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    -Thursday, June 19, .952
NU, Tiger Baseballers
Cop District 5 Honors
Reynolds, Dunn, Decfcer
Named To '52 All Stars
MU Fails In
Title Bid; Holy
Cross Wins
Tomorrow Is Final Date For
Summer Sports Registration
Cancellation Of
Softball, Ping-Pona
May Be Forced
Missouri and Nebraska baseball T I O I II f M.IM.M.J JLJM. 1 1 J- KJ I
players dominated the District
Five All-Star baseball team in!
1952. i
Three were named from each!
school by the coaches of the
NCAA Fifth District, A. J. L- failed in its attempt to holdthe are approximately 340 high school Jugate toefact that music and cancellation of the softball and
As many of you have observed celled both as athletes and as
A lack of interest in the sum-
y mm m i mitcittone thAtf racnAAfiira
The. tTniviHrih,, nf Xti.T-i """ k;k .k iT..i ;i mer sports program may lorce
Collegiate World Series champion-'boys and girls on the University athletics can work in harmony for table tennis tournaments,
Missouri and Nebraska finished snjp title in the Big 7, Tuesday campus
ne-rwo in we tug aen um- night, when Holy Cross nosed
ference race.
Kent Kurtz of Missouri was the
nearest to a unanimous choice,
Kam O 4 m. m
Missouri, Big 7 champions and University personnel. Yet it is
District 5 representatives
studying music, speech, the betterment of the individual.
and art under the guidance of
fa-! Union To Present
in the teresting to note that a great ma- gfef f
getting seven of the eight votes, series, prcvea nara u neat as wey lonty oi the Doys enrolled in me wiiisiviii
Bob Reynolds, Nebraska second "J"! ,ne same unui mc ev- All-State Fine Arts Course do not C Cnr Jm,
cker, polled four votes, two of nth which time tbey faterests actMties reOTUre dUnOOy
n w chnrtrtmv nnp for sec-! wading 4 to 3. That was the . . I
w onH w i third ha cnd H though, as the Crusaders to
. . . . . 1 ... 4
AlUlOUgn a loui ui uure uui- and 4,
fielders were listed by the various
coaches, Jerry Dunn, Nebraska , Missouri had heen unbeaen in
f,p" .the tournament until Monday
music, speech, and an. Many
3 mns in the seventh of the boys have left enviable ath-
mre in the ninth to ietic records behind them in their
various high schools.
According to a Physical Educa
tion Department report only one
individual has registered for the
ping-pong tournament and only
one team has entered the softball
The closing date for registration
in both the softball and the table
tennis tourneys is Friday.
If no more en. r es file at the
Physical Educ i'on office, Room
few names at random
Junior Wren and
of Missouri led the balloting' :V4 ., t i Taking a
Dunn and Wren each polled five LJ, of , ;,eakeni Tige hurler we can see that the fellas are
vntK 41 -j4i- s j . eauallv proficient in the music
in uic maui limine anu went on .1 ,
ii mA rv 4 n 4. . 6 room as on the athletic
TWnkpr of Missouri and Jack In firt nwti-- n il, oerry
t iihHixr nf Tnwa Ctat Ranker 4nail 1rl IVU Klcnnr! a
By Marilyn Moomey
(Union Activities Director)
ine rum feature Sunday win 102. the sofiball j.nd tine-Done
offer an opportunity to see a tournaments will be cancelled,
movie which is different from the Entries for the tennis touma
usual run of films. ment mav sfill be entered at the
The "Dance Film Festival" P. E. buHin. The closing date
offers a gala program of modern for filings is July 2.
field. ,ance ar,d classical ballet on the
Syracuse was i,,c pB"m c'nciua tx-turopean Chaplain
frtrtt. wiu iiiim Liii oiiyucis, ., -
rsDie oi me i-eacocK,' -ine io Muc-r3SS iVLr Meet
s Pavane," and "The Des-t . ,
w i th4 fin J MrnTof the 1952 l Heart," as danced by Ula-( nev: ,.lsaac naerson wno
ber m the final g ame of the 195Z Valerie -nd' Aus served five years as a chaplain m
run average of 0.84. froreed to play tw games Snnday, gTT 1 Muad which com- BaMet Groups. w "r, g aa T T
Marion Moss of Oklahoma tm the donble elimination iey Syraf faut"XtbTu rec- The music taken from the War . y1 address the Inter
AiTM ?th an rned run average whfle Mwsonri took the day off. i 'Lll works of Tschaikovsky. Straus Varsity Christian Fellowship
- - . u . . ... ora auruie witr i7f . . -
of 1.93 in 65 innings, had a t-lf ine Missouri joss Kept ine tig Gerrv nlavs saxaohone in the All-i-' pul ana imsKy-K.orsaKov
averase and an earned run mark Seven from acquiring the trophy ."17 Cfff PJll ?.-a Don't let the title frighten y
of 1.93. Nebraska was the only two years in a row. Oklahoma , , "
ream toiwiu , . J Tom Hcbard, another sax
selected by tne coacnes. Bt. I player, of Nebraska City, is well
... . ' K 7, uugn V.I1UI If IUI1UUV known to fans in that area as a
k ktz. Miuoan . 2 m is 23 13 jb m-, wt in Collet - bv F.r- top-flight defensive halfback and Union Ballroom, free to alL The 1943 to 1948.
as on tne
Dahmke of
member of the Syracuse
won 8 and lost one with an earned edf, tneCrnsader, 1 to ,The JfiSt:lW
run average oi wim ent noiy iron on we ions , . 4 " t
had a 4-0 re
, .weekly meeting.
frichten vou Kev. Anderson, whose present
'away as the movie is verv enter- -ome is in Annandale, Minn., is
taining as well as being "a great here attending the Field Mobiliza
classic. Don't miss the opportu- tion course which the University
nity to see it. lis offering for reserve army of-
It will be shown at 7:30 in the Hcers. He served in turope from
Bob Rfmoidk NikJ ' 2S 2 17 .372 1
j .r, ; II J II c.l S01ICI1&1V-I VIIU. lit IS auns ail VUl.- ,r n irAu4ro C..n,l -:l I Tha ivutinil uKi,h Drill hcM
. r. i v 'K, JI -ii 14 13 11C31 1 1I VtTIIlrflill aura rrff-I It J1 oal-. . . . . -. . t.ui xw iivak kiunuaj wiul( "v- iv6. " " ' "
iZU ri.: 5Tif is 21 5 is ter West, will be reviewed by standing swimmer ana weguara. Razor.s Edge," starring at 7:30 p.m. today in Room 315,
j-w . iii rf 5?? ?? " H? 'Is? Arthur J Vmni in th fanihv Larry Jones, an acrompiLsnea.Tyrone Power and Gcn xiernev. Union, is open to the public.
member of that high school's state
t m.. . i t j chamnionshin track scuad. He ran
. . w t "it '
joh. Riotfl.' Ofcmm c 30 13 10 .433 lounge
Vennix in the
Monday afternoon
w s.m m 72 m mm 173 The book is based on a survey -. r " ,:
XX iT u II to 0 4 of VS. college graduates made by anchor on Sidney's winning relay
Three of the selections, Junior,TIME magazine and analyzed, by VJVS5
Wren and Don Boenker of Mis- tne Columbia university Applied r' V J '
and Jerry Dunn of e- sociai Kesearcn uepanmenu n J
for claims to be the first complete . , ,
souri and Jerry
braska were recommended
All America consideration.
study of college graduates ever'
mom athlete at All-State is Lou
Sports Shorts
This week's sports short will!
be -Big Fish," "fishing tun,
and "fishing Thrill."
Snort sport films saeh aj
these are shown each Thnrs-
day, in the Union lonnge, from
11:4$ am. to 12:15 THej
are free of eharge.
NU Purchases Science
Research Instrument
S'i Z, . . V-T . Dunkak of Omaha. Lou was an
T fZ'nJill outstanding basketball player and
"They Went to College "ld baseball pfayer for Omaha South
help to dispel some of the tables , hteVaduation this spring.
surroundTnig hi g he r education , , f the Omaha Metz
such a, that the i educated do not JunioT,Lion baseball squad, Lou
.rri. ni tfcJT Sr. i?. attracted so much attention with
marriage nu!L that Phi Beta Kap- his pitcYling ability that he was
pas are most likely to succeed, and offcT a contract by the Omaha
many others. ICardinals. But Lou turned the
Mr. Vennix, who is the Iivi-icontract down so that he m??ht
Homiumranra acu.i oiu- rtudy piano He is one of the fin-
dies Room at Love library, has .k.i tAuk,
v .4 n.s ika
iy.i i i.ivcriKujr i" writer has heard in many ar
He received his B.A. degree;
from Jordan College in 1938 and
I could go on for qui't
Studen ts
his M.A. degree from the Univer- mentioning such names hi Don
The University of Nebraska is rfty of Denver in 1949 following Geis of Beaver Crossing an l Lloyd
purchasing an important research military service in Europe. Castner of Ashland who have ex-
imtrumiwt with a gin oi n,"uv
from - Mrs. Margaret Wheeler
Casady of Des Moines, la.
The instrument is an infrared
spectrophotrymeter. Mrs. Casady'i
gift to the University of Nebraska
Foundation will be supplemented
with an additional $4,000 from the
Foundation's Mortimer 3. Brown
Fund. The instrument costs
115,000. research tool will xiravWe
University sctentiils in the field
of physics, chemitlry and biology
a qukk and efficient twthod of
dterminin the composition or
archite-tre of ' molw!. Oibw
nwans are more cumixwtme and
Mrs. Caady made the gift to
the University fn wm'try of her
orad brotbers, HiJand H.
Whwelw of Llwoln nd Maon
Whiter oi Seattle. The gift if
alto in spprt-dAtion of the chira-tim-A
tipfxiriumiy ottered ber
brothers wl herself by th Uni
versity li'rtcoln Students Have
AH-State Scholarships
Three Lincoln high school ttu
4ent are recipient ft Dftlta Orc.i
ertm mmie wbolanehlps to th
Univrity All-StaU IUh School
Fit Arts Omrae now in tension.
TYtey ', Gail Katk f Cen
tral iliah School, and Jo Anne
Jensen and Joy llaupt of North-
Th scJiolarships ar part of
national progrsn of interesting
prom 1 ng ctudent in summer
-rtiic camps.
The Lincoln awards ere oe
fr? Sfned to encourage Nebraska
high school rtudenU to play
tri7ged Instmments.
The students were selected from
reeommendationji made by music
'wrvisTi In the Lincoln schools.
You are invited to make use
of the facilities of our bank.
We will be pleased to serve
you whether or not you
maintain an account here.
Member FcOcrat Immrttu Cffntkm
10th & O Street Since 1871
m pltfnSi-- lI ,
fti GOLD'S Year-round Shop
by Kay Ashton
Style Shotcn :
graeefuliy styled for
eomfort. Soft tailreI
details, ftewn pleats in
front, flanged al the
fthoulders and a rounded
eollar. Thi hut ton
front elaie comes
in soft summer shade.
12 to 20,
16Y2 to 242
GOLD'S Year-round Shp...SeeBl Floor