car driven by Ghulam stTf "Windfall for Whitford," ,'Arold; I was not home last night.
TL Shareefv. 27. another Irar.ian BB pUDllsned in me June IVil
NROTC Unit Heed
To Hold Reception
(issue of Harper's Magazine. An
other of Dr. Wimberly's stones,
Captain T. "A. Donavan, Profes
sor of Ivaval Science, and Mrs.
Donavan will be hosts to 200
NROTC Midshipmen and other in-
- i vited guests at a garden recep-
- ' J tion st their home, Tuesday.
cmT i-ifBoir iw I OAer guests will include rep-
FAMTLIA- SCENERY ... Greeting Cornhusker 1 ootball fans resentatives from other local Naval
Saturday after Saturday is the riant N formed in the midst of the lactivities, University faculty mem
student section by Corn Cobs, Tassels and Pepsters. The color is berg and sponsors of the Midship
supplied by red and white sweaters. 'men proficiency awards. i
Riffe Team Meet
University students Interested
in the rifle team are requested
to attend the team meeting
Wednesday night
The meeting, slated for 7 p.m.
in lounge of the Military and
Naval Science building, will in
clude discussions on member
ship, team matches for the com
ing year and other plans for the
team's activity's of the coming
Since the weather hasn't been
at all unpredictable (get the
pun). 111 try the same eld
theme again. Yes, sunny, wub
good picnic weather.
"And what," someone asked one
of the presidential aspirants, "wCl
you do if you are elected?"
"Good heavens," he exclaimed,
"what will I do if I'm not?"
Lady: Can you give me a
room and bath?
Clerk: I can give you a room,
madam, but youH have to take
your own bath.
That's tuX