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Wednesday, February 20, 1952
AWS Follies Between-Act
Program Stuffed With Talent
Stafr Writer
Talent! Talent! Talent!
Yes, even the Coed Follies' be-tween-act
entertainment Is stuffed
with talent all seven acts chosen
during tryout held last week.
As an example of the expe
rienced between-act entertain
ment to be seen Tuesday at the
Nebraska theater, Alinu uu
Teau and Jean Sweeney, both
freshmen, will perform a tap
duet called "Midnight Ren
dezvous" which will start with
a soft shoe dance and develop
Into a fast tap routine.
Miss Sweeney and Miss DuTeau
have taken lessons for 14 years
and have been dancing together
for about 12 years. Coed Follies
Jo Hinds will give three dif
ferent Imitations while singing
"Put Your Arms Around Me
Hnnv." Her nr-t will be tho same
one she presented at the Miss Ne
braska contest during talent night.
Miss Hinds, who acted in high
school plays, appeared last year
in Coed Follies with the Alpha
Phi's and In the Kosmet'Klub
spring show.
I Mnrv Mnude Bedford, who has
studied music for six years in-
I ... .1 . -ft MU
CiUUinu lour buiiiiiiuis aw
western university, will play a
mnrlmhn snln. "DlzzV FlnHerS."
on one of her three marimbas. A
music major, Miss Bedford ap
peared on Horace Ileldt's talent
show when he was in j.incom.
will be their first performance at She has also performed in the
the University. Together and
pnnrntplv thrv hnve danced at
Lincoln High Joy Nights, junior
Talent assemoues ana at various
functions In Lincoln.
Miss DuTeau is a member of
Orchesls and has a part In the
dancing chorus of "Girl Crazy."
Miss Sweeney, a member of Pre
Orchesis, has been teaching danc
ing for the last four years in her
home studio.
Janls McCaw, another fresh
man giving; her first perform
ance at the University, will pre
sent a dramatic dialogue called
"My Experiences in New York"
In which she will portray a
"country hick" telling; about his
vacation. Miss McCaw, at pres
ent mlnorlng In speech, studied
drama for a year In Los An
geles. The Alpha Chi trio is another
of the between-act features. Com
1 posing the trio, which was rather
accidentally formed during a
pledge sneak last year, is Kathy
Radaker, Marilyn McKie and
Beverly Kunc. "Blue Moon" ana
'Mood Indigo" will be their se-
Union talent show for veterans
and at many banquets in Lincoln
At nrpsent h la clvlntf marimba
lessons at a Lincoln music store.
Accompanying her will be Sherlll
Lola Srb will rive two panto
mime Impersonation! as another
between-act feature. She will
portray Betty Hutton In "Rock
ing; Horse" and Cass Daley In
"A Good Man's Hard to Find,"
Although she nan had no dra
matic training, Mlsa Srb has
given performances In Joy
Night at Lincoln high and at
Friday and Saturday night tal
ent Hhnwa at the union.
Marilyn Lehr will do a combi-
number. Miss Lehr participated in
the Kosmet iviuo snow, "uooa
Tanrif f Incf cnHnrf nnrt nns T)W-
x i v v v k ) .uiv p( 'oi r
formed In several Union talent
Th hetween-act entertainment
will not be on a competitive pasis.
WAVEs Outline USNR
For University Coeds
Gertrude Wieler, USNR and World war II. She was stationed
Alice Brown Andersen, Supply .at the US Great Juices mvai
Corps. USNR are the representa- Training station, i. Anaerseu re-
tives at tne university ior uieiiurni-u w otuvo uuj
Wave Reserve Officer Candidate
Four teams or waves were
sent out from the US Great
Lakes Naval Training Station to
colleges and universities In the
United States. The reserve re
cruiting effort will be concluded
this month. Applications must
be submitted before the middle
of March.
Lieutenants Wieler and Ander
to the University from
Kansas university where they In
troduced the Reserve program.
Lieutenant Wieler was in the
Maw rhirine World war II. She
lections. L! rninoH nt Mt. Holvoke. Mass
Miss Radaker, a transfer rronv d went to patrol force on
Colorado Women's College where, Trpasnre isiand. San Francisco,
eVi was member of the auartet,
glee and chorus, has been doing
enin wnrk s noe men scnooi. A
solo worK since nign scnooi. duty in 1950
music major, she is a member of, i t yVielei
the University Singers, tne rirsx
Christian Church choir and has
sung at various gatherings around
Miss McKie, another CWC
transfer, has been taking music
lessons for three years and was
also a member of the CWC chorus.
Miss Kunc has experience as a
member of the 4-H Ciub trio.
This trio appeared on Paul White
man's TV show last year, toured
Chicago and Philadelphia, sang
on radio innumerable times and
has appeared on TV five times.
Besides this, they won the grand
championship last year for trios
and appeared at the 4-H Club
congress. Miss Kunc has had no
special voice training but plays
piano and clarinet.
This- will be the Alpha Chi
trio's second University per
formance. The coeds sang for
the Co-ed Counselors' tea this
year. Peggy Jensen is accom-
Treasure Island, San Francisco,
upon completion or ner training.
She requested recall to active
, y in itfuvi
I t Wieler nnlnts out that re
ran u an advantage of the Naval
reserve program for any girl
who doesn't want the Navy as
a career. In the reserve, she
will be subject only to Intermit
tent duty and may request a re
turn to active duty If she de
sires it.
Lt. Andersen is a graduate of
the University. She served in
NU Chemical Engineers
Purchase Molding Press
n. iijruiauuu yicsij, iu """iaia werner, wayne ousiaisuii,
in plastic molding and rubber j Elmer Brejcha, Don J. Nelson,
Mi1stnt1'inff avnori m on f o Vino hon I Tl T" v. n Tk n4H1 rUi.H1A
Tuesday evening- Margaret
Wledman, University senior who
has completed two summers in
ROC school led a discussion
about the program.
Other speakers Tuesday were
Lieutenants Andersen and Wieler;
Lt. R. T. George, Wave procure
ment, nffirpp at the Naval Air
station in Lincoln; and Lt. Cdr.
J. E. Halligan, inspector instruc
tor at the Naval Reserve Training
center in Lincoln.
Lieutenants Wieler and Ander
sen will be available for individ
ual conferences at Ellen Smith
hall Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 5
Eighteen Plan
EE Inspection
Trip To Omaha
Fourteen electrical enelneerine
students and four instructors will
Insnpnt facilities of the Omaha
public power district at a meeting
of the Nebraska brancn, American
Institute of Electrical Engineering,
Wednesday night in Omaha.
Students attending will be
Vernon Scoville. Rex Wiese. Don
ald Werner, Wayne Gustafson,
Skits To Highlight
French Club Meet
Skits, poems, songs and refresh
ments will high light the French
club monthly meeting Wednesday,
in Room 315, Union, from 4 to 5
A French skit will bo presented
by Sandra Daley, Shirley Hamil
ton, Virginia Boberg and Agita
Abens. Poems will be read and
Forrest Hazard will conduct a
radio quiz. Popular songs will be
lead by vice president Doris Bratt.
All French students are urged
to attend the meeting. Refresh
ments will be served.
Red Cross
To Offer
The annual Water Safety In
structors Training course will be
gin on Thursday, Feb. 21, at the
YWCA. The class will meet on
six consecutive Thursday eve
nings from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.'
The Lancaster county chapter
of the American Red Cross
sponsors this training course in
the interest of better qualified
teachers of aquatic skills. This
18 hour course will include a
life saving review and will teach
the methods of teaching swim
ming. The class will learn the
standards set by Red Cross de
termining swimming ability.
Any man or woman in the
county who is eighteen years of
age, or older and who has passed
the Senior Life Saving course may
enroll in this class. A medical
permit will be required from your
Thirty-one eastern Nebraska
sheep shearers attended the an
nual two-day sheep shearing
school Monday and Tuesday at the
College of Agriculture.
The school Is sponsored by the
agricultural extension service,
and is under the direction of
W. W. "BUI" Derrick, extension
animal husbandman, and E. A.
Warner, representative of a
Chicago sheep shearing equip
ment manufacturer.
Those attending the school re
ceived training in shearing sheep,
tying fleeces, care of wool and
shipping fleeces.
A meeting of the eastern Ne
braska members of the Mid-West
Wool Marketing Co-operative was
held In connection witg. the school.
Brass Choir
To Perform
On Sunday
The School of Fine Arts will
present the University brass choir
in a concert in the Union ball
room at 4 p.m., Sunday.
The concert will be the sixth
annual performance by the
brass choir. . The choir Is com
posed of members of the ROTC
band, which is divided Into two
groups the choir and the con
cert band.
Jack Snider, head of the brass
department of the school of music,
will direct the program.
Presentations, ranging the mus
ical spectrum from the classical
"Sonata Piano Forte" by Gabrl-elli-Harvey
to the ever popular
1 mXmr.iitllMm. !.. tfu y4 t
i J
II ,
r j i. v 1 ' ' m
SHEEP SHEARERS . . . Three young farmers (I. to r.) Frank and
Billy Umland and Stewart Bassett, practice what they learn at
the Ag college sheep shearing school. Ag students in the back
ground look on. (Courtesy Lincoln Star.)
own Health Service or you may, "Smoke Gets in our Eyes," pre
have a YWCA medical examina-Rented in a new arrangement writ
tion for 75 cents. Appointments
for this examination may be made
by calling 2-6801 before beginning
the course.
All class members must furnish
their own suits and girls must
wear caps.
The instructors course will be
under the. direction of Mrs. Vir
ginia Roberts and two Univer
sity Physical education instruc
tors: Miss Eunice Way and Mr.
Hollle Lepley.
For further information about
the class, call the Red Cross of
fice, 2-5988. I
ten by a band member, should
please all musical tastes.
Another number, "Concerto
for Clarl and Timpani," will
feature Denny Schneider, Rich
ard Brodfueher, Gary Renzel
man, Paul Blebersteln, Robert
Olsen, Duane Johnson, Paul
Thompson and Kent Phillips.
An unusual musical number
will be "The Four Hornsmen,"
featuring Walter Cole, Lewis
Forney, William Barret, and Den
nis Carrol.
The concert Is sponsored by the
Union music committee.
Presbyterian Leader To Visit
University Campus Feb. 21-23
vulcanizing experiments has been
purchased by the chemical engi
neer department.
The rress has a canacltv of 7.-
800 pounds of pressure per square
men, accoraing to associate pro
fessor Herbert T. Bates of the
denartment. It has not vet been
I installed, the instructor said.
John Prusha, R. R. Patel, Churley
J ones, james weiaon, uurus aor
ensen, Robert Eggers, Amis
Aumalis and John Marks.
Professors O. E. Edison and G.
H. Sechrist and assistant profes
sors R. M. Ibata and E. J. Ballard,
.Tt. will rpnrpspnt. thi plectriral
engineering department faculty.
Dr. James Boren, president of
the Presbyterian association of
Presbyterian university pastors
and student pastors at Minneap
olis university, will be the guest
of the Presbyterian student house
Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
During his visit Boren will
meet with faculty members to
discuss their views on how the
work of the Presbyterian chapel
houses are affecting the educa
tion and life of the student.
Friday noon Boren will be pres
ent at an informal dinner for 25
'Wartime Marriage' To Be
Discussed At Coffee Hour
A coffee discussion hour has'
been planned for 4 p.m. Thursday
in Room 816, Union to discuss
"Marriage In Wartime".
The discussion is part of a ser
ies on better living sponsored byCUSsion,
There will be a similar dis
cussion on the Ag campus in the
Ag Union Lounge at 5 p.m. Wed
nesday. All students and faculty
are Invited to attend either dis-
the Union convocations commit
tee. An informal discussion will
be led by a panel consisting of
Dr. Don Clifton, instructor of
history and principles of edu
cation; Joan Krueger, editor of
The Dally Nebraskan; Jerry
Johnson, president of Innocents,
AGR and Kosmet Klub; and
Ernie Bebb, Corn Cob and Un
ion board member.
The convocations committee Is
i sponsored by Bob LaShelle. The
chairman is Lynn Kunkel and
committee members are Charles
.Swingle, Jo LaShelle, Don Mead,
Jean Davis, Ruth Sorenson and
I Jo Reif schnelder.
Webster Reports To Club
On Recent Nigerian Trip
Dr. Orrin J. Webster of the
University's agronomy depart
ment gave a talk and showed
slides of his trip to Nigeria, West
Africa, at an Ag Men's club meet
ing Monday night.
Alumni Club
To Give Award
The University Builders' award,
highest non-academic award of
the University, will be presented
to a prominent Nebraskan at the
Lincoln alumni club's Charter Day
dinner at the Union Wednesday
A concert by the Madrigal Sing
ers will be a feature of the pro
gram. The Singers are directed by
ing a student's college life.
Friday afternoon, at an Infor
mal tea, Boren will meet with
the various campus pastors and
members of the Presbyterian
Congregational Student Work
"The results of Boren's meet
ings will be for our own purpose
in helping us see how our reli
gious program could be im
proved," stated Mary Lou Hawk,
secretary at Presbyterian-Congre-
Webster's trip was sponsored
by thff Economic Co-operative
administration, a phase of the. prof. David Foltz.
Marshall plan. His trip lasted It will be "Deans Night" and all
nine months. His work consisted deans. of the University will be
of teaching methods of producing honored, according to Walter
leaders. They will discuss the
value of religious influence dur-!higher yields of crops, especially White, president of the
in corn and sorghum.
I club.
Living Series Features Panel
of the campus's organizational Igational student house.
A panel discussion will feature
this week's Ag Better Living Se
ries scheduled for 5 p.m. Wednes
day in Ag Union lounge.
Topic of the discussion is "Mar
discussion by the panel. They are:
(1) If a couple is pinned, and
the boy has to go to the service.
should the girl date or stay home?
rlage in Wartime." The members (2) If a boy is called to the serv-
of the panel are Jerry Johnson, ice and he immediately becomes
r.rnie dgoo ana Jeanne vierii.
Three questions will be under
womerh Week b
mwwmtmrmwt y i""'TTTioTniirni-ni'crf ranrrrmi n minim i rnrriTniirMin.iivwn umnwinniiii'ii'iM1 ip'mpMi'in.i, mwmjf m j iuw.l i umm,!. uii'iwjuii.1 mai, ;iu.wriiMwmwwi'.ip. . j.m iiijm
ft Q kvt V;
QV. Uvr bf,, gd
BROTHERS ALL ... To students living at Norris house, University cooperative house for men,
brotherhood is more than just a term used by those advocating religious and racial tolerance. Here
foreign students and their American brothers live together throughout the year. National Brother
hood week (Feb. 17 to 24) is just another week in their lives. International frienship is apparent
even at mealtime. Dining together are (1. to r.) Marijan Petrlc, Slovenia-Yugoslavia; Andrew Sainte,
Panama; Conrad Super, Poland; Ricardo Luti, Argentina; H. Ti Tien, China; and Tonl Anvclt, Estonia
all brothers under the skin. (Courtesy Lincoln Star.)
National Brotherhood Week,
Feb. 17 to 24, will be observed in
various ways on the University
It will be just another week
to members of Norris House and
International House, for in
stance. Members of these houses
live Brotherhood Week every
week of the year.
Of the 20 residing members of
Norris House, four are foreign stu
dents, and eight more foreign stu
dents board there, according to
John Woodin, Norris House presl
International House has six for
eisn students and two who are
displaced persons among its 26
residing members, Elizabeth John
son, president, said.
Several of the religious stu
dent houses on campus have had
or will have special programs or
speakers in observance of
Brotherhood Week.
The week will be highlighted on
the University campus by a box
d At U
iff j ftrV '&"vYjiiWN
engaged, should they be married
before he leaves or wait until he
comes back? (3) If a couple is
engaged before he finds out he
has to go to the service, should
they become married or wait, and
what problems should they con
All Ag students and faculty are
invited to attend the series, ac
cording to Mary Lou Huse. As?
Union activities director.
A period at the end of discus
sion will be held for any Ques
tions or points of discussion that
may arise.
INTERNATIONAL FLAVOR . . . These coeds living at Interna
tional house observe Brotherhood week throughout the year. Stu
dents from our own and foreign nations gathered around the piano
are (I. to r.) Elizabeth Johnson; Tokuyo Sumiga, Japan; May Belle
Okawaki; Eliane Roussin, France; and Janis McCaw, originally
from Portugal. (Courtesy Lincoln Star.)
On The Air
3:00 "Music from Everywhere
3:15 "Readings For All"
3:30 "Your Student Union"
3:45 "Memorable Music"
4:00 "Musical Grab Bag"
4:15 "Moose Calls"
4:30 "UNESCO Show"
4:45 "Pretty Girl is Like a
5:00 Sign Off
The devout followers of the
Aga Khan, Moslem leader, num-
social for foreign students Friday ber more than 20 million.
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