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Wednesday, February 27, 1952
Hell Week Activities Replaced With Help
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t the Cedars home for children as part of their Burns while three of the children look on. (Uai
Help Week activities. Hard at work are (1. to r.) ly Nebraskan Photo.)
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less energy durin- Help Week by working at the and Dale Sass,
Lincoln Boy Scout camp. Tacklin a rood site 1
Bob Salyer
(Daily Nebraskan Photo.)
Union At Ag
To Sponsor i
Chili Feed
Chili feed for all Ag Union
workers will be neia Wednes
day, March 5, in the Ag Union,
according to Mary jjou iuc, nij
Union activities director.
The chili feed will mark tha
end of the Ag Union membership
drive, which is now Deing neia.
Students may sign up for commit
tees in the Ag Union office.
Ag Union committees are:
Arts and handicrafts Jo Meyer,
chairman, Jean Holmes, sponsor.
Geheral entertainment Don
Lees, chaiiman; Bill Waldo, spon
sor. Dance committee Wayne White
Hospitality and publicity Don
Leising and Glen Viehmeyer, co
chairmen; Frank Sibert, sponsor.
Heart Association Grants
NU Med School $2,500
The Nebraska Heart association
has granted the University College
of Medicine $2500 to further the
study of heart diseases. The
money is a direct grant from the
heart fund, which is accumulated
I from a statewide campaign.
Me Inhabits Campus Sorority House;
s Curly Hair, Lovable Disposition
AWS take note! A male is liv-J 1
ing in one of the sorority houses
on campus!
This male has dark curly hair
and a lovable disposition. He is
also an accomplished linguist, be
ing able to understand three lan
guages. According to reliable
sources, he is rapidly becoming
spoiled as a result of all the fe
male attention.
The object of this attention is
Caniche, a French poodle being
nsed in the Kappa Kappa
Gamma Coed Follies skit. Cani
che (the word means poodle in
French) belongs to Ann Griffis
of Offntt Air Force Base,
Caniche's method of entry into
the United States was a little un
orthodox, according to Miss Grif
fis. The poodle was bought in Paris
while Colonel Griffis, Ann's
father, was stationed in Germany
several years ago. At the age of
six weeks, Caniche was doped
'with a sleeping pill and brought
to this country by airplane and
Ann's father's "little black bag,"
the doctor's medical case.
His public appearance will be
nothing new to Caniche. He re
cently won first prize in show
and class in the dog show at
Offntt. He will be taking bows
again when he gets back to the
base because he became
father last week.
Caniche's language demands
create a problem when Ann, who
speaks all three languages, isn't
around. He was raised with and
understands commands in German
best. He will tolerate the English
4. V" I
THE BRUSH-OFF ... If French poodles look as though they have
just left a barber shop, Ann Griffis (left) ean explain why. In her
left hand she usually holds Caniche's (the poodle) leash, while in
her right she holds a brush, ready at any moment to go to work on
tufts of French poodle hair. On the right is Jan Schmidtman
perhaps Caniche's manicurist? (Daily Nebraskan Photo.)
it happened at nu...
R. J. Morgan, protessor or po
litical science. Urged of his more
witty students recently to pur
sue a course in the Law Col
lege. In discussing civil rights,
Morgan was presenting an il
lustration of "due process of
law" in a California proceeding,
in which a man was convicted of
nsing narcotics after "evidence"
was extracted with a stomach
The student interrupted:
"Would that be a violation of
search without warrant?'"
Builders To Meet
Wednesday Night
A combined citv and ag Build
ers meeting has been called for
7 p.m. Wednesday.
The meeting will end a two-day
membership drive on ag campus.
City Builders will conduct its
membership drive in conjunction
ith the Wednesday meeting.
Future plans for the campus
boostine organization will be ex
plained by Miss Mary Mielenz,
faculty adviser, and Dean Linscott,
Guilders nresident. Committee
plans will also be discussed, jane
Calhoun and Jim Weber are chair
men for the meeting.
The meeting will be held in
Parlors X, Y and Z, Union.
Religious Groups To Observe Lent
With Special Services On Campus
m mm A ar w A . 1 I
University students will ob
serve the Lenten season with spe
cial services starting Wednesday
and continuing until Holy Week,
April 6-13.
The Methodist Student House,
1417 R street, will hold services
at 7:15 a.m. Wednesday's. Guest
ministers from Lincoln will de
liver sermons with student lead
ers conducting the liturgy. I.Iar
ion Urback, Wesley Foundation
music chairman, is arranging
special musical selections for
each service; the first will be
by Thelma Stith. Breakfast will
be served before services from
6:30 to 7:10 on Wednesday
mornings. Breakfasts and serv
ices are open to everyone.
The EDiscooalian services will
hA held at the Chanel. 346 No
13th street. Litany will be held
at 9:30 a.m. and morning prayer
at 11:30 a.m. There will be Holy
Eucharist at 7:00 a.m. Wednes
days and Fridays; Stations of the
Cross wul be neia at v:uu p.m.
Fridays. Wednesday services are
conducted by Rev. David uracey
from the Church oi tne tioiy
May Queen
Need To File
language but seems to prefer.
Caniche is enjoying University
life and is little bothered bv cirls
accusing mm oi naving a iom man who has participated in aa
tin. Knows us natural, tie is even: :tio. .a v a 5S WA;PhtPfI
This year, unlike previous years,
candidates for 1952 May Queen
are being allowed to file their
own applications. Any senior wo-
Ag Country Dancers To Meet Friday
As Country Dancers will hold a Kollars also urged other stu.
special meeting Friday night in dents to attend the meeting if they
the College activities building to
decide on plans for remaining
portion-of the second semester.
Dick Kollars, newly elected
president of the group, urged
that all members be present at
the meeting. It will be heM
from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Dancing
will be from 7:30 to 8:30.
are interested in square dancing,
Ag Country Dancers meets each
Friday, and holds one ah-uni
versity square dance every monui.
The Country Dancers are now
planning for the Square Dance
Festival, a meeting of all locar
square dance club, which will
be held next month in the
Trinity. Friday services are con-,
ducted by Rev. D. William Paul
Barnds of St. Matthews church.
Students may come into the cha
pel for private devotion during
their spare time.
The Presbyterian - Congrega
tional house, 333 No.' 14th street,
will hold vespers every Wed
nesday evening from 7:00 to
7:30. The theme for the sermons
will be taken from the Apostle's
Creed. The Rev. Rex Knowles
will deliver the sermons.
A series of Lenten vespers will
be conducted by the Lutheran
house on Tuesday evenings at
7:15 n.m. The theme for the ves
pers, conducted by Rev. Alvin M.J
Peterson, will be "Christ our sal
vation." The Lutheran Student
Association will take Lenten of
ferings every Sunday at 5:00 at
the First Lutheran Church, 17th
and A. The Ag LSA will take the
offerings at 6:30 p.m. Sundays at
1200 No. 37th.
The Very Rev. Msgr. George
Schuster will hold services in
rooms XYZ, Union. Daily mass
will be said starting Wednesday
at 7:05. Lenten blessing and dis-
thibution of the ashes will be
held before mass in observance
of Ash Wednesday.
Those who wish to attend mass
at he Cathedral may do so at
6:30, 7:15, 8 a.m. and 12:13 p.m.
daily. Ashes will be distributed at
9 a.m. Wednesday. Sunday and
Wednesday the Rosary, Sermon,
and benediction and The Way of
the Cross will be held at 7:45. The
Sorrowful Mother Novena will be
conducted at 7 p.m. Friday.
Cosmopolitan Club
To Visit Wesleyan
Members of the Cosmopolitan
club will be guests Thursday eve
ning of Nebraska Wesleyan's In
ternational Relations club.
A special program, starting at
8 p.m., is planned for the joint
meeting at Huntington hall, White
Cosmopolitan members should
meet Thursday at 7:15 p.m., in
the Union lobby, President Bill
Saad announced.
obeying AWS rules those per
taining to hours.
Sociology Prof
To Read Paper
At Iowa Meet
Dr. Allen P. Bates, assistant
professor of sociology, will pre
sent a research paper at the an
nual conference of the Midwest
Sociology society at Ames, la.,
March 20-22, according to Prof.
James M. Reinhardt.
Reinhardt, chairman of the
department of sociology and
anthropology, said eight states
.will be included in the confer
ence. They are North Dakota,
South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois,
Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas
and Nebraska.
A number of research papers
will be presented, h added.
Bates said that the paper he will
present will be entitled "Some
Aspects of Social Ranking in a
Face to Face Group."
The society, Bates said, Is af
filiated with the American
Sociology society.
Approximately eight members
of the University sociology de
partment will attend the confer
ence, he added.
average is eligible to file.
According to Peggy Mulvaney,
co-chairman of filings and spring
elections, the new system is to
enable more outstanding women
to file rather than limiting the
number. Also, it affords equal op
portunity to both affiliated and
independent women.
In previous years sororities
nominated candidates for the po
sition. An all-junior-senior women
election determines the outstand
ing senior woman and she is
honored or. Ivy Day as May
Queen. The second high candidate
is presented as maid of honor.
Applications will be accepted in
Dean Hallgren's office from 8
a.m. to 5 p.m. Feb. 22 through
Feb. 29. The date of the spring
election will be announced later.
spring rainwear in bright red or yellow!
Engineer Presents
'Reservoir' Paper
George C. Ernst, chairman of
the civil engineering department,
Tuesday presented a research jpa-
per on the economy of concrete
reservoirs at the opening session
of the American Concrete Insti
tute's annual convention in Cin
The paper, prepared by Ernst
and instructors C. O. Brunkcn and
A. R. Biveland, concerned "rela
tive economy of convention! and be the last,
Cannon To Talk
At Ag Better
Living Series
Kenneth L. Oannon, assistant
professor of home economics, will
speak on "Adjustment in Mar
riage" at this week's Ag Better
Living series at 5 p.m. Wednesday
in the Ag Union lounge.
Cannon is an instructor in fam
ily relation and child develop
Wednesday's meeting will be
the third discussion on marriage
this semester. It is jointly spon
sored by Ag YMCA and YWCA
and Ag Union. .Jean Holmes is
in charge of the discussion.
Miss Holmes urged Ag students
to attend the Better Living ser
ies and enter into he discussion,
so that more ideas will be pre
sented and better . conclusions
This discussion on marriage will
t will be followed
presstressed reinforced concrete; by a series of lectures and discus
reservoirs." isions on finance and leadership.
The University facility mem
bers spent three months prepar
ing the paper last fall.
Mursss Association
To Hear Heiberg
'Man Hunt' Dance
Planned For Friday
Dr. Otto Hoiberg,
professor of psychology will 6peak
at the Nebraska state Nurses as-
A leap year dance, with "Man
Hunt" as its theme, is scheduled
for Fridav from 9 n.m. until mid-
associated night in the Union ballroom.
Jimmy Philip's combo will pro
vide music with Milli Grierson
nidation district three meeting singing and jimmy Koscr playing
jwcuuesaay n;Kni at me uukvm the viDraharp. Tickets are 60 cents
Ufierat iiuKpiiai nurses uume. a perg0n.
r t i1.. tL ...Vii Charlotte Veta's social dance
i i wm zn vvm. u t, ""' committee, with Jack Greer as
r!LttJ!.? charge of
nurse to understand the com
rnunity In which she lived in or
der to better underctand her
patients. Community relation
ships will also be bettered witH
tVa common understanding.
A film and business meeting will
yrrcede the talk, i
the dance.
The Crib will feature a special
drink Wednesday through Friday
for the "Man Hunt."
According to Miss Veta, the
dance is informal. Singles or
couples are invited, she said.
, r
Campus Interviews on Cigarette Tests
No. 35 . .
V 1
II ) ) ',naSUC,(er )
1 1
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Millions of smokers have found, too, there's only
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T-Zone" (T for Throat, T for Taste) ,
youll see why...
After ell ths Mildness Tests
n i
J V 12