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u(su(Qi(uiv(sir (sir ir U
Dean Replacements
Committees have been ap
pointed to investigate possible
replacements for four Univer
sity deans, who are retiring: or
resigning. See story on page
All Big Seven Team
On today's sport page The
Daily Nebraskan picks the All
Big Seven conference basket
ball team. Jim Buchanan is
the only Nebraska player on
the first five.
-Voice of 6000 Cornhuskert-
VOL. 51 No. 106
Monday, March 17, 1952
rvnn n
Coedls T CasH" Voltes Ty
Slate Revealed
J ,
Election Procedure, Positions
All University women may vote Tues- retary and treasurer,
day between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. including the Barb Activities Board for Women pres
noon hour. ident, vice president, two senior board mem-
Coed Counselors will elect a new presi- bers, four junior board members and four
dent, vice president, two senior board mem- sophomore board members may be voted
bers, three unaffiliated junior and three un- upon by all unaffiliated women,
affiliated sophomore board members, three Junior and senior women are eligible to
affiliated junior and sophomore board vote for May Queen,
members. All women are eligible to vote for Only women may vote. Identification
these officers. cards must be presented at the polls. .
Associated Women Students offices Voting will be conducted in gllen Smith
open are president, vice president, five sen- hall and in the Ag Union,
ior board members, five junior board mem- Mortar Board is in charge of the elec
bers and five sophomore board members, tions and the Ag Exec board is conducting
This election is open to all University the voting on Ag campus,
women. Results will be announced Wednesday in
Women's Athletic Association members The Daily Nebraskan.
may' vote for president, vice president, sec-
Sixteen University women will Counselors:
ue electee 10 uuea counselor
board positions Tuesday.
Competing in the presidential
race are Nana DeBora and Eliza
beth Gass.
Miss DeBord is in Teachers col
lege and a member of Alpha Omi
cron Pi, secretary of Coed Coun
selors and of Student Council,
Thirty -Two Coed Matties On MS Ballot;
Loudon, Koehler Compete for President
arey, Weaver
Head Barb Slate
Thirty-two names will appear
on the slate for Tuesday's AWS
Competing for the office of
president are Jean Loudon and
i cicLicu ii u
w ,hanfTLnCa0nAZCaS!candidat and activities arel
major, member of Kappa Alpha ,s f 0iiows I
ine'.H, voeu counselor uuaru,
Home Ec club council and Farm
ers Fair Board.
Two unaffiliated girls will be
elected to senior board positions.
Candidates and their activities:
Frances Anderson is in Teachers
College and a member of Tassels,
BABW board, YWCA and Coed
Staff Writer
The dean of women at a mid
western college began an an
nouncement to the student body
as follows:
"The president of the college
and I have decided to stop necking
on the campus."
First coed "I don't like your
boy friend."
Second coed "Why not?"
First coed "He whistles dirty
The weatherman our friend
again has sud
denly realized
that the six
weeks since the
ground hog saw
his shadow are
ovf.T. He has
predicted that
Monday's tem
peratures will
Lincoln has
seen for nearly
two weeKs
Spring is Warm
Counselor Coedwith the second highest number
Darlene' Podiesak is a member,f?tes wil1 be vice President,
of Tassels, Coed Counselors and is I ,M,SS Ludon is a member of
in Ag college. , Alpha Chi Omega, is a member
Three affiliated and three un- of AWS Board, Union committee
affiliated board members will be head and Aquaquettes. She is en
elected from the junior slate. The rolled in Teachers college.
Miss Koehler is a member of
AWS Board anrf NT IP W A V
Donna Folmer is a member of president. She is affiliated with
Alpha Chi Omega Coed Coun-Delta Gamma sorority and in
selors, Bunders, YWCA, Union Teachers college
Committee. AUF board and is in, ca-.a,. i
Teachers college. UihW.68 r Semr bard P"
Sue Gorton is in Arts and Scl-,suirnfllare-Pnrps
col'f l'h. is memhpr of Kan J. Marl'yn Bamesberger, a mem-
pa Kappa Gumma and Coed Coun-lbe.r, f Chi Omega sorority, is en
selors and managing editor of The roUedm the College of Agricul
Daily Nebraskan. .ture- Sne 15 Home Ec club vice
Martha Lee Miller is in Teach-Pre;sldent. AWS Board secretary,
ers collage and a member of AUF, I4"1 Club secretary and a member
Coed Counselors, W.A.A. and 01 YWCA and Phi Upsilon Omi
Kappa Alpha Theta. c"n.
Sue Relnhardt is a member of Gertrude Cary, International
Delta Gamma, Tassels, Coed House, is BABW Board secretary,
Counselors board, Builders and is a member of AWS Board and on
in Arts and Sciences college. the Religious Welfare council.
Beth Rohwer is in Ag college Virginia Cooper is on the YWCA
and is a member of YWCA, Coed cabinet and is Union music com
Counsebrs, Builders, Home Ec mittee secretary. Miss Cooper is
club and Chi Omega. affiliated with Pi Beta Phi soror-
Kathleun Wilson is a member ity and enrolled in Teachers col
of Kappa Delta, Coed Counselors, 'lege.
YWCA, University Singers, Mul Mary Lou Ginn is a YWCA
Phi Epsilon and is in Teachers council member, on the Union
college. v house committee and treasurer of
Joan Brenneman is In Teachers the Christian Student fellowship,
college. i Miss Ginn is in Teachers college
oauuia "'iJ o it " nnn a mpmhpr nf S oma Karma
yvia Kraswe has worked on the
and Gamma Pi Beta treasurer.
Miss Weir is in Arts and Sciences
Candidates for iunor board po- Annual elections for Barb Ac
sitions are as follows: jtivities Board for Women will be
Diane Hinman is Union commit- held Tuesday,
tee secretary, a Cornhusker sec- The slate includes:
tion head, member of Builders,! Presidential candidates are Ger-
Coed Counselors, Alpha Lambda ; trude Carey and Wilda Weaver,
Delta and Delta Relta recording
L 1 ' - -8 Vf
I t 1
secretary. She is in Teachers col
lege. Sue Holmes is in Teachers col
lege and a member of Kappa Al
pha Theta. She is a Union com
mittee chairman and AWS secretary.
Phyllis Kort is in Arts and Sci-
""- Barbs. She
Miss Carey is a junior in Arts and
Sciences and BABW secretary. She
is also vice president of Interna
tional House and member of the
Religious Welfare council and As-
cies and four candidates.
Margaret Harmon is a junior in
the College of Agriculture and
member of Amikita, Home Econo
mics c'!ub.
Joan Mines is a senior in College
of Agriculture and a member of
Darlcne Podleska is a junior and
majoring in home economics and
innvnalism Rho is a Tasspl and an
sociated Women Students. I outstanding Coed Counselor. She
Miss Weaver, the other presi-'is also a dorm counselor,
dential candidate, is a junior in Fern VVilkerson is a junior in
Arts and Sciences. She is BABW . College of Agriculture,
house representative and editor of There are six candidates for four
a publication of the junior board positions.
belongs to KAM, Carol French. Teachers college
l Un4-nrrnU.. 1 .. J i . ! 1 t. M i 1 T T 1
Shirley Ledingham is a member ""u" nyI u " so?" JS Friueru ot me um-
scheduled (!) to appear this week,
Sciences college and a member of
Tassels,- Coed Counselors and
Kappa Pni.
ftiarjor.o triHsen is a mei nuerint.H ,,.,, c!,,m nit, to.. .
'iSarlenc'Cooddin is in Arts' J,?!! H?U: is. erJ"
anH Sr.inr.n collse and a fflem-i u"ra. " uie couege or Agncui-
AUF Board and is a member of
Tassels and YWCA. She is affili-
ber of Towne Cli'b, Kappa Phi,
Coed Counselor board, and Tas
Marilyn Erwln, a home eco-
ture. She is Home Ec council sec
retary, a member of the Ag Ex
ecutive board, YWCA, Lutheran
Student association and social member of AWS Board.
1 "gyp '
1 Jpfc jj
Builders. She is an Alpha Phi and
in Arts and Science college.
Elizabeth Miller is a member of
Red Cross, YWCA, Tennis and
Rifle clubs and president of Tri
Sci club. She is in Arts and Sci
ences college and affiliated with!
Alpha Omicron Pi.
Shirley Murphy is enrolled m
Teachers college and a member of
Sigma Kappa. She is Union pub
licity chairman, Search Week
publicity chairman, Husker Hand
book editor and vice president of
Gamma Alpha Chi.
Neala O'Dell is a member of
YWCA Representative council,
Coed Counselors, Tassels and Red
Cross. Miss O'Deill is a Kappa
Delta and in Teachers college.
Judy Pollock is affiliated with
Kappa Kappa Gamma and in
Teachers college. She is on the
WAA Sports board, a Coed Coun
selor and member of Alpha
Lambda Delta.
Barbara Spilker, Love Hall, is
enrolled in the College of Agricul
ture. She is a member of Soed
Counselors and Home Ec club
Janet Steffen is a member of
AWS Board, Daily Nebraskan
The senior board has two vacan-
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Esch, Mann To Compete
For Presidency Of WAA
Tassels Coed' Counselors and! Sallie Matteson is m Teachers and Phf Sigma Iota. (Delta. Miss Steffen is in Teachers
Home Ed ClUb. (tuuec anu a niemuer oi iappa niurjcy auiiunucrg is on uie college ana a uaumia iil xjcia.
Helen Jean Utterback is In Delta, she is a member of YWCA I YWCA Cabinet and a member of
Teachers college and a member of and Red Cross. INUCWA and Tassels. She is en-
Coed Counselors, YWCA, Univer- Hester Morrison is affiliated rolled in Teachers college and af
sitv Sinners and treasurer of Delta with Chi Omega sorority and en
so even a little hint of warm Omicron. roiiea in jeacners college. sne is
weather will be indicative of bet-1 Six candidates, three unaffili- vice president of YWCA and a
ter prospects.
Saturday was the dividing
line between winter and sprint
let's hope. By late morning
the clouds a steady companion
for sometime began breaking
By mid-afternoon the sun was almost in full glory,
The world is rosy again!
filiated with Delta Delta Delta.
Nancy Weir is YWCA member
ship chairman, on the Union Board
is in Teachers college. She is
Continued on Page 4.
Junior, Senior Women To Elect May Queen
ated and three affiliated, will be
elected for sophomore positions.
The glrlj and their activities are:l
MorliuH llamt la in Tnnriiprsi
JlftMBIIJM . ... n,. ..-A A. til L !
college fciid a member of Delta " W vueen. win oe sen or.
Gamma Builders, Red Cross and elected at the women's spring! Nancy Button, Teachers college
UnIon ' (election Tuesday. Her identity will' senior.
Joe Ann Johnson is a member, be revealed at Ivy Day on May 3.1 Sarah Fulton, Teachers college
ine candidate receiving me sec- senir.
ond highest number of votes will Mary Hubka, College of Arts
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Names In The News-
ADMIRAL WILLIAM SMITH, former chairman of the U.S.
maritime commission, told congressional investigators thut his
office evidently did not know all the fucts when it approved the
sale of certain war surplus ships. Former Congressman Joseph
E. Casey of Massachusetts realized a $450,000 return on a $1,000
investment. Admiral Smith said that uny indication that the
group associated with Casey meant to use the ships for specul.'ve
purposes would have disqualified the bid. The maritime commis
sion, according to the testimony, got no such information,
GEN. DWIGHT EISENHOWER, commander of NATO forces
in Europe, made a hastv visit to Greece und Turkey, the two new
members of the Atlantic treaty group. In Ankara, efter making
a short glad-to-see yon statement in Turkish, the general con
ferred with Turkish army bruss. He appeared pleused at the
prospects of the 16 divisions of the Turkish army. In Athens
the communists had leaflets out calling the general "butcher but
the government seemed to have the situation in hand.
ANTOINE I'INAY formed a new French cublnet following
the fall of Edgar Kuure's government. The new premier is a con
servative and succeeded In gaining the confidence of the rrench
assembly through a fplit in General do Gaulle's rightist party.
All the complications of French politics came into play when
the small-town businessman, who never considered himself a
likely choice us premier, began making the rounds of the many
French parties to find ministers for his coalition cabinet. This
cabinet includes neither socialists nor communists, nor members
of deGauIle's RFP, The 27 RFP members who defied do Gaulle
by supporting Piney's ministry illustrated a trend of despera
tion in Frunce, which some reporters feel heralds a major crisis
in French political thought.
INFORMATION, a Danish newspaper, commented on the
French political hodge-podge in a headline reading, "The general
feeling prevailing in Tunis is that France Is not yet ripe for
FULGENCIO BATISTA, former Cuban army sergeant and
strong-man behind the Cuban governments from 1933-44, took
over Hgain in an almost bloodless revolt. In 1944 Batista made the
"mis.iike" of permitting such fair and free elections that the
opposition candidate won. Bnstlsta said at that time he would
"bow to the will of the people." Returning from exile to run in
the forthcoming presidential election, Batista evidently became
PP.rfnM;iir. T.nvp Wall anH Women's Athletic Assocition are; Miss Boyer, a junior In Teach-
.rV"r;:" ch ,Z -'aie i-sch and Beverly Mann. 'org POllcco. is a member of WAA.
Miss Esch, a junior in tthe Col- NUCWA and Kappa Kappa
lege of Arts and Sciences, is a Gamma.
member of Student Council and Miss Miller is a sophomore in
Aquaquettes. She has served as Teachers college. She is an ln
treasurer of WAA and treasurer trarr.urai representative and a
of Delta Gamma. , member of WAA sports board,
A junior in Teachers college, I AUF, Coed Counselors and Kappa
n.: H T i l - Tir A A I ... 1 1
. miss itiaiui iius serveu as """ Alpha Theta.
jsecretary. She is chairman of thei a junior in Teachers college,
. Union house committee and vice- Miss Amos is treasurer of the
president of Alpha Chi Omega. Iphysical education club, vice
J Candidates for other offices are president of the tennis club and
aniicaii JJUjci a lu iviai ma xju'c; all llllldJtlUI.ll I ciu La u VC UU
college senior.
Peggy Mutvaney, Teachers col
lege senior.
Joan Raun, College of Agricul
ture senior.
Jeanne Stockstill, Teachers col
; .. ij i i c
icikii us iiimiu ui jiuiiur. uiiu OLiuiitcb &t--iuui. :
Only junior and senior women Delores Irwin, Teachers college, fj" , ' , . iMiller, secretary; Rosemary Amos is also a NUCWA representative,
are eligible to vote for May senior. Pat Wieaman, College of Arts arKj Mildred Yeakley, treasurer. Newman club vice president,
0.ueen. I Elizabeth Moodie, Teacher s,and Sciences senior. The candidate plaung second in member of WAA sports board and
The 12 candidates are: college senior. Miriam wuiey, ieacners couegeitne presidential balloting will au-
Anne Barger, Teachers college! Delores Lovegrove, Te a c h e rs, senior. Itomatically become vice prest-l Continued on Page 4.
Anderson, Crosby To Explain Platforms Monday
uepubiican gubernatorial can
didates, Victor Anderson and Rob
ert Crosby, will discuss their four
point platforms at 2 p.m. Monday
In thi Union ballroom.
Anderson will argue that:
1. There should be no In
crease In taxes.
2. Job opportunities should
be created within the state so
that Nebraska will not continue
to suffer a loss In population.
3. Nebraska schools should be
Peterson Sendoff
, "Peterson for Senator" will
receive its official sendoff on
the University Campus with a
speech In the Union ballroom
The speech and a discussion
period is slated to begin at 7:30
Nebraskan's governor, Val
Peterson, who Is seeking the
Republican nomination for U. S.
senator, will be speaker of the
evening. Three law fraternities
Phi Delta Phi. Delta Theta
Phi and Kappa Beta PI, woman's
law fraternity will be sponsors
of the session.
The Petersons will be host at
a coffee hour Saturday, March
23. The coffee hour will be held
from 8 to 10 a.m. In the gov
ernor's mansion.
kent nt the richest nossibla level! be maintained. from all sections of the state. The! 3. Two-year plan for road re-
and the standards of the schools 4. The highway commission governor would be the chairman, 'construction. Submit the plan to
in the surrounding states should'should contain representatives and there would be one repre-the people of the state for their
senative from each congressional approval and suggestions. .
district. I 4. Emphasis on the cabinet svs
Crosby will explain his platform tern with weekly meetings of the
" " 1 " W,, 'J!-M 1 """ """"
STUDENT POLITICIANS . . . University students organize to
help Sen. Hugh Butler in his campaign for re-election. Now wear
ing Butler buttons are (1. to r.) Beth Rohwer, Yolanda Davis,
Irving Thode and Jim Munger. (Daily Nebra&kan Photo.)
1. A bill such as the Fair
Employment Practices Act as a
step toward breaking down
racial prejudice.
2. Administrative reorgani
zation, as a means of economiz
ing. There has been no reor
ganization since 1919.
governor and departmental heads.
Doris Carlson, YWCA presi
dent will moderate the meeting
sponsored by the Battle for Bal
lots commission of the YWCA.
Each candidate will give a 10
minute speech and tthe remainder
of the time will be spent in a
question and answer period.
New Club To Greet Senator Kefauver
Young Democrats for Ke
fauver, newly organized campus
group, announced Saturday that
Sen. Estes Kefauver, president
ial candidate from Tennessee,
will visit the University March
Kefauver will speak on the
campus sometime during his
stay In Lincoln, club represent
tives said. The club plans to
campaign for Kefauver. A
rally Is to be scheduled for the
senator this month.
A meeting for all Interested
students will be held at 7:30
p.m. Wednesday In parlor X,
Union, according to Bob Relch
enbach, charter member of the
Students Interested In the elub
may also contact Larry Nordln,
The club's charter members
Include Reichenbach, Nordln,
Gene Berr, Ed Berg, Ken Ry
strom, lllle Goodrich and Ed
lieichenbach said, "The Demo
cratic organization In Lincoln la
declining. We students feel we
should band behind Kefauver
because he is a prospective
aj;i,W insi d Pjilftf l( ff V ' 1