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VOL. 52 No. 7
Thursday, July 17, 1952
jAftcr Beore' fQut Of The Frying -Pan,'
Series Topic
Thone, Schneider.
Smith Talk GOP
Effects On Demos
The effect of the Republican
National Convention on the Dem
ocratic convention will be dis-l
cussed by a panel composed of,
three prominent political figures
St the fourth and final discussion,
in the Battle of the Ballots series
The topic of the diseusrion will
be After and Before.' The panel
will be composed of:
Charies Thone, a delegate to
the just - completed Republican
convention. j
Mrs. Arthur Smith, a member
of the Lincoln chapter of thej
League of Women Voters, and anj
active member of the Nebraska'
Kefauver for President Commit
tee. : ;
Dr. Carl Schneider, staff mem
ber of the University political
ence department.
The discussion series, co-spon-;
sored by the University YMCA
and YWCA. and the Student
Union, is designed, in the "wards
of Marylia Moonoey, Union Ac
tivities director, 1 give partici
pants a broader understanding of
the political scene. j
The discussion will be held at
4 pjn. in Parlors ABC, Union. !
Mark Van Voorhis is modera
tor of fee series. I
Theater Production, Next
y .
k T . Vium-wii
i . . " - 3
ILEHXA&SAUS JCEAK CIXMAX Members of the Samsoer rkay
east. sawa here rehearsiar tkeir farts, are (L t r staaAia)
Shktey Fries, Harry Laaraaa. Naacy TnU aad Xsliada Ttaat.
Kaeeliac is Onek Baestxs.
Rehearsals Reaching Climax;
Tickets Now Available In Union
With only four days remaining before the official
opening of the Summer Theater's initial production, "Out
of the Frying Pan," the cast, crews and directors are
rapidly reaching the climax in rehearsals. ,
Tickets for the three performances, Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday, may stUI be obtained in the Union Activi
ties office or the Union Main office. Free to the public,
the tickets are being distributed this vear in an attempt
to space the audience evenly over the three performances.
Tickets will also be available at the door before each per
formance, as long as there are any left.
The play concerns three men and three women as
piring actors and actresses who, because of financial in
security, are forced to share an apartment. The apartment
is directly above that of a Broadway producer whose current
t 'Iff f . snow is a Dig success, ine enure
Iieailll UeparilllCIll play revolves about the humorous
Offers One-Week
Museum Digs Into Qn c. Way Ideas
rhe UmversJtr State Museum is it-iClIfSC OCIXOOV
manner in which these young peo
ple attempt to act for and be
hired by this Broadway producer.
X.TT-ciT-.ff rViiirssAc Their apartment, meanwhile, is
Two post summer session tice their ambitions.
courses in home nursuuE will be? A number of changes in the
The University State Museum is
conducting a two-pronged raves-
conducted by the University Pub- cast have taken place since Erst
lie Health Department in coopera- announced in the Summer Ne-
Xicxx with the American Red Cross, orassan two weess ago. a wo new
The courses, under the direc- faces have been added.
&m of Patricia Wall will beein S Nancy Dark will play the part
July 28 and run through August of Muriel Fester and Jim Toroa-
fU lraa rucea u jar'ior.f said one expediuoo is
Of Sales For XT Company fJS
two-prongea raves- n 7 7 T I I: and August 4 throuEh Ausust 9. sek will play Arthur Kenney. The
tition into Nebraska's past this irOUl HI ICt. II One hour of University credit other change in the cast occurred
Iwm be szven taose wno oesire n,wmn imiij uogooa win m,ion.
. ?
TC Prot: Talks
At Conference
Nebraska's public schools
He addressed a conference armmw Nebraskan.
In aiSi?"" to excavaticjn work
for fossils of the prehistoric ani
mals, this group is assisting in
preparing two buildings at Fort,
Robinson which are to be the per
manent field bead quarters for
Museum expeditions) j
Dr. Scbultr, in general charge'
of both field parties, says two im-
teortant developments have marked
the excavation work at tne Meai-:
:cxne Creek Dam.
J The first Is the cSscovery of the
NEW YOEK. Arthur C Brran,"fixst complete skull. wiJh the core'
a graduate of the University of of the boras still attached, of a
Nebraska College of Engineering,1 type of bisca now extinct. The
faas been appointed vice president bison was larger than the bison
in charge of sales for the jSatmnal first seen by the white man. I
remains of animals living lhere:
between 20 and 40 million years
ago. j
These include three-toed horses,,
rhino, camels, and oreodonts. The.
latter group is now extinct but re-i
motely related to today's bog ana
A second expedition is invesli- land Teachers held in Love Library!
gating campsites contammg evt-jjjjfcjriyjj
dence of early Indians, and ani-3 The traffic Droblem. s&id Dr.
mals such as bison, in. the vicinity , Seed, is this: Many Nebraska par
of Medicine Creek Dam near Cam-L, seeln jj have the idea that;
crodge. once taxes to support education
but use coarse is limited to nurses. Kelson exchanged parts. T.anf7irei
teachers, group leaders, and un- now plays Norman Reese and Net-
dergraduates with special per- son js Mr. Coburn, the politician,
mission. IjThe remainder of the cast, un-
suffering from a traffic problem;- M w-ji ; Tmsnonrr Build-'BM o Umb w-
with ideas not automobiles r.lf?!? Temporary iu- w d k- Pr.
- -.--j .i T-3 ;;ia? C Siaor Tins im Mane Bonn: Bracr
in fuxsa m. ux uiutomV FWlhw irfonrvatiofl will be Dome CaibBa; Hwirii Ftidhr
Teachen Colleee said Thursdav. I tn-Oicr iciorroauoo w oe Jtm m
given in the July 24 issue of the . j.
sponsored by the University and
I sue jixeorasKa -cmgres5 vi tmivxns
Carbon Company, a dMsios of the,
Union Cartode sad Carbon Cor-;
Bryan, a native of Mindwn.
Neb, has been with the company
in various sales activities since
IS3S. Be started as an industrial
salesman in the Chicago office.
and has held poa tiaras since in theibeem determined that the Indians
offices in Cleveland, Kansas City oocupied these campsites between:
and New York. itJOi'H and lfl,O00 years ago. j
The second development is that
another campsite level at the "Bed
iSmoke Site" has been uncovered,1
bringing to twelve the number of.
human habitation levels found
there thus far.
are paid tziey bave aiscaargea
their duty to the little red school
The cast contains an almost
PriTCs Till! iflf lUniversiSy students and sumnner
m. Ma iumuiv '(session students. Fink, Laegdon,
Phi Delta Kappa will bold its Misses Boot. Pratt and Kaufman,
summer uutiatioa and picnic at Xelson and Tomasek are here for
Pioneers Park Tuesday at 5 p-m. jthe summer session only. The re-
The meeting will be held at the mainder of the cast has attended
group of tables near the conces-;the regular term in addition to
siom stand. ' their summer classes.
The initiation will begin at 5, it is interesting to note that, for
njm the picnic supper at 6 and'fhe most oart. the cast members
The tear-Kers seem to feel that at 7 PJa, Dr. Mati Caishman, pro-'are not theater majors. Chuck
otooe they have given a pupSL the'fessor of Kriucatann at Iowa State .'Huestis is an Arts and Sciences
required course of instruction 'i College and the National Secre- jseoior and Jim Rsley is a Pfaar
their fe3r is fimndwi. tary of Phi Delta Kappa, wfll niacy College senior.
Bere we have ooe-way streets,' pP to roup on the sub-j Jim Tomasek has been stodyimg
Dr Beed said. iWbat our boys j4- Tbe National Program f .for the ministry at St. Louis, and
and girls Deed is a broad two-waj, L15 r3 fP;" - - . "Malinda Root teaches school dur-
streetwhich will give parents and; S? Z01 JTUC-WS Jzi be faa and spri semesters.
SSrslSoflorto ex-1afJ?TLK
change ideasT liJfTfSi T Hea Fischell are all enroled
ZltTiy s- ! before axn. Monday. in Teachers College.
bearsal periods, but with extra
energy and enthusiasm on the part
of the cast, be said, the perform
ances of next week wul uphold
the tradition of the University
235 Booh Volumes Gone From
Booh Nook-Valued At $400
f Uawa Activities Director)
Attention all borroweasS 1 1
The books in the Book Hook are
for your leisure reading tteae. They'
are there to be picked up and,
"MMrail TrS tfHMt M?f tfSflWA Mr7?ffl wfni
leave. J
This way everyone, instead cf
Juct a few. will bave the oppor
tunity to enjoy fctae latest books.
From heaps of charred bone.'ity actksa. The P.T-A. be said,
baked earth, and stone tools it has 'can give Nebraska a '"two-way
street in ideas which will give
teachers and parents a shared re-
possibility in helping our chil
dren mature to responsible, con
structive citizenship.'
The conference also beard a re
port on the National Citizens Com-j
mission for the Pubuc
from its regional director.
H- Hartaing; and a panel discus-l
skm by Dr. Galen Sayior of the'
marked Stodent Union. Bring
these books hack to the Book:
iwiA uukk j4ils M&aw nnwnni UK1CI
Mostly new and recent fiction;
and noia fiction books are missing;
rozn ,tbe Nook. For example,:
there' is only one volume of the
new CfcurtbiH series left.
ways m the borne, in the church,!
and in many other ewnasimity - Forrea IJcaellan Will
mentirg and broa'dpniTig bis scbooljAadress I Cr Meeting
instruction. I Rev. Forrest McOeQan uf M3-
Dr. Beed urged parents andlford w21 fang aod speak for the irk.,.-
Beacners no mase ine r.i-A. aa, later-varsasy tannsaan j-euow- risv n :
ship this evening. funion baioam at 8 pa each
Eev. McCJellan has served s'luibt, will be given in the arena
stale president of fine AssemblyljstagSjQg style with the stage in the
of God Young People as well as center, surrounded by the audi
pastor of various churches This seating arrangement is
tiaroaagbwut the stale. Icomiparatively new to the Univer-
The meeting wd be held ia'ssty. It was Initiated in a piano
Room 335 of use student vtaen,iQaattxit production in the col-
effective izstruinent for cominwm-l
beginning at 7:30 pjxt.
discus-". ... ,
r An old Irishman collapsed on
schools, ma Mr. liartung.
seum last spring.
low should be revived. One in the
crowd, .""Maggie O'Reilly, kept
shooting, "Give the poor man
wtuskey! But no one paid arc
Doctor: "Good moroiEg, nurse, attention to her. Finally the man
from the Itook and are valued at,. beginning ouSed hlmse'J up on one elbow
-TTi i i s close to i-4-03. The lihraxy cur- irsin mamieiojisraess. Ee fust and sa'i wenly. "TTiH the lot o
duct a search of your owa and see'renily bas 559 volumes ratted at tried to blow the foam off his ye hM -7- tand let
if you can fend books lying around 1500. 'medicine. Ore-' y
Union Calendar
Thursday, Jaly IT
11:45 p-m.
CRAFT SHOP open. 4-9 pjn.
LOTS, -After and Before," 4
Sunday, Jury 2f
O'clock High." TJfO pjn.
Jaly 21, 12, 23
f the Frying Pan," 8 P-m.