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Wednesdoy, May 14, 1952
Track Team
Weak Weir
Assistant Sports Editor
Track Coach Ed Weir is "hoping
to be lucky enough to get the same
position we had in the indoor
meet" in the Big Seven outdoor
track and field championships
Friday and Saturday at Norman,
The Husker track tutor was
deeply concerned Tuesday about
the number of squad members
who have been on the sick and
injured list, and said that his
team is "simply not ready for a
championship meet."
- Coach Weir spoke words of
praise for the consistently good
efforts of several Nebraska track
and field athletes. Among those
mentioned were Don Bedker, Lee
Moore, Paul Grimm, Cliff Dale
and Glenn Beerline.
Bedker and Moore are seniors
and will be competing in their last
college track meet.
Hurdle ace Bedker performed
remarkable in the Big: Seven in
door meet, winning every race
he entered in preliminary, semi
final and final heats. He reipns
as conference indoor champ in
both the low and high sticks. He
failed to letter during- his sopho
more year at Nebraska.
Moore, Nebraska's top miler and
880 man, turned in an outstanding
half mile clocking at the indoor
meet at Kansas City. He churned
the distance in 1:56.3, his best ef-
Track Coach Ed Weir indicated
Tuesday that his Husker squad
will be in poor condition for the
conference track championship
meet this week end. The Ne
braska squad has been plagued
by sickness and injury.
'B' Squad Completes
Undefeated Season
The Nebraska "B" baseball
team, coached by Ed Berg, con
cluded its season activities Tues
day with an unblemished record.
Although playing a limited
schedule, the Bees showed pow
er in rolling over Milford Trade
school 13-3 and 16-0 and by
nosing out Wesleyan, the Mid
west Conference champion, 2-1.
The return match with Wes
leyan, scheduled for Monday, May
12, was canceled at the Metho
dists' request.
Intrasquad games, designed to
get a better line on prospects for
Tony Sharpe's varsity squad next
spiing, were played Monday and
:-Fred Seger, a part-time var
sity performer this year, looms
as the best bet to capture a
regular spot on the Husker var
sity in 1953. Seger appears likely
, to succeed Ray Mladovich at
the shortstop post.
Denny Korinek, Jack Crawford,
Walt Finke and Don Becker
should wage quite a battle for the
outfield spots left vacant by the
graduation of Bob Diers, Jerry
Dunn and Milt Frei.
The "B" team outfielders will
have to compete with holdover
varsity members Jim Cederdahl
and Dick Christoph. Cederdahl,
presently a catcher, will be given
a thorough trial to break into the
Husker outer garden according to
Sharpe's plans for the future.
Top catching prospects on the
"B" team include Jerry Sand
bnlte and Chuck Jensen. Im-
Robinson, Phil
Rizzuto Lead
NL, AL Hitters
Two veterans, Shortstop rnn
Rizzuto of the New York Yankees
and Second Baseman Jackie Rob
inson of the Brooklyn Ddgers, top
the American and National League
batting races. .
Rizzuto and Robinson each
enjoys a seven-point lead. Rlz
suto is hitting .351 and Robin
son has posted a .393.
Al Rosen, the powerhouse third
baseman of the Cleveland Indians,
moved from fifth to a second place
tie at .344 with Eosion s x
Maggio. Rosen also leads the!
American League in home runs
with eight and runs batted in, iO.
Hank Sauer, Chicago, tops the
National League in runs batted in
with 27 and Andy Pafko of Brook
lyn leadt in homers, with 7.
The five leading batsmen (based
on 40 at bats):
Flayer end Onb A" "J "
Kicw York i l
IHMaulo. BoMoe ' " -2"
MHchell. Ck.eland
Wootn. N" Vork ' M"
Plww and lb A" " .
Tti.blnw.ii. Hrouklra ;J M11
I M. It. ' J, J jS
. . li tinclnuii ....... '
fort up to that time. All season
Lee has been one of the most
dependable NU scorers.
Grimm and Dale, who carry
the biggest share of the load for
the Husekrs in the weights, will
be cdunted upon for points in
the outdoor championships. Both
have possibilities of turning in
blue ribbon performances in
their respective pet events.
One of the biggest disappoint
ments which resulted from the in
door meet for Nebraska fans was
the fact that Glenn Beerline failed
to score. Coach Weir described it
as "just one of those days" for
junior broad jumper.
Beerline has come close to 24
feet in meets this spring, and
should pick up valuable points for
the Cornhuskers.
Irv Thode, another junior
broad jump star, scored In the
Big Seven indoor carnival and
should again place at Oklahoma
this week end. He is closely fol
lowed by Hoppy McCue, frosh
Several of the squad members
have missed a considerable num
ber of practices due to sickness
and injury. Bnen HendricKson,
freshman sprinter who is entered
in the 100. 220 and relay events,
has just recovered from measles.
Thode and Phil Heidelk. hign
lumper, have had trouble with in
juries, and Jim Hurley, quarter-
miler, has asthema. Moore nas
shin splints which may slow him
down, and Gaylord Smith may
stay home nursing a leg injury.
Tentative entries for the meet:
Mile run: Lee Moore, John
440-yard dash: Buele Balder
ston, Jim Hurley, Eugene Mc
Cue. 100-yard dash: Brien Hend
rickson, Phil Heidelk, Bob Fair
child. 120-yard high hurdles: Don
Bedker, Gaylord Smith, Dan
880-yard run: Dale Schnackel,
Lee Moore.
220-yard dash: Brien Hend
rickson, Phil Heidelk, Bob Fair
child. - 2-mile run: Don Wilcox, Har
old Sampson, Clayton Scott.
220-yard low hurdles: Don
Bedker, Gaylord Smith, Dan
Shot put: Paul Grimm, Cliff
Da'e, Tom Stoup.
Discus: Cliff Dale, Tom Stoup,
James Tangdall.
Javelin: No entry.
Hijrh Jump: Phil Heidelk,
Darrell Moreland, Bob Sand,
Stan Matzke.
Pole vault: Jim Hofstetter,
Jim Sommers, Robert Seldon.
Broad jump: Glenn Beerline,
Eugene McCue, Irving Thode.
proving rapidly at the season's
end, Sandbulte and Jensen
should engage in a warm argu
ment for the second string back
stop job.
Ron Smith, Ray Weigert, Don
Mnenster. Bob Kremke and Bob
Gleason seem to have the neces
sary "stuff" to make them strong
contenders for 1953 mound duty.
Smith, the only lefthander of
the group, Weigert, hard-throwing
righthander, and Kremke
combined talents to halt Mil
ford with a no-hit Job in the
16-0 game.
Virg Gottsch, Elkhorn, and
Chad Taylor, Omaha, should make
serious bids for starting infield
mpnts next vear. Transfer
students, they were ineligible for
"B" team games this season.
Main Feature Clock
State: "The River," 1:26, 3:31,
5:36. 9:28. "Sneak," 7:40.
Varsity: "The San Francisco
Story," 1:47, 3:54, 5:43, 7:41, 9:39
IZUa ruscHTJimmr!
3 ' lli
WINDING UP HUSKER PLAY . . . Jerry Dunn (left) and Ray
Mladovich, senior members of Coach Tony Sharpe's baseball
squad, will finish their college baseball careers Friday and Satur
day against Colorado. Dunn is an outfielder and Mladovich a
team in 1950. Other seniors on the team are Milt Frei and Bob
shortstop. Both men played on Nebraska's Big Seven champion
ship team in 1950. Other seniors on the team are Milt Frei and Bob
Diers, both outfielders.
Tigers Defeat
The Husker baseball team
dropped its fourth road engage
ment in as many games Tuesday
afternoon to the Missouri Tigers,
Pitcher Dick Atkinson struck
out 16 Husker batters in lead
ing his mates to the victory.
He was hit hard by the Corn
husker batters, however. They
collected 10 hits, including three
doubles and a triple.
Outdoor Champ Too?
iiiMnuiii..iui.,iiiiimiwiiuiW!jiw a
f' I
i. i.iT,.iM.i..Hflraii.r nniwmm.. i n M.MilllTii)illiliimiim1lii-'imi1til WlllllllWll V- ffHiiltil
champion high and low hurdler, will attempt to score a aouDie
win again Friday and Saturday at the Big Seven outdoor track and
field meet at Norman. Bedker went undefeated in both events in
the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals of the indoor meet.
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mmJ ;
Nebraska, 8-5
Missouri iumoed on Nebraska's
innings and he was relieved Dy
Pat Mallette. Maliette scattered
the Tiger club's hits, but allowed
six runs in the remaining six in
nings. Bob Reynolds again led Ne
braska's hitting parade for a to
tal of three hits in five trips, in
cluding one double.
. Don Bedker, Nebraska's indoor
v J u
of Body by Fish:
of Contorpoltt Power
-i i i i 1 r-r rzBRmwn I r n
of Ctntor-Polnf Steering
of Amtrlco'i
Edge Beta Sigs, Delta Pb
For Divisional Crowns
Intramural Sports Columnist
A crazily hopping ball and a
long fly drove home the runs that
netted Delta Tau Delta and the
Ag. Men's Club a place in the All
University- finals in the intramur
al softball tournament. The Delts
and Aggies were both forced into
extra innings before capturing
their respective softball divisional
titles Monday night. A day of rest
is in store for the two teams be
fore their meeting for the All-U
championship scheduled for Wed
nesday afternoon.
Both teams well deserved their
day of leisure after the two
gueling contests. In both cases, the
losing teams refused to be beaten
in the regular six innings. The
Delts were forced to go three ex
tra frames while the Aggies had to
play one extra chucker.
Delta Tau Delta fought from
behind to defeat Beta Sigma
Psi, 3-2 in nine innings, for the
Fraternity crown while the Ag
Men won the Independent title,
4-3 in seven innings from Delta
Sigma Pi. t
George Karabatsos was the
hero of the Delt victory over the
Beta Sigs. Jerry Yeager and Hans
Mathiesen led off the ninth for
the Delts by walking to put Beta
Sig pitcher, Spike Dannehl, in his
fifth straight jam in as many con
secutive innings. Karabatsos then
rapped Dannehl's next pitch down
the first base-line.
Beta Sig first-sacker, Frank An-
dresen, streaked over and camped
on first base and it appeared that
Karabatsos would be an easy out.
It wasn't to be, however, as the
ball bounded at a crazy angle.
struck the bag and bounced over
Andresen's shoulder while Yeager
raced around third and home to
It was a pitcher's duel all the
way between Delt Keith Skalla
and Dannehl. Dannehl, although
the losing pitcher, turned in the
top hurling performance but
was victim of bad breaks and
costly errors. The Spiker al
lowed but four hits while strik
ing out seven and walking five.
Skalla allowed six hits, but
spaced them eflectively and con
tinually pitched himself out of
tight situations. He struck out 11
and walked eight.
The Beta Sigs jumped to a 1-0
lead in the first inning as Dannehl
drove a screaming double into
center field to send Roland Bei
deck home from first base.
It was all tied up in the bot
tom of the first as lead-offer
Mathieson doubled and then
scored as Beta Sig second-baseman
Les Roberts muffed Karabat
sos' slow grounder.
The score stood tied until the
fourth when the Beta Sigs grabbed
their only other tally. Del Toeb
ben led off with a single and ad
vanced to third as Roberts walked
and Owen Otto beat out an in
field hit.
Rich Eggert struck out but
the situation was still serious.
Dick Pearson, the hitting star
of the day, then bounced a slow
grounder towards first. Max
Kennedy, Delt keystone man,
fired the ball into home in an
ad Lin
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1 aj
effort to get Toebben but it was
too late and the bases were still
loaded with one tally chaked up.
Yeager, playing left field for the
Delts, saved what could have been
, the winning run from crossing the
plate on the next play. Harvey
Kroeller drove a long fly into left
and Roberts tagged up at third,
ready to streak home. Yeager shot
under the ball and then instead
of merely catching the fly, he
juggled the ball while running
toward the infield. When he final-!
ily gained control of the ball and
'stopped running he was but.
twenty yards beyond third base'
and Roberts had no chance to go
home. Skall then got the final out
as Andresen grounded out to sec
ond. Skalla drove home the tying'
run in the fifth inning personally.!
With one out, Mathieson was hit
by a pitch. Karabatsos, next up,
forced Mathieson at second. On a
wild pitch, Karabatsos advanced
to second to set the stage for a
single over the center by Skalla
that enabled Karabatsos to score.
Both pitchers were in continual
trouble from then on till the Delts
finally won. The losers had men
on first and third with two out in
the sixth inning before Kroeller
popped out to the catcher.
In the top of the seventh they
got men on first and second with
one out before Skalla got Toeb
ben to fly out and Roberts to
ground out. The eighth was
more of the same as with one
out, there were Beta Sigs on
first and third. Catcher Gerry
Paulson of the Delts made a
spectacular catch of Kroeller's
pop foul and then Dave Olson
in right field snagged Andresen's
deep liner to end the inning.
Lead-off man, Beideck, reached
first on a walk in the top of the
ninth but the losers could not get
him around.
The Delts had men on second
base in each of the sixth, seventh
and eighth innings with no outs,
but succumbed to the slants of
Dannehl before the run could
cross the plate.
Only Pearson collected more
than one hit in the contest as the
Beta Sig right-Lelder clouted
three singles in four trips to the
A long fly to right field by
Ag Men Don Lees in the top of
the seventh inning drove in
Dick Niemeier with the winning
tally and gave Aggies the Inde
pendent title. Niemeier started
the winning rally by "ling
with one out. He advai to
third as Gene Pierson s ;led
and the sacks were loaded as
Lloyd Van Vleck was walked.
Less then flew out in deep right
and Niemeier tagged up after
the catch and streaked across
the plate with the winning run.
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The champions fought back from
a 1-0 deficit with single runs in
the third, fourth and fifth innings
while the Delta Pi's tied the court
twice with single tallies in the
fourth and sixth frames.
Ken Neff scored the first run of
the contest as the Delta Pi speed
ster lashed a triple to lead off the
second inning and then scored on
an infield out. The first Aggie run
crossed the plate in the person of
Jim Peters in the third as Peters
singled, stole second and then
scored on an error and an infield
It was 2-1 for the Ag Men after
the top of the fourth as Lees
walked, stole second and advanced
home on Carl Leising's single. A
double by Jim Runyan led off the
Delta Pi fourth. Runyan took sec
ond on Ken Pascall's sacrifice and
then scored as an Aggie outfielder
muffed a fly ball off the bat of
Phil Rieland.
The Aggies duplicated the
Delta Pi feat in their half of the
fifth with Christian Yamate get
ting the hit and scoring the run
as Pierson's fly was missed.
Pinch-hitter Don Loomis led off
the Delta Pi sixth with a single
that gave the losers a fighting
chance. Runyan then singled -behind
Loomis and there were run
ners on first and third. Pascall
used the sacrifice to perfection
again as he squeezed Loomis home
with the tying run that put the
game into extra innings.
Pitchers Rich Jiskra and Rollie
Haas kept control of the game,
spacing the hits well and allowing
no more than one run in any one
inning. Jiskra, on the mound for
the winning Aggies, allowed but
five hits while striking out five
and walking no-one. Haas was
touched for eight hits as he struck
out four and walked two men.
Niemeier, Leising and Peters
collected two hits apiece for the
victors while Runyan managed
two safeties off the slants of
Wednesday will see the All
University championship tussle
between the two Monday win
ners. The contest is scheduled
for 5 p.m. on field one, just west
of the Coliseum. As in Monday's
two terrific clashes, it will be a
battle of two strong pitchers in
Jiskra and Skalla.
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