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Wednesday, April 9, 1952
Sixteen Students To Embark
On Tri-State Field Trio Fridav
y dick RALSTON I the geological formation here In1
feature Editor ! Nebraska and those In nearby
How would you like to snend recfons.
spring vacation on a tour through
Wyoming, Utah and Colorado?
That's exactly how 16 Geology
students under Dr. William Gilli
land are planing to spend their va
cation. Starting Friday at 7 a.m.
these students will leave in a
Geology field trip dcslened in
demonstrate the contrast between I
"Each sprint class." explained
Dr. Gililland, is taken to a re
gion where the ecology Is not
the same as here In Nebarska."
Dr. Gililland pointed out that
field work Is one of the most
Important phases of geology
and said that students prepare
for it weeks ahead of time
Stolen Goods
Colorado Vote Defeats
Proposed Honor System
A proposed honor system at
Colorado A&M was defeated last
week by almost a two to one vote
However, students voted two to
one that the honor system Idea Is
a good thing, but Indicated that
they felt the proposed plan Is ln
adequat? and that they were
rushing into the program too
Students wishing to adopt the
honor system voted on one of
three plans that they would pre
fer to have In effect. The plan
approved by most students was
that on a first offense a warn
ing' would be made, second of
fense a failing grade in the
course in which the offense oc
curred. For Professors Only
At Lehigh university the school
paper nas drawn up suggestions
for professors on how to be pop
ular. The prime requisite is a
soft, caressing speaking voice,
which is more conducive to sleep,
of course. Instructors who gestic
ulate with their hands were
termed social failures. Those who
don't smile were also frowned
Nasty Prof Resigns
An Arlington State college pro
fessor last week resigned from the
college faculty after being accused
of telling obscene stories in his
English classes. Und isclosed
sources report that his many stu
dents are regretful of his sudden
departure now they never will
get the punch line to the last joke.
Still Water Runs Deep
Students who seldom speak in
class may be learning more than
the professor thinks, according to
a study at the University of Chi
cago. The study also showed that
most students actually have
their minds on the lecture
about two thirds of the class
period. The other third of the
time their minds wander. Pro
fessors get three tips from the
researchers: Don't make too
many wisecracks; don't be an
tagonistic; don't make the im
portant points in the early lec
tures. K-State Yearbook Sued
The Royal Purple yearbook at
Kansas State College is likely to
be sued by a highly dissatisfied
customer. He's a senior who posed
for the yearbook picture in a wig,
a high stiff collar and a pince
nez, and who has hinted he'll sue
the yearbook if it doesn't use the
photograph. "I don't need to give
any explanation," he said. "I gave
them my dollar and a quarter.
That's enough."
The Royal Purple has refused
to print on the grounds that stu
dents must pose in their normal
wearing apparel. The senior
calls this policy "discriminatory
and characteristic of undemo
cratic instiutions."
Tips From Temple
Drama majors, take a tip from a
Temple university student. On
week-ends Arthur Zigouras is a
clown. Employed by a local candy
company, he visits 30 to 40 super
candy rsmples to children. "It
markets each week-end giving out
helps my acting ability," he ex
plained. Bars At Bowdoin
President K. C. M. Sills of
Bowdoin college presented his
arguments against excessive
drinking in college to the under-
Marilyn Mangold
classmen of that school recently
in a chapel talk.
His main complaint was that
too much drinking was and is
going on in the fraternities and
the "very name of 'bar'" within
fraternity houses has a bad con
notation and an unfavorable effect
on the college's reputation. The
bars now in use are structures in
the basements of the houses, used
for the party weekends through
out the year. Therefore, most un
dergraduates protested the belief
that there was too much drinking.
They further stated that if any
drinking problems in existence
would have to be solved if the
bars were taken out.
through study and reports of
the various types of formations
expected to be found.
The group will start at Lincoln
and travel to Laramie, Wyo. Sat
urday night will be spent at Lan
der, Wyo. The next stops are all
in Utah: Heber, Vernal, Provo,
Gunnison and Green River. Glen
wood Springs and Denver, Colo.,
are the last stops on the ten-day
trip before returning to Lincoln
April 20.
On the trip the students will
learn and correlate the differ
ent types of strata, study the
structure of the different types
of mountain ranges, and visit
and study typical oil and gas
The purpose of the geology
course, said Dr. Gililland, "Is to
acquaint students with the geo
logy of a large portion of the
country in much the same man
ner as if they were privately em
ployed." He said that, the field
trip is organized with that in mind.
Dancing Trio
1 (: .;,U ?
rsJ I :'tV-v' ' I i M
Better Check Yourself;
You Might Have Measles
Measles, measles, who's got the
measles? Have you?
Your sore, bloodshot eyes may
not be Just a remnant of that lost
weekend, Feel any bumps' behind
your ears? Take a look in the
mirror. Sunburn doesn't form in
spots you know,
of Illness, swollen lymph glands
behind the ears and along the
hair line, sore, blood-shot eyes,
a rash on your face, and per
haps a slight sore .hroat or
Kansas University was hit by
an epidemic ol measles a little
I 1 I 1 I l A I .
Vob mPfislpH have become a.wniiB su, we wibiii. nave one wo.
Dublic health problem at the Uni- For the protection of others and
UNIVERSITY TALENT . . . Practicing for their act in the Red
Cross College Unit talent show are (I. to r.) Ann Launer, Marian
(Uaily Ncbraskan Photo.)
McCullough and Elite Guiliot.
Makes Sensel
A final word of sensible logic:
A sensible looking girl isn't always
as sensible as she looks, because a
sensible girl would have more
sense than to look sensible.
NU Students
Plan To Ski
In Colorado
Will Convene
At NU Friday
Students, teachers and members
of museum staffs from the Da-
kotas to Texas will be on campus
next week for the Plains Archeo
logical conference.
The University laboratory of
anthropology will be hosts for
the conference to be held April
11 and 12 at Burnett hall.
Papers on a variety of subjects
concerning plains people will be
read at the general session on Fri
day, April 11.
Two symposiums will be held
Saturday. A panel conducted by
Dr. James B. Griffin from the
University of Michigan will dis
cuss "Problems of Plains Wood
land Culture." Dr. Carlyle S.
Smith will lead the afternoon
panel on "Problems of Pottery
Classification on the Plains."
All meetings will be open to
the public.
The Plains Archeological con
ference is a yearly event at the
University. It is an informal as
sociation of persons interested in
anthropology and archeology.
Dean Morrison
New Leader
Of Paladians
More than thirty University stu
dents will spend spring vacation
skiing in Colorado. Others will
spend their time in Florida, Ari
zona, and other vacation spots.
Three Phi Kappa Psi's left for
Tucson, Ariz., Tuesday, where
they will spend a week visiting
John Schroeder, a former mem
ber of the University Phi Kappa
Psi's. The students are Jerry
Schiermeyer, Robert Sherwood
and Richard Paschal.
Bob Johnson, Arne Strasheim,
Jim Wells, George Rothell, Bob
Mosher, Clyde Moller, Dixie
Peterson, and i "possibly a few
more" students from Delta Upsilon
will drive to Miami.
Ira Epstein, Gene Wohlner,
Ramon Pred and Maurice Lipton
from Sigma Alpha Mu will spend
Saturday in Omaha.
Elaine Esch, of Delta Gamma
will go to St. Petersburg, Fla.,
with her parents to spend the
week on the beach.
Of the skiing party, all except
five of the students, who will go
by train, will ride to Colorado in
cars. Jim ioley, sponsor oi tne
group, said ten cars will drive.
The group has rented Timmer
Hause Lodge, near Lawson,
Colo., at Winter Park, for four
days. Foley said they will spend
the time skiing "on the weside
of the Rockies" at Bertrand
who will go to
'Show Must Go On RCCU
Entertainment Unit Motto
Alpha Epsilon
Bill Miller, Bill
The students
Colorado are:
From Sigma
Jerry Desmond,
Cronin, John Leech, Bud Ward,
Jack Phillips, Gus Lebsock and
Jim Hoover.
From Phi Gamma Delta: Rich
ard Olson. Ronald Raitt, Wayne
Handshy and Jerry Robertson.
From Alpha Tau Omega: Ted
From Beta Theta Pi: Suby
Ruma, Harlan Wiederspan, Bob
Howey, Charley Swingle, Jerry
Siegel, Gene Johnson, Jim Foley
and Colorado university Beta,
John Rinehardt.
From Kappa Kappa Gamma:
Blvthe Thnmscn. .Tpnn Tinmis
Dean Morrison was elected , Marcia Beckley, Bonny Varney,
president of the Palladian Literary i Betsy Thomsen and Sue Bryant.
Society, Saturday night. L Frm Alpha Omicron Pi: Dottie
n.;! oiDf io Ai:nJ?aaPke' Lucille Anderson and
illc vx Ki ."--j "VuZ Gretchen Hein.
Society Editor
Planning and scheduling two
entertaining programs a month is
a fairly big task; but according
to Norma Lrickson, head of the
Red Cross College Unit entertain
ment committee, such a task is
met and accomplished each
Miss Erickson is in charge of
the committee which takes two
programs a month to the Veter
ans hospital and the State hos
pital. inougn these programs
may contain the same material,
there is always new planning and
scheduling to do.
Miss Erickson does not plan
the programs herself. She has a
central committee composed of
five University students who
aid her in the necessary ar
rangements for each program.
These committee members are:
Marvin Slromer; John Hillock;
Marian McCulloch; and Caralco
Rogers. The central committee
and Miss Erickson locate the
talent for each program and
schedule rehearsals. In addition,
they make future arrangements
on when they are to appear at
the two institutions.
In commenting on how the pro
grams are usually received, Miss
Erickson said that "they always
seem to enjoy them quite a bit."
Producing a "short one-act skit"
usually requires about two weeks
of rehearsal, Miss Erickson said.
She added that most of these skits
are ones that have proved suc
cessful in high school and other
school presentations.
In addition to the regular pro
gram work done by this commit
tee, they also plan special pro
ductions for various programs. A
recent example of this planning
was shown at the Red Cross
March Fund drive show held at
the Cornhusker hotel. The RCCU
entertainment committee p r e
sented a program for the Lan
caster Red Cross County workers.
Marv Stromer, who directed the
production, is also director of the
next program to be taken out to
even realize it because the cases
are not being reported. "We want
to know how much of the Univer
sity population has measles so
we'll know if we are having an
epidemic or if these are just a few
cases. If you come down with
them please call us or come in."
tne two institutions. The program urged Dr. Fuenning.
will include a Minstrel show and Be on the watch for these
a Charleston trio. I warning signs: a general feeling
versity. Last month 74 cases were
reported to the Student Health
center while there were only two
cases reported in January and
two in February. Already this
month 22 cases have turned up.
The three-day German measles
which are plaguing the campus do
not attack severely and complica
tions rarely arise.
"Some students don't even
know they have and they con
tinue to attend classes," reports
Dr. Samuel I. Fuenning, director
of Student Health. "The main
danger is that the disease does
not cause illness, so students
come to school and expose the
The University' may be in the
middle of an epidemic ana
the prevention of an epidemic,
stay home for the full 7-day isola
tion period. Even though these are
the three-day measles you are still
infective to others for another
four days.
To Visit NU
in the navy
program will
Fashion Folly-
Purses Should Match
Color, Texture Of Shoes
I will try to get my column
back to normal again. There will
be no more April Fool columns
for another year, that is unless
there is a demand for it which
I hardly doubt.
Mevers. Ethel Woodward is the
recording secretary and Jackie
Knore is the corresponding secre
tary. Jim Ellingston - was ap
pointed to fill the office of his
torian vacated by Ethel Wood
ward. Mary Anne Stasch will assume
social chairman responsibilities
and Jack Lange repeats as
The following were initiated
into the society: Jackie Knore,
Terry Jones, Carol McDermand,
Richard Kelly, Fred Stnder and
Warren Underwood. After the
formal initiation ceremony, the
initiates were treated by the
From Pi Beta Phi: Patricia
Healey and Ruth Purney.
From Zeta Beta Tau: Justin
Horwich and Jack Cohen.
From Sigma Chi: Jack Morrow.
Mary Desmond, a University
graduate, and Mr. and Mrs. John
Palmroy will also accompany
the group.
A Large Selection for
Friends, Relatives, Kiddies
Goldenrod Stationery Store
215 No. 14th St.
McGrath, Carlson
Elected PSI Heads
Phi Sigma Iota, romance lan
guage honorary society, elected
officers Thursday for the 1952-53
school year.
Elected were Sarah McGrath,
president; Doris Carlson, vice
president; Drosi McMurray, secretary-treasurer;
and Dr. Boyd G.
Carter, corresponding secretary.
Kathryn Swingle read a paper
on "The Araucanian Indian in
Reality and Literature." Sarah
Fulton presented a reading on
"Sor Juana Ines de la Crux, Her
Life and Works."
Li 1 k e many
other students
I have been
writing a few
of those re
quired t h o u-
sand word pa
pers, but be
lieve me I'm
going to shy
away from it in
this column for
The Daily Ne-
braskan's benefit.
, About this time everyone is
wishing they -wouldn't have
spent so much for their Easter
outfit or else they are wishing
they could buy more. But re
gardless of this there are al
ways the little things that we
wait to get at the last minute.
You probably have already
purchased your shoes but have
you thought about what kind of
purse you are going to wear
with them?
For Easter most women usuallv
buy a matching bag of the same
texture and color as their shoes.
Since we always have to look
towards the future you nrobablv
will not be using the same type
of bag later on than the one you
are wearing for Easter.
Emphasis will be placed on the
straw, linen, and beadette purses.
The most important type of straw
purse will be the Raffica in its
Dolly McQuistan
Nix Steak House
Steaks and Chops
Open everyday
"Anything from a Bile
Banquet." A place to
after the show or date.
1711 Van Dorn
Coll 3-8555
to a
many different types of weaves
Ul course, there are very many
different kinds of straws so you
will have quite a variety to choose
There are also several differ
ent kinds of linen purses. I saw
a cute white reversible linen that
will save time on washing. I
rather wondered how you could
wash such a purse with the type
or clasp it nad, but there is a way.
me box shaped purse is the
most popular for this season.
The box shaped purse, however,
has many adaptations and var
iations'. All the purses will have
straps. Much to my surprise the
shoulder strap purse will be the
least important.
I think one of the first indica
tions of spring is coeds adding
flowers on their blouses and
scarves. The smaller bunch of
flowers seem to be the most popu
lar for sweaters or blouses. The
larger ones can be worn with suits
or dresses. I noticed a nice varia
tion the other day when Joan
Hanson was wearing her flowers
at her waistline. Who knows
Joan, you may have started a
new fad!
Men interested
officer candidate
noi.have an ODDortunltv to tn lr tn
Lieutenant J. P. Splcuzza from th
Omaha office of Naval Officer
Procurement Thursday, April 17
from 10 a.m. to S p.m.
The main scholastic require
ment for those Interested is such
a program is that the man be
either a college graduate or be
within 120 days of receipt of a
degree. He must also be physic
ally fit and between the ages of
19 and 27.
If he is selected, he will renplvA
four months of intensive training
at Newport, R. I., and UDon suc
cessful completion will be com
missioned an ensign USNR. Ho
will be required to serve on aoffvA
duty for a period of three years
unless he has had prior military
service, in which case the
three years will be reduced ac
cordingly to a limit not less than
15 months.
University ME Students
Build Model Jet Engine
A jet engine, now being per
fected by University mechanical
engineering students, made its
radio debut this week.
The engine, a replica of the
type used on guided missiles, was
presented on a KFOR newscast-
Tuesday. Students Stanley Scott
and William VanKampen ex
plained the operation of the
The jet engine project was be
gun last year by Professor H. E.
Westgate of the mechanical on.
gineering department. It will be
one of the displays presented dur
ing engineers Week.
12th & Q Sts.
Lookt, Another man switched to Kentucky Clszl-
the thoroughbred of pipe tobaccos
ILr ft ,fe8: - - il
Notice how much better your pipe tadei how
much fresher your mouth feel when you twitch to
Kentucky Club. Send for free catalog showing fine
pipes and how to get them at big savings. Mail
Pouch Tobacco Co., Wheeling, West Va. Dept. 39
w f ' SW'
"with a choice of
ve:ghts and shaft
du can get a
custom.-like fit.-,
no matter what
vcur s1tle.
sets th paco in sports
I Mullin Cartoon! publihd In thit book only,
Chicopes, Mm.
They're Beautiful! Soft as Cashmere!
Orion Sweaters
Pale Yellow
Pale Pink
Pale Bine
Bright White
Luscious . . . that'g the word lor our Orion twsatcrs
that should bo in Tory colhgo gal's wardrobo.
Orion is so soft It end look. lik. ca.hmer. ,
. . at a fraction of cashmere's price. It washes
asily. dries quickly, and needs no blocking!
Pale pink, blue, while or yellow . . . sites 34 to 40.
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