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Gommiffee Clarifies
May 5 Election Rules
Rules for the May 5 elections
have been further clarified by Don
Noble, Student Council elections
committee member.
Junior Class Treasurer
"." Sue Holmes, John Rasmussen
and Mike Lawlor have filed for
.the positions of junior treasurer.
Filings were reopened Wed
Tiesday after an administrative
error placed Jim Watson on the
ballot as. junior, instead of sen
ior, treasurer candidate.
Allan Garfinkle remain on the
ballot also as a candidate for jun
ior treasurer.
Student Council
Allan Wirsig and John Savage
have been disqualified as candi
dates from Engineering college for
Student Council representatives.
Savage had earned 84 hours at
the end of th& first semester and
Wirsig earned 90 hours. Accord
ing to Noble, this automatically
makes them juniors. Only sopho
To Speak
On da Vinci
' Dr. W. S. Heckscher, from the
Institute of Advanced Study at
Princeton university, will speak
at an open seminar in Love li
brary at 3 p.m. Friday.
This seminar will be part of
the series connected with the
500th anniversary of the birth
. it v . . . mi A '- -
oi Leonard aa vinci. ine topic
wiH be "Pearl Symbolism in the
Dr. Heckscher also spoke Thurs
day evening on "Anatomical Rep-
nardo." This was not a medical
discourse but rather used allu
sions found in contemporary and
classic art literature.
Professor Hal Wilmeth of the
University Art department gave
the second lecture commemor
ating da Vinci Wednesday even
ing. "The Man Behind the Myth"
was the topic for the first speech
of this series. Dr. Adam Skapski,
professor of physics at the Uni
versity, took exception to the ac
claim accorded Leonard da Vinci
as a reknown man of art, science
and literature not on the basis
of his achievement but on his
Yearbook Staff
Interviews Set
Today, 4 P.M.
Interviews for Cornhusker ap
plicants will begin at 4 p.m. Fri
day sn Union, Room 315.
Committee on student publica
tions will talk to students who
have applied, for business staff
positions first and move into the Applications for the 20 paid
list of editorial applications about positions on The Daily Nebras
4:45 p.m. Ikan staff are due in the office of
In the business denartment a
nuuiaer (,nd assistant manager
will tx apjointed.
The new editorial staff has been
enlarged over those of previous
years. A photography editor and i""a """ "
head photographer both will be,edltr- Prts ?ltr . assistant
employed on the 1953 staff.
A new editor, associate editor
and three managing editors will
be appointed by the committee.
Section editors, layout editor,' copy
writers and photographers will be
appointed by the new staff.
Madrigal To Present
Hindemith Chansons
The first performance of its type'Eroadcasting System to sing a na-
J .L I n . in l : i . . i. n a: , , . . . .
in una aiM wm ue givtrii uic
university Maangai bmgers wnen
it presents a group of "Six Chan
sons" by Hindemith at its annual
spring concert Friday.
The Hindemith songs are
modern and require superior
technical skill on the part of
Other selections on the program
range from the 15th century to
some modern radio arrangements.
They are: "My Bonnie Lass She
Smileth," Morkey; "O Softly Sing
ing Lute," Pilkington; "Come
Away, Death," Williams; "In
These Delightful, Pleasant
Groves," Purcell; "Charm Me
Asleep," Leslie; "The Blue Bird,"
Stanford; "O What a Lovely Magic
Hath Been Here," Bantock; "I
Love My Love," Hoist; and the
"Six Chansons," by Hindemith
"The Doe," "A Swan," "Since All
Is Passing," "Springtime," "In
Winter" ar.d "Orchard,"
Since they were organized four
years ago by their director, David
Foltz, the organization has twice
been selected by the Columbia
7&th end South
f SAT. NITE $ TO 1
' Dill Albcrs
Aim. 1.00 Tax Inc.
For Everyone. Call 4-2825
mores and freshmen are eligible
to file for Council positions.
Class Standing
Noble announced that the fol
lowing basis would be used to de
termine the class standing of can
didates and voting eligibility:
0 tSRhniihrf Feh 1 "l952
27 to 25 hour's before Feb.
53 to 88 hours before Feb. 1,
1952, junior.
89 or more hours before Feb. 1,
1952 seniors,
Colleges with five year curri
culum may state that students
are juniors when they have two
years left before graduating,
Noble said. For this reason, he
said, the Council will determine
class standing on one basis.
Publicity t
The elections committee has an
nounced the following rules for
1. Candidates may insert paid
advertising in The Daily Ne-
braskan provided they are la
beled "paid political announce
2. Postcards and placards to be
placed in University buildings
All students will vote on the
following proposal at campus
elections May 5:
"To amend Article 4, Section
la of the Student Council Con
sitution concerning college re
presentation to read: 'Pharmacy
one representative."
According to the Council
total enrollment of the Univer
Constitution, 30 per cent of the
sity must vote on the amend
ment before the voting is valid.
To be approved the amend
ment must receive a majority
acceptance of those voting.
J?ust Je approved and stamped by
Dr. George Rosenlof. Approval
is not necessary for posters placed
in organized houses.
3. Candidates are urged to dis
tribute handbills only in the Un-i
ion and in organized houses. They
are not to be distributed in build
ings where they may thrown away
on campus.
5. Candidates may make house
6. No public address systems
from cars or otherwise may be.
7. Any other publicity must
have the approval of the elections
committee. Candidates which fail
to have publicity approved may be
declared in eligible.
Open Forum
The open forum giving stu
dents an opportunity to ask
candidates for Student Council
and class offices questions per
tinent to the election will be
held Thursday instead of Wed
nesday as previously announced.
It will be held at 7:30 p.m. at
the Union.
Nebraskan Filings
To Close April 30
'Public relations, 1125 K street,
upstairs, before 5 p.m. April 30,
Daily Nebraskan positions
available are editor, associate edi
tor, two managing editors, five
ness manager, three assistant busi
ness managers and circulation
Interviews for the various posi
tions vill be held on Tuesday, May
13 at 3 p.m. The place will be
announced at a later date,
uunwine innsimas program.
Madrigal Singers are:
Jolin Moran, Jerry Colling,
Dan Rasdal, Earl Jenkins,
Vaughn Jaenike, tenors; Marjo
rie Danly, Nancy Button,
Janice Fullerton, Janice Wagner,
Virginia Cummings, altos; Peggy
Bayer, Nancy Norman, Joanne
Smith, Gwen Grosshans. Patri
cia Laflin, Gladys Novotny,
Rosemary Castner, sopranos;
Milford Myhre. Robert Van
Voorhis, Robert Brown, bari
tones; Warren Rasmussen, Jack
Anderson, Jack Wells, basses.
Admission to the concert is by
ticket only. Tickets are free and
may be obtained at the Union
main office.
Seniors in Civil Engineering
Fine professional positions
now open. Civil Engineering
degree required. Start any
time. Wide choice of loca
tions in California.
State Personnel Board, 1C15 L Street
Sacramento 14, California
ficae KTlte me t once boot (eherk) i
Jon Immediately after graduation.
......Midsummer examination for later appointment.
iwi I
ir Colics J
Friday, April 25, 1952
Innocents PI on
By MARY JANE McCULLOT'GH (with the approval of the infan
Staff Writer try), and planning to be a doctor
The Innocents expect to be is Gene Johnson. Keichenbach
tackled again this spring but by wants to attend the Institute of
a stronger force, Uncle Sam.
Innocents looking iorwara to a
l)bMy unescapable military
will serve in the artillery. Jack
Cohen and George Wilcox, who
will choose the military police
branch, Gerald Matzke, who will
be inducted into the infantry,
Robert Reichenbach, who prefers And it is back to the farm for
the air force, and Kent Axtell. 1 Jerry Johnson and Rex Messer
Delbert Kopf is already serving smith. Johnson will employ his
with the United States air force, newly acquired agriculture tcch
Those planning to continue with I niques on a farm near Red Cloud,
the books are Dotential lawyers Al Nebraska, Messersmith will go
Blessing, Dick Billig and Matzke
Krueger To Head NUCWA;
Vice Presidency
Joan Krueger was elected presi
dent of the Nebraska University
Council for World Affairs at an
election Wednesday. . .
Jean Sceidel was elected sec
retary of the organization, ana
Pat Allen, treasurer. The office of
president, which was slated to be
filled by the presidential nominee
receiving the second highest num
Recital Given
By 5 Juniors
In Three Parts
Five juniors of the music de
partment presented a recital Tues
day in Social Science auditorium.
The program, given in three parts,
was begun by Charlotte Hervert,
pianist, who played . a series of
numbers. They were:
"Fantasy Opus 49" by Chopin,
and "Le Tombau de CouperinJ'j
which consisted of four parts
"Prelude, Forlane, Minuet and
Donna Gardner, violinist,, ac
companied by Ruthann Lavine,
played "D Minor Concerto No. 2
Opus 44" by Bruch; "Adagio, Ma
Non Troppo, Meditation Opus
32" by Glazounow; "Pantomine
El Amor Brujo" by De Falla-
Kochanski; and "La Capncieuse
Opus 17" by Elgar.
The final numbers were pre
sented by Virginia Ralles, soprano;
Charlotte Hervert, accompanist;
and William Krause, flute obli
gato. Numbers were "There's a
Voice That I Adore," by Rossini,
"The Barber of Seville" by
Strauss," Vieille Chanson" by
Bizet and "The Mad Scene Lucia
di Lammermoor" by Donizetti.
Tassel Filings For Barb, Ag
Vacancies Close
Filings will close Saturday for
barb-at-large vacancies in Tassels.
Unaffiliated girls who wish to
join Tassels can make applica-
Crystal Ball Winners
The following people should
report to The Daily Nebras
kan business office and pick
up their Crystal Ball contest
prizes from last fall. They are:
John Veylopek, John Willock,
Marjorie DcBrunner, Dick
Bush, Richard Peters, and Al
len Hartley.
Ivy Day Song
Song members of the ivy chain
and the daisy chain will sing the
song, "Who Shall Bear the Ivy,"
as a part of the Ivy Day ceremony
Saturday May 3.
The song is sung just before
the members of the court are pre
sented: Who shall bear the ivy vine,
Who shall bear the ivy?
Leaf and tendril interwine,
Who shall bear the ivy.
Oh, to crown the queen of May,
We shall bear the Ivy.
O'er he brow are blossoms gay,
Here we hear the ivy.
Who shall plant the ivy vine,
Who shall plant the green ivy?
In the rain or bright sunshine
Who shall plant the green ivy?
We shall plant the ivy here,
We who bear the ivy.
Green it shall be for man a year,
Where we plant the ivy.
Here we bring our ivy vine
To plant it on a May Day!
Ever more to be a sign
Telling of youth's heyday.
Let us sing our ivy song,
Sing a song of the ivy!
We'll remember all life long
May Day and our ivy.
(Industrial and Labor Relations at
Cornell university.
George Cobel as a chemical en
1 gineer and Wilcox has been hired
by the . Standard Oil Company of.
New York for work in their over -
sea branch.
back to ranching near Alliance,
Still Open
ber of votes, will be filled at a
future election.
Charles Gommon, presidential
candidate, will not return to the
University because of appoint-
rpent to
West Point Military
Filings for the vice presi
dency will open Friday at a'
booth in the Union lobby. Ap
plications for board positions
may be made at the same place
Both filings will end Wednes
day, April 30, at 5 p.m., Vir
ginia Koehler, retiring presi
dent, announced.
Students desiring board posi
tions should sign up for an inter
view when submitting applica
tions. Interviews by new and old
officers will be held Thursday,
May 1, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. in
the NUCWA office.
Miss Krueger, juior in the
College of Arts and Sciences, is
editor of The DailyNebraskan;
president of Delta Sigma Rho,
speech honorary; vice president
of Theta Sigma Phlr journalism
honorary; member of Gamma
Alpha Chi, advertising honor
ary; member of Kappa Tau Al
pha, jouornalism honorary; and
a member of the debate squad.
She is affiliated with Gamma
Phi Beta.
Miss Speidel, affiliated with
Delta Delta Delta, is a junior in
the College of Arts and Sciences,
and a member of Builders and
Women's Athletic association.
'Allen, junior is the College of
Business Administration, is master
of rituals of Alpha Kappa Psi
business fraternity, and is affili
ated with Acacia fraternity. He
headed the Russian delegation et
NUCWA's spring United Nations
tions at the city Union activities
office and the Ag Union.
New Tassel pledges will be
selected from the group of candi
dates who have filed at the an
nual rush tea May 11.
Organized houses will also send
two applicants for each of their
affiliatsd vacancies in Tassels.
Tassel membership carries
two scholastic requirements.
Girls must carry a minimum of
12 hours and must maintain at
least a 5.5 weighted average.
Girls who are pledged after the
tea will be initiated as actives a
year later if they participate in
all Tassel activities and do the
reqiured amount of work mea
sured in terms of a point system,
Officer Meeting
There will be a meeting for
junior and senior class officers
and council members Thursday
at 7 p.m., Union faculty lounge.
Main Feature Clock
. State: "African Queen," 1:18,
3:20, 5:22, 7:24, 9:26.
Varsity: "The Marrying Kind,"
1:28, 3:28, 5:28, 7:28, 9:29.
Esquire: "Navajo," 7:15, 8:45.
Becular rrleea
B06ABT mm
D was m&H"....xt4&M
Recommended By
Regular Admlculon
tf mini'". inpuiMiii.i
I' f-..
Award I 1 1 J j'Tl
Mat. Sat. 2 f.M. Hon. 3 I'.M.
Evrnlnm 79 F.M.
J. L. Sellers To Head
History Association
University history professor ' J.
L. Sellers was elected president of
the Mississippi Valley History
association at its annual meeting
in Chicago, April 17., 18, and 19,
Sellers had previously served as
Vice president.
Mrs. C. S. Paine of Lincoln was
re-elected secretary-treasurer.
The convention, was under the
chairmanship of Thomas LeDuo a
visiting research professor at the
University, voted to meet next at
Lexington, Kentucky,
.TIIFCn jiy
To Address
The importance of human re
lationships to freshman girls will
be brought out by Dr. Arthur A.
Hitchcock, guidance director, in a
speech to a Coed Counselors mass
The Counselors meeting will be
held Tuesday at 5 p.m. in Roomyrarjiyn Vingers, a January grad
313, Union. luate. is at nresent teaching at
Dr. Hitchcock will mention the
importance of Coed Counselors to
freshman girls because of the
beneficial influence incoming stu-
dents can gain from upperclass
women. He will also discuss the
importance of college activities
and their effect upon the hap
piness and well-being of freshmen
women. .
usk, Drama At NU
Staff Writer
High school students from all
over the state will be at the Uni
versity Friday and Saturday to
attend the Fine Arts Festival
sponsored by the three divisions of
the school of Fine Arts.
Only high school junior and
seniors are entered. Students are
given the benefit of individual
work with University instruc
tors and are given both oral
and written constructive criti
cism. Students needing financial assis
tance to continue their studies
are given an opportunity to make
the fact known, with the possibil
ity of receiving a scholarship.
The music department, under
the direction of David Foltz, will
judge only solos. No groups will
take part Solos will be vocal,
piano, brass, woodwind, string, or
gan, and percussion.
Music auditions will begin at
9 a.m., Saturday and continue
until 4:30 p.m.
The festival began Monday for
the Speech department. Six one
act plays are being presented each
day, Monday through Saturday.
Beginning Friday, entrants will
participate in the following divi
sions: interpretative oratory, ori
ginal oratory, radio newscasting,
poetry reading, extemporaneous
sneaking, humorous reading, dra
matic reading, discussion, and de
Seventy-nine schools are en
tered in the Speech division of
the festival.
Two movies, "What is Modern
Art?" and "The Life of Henry
Main Feature Clock
Lincoln: "Battle at Apache
Pass," 1:20, 3:20, 5:25, 7:30, 9 40.
Nebraska: On stage, Kosmet
Club, "Girl Crazy," 8:00.
Stuart: "Greatest Show on
Earth," 12:45, 3:39, 6:33, 9:27.
Capitol: "Invitation," 1:07, 4:30,
7:53. "Sailor Beware," 2:37, 6:00,
The fighting
Story of
the Battle
lohn Lund Kumb Cabot
I'lutM 4'nlortonn
Jiw MrloaUr k KiinrU
Tursilay !
Color by
lia mwrf.fyiiui u?
cuccmi'MiMim nwiu
12:4S. 3:39. 6:33, :27
63c Till I80e Till 6 P.M.
61.00 Thereafter. Kld 35 e
Till 6, Then SVC (Tat Inel.)
X s ne
Kxtra ! -For
Kid 3 to 103
I'hap. Nn. 1 of "Mvu'ertr.nn Inland"
Who says a Mortar Board can't
get a man?
Of the twenty graduating MBs,
they have four pins, five rings
and one marriage to their credit.
Those soon to be presented their
MRS. degrees are Jackie Hoss,
who will become Mrs. Robert
Rosenlof on May 23; Ann larger, address wm be Marilyn Moo
Mrs. Bill Heins as of May 24; and who wiU continue in her
T T a .r.'lT It A Vl r f 1 1 I ' . , Ai
jo' naun, who wm uc
bride of Del Kopf. Mrs. Ed Mc
Ilnay nee Eev Larson, who grad
uated in January, has already
taken the big step.
Embarking on a teaching ca
reer will be Sharon Fritzler,
Jackie Hoss, Jayne Wade,
Nancy Button, Peggy Mulvaney,
Marilyn Coupe, Jo Engkelmeier,
and Dec Irwin.
Miss Button will teach high
school music in Sidney; Miss Mul
i i i
vaney will De a graae scnoui
teacher in Hastings; home eco-
Miss Enekelmeier
wiU teach at Westside high in
Omaha, and Miss Irwin will teach
Lhvsical education at John Bur-
rnw hieh school in St. Louis. Mo.
North hieh in Omaha.
I in Denver will be Poochie Red!
ger working as publicity director
on a newspaper and Mary Hubka
doing personnel work,
The travelers of the group
are Miriam Willey, who will at
tend the National Conference on
Christian Youth in India, and
Pat Wiedman, who will enter
Study Art,
Rousseau," will be shown to en
trants in the art division, Friday
morning. In the afternoon mem
bers of the faculty will demon
strate print making or graphics,
ceramics, oil painting, water col
or painting, and sculpturing.
Saturday will be devoted to
workshops for the students.
More than 130 entries by high
school art students are on dis
play on the second flood of
Morrill Hall. Four scholarships
will be awarded to seniors on
the basis of these entries.
The festival is not a contest.
All events are open to the public.
Student Defies 'Call Of Wild,'
Raises 2 Quarter-Inch Fish
Some virile, adventurous men
love the excitement of an African
lion hunt. .
Other males thrive on troding
the turbulent waters of the North
Atlantic in search of giant, fero
cious whale. Wild women cap
tivate untold numbers of the
stronger sexi
But Joe Kahn, a junior in Ag
college, has his own exceedingly
singular exotic pastime. Joe
keeps two tropical fish.
These fish, according to a recent
extensive, exhaustive survey of
University students, are the only
ones of their type on campus.
The fish, named Joe and Carol.
oddly enough, both turned out to
be males. Joe told reporters re
cently he chages the fish's water
once every two days. ,
Officials disclosed that the I
To place a classified ad
Stop in the Busine. Office Room 20
Student Union
Cn 2-7631 Ext 4226 for flaui
fied Service
Hovrs 1-4:30 Mon. thru ftl .
No. words 1 day 2 daysj3 daysj4 dava i wir"
1-10 $ .40 $ .65 $ .85 JOn-j-yrTri-
11-15 .50 .80 1.Q5 L251 f43
16-20 .00 .95 1.25 I 1JQ 170
21-25 i .70 i no j4Tjr7.rj iir
26-30 .80 lJ5 1.65r2.00j 2J20
Juna Honeymoonera,
Bummer Vacatloneri.
lodern, attractive, furnished log cablm
In the Estei Park, Long'i Peak area.
Blf (tone fireplaces, gorgeous view.
Trout stream. Secluded but accessible.
Special rates to June honeymoon couples
Two vacancies for all summer rental.
For details, write Mrs. O. H. Zum
wlnkel, 2474 So. Jackson, Denver, Colo.
nings and Sundays. 6216 "O." Call
Earn NEXT year'i expenses this summer
Men or women. Nationally adertlsed
Good Housekeeping seal, Flexlclogs sell
on sight. Writ 1298 Appleton, Detroit
23, Michigan.
Reward for Information leading toldenTr
Ilcatlon of driver who hit rear of car
parked In front of Bessey Hall on Annl
23. Phone 3-0866. '
Will Interview In Lincoln, young men who
want good paying summer jobs. Assist
."'"""' rumea nuring anless-
men'i vacations. Especially Interested
o"v?ff 'iV'n5 t," near Cofumbu,
ONelll, Broken Bow, North Plane
Kearney Holdrege. WtIte your quallf':
braski 83' aan Island, Ne-
oasr rests,
the Waves as an ensign.
Undecided are Sarah Fulton,
who may go to Europe; Jackie
Sorenson, who will work in
Omaha or Lincoln; and Eleanor
Erickson, who will go into jour
nalism or home demonstration,
The sole MB to maintain a cam-
work as activities director of the
student union.
And so the "Black Masks" go
forward to reveal their learning
to the world.
YW To Vote
On Two Issues
Next Week 1
During next week, members of
city and Ag YWCA who have at
tended lour meetings ana noid
membership cards will vote on a
revised constitution and a Stu
dent Council representative.
Student Council candidates
are Barbara Crowe, Ag sopho
more, member of Ag builders,
Home Economics club, Ag
Country Dancers and Ag Inter
denominational Fellowship
council, and Geneva Burns, Ag
sophomore, member of Home
Economics club and 4-II club.
Filings for YW positions will
take place from Monday, April 28
to Wednesday, May 7. Those in
terested in filing should note that
for regular cabinet a 6 average is
required; for project council, a
5.5 average; for freshman cabinet,
a 5.5 average. mn
All those interested in sum
mer YW work should obtain
their application blanks from
either the YW office or a com
mittee group.
Continued from Page 1
Thirteen Will
Martha Picard. Alpha Zi Delta;
Beth Kohwer, Chi Omega; and
Rosemary Amos, Chi Omega.
The winner of the contest will
be awarded a cup; the winning
house will receive an. engraved
tropical fish each measure a
quarter of an inch in length.
' Joe (the student, that is) stated
the fish are caged in a six-inch
drinking glass.
College Days
Students applying for College
Days governing board have un
til Thursday to turn in tbeir
Applications for the govern
ing board must be left in the
College Days box in the base
ment of the Union next to The
Daily Nebraskan office.
There will be a College Days
meeting in the Union Thurs
day at 3 p.m.
623 No.
Uli oil on aesir.
!Sh0?' ""Ion. Write Pete Bl.frm.n.
nuur anartment fn.
Nebraska, Immediately.
VI) l... . i
oe uni? have
ewlng don. 3-7973,
your summer
teed service. Calf -63oTft"
Pn.r a r " ana Term
pS .Si? " ''t on
Phone 6-6670. Elisabeth D. vTall J520 R.-